Prof. Emily M. Bender(she/her)
4 hours ago

Q for #AcademicFedi, #HCI, #lazyweb: What has been published (if anything, yet) about how lay people understand what ChatGPT is and how it works?

Bjørn Sætrevik
3 days ago

The NASA-TLX (1986) appears to be the most frequently used measure for #workload in #HumanFactors research (>34K citations). But do people actually use it as intended, with the pair-wise comparisons (individual weighting)? Or do they just use it as a Likert-like scale with an average score?

#NASA #NasaTLX #psychology #HCI #psychometrics

Have you used:

Francisco Nunes
3 days ago

Registrations now open for the African Co-Design Academy, a two-day summer school focused on exploring co-design approaches and best practices for the African context.

🗓️November 26 and 27 in East London, South Africa
📍Co-located with AfriCHI 2023

Info and registration at:

Please boost for reach!

#HCI #CSCW #CoDesign #ParticipatoryResearch #ParticipatoryDesign @phdstudents @sigchi

3 days ago

Great article on #HCI education by one of the best HCI thinkers I know, Glenn Lipka

Christoph Becker
4 days ago

The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto offers fully funded PhD student positions to study with me 🙋‍♂️ on themes in #HCI, IT for #sustainability, #CivicTech, #CSCW, Computing within Limits, #ethical & responsible tech, & sustainable software engineering. Apply by Dec. 1: (PDF:
#PhD @academicchatter @seresearchers

A fullpage PhD offer ad, headline "Fully Funded PhD Student Positions in the Faculty of Information
at the University of Toronto" (PDF version at
Krzysztof Gajos
5 days ago

I am a big fan of Dusty Robotics, a company founded by a fellow researcher, Dr. Tessa Lau, who for years made contributions at the intersection of #AI and #HCI.

Dusty's main product is a robot that prints very accurate layouts at construction sites -- it not only makes this stage of the construction process faster, but it makes it feasible to make more of the information visible on the actual job site.

Here's a recent interview with Tessa if you want to learn more:

5 days ago

This was a thought experiment I did a while back. Instrumentation was the prototype design for #GUCAC. AI would be in the "you are here" section.

Technological Evolutionary levels

You should really read this from the bottom up. The levels beyond Instrumentation are speculative (surprise!), but they seem like a reasonable progression.

I have no time-line on this, but the time spent in each stage before the next stage can be invented seems to be decreasing. Older levels don't actually go away, they continue to underlie and support the higher levels like the brain stem, medulla oblongata, and cerebellum complement the cerebrum.

Of course I see Instrumentation as an important milestone on this journey (that is the reason that I created it), but I don't actually have the hubris to believe that my current version of it is the ultimate expression of the 'Universal Interface'. I'm still finding new aspects and applications and I expect that evolution to continue and expand long after I have handed the torch over to a generation who has actually grown up with the idea of a universal coherent environmental control.


The Singularity
incomprehensible to us
Group Mind
membership and synergy
don't worry, this isn't for you
Cognitive Adjunct
direct mental prosthesis
Computers and the Universal Remote (Instrumentation)
you are here
command and communication

Old Fashioned

Appliances and Power Distribution
the domestication of automation
a more mental than physical change
evolution through specialization
such as power tools, washing machines, etc.
more small complex moving parts
Animals to crude Engines
Engines = Tools plus Fire (or wind or water)
connected moving parts
power and self movement
first vehicles
Hand Tools and Fire
first reproduction (assisted)
we are to hand tools what bees are to flowers
unmodified Rocks, Sticks and Plant Fiber
amplify abilities

#tech #technology #interface #HCI #data #computer #computers

5 days ago

Ever felt relieved by a delay? Sometimes it's not what it seems... Check out Fatemeh Alizadeh's summary of their latest research paper for #CSCW2023:

#HCI #Security #Privacy #CyberCrime

Katja Rogers
5 days ago

Interested in what people think is necessary in systematic reviews in #hci? Have a look at the results of our informal survey: #researchsynthesis #systematicreviews

Ben Waber
6 days ago

Last was an amazing talk by Jessica Hullman on theories of inference for visual analysis at Stanford. Hullman demonstrates why it's essential to understand how humans make statistical inferences when designing data visualizations, and the importance of distinguishing between exploratory vs. confirmatory activities. Highly recommend (8/8) #HCI #visualization

Hendrik Heuer
1 week ago

Great #HCI course by Michael Bernstein on "Human-Computer Interaction: Foundations and Frontiers" at Stanford University

There is also a brilliant article on the motivation behind the course:

Screenshot of the link that I posted, which provides the syllabus of the course
Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
1 week ago

Confirmation came through today to say I've progressed to the third year of my PhD.

We are at the halfway mark. That is mildly terrifying.

I feel I should have done more but we march ever forward.

#phdlife #hci #phd #researcher

Vishal Sharma
2 weeks ago

Our paper "Post-growth Human-Computer Interaction" with @neha and Bonnie Nardi on orienting HCI to after/beyond unjust and unsustainable economic growth politics is now available in the ACM DL:

We now invite HCI to embrace post-growth ideas, engage, critique, and leverage them to ideate and innovate transformative HCI practices towards technology-mediated just and sustainable change.

#degrowth #hci

Human—Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers have increasingly been questioning computing's engagement with unsustainable and unjust economic growth, pushing for identifying alternatives. {Incorporating degrowth, post-development, and steady-state approaches, post-growth philosophy offers an alternative not rooted in growth but in improving quality of life. It recommends an equitable reduction in resource use through sensible distributive practices where fulfillment is based on values including solidarity, cooperation, care, social justice, and localized development. In this paper, we describe opportunities for HCI to take a post-growth orientation in research, design, and practice to reimagine the design of sociotechnical systems toward advancing sustainable, just, and humane futures. We aim for the critiques, concerns, and recommendations offered by post-growth to be integrated into transformative HCI practices for technology-mediated change.
Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was a great talk by Anita Sarma on engineering inclusivity in software products at #Monash Information Technology. I loved the framing here of "inclusivity bugs" with the GenderMag system introduced here (6/10) #inclusion #HCI #accessibility

2 weeks ago

Looking forward to being at the:

ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications

See some of you there.

#ingolstadt #acm #autoui #hci #ux

2 weeks ago

#GUCAC Bespoke Blocks

In time it will be possible to create, share, buy, and sell blocks of terms developed for specific purposes. For example, a block could be created with terms and functions related to the upkeep of a balance sheet. The creator could then place this block into a marketplace website where it could be shared or sold. Blocks will be created in, downloaded into, or uploaded from, one of the 254 available blocks in the control division.

To avoid data duplication, 'link' terms will be used to represent any terms which already exist somewhere within GUCAC. A link term consists of the name of the actual term and that term's address. When a link term is used, it is replaced with the address of the actual term. Thus, the link only exists as a shortcut for a message creator.

A link can also be created for a menu term. In this case, the end user will be placed in that menu term's block. When the end user is finished with that block they can return to the original block by pressing the left thumb button without pressing any other buttons. Use of the thumbs for navigation, etc. will be discussed in the next toot.

#tech #technology #interface #HCI #data #computer #computers
#internet #webdev #opensource

D'Arcy Norman
2 weeks ago

New post: A Graduate Architecture Critical Practice Studio on Learning Spaces

We're using my dissertation framework to help guide senior grad students in architecture through designing new learning spaces using video game engines.

#HCI #architecture #VIdeoGames #LearningSpaces #design

Krzysztof Gajos
2 weeks ago

Colleagues in Boston, please join us next Thursday (Sept 21 at 3pm) for a talk by Dan Weld. Dan is Chief Scientist and General Manager of Semantic Scholar at the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. He will speak on a topic at the intersection of #HCI and #AI:

Intelligence Augmentation: Effective Human-AI Interaction to Supercharge Scientific Research

Location: 150 Western Ave, Allston, Rm LL2.229

CHItaly 2023 Turin
2 weeks ago

#lastday Online registration for the physical event is only possible until September 15. Participants who have not registered by this deadline will still be able to register on-site in Turin during the conference days.
#italy #hci #ai #sigchi #sigchiitaly #chitaly #acmchi #crossinghciandai #turin #unito #polito #piedmont #torino #piemonte #interactiondesign #ux #userexperience #uxresearch #userinterface

3 weeks ago

Significant #v12n and #hci news with #Cisco dropping its HyperFlex hyperconverged range. Good news for #nutanix, nasty for some #VMware users

Happy #TheRegister is first with this #DataCenter news

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
3 weeks ago

So proud of Katharina – who I have the pleasure to co-supervise for her PhD. Not only did she hand in her thesis last week, she also got her package #cardsort accepted to @pyOpenSci! 📖 💻 🎉 🎈

If you're doing #UX testing work that involves cardsorting, her package can help you quickly get a look at the clustering results. Check it out at

#usability #HCI

3 weeks ago

I'm trying to use #ChatGPT to generate the vocabulary for #GUCAC. It seems like this should be within ChatGPT's wheelhouse, so I may just be asking the wrong questions.

ChatGPT doesn't seem to grok binary or exponents very well. I tried bit positions (5th bit) and hexadecimal (0X20), but 00100000 seems to work best. ChatGPT still isn't right in terms of these words' associations with the taxons; 'Swimming' is a gerund with little in common with meaning and emotion, thought, relationships, or groups of things.

(This will be the only post with the ChatGPT tag, follow #GUCAC if curious)
#tech #technology #interface #HCI #data #computer #computers
#internet #webdev #opensource

(this is me)
Create a taxonomy using the 256 most common unique singular nouns and gerunds that follow this fuzzy pattern.
Precede each word with its hexadecimal number starting with zero.
Follow each word with a list of the bits that are on.
In the taxon descriptions below, "more related" means that this word is in the top 50% of the 256 words, in terms of its relation to the taxon via word cosign vectors or similar measures.
The zeroth word is null.
The words will be arranged in an eight dimensional binary array as follows:
Words with bit 10000000 are acts (gerunds).
Words without bit 10000000 are singular nouns.
Words with bit 01000000 are more related to states of being.
Words with bit 00100000 are more related to physical objects.
Words with bit 00010000 are more related to time.
Words with bit 00001000 are more related to meaning and emotion.
Words with bit 00000100 are more related to thought.
Words with bit 00000010 are more related to relationships.
Words with bit 00000001 are more related to groups of things.

(ChatGPT: Close, no cigar)
Creating a list of 256 unique common words that follow this fuzzy pattern is a challenging task, but here's a sample list of words that fit your criteria. I've provided the hexadecimal numbers and the corresponding bit descriptions for each word:

0x00: bits 00000000
1. null

0x01: bits 00000001
2. community

0x02: bits 00000010
3. thought

0x03: bits 00000011
4. existence

0x04: bits 00000100
5. history

0x05: bits 00000101
6. mountain

0x06: bits 00000110
7. emotion

0x07: bits 00000111
8. running

0x08: bits 00001000
9. collection

0x09: bits 00001001
10. friendship

0x0A: bits 00001010
11. contemplation

0x0B: bits 00001011
12. happiness

0x0C: bits 00001100
13. time

0x0D: bits 00001101
14. river

0x0E: bits 00001110
15. presence

0x0F: bits 00001111
16. swimming

0x10: bits 00010000
17. assembly

0x11: bits 00010001
18. connection

0x12: bits 00010010
19. reflection

0x13: bits 00010011
20. memory

0x14: bits 00010100
21. today

0x15: bits 00010101
22. forest

0x16: bits 00010110
23. perception

0x17: bits 00010111
24. dancing


(Continuing with similar patterns for all 256 words)

Please note that generating 256 unique common words that fit the pattern exactly can be challenging, and you may need to adjust or expand the list to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, the categorization of words into different bits is subjective and may require further refinement based on your needs.

Jan Bernoth
3 weeks ago

Revisited our reviews of an unaccepted reproduction study to a German #HCI conference. While most criticisms were minor, one critique was our use of what appeared to be an outdated method. Upon digging deeper, we found that the referenced handbook had been silently updated online, but without clear versioning or change logs. It's a challenge both for reviewers and us when foundational resources aren't transparent. Now we're left revisiting our work's foundation. #phddiaries #academics

Upol Ehsan
4 weeks ago

Does anyone know when Major Revision Decisions that were submitted on July 15, 2023 will be given for @cscw (it will be published in the 2024 cycle)?

Might be missing an obvious place on the website where it's mentioned, so if anyone can point me to it, that'll be much appreciated.

#hci #academia #academicchatter #acm

hut | yuni
4 weeks ago

Looking for a software-related #job in human-computer interaction (preferably brain-computer interfaces) in the EU.

I'm a M.Sc. in computer science from Cologne/Germany with 6 years prof. software development exp. and many open source projects.

Main skills: Python, JavaScript, Unix-like systems, full-stack web development, machine learning.


#boost appreciated ♥

#jobsearch #jobs #jobsuche #HCI #BCI

Starting now: #Inclusivity in #HCI: Strategies and practical recommendations. Excited to learn how we can do better!
#MuC2023 #MuC23

Title slide of PowerPoint presentation 

Inclusivity in HI: Strategies & Practical Recommendations
Sabrina Burtscher and Passant Elagroudy
Sabrina Burtscher (PhD student at KIT) and Passant Elagroudy (PostDoc at DFKI Kaiserslautern)
standing in front of an introductory slide.
CHItaly 2023 Turin
4 weeks ago
Julian Fietkau
4 weeks ago

The "Input" paper session at #MuC2023 is about to start. Looks like we'll see some rather technical presentations. I'm looking forward to Abdrabou et al's "How Unique do we Move? Understanding the Human Body and Context Factors for User Identification" which may be relevant to my own #HCI research on body/pose tracking and behavior pattern clustering.

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

Anyway, the #MuC2023 poster madness was fun! Afterwards (post-dinner) I had a nice chat with Lea Wöbbekind by her poster on “Comparing Peer Tutoring and Thinking-Aloud for Usability-Testing With Children in a School Setting”:

Evaluating #HCI research methods with kids is really hard, and Lea et al. reached empirical results that completely contradict the existing literature. Very cool stuff.

I'll be at the “Input” paper session tomorrow! 🙂

Dynapad: Some folks are porting the seminal Pad++ zooming interface to modern systems.
#benbederson #jimhollan #research #zoomable #pad++ #pad #hci #ui #+

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

Our #MuC2023 workshop on long-term deployment studies in #HCI concluded at noon. We used half the time on presentations, with the corresponding short papers now listed and linked at the top of the workshop website:

The other half (after the coffee break) was used for constructive discussions on aspects of long-term deployment studies. People's thought processes were noticeably geared towards the topic of public screens, which dominated the presentations.

Flip chart paper diagram. Four topic bubbles in the corners: qualitative/quantitative data interactions, interpreting data about interactive systems, methods of data collection, oservation data in ELK stack. Each topic has additional notes.
Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

Heads up: I'm going to be at the Mensch und Computer #MuC2023 conference until Wednesday. 🙂

That means I'm going to be posting (and boosting, assuming I see anyone else using the #MuC2023 tag) a lot of #HCI academia stuff this week and probably not much else. If that sounds annoying or boring, I recommend muting the #MuC2023 tag rather than unfollowing. 😉

Might also post some Rapperswil (or Switzerland in general) exploration if I get the chance. Attached: 📸 from my train ride there today!

Sunlit landscape, moderate climate, a pretty wide river in the foreground surrounded by fields on both sides, mountains in the background with patchy forests
Raghav Agrawal
1 month ago

Any online design forum or community (slack, discord) where people reflect and deconstruct, discuss UI metaphors, widgets, affordances, patterns, taxonomies, navigation schemas and their connection with social practices in depth?

#hci #ui #ux #ixd #ia #design

Daniel Buschek
1 month ago

📢 Looking for current research on #HCI + #AI? Here's a collection of #UIST2023 preprints. I've collected them via arXiv, twitter and mastodon. Suggestions welcome!

1 month ago

The ACM Automotive User Interfaces Conference takes place in Ingolstadt next month.

#hci #ux #automotive #conferences #ingolstadt #germany

Upol Ehsan
1 month ago

At some point, we all realize Bowker and Star wrote everything there was to know about Computer Science.

They just sorted it out.

#academia #hci #computerscience #ai

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

My third and last #MuC2023 #HCI workshop contribution might be the coolest of them all. Let's go from high level concepts and summaries to low level data wrangling and visualization: introducing PoseViz, a new web-based tool to view body tracking / pose estimation / skeleton data!


I work with #Kinect style pose data a lot, so I came up with a recording format and player. It's proving useful already! Check out the demo site! 😀

An abstracted visualization of a person, essentially a 3D rendered stick figure, stands in an abstract landscape. At the bottom, there are YouTube-style video controls with a play button, a progress bar and a timer.
Krzysztof Gajos
1 month ago

In my undergrad #HCI class, I introduce speculative design fiction as one of several ways of prototyping product concept ideas. Currently, the Uninvited Guest video is my go to example because of its brevity, interesting critical perspective, and humor. But I'd love to widen/refresh my repertoire. Any other examples (don't have to be videos)?


1 month ago

In conclusion: Ongoing research efforts are needed to design GAI algorithms, datasets, and experiences that are representative, are not ableist, and meet the needs of disabled individuals. (6/6) #accessibility #hci #ai #gai

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

The second contribution I had a hand in for the upcoming #MuC2023 #HCI workshop on long-term evaluation studies is a summary of our homegrown public display network here at @unibwm:


The HCI group was already working on public screens even before I started here, and over the years we have learned a lot about managing our screens and their content. This infrastructure documentation is a sorely needed update, the first published overview in ≈10 years.

An architecture diagram separated in "Operations Management" and "User Interfaces" halves. Operations Management is further divied into applications and data management, with the CommunityMashup database in the center. User Interfaces contain the CommunityMirrors and their parts: hardware, operating system, deployment repository, logging component.
Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

The first of my three #MuC2023 #HCI workshop contributions that I want to highlight is the workshop summary itself:


Instead of going the easy route and just listing the accepted workshop contributions, the team got together and used the space to put together a high-level summary of our research challenges and where we currently stand with them. It's a nice introduction if you want to know what we're working on.

Next one will follow tomorrow! 🙂

Architecture diagram summarizing the empirical data collection in our research project on how people use public screens. The phases Data Collection, Preparation, Exploration, Feature Extraction and Analysis are shown on the left. Additionally, a Context area describes how factors outside the displays themselves affect the flow of information.
Daniel Buschek
1 month ago

Looking for participants: We currently run a survey on using ChatGPT for scientific writing. You'll revise one of your abstracts using ChatGPT and answer a few questions (ca. 10 mins.) (can be switched to English or German at the top right) #HCI #AI #NLP #Writing #ChatGPT

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

I just noticed that the proceedings for the “Mensch und Computer 2023” #HCI conference (September 2–6) are out. 😀 I will be presenting three workshop papers there. Their full texts have just been added to my website.

I'll post about each of them in turn over the upcoming week leading up to the conference, but if you wanna take a peek right now, see :fietkau_science: or check out @publications, a new bot I set up to automatically post my academic articles.

1 month ago

#Introduction post: I'm an academic at the boundary between #HCI and #InfoSci, who does #qualitative and #mixedmethods research.

I care about people, not tech, and want to see improving tech make lives better for everyone, not just the usual suspects.

I like books, cats, music, exercise and thinky conversations way too late at night.

Daniel Buschek
1 month ago

📝🤔Since it's that time of the year again, here are 10 practical tips on how to write better discussion sections: #HCI #Writing #AcademicWriting

Niloufar Salehi
1 month ago

If you had an intelligent system that had access to all of the CHI 2023 proceedings, what questions would you ask? #CHI2024 #HCI

Daniel Buschek
1 month ago

🎮 When I moved to #UniBayreuth, I was pleasantly surprised by the strong local #GameDev scene! Games pose interesting #HCI challenges and I enjoy students bringing these up in my lectures! At gamescom, there are two games by #UBT graduates, covered here (article in German):

Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

One week after launch, has 116 entries from the following servers:

And 17 other servers with one entry each (including my own).

It makes me happy seeing this new tool embraced by the #HCI community to this extent and noticing new connections made through it. 🙂

Krzysztof Gajos
1 month ago

@j2bryson I am trying to use this article to help me articulate some of my own concerns. The article asks if it is factually correct to describe human-AI interaction as "collaboration". In #HCI, however, we would accept the use of this term as a metaphor (rather than a factual description) on the condition that it helps people leverage their existing knowledge and experiences to develop a useful mental model of a novel situation. Can we talk about human-AI interaction as a "collaboration" then?

1 month ago

ACM IUI 2024 welcomes you to Greenville, South Carolina!

Abstracts: Oct 2, 2023 | Papers: Oct 9, 2024
Conference: March 18-21, 2024

See more:

#iui2024 #hci #artificialintelligence

Picture of waterfall with deadline details for full papers. Abstracts are due on October 2nd 2023 and full papers are due October 9th
Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
1 month ago

Is this anyone else's weekend??

I am currently working on submitting my first study to an academic conference

The grind will continue until morale improves.

Credit to @TheStrugglingScientists

#phd #research #phdlife #academicmastodon #PhDStudents #gamestudies #HCI #ResearchPaper

Stephan Wiefling
1 month ago

@semperinlimbo Thanks for the kind words! The book also contains very interesting #hci, #cybersecurity, and #privacy overview chapters by @verena_distler @n0g @lorrietweet and lots of other researchers that are not on Mastodon (yet).

And yeah, fully #OpenAccess!


Julian Fietkau
1 month ago

@natematias The HCI Directory is currently growing quickly because @andresmh and I are being just a bit obnoxious about pushing people we know towards it. I'm hoping that network effects will help carry it and establish it as a useful tool for the #HCI community on here. Endorsements like yours help a lot with that – thank you! 🙂

As for other fields, I want to iron out a few more kinks and then release FediRoster as open source so more directories can be hosted by others. Hoping for September.

Krzysztof Gajos
2 months ago

An appeal by Prof. Josiah Hester (a Native Hawaiian professor in computing) to the #HCI community not to engage with the #CHI conference in Hawaii. Many good reasons: over tourism, Maui fires, etc. I found the arguments compelling. My current plan is to take action where I bear the cost (I won't attend) but I will support students submitting to CHI -- the professional impact on them is huge. But I will not offer CHI as a networking opportunity to non-presenting students.

Strathclyde Cyber Security
2 months ago

We are hiring a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) in Cyber Security and Digital Harms. We are particularly interested in candidates with research interests in the human side of things (recent hires have been technical) but feel free to talk to us if you have any interest in the role and do pass on to others who you think might be interested: #CyberSecurity #Jobs #UKHE #HumanFactors #Cybercrime #CyberLaw #UsableSecurity #HCI #Cyberpsychology

Julian Fietkau
2 months ago

PSA: I've been working on a small new web app to host an opt-in public list of #HCI researcher accounts on the fediverse. I got together with the team and set it up here:

Please check it out and, if you do #HCI, #CSCW or anything along those lines, you're invited to add yourself! 😀 And to follow @directory_bot too.

It's the first public stress test and I kinda expect some breakage. Please contact me if anything doesn't work like it should!

Angie Nikoleychuk
2 months ago

Does anyone in the Fediverse do work on how ads affect website use and content consumption? If so, I'd love to chat.

I have some findings from a recent experiment that goes against conventional wisdom, and I think it's pretty interesting.

#consumerbehavior #hci #compsci #psychology

2 months ago

Hey social science research geeks with a niche interest in obscure human computer interface studies, help me out here.

Has there ever been research done on whether the avatar a person is using for an online account influences their online personality and posting style?

#research #SocialSciences #ComputerStudies #HCI

Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
2 months ago

Working through the swathe of supervisor comments for my CHI paper submission.

How's your Monday going?

#PhD #AcademicToot #Researchpaper #phdlife #HCI #games #chi2024

@ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @phdvoice

Raghav Agrawal
2 months ago

Any interaction design, hci scholar has applied Gilbert Simondon's work for their research?

#philosophyoftechnology #sts #design #hci #ixd #mediatheory

Raghav Agrawal
2 months ago

Why don't we have anything like this in #ixd, #hci, #cscw, #ui?

Code as Creative Medium: A Handbook for Computational Art and Design by Golan Levin, Tega Brain

Book with fun practical exercises to help people develop a vocabulary to imagine, conceptualise, make UI metaphors, widgets, affordances, patterns, taxonomies, navigation schemas & understanding their connection with social practices

Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose
2 months ago

I'm looking for more people in the human-computer interaction (#HCI) field to follow here ... if you are out there?

Please do comment and boost if you are one of them. Feel free to do so even if we are already following each other, other people might benefit from it.


2 months ago

@rolle @dschwarz @b3n @DesRoin @Tusky

yes, ease of use and install are important. For the wider public, something just has to work and probably a set of key features has to be easily accessible. I need the fancier tools for certain things, but not everyone does. Also, the GUI needs to follow standard design practice!

#ux #hci

Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
2 months ago

I have submitted over 13,000 words for my first qualitative study, awaiting feedback from supervisors.

I am dubious about how I am going to review, edit submit it for #chi conference submission as there is ALOT! But we will get there!

Will share my findings soon as I am very proud of what I have been doing in exploring gaming and coping.

#phdlife #Academia #phd #phdlife #games #GamesUR #HCI #research

work paperwork gif
2 months ago

@rolle I agree with your feedback on Mastodon and its apps. I am #ux #hci person and find what is available a bit dated.