Sofi :verified_gay:
10 hours ago
Joe B
4 days ago

Over the last few weeks #hachyderm has become *much* less useful to me due to mod drama and then overreaction to spam making my instance more and more isolated. Instance federation as it stands is *not working* for a global communication medium.

We're going to end up where we are with #email: one big provider who can actually effectively manage its ecosystem ignores or freezes out smaller ecosystems because of spam and other computer-enabled bad behavior.

Sara Safavi
4 days ago

Ok fedi friends, so like, what's the #hachyderm of #lemmy? Where are you all headed?

Rich Felker
1 week ago

Why is QOTO, the instance whose explicit purpose is sea lioning and whose admin is pro-CSAM, no longer blocked by #hachyderm?? 😡 🤬

2 weeks ago

ugh. lots of images not rendering... is it my local network or #hachyderm ?

Jason Nabein
2 weeks ago

@hachyderm seems the media cert has expired D:

Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 5/29/2023.



Tim Mackey 🦥
2 weeks ago

ook me a while this morning to figure out the proper way to donate to #hachyderm. @hachyderm, could you put a direct link to the funding/donations info in your bio, or alternatively in a pinned post?

Julio J. 🀲
3 weeks ago

Hey #hachyderm, and whoever else is reading, do you have any recommendation for a service like imgur that's free and/or cheap to host images on?

I want to use it as a CDN for sharing images to the #fediverse so better if it doesn't charge per traffic and it allows hotlinking.

Nell Kane
3 weeks ago

I haven’t been posting much, but I have been reading, thinking, and watching. I think the hachyderm home feed has some good vibes but doesn’t seem as active as it could be? Maybe I am missing? I also have been enjoying the follow hashtag feature.

I am also noticing a lot of the darkness here on the fediverse. There seems to be a lot of anger without a lot of action. Just an observation. I will probably stay very far away from the heated discussions.

#fediverse #hachyderm #tech #ai

Molly White
1 month ago

is there a way to mass-review follow requests?

#mastodon #hachyderm

Nell Kane
1 month ago

Wow! It has been so amazing being welcomed to #fediverse and #hachyderm today! Thank you everyone for a wonderful first day here. I love it so much more than the other social media. I think I will stay.

#NewGirl #introduction #ai #tech #ml

Handsome Mags
1 month ago

@leoncowle @stefan

I don't understand why everyone is so caught up in "winning" like we get a prize or something. Isn't this entire thing just supposed to be a place for people to talk and be social? Why does anyone need to "win"? #bluesky #twitter #hachyderm

Nell Kane
1 month ago

Hello! I am new here. I think #introduction is the right thing to do?

My name is Nell. I heard #Hachyderm is a good home? Working as a developer at a $(large artificial intelligence corp).

I am new to fediverse, how does this compare to #Twitter and #BlueSky?

Jason Sando
1 month ago

Finally quit waffling about which way to donate was 'best' and just clicked the github sponsor for #hachyderm, I should have done that months ago. Thanks to @nova and the hachyderm admins, moderators and community members for creating such an awesome place.

1 month ago

A thoughtful and detailed write up of how the #hachyderm moderation team is organised and deals with reports:

A Minute from the Moderators | Hachyderm Community

#Mastodon #moderation

Tobia Alberti
1 month ago

Reading now #Hachyderm's Rule Explainer ( and Moderator Covenant ( and I have to say, they're doing impressive work!

I might move there today.. 🙂

lmao at that #hachyderm drama seriously.

- Drama queen: Hachyderm are terrible people, we have to fediblock them all and burn their house ! Actually I'm not even surprised by this kind of abhorrent behavior, they're truly sociopaths. Please boost this post! 🤮

- Hachyderm: Well it was just a moderation mishap, sorry about that, here's what happened.

- Drama queen: oh okay carry on then, have a nice day 🥰

If you only thrive in drama and conflict, Twitter should suit you best.

Hrefna (DHC)
1 month ago

The #hachyderm postmortem on the recent issues is well worth reading:

:blobfoxwave: @tailscale! is there a way to query the tags on various hosts via the api -- or preferably -- cli?

poking at some ideas for #hachyderm infra, and this feature would be Totally Neat (tm)

a json blob called "tagOwners" that has a list of different descriptive tags with which we might label hachyderm servers.

The exact JSON is (warning: long):

	"tagOwners": {
		"tag:server": ["autogroup:members"],
		// Environments
		"tag:env-dev":  ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:env-prod": ["autogroup:members"],
		// Systems
		"tag:system-hachyderm": ["autogroup:members"],
		// Roles
		"tag:role-mastodon-web":       ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-mastodon-streaming": ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-mastodon-sidekiq":   ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-redis":              ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-postgres":           ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-edge-cdn":           ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-grafana":            ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-prometheus":         ["autogroup:members"],
		"tag:role-elasticsearch":      ["autogroup:members"],
1 month ago

I have thoughts on the #Hachyderm drama, as someone who uses this instance regularly, but yet has not been present enough to have my finger on the pulse of how things devolved beyond reading blog posts both on and off of Hachyderm itself. This is going to be long, so buckle up.

Rich Felker
1 month ago

@aburka I'm very thankful for #hachyderm's role in making the move to the 'don smooth, but things like this make it feel less and less like where I want to be long-term. At least now that upstream has decided on implementing quoting and I can count on it being here when that happens, I'll stick around and see. Otherwise I'd be headed to an instance that already has it...

Rich Felker
1 month ago

Is elastic search on #hachyderm broken? I can't find anything..

Defining these various things is pretty difficult (I don't have potted definitions ready to bust out here); I feel like some of the discontent about eg the #hachyderm thing is people disagreeing on what they want, more of it is people disagreeing on definitions but not realising that (eg a particular kind of 'talking past each other'), and the few people who keep fanning the flames are doing a combo equivocation+ship of theseus type thing (+ lying about the facts on the ground) in bad faith.

Tim Mackey 🦥
1 month ago

Hey #hachyderm! One of our own (@mahtheyzhawey) is in desperate need of financial support. She and her family are being evicted because her building sold, and her landlord is extorting her and slandering her to other landlords. She’s found a landlord who’s willing to take her and her family, but she needs 3 months rent upfront and they’re still short 2/3.

Please support if you can and boost this far and wide! #MutualAid #Eviction #Housing #Support #Urgent #CrowdFunding

1 month ago

The irony of calling others "bullies" for defederating from them is that as far as I know #Hachyderm is larger than any instance that defederated from it, and possibly all of them put together.

1 month ago

You don't need to believe me. Just scroll through #Hachyderm and read all the bad takes from their users for yourself. We're "Internet bullies", for example.

I didn't support blocking them before. I didn't see most of the drama myself. But this is an instance full of folks who moved from Twitter and have been steeped in the culture of that instance since they got here. Blocking it wholesale seems like a good way to avoid a bunch of future pain.

1 month ago

The reactions of people on #Hachyderm make me feel quite comfortable that the decisions other instances made to silence them or defederate were good ones. "You have to interact with us poor rich tech workers no matter what we do or you can't claim to support diversity!!1!"

An Adorable Sergal
1 month ago

Gotta make people regret following me here somehow

#furryart #hachyderm #furryartist #meme

A soldier dropping a grenade down to a floor below, but the soldier is labelled "ME", the grenade is labelled "FURRY ART I'VE DRAWN", and the floor is labelled "TECH-ORIENTED MASTODON INSTANCE"
1 month ago

I thought the confrontation with the now former #hachyderm admin on Discord that escalated significantly (to the point where I personally got blamed for supposed suffering of her family!) didn’t really get to me emotionally. But now a few days later I find myself desiring at least an acknowledgement or something resembling an apology from … I don’t know who exactly. I have no hope of Kris doing that since she’s left the Fediverse entirely.

I guess it could be a gesture of good will for whoever filled that vacuum maybe. You know, anything indicating that the new leadership at least knows not to repeat this.

And don’t forget the power imbalance here simply due to instance size.

I took a risk and put significant effort into calmly explaining the possible reasons for several instances taking moderation action and how they could try to proceed, and the backlash was in part ignorant and in part severe and very personal.

1 month ago

@vantablack I don't know where these conversations are, with #hachyderm users saying mutual aid posts are scams, but I don't think this is representative.

As head moderator @quintessence said, the fundraising rule was added to combat spam & was worded poorly:

@nova also made this clear:

And I won't be the only hachyderm user now contributing to the aid request that looks to be the trigger for all this:

so, because privilege makes people so oblivious

i guess i have to spell it out...




i know you must feel like god's gift to this earth because you know computer magic but

consider that that's not the end-all be-all of existence

and that you -- yes, even smart capable dependable you -- are capable of having blind spots


my understanding of the #hachyderm meta

i noticed this post:

and made this fediblock post:

for this reason:

some instances announced actions to be taken:

a bit later the admin announced she was stepping down:

but they've made plans to change the rule (good):

also there's this other stuff i found:

Hrefna (DHC)
1 month ago

Yes, this is brought to you by someone saying that someone "should have learned more about the culture here" before starting their own server (#hachyderm, to make this only moderately less of a subtoot), and blamed them for not assimilating into the "culture here."

You can't say "the fediverse encourages diverse communities" and then turn around and say "but only if you assimilate to a set of rules that you have no say in."

You can't have both.

lmao @ all the posts referring to the #hachyderm mutual aid kerfuffle as a "small policy disagreement" and saying it's "demanding other instances follow your rules"

firstly, this is about setting a baseline standard of understanding and respect for your fellow human beings

second, this is peoples' lives that're at stake here. their ability to continue eating and breathing and having shelter

and for the record they have apparently made plans to get rid of the rule:

Clemenceau Jr
1 month ago

This thread by @maegul is the best rundown of the #hachyderm #fediblock drama that I’ve seen so far. Consider this essential reading if you are out of the loop.


The #Hachyderm stuff going on with the admin leaving is really bothering me and making me question the longevity of the fediverse. 😞 Think I'll stick to my blog.

#SocialMedia #blog #blogging

Leon Cowle
1 month ago

Is anyone else worried about the future of #hachyderm with Nova's departure? That's not meant as an insult to our wonderful #admin or #moderation team, at all, but with the instance founder leaving, I can't help but be at least a little concerned -- and I worry because I really like this instance so much!

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

Things are getting pretty weird on #hachyderm. The person who started the instance decided to quit out of the blue (???) and I've seen some fediblocking going around due to server rules.

I have lots of sympathy for burnout of course, but I assume the stability/continuation of the instance is in question now.

Where are some good places to migrate?

1 month ago

I've gotten way deeper into the whole #Hachyderm thing today than I ever thought I would, to the point where I was personally blamed for much of it (which makes zero sense).

Honestly the level of defensiveness I faced while trying to calmly explain things is really worrying. There's a lot of work to be done over there and I hope it will get done.

I'm very much reminded of my time in the tech industry, trying to spread some awareness of social issues and running into walls repeatedly. Given that Hachyderm is largely folks from that industry, it's not surprising to see the same culture mirrored there, but that's also not an excuse.