Researchers found firearm suicides account for approximately half of overall suicide deaths, they said in a report published Thursday, meaning of the nearly 50,000 overall suicide deaths in 2022, about 27,000 of them were gun-related.

The analysis, using data from from 2019 to 2022, also highlighted an increase in firearm suicides."

#publichealth #mentalhealth #guns #firearms #gunsafety #gunviolence #suicide

9 hours ago

Battlebit Mayhem

Character ( and © @CentaurWorks 

    I think this is the first time I feel rather indifferent to an art piece. I wanted to make some fanart of BattleBit since that has been my go to game for 2023, even with all the ups and downs. When finishing this, it did feel more generic and more 'MERICAN than I was hoping for. I think that's because I did not stick with the blocky forms in comparison to drawing the humanoid OCs (all of these have not been drawn in a long while). I'm happy with how the background came out and even how the repair glow came out. Even if I'm not too fond of this, it's always good practice at the very least.

    Hope you like it!

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When there are more firearms, there are more firearm suicides

More than half of all gun deaths in the United States are suicides - 27,000 in 2022!

The rate of suicides involving guns in the United States has reached the highest level since officials began tracking it more than 50 years ago, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

#guns #suicide

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 days ago

"For nearly two decades, a loose band of sheriff’s deputies roamed impoverished neighborhoods across a central #Mississippi county, meting out their own version of #justice.

Narcotics detectives & patrol officers, some who called themselves the #GoonSquad, barged into homes in the middle of the night, accusing people inside of dealing drugs. Then they handcuffed or held them at gunpoint & tortured them into confessing"

#Police #Guns #Torture #ACAB #USA #News #NoPaywall

News headline:
How a ‘Goon Squad’ of Deputies Got Away With Years of Brutality
by Brian Howey and Nate Rosenfield November 30, 2023
Devorah Ostrov
2 days ago

This is my favourite #Christmas #gift advert ever!

#guns #family #advertising

Vintage gift advertisement features an all-American family (mom, dad & three sons) happily showing off their new rifles on Christmas morning. The advert's unintentionally grim headline reads: Seven to seventeen...Daisy will make it a Christmas to remember.
Emory L.
3 days ago

how was your wednesday? mine sucked, because a man rolled into school with my kids armed with a gun threatening people. this included going door to door trying to “find the principal” in, among other places, my 11yo's classroom. trying to open the locked door. peering through windows.

i am probably never going to get over this. children thought they were going to die. allegedly he was angry that his kid was sent home.

#guns #schools #violence #edu #IA #IOW

John Refior
4 days ago

"Co-founder of Students for Trump charged with assaulting a woman with a firearm..

"Ryan Fournier, 27, is accused of grabbing a woman's arm and 'striking her in the forehead with a firearm'.. He faces two misdemeanor charges: assault on a female and #assault with a deadly weapon.

"The organization grew to over 350 campus chapters and was credited with turning out thousands of young #conservative voters in the 2016 election."

#GOP #Republicans #guns #violence

Paranoid Factoid
4 days ago

The National Rifle Association announced today, the posthumous recipient of its prestigious award for artistic merit will be Salvadore Ramos, mass shooter of Robb Elementary School at Uvalde, TX, for his 2022 work, *Blood Smears on Linoleum.*

"We're super excited," said Dana Loesch, of NRA. "His abstract flows, color contrasts, and use of original materials totally convinced us!"


#NRA #guncontrol #guns #politics #USpol

Blood Smears in the Uvalde, TX, Robb Elementary School classroom floor.

Idiot Senator John Kennedy puts his big fat foot into his mouth. What a reprehensible soul, an embarrassment to Louisiana. He lacks the intelligence to understand even basic scientific research, or is just a bigoted, opinionated ass that ignores factual information. Not sure which is worse!

#johnkennedy #kennedy #Louisiana #guns #guncontrol #therecount #idiocracy #chicago #Mississippi #MassShooting #wordsalad

The Japan Times
5 days ago

Prosecutors on Tuesday sought a life sentence for a 68-year-old man accused of fatally shooting a doctor and attacking other medical workers last year during an 11-hour standoff at his home in Saitama Prefecture. #japan #crimelegal #saitama #guns #japanesecourts

Alice Marshall
5 days ago


Much better is to pour arms unrestricted into the population, give them legal cover and political encouragement to take political matters into their own hands with laws like “Stand Your Ground”. That way you wind up creating a political culture of atomized, fear-fueled citizens who think they’re literally at war with each other, and their only way out is to fend for themselves and their family.

Mx. Kit O'Connell
5 days ago

#Subnautica was partially inspired by the Sandy Hook shooting and the desire of the creators to make a game that is without #guns. I did fire a few torpedoes but even those didn't do much damage to the larger beasts of the world and I avoided killing any of the leviathans. I enjoyed mostly taking a break from shooting stuff in #games.

Joshua Holland
6 days ago

Radicalized wingnuts perpetrated two racially motivated mass shootings in the past week and while they obviously made the news, I think at this point the body count has to hit double digits for these kinds of incidents to be major national news stories. It's almost become a dog-bites-man thing. #guns #whitesupremacy #maga

6 days ago

‘Worship of the Holy Framers Offers Us Nothing to Deal With the Problems We Have Today’


CounterSpin interview with Scott Burris on US v. Rahimi

Janine Jackson interviewed Temple Law School's Scott Burris about United States v. Rahimi for the October 17, 2023, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

#DomesticViolence #Guns #SupremeCourt

John Henry
6 days ago

Another day, another bunch of children and adults brutally murdered by handguns. The conspicuous absence of any ethics or conscience in this country related to #guncontrol cannot continue. #capitalism #ethics #fear #government #guncontrol #gunculture #guns #power #propaganda

6 days ago

I found this on NewsBreak: South Carolina 6-year-old dies in hunting accident #Guns #ItsTheGuns

Old White Dude
1 week ago

@Independent It IS the #guns.

Categorical Imperative
1 week ago

@drrjv #disarmament #weapons #guns #ar15 #guncontrol #gunviolence

Ich glaube nicht, daß diese Richter aus Dummheit so handeln, sondern aus Gier. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, daß sie korrupt sind & eine Menge Geld dafür kassieren.

Feige Schreibtischtäter, die sich selbst nicht die Hände schmutzig machen & sich darauf berufen, "doch nur ihren Job zu machen".

Nicht nur dumme Idioten sondern gefährliche Nazis.

Kein nur deutsches oder amerikanisches Phänomen.

Feigheit & Gier & Macht

1 week ago
1 week ago

#guns and murdering the President.

1 week ago

Gun consumers rather than owners. #guns

1 week ago
1 week ago
1 week ago

They won’t let it go.

No matter what you saw with your own eyes , a #violent mob attack the nations #capital , pooping on the floors , building #gallows for the veep, many with arms that could not pass security, some in military formations, #guns in Va hotels, pipe bombs , bear spray, improvised weapons, #MAGA and their enablers continue the lie that it wasn’t that bad.

Michael Magras
1 week ago

Since 7:30 AM in Freeport, Maine, we've been listening to loud gunfire that often occurs near many of the town's businesses, homes, and walking trails. When I called the police, an officer came to *my* house and said things like, "We've been talking for 10 minutes, and I've heard only a few gunshots." They refuse to stop it.

Could you please repost this and help me spread the word? For your safety (and if you support gun control measures), don't come to Freeport, Maine. #Guns #Maine

1 week ago
Ruger SR9C

U.S. state policy contexts and mortality of working-age adults

“Especially strong associations were observed between certain domains and specific causes of death: between the gun safety domain and suicide mortality among men, between the labor domain and alcohol-induced mortality, and between both the economic tax and tobacco tax domains and CVD mortality”

#vote #Election #mortality #morbidity #death #politics #trump #biden #guns #suicide #alcohol #tobacco #HeartDisease #death

Text Shot: Simulations indicate that changing all policy domains in all states to a fully liberal orientation might have saved 171,030 lives in 2019, while changing them to a fully conservative orientation might have cost 217,635 lives.
Warner Crocker
1 week ago

Thinking this holiday season that politicians, community leaders, and everyone else shocked by the recent waves of book banning should send holiday greeting cards with pictures of their familes proudly holding books.

#Bookbans, #Christmas #Christmascards #guns

Unbanned Books logo from the campaign in Illinois that led to a law against banning books.
Poetry News
1 week ago

Gun laws
Pushed to breaking point
Voter-approved, yet now denied
Hopeful dreams destroyed
Guns prevail.

#oregon #guns #secondamendment #guncontrol #cinquain #poetry

Universal Hub
2 weeks ago

Man who said he had a bomb arrested after liquor-store robbery in the #BackBay, police say
#Boston #crime #guns #bombs

2 weeks ago


#statesrights ? Nah. One judge is unconcerned.

"...In his opinion, Raschio disputed the defense’s claim that banning large-capacity magazines would help make mass shootings less deadly. He recognized that mass shootings “have a significant impact on the psyche of America when they happen,” but said they “rank very low in frequency.”

“The court finds that 10-round magazine bans are no panacea to prevent a mass shooter,” he wrote. ..."


2 weeks ago

🤦🏻‍♀️”Voter-approved #Oregon gun control law violates state constitution, a judge ruled Tuesday, continuing to block it from taking effect and casting fresh doubt over the future of the embattled measure.

The law, one of the toughest in the nation, was among the first #guns restrictions to be passed after a major SCOTUS ruling last year changed the guidance judges are expected to follow when considering 2nd A cases” #legal

Universal Hub
2 weeks ago

Masked sneaker fan charged as gun-toting #EastBoston carjacker after his voice and an ankle bracelet from an open criminal case gave him away, DA says
#Boston #crime #guns #carjacking

2 weeks ago

THIS is the result of leaving military weapons unregulated by even the same simple precautions required to drive a car....
#guns #politics

Joshua Holland
2 weeks ago

NM cops were called to the home of an 82-yo disabled woman who told them her caretaker had guns and threatened to kill her.

This happened:

"You're a firearms guy?" an officer asked.

"Oh, yeah," Cardana said.

"Nice," the officer said.

"They're loaded. They're ready to go," Cardana said.

The officer said, "I like folks that have guns."

As the officers begin to say their goodbyes, she begs them to stay at the home.

Cops left, and 4 hrs later...

#guns #acab

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

The Washington Post is providing a rare and graphic look at the real devastation caused by AR-15 shootings in the U.S.

Its editors warn: "The photos, videos and personal accounts below are extremely disturbing and may be too upsetting for some people."

And they explain why they are publishing such disturbing content:

#Guns #GunControl #Shooting #MassShooting #AR15

2 weeks ago

As the #NRA fades, a more zealous US pro-gun group rises as a lobbying power

Gun Owners of America, formed in belief NRA was ‘too liberal’, spent $3.3m lobbying against gun control and boasts 2m members #guns

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 weeks ago


"Border Patrol agent Travis Shrewsbury... noticed upon entering the classroom in #Uvalde that it looked as if somebody had written LOL in blood on the whiteboard. Alexander Cuellar, another Border Patrol agent... remembered “slipping & sliding” when he entered the classroom, trying not to fall because there was so much blood pooled on the floor.

It’s one thing to read this. It’s another to see the puddles of blood."


#Guns #USA #News

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Opinion
Don’t just be horrified. Ban AR-15s, bump stocks and large magazines.

By the Editorial Board
November 16, 2023 at 12:33 p.m. EST

Photo with caption: Flowers and other items line the area outside Robb Elementary School on June 21, 2022, in Uvalde, Tex. (Sergio Flores for the Washington Post)
⚡️ Kozmo ⚡️
2 weeks ago

The full effects of the AR-15’s destructive force are rarely seen in public.

They blast through classroom doors, splinter wooden church pews, mangle human bodies and, in just seconds, shatter the lives of people attending a concert, shopping on a Saturday afternoon, going out with friends and family, working in their offices and worshiping at church and synagogue. They kill first-graders, teenagers, mothers, fathers and grandparents.
#guns #ar15

2 weeks ago

Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Illness Doesn’t Address Either Issue

Rationalizing the horrors of a mass shooting by emphasizing the perpetrator's mental state does little to address the larger issue.

#Guns #MentalIllness

Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

Horrifying, illuminating, and excellent reporting on an awful issue: guns in US schools.

Trigger warning: discussion of actual shooting incidents (though I'd argue it's done non-sensationally and compassionately)

#TheEconomist #Guns

3 weeks ago

Texas residents can exchange guns for H-E-B gift cards at the city of San Antonio's gun buyback program this weekend.

#news #texas #houston #guns

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 weeks ago

IMO, the very first thing that should be done to address mass gun violence is the ammunition.

.223 & 5.56 rounds were designed for war.

#Guns #GunViolence #MassShootings #NewYorkTimes #NYT

Army Ammunition Plant Is Tied to
Mass Shootings Across the U.S.
The site was built for the military, but commercial sales are
booming with little public accountability. Rounds have been
bought by murderers, antigovernment groups and others.

By Ben Dooley. ideos by Emily Rhyne
Ben Dooley reported from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in
Independence, Mo., and from Washington. He compiled more than one
million pages of law enforcement records to document the use of rounds
from the plant.
Published Nov. 11, 2023 Updated Nov. 12, 2023, 8:59 a.m. ET
Christopher Hixon, a 27-year veteran of the Navy who served in
the Persian Gulf, trained with government ammunition that
typically had a distinctive "LC" marking on its brass casings
In 2018, Mr. Hixon, then the athletic director at Marjory Stoneman
Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., confronted a former student
firing an AR-15-style gun. The semiautomatic rifle, modeled on a
military weapon, was loaded with ammunition carrying the same
"LC" stamp.
Mr. Hixon took a bullet in a thigh. Two more hit him in the chest. In
he bloodstained hallway where he died, investigators found a
brass casing. And another:. By the end of their search, they had
collected 84 from across the school - each marked "LC."
3 weeks ago

Desire Armed! A Basic Guide to Armed Resistance and Revolution by N.; D.; S.

#armedstruggle, #revolutionaryarmedstruggle, #guns, #firearms, #gunsafety, #firearmtraining, #revolutionaryviolence

"This guide hopes to act as a starting point for anybody who has ever considered armed revolution. The subject matter contained in here is deadly serious."

Universal Hub
3 weeks ago

Man who was scheduled for arraignment next week on drug and gun charges is arrested on new drug and gun charges in #Roxbury
#Boston #drugs #cocaine #guns #fentanyl

Joshua Holland
3 weeks ago

Panel of three #Trump judges upholding a Texas judge appointed by GW Bush. I’m old enough to remember when right-wingers used to say ‘the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact.’ #guns

3 weeks ago

Fed appeals court ruled Biden admin lacked authority to adopt reg aimed at reining in privately made firearms called “ghost #guns" that are difficult for law enforcement to trace..sided w group of firearm owners, gun rights groups & manufacturers in declaring rule “unlawful.”

The panel, comprised entirely of judges appointed by Trump, largely upheld Texas judge’s ruling against the rule… #legal

Caroline Mala Corbin
4 weeks ago

"This argument is bold, in the same way that Captain Smith’s choice to navigate the Titanic into an iceberg field was bold. The modern concept of protective orders, after all, did not exist at the founding, which makes the absence of laws disarming people subject to protective orders not as dispositive as your average NRA lifetime member would think..."

This article is hilarious and spot on

#law #lawfedi #fedilaw #SupremeCourt #SCOTUS #Bruen #guns

Texas Observer
4 weeks ago

From our magazine: An investigation by the Observer found that many domestic abusers under protective orders get to keep their firearms. Most #Texas counties have no consistent policy to enforce the surrender of #guns owned by abusers. And we can prove that this has been deadly, too.

(CW: Descriptions of #DomesticViolence and murder)

#news #politics #USpol #GunViolence #TXlege #women #HumanRights #CriminalJustice #abuse

Universal Hub
4 weeks ago

Former member of notorious #Boston gang arrested on charges he sold guns, cocaine to a federal informant in #Dorchester
#crime #guns #cocaine

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday has a day of reckoning over its own expansive gun rights ruling from last year, as it considers whether a federal law that prohibits alleged domestic abusers from owning firearms is unconstitutional as a result.

NBC News reports: "The case gives the court's 6-3 conservative majority a chance to consider the broad ramifications of the 2022 decision."

#Guns #GunControl #SupremeCourt #USPolitics #Politics

Texas Observer
4 weeks ago

Top story: Between 2015 and 2021, at least 55 people were killed by those who'd been under protective orders. At least 60% were shot.

Our investigation shows that, far too often, violent abusers in #Texas are allowed to keep their #guns, in violation of the law ...

#GunViolence #crime #abuse #CriminalJustice #law #TXlege #politics #HumanRights #women #DomesticViolence #news

Texas Observer
4 weeks ago

From our magazine: Fewer than 10 of 254 counties in #Texas have standard protocols forcing subjects of a protective order to hand over firearms as required by #law. These gaps in enforcement lead to murder and terror, according to our investigation of the numbers.

Another look at the shocking realities of #guns and domestic violence from Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher ...

(CW: Explicit descriptions of domestic violence & death)

#abuse #women #news #police #TXlege