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"Tina was kosten die Kondome?"

Wer kennt ihn nicht, den Werbspot mit Hella von Sinnen und Ingolf Lück?

Das Thema #AIDS und #HIV ist heute genauso präsent wie vor 40 Jahren.
#Kondome schützen!

Auch dank der Aufklärungsarbeit des #DAH sind viele Mythen widerlegt worden.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Deutsche Aidshilfe!

Eure Arbeit ist heute genauso wichtig wie vor vielen Jahren.

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Guten Morgen,
🌡️ 17^C ☁️
Samstagmorgen in NRW. Frische Brötchen.


Dieser Slogan wird beim am 23.September 1983 gegründeten Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. zum Synonym der Aufklärungsarbeit.

Seit 1981 treten die ersten #AIDS Erkrankungen aufgrund einer #HIV Erkrankung auf.

Die Boulevardpresse berichtet von neuer Seuche und schürt damit Angst in der Bevölkerung.
Daraufhin verschickt die #BZgA u.a. an jeden Haushalt Aufklärungsbroschüren.


Queer Lit Cats
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Pink News: Daily Mail retracts Iceland boss claims of HIV needle attacks in stores #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Health #News #HIV #UK

Futuro Prossimo :verified:
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La lotta contro l'HIV ha segnato un altro capitolo promettente. Con l'avvio della sperimentazione del vaccino HIV VIR-1388 negli USA e in Sudafrica, siamo un passo più vicini a un mondo in cui l'HIV potrebbe diventare una minaccia gestibile o addirittura eliminata.

#hiv #cure #aids #vaccino

David J. Atkinson
4 days ago

2/ Another example: If you have #HIV and spit on someone, that is considered reckless endangerment or even attempted murder in some jurisdictions. 

Why is deciding not to mask in an enclosed public space any different than exhaling smoke? Exhaling #COVID-19 virus is significantly worse. ... 
#MaskUp #COVID

Tricot Feelya
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#GOP #HIV #CDC One of the things the Republican Party is pushing for in the reduction of government spending is the budget of the CDC. They want to slash 1/5 of its budget, which will affect Ryan White, among many other programs. As they are forcing a government shut down, more than just government employees are going to be affected, especially if Democrats cave to some of the Republican demands.

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Today : | Stigmabase Racial Xperience

Racial profiling or ethnic profiling is the act of suspecting, targeting or discriminating against a person on the basis of their ethnicity, religion or nationality.

#Black #Latin #Aboriginal #Maori #HIV

Queer Lit Cats
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Pink News: National AIDS Trust calls out ‘inaccurate’ reports of HIV needle attacks by shoplifters #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #dailymail #Business #Iceland #Health #News #HIV #UK

Dr. Heather Sue M. Rosen
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PSA for #ATLmetro #ATL #FultonCounty #AtlantaGeorgia #RoswellGeorgia #AlpharettaGeorgia #JohnsCreekGeorgia residents! #Fulton county now has an #app on #ios and #GooglePlay for #HealthAndHumanServices information, including info about our #MobileVaccineClinics and #HomeHealthcare options available for #Disabled and #Elderly #Georgians. It includes resources for #COVID19, #HIV, and #Flu #Influenza. Check it out:

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Today : 2023-09-18 | Stigmabase Racial Xperience

Racial profiling or ethnic profiling is the act of suspecting, targeting or discriminating against a person on the basis of their ethnicity, religion or nationality.

#Black #Latin #Aboriginal #Maori #HIV

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@josh @PeterWyrm

I’m in no position to comment —considering the closest thing #Dallas has to an official #AIDS memorial is a bed of yellow daffodils dedicated to those who died of #HIV related illnesses and their healthcare workers— but (prepares to comment) …

Was there not a single HIV+ #Queer #PalmSprings #artist to whom they could have offered this job? One would think such a background would go far towards helping distill the #LGBT community’s feelings into #art.

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#EColi mortality rates were 5x higher among #HIV-infected children than among the uninfected.

In #Canada outbreaks typically average around 1% CFR. This makes for a natural case study on immunity dysregulation severity in this population.

With nearly 400 cases now in this #YYC outbreak, we should expect about 4 deaths, if our immune systems are severly damaged from repeat #COVID, then we could expect 19+ or a 4-5% CFR #epidemiology

Carlos E. Figueroa Castro
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Congress has until Sept. 30 to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief #pepfar — the flagship U.S. global health program that has saved more than 25 million lives by providing #hiv treatment and other lifesaving services in Sub-Saharan Africa and other countries. Contact your congressional representative and senators to urge Congress to swiftly reauthorize the program. News-Bot
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1 week ago

The latest report published by community-led clinic monitoring group #Ritdhidze shows that the #Freestate is the worst-performing province in #southafrica when it comes to giving people enough #antiretrovirals to last several months at a time. This means people living with #HIV in the province have to go collect their #medicines more frequently than people in other provinces.

#IKissedaBoy #star #DanHarry on taking part in #HIV #vaccine #trial: ‘#Gratitude for previous generation’

“I am doing something #super #important: taking part in a #HIV #vaccine #trial which will hopefully play a part in getting rid of #HIV in the #world” Harry, 27, told PinkNews.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Health #Healthcare #HIV #AIDS #Entertainment #TV #Representation #Culture

Jew Of the Day
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✡️ Today's Jew of the Day is Jonathan Mann!

Dr Jonathan Mann was a public health physician and human rights advocate.

After graduating from Harvard School of Public Health he served the :united_states: Centers for Disease Control and led AIDS research in Zaire. From 1986, as founding head of WHO's Global Programme on AIDS he became an adamant champion of human rights, recognising that respect for vulnerable communities is central to health and that coercive disease control measures can be counterproductive and unjustifiable. But his disruptive style led to conflict with WHO management and he returned to Harvard, becoming Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Professor of Health and Human Rights in 1993.

He continued work on links between health and human rights until he died alongside his second wife, vaccinologist Mary-Lou Clements Mann, in the 1998 Swissair flight 111 crash while en route to Geneva to meet the new head of WHO.

#JewOfTheDay #Health #HIV #HumanRights #Jewdiverse

Seit Jahren werden HIV-Medikamente dem Tierfutter beigemischt. Die Regierung gibt zu, das gewusst zu haben. Ein Ausschuss untersucht nun den Skandal.#Uganda #HIV #Aids #Virus #Landwirtschaft #Tierfutter #Afrika #Politik
HIV-Medikamente im Tierfutter in Uganda: Keiner isst Hühner und Schweine
Cory Doctorow
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Hey look at this

* Revealed: The Country that Secretly Wiretapped the World for the #FBI (spoiler: #Lithuania)

* Celebrating Ten Years of the #MarrakeshTreaty (h/t Proton411)

* #Gilead Delayed Introduction Of New Version of #HIV Drug, With Fewer Side Effects, Maximizing Its Patent Monopoly And Profits


Queer Lit Cats
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Pink News: I Kissed a Boy star Dan Harry on taking part in HIV vaccine trial: ‘Gratitude for previous generation’ #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #ScienceandTech #IKissedaBoy #DanHarry #Culture #Health #News #Gay #HIV #TV #UK

Patrick Ching
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Meningoencephalitis and brain abscess (ring-enhancing lesions) are common manifestation of #Trypanosoma cruzi reactivation in advanced #HIV patients #IDMastodon #MedMastodon #Chagas #IMPearls #MedEd

Glyn Moody
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#Gilead Delayed Introduction Of New Version of #HIV Drug, With Fewer Side Effects, Maximizing Its Patent Monopoly And Profits - Big Pharma behaving badly - again...

Queer Lit Cats
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Heather McCormack
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I’m so pleased this paper is finally published! It was a journey to get here, so it’s a huge relief to have it out in the wild. We examined STI testing in 715 health assessments among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending ACCHS

#SexualHealth #sti #hiv #indigenous #aboriginal #health #research

#Republican opposition to #abortion threatens global #HIV/ #AIDS program that has saved 25 million lives

“The program… partners with nonprofit groups to provide HIV/AIDS medication to millions around the world….

Now, a few Republican lawmakers are endangering the stability of the program, which officials say has saved 25 million lives in 55 countries from Ukraine to Brazil to Indonesia. That includes the lives of 5.5 million infants born HIV-free.”

***Dave Hill
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"The poor should bear more of the cost" is exactly what Jesus would say, amirite? :eyeroll:

In case you may have forgotten the fact in the last fifteen minutes or so, the #HeritageFoundation really is awful.

#HIV #AIDS #PEPFAR #abortion #WWJD #conservative

In language echoing the early, harsh years of the epidemic, Heritage called HIV/AIDS a “lifestyle disease” that should be suppressed by “education, moral suasion and legal sanctions.” It recommended halving U.S. funding for PEPFAR, saying poor countries should bear more of the costs.

Started training today for my ninth 545-mile ride to end AIDS. #aidslifecycle #hiv #aids
Please donate to sponsor my ride at

You just might save someone’s life. Thanks!

Me and mike bicycle  posting in front of a sign that says, "End", at the top of Bundy Drive
Alan Kotok
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The number of new infections from the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV declined worldwide last year and over the past decade, with the sharpest declines in sub-Saharan Africa.

#News #Press #Science #Medicine #HIV #AIDS #Infections #UnitedNations #PEPFAR #Asia #Africa #Europe #MiddleEast #Statistics #Infographic

Steven Saus [he/him]
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From 09 Sep: Republican opposition to abortion threatens global HIV/AIDS program that has saved 25 million lives - NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The graves at the edge of the orphanage tell a story of despair. The rough pla... #abortion #africa #ap-top-news #general-news #health #hiv-and-aids #only-on-ap #politics #washington-news #world-news

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
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Republicans' opposition to abortion threatens a global HIV program that has saved 25 million lives | The Independent


Kriszta Satori
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'Republicans’ opposition to #abortion threatens a global #HIV program that has saved 25 million lives'

Kriszta Satori
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#BBCNews - #Uganda 's NDA found #HIV drugs in meat but didn't issue warning

My 15 minutes of fame... When I was interviewed on Sky News (and a whole bunch of other outlets). My health clinic accidentally leaked the names and email addresses of all their HIV+ patients, and I tweeted about it. It ended with me diclosing my status to my parents (who might have read about it or seen it if I'd not said anything), falling out with my mum, and not talking to her for 6 months.

Also, Daily Mail journo called me and I refused to talk to him. He understood.

#HIV #health #fame

Sky News presenter on on side, me on the right, being interviewed
The Times Of India
2 weeks ago

DMK leader A Raja has further fueled controversy by equating Sanatana Dharma with HIV and leprosy. Speaking at a protest meeting in Chennai, Raja compared the eradication of Sanatana Dharma to the eradication of diseases like malaria and dengue.
#SanatanaDharma #HIV

Queer Lit Cats
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3 weeks ago

Mortality rates among people entering HIV care decreased dramatically between 1999 and 2017, although those entering care remained at a modestly higher risk for death in the years after starting care than comparable persons in the general U.S. population. @uncpopcenter #NICHDImpact #HIV #Health

3 weeks ago

The Danger of ‘Invisible’ #Biolabs Across the U.S.

Opinion by Dan Greene, August 31, 2023

"Recently, many #California residents were disturbed to learn that a small, privately-operated bio lab in the #CentralValley town of #Reedley was shut down by Fresno County Department of Public Health officials after they found that it had been improperly managing almost 1,000 laboratory mice and samples of infectious diseases including #COVID19, #rubella, #malaria, #dengue, #chlamydia, #hepatitis, and #HIV. The lab was registered to a company called #PrestigeBiotech that sold a variety of medical testing kits, including for pregnancy and COVID-19, and it was likely storing disease samples for the purpose of developing and validating its testing kits. Government authorities are still investigating the company’s history, but it appears to have previously operated a lab in Fresno under the name Universal MediTech, where city officials flagged it for investigation regarding improperly stored chemicals.

"From what is publicly known, the Reedley lab should likely have followed proper biosafety practices to minimize the risks of an #outbreak, and it apparently failed to do so. It could have caused illness, disruption, or even death among local communities and beyond depending on the circumstances of an outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (#CDC) maintains a system of four 'Biosafety Level' standards that are used worldwide for work with dangerous pathogens. Based on the pathogens that were being used at the Reedley lab, it probably should have followed Biosafety Level 3, which involves controlling the airflow inside the lab as well as a host of other practices, equipment, and facility design requirements.

"Yet, astonishingly, the U.S. government seems to not have even known that the Reedley lab existed until it was discovered by chance by Jesalyn Harper, an observant local city code enforcement officer—the only such officer working full-time in the entire city. Once discovered, the Fresno County and California Departments of Public Health found it to be in violation of local and state codes, including those for registering clinical labs and managing medical waste. Based on our reading of available information, it was likely also in violation of federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for protecting workers from bloodborne pathogens. But these codes require proactive reporting, and the lab simply never reported any issues to regulators. In slightly different circumstances, it would likely have continued to operate unnoticed for a long time."

#BioHazard #LabSafety #Pathogens
Potential #Pandemic #LabLeak

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Analsex an sich ist kein Infektionsrisiko. Sex mit mehreren Menschen ist an sich kein Infektionsrisiko. Sex mit HIV-Positiven ist an sich kein Infektionsrisiko.

Aber ungeschützter Sex ist ein Infektionsrisiko.

Eine feste Beziehung an sich bietet keinen sicheren Infektionsschutz.

Es ist ernüchternd, dass Bundesärztekammer und Paul-Ehrlich-Institut es auch nach Jahren der Kritik nicht hinbekommen, die Fragebögen zur Blutspende so zu formulieren, dass dabei reales Schutzverhalten abgefragt wird, statt Risikomythen zu verstärken.

#Blutspende #HIV #Queerfeindlichkeit

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Oooh! Potential cure for HIV!

From APP (paywalled)

Blood cancer drug could replace lifelong HIV medication
By Neve Brissenden

An existing cancer drug could be the key to curing HIV for the almost 40 million people living with the disease.

Venetoclax has been helping people with blood cancer since 2015 and a new trial has found it effective at targeting hibernating infected HIV cells.

The hidden cells cause the virus to stay in the body permanently and currently cannot be treated, meaning those diagnosed with HIV need life-long antiviral treatment.

Australian research houses the Doherty Institute and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research jointly conducted a study which found venetoclax delayed the virus from rebounding by two weeks.


The drug "potently reduced" the amount of intact viral DNA in cells, Doherty Institute researcher Youry Kim said.

“This indicates that venetoclax is selectively killing the infected cells, which rely on key proteins to survive, (it) has the ability to antagonise one of the key survival proteins,” she said.


A clinical trial of the drug is set to start at the end of the year in Denmark and in Australia in 2024.

Joint corresponding author Sharon Lewin said the trial was a significant next step.

"It's exciting to see venetoclax, which has already helped thousands of blood cancer patients, now being repurposed as a treatment that could also help change the lives of people living with HIV and put an end to the requirement for life-long medication," she said.

#HIV #AIDS #LGBTIQA+ #Medicine #Science

1 month ago

#HIV und #AIDS existieren, ebenso wie Tweets, in denen der radikale Querdenker Homburg das Gegenteil behaupten wollte. Er leugnete dann beides. Ja: Nachdem #Homburg seine Tweets zu AIDS schnell löschte, drohte er sogar mit dem Anwalt. Nutzen wir diesen neuen Höhepunkt an Peinlichkeit doch, um mal ein paar Fakten zu HIV zu lernen.

TrangAston :verified:
1 month ago

#lymphopenia as a major immunological abnormality that occurs in the majority (72%) of severe #COVID19 patients, can cause general immunosuppression facilitating viral persistence. Lymphopenia can be inherited or acquired. Acquired lymphopenia can be due to different biological conditions and disorders, however it is mainly related to #HIV and other viral infections.
#AIDS correlation with #SarsCoV2 N genotypes…

Preclinical safety and biodistribution of CRISPR targeting SIV in non-human primates

"Taken together, these results demonstrate safety, biodistribution, and in vivo proviral #DNA editing following IV administration of EBT-001, supporting the further development of CRISPR-based gene editing as a potential therapeutic approach for #HIV in humans..."

Another miracle.

cory hughart
1 month ago

The app update I've been working on for a year is finally launched! Still plenty of work left to do, but I'm pretty proud of it.

#AppDev #ReactNative #HIV #healthcare

2 months ago

List of well-known viruses that specifically infect CD4+ T cells:

1. #HIV
2. HTLV-1
3. #Measles
4. #CMV
5. #EBV
6. #sarscov2

Viruses that do this often lead to serious illnesses. None of these viruses are considered to be normal to catch regularly except for SARS-2. #EpiVerse

Understanding AIDS (1988): The brochure mailed to every American household at the peak of the AIDS crisis
#surgeongeneral #politics #history #america #reagan #aids #lgbt #koop #hiv #gay #-

🆕Was hat die Einführung der #HIV-Präexpositionsprophylaxe (#PrEP) als Leistung der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung gebracht?

☑️hocheffektiver HIV-Schutz
☑️keine Zunahme sexuell übertragbarer Infektionen
☑️weitere PrEP-Bedarfe

2 months ago

#regenbogenfest in #mannheim zugunsten von Menschen mit #hiv und #aids gestern im OEG Citybeach

Moderatoren Dolly Dornfelder und Dieter Camilotto
Selfie mit Dolly
Neue Armbänder im Pridelook
Sänger Marco Serra

#5Fragen an Daniel Schmidt vom #RKI zu Präexpositionsprophylaxe #PrEP gegen eine Infektion mit #HIV.
Im Ärzteblatt lesen, wie sich die PrEP-Nutzung in den vergangenen Jahren entwickelt hat, wie sicher PrEP vor HIV schützt, wer es nutzt & was es in Zukunft braucht, damit mehr Menschen davon profitieren.


Mehr zum Projekt „Surveillance der Versorgung mit der HIV-Präexpositionsprophylaxe innerhalb der GKV in Deutschland“ #PrEP-Surv unter:

Tobias Geyer
2 months ago

@imdat I already knew that you're excellent and fantastic but it's nice to have that confirmed 😁
And congratulations on your HIV count (if that's an appropriate thing to say)!
Thank you for your openness on #HIV and for raising awareness.

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 months ago

From 28 Jul: Abortion fight clouds AIDS-fighting program’s future - Republicans rejected a Democratic bid to re-up PEPFAR via the annual defense policy bill - #uspol #hiv #abortion #aids #funding #budget

Steve Silberman
2 months ago

How activists shut down a cult of #quackery that proclaimed itself a "church" to market bleach as a cure for #autism, #HIV, and #COVID19.

2 months ago

Wie Australien erfolgreich HIV bekämpft

Bis 2030 soll HIV/AIDS weltweit besiegt sein. Australien ist diesem Ziel schon jetzt so nah wie wohl kaum ein anderes Land. Was läuft dort gut? Und was kann Deutschland davon lernen? Von Alexander Steininger.


#AIDS #HIV #Australien

Australia’s immigration laws are discriminatory against living people with #HIV, and even the immigration minister admits they ‘do not meet community standards’, but when will they be reformed?

12 - E o domingo é de #rock #português 🇵🇹. Antônio Variações, gay. Faleceu nos anos 80, em decorrência da AIDS.


#DiaMundialDoRock #WorldRockDay #LGBT #pride #HIV #AIDS #SIDA

Foto de um homem branco, de barba longa e cabelo curto castanhos. A barba tem mechas loiras e platinadas. Ele é atlético, está sem camisa e tem pelos no peito. Olhando para o lado, com uma expressão séria. Ao fundo há um bosque ou praça com pinheiros.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

Good news on the medical front. A review of data from thousands of people in 25 countries finds that people taking HIV medicine have "almost zero risk" of spreading the virus via sex once their levels are low. Live Science reports:
#Science #Medicine #Health #HIV

2 months ago

"#Gilead delayed a new [and safer] version of a #drug [for #HIV], allowing it to extend the #patent life of a blockbuster line of [older] medications, internal documents show."

9, 10 e 11 - E esse findi é de Rock #Brasil 🇧🇷 : Renato Russo, da Legião Urbana, gay; Cazuza, do Barão Vermelho, gay; e Cássia Eller, lésbica. Três que se foram cedo demais, os dois primeiros devido ao HIV.

🎸🇧🇷 🌈🎸🇧🇷 🌈🎸🇧🇷 🌈🎸🇧🇷 🌈

#WorldRockDay #DiaMundialDoRock #lgbt #pride #rockbrasileiro #rockbrasil #brazil #HIV #aids

Renato Russo. Foto em preto e branco de um show. Homem branco, cabelo preto crespo, barba curta, magro, de óculos. Vestindo um blusão de lã. Segurando um microfone.
Cazuza. Homem branco, cabelo castanho crespo, magro, peito peludo. Vestindo uma regata, com uma faixa de tecido amarrada na cabeça e outra no pescoço. Cantando no microfone.
Cássia Eller. Mulher branca, cabelo castanho liso, curto. Vestindo uma blusa preta, cantando no microfone.
2 months ago

I took an occasional short-break from the last 2 years reading only books by #LGBTQ / #POC writers to read a 70's #Sci-Fi series (I saw it referenced in one of those books!) and just found out that the writer was both a believer that #HIV was caused by drug use; and a #holocaust #denier.

I am going to finish the series, because he also worked for #DEC and I am curious about some references - But this is why I avoid #old, #white #science #fiction #writers!


Florida man and his three adult sons found guilty after falsely claiming a toxic, industrial-strength bleaching agent they sold as a "miracle" solution through their fake church could cure #HIV, autism, cancer, COVID-19, and other serious illnesses.

Alan Kotok
2 months ago

A treatment for HIV taken just once, using the genome-editing technology Crispr, is receiving fast-track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

#News #Press #Science #Business #HIV #AIDS #Infections #AntiretroviralTherapy #ImmuneSystem #GenomeEditing #Crispr #Biotechnology #Chemistry #ClinicalTrial #FDA #FastTrack #Licensing #University

Gilbert Centre struggling to find new home after pushback for current location #2SLGBTQ #GilbertCentre #HIV #Rent #Barrie #onpoli @ontariogreens @barrie @onpoli

💊Wie steht es um Gebrauch und Versorgung von #HIV -Präexpositionsprophylaxe #PrEP in 🇩🇪?

Update zu PrEP-Surveillance sowie zu Testung & Behandlung sexuell übertragbarer Infektionen #STI nach der 2. Befragung in HIV-Schwerpunktzentren im #EpidBull

Abbildung zur Häufigkeit einer Beratung zur HIV-PrEP mit anschließender Einleitung (bei n=29, 79%  Angabe "häufig") und die Gründe für die Nicht-Einleitung der HIV-PrEP in den Zentren. Gründe u.a. Patientinnen/Patientenwunsch, Feste Partnerschaft, Angst vor Nebenwirkungen, Medizinischen Kontraindikation).
Dahinter Schmuckbild mit zwei Fingern die eine blaue Tablette mit der Aufschrift "PrEP" halten.
Stuart D Neilson
2 months ago

The Grenon family behind the faux "church" producing and marketing the poisonous MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) are in court in Miami this week. MMS is a quack treatment for #HIV/#AIDS, #autism, #AlzheimerDisease, #COVID19, #leukemia and other conditions.
The Genesis II "church" and MMS quacks also operate in #Ireland.

2 months ago


Hallo zusammen!

Nachdem ich mich auf nicht mehr wohl und sicher fühlte, konnte ich nun endlich auf umziehen und ich freue mich riesig, hier zu sein.

Ein paar Worte zu mir:

Ich komme aus #Köln #Nippes, bin #schwul, #sexpositiv, #Anarchist und #HIV-#Aktivist. Ihr werdet viel zu #NoCopsAtPride, #KinkAtPride, #Homofeindlichkeit und #Transfeindlichkeit lesen.

Ich bin in einer #polyam|en Beziehung mit drei tollen Kerlen.

Es gibt noch zwei weitere Profile von mir. Eines, wo ich alle #Kink- und #BDSM-Sachen poste (gerne nachfragen) und @leuchtreklame, weil ich alte Neonreklamen toll finde und diese für die Nachwelt festhalten möchte - nicht nur die aus meiner Heimatstadt.

Ganz besonders gefällt mir hier natürlich das Zeichenlimit von 1312. Das erlaubt mir nicht nur längere Posts; es wird mir auch jedes Mal ein kleines Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubern.

Ich freue mich auf den Austausch mit euch!

#Polyamorie #ACAB

Kyle Anderson 💙
2 months ago

Filling out #medical paperwork:

"Between 1978 and June of 1985, did you receive more than 5 blood transfusions?"

How oddly specific... 🤔 Turns out this was a time when you could have contracted #AIDS via transfusion; the #HIV test wasn't developed until '85.

Lots of further reading that also goes into some of the #politics and bureaucracy of the time, that eerily rings of how #COVID was handled:

Steve Silberman
2 months ago

The #GOP's freakshow of bigotry and legal assault on #LGBTQ+ people now threatens #HIV+ prevention. #health

Bruce Mirken
3 months ago

@dangillmor I knew at least 5 people who are dead because of the #HIV denialism that #RFKJr has apparently embraced. May he rot in hell for eternity.

Wie steht es um die Long Acting-Therapie in Deutschland?

Im #EpidBull wird berichtet, in welchem Umfang langwirksame #HIV-Medikamente seit Markteinführung angewendet werden und welche Herausforderungen es zu beachten gilt.


Die Abbildung zeigt die Anzahl der monatlichen Verordnungen (VO) zur oralen Cabotegravir-Einleitung (CAB-oral VO) sowie die sich daraus ergebende 1. und 2. Initiierung, Erhaltungstherapien und resultierende Anzahl von People living with HIV (PLWHIV) unter Long Acting-(LA-)Therapie innerhalb der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung (GKV) über die Zeit.
Anita Y Cheng
4 months ago

TWiV Clinical Update for May 25, 2023 (listening and taking notes while cleaning out a closet LOL):

CDC report for #HIV surveillance: There were 5k more HIV diagnoses in the US in 2021 than 2020, but down from 2016. 20% are in women, 2/3 MSM, mostly in the South. It’s still a #pandemic! People are still getting HIV from unprotected sex, even if it was once or twice. An HIV vaccine is not forthcoming and the antivirals can make you feel very sick.


4 months ago

This was what it was like working with gay men in the early 1980’s. I was working at Disneyland. These gay men, my friends, got sick, had to stop working and died.

Young men. Men at the height of their theater lifecycle, artists. we worried for Elton John. (Elton John is a living miracle.) You got AIDS,
#HIV back then, you died. and so many men did catch it.

watch HBO’s, “And the band played on.” (super young Richard Gere playing a real NYC dance choreographer, who died at the height of his career.) and “Philadelphia,” with Tom Hanks and a young, (hot,) Denzel Washington.

Jenny, Forrest Gump’s pretty blonde wife, from the film “Forrest Gump,” died of AIDS. You didn’t know that? That’s because that is how it was. No one spoke about it.

People with blood disorders, people who got transfusions for whatever reason, gay men, nurses, anyone who worked around human blood, and anyone who reused needles for illegal drugs.

it was awful. it was like covid but only for a certain segment of our friends, and it killed them, nearly 100% of the time within five years. like a bad cancer, only a germ spread by intimate contact.

It was like that.

That’s why those of us who saw it celebrate PRIDE.

Because unlike Covid, the Republicans (Ronald Reagan,) did nothing, called it the “gay plague.”

So, a lot of really smart people got together world wide and worked really hard to save as many as they could.

It was a movement in California. A swelling of “fuck this,” and everyone running around with condoms waving them around like candy thrown at kids during parades.

and actual parades. PRIDE parades.

That is what the fascists in Florida and other places are fighting against.

They are saying, “not only do we refuse to take care of you, no one else can either. Not even other LGBTQIA people.”

That is fascism, my friends.

Fascists are the group that complains (screams they are being attacked,) when another group defend itself.

They, fascists, don’t want people they don’t like to be able to SELF DEFEND.

*****Every organism on earth has the right to self defense. Even single cell creatures fight back. ****

Be proud to fight anti-gay fascists, wherever you see them.

Have #PRIDE :bhjflag_gay:

Mx. Amadi Lovelace
4 months ago

Has anybody seen anything specifically focusing on how people with #HIV have been faring through the #covid pandemic or the outlook now that everyone’s pretending that it’s over?

Tania Louis
4 months ago

I am always a bit sorry to post in French on a (mostly) English-speaking instance dedicated to #SciComm 😬 But luckily my columns for Polytechnique Insights are all translated in English!

Here is the last one, a review of the current situation regarding #HIV:

The others are all here, about different #microbiology topics:

🆕Erste Daten zur sexuellen Gesundheit und #HIV/sexuell übertragbaren Infektionen in trans und nicht-binären Communitys in Deutschland.

Die #TASG-Studie des #RKI und der @Aidshilfe_de liefert erstmals quantitative und qualitative Daten.

Die Ergebnisse und weitere Informationen unter:
🔗 und ⬇️

Abbildung zeigt ein Beispiel für eine Fokusgruppe im qalitativen Teil der TASG-Studie. Mit folgendem Text:  für Erstmals belastbare Daten zur Sexuellen Gesundheit und HIV/STI in trans und nicht-binären Communitys in Deutschland.
Erste Ergebnisse auf einen Blick: 4,5% haben Chlamydien-Diagnose erhalten; 2,7% haben Gonorrhoe-Diagnose erhalten; 0,7% haben HIV-Diagnose erhalten
Erste Ergebnisse auf einen Blick: 45%  wollten sich in den letzten 5 Jahren zu sexuell übertragbaren Krankheiten beraten lassen; nur 27% nahmen eine Beratung in Anspruch; 17%, die keine Beratung in Anspruch genommen haben, gaben als einen Grund erwartete und/oder erfahrende Diskriminierung an
Personen aus trans und nicht-binären Communitys haben in vielen Regionen der Welt eine erhöhte Vulnerabilität für HIV und andere sexuell übertragbare Infektionen (STI). Ob das auch für Deutschland gilt, war bisher unzureichend untersucht. Darüber hinaus fehlen Daten zur sexuellen Gesundheit allgemein für diese Bevölkerungsgruppen. 
Mit den Studienergebnissen der Deutschen Aidshilfe und des RKI stehen nun erstmals Daten für Deutschland bereit, die eine wichtige Grundlage für Public-Health-Strategien bieten können.
Jan Penfrat
5 months ago

Oh my, #InsuranceEurope lobbyist pulls out the "data will cure #HIV" argument. And because data collection allegedly leads to lower insurance prices, it's really about #inclusion not #discrimination. 🤦


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