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New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Non-supersymmetric AdS from string theory

Zihni Kaan Baykara, Daniel Robbins, Savdeep Sethi
SciPost Phys. 15, 224 (2023)

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ricardo :mastodon:
6 hours ago

#Harvard Gutted Initial Team Examining #Facebook Files Following $500 Million Donation from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Whistleblower Aid Client Reveals

The boomerang came back!!!!

🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥⚖️🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥 #research #researchers

#TheFacebookFiles #Meta #DisinformationResearch #Harvard #HKS

Exec Summary : $1/2 BILLION paid from the Zuckerbergs' initiative to #cya boomerangs back into 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️⚖️💯🔥🥵

Noelle :verified:
13 hours ago

Uh what the hell?? So Harvard took money from her??

"...her superiors took away her ability to start new projects, raise money or organize large events, she alleges. They kept the money she had brought in, including more than $1 million from Craigslist founder Craig Newmark that he wanted specifically to go to her research project, according to documents quoted in the declaration."

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Dr. Steve Thompson
13 hours ago

"Whistleblower allegation: Harvard muzzled disinfo team after $500 million Zuckerberg donation"

"A prominent disinformation scholar who left Harvard University in August has accused the school of muzzling her speech and stifling — then dismantling — her research team as it launched a deep dive in late 2021 into a trove of Facebook files she considers the most important documents in internet history."

#Harvard #Faebook #disinformation #highered #socialmedia #Zuckerberg

Niklas Pivic
13 hours ago

Researcher claims Harvard nixed social media research after getting Zuck bucks

Screw Meta and Harvard University. They have soiled themselves* too many times to have scientific merit.

'A former Harvard misformation scholar has filed a whistleblower complaint against the Ivy League university, alleging that its Kennedy School canceled her research into social media harms in order to protect a $500 million donation from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Harvard insists that the charges are totally, absolutely, definitely unfounded and that Meta has no undue influence at the school just because former student Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropic organization promised the largest donation to date, or because Facebook's former comms head Elliot Schrage participates in a fundraising body for the Kennedy School called the Dean's Council.'

*For Meta, see the Myanmar genocide. For Harvard University, see the documentary 'Inside Job'.

#meta #facebook #instagram #HarvardUniversity #harvard #corruption

13 hours ago

#Zuckerberg #Harvard #HarvardScandals

Edit: Edit: No sueing happening yet.

Need a judge with a sense of irony to assign punitive damages of, oh, $600 million?

That at least would straighten out corporate-types' misunderstandings about the monetary value of #AcademicFreedom.

They could even be enthusiastic about academic freedom.

13 hours ago

#Harvard is now trending across Mastodon

Olhar Digital
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14 hours ago

🧐 Misinformation researcher Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Facebook | @washingtonpost

"Joan Donovan claimed in a filing with the Education Department and the Massachusetts attorney general that her superiors soured on her as Harvard was getting a record $500 million pledge from Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg’s charitable arm."

#Harvard #Censorship #Zuckerberg

Kevin Russell
15 hours ago

Harvard, am I right?

"After $500m Zuckerberg donation, Harvard university gutted its disinformation team studying Facebook."

Harvard is willing, smiles, treats you like a boyfriend, hand-jobs are frequent, and if the price is right, Harvard will screw America.

#Harvard #ScrewsAmerica
#Sellout #Losers

A version of the Harvard Corporate logo.

Feel free to use it wherever.
15 hours ago

Misinformation expert says she was fired by #Harvard under #Meta pressure: Joan Donovan says funding was cut off for criticizing Meta when university was receiving $500m from Mark Zuckerberg’s charity

#Facebook #Zuckerberg #JoanDonovan #disinformation #Propaganda #censorship #bribery #whistleblower

Another so-called 'reputable' university - #Harvard in this case - once more bowing to the Big $$$ of #BigTech - #Meta in this case - and once more pouncing on a #whistleblower - Joan Donovan in this case.

Noelle :verified:
16 hours ago

"One of the world’s leading experts on misinformation says she was fired by Harvard University for criticising Meta at a time that the school was being pledged $500m from Mark Zuckerberg’s charity.

Joan Donovan says her funding was cut off, she could not hire assistants and she was made the target of a smear campaign by Harvard employees."

#news #tech #meta #Harvard #MarkZuckerberg #Disinformation #misinformation #charity

16 hours ago

Link to a free version of our exclusive story on propaganda scholar Joan Donovan’s whistleblower complaint accusing Harvard of firing her as it chased huge grants from Meta. (You do have to enter an email address to read it.) #misinformation #meta #harvard

Charlie McHenry
16 hours ago

Harvard gutted team examining Facebook Files following $500M Zuckerberg donation - project went from being a source of pride to a thorn in the #Harvard fundraising machine and valuable research was stifled according to the whistleblower. #Censorship #research #universities #whistleblowers

16 hours ago

Joseph Menn: Ousted propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses #Harvard of bowing to Meta: In a #whistleblower complaint, she breaks her silence over events that unsettled other misinformation researchers

"A prominent disinformation scholar has accused Harvard of dismissing her to curry favor with #Facebook and its current and former executives in violation of her right to free speech.

Joan Donovan claimed in a filing with the Education Department and the MA attorney general that her superiors soured on her as Harvard was getting a record $500 million pledge from #Meta founder Zuckerberg’s charitable arm.

As research director of Harvard Kennedy School projects delving into mis- and #disinformation on social media platforms, Donovan had raised millions in grants, testified before Congress and been a frequent commentator on television, often faulting internet companies for profiting from the spread of divisive falsehoods."

#Zuckerberg #censorship #JoanDonovan

17 hours ago

One of the weird things about #mastodon is how people are surprised that #Harvard can act very very badly
when Trump was POTUS, harvard gave fellowships to people Like Sean Spicer

and, iirc, when Drew Faust was president, she welcomed back to campus a distinguished alumnus, one Dr Henry Kissinger


[ edit ] for extra fun:

Aral Balkan
17 hours ago

Ethics as PR (or the ‘Some Very Good People Work There!’ Fallacy)

@RyunoKi just reminded me of this piece I wrote two years ago. It seems rather timely what with the news about Harvard and Meta, and, beyond tech, Cop28, etc.

#ethics #publicRelations #pr #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming #google #deepmind #harvard #meta #artificialIntelligence #ai #climateChange #Cop28 #institutionalCorruption #lobbying #revolvingDoors #followTheMoney

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
17 hours ago

"As research director of #Harvard Kennedy School projects delving into mis- and #disinformation on #SocialMedia platforms, Donovan had raised millions in grants, testified before #Congress & been a frequent commentator on #tv, often faulting #internet companies for profiting from the spread of divisive falsehoods.

...This year, the school eliminated her position."

ht: @dankennedy_nu

#Corruption #Technology #Tech #Meta #USA #News

Text from article:
As research director of Harvard Kennedy School projects delving into mis- and disinformation on social media platforms, Donovan had raised millions in grants, testified before Congress and been a frequent commentator on television, often faulting internet companies for profiting from the spread of divisive falsehoods.

Last year, the school’s dean told her that he was winding down her main project and that she should stop fundraising for it. This year, the school eliminated her position. The surprise dismissal alarmed fellow researchers elsewhere, who saw Donovan as a pioneer in an increasingly critical area of great sensitivity to the powerful and well-connected tech giants.
18 hours ago

@alexwild #harvard where the truth is for sale, and integrity is nowhere to be found.

19 hours ago

🚨 "Ousted propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Meta

In a whistleblower complaint, she breaks her silence over events that unsettled other misinformation researchers"
#DisinformationResearch #JoanDonovan #Whistleblower #Harvard #CZI

Spaceflight 🚀
19 hours ago

#Harvard 📆 October 11, 2022 : Some spaghettified material occasionally gets flung out back into #space 🌌. #Astronomers liken it to #BlackHoles ⚫ being messy eaters — not everything they try to consume makes it into their mouths.

But the emission, known as an outflow, normally develops quickly after a #TDE occurs — not years later.

The outflow of material is traveling as fast as 50 percent the #SpeedOfLight. For comparison, most TDEs have an outflow that travels at 10 percent the speed of light

Center for #Astrophysics (#CfA)

#Astronomy #BlackHole

20 hours ago

#Harvard is racking up the #Reprehensible points.

20 hours ago

Tribes in #Maine Spent Decades Fighting to Rebury Ancestral Remains. #Harvard Resisted Them at Nearly Every Turn.

The university’s Peabody Museum exploited loopholes to prevent #repatriation to the Wabanaki people while still staying in compliance with #NAGPRA.

The tribes didn’t give up.

Photo of Donna Augustine, a member of the Mi’kmaq Nation, previously known as the Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians of Maine, standing outside along the shores of a body of water. Augustine has worked for decades on behalf of Wabanaki tribes to repatriate human remains and cultural items. 

Photo Credit: Tristan Spinski for ProPublica
21 hours ago

#Harvard University’s former disinformation expert, head of #TechnologyAndSocialChangeResearchProject #TASC
... #JoanDonovan ... lays out in detail how she and her research team at Harvard’s #KennedySchool #HKS came under sudden scrutiny from the school’s dean, #DouglasElmendorf, ..., after they started working on #HaugenFacebookFiles – a cache Donovan describes as “the most important documents in the history of the internet.

Dead horse or Harvard stinking?

David Hull 胡大衛
22 hours ago

"It [Harvard] also denies that she was fired, saying she “was offered the chance to continue as a part-time adjunct lecturer, and she chose not to do so.”"

Ousted propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Meta

In a whistleblower complaint, she breaks her silence over events that unsettled other misinformation researchers

#HigherEd #Harvard #Mtea #Facebook #Disinformation #Misinformation #JoanDonovan

Alex Wild
22 hours ago

Our oligarchs are so rich they don’t need to hire assassins to take care of the pesky journalists who cover their crimes, like they do in less wealthy countries.

They just obliterate the truth tellers and fact checkers with money.

#Meta #Harvard #Disinformation #Corruption

amen zwa, esq.
3 days ago

#Harvard #Law Ames Moot Court competition finals, presided by Justice Sotomayor.

The Ames Court didn't hold the punches. These kids are brilliant. But then, they're at Harvard Law, so....

Herr Schorsch
3 days ago

Idee: CO2 aus der Luft mit Solar/Windüberschuss in Ameisensäure umwandeln. Und damit Ameisensäure-Brennstoffzellen (*) betreiben.
Kein Science Fiction, sondern aktuell Stand der Forschung

(*) Nein, hab ich vorher auch noch nie gehört.
#erneuerbare #energiewende #mit #harvard

Random Facts ♾️
4 days ago

A recent study at 🎓#Harvard has shown that eating chocolate can actually help you live longer!

🌐 #RandomFact #RandomFacts #Fact #Facts

Ad Harvard si studierà Taylor Swift.
Ma non sarebbe più utile studiare i suoi fan?

#TaylorSwift #Harvard

Dr. Steve Thompson
4 days ago

"Education Department investigates Harvard following anti-Semitism complaint"

"The Department of Education added Harvard University to a list of institutions under investigation for alleged anti-Semitic and Islamophobic incidents on campus.

Harvard was added to the list, which includes 57 elementary-secondary and post-secondary institutions 'currently under investigation for discrimination involving shared ancestry' on Tuesday."

#highered #antisemitism #Harvard #Jews

John Refior
5 days ago

If you hate Kissinger, don't forget to blame Nixon, too:

"After getting out of the army, he attended Harvard. His 300-page undergraduate thesis was titled, 'The Meaning of History.' He went on to teach at #Harvard, becoming known for his hawkish views.

"Kissinger's writings brought him to the attention of Richard #Nixon, who made #Kissinger his national security adviser. Over the next few years, he directed one of the boldest periods of diplomacy in U.S. history."

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1 week ago

Family of another person whose remains may have been sold off by alleged #Harvard Medical School grim reaper sue
#Boston #lawsuits

Crow 🍉
1 week ago

@mondoweiss This Harvard professor lecturing American Jews on their responsibility to spread Zionist propaganda. “It's your job to make us look good.” #propaganda #Harvard #Zionist

#FreeSpeech only for the Anointed 🙁

The World’s Biggest Hypocrites?

“with a few exceptions, these once loud and incessant free speech defenders have bowed their heads and fallen silent.

In some cases they’ve been actively complicit in the reprisals. #Weiss’s publication, The #FreePress, cheered on donors threatening to defund universities and blacklist students from employment over an anti-#Israel letter signed by #Harvard students after October 7”

Text Shot: Pointing out the double standards of the armada of grifters afflicting every echelon of our global political sphere has long been pointless. They don’t care. This isn’t even the only example of their hypocrisy happening concurrently. Elon Musk is right now being supported by fellow free speech absolutists like Matt Taibbi as he engineers ruinous legal retribution for a news outlet that had the audacity to print a factual report about his platform

True story: In 1999, I personally shut down the #gopher #server at the #Harvard Law School.

In my defense, the #access logs showed that it hadn't been visited once in over a year and a half.

(Edit: I should note, I wasn't haxoring, I was the sysadm intern.)

2 weeks ago

@dell This article is extraordinary, and the #Harvard Law Review extraordinarily cowardly. #Palestine

#Harvard Law Review voted to censor what would have been its first blog by a Palestinian scholar—specifically, an editor said, because people “might oppose or be offended by it.”

The Nation has released it in full:

Tino Eberl ✅
2 weeks ago

"Neue Studie zeigt: #Wasserstoff steht kurz davor, die #Dekarbonisierung zu beschleunigen

Wasserstoff ist in der Lage, die globale #Energiewende zu beschleunigen, da die Industrie eine steile Lernkurve aufweist und Wege findet, das Gas effizienter und kostengünstiger zu produzieren. Das ist das Ergebnis einer neuen Studie von Forschern der #Harvard Business School und der Universität #Mannheim."

#Wasserstoff #Hydrogen #WasserstoffZukunft #Wasserstoffstrategie

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3 weeks ago
Doctor Memory
3 weeks ago

Shot in the dark here: did you, or anyone you know, work at the #Harvard Office of Information Technology (#OIT) circa 1997-98, AKA When Everyone Quit At Once over the summer? (Before or after the quitting is fine.)

If so... I have some questions which you are probably no longer legally enjoined from answering! 🤣

Lita Xú Líng Kelley
3 weeks ago


MIT, Brandeis, Harvard, and several other institutions have tried to repress their students’ support for Palestine with threats, arrests, and suspensions.

Join us in demanding an immediate ceasefire, an end to the siege on Gaza, an end to the US-funded Israeli occupation, and a Free Palestine!
📍Boston Common
🗓️Friday, Nov. 17
#ShutItDown4Palestine #boston #massachusetts #studentsforjusticeinpalestine #sjp #MIT #Harvard #brandeis

A call to #Harvard Admissions

"Don't worry, he didn't rape, he's very respectful of gender self-definition"

D. Creemer
3 weeks ago

Here's a summary of the great work happening at #harvard (and in other labs) to find a therapy for Usher Syndrome.

I continue to be amazed and impressed by machine that is science. The work these teams are doing is crazy - three different types of gene editing and vectors to treat progressive #blindness , based on decades of painstaking, bit-by-bit understanding of cellular and retina biology.

Al Wirtes
1 month ago

Shame on #Harvard and #HarvardKennedySchool !

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney | The Institute of Politics at Harvard University

1 month ago

@debivort Hashtagging this job posting for discoverability
#biology #academia #postdoc #GetFediHired #Harvard #JobSearch

Harvard University
1 month ago
Universal Hub
1 month ago

#Harvard now blames insurance broker for gaffe that could leave it on the hook for $15 million in legal bills
#CambridgeMA #lawsuits

Nicolas Ward
1 month ago

Not #harvard-local anymore but there's a big trans pride event this Thursday 10/26 at Boylston Hall in solidarity against an anti-trans invited speaker.

#Harvard is giving a free, online, intro-to-cybersecurity class, starting TODAY. It's a live class, and it's for technical and non-technical folks, all levels. Sign up here:

Thanks to @clintgibler for telling me about it!

"Ron DeSantis got his BA from Yale, and his law degree from Harvard. But these credentials have not stopped the Republican presidential contender from spewing out a toxic slurry of ignorant bigotry regarding the Palestinian men, women, and children who have been forced to flee from Israel’s 'complete siege' of Gaza."

~ John Nichols

#DeSantis #Islamophobia #Palestinians #Harvard #Yale #ignorance #bigotry

2 months ago

Thanks to #Harvard IT for this excellent tool.

"The #AI sandbox provides a 'walled-off' environment where prompts and data entered into the interface are seen by the user only — the data is not shared with #LLM vendors and cannot be used as training data for these models."

stefania maurizi
2 months ago

#SteveBell was sacked by the #Guardian in the very same days in which #France banned any protest in solidarity with #Palestine and #Harvard students got punished for signing a statement on #Israel's responsibilities in #Gaza

#Democratic lawmaker and #Harvard Alum Rep. Josh LaFazan (D) to Forbes:

"There is a real frightening wave of antisemitism and anti Zionism in this new generation, who have been misinformed and radicalized on social media"

"This is not the time to equivocate. At what point have you lost your humanity? This is the time to be firm and very direct: You either stand on the side of humanity and human rights, or you stand on the side of barbarism"

@ProPublica yeah Harvard is in rough shape. Still showing preference for white students (via legacy admission practice), still paying #climate criminal Jody Freeman to teach, ET CETERA.
I’m sure some #Harvard people are patting themselves on the back for hiring their first Black president recently, as if this means they are making progress, but we know it doesn’t. S/o to the students and everyone pushing for real change

2 months ago

A Racist #Harvard Scientist Commissioned Photos of Enslaved People. One Possible Descendant Wants to Reclaim Their Story.

The images are among the oldest known #photographs of enslaved people in America.

Tamara Lanier’s fight to gain control of them shows there is no clear system in place to repatriate remains of captive Africans or objects associated with them.

#Photography #Repatriation #Slavery #Lawsuits #News

Sindre Wimberger
2 months ago

Die #Harvard und #BCG Studie beleuchtet beide Seiten der #KI im Arbeitsplatz: 🔼 Produktivität steigt, doch Fehler erhöhen sich bei komplexen Aufgaben. 🔄 Es geht nicht nur um Technologie, sondern um die organisatorische Anpassung und laufende Schulung der Teams. 🤖+👥=🚀 #ZukunftDerArbeit

2 months ago

Elite-Unis wie #Harvard sorgen dafür, dass bestehende soziale #Ungleichheit im Bildungssystem der USA bestehen bleibt, meint der Juraprofessor Evan Mandery aus New York. Warum das System ungerecht ist, erklärt er im Interview mit Christoph Drösser (€) @weltreporter

#ungleichheit #harvard #universität

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3 months ago

There'll always be a #Harvard: Harvard to Pause Visits From Heads of State Ahead of President Gay’s Inauguration

Universal Hub
4 months ago

#Harvard loses again in affirmative-action case, this time in failed suit against insurer that wouldn't pay for the school's legal bills
#lawsuits #CambridgeMA

Mariya Delano
4 months ago

#Harvard blues

A picture taken next to Harvard’s art museum, featuring red brick sidewalk, a blue evening sky, and a car with headlights driving towards the camera