Ada :v_trans:
14 hours ago

What are some alternatives to Utrogestan for #trans #hrt?

Evie (SleepyCatten)
15 hours ago


If you're taking cyproterone acetate to block testosterone as part of feminising HRT, the recommended maximum daily dosage is 6.25 to 12.5 mg.

At this level, you will still receive significant testosterone suppression, but the risks associated with the medication are lower.

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Mx Kestrel ᓚᘏᗢ
1 day ago

Today's #DailyTransJoy is very trans indeed. Did my 6 month T voice recording (am recording myself regularly to track the changes T is bringing on) today and then listened back to previous recordings, including pre-T and there's such a huge difference. Day before yesterday a trans friend complimented me on my voice, and today my ex mother in law asked if I was sick because there's so much raspiness in my voice right now. I'm squealing. Masculinely. #HRT #TransJoy

Audrey :v_trans:
1 day ago

I hate the way #HRT for minors is talked about in the US.

“They can wait until they are adults to make that choice. What if they regret it?”

Oh really? So you’re prepared to pay the hundreds of thousands (for some trans fems) it’s going to cost to undo an unwanted puberty? You are making this choice for them so it sounds to me like you should be responsible for the damages.

2 days ago

Ok, another #HRT question, maybe for people who know a bit more about the homebrew process: Assuming the provider is trustworthy, could there be any reason why a vial would contain no or way too low Estradiol? I guess they could've straight up forgotten to put the powder in, but that seems exceedingly unlikely. Could have something happened to the Estradiol in the vial that caused it to degrade in some way? I always stored it away from light at room temperature.


stay close to me
or get the fuck away
I am cute
I can afford to be picky
we all can

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2 days ago

Frage für meine deutschen trans-peeps: Kennt jemensch eine Möglichkeit, DIY Östrogen auf Inhaltsstoffe bzw Konzentration testen zu lassen und was das kosten würde?

#trans #hrt

Audrey :v_trans:
2 days ago

I was thinking earlier about a #transjoy moments that I don’t think I’ve seen others discuss. Before #HRT I lacked the ability to reframe bad things.

Over the weekend my refrigerator died. How I react to vs how my deadname would have are night and day different.


Audrey: 😮‍💨 thankfully we had money in the household account to cover it. This could have been so much worse.

Prism & Pen
3 days ago

I have been on female hormones for five years. I have had no regrets. My body took to the hormonal change like a duck to water or as my endocrinologist said: “It’s as if your body had been waiting for them.”

#LGBTQ #Transgender #HRT #MentalHealth

So anyways, there's positive news regarding my medical transition. I probably will be able to get access to hrt this year. Privately, it costs me dearly, but I'm willing to make that financial sacrifice.

But there's suddenly, and finally some hope.

#hrt #trans #transmasc #nonbinary #enby

Oh, (NTCT Norway),
so you think that I am not capable of making decisions about my life and body based on informed consent, as an autistic adult?

What about having children? Should I be allowed to have those? An arguably more impactful choice, since it impacts more than me, and is more irreversible than gender affirming healthcare.

If you say "no", your thinking is dangerously fascist. If you say "yes", you're a hypocrite who makes no sense.

#trans #actuallyautistic #hrt

Max, an ant whisperer
3 days ago

Folks on #HRT, I have a revelation.
You have been lied to when you were told you were using hormones. By definition, hormones are produced by your body. When this signal molecules are produced by another member of your species, then we call them pheromones. It really doesn't matter if they're the exact same molecules.
I think it's pretty cool to think that you're using pheromones.
#ecology #queer #trans

3 days ago

- The woman did not appear in today's oral argument. Her attorney noted that years of #HRT practically made her infertile, that surgery is not required to live as a woman, that the surgery comes with physical pain, possible complications, and economic burdens. (In Japan, many trans women go to Thailand to receive gender-confirming surgery; they are not covered by insurance.)

4 days ago

Just got my latest bloodwork results and am just incredibly frustrated >.< After injecting 4 mg of Estradiol Enanthate into my thigh muscles once a week for a month, my estradiol levels come down to...
35 pg/ml, aka perfectly average cis male levels. Not even slightly elevated. When, according to the calculator over at, it should hover around the 250 pg/ml mark.

#trans #transfem #hrt

4 days ago

Total Nada (EP release), Uzu, Peeve, HRT

📍 La Sotterenea
📅 Saturday, 21 October (21:00)

Total Nada (Reunion show, release of their second EP)

Uzu (also just dropped their LP)

Peeve (new sllit tape!)

HRT (new release out soon)

21h @ Sotterrenea


Total Nada (EP release), Uzu, Peeve,
4 days ago

#LPT For my meds, I have a "morning spot" and a "night spot" so that I can tell at a glance if I've taken my meds that day yet. I do forget sometimes otherwise

#trans #HRT

4 days ago

Me: *Inspects freshly broken nail*

Also Me: “*Hmm, I must have got too rough when I picked up that bag of marshmallows*

Haven’t painted my nails in weeks, due to spoon deficit. But 7-9 layers of base coat, color coat, and clear coat were the only think keeping my once long and nice nails from constantly breaking.

#Trans #HRT

Hobbits Wife
5 days ago

Having a rough time with #HRT meds. Who’d be female eh? Gift that keeps giving, I’ve not been one of the lucky ones throughout my years. Can’t wait till it’s all over and done with. Guess I’ll be an insomniac then though!

lzc256 :shizuku_look:
5 days ago

2023-09-25 12:32+08:00

昨晚 21:25:09 的时候还是忍不住试着含了一颗补子


完全溶解用了 6 分钟,不知道为什么,含服时舌根有点疼?

#日常 #Trans #HRT

5 days ago

To my #trans folks on #hrt.
Have you noticed a change in your hair color and/or eye color during your medical transition?

#poll #transfem #transmasc

neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
1 week ago

injecting self with hormones in the most flashy way✨

a lil sketch for an acrylic painting i have in mind, to celebrate that it's been over 11 years for me on HRT!!💉

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ssketch of a sphynx cat injecting testosterone into their juicy big butt!
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 week ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

Gently pricked a couple of places before finding an ideal injection site. Went in & came out smoothly with no leakage 😌 (Why does this sound so lewd? 🤣)

Funny to think I've been doing such injections for over a year now :TransHeart:

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Serenade :trans_lily:
1 week ago

A church in Texas actually helping trans kids? 😲 Did they actually start believing all that stuff about "loving your neighbor" and all that?

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1 week ago

Warum nutzen eigentlich so viele Endos die #HRT anbieten den Begriff "Transidentiät"? Was ist aus "transgender" geworden? Ich sehe sonst den Begriff vor Allem in der Nutzung von #TERF/#FART die mit "transidenter Mann" eine trans\* Frau bezeichnen würden...

#Fairphone5 having face-unlock opens up interesting possibilities for my #transition: Having my phone tell my when #HRT has really changed my looks by refusing to unlock. Or does it update the images continuously?

#trans #transgender

Fun #trans thing 254

I just passed my 500th day of being on #HRT! To mark the occasion I threw together/updated the ol' timeline video!

I swear to Eru i can see the light come on in my eyes as i really came to life for the first time in... my life.

Tbh I have trouble seeing the same woman in the mirror that you see in my pics. Sometimes I can see her, on good days. But looking back through these pics even I gotta admit I'm kinda hot now lol.

a timeline video showing my progress during the course of 500 days of being on feminizing hormone therapy.
Allie 🏳️‍⚧️
2 weeks ago

Today is the day! I finally get to start my #hrt ! #trans #lgbtq

So, a yearish in, one odd thing I was _not_ expecting from estrogen, but am actually really enjoying: my body odor??

Pre-HRT, despite my T levels being high even for a cis dude, I just kinda...didn't really sweat much, didn't really have noticeable BO, didn't need to use deodorant.

But now it seems like I'm actually sweating _more_ on E, and my body odor has noticeably shifted in a way that I really like! Liking it is not the surprising part - I've generally enjoyed partners' BO - but I hadn't thought about the possibility of _my_ BO becoming more noticeable and...nicer?

Anyway, this brought to you by sweating during some light house cleaning this morning and smiling about it, curious if any other folks have similar experiences! #trans #transfem #hrt

2 weeks ago

+1 recommendation for Plume. I've been using them for over 3 years now.

I'll be looking into CostPlusDrugs and comparing them with the prices I can get locally via GoodRx (which are already reasonable).

#transgender #TransStuff #HRT

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

@ErrantSoul Drugs round my sedate and rather 50+ area is more like this tbh - works for the #trans of us too 😂​

[And ... I know someone will worry about the "real, so yes I do know that both estradiol and progesterone these days are bioidentical] #HRT

A picture of two middle-aged women dressed in bright red and sipping wine

One is saying "I haven't got any real hormones left, darling. I'm just held together with Pills, Gels and Suppositories"
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 weeks ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh yesterday (Saturday)... 💉🩹

... but then forgot to do the post afterwards 😅🤦‍♀️

Doing the post now, so I don't forget that I did it.

It was a nice, easy IM injection with no leakage.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

2 weeks ago

I've been more active on Instagram lately, but wanted to post a few updates:

1. I've been on #hrt for a little over six months and I've never been happier. The changes are amazing, inside and out.

2. The best part of coming out is finding your people. My house has increasingly become a safe space, with old and new friends popping up out of nowhere to talk about their journeys.

3. I still love #blacktights.

#transwoman #transgirl #transpride #transselfie #transthoughts #comingout #lgbtq #thirst #transjoy #transpride

A transwoman reclines on the couch in her messy living room, after a night of serious dancing. Everything is sore, but everything feels perfect. Her shoes are the cutest black boots that have ever existed, she got them from torrid.
A transwoman revels in the reality of her hips. She is wearing black tights and a little green skirt that doesn't cover up nearly as much as it should.
It's me. My lips are red, my eyes are brown. I am smiling faintly, which does not communicate the euphoria that is burning bright inside me right now. I am the sunshine I have always looked for.

My forties are the fucking best.
These are my legs; there are many like them, but mine are clad in black tights. At this moment, I am curled up on the couch after a night of dancing, unable to comprehend how much I love my life, and the queerness of the city I live in.
2 weeks ago


📍 La Sala Rossa
📅 Friday, 3 November (18:30)

Friday November 3
Blu Anxxiety (Nuke York)
Cyberplasm (Olympia)
Béton Armé
Woodstock 99 (Cleveland)
The Hell (Cleveland)
Street Gloves

Sotterenea / Sala Rossa – $35


Valerie Mars
2 weeks ago

Hi, Masto! ‘Member me? 👉👈🥺

I’ve got a hormone levels question. I’m on injectable E (weekly subQ) and my mid-week level is 572 pg/mL. (Endo insists on testing midweek 🤷‍♀️)

Endo says this is too high/risky, wants to lower dose. I say “bah! I feel great and like what’s happening!” I had upped my dose slightly to stop feeling like unaliving myself and it worked.

Can anyone back me up? @Impossible_PhD @siege perhaps?

Thanks in advance! 💖

#trans #transfemme #hrt

2 weeks ago

Feels like around month 4 my HRT turned into placebo. Going on month 10. I don’t care, but also I do.

#Trans #HRT

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

Tonight I'm musing on the myriad wonders of ...

For some reason, getting "follows" despite posting nothing here at all the last few days at all. Zip (ie. 'life' - good and bad)
The science of HRT/estrogen absorbtion of estrogel, where one has lots of cat scratches? 🐱​

Apparently my cat is advancing #Trans and #HRT science?

Sky Starlight :sky:
2 weeks ago

To all of the #transfem cuties out there: Keep posting selfies! It gives me so much hope to see people transitioning and loving their bodies in ways they couldn't before. I get anxious about #HRT, but seeing what I could be makes me think "That's what I want."

#Trans #TransJoy

Nora Rose
3 weeks ago

In honor of 9 months of feminizing #HRT I am sharing photos of the dangers of taking powerful psychoactive substances like Estrogen, which can also affect your body. Here’s a comparison of what I used to look like and what I look like now. You have been warned! #trans #transtimeline

Photo of Nora in front of some bushes. She’s presenting very masc with sideburns and stubble and long dark hair pulled back. She’s got a hoodie on and is smiling a mischievous smile at the camera. She’s not figured out she’s a woman yet, and still believes this whole “you’re a guy” thing.
A selfie portrait of Nora sitting in a room looking gothic with long glowing purple hair, a lacy top, earrings, a septum piercing, and glasses. No facial hair. She figured it out!

I’m feeling impatient and I want my #hrt to really kick in. I know three months and it’s not very much. I’m gonna go to church and pray for boobies.

Oh huh oops, I almost missed this! :alicehearttrans: #trans #hrt

A screenshot of my HRT tracker showing that I'm 1,000 days in
3 weeks ago

I got my blood test results today. My oestrogen levels were higher before I started HRT 😬

My blood was taken in a 48 hour trough though, on a low dose, so im not surprised.

I've had my dosage tripled and I'm optimistic, looking forward to my body absorbing the gel through my skin and expelling it via my tearducts.

#TheminisingHormoneTherapy #HRT

Don't forget to take your #HRT meds, so the #BoobieFairy, #ChestGoblin, and the #GenderGremlin can find you easier~

Make it more common for #Transgender men/people who got top surgery to use the hashtag #ChestGoblin when talking about their top surgeries..

And for #Transgender Women whenever we talk about our breasts getting bigger using the hashtag #BoobieFairy whenever we talk about our breasts getting bigger from #HRT

I hear the more often you take your #HRT meds the more likely the #BoobieFairy or the #ChestGoblin comes~ #LGBTQIA #Transgender

Creating the myth of the Boobie Fairy, which comes in during the night to give #Transgender women who are going through #HRT boobs~ :neocat_3c:

And for #Transgender Men/people who want top-surgery... there's the Chest Goblin, who comes to steal your titties~ :neocat:

"The Gender Gremlin comes to the foot of your bed at night and demands your gender (or gender binary), you refuse as you still need it but they say no and steal it and run away.

They feed the genders to the gender fluid and gender flux people." - @Anxious_Agender

#LGBTQIA #Trans #Transgender #HRT

Oooooh it's September 2nd!

That means it's my 3 month #hrt anniversary today!

More details about that and the mental and physical effects in CWed posts below :heart_trans:

:boost_ok: Okay for real someone out there's gotta know where a bitch can get some 1ml syringes and needles for her HRT injections. I'm fucking tired of going through my pharmacy for this shit. #trans #hrt

Jae Hanley
1 month ago

So I’ve gotten some chest growth lately and I’m so damn hungry. Is this a common thing? Do the girls demand a feast? #trans #HRT

Ada :v_trans:
1 month ago

😭 I just got my first #HRT covered by insurance, thank you so much to everyone who's been giving me advice and support the last week(s).

For the last 14(!) months I've been calling, filing complaints and even lawsuits.

Thanks to one(!!) good doctor, I can now finally have access to the medication I'm supposed to have a right to by law.

So yknow what?


Miriam Robern
1 month ago

It's my nine-month HRTversary, and looking at my timeline of pics it still feels unreal.

And somehow this is also just getting started? o.O

#HRT #TransitionTimeline

Four-panel timeline showing Mimsy at Day 1, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 9 Months of feminizing HRT
1 month ago tuck kit (or similar tucking kit) vs tucking underwear/panties...

Just trying to think of situations where one is better than the other, or vice versa

Or perhaps where a tuck kit is beneficial for a non tucking undie or swim pants, or for pants that you would not wear underwear with (but I can't visualize this tbh)...

#tucking #tuck #hrt #trans #asktrans

1 month ago

Progesterone and reading about testosterone vs estrogen levels and all this stuff is like ahhhh
What makes my boobs grow well and what wont give me breast cancer and how do i delet the male testosterone levels ahh #hrt #trans

Skittles needs to up their pride game. May I suggest actually adding estrogen to the candy to make real "tiddy Skittles"??

If they market it as a supplement they don't need FDA examination...

#trans #hrt

Happy 1 year on HRT to meeeeee

#TransJoy #trans #hrt #TransSelfie

A side-by-side shot of me. On the left is a bearded "man" who didn't know how to smile. On the right is a (dare I say?) gorgeous woman with an effortless smile.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

Bit of a trickier injection today.

I first Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh, but some of the ester pushed itself out after I removed the needle.

To be safe, I did a further injection of 0.5 mL (2 mg) nearby.

Guess I can't always get a straight-forward injection, but it's still better for me than patches :TransFemHeart:

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Hey #trans peeps, I have a theory about our community in the Fedi. It seems to me that most of us are either what I call "Pandemic Boys and Girls" who started their transition during lockdown, or those of us who seem to be a few months in. I'm in that second group. It's like the pandemic started us off, but we didn't quite get there for some reason until recently. So let's do a little poll.

How long have you been on #HRT?

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

In an ideal world, all trans folks wanting HRT would be prescribed the safest & most-suitable meds for their needs:

• within a reasonable timeframe
• via informed consent
• via a national healthcare system or otherwise at an affordable cost

... by a qualified professional who fully understands trans HRT.

However, for most folks, these factors will not all occur together, if at all 😞

#HRT #DIYHRT #trans #transgender #transition #healthcare


Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago


NHS England sets a very restrictive estradiol level target range for trans fem patients.

This arbitrary range is 400 to 600 pmol/L (~109 to ~163 pg/mL) 🤨

This restrictive range is below the level required for monotherapy, so will require a blocker for anyone with testosterone-producing gonads 😞

It is ALWAYS valid to manipulate your estradiol dose before a test, so it looks like your level is within this range.

#trans #transgender #TransFem #TransWoman #HRT #NHS

I think I need to drop Spiro and switch to mono-therapy until I start Progesterone.

Obviously Spiro kinda sucks because you have to pee all the time and it can make you light-headed, but I think it might be seriously impacting my mental health and cognitive function too. I know I like to joke around and be like "haha no thought head empty" but the brain fog has been pretty severe these last few months, I also wonder if it's not the reason I've been feeling on average more depressed and forgetful as well.

I accepted Spiro as a necessary evil to nuke my T in the early months, but it was always my intention to drop it at some point and I think that point is now. So now I'm gonna do the thing where I elicit medical advice from strangers!

Can anyone speak to how effective mono-therapy is with sublingual Estradiol? Should I expect the need to switch to injections? Me and needles are not friends, but if it's necessary for mono to be effective I'll find a way to manage.

#trans #hrt

2 months ago

Hi friends! My doc just bumped me up to 200mg spiro / day, which is just two of the 100mg tablets. I'm curious if its better to take them both together or split them between morning / night. Is there any difference in effect?

Update: Thanks for all the responses! This is what I've gathered:

  • Spread it out as much as possible
  • Take with food
  • Ask your doctor to be sure

#Trans #TransFem #HRT

I suppose it’s well past time for me to make an #introduction post!

My name is Velux, & it’s probably not pronounced how you think. You can call me Vel for short too!

I’ve been in the #FurryFandom since summer 2004, & can feel my hollow bones crumbling as I say that =P

I am a golden eagle gryphon with a red fox bottom half instead of feline - a mix that I call a gryphox!

In 2014, I began dating @inari, who is incredibly patient & understanding of my bullshit, & continues to be my amazing partner to this day 💙

I began on this journey in the fandom insisting I was a straight male human just having a little escapism fun… And have since found that I am none of that at all.

It took a relatively short time to show me that I am #pansexual, & I first started questioning my gender around 2016, which led to me realizing that I am #trans #nonbinary just days before 2019 ended. I took the careful route & began #HRT in October 2021. In mid to late 2022, I began to realize that some of the feelings I’ve had most of my life, & my current feelings even more blatantly, fit as #therian/ #otherkin. This was further confirmed when I experienced an awakening in February.

My #fursuit was made by, & fursuit performance, thanks to my experience as a D-I college mascot, is the only directly furry skill I have to offer back to the fandom.

I work professionally in live & motion #broadcast #graphics. I love #birds & #birdwatching, & hope to grow with bird photography. I’ve unleashed the inner #pinball fiend I was as a kid & have become a bit of a fan all over again as an adult. I am learning & growing in the craft of #chainmaille jewelry, & hope to launch a side shop soon to keep me busy with #maille projects. I am very much a #Trekkie, with very few days that go by without watching an episode.

I’ve grown a lot throughout the years, and am excited to see where it takes me next!



An illustration of Velux the gryphox flying in the air with her wings outstretched.
An illustration of Velux the Gryphox flying this her wings outstretched. She is wearing a transgender pride flag cape and is carrying a mini pansexual pride flag in her right handtalon, and a non-binary pride flag in her beak.
An illustration of Velux the gryphox in her inflatable/pooltoy taur form. She is hugging her inflatable fox partner, Inari, in her arms and a forepaw. A ray gun sits smoking behind Velux, apparently just used to turn Inari into a taur himself, who hugs her back.
A photograph of Velux the gryphox in fursuit. She is wearing a dress adorned with a pattern of feathers. Velux poses with her handtalons on her hips while leaning on a white-painted wood gazebo’s post.