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@aral A regular reminder that Ron DeSantis is a fascist #usa #florida #handmaidstale

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@cfrangou this is what they think of women’s mental and physical life now in many GOP led states. So dystopian and terrifying. Depending on who wins the election in 2024 may be a further brutal assault on women and their bodies. I can’t imagine having to worry each election that my neighbours vote decides my choices about my body. So scary for our women next door 😞 #handmaidstale

Whenever I watch this scene, I want to scream, "RUN TO YOUR RIGHT!"


Grinning Cat :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@georgetakei Thanks! A pull quote with hashtags, to get more eyeballs on it:

“For this new brand of #Republican #extremism that Trump helped unleash, the Dobbs decision was just one step toward an even larger endgame.

Eradicating #abortion from the nation—imposing their morality on every American regardless of state or individual beliefs—is the true goal.”

#Republicans #RepublicanParty #authoritarianism #HandmaidsTale #Gilead #AbortionRights #ReproductiveFreedom #ProChoice #VoteBlue

2 weeks ago

@chrisgeidner Florida seems to be rapidly approaching a point that is far beyond the worst imaginings in #HandmaidsTale how long will people endure this? Are they cheering it on? What’s tragic is so many other places seem to be following suit not just in America. This toxic message seems to be out of control.

2 weeks ago

@JugglingWithEggs The next step in this is ‘dress according to your gender’ and the jobsworths will decide what is appropriate. No women in jeans, trousers, arms to be covered, nothing lower than a round neck. No men in kilts, or djbella etc unless they are priests - then they can wear all the dresses they want. They can shove this sexist nonsense where the sun doesn’t shine. #HandmaidsTale

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Lol - I guess that was triggering 🙂

Happy Donkey
1 month ago

It's almost like democracy is a block of ice slowly melting in the late winter sun, with a squadron of fascist tinkers chipping away at the edges with hammer, sickel, chisel and awl. #LifeImitatesArt #WakeUp #BeAfraid

#1984 #HandmaidsTale #Fahrenheit451#BraveNewWorld #AnimalFarm

Angela G
1 month ago

two white men proclaim
friendship, trust, let's talk it out
--Gilead awaits

#575prompt #senryu #haiku #HandmaidsTale #Handmaid #Gilead

Dhyan Nada
2 months ago

#Gilead is coming! Margaret Atwood already knew it 1985. In Idaho rapists can sue abortion providers, "abortion trafficking" is a crime for minors without parental consent, wait until every woman can be convicted for crossing state borders to have an #abortion. #whitesupremacy and #patriarchy want to control biological reproduction for war and wage exploitation, want to suppress #nonbinary #autonomy by state power.

#mybodymychoice #patriarchy #feminism #handmaidstale

2 months ago

@Coachmark I doubt they care. Being in charge and being total vandals, who can write whatever rules they want seems to be their MO. USA is in dangerous times and what is happening there has a horrible tendency to spread to other places like UK. Sadly, it seems the US Justice system isn’t controlling this madness. Not just #HandmaidsTale but racism, slavery, poverty and more happening. It’s not #Democracy and has no respect for others.

Bob Jamieson
2 months ago

Idaho governor signs 'abortion trafficking' bill into law, 1st of its kind
The new law is the first of its kind in the United States.

#abortionrights #WomensRights #womenshealth #WomensBodies
#UnitedStates #Idaho #HandmaidsTale

Been thinking on and off over the years about returning to Australia (my home country) permanently. I think it’s approaching time to level up those potential plans. #handmaidstale

❤️ Artist: #EternalPossessions in City: #NewYorkCity Allen and Stanton Streets, USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Blessed Be My Basic Human Rights" - (Gesegnet seien meine #Grundrechte ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Pasteup #HumanRights #Handmaidstale #WomensRights #ElisabethMoss

Streetartwall. On a white outer wall between two large green plants is pasted the pasteup of the main character from the series The Handmaid's Tale. The pasteup shows the main character Offred of the world famous novel. She is wearing her typical red dress and the ancient white hat. She is looking at us. Above her is the lettering: "Blessed Be My Basic Human Rights" in block letters that look as if they were cut out of a newspaper.
Info: "The Handmaid's Tale" is a 1985 dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. In a dictatorial future, all women are infertile and banished to the home. A few fertile women are assigned to rich men as childbearing machines. Here, under the supervision of the wives and with cult-like rules, they are to conceive and get children.
The novel was filmed several times and ultimately became world famous through a series and is unfortunately actual again.
Man of Many
2 months ago

Sydney Sweeney 🤝 Sydney Swannies Go Sydney! @sydney_sweeney paid the boys from the @sydneyswans a visit while she's in town filming an Australian-made movie and no wonder they played so well 😅 #sydneysweeney #sydneyswans #swannies #sydney #australia #euphoria #thewhitelotus #handmaidstale #rachelgriffith

2 months ago Margaret Atwood could have imagined but not predicted her story would be so relevant for women across the globe, like this week in Tel Aviv. #women #gender #inequality #handmaidstale

2 months ago

@NataliaArmyOf1 #MargaretAtwood in #HandmaidsTale foretold a lot of where some American States are going; but even she missed this level of control. Apps to check the menstrual cycles of perfect strangers, but those same perfect strangers are never allowed to mention they menstruate in discussion in an educations facility, or anywhere really. How do people purchase tampons, pads etc? Do they have to use code, or mime?

2 months ago

@punko The three books in that Dystopian series are prescient and terrifying indeed. As is #HandmaidsTale. Atwood is an exceptional writer.

Mensch, Marina
2 months ago

@koehntopp sind die jetzt total ausgerastet? Was kommt als nächstes, Schulverbot für Mädchen? Universitätsverbot für Frauen? #HandmaidsTale #Florida

Bryan Cooper
2 months ago

"Women marking the red line."
Israeli women are clear - the takeover of government by right-wing religious extremists is an attack on them and doomed to failure.
#handmaidstale #israel #gilead #Protests

video of Israel women dressed as hand maids. Traveling to a large protest today in Israel against judicial takeover by the government.
Wren Birdie (she/her)
3 months ago

CW: Michael Knowles telling people HOW a woman should and should not speak. Also NSFW language
I suspect next he'll be telling us WHEN we can speak... just like they do in a #theocracy

From the HuffPost article linked:
That’s not a word fit for a lady,” Knowles said to laughs. “That’s not the way ladies should speak. And we’re going to be talking about how ladies should speak here tonight.”

#VoteBlue #EradicateThePatriarchy

Margaret Sefton
3 months ago

Margaret Atwood with a flamethrower and the unburnable book---The Handmaid's Tale as well as her new collection---Old Babes in the Woods: Stories.

#MargaretAtwood #BannedBooks #ShortStories #HandmaidsTale

Dr. Clare
3 months ago


Absolutely crossed the line. Their “pro-life” line makes no sense when it comes to their desire to murder women.

#handmaidstale 🤦🏻‍♀️

3 months ago

Just a note to American law makers.
The Handmaid’s Tale is not a how to manual.

@MJmusicinears 😳 That is like something from the #HandMaidsTale on #Hulu!

I guess the only difference is that the women volunteered to make babies for the Nazis & willingly signed away all rights to their kids.

Dr. Clare
3 months ago

@bleakfuture I first read #HandmaidsTale in my early late teens or 20s. All of her books. She shaped my politics, that’s for sure.

My father once told me my politics would change as I got older. Too bad he didn’t live long enough to see how wrong he was. If anything, I become more progressive and left leaning even in my 60’s. Especially since tfg was elected.

And now with all the kooky #ultramaga in Congress.

Unfortunately it’s starting to seep into #canadian politics too.

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 months ago

Now that Kentucky's clear about its intent to violate human rights, expect tourism to really take off!

#FuckKentucky #FuckMcConnell #HandmaidsTale #Tourism #Kentucky #KentuckyTourism

Image of radioactive cleanup in Gilead colonies.
Kentucky Welcomes You!
Get the official Kentucky travel guide and start planning your vacation today!
3 months ago

@vjack only in the USA the not so free for women country anymore. Shameful men creating these barbaric rules that refuse to understand abortion tx is not murder, it’s often lifesaving for mother. Control over women in 2023. #handmaidstale #gilead

Nedávno jsem dočetl Příběh služebnice, teď jsem dokoukal 5. sezónu Příběhu služebnice a čeká mě další kniha ze světa Příběhu služebnice - Svědectví.

Když se do nějakého autorského světa ponořím, tak to musím mít vždycky komplet. :-)
#příběhslužebnice #handmaidstale

3 months ago

So weird that 2 books published in 1985 predicted our current disasters: #HandmaidsTale and #WhiteNoise

3 months ago

Are they pushing to ban #HandmaidsTale from school libraries because they're afraid of spoilers, do you think?

Wren Birdie (she/her)
3 months ago

They came for the trans girls but I didn't do anything because I'm not trans.

Then they came for the lesbians but I didn't do anything because I'm not a lesbian.

Mark my words... the #ChristianTaliban will not stop until they make the U.S. into #Gilead and a version of The #HandmaidsTale

#WomensRights intersect with the rights of #TransWomen and gay women.


Vox Populi
4 months ago

@sonyasteele 22?!?!?

Ok, if we can’t stop this from happening, the US will truly become Gilead. #HandmaidsTale

4 months ago

If you haven't yet read the Handmaid's Tale, you probably should. That's the future that the cult is moving us towards. We're halfway there. #handmaidstale #GOPSeditiousTraitors

4 months ago

@eosfpodcast @medium the #HandmaidsTale literally just takes the historical reproductive experiences of Black & indigenous women and spins it into a dystopia w white victims. June is straight up a white Harriet Tubman. For some reason, that’s what it takes to get people to care.

Also, #JamesBaldwin wrote some interesting things on why we don’t need fantastical horror in “The Devil Finds Work.” This whole topic was my Cambridge dissertation 😂🤓

Randahl Fink
4 months ago

@rvawonk under his eye!

paul 🇬🇧
5 months ago

@AnarchoNinaWrites @vegetablegremlin

hitler could have won if he did not make tactical mistakes and over stretch.

he had many western sympathisers.

there are intelligent men in positions of power who want christo fascist minority rule backed by billionaires who want low taxes and wage slavery.

i am under no belief that good triumphs.


True revolution comes from true revulsion; when things get bad enough the kitten will kill the lion.
Banning Gay rights, 
Subjugating Women 
stopping abortion
undermine science
undermine elections
meld church and state
hate other faiths
religious law

June: it’s changing, Luke. This country is changing

Luke: no, Canada is not Gilead

June: America wasn’t Gilead until it was, and then it was too late.

Final episode S5 #HandmaidsTale


Angela G
5 months ago


How will cis-women who can't get pregnant get categorized? Will we all be Marthas or are we automatically un-women.


Tane Piper
6 months ago

Basically #science #religion and the battle between them, with #philosophy thrown in - seen through the eyes of 19th century life of women. In some way more terrifying than #HandmaidsTale because this stuff really happened.

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Thursday's #3GoodThings:
1. Finished my draft submission letter - it is a Shi**y First Draft but it is still a draft.
2. Handmaid's Tale Season Finale was AMAZING!!!
3. Tried the tip to secure the Remembrance Day Poppy and it worked!
木曜日の3Good Things:
1. 提出するレターのドラフト完成。かなり自信ないけどドラフトはドラフト。
2. ハンドメイズテイルシーズンフィナーレが最高だった!
3. リメンバランスデイのポピーが落ちないコツってのを試したら成功した!


Aaron Hall
7 months ago

Well, #HandmaidsTale is over but I feel like maybe it’s not? Definitely feels like they could come back in a few years and pull a Dexter with a wrap up season. Or maybe a full length film.

@kathygriffin at 9pm i’ll switch over to watch #handmaidstale to get more ideas for resistance.

Still complacent about UK #abortionrights?

If so, wake up. Or NEVER complain if you're suppressed next

Who do you think threw $ at creating #Brexit?

The same US altright antichoice #HandmaidsTale cult that our own #fascistfondlers love

And the evidence is not looking good:

Thread Start:

Current Thread End (scary):

#OvertonWindow #UK #UKpolitics #UKNews #antifascism #antifascists

I wonder any of these folks are on Mastodon...
#Theatre ? #Filmmaking ?#Handmaidstale ?

We just started watching #Andor and I am watching #HandmaidsTale every week - almost done. It's always hard to find something both my husband and I enjoy.
#キャシアンアンドー 昨日から観初めて、私は1人でハンドメイズテイル毎週観てるけどそろそろ終わり、夫婦で楽しめるものを見つけるのが難しいんだよなあ。。

Occultist Warlock
5 years ago

Isn’t this what started Gilead... #HandmaidsTale