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Via 511NS: Please be advised May 29, 2023 from 6 AM until further notice there will be stop and go traffic at Beech Hill Rd and Trunk 3 Gold River, Lunenburg to allow crews to get in to fight the fire. Please expect delays. #halifax #novascotia #canada

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Internet disruptions related to the wildfires have been reported here in Nova Scotia, with over-the-air (satellite, cellular, etc.) service being affected due to the high volumes of smoke.

Given the lacklustre television coverage here, that leaves people most likely to be affected with only radio as the most reliable source of information.

Keep your FM receivers on, folks. Check to see if your cellphone has one (many Android phones have unadvertised FM receiver chips in them). If the fibre line feeding your neighbourhood get torched, or if you're using over the air connections, you may struggle to get timely updates otherwise.

#HalifaxFire #Halifax #HRM #NovaScotia #Wildfire

Resiliency Technical
3 hours ago

Just found out about some intense wildfires in my old hometown of #Halifax. Pretty sure that province isn't really equipped for that kinda #ClimateChange side effect. Thinking of people I know back there and hoping they are OK.

Bruno Talanski
3 hours ago

If you use Matrix feel free to join: #halifax

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Centralized media endangers us all.

Tonight, as wildfires tear through communities in western Halifax, Canadian broadcast television has been showing us Alberta election coverage. Even the CBC is giving us a national television feed (though CBC radio has been covering things, at least).

We saw the same thing during the overnight mass shootings in 2020.

The elimination of local, real time news media is going to get people killed. I'm beyond sure that it has in other communities. Maybe it even did here 3 years ago.

#Halifax #HRM #Canada #News

3 hours ago

Advice I see going around elsewhere: if you might even be remotely in the path of the fire, do not put your phone on silent/DND overnight and make sure you can get alerts if they are sent.

I know it’s habit to have your phone automatically go into DND/silent/etc so figured it’s worth mentioning.

Also, have a bag packed with your important docs, meds and basic essentials ready… just in case.

#HalifaxFires #NovaScotia #TantallonFire #Halifax
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Via 511NS: Cleared: #BeechHillRd Road Closure on Beech Hill Rd Both Directions near HWY-3. All Lanes Closed. Activities: Reduced speed, Be prepared to stop. #halifax #novascotia #canada

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The evac zone in western HRM is large, crossing multiple discontiguous communities. Currently spreading up and to the right, bumping up against the commercial district in Lower Sackville. is reporting that Halifax Fire has requested an unprecedented level of help from other departments in the province.

This is being treated as a vey serious event by officials. Let's treat it as such as well. Stay safe, and don't wait to get out of its way if you get notice to evacuate.

#HalifaxFire #HRM #Halifax #NovaScotia #WildFire

Map of western HRM showing the wildfire evacuation zone. The zone stretches from Upper Tantallon to just past Sackville Dr between Lucasville Rd and Pockwock Lake.
Mapping Support
4 hours ago

Here is an interactive map with satellite hotspot data for the 2 major wildland fires in #NovaScotia. Zoom in for detail. There will be additional hotspot data in the morning after the next satellite passes.

The “Map tips” (link in upper left corner) explains the MODIS/VIIRS **data limitations**.

I am working on updating the ‘Tips” and also getting access to the Sentinel satellite data.
#TantallonFire #Tantallon #Halifaxfire #Halifax

Open #GISsurfer map:,-64.753418&zoom=8&basemap=ESRI_aerial_newer&overlay=VIIRS_7_day,MODIS_7_day,CA_fire_perimeter,CA_active_fires&txtfile=

#NovaScotia #drought conditions today. Extreme drought in the southern half of the province as a large #wildfire burns in the urban-forest interface in the outskirts of #Halifax.


Drought map showing extreme drought for much of southern Nova Scotia with the drought conditions easing north of Halifax.

"it seems like things have stabilized a little bit for the moment with the sun and temperature down, at least in terms of spread/volatility. Crews are still battling fires in multiple structures and they will be doing that all night." - Halifax Fire News


Live CBC #radio broadcast from #Halifax regarding the #wildfire. May need to switch the city to Halifax in the top right.


Nova Scotia: 🔥 🚒
CBC News:

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RT @HfxMda: Via Mic Mac Mall If you are evacuating due to the wildfire in Upper Tantallon & need space for RVs & trailers requiring additi… #halifax #novascotia #canada

Nova Scotia has a lot of forest. We kind of revel in in them. :|


"On the left, where the fires started. On the right, where the latest evac orders are..."


Follow @kichae for #HalifaxFire news and updates. :ns_flag:

#Halifax #HRM #NovaScotia #Wildfire

4 hours ago

The fire continues to spread. Hammonds Plains to Sackville currently under evac orders or threatened.

With a dry spring and no sign of rain in the forecast, this could get much worse before it gets better.

Don't take any unnecessary risks, folks.

#HalifaxFire #Halifax #HRM #NovaScotia #Wildfire

UPDATE: Fire evacuation order now isssued to include Maplewood, Voyageur Way including St George Blvd including all side streets, McCabe Lake area and
Indigo Shores. Residents are reminded that evacuation orders will not be lifted before Monday 29 May. This is in addition to early evacuation orders - Westwood Hills, Haliburton Heights, Glen Arbour, Pockwock Rd., Lucasville Rd. To Sackville Dr., Yankeetown and White Hills subdivisions in Halifax. Take your pets. Please check @hfxgov on opening comfort centres or call 311.
5 hours ago

Updated evacuation order with alt text. #Halifax #TantallonFire #NovaScotia #NovaScotiaFire

UPDATE: Fire evacuation order now issued to include Maplewood, Voyageur Way including St George Blvd including all side streets, McCabe Lake area and Indigo Shores. Residents are reminded that evacuation orders will not be lifted before Monday 29 May. This is in addition to the earlier evacuation orders - Westwood Hills, Haliburton Heights, Glen Arbour, Pockwock Rd, Lucasville Rd to Sackville Dr, Yankeetown and White Hills subdivisions in Halifax. Take your pets. Please check @hfxgov for updates on opening centres or 311.
Stacey Cornelius
5 hours ago

Four emergency alerts in the span of a few hours. Evacuation zones are getting larger. Take care, folks.

#Halifax #Fire

Updated evacuation order. #NovaScotia #Halifax #HalifaxFires

Apparently fire has jumped North to South over Hammonds Planes Rd. #Halifax #HalifaxFires #NovaScotia

From my Facebook feed: horses on the evacuation route. #HalifaxFires #Halifax

Horses on the evacuation route.
5 hours ago

Thinking of everyone who has had to evacuate or may have to shortly here in Nova Scotia. I hope you’re all doing ok and have somewhere safe to go.

We’re near Lake Banook in Dartmouth so safe, but there’s a lot of smoke in the air.

#NovaScotia #WildFire #Halifax #TantallonFire
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Via 511NS: #BeechHillRd Road Closure on Beech Hill Rd Both Directions near HWY-3. All Lanes Closed. Activities: Reduced speed, Be prepared to stop. #halifax #novascotia #canada
6 hours ago

Via 511NS: Beech Hill Rd Gold River, Lunenburg is closed until further notice due to forest fires. There will be stop and go traffic on Trk 3 where it intersects Beech Hill Rd #halifax #novascotia #canada

Apparently the RCMP show up at your door and give you 5 minutes to get what you can. Now I'm sitting here thinking about what possessions would I opt for in 5 minutes. #Halifax #HalifaxFires #NovaScotia

Just heard they're going to evacuate Pockwock road. Fire is heading west to east. Fire has jumped the road and firefighters are pulling back. fax #HalifaxFires #Halifax #NovaScotia

Anthony Floyd
6 hours ago

Huge interface fire on the outskirts of Halifax, affecting Upper Tantallon and the Hammonds Plains Road. Reportedly many structures involved, and the evacuation zone continues to grow. It's windy and the fireline is big. And it's just past sunset now, and the water bombers and ground crews in the forest are stopping. This could be unpleasant in the morning. Stay safe Halifax! #tantallon #tantallonfire #halifax #interfacefire

(video from the fowl site:

6 hours ago

@punkscience tell us if we can help you help them! I love Nova Scotia even though I live in Colorado!
#Halifax #HalifaxFire #HalifasFires
6 hours ago

Via 511NS: Lunenburg County- Conquerall Road from Hwy 103 to Route 331 is now reopened to traffic. #halifax #novascotia #canada

Sunset has been declared which I guess means that fire fighters have to back off. The equestrian center has loosed their horses. A water bomber is flying in from Newfoundland and they're expecting it to be days before this is under control. Surreal. #HalifaxFires #Halifax #Halifax #NovaScotia

NotMyBub :mverified:
6 hours ago

My son learned to skate here.

#StMargaretsCenter #tantallon #novascotia #halifax

Apparently the equestrian center had to release the horses and they're asking people to watch out for loose horse. :/ #HalifaxFire #Halifax

Local friends and followers, don't hesitate to DM me if we can help you evacuate in any way. #Halifax #HalifaxFires #NovaScotia

#Wildfire burning in the urban-forest interface of #Halifax, Nova Scotia. Evacuations in place. Strong winds are creating difficult firefighting conditions and are leading to fast growth.

#weather #fire

7 hours ago

The fire outside Halifax is rapidly becoming less outside Halifax. Homes have been lost, and the fire is still out of control.

Stay safe out there, folks. Updates appear to be coming late, and the blaze is moving fast. If it sounds like you're in its path, make preparations to get out of it!

#Halifax #HRM #NovaScotia #Wildfire #Fire

UPDATE: Evacuation order extended to
Haliburton Hills, Glen Arbour, Pockwock Rd,
White Hills subdivision, Lucasville Rd all the
way to Sackville Dr. This is in addition to the
earlier evacuation orders. Take your pets
with you when you evacuate. Please check
@hfxgov for updates on opening centres
or 311. Evacuation ordered for Westwood
Hills subdivision, Upper Tantallon, and
Yankeetown (Highland Park) subdivision,
Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia due to
ongoing multiple structure and forest fires. Comfort centre opened at Black Point Comfort Centre, Black Point.
9 hours ago

Via #Halifax #Fire #News
Everlina: sounds like this is moving toward #Sackville according to someone with a recon, requesting crews to the Sackville side. I don’t think there are any available crews in Sackville. Not sure the extent of the fire.


9 hours ago

#BREAKING. Emergency Alerts have been issued to evacuate homes in the Tantallon Area due to massive out-of-control wild fires. I saw this offer, and wanted to be sure pet owners know. #Tantallon #Halifax #Fire #Evacuation #Pets #EmergencyShelter #Free

if you are evacuating Tantallon, Uptown Tails Pet Resort would like to extend an offer of FREE emergency boarding to any family with dogs and nowhere to go.
Please text 902-818-8339 to make arrangements. We are located at 195 Wentworth Drive off Dunbrack Ave, Halifax

📣 Meet Canadians Connected: #Halifax speaker,
Meg Beretta! Meg is the Director of Digital Strategy for the Nova Scotia Digital Service, working to improve digital service design and delivery for Canadians.

Register for free to hear from advocates like Meg:

Yes, Canadians Connected: Vancouver was as fun as it looked 🤩. Don’t miss our next event in #Halifax on May 31st. Register for free and enjoy a night of cocktails, nibbles, entertainment and a local .CA pop-up shopping experience!


Montage of in-person event featuring attendees socializing, an Indigenous dance performance and a speaker

Pulled over black woman driving silver car, with plates and headlights on.
Car they were looking for was black, with no plates (temporary plate), no head lights, driven by a man in a baseball cap.

{sarcasm font} BUt not to worry - there are no racist police or systemic racism or implicit bias in the HRP!

NO sirrreee....
It can look and smell and feel like racism but it is not.

#racism #police #aboilition #ACAB #HRP #Halifax #policereviewboard

#ThrowbackThursday to our last Canadians Connected event earlier this year in Vancouver. 📣Hey #Halifax, we're hosting the next one on May 31st and we'll be in your city! Avoid the FOMO and don't miss an opportunity to learn and network among fellow internet enthusiasts.

➡️ Register for free today:

3 weeks ago

#Cdnpoli #Nspoli #Rent #Halifax #Housing #Stigma #Poverty

On Tuesday, regional council moved ahead with the plan to create a new framework that would require all new developments to either include affordable units or put up cash-in-lieu to build units elsewhere.

Long, long, past due & has important social benefits for all , while reducing the stigma.of poverty , a very important benefit.

Building codes kept/keep the poor out and create both poverty & homelessness

📣On May 31st, Canadians Connected is hitting #Halifax!
Our free cross-🇨🇦 #event series for internet aficionados is back and will focus on the importance of internet resilience. We're featuring a lineup of expert speakers from CIRA, The Nova Scotia Digital Service and Atlantic IXPs Inc. (AIXP).

You're invited to join us in-person for an evening of cocktails, entertainment, networking, a pop-up shopping experience from local .CA businesses and more!

➡️ Register:

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#StoryTime #Thread

There's never been #cellular service, but in 1980s there were payphones at each community, if your car broke down, you could walk to a phone. Today, tourists are stranded. No services in the most scenic areas. #HRMPoli #NSPoli #Tourism

#EcumSecum (Google it) spans the next County, but #Halifax begins at the bridge.
You get radio signals, the morning news & amazing #Sunrise down on South Side Rd.

Isn't it pretty?

#Ocean #EasternShore #Video #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

From the window of my vehicle, listening to the morning weather, where radio signal is strongest, down on the south side. The sunrise is coming, and the sky is red-orange, with reflections off the ocean. The radio is CBC morning news station, usually rebroadcast this far out.
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime #Thread

There was a garage next door to the store. I think the same owner once?

But the garage mechanic was a person you'd never forget. S L O W talking, slow walking, a simple mechanic, that did things precision shops don't do today.
Fixed everything. Welded the leg on my ironing board in 1981. The weld still holds today.

"How much, Les?"
"Couple of bucks?"

He always posed it as a question, 'like is $2 too much?'

#EasternShore #MoserRiver #Halifax #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

A former central point in the community, *Les' Garage* Les is also gone now, but his garage is a private one now, there's no gas for 50 miles along this stretch of highway now.
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime #Thread

Like everything else along the #EasternShore most is gone today.

We'd walk, or hitchhike, up the road to the store. Sometimes an Aunt would need something and send us. We didn't need money. All store employees knew every child, and every adult that sent them for cigarettes to add to their monthly bill.

The store had hours, but if a light was on, just knock. We'd go see Parades at the store in the 80s. All villages came too.

#MoserRiver #Halifax #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

A tractor drags a trailer, decorated and filled with kids, a rural parade, that everyone from several communities come to participate.
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime #Thread
Besides weekend dances, churches were often focal points for a community.

The United Church in Moser River, had a basement hall, the kind that has craft sales, community dinners, public dances and in our case, a wedding. Our wedding reception was held here.

Just before they tore it down, a few years ago, I thought to take one more photo, from sea, as we passed by in the harbour. Memories lost now.

Alpha & Omega?

#NecumTeuch #Halifax #EasternShore #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

A church, on a bit of a hill, it has a steeple at the front, and a long larger portion of multiple levels. There was a basement hall, and more at one time. The church was completely removed a few years ago, even with this photo, you could not find the spot
Front entrance of the church, a side-road, once the main highway, this was the United Church in Moser River (Halifax) Nova Scotia (Now completely gone)
A black and White photo from 1950s, when the road was gravel and the church was new. Tall steeple in front, a few trees and unfinished gravel hillside.
You can't find this spot now. Former Church -  Photo taken in 2009 (date stamp in bottom right corner), I thought this was a later photo, this was not taken from my boat, there's snow up there on the hill!
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime #Thread (continued)

My parents owned a cottage in #NecumTeuch, and my father and I were SCUBA divers, licensed to dive for Scallops, and we paid for our diving gear selling our fresh catch to #Halifax restaurants.
We knew the waters very well.

Just up (or down) the road (depending who you ask) is a town called Moser River.

That's where all the nightlife was. 😂​
We went to dances in the church basement as kids. Lots of memories.

#EasternShore #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

Two friends at the door of the church hall, smoking on the stairway, a boy and a girl, barely teenagers.
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime #Thread

#HALIFAX (as it is rebranded now) is a Municipality, from west of the City, to 100 mi / 160 kms, along the #EasternShore.
At one time, each village circled in GREEN, was a central point, a store, a gas station, a bus pickup, PayPhone or a #tourism destination.

In 60s, cousins & I sold fresh cooked clams to tourists on the #7 Highway, along the coastline.

#NovaScotia has 13,000 km of #coastline! That's what people come to see? #FollowTheCoast!

#WAYCTV #Retirement

A zoomed portion of Halifax, showing circled towns or villages of interest, for a store, a gas station, pay phone, or place to see.
3 weeks ago

#StoryTime "My Retirement Home" #Thread

I didn't grow up here.. but I'm from now.

At one time, all my relatives were in Nova Scotia.

One side of the family were the South Shore immigrants, who later, migrated east.

The other side of my family is from the Eastern Shore of #Halifax, where some lineage came from Ireland & England, and settled east of Tangier.

Take a look at the map?
#Halifax #NovaScotia #Retirement
Get your coffee

A screen capture of Google maps, showing part of Central Nova Scotia, and the greater Halifax region. Formerly Halifax (city) and Halifax Country (rural) before 1996. Amalgamation made us all Halifax Regional Municipality, and then another rebranding shortened HRM to simply HALIFAX (city) or HALIFAX (municipality) 
About 160 kms / 100 miles long, but much further following coastal highway east.

From a practical perspective it means if I want to know what's going on in #Halifax, I'm having to go spend time on Twitter each day.

For a time there it looked like enough news and informed individual accounts were on Mastodon that Twitter was fading away as a must-visit site but not any more, unfortunately.

Now I have to read Scott Adams and Ian Miles Cheong and a host of other spewers of malice, none of whom I invited into my timeline, in order to keep up on local news.

Good job, folks.

1 month ago


"My daughter was at Williams Lake today. When she and her partner returned from a walk, they found the car burgled. She is heartbroken because the thieves took a journal she had been writing over he past year of my wife’s cancer and death. Please, if you have or know who has this

PLEASE return it no questions asked to any Halifax firehall. Be kind…."~

Dr. Will Brooks, MSM, Lorne Street Fire Co. @ChiefWB3

#HALIFAX #Journal #Boost #NovaScotia

2 months ago

One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is lie in bed and listen to the birds singing outside. This morning it was song sparrows, cardinals, robins and possibly a northern mockingbird (so said my Cornell bird app).

#birds #spring #Halifax

It is an annoying oversight that when folks transfer to new instances, their followers transfer with them, so you don't need to go re-follow them again but if you had them on a list, like "Halifax" so you can get local news and views, the list does not get updated with their new login so you have to go find their new profile and add them to the list manually again.

#lists #mastodon #halifax #halifaxsocial

Doing a whole bunch of list updating.

2 months ago

Ok... #introduction

Mid-40s human (she/her) based on the Dartmouth side of #Halifax. Married, have two #cats, no children.

Into learning #languages, currently focused on German.

Love #plants, #hiking, #fitness, #peloton but very anti-diet culture.

#vegan for almost 15 years.

Living with #ChronicPain #Spoonie

Web & graphic designer but honestly, that's the least interesting thing about me. Firmly anti-hustle culture, more about slow, intentional living.

Part of the #twittermigration.

My husband and I last summer, standing on the pier waiting to board the sailing ship The Bluenose II. I am wearing a brown and black floral print hat and have mid length brown hair with pink highlights. He has on a wide brim khaki hat and has a beard. We are both smiling like dorks and wearing sunglasses.
A photo of our two cats Stacey and Stella. They are tortoiseshell - Stacey is black and orange and Stella is gray and cream. They are snuggling together on a knitted blanket that is on a blue velvet sofa. They look very content.
Philip Moscovitch
3 months ago

In my latest for the Halifax Examiner, I look back at the absurd #Halifax Amazon HQ2 bid, reference Jessie Singer and There Are No Accidents re the Greek train crash, plus local news (Cops! Lichens!) and more.

Canadian History Ehx
3 months ago

Today in 1835, Joseph Howe is acquitted of libel for publishing an article in his newspaper criticizing Halifax magistrates
The judge wanted his conviction but Howe addressed the jury for 6 hours, swaying them to his side. The case is a landmark moment for free press in Canada

#Canada #FreePress #History #Histodon #Histodons #Canadian #Halifax

3 months ago

Some days, the shimmering reflections last just minutes.
I usually start 90 minutes before Sunrise to capture all the pre-dawn colours and nautical twilight shades.

#Photography #Collection #Morning #Dawn #Ocean #Twilight #Clouds #Thread
#Sunrise #Rural #Halifax 🇨🇦

#AltText = All the same location and image, colours may vary. Taken in Harbour, with light in the east over the dark horizon, ocean below

Sunrise over ocean. Same photo, different days, different shades. 
Peaceful, usually, with reflective colours on the ocean as the sun rises, or just before
Sunrise over ocean. Same photo, different days, different shades. 
Peaceful, usually, with reflective colours on the ocean as the sun rises, or just before
Sunrise over ocean. Same photo, different days, different shades. 
Peaceful, usually, with reflective colours on the ocean as the sun rises, or just before
I zoomed in on the clouds in this one
3 months ago

I take a lot of Sunrise photos in the summer. I'll hit continuous shot, sometimes, or time the shots to get the transition, if you look close, you'll see my dilemma in choosing, starts off pink, gets brighter, then begins to shade blue. I'm deleting these

#Photography #Collection #Morning #Dawn #Ocean #Twilight #Clouds #Thread
#Sunrise #Rural #Halifax 🇨🇦

#AltText = All the same location and image, colours may vary. Taken in Harbour, with light in the east over the dark horizon, ocean below

Pink dawn over ocean
Pink dawn over ocean, 1 minute later
Pink dawn over ocean, 2 minutes later
3 months ago

I have lots of #Sunrise photos. These aren't today, although the sun is out, it's not doing a damned thing, still -15°C outside!

But I have coffee & a folder of #photos to sort. I may randomly share a bunch, I'm deleting many, let me know which ones you like?

#Photography #Collection #Morning #Dawn #Ocean #Twilight #Clouds #Thread
#Rural #Halifax 🇨🇦

#AltText = All the same location and image, colours may vary. Taken in Harbour, with light in the east over the dark horizon, ocean below

Sunrise, over ocean, all descriptions the same, only the shades vary
Sunrise, over ocean, all descriptions the same, only the shades vary
Sunrise, over ocean, all descriptions the same, only the shades vary
Vincent Mousseau, MSc RSW
3 months ago

Hi, I’m Vincent (they/them)! I’m a #Black, #queer and #trans social worker and #PhD student based in #Kjipuktuk (#Halifax, #NovaScotia). I like misty late spring days, reading, indie coffee shops, and playing #dodgeball, among other things. Et tout ça, autant en anglais qu’en #francais.

Pixelfed: @vinmoose

#introduction #BlackMastodon #AcademicMastodon #SocialWork @socialwork

Talk Description to Me
3 months ago

Do you know the story of #Toronto’s #LittleJamaica neighbourhood, or #Africville in #Halifax? Have you heard the legend of John “Daddy” Hall? Ever been to Rockhead’s Paradise in the Harlem of the North? Hear JJ tell these #description-rich #BHM stories at:

This is message in a bottle stuff but if anyone in the Halifax area can use an honest person with a long record of good work, I provide more than I use.

I can run your office, sort your files, organize data and tell stories in straight language. There aren't many like me about. I've built stuff that wasn't there before but should have been.


4 months ago

#BenedictCumberbatch on #LettersLive not doing a bad #NovaScotia accent.

It's a famous Canadian Naval story, but nice to have it so well presented. Also a call out to Brothers of #Halifax

Wendy Mundy
4 months ago

#3GoodThings @3goodthings

1) Bagged my 76th trig pillar with great views over #Halifax
2) Caught up on #30Days of #YogaWithAdriene #Centre
3) Cleaned the fireplace and booked a chimney's been a while

View of Halifax
Me besides a trig pillar
Rich Lafferty 🐀
5 months ago

stopped by the big #dartmouth mall. woody says hello

#DartmouthNS #Halifax

A video of Woody, the creepy animatronic Christmas tree at the big Dartmouth mall, being creepy. The camera slowly zooms in on his face.