Rhys! From KGW
1 day ago

last Nov. voters passed Measure 114, a set of gun control reforms that have to do with background checks, permits, and large capacity magazines. It's been held up by legal challenges since. Yesterday, the most recent trial against it finished and we're waiting for a decision.
more details/context here:

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2 days ago

America is the safest place on earth 🌎

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A video about how mass shootings changed the way American schools looks.
Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 days ago


this sentiment tracks with the rhetoric of people who opposed #GunControl and reminds me of my own thought process six months ago: “we’re rolling out figurative firearms to children”

2 days ago

#Trump Tells #Gun Store He’d Like to Buy a #Glock, Raising #Legal Questions

Officials have increasingly voiced concerns about #threats of #violence related to TFG’s #trials, as he faces #charges that would make it #illegal for a store to sell him a #firearm.

#Felony #Criminal #law #GunControl #Indicted

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 days ago

What a bunch of fucking INCELs. #GOPIncels #Trump #GunControl #Glock

Trump campaign forced to deny he purchased a gun after video shows him saying 'I want to buy one'

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 days ago

@LaNaehForaday For despots, people armed with knowledge are obviously the bigger threat than idiots with assault rifles.

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4 days ago

Why #Biden’s latest #GunViolence initiative has activists optimistic

The new #WhiteHouse Office of #GunViolencePrevention, Biden said, comes “in the absence of that sorely needed action.”


M. Fioretti
4 days ago

I'm very likely weird.

But reading the news on the left, the first association my brain did was with the other #gun drills at #school" news on the right


Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
4 days ago

@maskedscheduler Gun control, which would save American lives, is being opposed by "Republicans", not only obstructing justice & humans' survival, but actively & corruptly furthering gun terrorism, perpetrated by Americans against Americans, be they toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, your middle-aged neighbors, retirees and old-aged.
Gun terrorism specific to the United States, where you'll find more guns than human beings, won't stop, if you don't stop it — together!
Time to end the plague of daily gun massacres & "GOP"-approved bloodshed, fueled by greed of corrupt politicians!
#SaveLives #GunTerror #GunEpidemic #GunViolence #GunOverkill #GunControl #GunControlNow #BanTheGOP #BanTheNRA #DomesticGOPTerror #Bribery #Corruption #GOPKills #NRAKills

Rob / OGTrekker
4 days ago

Is this what the #MAGA #GOP meant by #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ? 😤

“As of this week, the U.S. has now reached over 500 mass shootings this year.”

#GunViolence #GunControl

Matt Hodges
5 days ago

"Because of all of you here today — all across the country — survivors, families, advocates, especially young people who demand our nation do better to protect all, who protested, organized, voted, and ran for office, and yes, marched for their lives, I'm proud to announce the creation of the first ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention [...] After every mass shooting we hear a simple message: Do something. Please do something."

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5 days ago

#America mulls banning high power assault weapons again...

Welcome to every other #modern nation...

While you are at it:

  1. Ban all guns without a licence, criminal record check and 90 day waiting period.

  2. That's actually it.

Yes yes 2nd amendment, constitution etc. Constitution also says no federal income tax without apportionment.

#JFDI #basics #guncontrol #dyingempire

NNY Liberty
5 days ago

Exactly, if you fail an ammo background check will the State come and take your guns
If you did something that would show on a background check that would deny you a gun or ammo purchase you don't have the gun any more as the State has taken it

So, Why Ammo Background Checks


Democracy Matters :verified:
5 days ago

#VoteBlue for #GunControl

Biden: Kids' safety from gun violence "is on the ballot"

Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

People in #Canada 🇨🇦 are far more liberal than Americans 🇺🇸. #CdnPoli

That’s why they have universal health care and live longer than Americans, without fear of medical debt leading to bankruptcy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

That’s also why they have strict #GunControl and parents don’t fear their children will be shot to pieces at school. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But Canadian conservatives aren’t as stupid as #GOP. They helped create the New Democratic Party to split the votes on the left.

#PrimaryFromTheCenter to neuter ALL extremists!

As Joan E. Greve reports, their lust to pin some crime, any crime, on Hunter Biden has placed Republicans in a pickle:

How to push so boldly against any laws restricting gun ownership while also pushing to have Hunter Biden charged for violating gun-control laws?

The circle is not easily squared.

But Republicans have never let a bit of hypocrisy and insincerity stop them before.

#Republicans #guns #GunControl #HunterBiden

Algernon D'Ammassa
1 week ago

The House is sliding toward a shutdown, but is moving a resolution condemning Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for her Sept. 8 emergency health order on guns. One member of the #NewMexico delegation is going to support it while criticizing Republicans on the budget impasse.

#Congress #GabeVasquez #NewMexicoGovernor #Guns #GunControl

NNY Liberty
1 week ago

They just want to take guns for the slightest infraction of the law So, they just lower the bar bit by bit
Plus this would not have stopped the Buffalo shooter Legislators need to look at the FBI's interactions with the shooter and the State Police Also, must realize how pointless Red Flag Laws are


We're already up to 500 mass shootings and still have 3 months to go! Maybe a new record this year?

By the numbers: Just five years ago, the country had never experienced 500 mass shootings in one year:

- 2018: 335 mass shootings
- 2019: 414 mass shootings
- 2020: 610 mass shootings
- 2021: 689 mass shootings
- 2022: 645 mass shootings

#GunControl #GunLaws #gunviolence #Guns #MassShooting

2 weeks ago

#guncontrol #GunViolence #guncontrolnow

I found this on NewsBreak: Washington Man Who Slowed Down Traffic For Passing Deer Fatally Shot By ‘Scared’ Driver

#Trump #Biden #GOP #Republicans #GunControl #NRA

🚨*A #Conservative Appeals Court just ruled against the federal gun law used to charge #HunterBiden!*🚨

The Court of Appeal sided against the law in a case involving a Mississippi man who was convicted & sentenced to prison for possessing a firearm while being a marijuana user, & legal experts say it could come up in Biden's case.

The Court ruled that it was too broad when applied in this instance & tossed it out. 👀

Hunter Biden - Joe Biden
2 weeks ago


I cannot find that much fault in Lauren Windsor's idea about gun-law background checks...



Screenshot of @lawindsor's tweet on X:

"Democrats should seize on the Hunter
Biden gun charges to pass universal
background checks...callit Hunter's Law
and then force Republicans to vote against
at home in my head
2 weeks ago
Deirdre Assenza
2 weeks ago

#Republicans indicting #HunterBiden on gun charges in the nihilistically utter absence of any single action on #guncontrol in a nation where guns are kids’ # 1 killer mocks the death of every single shooting victim in #America. Republicans are using gun laws for -exclusively- political purposes while children die.

Matt Pritchett 📷♿️
2 weeks ago

This guy should be the poster boy for being able to restrict someone from possessing a gun.

It's a good thing he must have the aim of a stormtrooper in Star Wars, otherwise he'd have murdered multiple people.

Man At Center Of Major #GunRights Case Allegedly Shot At Woman In A Parking Lot - HuffPost

#GunControl #ItsTheGuns

As expected, a federal judge 👨🏾‍⚖️ struck down the state executive order banning #guns in #NewMexico issued by the Governor.

👉🏾 Federal judge blocks New Mexico health order banning guns

Regardless how one feels about #GunControl, solutions to gun violence need to be addressed by the legislature, not the executive branch (whose job is to enforce the law).

Hopefully this inspires the legislature to take action.

2 weeks ago

Fox News believes saving people from mass shooters is an "#extreme" concept.

The Fox News Headline read "America's 'most extreme' gun control law heads to court"
#guns, #GunControl, #MassShooters

2 weeks ago

I am going to wear my Michelle for governor t-shirt for the next 30-days straight. #guncontrol #yesplease

kiq / キク
2 weeks ago

“2023年にはアメリカで400以上の銃乱射事件が起きています。” #Guncontrol / “ビリー・アイリッシュやピーター・ガブリエルら、銃犯罪を防止する運動に参加 | NME Japan” (1 user)

Too long; Did not read:

☝🏾 #NewMexico Governor’s state executive order will be challenged in Federal court.

✌🏾 Citizens protested with guns against #GunControl executive order (State Representatives attended).

🤟🏾 Local police refused to enforce state executive order, deferring to the state police (I do not think the latter showed up).

👉🏾 Crowd gathers in Old Town Plaza for Second Amendment Rally

Miro Collas
2 weeks ago

Gun rights group sues New Mexico governor over emergency firearm ban | US gun control | The Guardian

Course they do! Pandering to gun makers is much more important than human lives.

#Capitalism #GunControl

@isotope239 @sfdb

It’s nuts. I’m not a fan of guns, but I’m also not a fan of bringing a knife to a gunfight. The fact that the fascists are armed is a powerful motivation to follow suit. I say this despite the fact that we’d all be better off if guns were, if not banned, then at least consistently and firmly regulated across the nation.

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the people I follow has taken to saying, “If you’re not armed, you should be”, in response to the Republican war on democracy. I wish I could tell him he’s wrong. I really do.

For the record, here’s my most recent blog post on the topic. Read it if you want, don’t if you don’t; there’ll be no follow-up questions.

#politics #uspol #guncontrol #guns

Oh wow! #NewMexico Governor suspends right to open carry & conceal carry #guns!

I understand her reasoning, but judges 👨🏾‍⚖️ will overturn this state executive order as it is not a legislative law.

A governor can not enact #GunControl (or even pro gun) rules by themselves—nor should they be able to.

👉🏾 Governor suspends right to carry firearms in public in Albuquerque due to gun violence - ABC News

Matt Hodges
3 weeks ago

"New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days"

#NewMexico #Albuquerque #ABQ #GunControl #GunViolence


Obviously, the only thing that can stop a bad child with a gun is a good child with a gun?

#guncontrol #gun #uspol

1 month ago

Despite what Clarence Thomas and other right-wing jurists say, researchers have shown that there was a strong tradition of cities, counties, territories, and states making laws regulating and banning concealed carry and other aspects of gun ownership in the 19th century.

#guns #firearms #ConcealedCarry #GunControl #SecondAmendment #ConstitutionalLaw

S. Newbery
1 month ago

You don’t need to ride a fancy jet or receive luxury handouts to prove Clarence Thomas wrong. You look at the historical record: “[T]he trend is overwhelming: In the 18th and 19th centuries, cities and states were far more concerned with keeping guns out of people’s hands, and away from public spaces, than with guaranteeing a right to bear arms.”

#USPol #GunControl

1 month ago

Justin Jones on fire:

"Hundreds of state troopers have been deployed to the state Capitol, not to protect us from the Proud Boys, not to protect us from these fringe gun extremists outside the Capitol with AR-15s, but to stop nonviolent, peaceful protesters saying, 'We want our children to be safe in school'"

"These were mothers dragged out of the committee... because the speaker is so fragile & so afraid of the First Amendment"

#USPol #Fascism #GunControl #Tennessee

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@georgetakei 🤔 7 out of 206 sovereign states guaranteeing the right to keep & bear arms is a damn questionable badge of exceptionalism.
Especially, when you're the overall outlier country stuffed with insane 120+ firearms per 100 civilians.

#SaveLives #GunEpidemic #GunReduction #GunControl #GunOverkill #ProtectThePeople #BanTheNRA #BanTheGOP #Corruption #Bribery #ServingPutin

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@Free_Press The masses of deaths of shooting victims are owed to the corrupt bribed parliamentary accessories of the American gun industry & their depraved indifference to human life.
Each positive NRA rating is a bribe, supported by Putin's agents.
#SaveLives #GunControl #GunReduction #DefendAmerica #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #BanTheGOP #BanTheNRA #ServingPutin #Corruption #Bribery #ForeignAgents #Treason

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@StillIRise1963 White or Aryan supremacy ideology is an expression of depraved indifference to & contempt for human life & humanity. As are (mass) shootings.

Guns don't belong into the hands of domestic extremists & terrorists.
Allowing them to purchase & possess guns means facilitating crimes.
No matter how the 2nd Amendment is interpreted.

#DrainRacism #SaveLives #Jacksonville #MassShootings #WhiteSupremacy #Terrorism #EnemiesOfTheConstitution #EnemiesOfThePeople #GunControl #GunReduction
#AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #Freedom #Justice #Equality #UnitedInDiversity #StrongerTogether

Back to school in #America 🤬

Run, hide, fight.
Jump out of windows.
Barricade the doors
Duck and cover.
Hide under desks.
Text your parents and friends goodbye.

Students at UNC after #activeshooter reports
#guns #GunControl #GunViolence #ar15

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@popcornreel The entity's color the gun dealers of death are donating to is *red*.

Like blood.

That's all you need to know, who to vote for!

#SaveLives #TrueBlue #GunControl #GunReduction #GunEpidemic #VOTE #DrainRacism #DollarGeneral

@ NovaNaturalist
1 month ago

Gun loving Conservative Peter Mackay bailed out by foreign funders to pay off his leadership campaign debts. #CBC reporting completely misses how inappropriate that foreign funding of leadership campaigns is.

#foreigninfluence #conservatives #guncontrol #CBCFail

Former Conservative leader hopeful smiling and wearing a black shirt bearing an outline of half a maple leaf merged with an assault rifle and the words "No Compromise", he is flanked by a staffer and activist with the National Rifle Association.
Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

Families close to a Nashville fatal school shooting broke down in tears Tuesday after a Tennessee Republican leader ordered state troopers to remove them and others from a legislative hearing room while they waited to testify in favor of gun control measures.

The AP reports:

#Guns #GunViolence #GunControl #Tennessee #Nashville #USPolitics #Politics

Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

Gun deaths among U.S. children hit a new record high.

Axios curated this collection of stories on America's firearms problem:

#Guns #GunViolence #GunControl #Children #News

Mark Patterson, MD, PhD
1 month ago

@NewsDesk How very awful. #guncontrol is needed to curb #gunviolence.

1 month ago

Been saying this for years. Have as many guns as you want as long as you carry liability insurance on each one & you can't sell or give away one unless the new owner carries insurance.

#guncontrol solved. No #2ndAmendment rights infringed.

Caption over image of stockpile of AR-style weapons:

If we simply required gun owners to carry liability insurance the insurance industry would destroy the gun industry.
1 month ago

I understand the problem the US has with guns and I wholeheartedly support the idea of #GunControl

However that seems to be a temporary fix, as you can never control all of the people who decide to do stupid things using guns. They also decide to use cars as weapons and do a number of other unbelievably stupid things.

Long term, there's no way around the problem of producing incredibly stupid people. Control just doesn't scale, it's a battle lost. You only win making everybody less stupid.

1 month ago

In America, a student shooting a teacher is a "workplace incident" and thus is only entitled to workers comp, nothing else.

That's how normalised school shootings are now. #USPol #GunControl

2 months ago

@paul Next up. 5th Circuit rules that a coked-up ex-con who just escaped from an asylum standing in the middle of the street brandishing an AR-15 while ranting incoherently can be gently moved to the sidewalk, but not disarmed.


I can't possibly do better than The Root's headline:

The Tennessee GOP Expelled Two Black Lawmakers. Voters Said, "Oh No You Don't!"

#USPol #Tennessee #TennesseeThree #GunControl #racism

@ NovaNaturalist
2 months ago

@black_intellect Wow - so for 150 years Maine has simply suppressed parts of its constitution, even though they have legal standing?

Can I suggest that the US does this for the 2nd amendment? Just pretend it doesn't exist, and refuse to publish it.

#lawless #maine #indigenous #uspolitics #guncontrol

Charlie McHenry
2 months ago

US sets a grim milestone with new record for the deadliest six months of mass killings - our addiction to guns is costing us our children, family and friends. It’s long past time for sensible gun controls. I speak as a rural American gun owner. I keep a rifle and shotgun behind two locks in a gun case to protect my stock animals from predators, I don’t need a semi-automatic machine gun, and I don’t understand why anyone would. #GunViolence #GunControl

Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

In Cook County (#Chicago), "there are about 731,000 [gun permit] holders. Of those, more than 37,000 have been revoked. Of those revoked, 74%, or roughly 27,000, are non-compliant, meaning they likely to still have their weapons." ht @socprof
#gunviolence #guncontrol #familyviolence

Joel Klebanoff
3 months ago

@GottaLaff Thereby once again resetting the clock on the “it’s too soon to talk about gun control” period to zero. It never ends. #gunviolence #guncontrol

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
3 months ago

My niece & her two little boys were at the July 4th shooting last year in highland park Illinois. Another negative & tragic association with crowds, guns & events. They were there to attend the parade that I used to go to growing up. And they are still heading from the trauma. WHEN OH WHEN will our legislators get the spines needed to do real gun control?. #HighlandPark #guncontrol #4thofjuly

A good point well made by the mayor of Baltimore just now: someone could take my phone from me but it would be useless as it has biometric security. If I was carrying a gun then that same person could that gun off me and kill me with it with no problem.

It’s a nonsense that phones are more secure than lethal weapons.

#GunControl #GunViolence

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

@AlgoCompSynth #DarwinianGunControl is the only form of #GunControl that is approved by the #NRA. ✅

3 months ago

@nbcnews if the killer didn’t have a gun, she would have called her boyfriend and he would have told her she was still in Texas.

Steve Herman
3 months ago

At a #GunControl event this afternoon in #Connecticut, President Biden wrapped up his remarks by saying: "God save the queen, man."

Flipboard News Desk
4 months ago

It seems like a long shot, but California Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing a 28th Amendment for gun control in the U.S. Constitution.

The governor told Politico: "We’re sick of being on the defense and throwing up our hands. We want to go on the offense and be for something and build a movement that’s bottom up, not top down.”

#GunControl #Guns #GunViolence #California #USPolitics

Jayson Massey
4 months ago

"every society has always had turmoil in it. What no other society has had is 425 million guns and this culture, on the right, that tells young men that to be real young men, they must purchase an AR-15 and go out and solve their problems"

#guncontrol #gunviolence