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Taming Thymeleaf by Wim Deblauwe is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $24.99; get it for $22.49 with this coupon: #Java #Html #WebDevelopment #Software

4 hours ago

Upgrade Your HTML II by Jens Oliver Meiert is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $7.99! #Html #WebDevelopment

Watzon the Zen Fox
11 hours ago

Updated my website, and I think it's looking pretty nice #webdesign #softwarengineer #portfolio #website #html #astro #vue #blog

16 hours ago

Just installed an #HTML void tag #prettier plugin on my website to fix prettier's broken formatting and it's like a breath of fresh air. Finally I get spec-compliant documents!

16 hours ago

Вольтамперметр на базе ESP8266 с записью данных в лог и передачей их по сети Интернет

Сегодня мы с Вами соберём вольтамперметр на безе ESP8266, он оснащён модулями: INA226, модуль реального времени, цифровой датчик температуры, сенсорный экран, SD карта для сохранения логов, WI-FI модуль, контроллер для управления силовыми ключами. Такой прибор отлично подойдёт не только для использования его в блоке питания, но и в электронной нагрузке, в бортовой сети автомобиля, системе солнечных батарей и для других систем, где при достижении определённого порога по напряжению, силе тока или температуре, прибор должен отключить или подключить необходимые модули. На главной странице у нас отображаются данные: напряжение, сила тока, ватты, миллиампер в час, милливатт в час, текущая температура с цифрового датчика температуры и скорость вращения вентилятора. В верхней части экрана у нас отображается текущее время и IP адрес, по которому мы можем подключится к нашему устройству с помощью телефона, планшета или компьютера из любой точки мира.

#arduino #arduino_ide #c++ #html

Luce Carević
16 hours ago

Vous le saviez qu’on pouvait mettre des contrôles de formulaire dans un élément legend ? Moi non 😅


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The bundle .NET 5.0 by Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg (MVP) is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $124.97; get it for $49.50 with this coupon: #Html #Dotnet #CSharp #Aspnet #Javascript #WebDevelopment #Databases


Cookie blocker would require java..

Mini game.. Hmm...
I wonder what kind of game.

Most already have a implementation...

A colleague recently told me about a electronics program in #java ..

But porting it to #javascript / #html would be a #payed job lol

Shame tho.
Looks cool

Blinking keyboard
You know what ?
I once had a #piano that could make the keys light up for practice. ( )

It was terrible. 😸

Egor Kloos
18 hours ago

My htmhell advent calendar article has been revealed. Thanks to @matuzo for allowing me to participate.

Slots! Wut!?

#htmhell #html #webcomponents #slots

Matthias Ott
20 hours ago

Support for sizes=auto for lazy-loaded images in #HTML is now available in Chrome Canary. @eeeps shares an interesting detail about it:

Sizes="auto" pretty much requires width and height attributes

1 day ago

So about 140 CS and CS adjacent students just finished my front end course at UC San Diego and know semantic #html, respect #css, started with vanilla #javascript and care about #a11y oh and they learned the DOM and #webcomponents plus the web platform properly. Here’s a small sampling. You want to attract interns that know legit #webdev message me. I got some friends. Also we are in good hands 🙌 some young eager and capable devs are coming!

Prof Powell with a few CSE 134B students celebrating the end of the course
Erika Autumn
1 day ago

I think I'm gonna revamp my #website

I write #HTML & #CSS

#WebDevelopment #WebDeveloper

Clayton Errington 🖥️
1 day ago

Here's a bit of fun for a Friday:

Making Notepad with HTML in your browser

#100DaysToOffload (89/100) #WebDev #FunFriday #HTML

Jessica Canady
1 day ago

Writing a blog layout from actual html and css for the first time in...shit like twenty years?

It's kinda cool getting back to a "CSS Zen Garden" kinda exercise, where I'm basically putting stuff together by hand and seeing how I like it vs. using a toolkit or framework or whatever that gives me *everything*

#webdev #html #css

Jan Valkenburg
1 day ago

Just started with my new #CSS, #HTML, #PHP development #microblog. In one of my first posts, I will tell you more about how you can render 3D models on your website using the new <model> element.

Steve Frenzel
2 days ago

"Designing and developing forms that work for all users is hard. The <input> element has many options that you can choose to use to make your forms more usable and accessible."

My mind was blown! 🤯 I knew you could do many things with this element, but Phil showed me even more of it's capabilities.

#HTML #HTMHell #accessibility #a11y #WebDev #Frontend #Advent2023

2 days ago

Browsing Context, WindowProxy, Window

Каждый Frontend-разработчик знает, что такое объект Window . С самими объектом, вроде бы, все понятно. Но при детальном рассмотрении оказывается, что браузер никогда не отдает этот важнейший глобальный объект напрямую. В этой статье я предлагаю разобраться в спецификации HTML и в том, как именно ведет себя браузер в части глобального контекста.

#webproxy #html #javascript

Steve Frenzel
2 days ago

"[...] the ability to add security headers declaratively through HTML itself can be helpful. The <meta> HTML tag helps in setting up two such security headers - Referrer Policy and Content Security Policy."

Short & sweet article about two security headers & how to implement them by @saptaks

#HTML #HTMHell #Security #Advent2023

2 days ago

Fundamentals of HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript for Data Visualisation by Peter Cook is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $25.00; get it for $10.50 with this coupon: #WebDevelopment #DataScience #Html #Css #Javascript #Graphics

K@rsten 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

@StefanMuenz Was es nicht alles gibt😂
Ich möchte nicht wissen, was die in dem Bot als Fachwissen verwurstet haben😂
#Poe #Bot #HTML

Poe Hardcopy HTML Bot
The Spicy Web
2 days ago

Open UI's work on Invokers continues at a breathtaking pace, with an initial v1 spec shaping up and experimental implementations landing in all three browser engines. This is all a great sign of the momentum behind significant enhancements to #HTML and the open web platform! #WebDev

2 days ago

#Development #Pitfalls
sizes="auto" pretty much requires width and height attributes · What’s odd about the new auto-sizes for lazy-loaded images

#WebDev #ResponsiveImage #LazyLoading #CLS #Frontend #HTML

Dan Keck
2 days ago

Today I discovered that if:

1. A visible element has aria-hidden="true" and
2. I'm browsing with an iPad
3. using an external keyboard, not VoiceOver,

then the element does not receive keyboard focus. It's as if iOS considers the keyboard as assistive technology.

Can anyone confirm if this is generally true, or if it's just my iPad? I can't seem to find any docs about this.

Here's a nice test website:

#HTML #WebDesign #iOS #iPad #Apple #Accessibility #A11y

2 days ago

Does anyone know why images and other media on Mastodon don't use html srcset to fail over to the original hosting URL?

I know in theory it could be abused by replacing with unwanted images on the other server, but the chances of that compared to how crap it is eg: browsing posts by artists and running out of local copies of the image.

#html #mastodev #mastodon

CSS Basics
2 days ago

0 KB Social Media Embeds: "The text on this won’t change or disappear. There are no relevant performance implications. A little bit of #HTML is “fast”, let’s say. I’d go as far as saying it’s better because it’s not distracting. I’d prefer you read it not judge it based on how many likes it has and such."

2 days ago

The Road to React (The Bare Essentials) by Robin Wieruch is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $49.00; get it for $36.75 with this coupon: #ComputerProgramming #Javascript #React #Html #Css #WebDevelopment #Education #ComputerScience

2 days ago

Taming Thymeleaf by Wim Deblauwe is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $24.99; get it for $22.49 with this coupon: #Java #Html #WebDevelopment #Software

Jan Miksovsky
2 days ago

To test a site-crawling feature for Web Origami, I thought I'd crawl the original 1996 Space Jam site at Having seen the site's famous “solar system” home page, I'd assumed the site was tiny — maybe a dozen pages?

I was wrong. The site is freaking MASSIVE.

#webdev #frontend #html

Home page of the 1996 Space Jam website, with a large Space Jam logo in the center, surrounded by planets for each of the site's main sections
Steve Faulkner
2 days ago

Super short note on CSS text (again)

"Because it’s included as text in the accessibility tree in modern browsers..."

#accessibility #CSS #HTML #webDev

2 days ago

Des listes de questions #HTML / #CSS / #JS / ... pour préparer des entretiens d'embauche. En tant que recruteur mais aussi en tant que candidat !

Ca permet aussi de se remettre un peu en question, perso je pense pouvoir répondre sur quasiment toutes les questions CSS mais j'ai un peu de mal sur les questions HTML... je m'y attendais pas 😭

Steve Frenzel
3 days ago

Anyone wants to share their long-term experience with #GitHub #CoPilot?

I'm thinking about giving it a shot for a year, especially for more complex #JavaScript stuff. And yes I know: I need to test it's output and so on.

Feel free to boost or mention anyone who might want to share 🤗

#html #css #ai #llm

Hacker News 50
3 days ago

Learn SVG with 25 examples – How to code images in HTML



3 days ago

#Development #Techniques
Security headers using the HTML ‘meta’ tag · Benefits and limits of declarative HTML security headers

#WebDev #Security #Privacy #Website #Server #HTTP #HttpHeader #Frontend #HTML

Robyn :antifa:
3 days ago

@rflrkn #Beamer für #texlatex oder #revealjs als #html ? 🤔

Philip Newborough
3 days ago

Looking at the new release of html5-boilerplate. I guess it can be used as some sort of weather beacon for the state of modern web development.

#github #html

3 days ago

How would you mark up supplementary elements to an #HTML table that aren’t part of the tabular data? Like an arrow that points to a row or a button that acts on that row. It can't be a psuedo element.

The spec says that until you get to `<td>` only table related elements are allowed.

Would you put the element outside the table and align it somehow or put it inside the first td and pull it out of the flow to align it? Maybe an additional, unrelated td?


3 days ago

Salesforce once again giving a great example of what not to do...

Headliners being
1. This should definitely be a button. Less markup, less work, less bugs. If a role has an equivalent HTML tag, use the tag.
2. In general, anchors are for navigating the page, buttons are for forms and in page functionality
3. Avoid putting JS in an href, put JS in a JS file

#HTML #a11y antipatterns!

Screenshot of the DOM in chrome dev tools that says:
<a role="button" class="toggle slds-th__action slds-text-link--reset " data-aura-rendered-by="43:431;a" href="javascript:void(0);">
Fickle Futures
3 days ago

My new article is out: The Hellish History of HTML

This is an incomplete and personal view of the development of HTML (a language used daily by billions who have probably never heard of it) over the last 35 years. 

I hope to hear from other Web pioneers about their recollection of how we got here.

#HTML #html5 #webdevelopment #webdesign #history

My new article is out: The Hellish History of HTML

This is an incomplete and personal view of the development of HTML (a language used daily by billions who have probably never heard of it) over the last 35 years. 

I hope to hear from other Web pioneers about their recollection of how we got here.

#HTML #html5 #webdevelopment #webdesign #history

#Email obfuscation: What will work in 2023? There are various ways to hide emails on websites from bots. Possibilities and their effectiveness are listed:

found in #stackoverflow news letter

#mail #html #css #spam #webdev

Steve Frenzel
4 days ago

"With a traditional HTML component, any developer who uses it will need to update their HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to include the fix. With web components, they only have to update the JavaScript file."

Very straightforward #WebComponents example by @cferdinandi by showing how to create the (classic?) counter button.

#HTML #JavaScript #WebDev #Frontend #ShadowDOM #LightDOM

The story so far:

In the beginning Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

#html #web #history

The Hellish History of HTML: An incomplete and personal account - HTMHell

Steve Frenzel
4 days ago

"A gold rush began, with start-up companies springing up like weeds. This period was known as the Dot-Com Boom. [...] Jobs quickly flourished for Information Architects, Visual Designers, and Programmers. The good times of free gourmet meals at work, video arcade break rooms, and corporate parties on cruise lines seemed like it would never end."

The history of #HTML by @Jason is a super interesting and entertaining read!

#frontend #WebDev #history

Paul Nix
4 days ago

Anyone got any good lightweight #blog #cms platforms to deploy on a small website? (Something that isn’t WordPress.)

I’ve tried Yellow, which is cool but stopped working after a day for no discernible reason. (I figure it’s a me problem. Might circle back.)

Also kind of liked #HTMLy, but curious about other people’s experiences.

#HTML #WebDesign #PersonalSites #website

4 days ago

#Development #Announcements
Baseline’s evolution on MDN · MDN has enhanced its browser support widget

#WebDev #WebStandards #Browser #Frontend #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #API #MDN

Matthias Ott
4 days ago

“Just because you know something needs JavaScript, doesn't mean it still does. You can make better websites if you test those assumptions every now and then.”

A fantastic piece full of practical examples by @Kilian for @matuzo’s #HTMHell Advent Calendar! 👏🤘

#HTML #JavaScript #webdev

4 days ago

#Development #Surprises
HTML, the programming language · It is based on HTML, the markup language

#Programming #WebDev #Frontend #HTML

Stefan Bohacek
4 days ago

"The Hellish History of HTML: An incomplete and personal account"

"I designed it for a social effect — to help people work together — and not as a technical toy."

#html #HtmHell #internet #web #tech #history

CSS Basics
4 days ago

#HTML First: "The main goal of HTML First is to substantially widen the pool of people who can work on web software codebases. This is good for individuals because it allows a greater number of people to become web programmers, to build great web software, and increase their income. It's also good for businesses as it decreases the cost of building software, and decreases the amount of resources required to hire - a notoriously resource intensive process."

Friday Front-End
4 days ago

How to Use Responsive #HTML Video (...and Audio!): "Now that responsive HTML video delivery works across all browsers, let's look at how to use it"

Graham Downs
5 days ago

HTML emails: If you don't need bold, italics, fancy fonts, bullets, etc, why send an HTML email when a plain text one will do? You'll use 100KiB of bandwidth and storage for a message would that could've taken up less than 1KiB.

Plain text is just so much more elegant. Clean. And probably friendlier to screen readers too. Plus as a developer, I'm a fan of fixed-pitch fonts, but I don't want to force that preference on others by using them in an HTML email.

For a similar reason, I won't use a word processor to take down a few notes, when I can just use a plain text document in Notepad++. Like, why would you be so wasteful?

Even worse when you add a complex graphical HTML signature to that email, and you bloat it to 600KiB or more. I can tolerate HTML emails in general if I have to, but I really *really* dislike HTML email signatures.

Just because you can does *not* mean that you should.

#email #Internet #PlainText #HTML

5 days ago

»HTML: The #Programming Language«

Is it work-wise and if so, where should I implement it in #HTML sections so that the #website's are #future-proof?


Francis Rubio :verified:
5 days ago

Talked to someone online saying that I try not to use front-end frameworks because I want to keep my personal website as small as possible with the aesthetic I'm going for. And they're like "that's impractical, why would you do that? That won't work if you're in a company who builds websites for clients." (1/n) #JS #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Márton Salomváry
5 days ago

As an upcoming project for December/January got cancelled, I am now available for #freelance work.

I do #FullStack web development, fluent in #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #TypeScript, #Java, #Python, #Ruby, and #Scala. Can also do #DevOps and #ProjectManagement.

Dream projects: maps / GIS, sports, health, fighting climate change, public transport, finance, audio. (But interested in anything else except crypto.)

More about me here:

Daniela Kubesch
5 days ago

Oh, what’s that behind the #HTMHell advent calendar door number four? 👀

It‘s a blog post I contributed!

🔥 Back to Basics: 5 #HTML attributes for improved #accessibility and #UserExperience🔥

I ... I think we're getting native `sizes="auto"`?

Past me:

`sizes="(max-width: 667px) 100vw, (max-width: 1170px) calc(100vw - (15px * 2) - (22.478632478vw - 2.564102564vw)), 870px"`

Future me:

Might still do hand-crafted, small-batch, artisanal sizes attribute values just for fun now and then.

#HTML #ResponsiveImages #WebDev

Friday Front-End
5 days ago

#HTML #WebComponents Are Having a Moment: "Everyone’s talking about HTML Web Components, and I think it’s the start of something magical!"

Khalid ⚡
5 days ago

So @pauleveritt sent me a #WebComponents blog post, and I had to recreate it. I could see myself writing web components in the future. #JavaScript #Fleet #JetBrains #HTML

Original post:

Fave button written using Web Components
Steve Frenzel
6 days ago

"In the fast-paced world of web development, it's easy to get caught up in the latest frameworks, libraries and cutting-edge technologies. But sometimes, the most impactful improvements come from revisiting the fundamentals."

@dnikub showing how to properly use hreflang, translate, reversed, controls & Auto complete attributes in #HTML. Also check out her project

#accessibility #a11y #frontend #WebDev #HTMHell