This is how dumplings were invented

#hamster #hamstersofmastodon #petsofmastodon

A image in the style of a classical Japanese painting, most likely mimicking the realism of the Kamakura period. It depicts a pudgy wudgy hampner being held with chopsticks.
4 days ago

Oh yeah, I drew this cutie and should probably show him off. He is a gift to this world named Elmo, and belongs to the very lucky and wonderful Chillfruit.

#artraffle #rafflewinner #streaming #petportrait #hamster

Illustration of a cute hamster named Elmo. He's light grey, very round, and munching on a cucumber wedge while wearing a small top hat.
What's going Dom?
2 weeks ago

Wie viele Sparwitze hätten Sie denn gerne auf einem Post it?


#Hamster #Flughörnchen #illustration #comic #Kaffee #Coffee #Sparwitz

Ein Hamster gibt damit an heute mit dem Rad zur Arbeit gekommen zu sein.
Ein Flughörnchen meint daraufhin es sei ja geflogen.
2 weeks ago
Three drawings of hammond, one where he's fapping and cumming, another one where he's licking the cum on his hand and blushing towards the viewer, and another one where he's being cute
2 weeks ago

UPDATE: Gumby has found his forever home! He left our shelter today to move to his new home on the North Shore with passionate animal advocate and radio personality Danielle Murr. He’ll have #dog, #cat, and even #hamster siblings to keep him company! Thank you to everyone who shared his story and helped find Gumby this happy ending. Happy tails, Gumby! 😸 ❤️ 🏡

#rescuecats #catsofmastodon

Gumby and his new owner at the Boston Adoption Center before Gumby heads to his new home. The woman is holding gumby and kissing him on the cheek. She has shoulder length black, slightly curly hair. Gumby is a small mostly white kitten with black on his face, back and tail. He's looking at the camera.
What's going Dom?
2 weeks ago

#GutenMorgen zusammen! Erstmal duschen und #Kaffee und schauen was der Tag so bringt!

#Illustration #comic #coffee #hamster

Ein Hamster duscht unter einer Kaffeetasse
2 weeks ago

I drew a smug little comic about a brain hamster.

There's a french translation too.

Having the brain messenger character be a hamster was the idea of @ashiel

I've been drawing a lot of these low effort comics lately (~one a day). Maybe I should share them on Mastodon more often. However, they're usually way too political and extremely sarcastic (and edgy tbh). We'll see in the future whether I feel like sharing them or not.

#comic #meme #hamster #smug

Rather verbose poorly drawn comic.

A character is having a good time enjoying an activity.

The comic zooms into their brain.

There, a hamster is carrying a message from the department of repressed traumas, with the body reading AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Back outside the brain, the character is not enjoying the activity anymore, and wishes these turn of events could not be a regular thing.

Zoom on the hamster's face, with the caption (SMUG)
Comic très verbeux et mal dessiné.

Un personnage passe un bon moment, apprécie une activité.

Zoom dans le cerveau du personnage.

Un hamster apporte un message du département des traumatismes enfouis, dont le corps est AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

De retour hors du cerveau, le personnage n'apprécie plus l'activité précédemment appréciée, et souhaiterait que ce ne soit pas un problème récurrent.

Zoom sur le visage du hamster, avec la légende (FIER)
2 weeks ago
Your Autistic Life
3 weeks ago

HTTP Error Code 404 - Hamster Not Found

#http #ErrorCode #hamster

3 weeks ago

Marshmallow is very cross because it's cage cleaning day #hamstersofmastodon #hamster

John Gordon ⚡️
3 weeks ago

Wasn’t just the chameleon that was out and posing for photos at the pet shop earlier this week. This little hamster was also out and intrigued by the camera (or just excited by people coming to his enclosure).

#photography #hamster #rodent #shotOnIphone

A small hamster with brown/white fur and dark black eyes (one visible as it is facing to the left).
Edith Mair 💙💛
3 weeks ago

Hab die Leseprobe zu meinem Buch für Kinder und Erwachsene, "Gestatten, mein Name ist Hamster", bebildert, vertont & auf YouTube gestellt. ☺️ ☺️ ☺️

In dem Buch erzählt mein erstes Hamsterchen von ihrem Leben bei mir und gibt Tipps, wie sich ein Hamster sein Leben bei den Menschen vorstellt.

#Tiere #Hamster #Buch #Kinder
#Video #lesen

Update: man braucht KEINEN User auf einer Individuous-Instanz, danke an moeria!

Hier ist der Link:

David Boles
3 weeks ago

Despite all my rage

I'm still just a

hamster on a wheel...

#AI #AIart #Hamster #Wheel #Midjourney

Raging Hamster.
Hamster on a wheel.
Stuck on a Hamster wheel.
Hamster navigating the wheel.

I spent 30 minutes trying to trap this little hellraiser this morning after he divebombed from an open enclosure. He is definitely a character, and despite our little incident, he was still quite friendly. I've never met such a sassy hammy.

Buddy the #hamster is looking for his forever home at the #Denver Animal Shelter.


Buddy, a brown hamster, absolutely stuffing his cheeks full of food. His cheeks have taken on the shape of their contents in a cartoonish manner.
1 month ago

Good morning ⛅ 8am@JP
あさ8時です ⛅ おはようございます

The #rabbit, the #guineapig, and the #hamster heard about the #gingerbread house from their owner🐰🐹🐭

They wondered what kind of place it was, They wanted to go there, They wanted to bite into it! Their dreams expanded🍪

Have a wonderful Sunday🍭

#ウサギ#モルモット#ハムスターは、飼い主から #お菓子の家 の物語を聞きました🐰🐹🐭


#aiart #Hexenhaus #morning #おはよう #bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

A child wearing a sweater and reading a book on a terrace, with a rabbit and a guinea pig and a hamster listening to the story nearby, on a sunny November afternoon, Style of Maurice Sendak.(Create by Bing Image Creator)
A gingerbread house with icing and candy in the snow. A rabbit, a hamster, and a guinea pig are eating it, Style of Maurice Sendak.(Create by Bing Image Creator)
A gingerbread house with icing and candies in a dark forest covered with a thin layer of snow.  Rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs are eating, Maurice Sendak style.(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Ayumi Ohnishi
1 month ago
1 month ago

🇦🇹 Feldhamster ist das Tier des Jahres 2024 🐹

Der #Feldhamster ist in der diesjährig erstmals öffentlich durchgeführten Wahl zum #Tier des Jahres zum Gewinner gekürt worden. Er ist der einzige in unseren Breiten vorkommende #Hamster und eine der meistgefährdeten Tierarten #Österreich⁣s, berichtete der #Naturschutzbund am Dienstag.

#Bodenversiegelung, #Naturraumverlust und die Intensivierung der #Landwirtschaft setzen dem nachtaktiven Kulturfolger zu.

#Natur #Umwelt

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"


"You were speeding."


"Please show me your hamster."

"Here it is."

"Your hamster seems in order. Wait a minute, did I say hamster? Haha! I meant papers. Here's your hamster."

"Haha! Here are my papers."










"What's my line, now?"

"Heck if I know!"

#cop #speeding #arrest #YourPapers #hamster #comedy

Cleaned my #hamster cage today. He was very distressed to discover his secret stashes had disappeared, but he has settled in.

However, I now know he's a dumbass. As seen in the first pic, he has clearly picked which side he wants to sleep in, and moved ALL the bedding I made to his bedroom. Now my little doofus is trying to bury his stash in the empty room, oblivious to the fact that it is not hidden in the slightest.

Maybe he thinks it's like a cellar?

#hamstersofmastodon #petsofmastodon

I have a little wooden hidey hole with 2 rooms, which I have buried so he can make his home in a convenient burrow that I can see into. When I cleaned his cage, I filled it with strips of toilet paper so he could have a comfy nest. Despite the fact I made enough toilet paper bedding to fill both rooms quite well, he has moved all of this bedding to the room he sleeps in, leaving the other room completely empty.
The little doofus has begun attempting to bury a new secret stash of food in the room he cleared out. There is no bedding to hide it, so he's just placing it on the floor. I think I saw him attempting to dig in the plastic floor? Like he's going to magically create bedding from the ground?
The "secret" stash grows. It's clearly a very good hiding spot from his perspective.

He still hasn't figured out I can see it.

Maybe he thinks it's like a cellar?
1 month ago

Am Beschleuniger-Massenspektrometer (#AMS) fahndet Anton Wallner nach Zeugen explodierender #Sterne. Mit der neuen, extrem empfindlichen AMS-Anlage #HAMSTER will der #HZDR-Forscher seine spannende Ermittlertätigkeit entscheidend vorantreiben.

1 month ago

Was machen eigentlich die ganzen Toilettenpapier- und Hefehamster gerade? #corona #hamster

2 months ago
felt like doodling the cute chubby boi again... 👉👈

#furry #art #nsfw #hammond #overwatch #porn #yiff #hamster #fap
2 months ago

Marshmallow says hi #hamstersofmastodon #hamster

Just got a little box for our #hamster that lets her dig around in some tiny cork granules. She LOVES it and has been playing around in it for over an hour now.

She's notoriously hard to please, so this makes me so happy!

@proficisci Es waren dann zwar nur drei #Hund​e da (keine #Hamster), aber die haben sich bestimmt gefreut. Ich heute noch mehr über den Stern, über #OFS und über „proficisci“ und darüber, dass ich beim Stöbern daran erinnert wurde, dass es in #Scheinfeld ja #OFM gibt, wo sehr liebe Freunde wohnen, die ich längst schon hätte anrufen sollen – das ist schwuppdich gleich ein sehr feiner Anfang. Vielen Dank!

Wortspielfettgesicht (C)
2 months ago

Kein Bock auf #Hamster #Dürüm? Dann brauchst Du keinen #Bluesky #Invite!

2 months ago

I love my hampter :3 (unimaginably difficult to take his picture) #hamster

John Gordon ⚡️
2 months ago

Another photo from the brief visit to the pet shop on Friday evening.

#photography #hamster #shotOnIphone

It’s a hamster.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 months ago

#Hamster #NAFO
you wanna catch hands? Cus that's how you do it.

Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

20 years old photo: a loving friend who helped me log in to my laptop, which was running dual boot Debian Testing and FreeBSD. He was the only one, besides me, who knew the root password.

#ThrowbackThursday #Hamster #IT #Debian #SonyVaio #Linux

My hamster friend walking on the keyboard of my Sony Vaio, at that moment during the login of the installed Debian Testing. Various texts on the screen (typed by the hamster), and below, the blanket (I was on the bed).

🍁 Artist: #DavidZinn + Lily (Age unknown) in City: #Ferndale Public Library MI, USA 🇺🇸 - Title:
🔴 "Gifts and Miracles" 🌈
🟡 "Gaben und Wunder." 🍓
#StreetArt #SidewalkChalk #Art #MastoArt #Chalkart #Rainbow #Children #Hamster #Strawberry #Suprise #GoodMorning !☕🥐

Streetart. Small chalk drawing on a a gray sidewalk. A child (Lily) has painted a sun on the left, a rainbow with clouds underneath and a heart on the right on the ground. David Zinn, the artist, has painted two small hamsters to go with it. One hamster is sitting on the heart with a strawberry hanging on a string over the rainbow. The other hamster is sitting with his mouth open at the bottom next to the cloud and is happy.
The artist has also painted a small red heart. Title: "Gifts and Miracles

My #hamster playing chubby bunny

#Hello! I'm a refugee from since it's shutting down in October. Suppose I should do one of these intro posts again.

I am a #ttrpg nerd, and I'm planning on running a #HunterTheReckoning campaign with both of my friends. My fiancée runs a #dnd campaign with #wuxia elements in which I play a warlock/artificer/retired serial killer. I have two #guineapig and a #hamster who have massive enclosures. I am a #daycare #teacher and I'm going back to #college for #elementary #edu

Mr. Peanut Butter is interrupted while grooming his beautiful fur
Oreo (bottom left) participating in a dnd session
Mr Peanut Butter notices a peeping tom watching him in his sand bath

I didn’t know I needed to watch a cute, chubby field hamster running through a field in slow motion, but here we are.

Wildlife photographer Julian Rad has a nice collection of photos/videos of furry little friends in nature. They’re super cute.

#Hamster #Cute #Animals #Nature #Videography #Photography #Wildlife

First clip showing Julian holding his camera near the ground in front of the hamster, filming in real time. Second clip showing the footage from the camera in slow motion of the hamster running on the grass with its large jowls and tiny feet.
3 months ago

Have you ever seen such an unrepentant, glutenous beast? A being of pure hunger and zero remorse, her pouches filled with treasures.

#hamster #hamsters

Dwarf hamster being held while its cheeks are stuffed
3 months ago
How puffy are these cheeks!😍(なんてふくらんだ頬ぺたでしょう!)
#squirrels #hamster #げっ歯類

3 months ago

Marshmallow was /not/ happy with me today. Cleaning today is NOT welcome. #hamstersofmastodon #hamster

3 months ago

Wollen wir Freunde sein?

Hamster sind leider vom Aussterben bedroht.

#hamster #wien #artensterben

3 months ago

Töpferkurs in Wien gehabt. War toll. Hinterher noch Hamster besucht. #hamster #wien

Hamster auf Wiese

🍀Artist: #DavidZinn in City: #AnnArbor USA 🇺🇸 - Title:
🔴 "In a world of elegant melodies
and sublime musicianship, Steve
is a virtuoso of the spork." 🎸
🟡 "In einer Welt der eleganten
Melodien und erhabenen
Musikalität ist Steve ein
Virtuose des Göffel.
#StreetArt #SidewalkChalk #Art #MastoArt #Chalkart #Hamster #Spork #NaturalTalent 🐹

Streetart.  Small chalk drawing on a gray sidewalk. Teeny tiny hamster without clothes passionately plays guitar on a spork.
Info: Spork= Blend of 'spoon' and 'fork'
A multifunctional tool that can be practical when traveling.
Title: "In a world of elegant melodies and sublime musicianship, Steve is a 
virtuoso of the spork."
Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
3 months ago

I released a new model on Printables - an underground multi-chamber hideout for your hamster!

#3dprinting #3dprinter #3dprinted #pet #hamster #rodent #printables

a hamster in an underground hide
Helen Clayton
3 months ago

#ThrowbackThursday takes me back to 2012 & Bella, a #hamster we were ‘looking after’ for friends. Bella was an expert escapologist. She got out of her cage most nights, despite us reinforcing its door catch with bulldog clips! However, we usually found her back in her bed the next morning after a night on the tiles, cage door wide open (we were between cats then, luckily!). One night though she managed to find a gap into the cavity wall…

White Syrian hamster in a cage in darkness. She is gnawing on the bars, her pink nose & tongue squished through the gaps.
3 months ago


We were awfully glad, too. I don't have a lot of pictures of her, but here's a few.

#hamster #photos #pictures #wallenda #zena #cute #pet

Zena Wallenda, a tawny-coloured Syrian hamster, sits upright in a woman's lap, looking back at the camera while holding a treat in her paws.
Zena Wallenda, a tawny-coloured Syrian hamster, peers out from an open hatch in her Habitrail habitat.  Her pantaloons and feet can be seen through the closed hatch of the cube immediately below the one she is looking out of.
Zena Wallenda, a tawny-coloured Syrian hamster, flies gracefully through the air - well, she's suspended from a woman's hand which wraps around her belly.  She's very cute.
3 months ago


Oh, so much this. So very much this.

That reminds me of a #story I have not told here previously. Shock, I know.

My partner wasn't allowed any #pets as a kid. After she finished school and was out working in the real world, she decided to fix that, and picked a #hamster as her first pet. Standard Syrian hamster, kind of tawny coloured. She named her Zena Wallenda. If you've ever seen a hamster hanging upside-down from the wire root of their cage, you know why.


Kiba ( = ⩊ = )
5 months ago

Make sure to SMOOCHIE your LOVEDOVE today!! :blobfoxheartcute:

#hamtaro #bijou #hamster #cute #pink #digitalart #keebart

Art of Hamtaro and Bijou, Hamtaro is making a kissy face and Bijou is looking embarrassed and there is a big heart above them. The text under them says "You are my LoveDove"
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
5 months ago


Now available as a sticker in my SHOP!

#MastoArt #Art #Hamster

Chubby hamster surrounded by sunflower seeds. Little snack.
5 months ago

The 2nd time I went "viral" was for my tiny #crochet #hamster hats. This was wildly wide-reaching. So much so I've put watermarks on the pictures now lol

A portrait of a sable Syrian hamster, gnawing on a peanut in its shell, while wearing a crocheted pumpkin hat at a jaunty angle.
A portrait of a white dwarf hamster (Winter White Russian dwarf hamster, sapphire pearl coat), in a white human hand, in a crocheted witch's hat
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
5 months ago

Hungry Ham.

Now available as a sticker/postcard bundle set in my SHOP!

#MastoArt #Art #Hamster

Happy hungry hamster, paws at his chubby cheeks, looking at all the sunflower seeds to eat.
Dobes Crusher
5 months ago

You guessed it, it's another vintage postcard with art on the back by me! Sign up for my patreon and you can get monthly cards too!

#artistsonmastodon #hossdelgado #hamster #grimadventuresofbillyandmandy #cartoon #vintagepostcard

vintage postcard with an illustration on the back of Hoss Delgado flexing with a tiny hamster standing on his bicep and also flexing. The front of the card has a cartoon man lamenting that the recipient never writes to him, just like his mother never wrote to his father.
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
5 months ago

Ham-Ha! Little Hamtaro & Bijou!
Just a little side by side since they're so adorable together.

Both are available as stickers in my SHOP! 🌻

#MastoArt #Art #Hamster

Happy hamster Hamtaro holding a sunflower seed. With little flowers and sunflower seeds around him.
Happy hamster Bijou, in blue bow  pigtails, holding a sunflower seed. With little flowers and sunflower seeds around her.
KatUsedCharm ☕️🌿
5 months ago

Ham-Ha! Little Hamtaro. ♡

Now available as a sticker in my SHOP! 🌻

#MastoArt #Art #Hamster

Happy hamster Hamtaro holding a sunflower seed. With little flowers and sunflower seeds around him.
Rebecca Wang
6 months ago

A colorful pet portrait of a Golden Hamster named Tumbleweed in bright rainbow colors! Acrylic painting on 8x10 canvas, 2020.

#petportrait #art #MastoArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #TraditionalArt #Hamster #PetPortrait #FediGiftShop

A colorful painting of a Golden Hamster in bright rainbow colors.
Jonathan Arnold
7 months ago

To add to the good vibes, we did finally catch Harold the #Hamster! He cleaned out the first mouse trap (live catch!) easy peasy, so I picked up a little teeny tiny Havahart trap. What a pain it was to set up, but it was worth it, as @adrienne heard it snap shut and, sure enough, he was in it! 3 days on the loose but he seems no worse for wear. Maybe we should rename him Houdini, for his escaping prowess.

Jonathan Arnold
7 months ago

Morning Mastodonians!

Day 3 of searching for the lost #hamster - sigh. We put out food for him and it disappears every night yet we haven't caught sight of him lately. Even got a live mouse trap and he cleaned it out without tripping the door. It is quite the drag on time and the psyche trying to get him. Going to try a mouse Havahart trap next. Gotta run to the hardware store and pick it up. All because I can't seem to remember to close the door to his cage after feeding him.

🐹 Artist: #StreetartNM / #NM in City: #Flensburg Rote Str., Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: untitled (📷 by Flensburger Seifenhaus) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Pasteup #Glückshamster #Hamster #GoodMorning !🍀☕

Streetart. A painted picture of a hamster is pasted on a yellow house wall above a little metal sign. He wears sunglasses and a long brown coat. He holds up the coat as if he wants to sell something. They are shamrocks. He is a luck-hamster.
11 months ago

We found this terrifying book for sale today. I felt threatened by the implied violence.

#Hamster #Bookstodon #BookCover #HamstersOfMastodon

A book cover which is mainly an extreme close-up of a hamster's face with a little pink nose, black eyes, and lots of whiskers. The title is:
I am your pet Hamster. Best Friends Care Guide.
11 months ago

Scientists left a hamster wheel in the woods, and wild mice, frogs even slugs had a wild time running in it. #Science #Mice #Rodents #Hamster

Shane M. Bailey
1 year ago

All right here's my #intro, my name is Shane M. Bailey, I'm a husband and #dad of 3 (12 girl,11 boy, 7 girl). I have 2 #dogs (pitt-lab & golden), 2 #guineapigs, 1 #hamster, and 3 #cats. I'm a #webdesigner #webdeveloper #comiccolorist in my mid 40s. I've been huge into #comics and #books since around 1980-81. #scifi #fantasy #horror #history #superheroes #speculative #grimdark and #hopepunk are faves. I got into coloring comics in my 40s around 5 years ago. Anything else you want to know ask me!

1 year ago

Hello pals! #Introduction (Rewrite)

Did I move server just so that I can post this bi emoji? :heart_bi: Damn right I did.

I work in data; I love spreadsheets; I am currently obsessed with #Taskmaster, #NoMoreJockeys, #TheHorneSection and anything peripheral.

I am #ActuallyAutistic, have a pet #hamster, and live in Scotland.

AmiW Streetart ❄️
1 year ago

🐹Artist: #Davidzinn - City: #AnnArbor USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Every morning, Midge shares a cup of coffee with the world at large and then they leave each other alone for the rest of the day.
🔴 "Jeden Morgen teilt Midge eine Tasse Kaffee mit der ganzen Welt und dann lassen sie sich für den Rest des Tages in Ruhe."☕
#StreetArt #3Dchalkart #art #hamster #microart #mastoart #KeineKatze #sidewalkchalk

1 year ago

Hello pals! #Introduction

Did I move server just so that I can post this bi emoji? :heart_bi: Damn right I did.

I work in data; I love spreadsheets; I am currently obsessed with #Taskmaster, #NoMoreJockeys, #TheHorneSection and anything peripheral. I have probably made more spreadsheets about Mark Watson than is ideal.

I talk about being #ActuallyAutistic, my pet #hamster, my Spouse, and life in Scotland.