Batya Tikvah
1 week ago

שאנה טובה אומטוקה לכל בני משפחתי וחבריי היהודים 🍯🍎
בהצלחה ובריאות ושנה חדשה מלאה בשמחה 🍏😘

🇩🇪 Shana Tova U'metuka all meinen jüdischen Familienmitgliedern und Freunden! 🍯🍎 Viel Glück, Gesundheit und ein neues Jahr 5784 voller Freude! 🍏😘

🇺🇸 A blessed and sweet new year to all my jewish family and friends! 🍯🍎 Have luck, health and a new year 5784 full of joy! 🍏😘

#roshhashana #jewish #jew #jewishnewyear #happynewyear #newyear

Kit Irving
1 week ago

L'shanah tovah, friends! May it be sweet.

#ShanaTova #Jewish #Judiasm #HappyNewYear #RoshHashanah

It will never not be my favorite 😂 :

Carolynn ní Lochlainn🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

#lshanatova to my darling pumpkins everywhere! #HappyNewYear

Hebrew by Inbal
1 week ago

Today marks the start of the new Jewish year, תשפ"ד (pronounced: Tav Sheen Peh Dalet), and it's a time for reflection, renewal, and setting intentions for the days ahead.

So, as we step into this new year, I wish that we all carry the word Peace in our hearts and actions, not just for ourselves but for all of humanity. Together, we can make this world a more peaceful and harmonious place for everyone. 🌍✨🕊️

#peace #roshhashana #jewishwisdom #newyear #happynewyear #shanatova #jewish

Laceys House
1 week ago

Ugh 😑 hate being late but I’ve been feeling horrible 😞 #Ethiopia #LaceysHouse #LaceysHouseAfrica #News #HappyNewYear

Hebrew by Inbal
1 week ago

May we find joy in the everyday moments and courage in the face of challenges.

Let's embrace the coming year with open hearts, open minds, and open arms, ready to welcome the blessings it holds.

Wishing you all a shana tovah oometookah שנה טובה ומתוקה, a year filled with sweetness, growth, and an abundance of beautiful gifts. 🍏🍯🕊️

#roshhashanah #newyearblessings #shanahtovah #jewishwisdom #jewishtradition #highholidays #happynewyear

Hebrew by Inbal
2 weeks ago

Learn the Lyrics to “On Rosh Hashanah” Song by Naomi Shemer just in time for the New Year!

#RoshHashanah #highholidays #jewishmusic #happynewyear #jewishholidays

Hebrew by Inbal
3 weeks ago

Shanah Tova means “good year” in Hebrew and is a customary well wish shared during Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year – is signified by indulging in a sweet treat. Traditionally, apples and honey have been the go-to sweet indulgence served at dinner tables for generations as they symbolize hope for the sweet year ahead. Many dip apple slices into honey on Rosh Hashanah for extra sweetness.

#shanahtova #roshhashanah #apples #honey #sweet #happynewyear #foods #jewishholidays

Isaac Torres :verified:
3 months ago

@strack FY24 in just a few hours I would celebrate but all it means is I get another 12 months of new sales goals and major stress 😵‍💫 #happynewyear

Trevor Flowers 🌸🌸
3 months ago

My headcanon is that the Summer solstice begins a new solar year as it's exponentially easier to think about the future when the days are long instead of when the gray dome of doom looms over Seattle.

5 months ago

Happy New Year to anyone from Nepal.

I was fortunate enough to be in Kathmandu a few years ago on the New Year and it was amazing!

#Nepal #happynewyear #photography #Kathmandu

A pyre of New Year's blessings in Kathmandu. Crowds of people are walking past while one woman in brightly coloured pink clothes sets an offering on the pyre. In the background acolytes can be seen attending a temple with a large golden coloured metal lion god by the side

So, today, I removed Google #Adsense (I rarely reach the U$100 minimum anyway), #Google Tag Manager (I thought I removed this), and #Microsoft #Clarity from all my sites. It's #Spring. New beginnings. (I removed Google Analytics back in 2021.)

I'll just rely on gifts, donations, rewards, tips. If you like my works, check out my Amazon, Steam, GOG, wishlists; use my Amazon affiliate code; or drop a tip or two here: Oh, if you buy me a novel (ebook or physical), or a webtoon (online comics), there's a guaranteed honest review.

For analytics, currently using the privacy-by-design analytics offered by #Cloudflare, #Counterdev, and #Swetrix; and #Naver. (I'm testing the first three; and the last one helps in appearing in Naver's search results, yeah, weird.)

Happy Spring. Happy new beginnings. #HappyNewYear ^_^ Shalom!

Bisschen spät, aber besser als nie.

Eine Hand hält einen roten Schriftzug "Happy New Year"
Rigpa Australia
7 months ago

Now available
Dedicated to the long life of all teachers, the flourishing of the Buddhadharma, and the speedy relief of suffering, unrest and war in the world.
In addition to the main public and religious festivals, you will find special practice days, such as Guru Rinpoche Days and Dakini Days, as well as the main events of the year commemorating the deeds of the Buddha.
#TibetanNewYear #NewYear #YearoftheRabbit #LunarNewYear #HappyNewYear #Calendar #Rabbit #Hare

#HappyNewYear, trees! Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 5783! #TuBShvat

Blooming saucer magnolia in North Florida
Blooming lily with azaleas behind it in North Florida
8 months ago

Happy New Year! One of our New Year's resolutions is to help promote Vala projects!

Feel free to send a Direct Message to us about projects that you want us to post about!

#vala #happynewyear

8 months ago

#HappyNewYear from #BBC Friday Night Comedy and #BBCSounds!

A screenshot of a podcast application showing the feed for Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. The latest episode, published on the 27th of January, is "News Quiz Best of 2022 - 30th December".
8 months ago

Out late on a “school night“ for a change.

#happycny2023 #happynewyear #datenight

Chinese lion dancers performing a lunar new year show with LED light on their Lion costumes.

Happy New Ears! Us from the weekend's lunar new year celebrations out and about

#lunarnewyear #happynewyear #rabbitears #yearoftherabbit #partywear #gaycouple #outandabout

two men wearing eyeglasses and in rabbit ears and red clothing posing for a photograph

"Shuggie just about drove me crazy sitting on the couch for days working on that guitar riff. Dont da da-da-da Dont da Da-da-da." ~~~Johnny Otis

#OtisMusicMonday #StrawberryLetter23 #MondayPractice #HappyNewYear

Jason Stiff
8 months ago

With the New Lunar Year being the Year of the Rabbit, I present to you the Tigerbunny I first saw online when the internet was "young" back in the early 1990s. Happy New Year!

#HappyNewYear #HappyLunarNewYear #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #rabbit #rabbits #tiger #tigers #tigerbunny

The Partial Historians
8 months ago

Happy Lunar New Year 🥳

May the Year of the Rabbit bring much wonder and goodness your way.

This rabbit is depicted in the C4th CE mosaic floor from the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily. This site is famous for its detailed mosaic work and this little rabbit is definitely part of the fuss.

#HappyNewYear #LunarNewYear #MosaicMonday #AncientRome @histodons @antiquidons

Close-up of a much larger mosaic. A rabbit is depicted leaping against a white background. The rabbit is rendered realistically with a range of brown and yellow tones with some shadows picked out in blue tiles.
Michelle Westerlaken
8 months ago

Happy year of the rabbit 🐇 🌙

#diy #woodworking #woodcarving #art #happynewyear

A woodcarved rabbit looking at a glowing light, seen from the back
8 months ago

Continuing with our #ChineseNewYear #cultural #traditions - #NoMeat & only #vegetables & #mushroom #foods today. We made some vegetable tempura & fried yams earlier. Making Buddha plate & pot of stewed veggies now.

#AsianMastodon #Teochew #Chinese #culture #HappyNewYear #LunarNewYear #Gaginang #CNY2023 #YearOfTheRabbit #YearOfTheCat #FoodPrep #ingredients #Cooking #Asian #CulturalHoliday

Sliced parsnips, lotus root & carrots in reusable aluminum container.
Plate of fried yams, tempura vegetables & assorted uncooked Asian greens, sliced vegetables & mushrooms - prepped for cooking.
vintagepix (Carolyn B)
8 months ago

#HappyNewYear! 🐇🐇🐇 For #YearOfTheRabbit, here's a repeat video of three bunnies eating birdseed on our deck. (No sound in the linked video on YouTube, which shows three brown rabbits facing the trail camera while munching on bird seed that has fallen on the deck. Two chipmunks chase each other around the trio of bunnies.) #BirdfeederTV #TrailCam

Happy Lunar New Year - May you have a prosperous and happy year of the 🐰!

#HappyNewYear #LunarNewYear #HappyRabbitYear #RABBIT2023 #RabbitYear #Rabbit

Winston Chiong
8 months ago
Two house rabbits

#HappyNewYear #hare

Happy new year of the hare!

Rabbit Animal GIF
ᴚ uɐᗡ
8 months ago

Happy New Year, MASTODON
🏮🎉 🐘🐇
#HappyNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit

a gold coin with a red rabbit on one side and a mastodon on the other
8 months ago

To all of you: Happy New Year! —Yo-Yo Ma #happynewyear #rabbityear #cinesenewyear

8 months ago

winter rabbit
a one-eyed car turns down
the back road
#haiku #happynewyear #yearofthewaterrabbit

From Ralph Swick, #W3C Interim CEO:

With the start of 2023 we pass a milestone in the evolution of the global collaboration project that is the World Wide Web Consortium.

In our 29th year, we are operating now as World Wide Web Consortium Inc.

Thanks to our community for continued engagement in a global effort to maintain one world wide web with equitable access for all its users.

You may read here the full letter:

#WebStandards #HappyNewYear

Word cloud laid over a map of the world and centered around a W3C logo and handshake icon. The largest words are: consensus, web for all, interoperability, global, trust, security, diversity.
Chris Pirillo
9 months ago
Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
9 months ago

Happy New Year! 🥳🎉 🐰🥕#HappyNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #Watercolour

Watercolour card celebrating the new year
Pencil sketch of watercolour card
Inked version of watercolour card
Paint palette and work in progress of card
9 months ago

Hallo 2023! In unsicheren Zeiten ist es besonders wichtig, dass wir tun, was wir können, um die Welt etwas besser zu machen, als wir sie vorgefunden haben. Tag für Tag, Begegnung für Begegnung, und Wahl für Wahl.

Dieses Jahr sind die Eidgenössischen Wahlen. Im PROJEKT CH+ setzen wir uns dafür ein, dass Menschen ihre demokratischen Rechte nutzen und an politischen Wahlen teilnehmen. Dafür legen wir uns ins Zeug.

Kindness wins - if we make it so.

#civictech #happynewyear #wahljahr2023

European Ombudsman
9 months ago

#HappyNewYear from the European Ombudsman’s office!

In 2023, we will continue our work on making the EU administration more efficient, transparent, and accountable.

Take a look back at the highlights of our work in 2022 👇

Hebrew by Inbal
9 months ago

Hebrew word of the day that’s perfect for the new year, “Shalom”

Used as a Hello or Good Bye it’s meaning is one I hope resonates this new year.

#hebrewbyinabl #shalom #greetings #hebrew #hello #goodbye #peace #happynewyear #jewish #wordoftheday #mastodon #jewdiverse #mazeldon #jews

Dream A Little :startrek:
9 months ago

Happy New Year from me and my five pups. From left to right, tallest to smallest. Dreamer, Maze, Jet, Connor, Casper. #HappyNewYear #NewYear #2023 #DogsOfMastodon #dog #Kromfohrlander #DanishSwedishFarmdog

Redrawn Hell Human
9 months ago

New blog post: Pet Door Show Best of 2022!!!

32 tracks that I consider to be the best releases of 2022 that I've played on the Pet Door Show this year, all by independent and underplayed artists with under 5,000 instagram followers. Comes with a cracking good Spotify playlist for easy perusing, plus purchase and social links, and some awesome music videos.

Check it out:

Thread of tracks follows here ...

#music #IndependentMusic #BestOf2022 #HappyNewYear

Alex Standiford
9 months ago

Reflecting on my personal #goals for 2023. I have three goals that are on my mind the most.

#2023 #HappyNewYear #Vermont #WordPress #ProjectAdiungo

ts thank you ☕
9 months ago

#HappyNewYear. It’s important to look back on the victories of 2022. We pushed the LACCD to drop an important case against the disabled community. This, too:
I have some hope for Boston (as #mapoli is becoming more diverse) and I know we can come together.
Recollection can inspire us, so I #hope you’ll share a memory from the past year. What is something you #remember?

9 months ago

This morning I woke up to an email titled "You're one of 229,037,936 people pwned in the Deezer data breach"


#Deezer #HaveIBeenPwned #DataBreach #Internet #HappyNewYear 🎊

De Witte Haas, Schiermonnikoog
9 months ago

Op de Schiermonnikoger almanak 2023 is dit de eerste maandfoto van het jaar:
Ijsschotsen op het wad - 📸 Folkert Abma (14/2/21)
Een overzicht van alle zes edities Schiermonnikoger almanak kan je hier vinden:
#natuurfotografie #winter #schiermonnikoog #waddenzee #wadden #nederland #happynewyear

Vlak landschap tot aan de horizon bezaaid met besneeuwde, afgeplatte ijsblokken in grillige vormen. Warm zonlicht van de laaghangende zon komt van links. De lucht is vaag en licht bewolkt met geel, oranje, grijs en blauwe kleuren.
9 months ago

#Happynewyear from Euronews!

Giving Europe 'a voice': Television news network Euronews turns 30

Eli :verified:
9 months ago

Feel free to #boost 🔁 if you #like it 😊

My last post is a while ago - I was a little bit stressed because I have to lern for some exams and I'm working full time.

But here it is - my first #photo in the #newyear #2023 😍

What do you think about it?

#photography #photographer #blog #blogger #travel #travelblog #mill #watermill #greenenergy #climate #wood #photooftheday #follow #silentsunday #newyearsday #monday #mastodon #instagram #happynewyear #adventure #foto #fotografie #sonyalpha

a picture of a watermill made of wood
Jason Stiff
9 months ago
ᴚ uɐᗡ
9 months ago

🎉 #HappyNewYear MASTODON🐘

I'm truly enjoying the diverse interests & content on here in the #fediverse

Reminds me of a mighty tasty or perhaps it was mildly tasty burger chain from the late 80's... 🍔 #pixelart #sierragames

Vicky Stein
9 months ago

Family tradition — build a popsicle stick explosion and set it off at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Happy 2023, everyone! #cobraweave #kidcrafts #newyear #happynewyear #physics #crafts #FamilyTradition

Video of close-up hands interweaving popsicle sticks. A zoomed out view shows the woven sticks as part of a massive spiral that takes up an entire large room. When released, the spiral erupts into flying popsicle sticks as they release from the woven tension. At the end, a slow motion capture of the same.
9 months ago

Director of Odesa Zoo, Igor Belyakov, has released a video for the New Year. As usual, it's creative, this time mocking the Russian propaganda of Ukrainian Biolabs through the medium of Alice in Wonderland and Amy Winehouse.

The sign on the door translates as "Bio laboratory Do Not Enter"

The end screen says Odesa Zoo wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

#Odesa #Ukraine #HappyNewYear #BunniesOfMastodon #WhiteRabbit #Biolabs

A door with a yellow sign in Ukrainian Cyrillic saying "biolab, do not enter. The door opens to a strange scene of the queen of hearts, Alice holding a white rabbit and the Mad Hatter conducting science experiments - brightly coloured liquids in test tubes, bubbling, some smoke. The queen claps. There is a rat wandering around and the queen creates an oversized syringe of red fluid. They give it to the rabbit, who gets huge human eyes. They train the rat to poo on a map of Russia. The queen blows some bubbles and starts a small fire. There are 2 white mice. The Mad Hatter trims the nails of a rat (is it a rat?). Now a brown rabbit joins the group and the Mad Hatter makes a gesture of kill across his throat. Now they are outside marching over a bridge each holding an animal. The queen demonstrates knife throwing to a white rabbit. Alice tries to get another rabbit over an assault course, but it's not keen and the Mad Hatter tries to teach a rabbit to shoot a gun. The rabbits look disinterested. However, a phial breaks back in the lab and mixes with the red liquid while the queen encourages a cat to poo on a map of Russia. The 3 characters leave the lab with a human sized Cheshire cat and white rabbit. Alice's rabbit has stayed a rabbit. The Mad Hatter opens some gates and all 5 characters walk towards the camera. There is a close-up of Alice's white rabbit. An End screen shows in Ukrainian Cyrillic, "Odesa Zoo wishes everyone a happy new year".
Mike Given
9 months ago

Happy New Year Run! New Year's Day 2023...shorts...tshirt? OK! 😎 #run #runner #running #HappyNewYear #NewYear
Check out my activity on Strava:

9 months ago

#HappyNewYear ya filthy animals! Party hard, party safe🔥🕺 #NewYear #HappyNewYear2023

#furry #furries #fursuit

Black and blue Dinodog Fursuit.
Andrew Briscoe
9 months ago

Hiked above the clouds this morning in the Columbia River Gorge. Started at the Angel’s Rest trailhead and hiked up to Devil’s Rest. After that, I did some more exploring in that area before taking the secret route back to the trailhead. Didn’t see a single person yet the trailhead parking was full when I got back. Happy new year! #HappyNewYear #PDX #Oregon #hiking #nature #outdoors

Remember those I-Spy books?

My elementary school nurse had several of them. I sometimes pretended to have a headache so I could sit in her quiet office and read them.

There was something so relaxing about spotting just the right button between the paper clips and animal figurines.

That’s the energy I want for 2023: stolen moments of rest, seeking without urgency, re-discovering ordinary things as if they were treasures hidden in plain sight.

#happynewyear @bookstodon #nostalgia

Cover of a book: I SPY SPECTACULAR - A book of picture riddles. Photographs by Walter Wick. Riddles by Jean Marzollo
Picture of an I-SPY page, full of buttons, spoons, tacks, and other small objects. On the bottoms of the page: “I spy a shovel, a long silver chain, a little toy horse, a track for a train.”
Mike Blazer 🇺🇦
9 months ago

Addendum to the New Year wishes

I wish all of you in 2023 to look the way you look in your profile pictures!

May the New Year bring us more great business opportunities, interesting activities and fascinating conversations...

... just, please, no more E's in E-E-A-T!

#SEO #HappyNewYear

JoViKo Wi
9 months ago

Well, I don't have a lemon with which to make a lucky Lemon Pig.

But I do have a bottle of lime juice, some toothpicks, some tin foil, a penny, a hot-melt glue gun, and a Leinie for removing creative stumbling blocks and/or ability. Close enough? Close enough!

🍋 🐷 🍻

#LemonPig #HappyNewYear #Goodnight2022

JoViKo Wi
9 months ago

Well, I don't have a lemon with which to make a lucky Lemon Pig.

But I do have a bottle of lime juice, some toothpicks, some tin foil, a penny, a hot-melt glue gun, and a Leinie for removing creative stumbling blocks and/or ability. Close enough? Close enough!

🍋 🐷 🍻

#LemonPig #HappyNewYear #Goodnight2022