14 hours ago

🤫️ This how #Gnome Tweaks can look with #Gtk 4 and new navigation widgets from #libadwaita

Gnome Tweaks with libadwaita 1.4
1 day ago


1. General ToolKit
2. Good ToolKit
3. Grotesque ToolKit

What else?

1 day ago

I refreshed the design of “Manuals” the offline documentation viewer present in Workbench 45 🛠️

@akshaywarrier is adding keyboard shortcuts and made it faster to open 🚀

After Workbench 45.1 we will look into making it a standalone app. :flatpak:

I could play with this all day.

#GTK #development #programming #libadwaita #GNOME #WebKitGTK

A screencast of “Manuals” touchpad gesture navigation.

It navigate back and forth by sliding the previous/next pages left and right.
A screenshot of Manuals "Shortcuts" window.

There are several shortcuts for navigation zoom an general.
Ade Malsasa Akbar
1 day ago

What is the Rust ui toolkit you use?

Please share your developer experience.

Boost is very appreciated.

#Rust #Developer #Poll #Azul #GTK #Slint #Tauri #FreeSoftware

Felipe Kinoshita
2 days ago

If all my newly acknowledged lexing and parsing knowledge it's possible to create something like this!

Now I just need to figure out how to create a widget to display the results on the text view and to highlight it correctly. :D

#gtk #gnome

the video showcases an in-development app, in it you can type some expression like "price: 5 times 6" and it (currently) displays the result on the console, in this case "price: 30"
Paulo Queiroz
2 days ago

Here's one of the many reasons why I dislike this combo... These two snippets are equivalent (Rust vs Vala).

#vala #rust #gtk

Rust + Gtk code snippet of a simple class that inherits from Adw.Bin and has a single child. This is roughly 57 lines long.
Vala + Gtk code snippet of a simple class that inherits from Adw.Bin and has a single child. This is roughly 6 lines long.
2 days ago

Double borders with white line on some Ubuntu themes #gnome #themes #gtk

3 days ago

Did you know you can use CSS Gradients in GTK? :gnome:

Urtsi Santsi submitted an awesome demo 🎩

It will ship in Workbench 45.1 🛠️

You can even animate them with CSS Animations.

#GTK #CSS #GNOME #development #programming

A screenshot of the top part of the Workbench demo.

The title says “CSS Gradients”

The description says “Generate an image that smoothly fades from one color to another.”

Followed by 5 squares filled with different gradients.
A screenshot of the second part of the demo.

It's an interactive gradient designer with controls to change the type, angle and colors.

There are also 2 links to consult documentation.

"Using CSS gradients" and "Specifications"
3 days ago

What do you use to create UI in your Vala GTK apps?

#vala #gtk #gtk4 #gnome
3 days ago

Tuba, the #Linux Mastodon App, has been updated with oodles of new options and a reworked UI -

#gnome #gtk #mastodon

tuba 0.5 screenshot
3 days ago

During the last week, we've been redesigning Dino's Contact Details dialog and rewrote the respective UI code. It now uses up-to-date GTK4 and libadwaita elements, better adapts to mobile screen sizes and offers more specialized buttons for important settings. It's still work in progress, so the dialog might receive further changes in the future.

#XMPP #dino #gtk #libadwaita #gnome

Two screenshots of Dino's new contact details dialog and the caption "work in progress".
Ade Malsasa Akbar
4 days ago

What UI toolkit you use mostly?

Boost is very appreciated.

Please share your developer experience.

#Developer #Poll #Qt #GTK #WxWidgets

4 days ago

Upscaler 1.2.0 is available on Flathub 🎉 - Upscaler is an app that allows you to upscale and enhance images, be it 2D or 3D.

We've put a lot of effort to improve stability and compliance with the GNOME interface guidelines. We've also made the following changes/additions:

• New icon
• Add drag & drop support
• New keyboard shortcuts
• Add labels for assistive technologies
• Improve support for high contrast
• Port to newer widgets
• Ellipsize text when file names are too long
• Add WebP support
• Transpose image (useful for photos taken by smartphones)
• New translations
• Add Vulkan checker

I also want to congratulate @gregorni and Matteo for being maintainers and helping out the project :)

Upscaler is available on Flathub:

The source code is available on GNOME GitLab:

#GNU #Linux #AI #GNOME #GTK #Python #Flathub #Flatpak

Screenshot of the welcome page. The page shows Upscaler's logo, followed by text that mentions that the user can drag and drop images as well. Below the text, there is a pill button to open an image from the file picker.
Screenshot of the upscale page. It showcases Hatsune Miku (a 2D character) as the preview, followed by the image properties: image size and expected size after it upscales.

Below, "Cartoon/Anime" is selected as the type of image, and the location the user wants to save the image.
Screenshot of the drag and drop page. I drag a picture of Hatsune Miku into the Upscaler window, in which it reacts and mentions to drop the image to open.
4 days ago

Dear GNOME app developers

Have you tried the new features in GNOME 45 to improve accessibility?

The GTK Inspector has a setting to show accessibility warnings.

Workbench has a Library entry to teach about the screen reader and accessibility attributes.

See also

#GNOME #accessibility #development #gtk #a11y

A screenshot of the Gtk Inspector with the option "Show Accessibility warnings" on.

Next to it there is a Gtk UI with big red overlay warnings showing accessibility issues with it.
A screenshot of Workbench Library demo “Accessibility”. 

It teaches users how to enable and test the screen reader.  

As well as using accessible roles and attributes for custom widgets.
4 days ago

#Tuba updated to 0.5.0 on #Flatpak. It is my choice of #Mastodon (and #Pixelfed ) :linux: desktop client, for #GTK ( #GNOME / #Xfce etc).I have been a contributor to its translation into #Brazilian #Portuguese (pt_BR).

O aplicativo Tuba foi atualizado para 0.5.0 por Flakpak. É minha escolha de cliente desktop Mastodon (e Pixelfed) para GTK (GNOME/Xfce etc). Tenho ajudado a traduzi-lo para português brasileiro.

Its development is led by @GeopJr


Screenshot of the application Tuba, its about window centered over the main window.

Tela do aplicativo Tuba, sua janela principal centralizada sobre a janela principal.
4 days ago
Paulo Queiroz
4 days ago

Giving Rust + GTK another go. I hope the macro hell has improved a bit 👀️

#rust #gtk #libadwaita

5 days ago

At the last hackfest we discussed linting GTK files with a group of 6 people, mostly GTK users.


• Improve a11y in GTK apps
• Improve DX by avoiding common pitfalls


• Some didn't know but were impressed by Blueprint
• Everybody agreed it made sense to build the linter in Blueprint LSP/CLI
• Rules can be a11y, best practices or errors
• Rules can be disabled
• Use a comment to disable a specific occurrence

Questions or comments?

#GTK #GNOME #development #accessibility

5 days ago

Since I dist-upgraded my #devuan, some #gtk apps have weird padding added to some buttons (or other elements).

Eurgh. Why!?!?!?!


5 days ago

Anfang Oktober gebe ich eine Übersicht über UI Frameworks in .NET. Freue mich über interessierte Leute, sei es aus eigenem Interesse oder um mal was anderes wie ASP . NET zu sehen.

#dotnet #wpf #maui #xamarin #avalonia #gtk #qt #blazor #uno

Stefan Gast
5 days ago

Apparently, when saving an image with Firefox running under KWin / Wayland, I am supposed to enter the filename into the window decoration (aka title bar) now.

I stand by my opinion: Client-side window decorations are a bad idea for two major reasons: They add inconsistency and make it more inconvenient to kill frozen graphical applications.

Regarding inconsistency: Other applications on my systems have a close button at the top right, drawn by the window manager. When my muscle memory guides me to click that button, I expect the application to be closed or the current dialog to be cancelled. Here I have the save button, doing quite the opposite of cancelling the current action. Apart from that, it looks completely different from every other window decoration – not to say it looks uglier either.

Regarding killing frozen applications: KWin has this nice feature to pop up a dialog asking users whether they want to kill the application, when they click on the close button and the application does not respond. This obviously cannot work with client side decorations. While that's just an inconvenience to me, it might be a bigger problem for novice users.

#clientsidedecorations #uidesign #Linux #Wayland #gtk #firefox #KWin

A screenshot showing a messed up file save dialog with the window decoration containing dialog controls: On the left, there is the cancel button, in the center we have the filename entry and on the right there is the save button.
Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
5 days ago

Wyszła nowa wersja Tuby, mojego ulubionego i jednocześnie najbardziej seksownego klienta fediwersum.

Największą zmianą w 0.5.0 jest odświeżony wygląd, bardziej dopasowany do nowego Gnome. Razem z wykorzystaniem nowych widżetów Adwaity 1.4 przyszła zmiana układu na wygodniejszy i bardziej przejrzysty. Przy okazji kod aplikacji został gruntownie wyczyszczony i Tuba teraz działa wyraźnie płynniej, co widać zwłaszcza przy zmianie rozmiaru okna.

Poza tym: reorganizacja preferencji, w tym rozbudowane ustawienia powiadomień z możliwością wyciszania wybranych rodzajów powiadomień, akcje na powiadomieniach, grupowanie powiadomień, animowane ikony interakcji z wpisami, obsługa d'n'd mediów w edytorze, ogłoszenia instancji i masa innych zmian i różnych poprawek.

Pełna lista zmian:

#Tuba #fediwersum #KlientFediwersum #Gnome #Gtk #Adwaita #NowaWersja

Okno Tuby, klienta fediwersum. 
Po lewej stronie okna panel boczny zawierający następujące odnośniki: widok główny, powiadomienia, rozmowy, wyszukiwanie, polubione, zakładki, hasztagi, odkrywaj, lokalna oś czasu, globalna oś czasu, listy, ogłoszenia, prośmy o obserwacje. 
Prawa część zawiera widoczne dwa wpisy, jeden to zdjęcie szkockiego krajobrazu, drugi (widoczny tylko częściowo) to zdjęcia z Nowego Jorku.
To samo okno Tuby, tylko tym razem z włączonym ciemnym stylem.
Okno z informacjami o programie. Najwyżej widoczna jest ikona Tuby, żółty instrument dęty od którego program wziął nazwę. Poniżej nazwa Tuba, a pod nią na tle flagi osób biseksualnych znajduje się numer wersji: 0.5.0. Pod tym przyciski: pomoc, rozwiązywanie problemów, zasługi i kwestie prawne.
5 days ago

Roll-It 3.3.0 out now

Changes are mainly just the UI refresh for this release, but those new libadwaita widgets are pretty nice

#Linux #GTK #GNOME #Flatpak

6 days ago

#Tuba v0.5.0 is now available, with many new features and bug fixes!


New design & workflow 🎨​ (thanks,,
Composer media clipboard paste & drag and drop
Post buttons animations :apartyblobcat:​
Push notification actions
Composer content-type selector (on software that support them)
Push notification grouping :blobfoxHuggiescat:​
HTML parsing improvements
Muting push notification types :ms_dont_awoo:​
Copying media to clipboard
More keyboard shortcuts & gestures ⌨️
Announcements tab

As always, there are too many changes to list here, if you're more interested, check out the full release changelog:

#GTK #GNOME #Vala #mastodev

Screenshot of Tuba in light and wide mode. It showcases the new sidebar and view style as well as the new prominent floating compose button. The sidebar is grey-ish while the view is white. On the sidebar, the headerbar has the active user profile picture on the left and a menu button on the right, additionally, on the "Notification" tab there's an accent color badge (blue) with the number 143.
Animated gif of Tuba in light and wide mode. The recording is zoomed in a post's action buttons. The user first clicks the bookmark button, then the favorite one and lastly the boost one. The bookmark one does a small jump while the other two rotate.
Screenshot of Tuba in light and wide mode. It's zoomed in a post by Felix Häcker ( announcing This Week In GNOME. The post contains 4 attachments all of which show up as a blurred version of the final result (blurhash) until they load.
Screenshot of Tuba in light and wide mode. It's zoomed in at the top left of the window with the account switcher open. The account switcher, which is a popover now, has 3 items, GeopJr, MR_JAWSUM and Add Account. Each item (except the last one) shows the user icon, their handle + name and a trash can button. The currently active account (GeopJr) has an accent colored border (blue) and a checkmark at the bottom right.
omg ubuntu
6 days ago
screenshot of NewsFlash 3.0 showing an article from omgubuntu
6 days ago
The Updates view in GNOME Software. It shows 15 available updates, 11 of them libadwaita apps from Flathub.
6 days ago

Workbench 45 is available on Flathub 🎉

Ever wanted to try or discover GNOME dev? Now is the perfect time. :gnome:

This is a massive release with many new features such as Rust support, 50 new Library demos (Map, Spelling, Camera, …), multi-windows, offline documentation viewer etc.

See the full release announcement

#Linux #development #GTK #GNOME #Rust #rustlang #CSS #Vala #JavaScript

Thanks to all contributors (see Credits) and enjoy!

Ivan Molodetskikh
6 days ago

I've released a new version of Identity where you can now see the pixels! It also comes with memory leak fixes and better format support, like AV1, WebP, semitransparent and 16-bit images and videos.

Download it on Flathub:

#gnome #gtk #rust #linux

Screenshot of Identity showing pixelated zoomed-in videos side-by-side.
6 days ago

@allanday This is true for #GTK also I think.

GNU/Matt :fedora: :kde:
6 days ago

has there been a change around GTK-Breeze in #Kinoite 39? I notice all my #GTK #flatpaks are not honouring breeze-gtk anymore - they also are behaving like the are on gnome, not rendering a maximise button

#GNOME 45 is finally out, and as promise, a new release of #Komikku is available (1.25.0).

What's new:
- [UX] Refined visuals taking advantage of the new capabilities of GNOME 45
- [Explorer] Global search: Improved speed
- [Servers] Added Perf Scan [FR]
- [Servers] Added Reaper Scans [pt_BR]
- [Servers] Golden Mangás: Update
- [L10n] Updated French translation

Happy readings

#GTK #libadwaita #manga #comics

6 days ago

Every time I open Flathub there is a new GNOME / libadwaita app.

"Track and view your runs, walks, cycles, swims, and other workouts on mobile Linux."

🥇 for the app id

#Linux #LinuxMobile #mobileLinux #Flatpak #Flathub #GNOME #libadwaita #GTK

@usia Even on this device, GPU acceleration is available, but not all applications support it. The #Phosh UI is nice and smooth, but most (if not all) #GTK applications render on the CPU, which this device clearly wasn't designed for. I don't know if #GNOME is aiming to change that.

#Firefox can utilise the GPU, but there are graphical glitches. That's the reason I'm trying to compile #Mesa, so I can debug it.

Karl Emil Nikka
1 week ago

Gnome (@gnome) just keeps getting better. I love how Adwaita has made our GTK desktops look so clean and professional. There are however two fundamental design issues I think should be addressed: there’s too much padding for a mouse-based UI and the top bar is still way too underutilized.

#gnome #floss #gnome45 #gnomeRiga #gtk #adwaita

1 week ago

Welcome to our newest #GNOME foundation member :gnome:

Arjan Molenaar 🎩

Arjan and @danyeaw make Gaphor - "Simple UML and SysML modeling tool"

Arjan also contributes to #GTK and the #Python binding ✨

Nahu :nahuwave:
1 week ago

Being able to use GTK with Node is cool xd

#GTK #Node

Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
1 week ago

Odświeżona Tuba już w głównej gałęzi repozytorium git. Polecam!

#Tuba #KlientFediwersum #fediwersum #GNOME #Gtk #Adwaita

Zrzut ekranu z oknem Tuby, klienta fediwersum dla Gnome.
1 week ago

Workbench 45 is available on Flathub beta :flatpak: :gnome: 🛠️ 🎉

Please test and report any issue you encounter.

Feedback very welcome!

(Also, we're one ⭐ away from 500 GitHub stars!)

#GNOME #Flatpak #Flathub #GTK #Rust #Vala #JavaScript

2 weeks ago

Party Hat, my work-in-progress birthday manager, is getting support for profile pictures! It supports PNG, JPEG and SVG so far, more might get added soon.

#libadwaita #GNOME #GTK #GTK4 #birthday #calendar

A screenshot of a GTK4+libadwaita birthday manager. There are five entries, each with a different profile picture from my laptop's Pictures folder.

Just released the 0.18.2 version to fix some small bugs in the following gtk-rs crates:


#rust #rustlang #gtk

CPTN Cosmo
2 weeks ago

which #GTK / #gnome #theme is everyone using? (please also send screenshots :D)

100th version of #Komikku! 🎉

This is an opportunity to give some figures:
- 63,000 installations (Flatpak)
- Translations into 17 languages
- ~60 contributors (including translators)
- 2400 commits
- Almost 5 years of development

Another version will be published (next week?) for the release of #GNOME 45.

Happy reading
#GTK #libadwaita #manga #comics

Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

Someone asking if anyone would be interested in porting and maintaining a #Python3 + #GTK3 app to… #GTK 2.x and (indirectly #Python 2.x)… in 2022. Seriously. You can't make this up. 🤦️

3 weeks ago

I learned about this cool #GNOME feature today, and I thought I'd share it with those who don't know about it yet:

You can, in any app window, press Ctrl + Shift + I (uppercase i) to open the #Inspector, a little window for getting #debug and version information, logs, tree views of the UI template, per-widget property information, a text field for adding custom CSS, and a whole bunch more useful stuff!

#logging #GTK #debugging

Arnaught :blobcattrans:​
1 month ago

Anyone who's familiar with making #GTK or #GNOME apps, do you have any resources you'd recommend for a beginner?

Brage Fuglseth
1 month ago

A new version of #Fretboard is out! This update brings support for viewing chord variants, bookmarking, smarter chord detection, and more! Download it from #Flathub:

#gnome #adwaita #gtk #flatpak

Screenshot of Fretboard. A button with a bookshelf icon is located in the top left of the window, while the middle is occupied by an interactive chord diagram displaying the C major chord. Under the diagram is an entry with the chord name, and under there again is a star button and a button with the label "View Variants".
Screenshot of Fretboard's new chord variants view, displaying different ways to play a C major chord with a grid of chord diagrams.
Screenshot of Fretboard in dark mode, displaying the F major chord.
Screenshot of Fretboard's bookmarks view, showing a grid of chord diagrams with different bookmarked chords.
1 month ago

Akshay Warrier made a beautiful offline documentation viewer.

It will ship with Workbench 45 and probably turn into a standalone app in the future.

So far it supports gi-docgen documentations, searching for pages and back/forward navigation.

#GNOME #GTK #linux #development

Screenshot of "Manuals" the offline documentation viewer. 

It shows a sidebar on the left containing a tree of pages. The currently selected page is the GtkVideo Class.

In light mode.
Screenshot of "Manuals" the offline documentation viewer. 

It shows a sidebar on the left containing a tree of pages. The currently selected page is the GtkVideo Class.

In dark mode.
Emmanuele Bassi
1 month ago

If you maintain a GObject-based library or a language binding, and have 25 minutes to spare for reading ~5700 words on a possible new direction for the GObject type system, I wrote something that might interest you:

It's a strawman proposal, and it needs a lot more discussion with various stakeholders; ideally, we're going to have a hackfest about GObject, language bindings, introspection, and the future of the type system.

#gobject #gtk #gnome

Stuart Langridge
1 month ago

how the heck do I register a URL scheme handler on Ubuntu so that xdg-desktop-portal-gtk knows it exists? I've done the desktop file thing, and "xdg-open myscheme:whatever" opens my app, but using a myscheme: link in Firefox via the "System Handler" opens xdg-desktop-portal-gtk which claims that there are no applications registered for that scheme. Where is it looking? grr. #gtk

1 month ago

GNOME 45 beta released 🤩

For testers / curious, there is an installer ready to be used with GNOME Boxes :gnome:

For app developers, the new runtime/sdk is already available on Flathub. :flatpak:

#GNOME #development #Linux #Flatpak #Flathub #GTK #libadwaita

1 month ago

@ju is working on Rust support in Workbench 🛠️

Exciting! 🦀

#Rust #GTK #GNOME #Linux

A screenshot of Workbench with Rust code on the left “Code” panel.
1 month ago

ICYMI: A new version of cross-platform #opensource podcast client gPodder is out - #gtk #podcast

screenshot showing gPodder 3.11.2
Jelle De Loecker
1 month ago

So I bought a new monitor to replace a faulty one.
I went from three LG 4K screens, to two LG 4K screens and one HP 4K screen.

Minor change, you would think. After all, the resolution of all the screens still remain the same.

So why are half of my applications too small and the other half of my applications too big?

The mysteries of DPI scaling on a Linux desktop.

#gnome #gtk #hiDPI

Three monitors are affixed to a wooden desk. The left monitor (by LG) shows a large Discord window, while the middle screen (Omen brand, by HP) shows Firefox with a tiny Mastodon website on it.
There's a figurine of Edward Elric on the desk, along with some books, a router, an empty transparent cup of tea, a keyboard, a mouse, headphones.
Amadeus Paulussen
2 months ago

Is there a way in #gnome 44 to make ctrl+. invoke the #emojipicker #systemwide and not just in #gtk apps?

2 months ago

Hey #OpenSource world, are there any #GTK/ #Gnome/ #Libadwaita apllications written in #Haskell? Is it worth trying to build your application with it or would that be a waste of time?
I’d like to see a successful example before getting started.
2 months ago

Mini Text is a floating scratch pad for Linux #gtk #gnome #linux

it's a screenshot
2 months ago

A new #GTK stable release is out! Lots of changes for 4.12:

- list views can have sections
- accessibility improvements
- multiple fixes for the Vulkan renderer
- better support for GLES2 in the GL renderer
- fixes for Windows and macOS
- new support for various texture formats

and tons of bug fixes.