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iFi Audio hip-dac 3 Review

Today's feature is a review and comparison of the hip-dac 3, which is a next-gen compact portable DAC and headphone amplifier from iFi Audio.

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Replaced Windows 11 on my HP with Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS and noticed my headphones no long work #headphones

Turpentine Creek
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*** Unique Gift Ideas *** Animal Print Headphones - Super fun, fuzzy, 8" animal print headphones. Choose between Leopard and White Tiger Print. Attached Aux cord.

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Emory L.
2 days ago

these #headphones claimed to support wireless charging and i almost left the house with this thing literally cooking on my desk:

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FiiO BTR15 Review

Our weekend continues with a review from James of FiiO's massively updated BT wireless and balanced output-capable dongle DAC, the BTR15.

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So, here's the thing I did and I'm proud of!

I have a #blog, and I review and recommend #audiodrama on it.
I know it sounds like not much really, but it is somewhat important to me.
For the most of my life I was certain that I can't really get into audiobooks, or any other kind of #audiofiction, because, well, it was to hard for me to focus on etc.
But few years ago I discovered that it really is easier now for me to 'read stuff' on my #headphones, partially due to my PTSD. So I started listening to audiodrama because it helped me survive being in public spaces at first, but I got lots and lots of more than that!
I discovered a vibrant, beautiful, #queer, #divergent, colorful #community that gave me not only entertainment, but also knowledge, friendship, place to belong, sense of community and representation.

So I want to share it with others in the best way I know.
That's why I want to get introduce you to The #Shoutbox Blog!
I post #reviews, recommendations, gossip and exciting news about audio fiction world, and you are more than welcome to join the fun!

You will find it on or here at @blog

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Logitech G Unveils New Astro A5O X Wireless Gaming Headset: Here’s How to Pre-Order Online

Check it out! 👇

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Bose QuietComfort Ultra im Test: Der ANC-Kopfhörer ist ein teurer Rausch #Bose #QuietComfort #Headphones

4 days ago

ubuntu 22.04 on Dell XPS 17 9730 (2023): Wired earbuds - speakers switching not working properly automatically or manually #sound #2204 #pulseaudio #headphones #speakers

Tech news from Canada
4 days ago
Jcrabapple :virginia_badge:
4 days ago

Are there any #headphones that have a similar build and profile to the Apple Airpods Max but don't cost $500?

4 days ago

ha. just left home and then realized i’ve also left my #airpodsmax case behind for the very #firsttime… let’s see how my day goes accommodating the #headphones when they aren’t in use.

AlexHernandez :verified:
5 days ago

SOUNDPEATS announces its new Open-Ear GoFree2 headphones

The SOUNDPEATS GoFree2 headphones feature LDAC audio technology that enables the transmission of high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth.

#SOUNDPEATS #technews #audio #headphones

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Jetzt in unserem Onlineshop – SHIFT6mq + SHIFTsound BNO Bundle📱+🎧

Mit diesem Bundle erhältst du beide Produkte um 44 € vergünstigt. Wir schenken dir also quasi das Gerätepfand für beide Geräte.🙂
Das Angebot endet am 11. Januar 2024.

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #shiftsoundbno #shift6mq #bundle #smartphone #headphones

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Meze Audio Empyrean II Review

Its the follow-up to the classic, the Empyrean II, and its reviewed and compared in today's feature!

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Butterfly LaChoi
6 days ago

Like is YOUR name Johnny Suh?
(Yes I know he's an inch off, shut up I am making a POINT)


#Headphones #JohnnySuhWouldNever

Tech news from Canada
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Make Use Of: Beyerdynamic MX 200 Review: Great Sound, But Needs More Features #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Noise-cancellingHeadphones #ProductReviews #Headphones

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Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review

We start the working week with a review from Lynn of the latest balanced dongle DAC from Hidizs, the S9 Pro Plus 'Martha'.

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Audio-Technica Stranger Wife
#headphones #engrish

Ох как обидно!

У меня сломались наушники с таким серийником...

Вот на них-то настоящий сатанинский митол надо сводить было!

#pic #headphones #Beyerdynamic #dt1990pro #audio #sound #recording #fail #numbers #log #fun #hardware #грустьпичаль

Serial number: 136666
1 week ago

My headphone on my Ubuntu is not working Asus gl503ge #sound #2204 #asus #headphones #audiojack

DeeAnn Little
1 week ago

It's getting dark pretty early here, so I stuck some reflective bike helmet tape on my outdoor headphones. It shows up as glossy black during the day and glows silver/gold metallic when lit up with artificial light/headlights (I used the flash on my phone to show it).


Door with hangers, on the left is a canvas utility organizer and on the right are two sets of headphones.
Same door, with flash photography on. The headphones have reflective tape on them that glow when lit.
Closeup of reflective tape on headphones showing the glow when lit.
Wiener LP Café
1 week ago

Bis Ende des Jahres alle Kophörer von Austrian Audio stark vergünstigt. #headphones #kopfhörer #austrianaudio #weihnachtsgeschenke

1 week ago

Asking for recommendations on headphones for chatting. I want to chat while playing on my Xbox and my audiophile headphones do not support mic while in game. Please give me some suggestions. #gaming #headphones

1 week ago
Senheiser Momentum 4
Sony XM4
1 week ago

HIFIMAN Ananda Nano Review

A new generation Ananda from HIFIMAN at a much lower price than when the original was launched. Is this the best version of these open-back planar headphones yet? Louis finds out in our latest review!

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1 week ago

Hmm, anyone have experience with the Schitt Audio Modi + Magni stack? I picked one up cheap on FB marketplace because I was a fan of their Mani phono preamp but I’m kinda underwhelmed with it. Definitely doesn’t sound notably better than my audio interface (Clarett 2Pre) headphone amp - a bit more forward in the mids/high mids but with what sounds like reduced upper lows and a narrower stereo field. This sound familiar to anyone?

#audio #audiophile #headphones

Your Autistic Life
2 weeks ago

I got a pair of Soundcore Life Q30 today.


Because my old pair of crappy headphones was too crappy. Sometimes someone comes up for a Dharma talk and either I cannot hear them, or I have to really strain to make out what they are saying. It is even worse when the HVAC in my apartment is running.

For the Dharma talk lastTuesday, I put my headphones on, but the HVAC came on and messed things up.

I'm hoping the Soundcore headphones will help. I've paired them with my HDTV. I can already notice a nice bass boost compared to my earbuds. (That was to be expected. Earbuds are really not good at replicating bass.)

#ActuallyAutistic #PartiallyDeaf #SoundcoreLifeQ30 #headphones

2 weeks ago

Con el avance de la tecnología Bluetooth, los auriculares inalámbricos comenzaron a ofrecer una calidad de sonido comparable a la de los modelos alámbricos.

Leer más 👉

#Tecnologia #Headphones #Auriculares

Michael Rawdon
2 weeks ago

I have some Jabra Elite 85h wireless noise-canceling #headphones which I bought a little over 4 years ago. They have not gotten heavy use (I only use them in the office and of course I wasn't in the office for over a year), but now they sometimes stop playing through one earpiece.

Is 4 years a typical life expectancy for such devices? Are Jabra headphones poor in this regard?

2 weeks ago

suggestion: which wireless heaphones with integrated microphone? #wireless #bluetooth #headphones #multimedia

Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago

Make Use Of: Razer Moray IEMs Review: Comfortable but Lacking Balanced Audio #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #ProductReviews #Headphones #Razer

Dubs! 🌩️
2 weeks ago

While I do like the fit and sound of these #Razer #headphones, I strongly detest the fact some vaguely disinterested woman's voice announces “Power On" when I power them on

Wow I wasn't expecting the AirPods Pro 2 improved sound quality to be so noticeable! The noise cancelation is also impressive. Plus hand-off to/from my Mac works really well and fast.

#AirPodsPro #Headphones #Apple

2 weeks ago

#Earphones aside though, when it comes to #headphones, if you're like me and value comfort perhaps even more than you value the audio quality (not to say the audio's bad, they're honestly super good to my ears but ymmv) - for your regular pair of headphones for use with your desktop or laptop (you can use with mobile too with an adapter if needed), I highly, HIGHLY recommend the #HyperX #CloudII.

I was recently gifted a pair of
#Bose #QC45 (hehe) which I have also been wanting purely for its comfort, but prior to that I have been using the Cloud II for I'd say ~5-6 years. I've tried many pairs of headphones around the same price range and even those that costs 2-3x more, but none compared to the Cloud II in terms of comfort. I actually once bought the #Sony #XM4 wireless headphones on sale, and I sold it back immediately after less than a week of using it bcos despite the 3x price increase (over Cloud II), that thing was awfully uncomfortable for long use and felt like a massive downgrade.

Now that I have the QC45, I'd say that it's definitely a massive upgrade in terms of comfort over the XM4, but the Cloud II is definitely just as comfortable if not more comfortable over the QC45. Sound-wise, as someone that has no idea how to describe aurally, I'd say that the Cloud II will definitely offer a good experience listening to music, watching a movie, or for gaming.

If you're looking to get one, I'd definitely recommend getting them in "Black" or "Gun Metal" for a more stealthy, work-friendly look compared to the "Red" ones lol. They even come with a nice USB "audio card" that's super nice and makes it easy for you to extend and hide the audio cable under your desk. It also has an okay microphone that I don't really use, but you could. When I got it years ago, they even gave a nice travel bag for the headset, though I'm not sure if they still include that.


2 weeks ago

EXACTLY. I literally cannot wear in-ear #earbuds, for comfort reasons and also to avoid fatigue and dizziness. It drives me insane how there aren't many of them, and not many of them are good. #Apple's regular #EarPods are comfortable (to my ears), but they don't last long despite how expensive they are. There are other cheap ones that are similar and work fine, but none that comes to mind that I'd recommend. Apple's #AirPods might be the only/best non in-ear buds there is rn, but if you use it too often, I cannot stomach having to dispose of the AirPods after a couple of years (after 1 year even) when its battery gets scuffed. This is probably true for any wireless earphones (maybe even headphones).

I have to say though, as someone who's anti in-ear earphones my whole life,
#AirPodsPro has my approval. I don't know what magic they pulled (it's apparently partly has to do with the vents) but wearing them in your ears, + enable the bud's Transparency mode (which until today is still the ONLY good transparency/awareness mode to exist even compared to other expensive, much bigger #headphones like #Sony's XM line and #Bose's QC line), you will literally feel like you're not wearing anything - comfort-wise AND most importantly, hearing-wise. You will hear ur surroundings not 1db quieter, or louder, it's really that natural sounding.

Despite feeling like you're not wearing anything in your ears though, and it is
THAT comfortable, it will still hurt the insides of ur ears if u wear it all day/night. But that could just be me, since I have earphones on even while sleeping. My only complaint I have of the AirPods Pro though other than the pain I sometimes get after extremely long use, is that I find it... pretty quiet. I'm not sure if it's true, but it certainly feels quieter even when compared to my regular AirPods Gen 1. The mic is pretty meh too if that matters, the mic on the regular wired EarPods is significantly better.


James Scholes
2 weeks ago

Related: I just bought the #Shokz #OpenFit, on my endless quest to find #headphones that sit nicely about my person without requiring invasive surgery or flattened hair. I'll possibly hate them, as I've hated every set of such headphones that isn't the non-Pro #AirPods.

Alex Kidman
2 weeks ago

Samsung's FE suffix has (typically) been applied to affordable mid-range phones -- but what happens when they make Galaxy Buds FE? Here's my full review (video and text, take your pick):

#Samsung #Headphones #GalaxyBudsFE

2 weeks ago

Bose Bluetooth Headphones Are 40% Off for Cyber Monday, Down to Their Lowest Price Ever

Check it out! 👇

#Shop #Headphones #Bose #ProductRecommendations #Culture

How-To Geek
2 weeks ago

Should You Connect Your PC Headphones With USB or the Headphone Jack?

Check it out! 👇

#Headphones #PcOptimization #Audio #Hardware

2 weeks ago

Damn… my in the ear Beats broke today. Guess I’m getting new #headphones for Christmas. Any recommendations? Looking for something in ear, high quality volume, with noise canceling and can stay in the ear easily. AirPods fall out when I exercise.

ok fedi hit me up with somewhat good quality in-ear cabled headphones (USB-C), which still are on budget!



#FollowerPower #headphones #USBC

taste of taboo
2 weeks ago

Just for my weird brain

How many of you still use good speakers instead of headphones

#headphones #speaker #inears

I got new headphones gimme some good DnB songs to test them out. #drumandbass #dnb

Or any other songs. #music #headphones #audeze

2 weeks ago

Beats Headphones Are on Sale for Black Friday: Save Up to 50% Off Beats Studio Pro, Solo3 & More

Check it out! 👇

#Lifestyle #Headphones #Culture #BeatsByDre #ProductRecommendations #Culture

Tech news from Canada
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Make Use Of: Save Up to 36%: Elevate Your Audio Experience With Irresistible Black Friday Deals From 1MORE #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #BlackFriday #Headphones #Promoted

Tech news from Canada
3 weeks ago

Make Use Of: EarFun Free Pro 3 Review: Feature-Packed Earbuds Let Down by Poor ANC #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Noise-cancellingHeadphones #ProductReviews #Headphones

»#Sonos plans a 2024 loaded with new products — including #headphones and a set-top box: The over-ear headphones are rumored to cost between $400 and $500.« #tech #media

Tech news from Canada
3 weeks ago

Wired: 18 Best Wired Headphones (2023): In-Ear, Over-Ear, Studio #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Headphones #Gear/BuyingGuides #GoodVibrations #buyingguides #Headphones #Shopping #audio #Gear

TapTap 🎮
3 weeks ago

Are there any bluetooth headsets with 'studio quality' mics so to speak?

I have a Audio-Technica BPHS1 set, I'd like a not-in-the-PC-room set of headphones for streaming that are as close to that as I can get without a crazy price

#tech #headphones #recording #microphone #youtuber #vtuber #streaming #videorecording

What are the top noise cancelling headphones? I reviewed the @Bose QuietComfort Ultra versus the @Sony WH-1000XM5 to see which reigns supreme! Find out the winner based on noise cancellation, audio, design and more. What do you think is the best headset for blocking sound?
#noisecancelling #headphones

4 weeks ago

"Portable" Music Player

Headphone mode 推得動abbyss diana v2
IEM mode low gain用campfire pathfinder完全聽不出低噪

怪物 :doge:

#headphones #audiophile

1 month ago

Friends in #Valencia, do you know where I can replace the batteries of my wireless #headphones Sony WF-1000XM4? They don't seem to last much anymore...

1 month ago

I recently received my pair of Heavys #headphones. While I don’t like them overall they made realize that I would like to have a good pair of over-ear headphones again.
I’m now looking for a replacement for my #Shure SHR940 which I absolutely love sound wise but are really uncomfortable and have really bad build quality.
Current contenders are Sennheiser HD600, Hifiman Sundara and Shure 840A.
Does someone have other recommendations or insights?
#hifi #audiophile


#Arctis #Steelseries 3 BT as always

Last for days
Can mix bt&3.5 mm audio
Has cable for cord connection

Pretty cool #headphones

Jeff Fortin T.
1 month ago

Found a pile of HDMI cables in a plastic bag in a store's "electronics recycling" cart, brought them home… and tonight discovered a working pair of #Sony MDR-W08 "vertical in-the-ear" sports #headphones in the bag!

Seems like I'm in luck, as the MDR-W08 have long been discontinued, and apparently they have a cult following. For a long time I've wanted gym #headsets that aren't some Li-ion/Li-Po battery-powered planned-obsolescence bullshit… I will have to take care of these 🧐️

Photo of the Sony MDR-W08 "vertical in-the-ear" sports headphones I found
James Scholes
1 month ago

I'm looking for a device to which I can send #audio from my #iPhone, wired or wirelessly, and have that audio then sent to two sets of #Bluetooth #headphones in sync. Does anybody know of such a thing, or have ideas on how it could be cobbled together?

Ryan Peters
2 months ago

I need a recommendation for a nice (aka, premium) pair of wireless (non-bluetooth), over ear headphones with active noise cancellation. Thank you!

#headphones #boost #recommendation

2 months ago

"You must install our app to pair your headphones."

You just made me immediately regret this purchase.

#alexa #headphones #bluetooth

2 months ago

Had a succession of Sennheiser headphones over the years. Get the feeling I should've gone for the Koss Porta pro's decades ago instead. #headphones

Can someone reccommend me #headphones ? I need:

  • Big earphones (not small buds)
  • Wireless bluetooth (Also considering wired with detachable wire, but wireless are preffered)
  • Tolerable sound quality for music
  • Not very costly and not very new models (later has problems with being bought in my region)
  • Prefferably durable

Maybe I want too much, but happy to receive any reccomendation.

Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Review: Runner Diver2 Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones”

The good folk at Nank (Naenka) have sent me their latest waterproof Bluetooth headphones to review. Wear 'em while you're in the shower, swimming, jogging, or just on an endless sea of Zoom calls about quarterly budgets. Unboxing Bone Conducting??! Yup! Rather than s…

👀 Read more:

#bluetooth #gadgets #headphones #review

Matthew Florianz
2 months ago

Come visit my #ambient #darkambient music site this #BandcampFriday and "Name Your Price".

This promotion benefits all and is especially meant for listeners from countries for whom the regular 5£ release represents a different value than in the Uk.

If you download for free, great, that helps with viability If you can pay, that money is invested in new hard- and soft-ware for music creation. Thank you either way.

#hifi #headphones #atmosphere

Ryan Peters
2 months ago

Those working remotely, or anyone with a nice gaming #headset, what do you recommend as a #bluetooth option? Mine decided to break today. Thanks!

#headphones #boost

2 months ago

You know me - I'm a FOSS fanatic, and I don't compromise on my values. That's why I didn't think I'd ever do a video about a product I was given by the manufacturer, because - what could be relevant to FOSS and audio production?

Turns out there's something :)

EDIT: Reuploaded the video, replaced the link (it didn't go through as a"short")

#unfa #Ploopy #PloopyHeadphones #OpenHardware #Audio #Headphones #Sound

Matthew Florianz
2 months ago

Hello listeners of #ambient #electronic #experimental #game #music !

This is an exclusive Mastadon promo for an album that tells a story: #headphones recommended!

Feel free to grab one of the codes below and if you could be so kind and reply to let others know which one you used?





3 months ago

Who is a headphone person?
#headphones #tech #technology

My Bose crapped out after 2 years and they had connectivity problems so not super impressed.
- must be headphones not AirPods
- must have excellent noise cancelling
- must have excellent comfort

Ideas? #mastodon

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

#question of the day: I can't comfortably fit everything I need into my #laptop bag when I'm doing a serious work session. I'm curious if others have a secondary bag they use / like?

In addition to what fits into the main bag I'm usually looking to carry:
- full size keyboard
- 1-3 books (usually tech, so think fairly sizeable, 300-500+ pp ea.)
- water bottle
- lunch
- #headphones (over-ear)

#Thoughts, #suggestions?

Bastion Shadowpaw
3 months ago

🎧 Oh wow the HIFIMAN Ananda is on sale for $399 (down from $999)

I've got the HIFIMAN SUNDARA (2020 version) and paid about $350. Tempting upgrade for myself but even better if you've been eying your first wired open-back headphones in the $350-$400 range.

#hifi #headphones #audiophile #HIFIMAN

Photo of HIFIMAN Ananda headphones
3 months ago

Can't recommend Hörluchs for custom IEM molds. Took them 2 weeks to figure out that they are unable to fit them with my ATH-E70 IEMs. Now eagerly waiting for them to send back my earbud. #bass #bassguitar #headphones

Matthew Broberg
3 months ago

Finally getting replacement cushions for my QC headphones and impressed with the reviews, price, and return policy of this site #headphones

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

The Heavys Heavy Metal Headphones kick-starter I contributed to a few years back was delivered today.

Looking forward to trying these out this weekend.

🤘 😎

#Heavys #HeavyMetal #HeadPhones

3 months ago
3 months ago

Anker Soundcore Space One im Test: ANC-Kopfhörer für unter 100 Euro bietet Hi-Res-Audio #Anker #Soundcore #headphones #IFA2023

3 months ago
3 months ago

Beyerdynamic has a new Bluetooth neckband earbud!
The Blue BYRD ANC sound great, get great battery life, and have a KILLER feature that true wireless buds can't match! Let's take a look!

#bluetooth #tech #technology #headphones #earbuds #geek #audiophile #music #review #youtube

4 months ago

Open-source headphones!
And studio-grade at that as well :)

You can buy them fully assembled or build from a kit, or make everything yourself. From reviews they seem to be relatively very cheap compared to how good they sound.
They run off of a USB connection.
These are open-back over-ear. I wonder if there's designs for a closed-back version...
#OpenSource #FOSS #FOSSaudio #LibreAudio #OpenHardware #PloopyHeadphones #Headphones #MusicProduction #MusicEnjoyer

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

#Sony WF-1000XM5 review: The right kind of downsizing

Sony's new earbuds shed 25% of mass compared to the last generation but somehow improved audio performance while keeping the same battery life.

#HearingTech #Audio #Headphones #EarBuds

Fuck it, #introduction time. I'm dot. I'm an #autistic #transwoman in the rural southeast US. My interests currently are #smwkaizo, #onepiece, #headphones (and their cables), and more. I'm awful at social media, but you might be able to see me around on Twitch (whatsupdot).

5 months ago


Interesting #MEMS #sensorics reaching #headphones

You should give a try to #boneconduction #audio

It could take like 3 months for your ears to adapt hearing coming both from vibration & sound, but afterwards you will not switch back!


Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
5 months ago

One of the best things about #SocialMedia is the opportunity to make new #connections

Intriguingly, this is a thread that runs right through the #LatestEpisode of #HelloYou #Podcast with @louisew & I!

(We also talk about #religion, #architecture, #music, #awe and more!)

If you would like a taste of what you'll get before you even plug in your #headphones, check out our #Shownotes here!

5 months ago
Andre Polykanine
5 months ago

Dear Masto people, I need your help. I need a pair of wired headphones that would comfortably sit on my head and have this function to listen to the outer world, I don't remember its name: when you switch it on, built-in mics allow you to hear what's going on outside. Any ideas, does that exist not in Bluetooth form-factor? USB is OK, I need it for my PC. Thanks! #Help #Headphones #Gadgets

Matthias Ott
5 months ago

I’m looking for decent, small-ish, wired over-ear #headphones for video calls, workshops, podcasting etc. Any recommendations? What are you using? 🎧

5 months ago

My old Sennheiser PX-100 II, small, folding, over-ear #headphones broke today, and sadly they don't appear to be made anymore. Anyone have any suggestions for alternatives, wired, or otherwise? I can't stand ear buds, and I liked having a compact set that could easily fold into a pocket and are light that I can use for running.

Christian Alder
5 months ago

Headphone connoisseurs! I'm looking for some recommendations.

Looking for something that fits some/most of these criteria.

- Wireless

- Super comfortable (I'm talking, wear it all working day comfort), Light? Breathable?

- Good at blocking outside noise / people, I'm in a home office, shared with loud family at times 😅

- Removable / washable padding would be neat, I'm in 30°C+ temp...

I'll prioritise comfort over amazing expensive sound quality.


🎧 #Headphones #HomeOffice

6 months ago

Status Audio Between 3ANC True Wireless Earbuds: With A Trick AirPods Can't Copy...

Slowly getting back up to speed reviewing earbuds after some BAD ear infections. SUCH a nice treat getting to play with something a little different!

#tech #technology #headphones #earbuds #bluetooth #audio #audiophile #music #geek #review #youtube #anc #tws #wireless #gadgets

6 months ago

Do you miss the headphone jack on your smartphone? (Please boost for a bigger sampling.)

#Polls #Mobile #Phones #Cords #Jacks #Ports #Smartphones #Poll #Survey #Headphones

7 months ago

I need help with choosing #Headphones. I want them to work across the spectrum from phone calls on my iphone to gaming on my macbook to streaming on my LG TV. I would like them to have decent sound quality and excellent connectivity reliability. Switching between devices on the fly is important. Lastly, they have to be comfortable enough to wear for a few hours at a time. Sound quality is important but not the top priority. Comfort and clarity are top.

Thank you for any feedback.

7 months ago

A couple of years ago I recorded a very short, but somewhat intense, rainstorm with hail and thunder. And now I'm sharing it with you. Put on some headphones and relax.
#Audio #Recording #FieldRecording #BinauralAudio #BinauralRecording #Binaural #Sound #Nature #Rain #Headphones

The recording starts out with some birds and some very light rain, which gradually increases in intensity throughout the recording. There is some really cool thunder throughout, but don't worry, it's quite far and more of a rumble than scary booms.

Hello World, allow be to reintroduce myself.
I am the admin of Weird.Autos :wa:
By day I do quantitative research about and in service to people with disabilities.
By night I run a small statistical programming tutoring company
I drive an ND #miata :nd: but also love enjoying #walkable cities and taking #transit
I am an #audiophile that loves traditional #hifi & #headphones
I can't stop adopting homeless cats and problematic used european station wagons.


Jeff Byrnes
9 months ago

Dug my over-ear cans 🎧 (a pair of Oppo OM-3 closed-back headphones) out of my desk for the first time in… I don’t even know how long, and I really need to keep these close at hand. Just a real joy to listen with, and simpler, cleaner, and more balanced/flat response than the AirPods Pro that are now my daily drivers.

Anyway, don‘t forget to enjoy the great gear you might have sitting around, and if you don’t enjoy it, pass it on so someone else can. #headphones #treatYoSelf

I feel like it's really hard to find ear muff headphones.

Basically ear muffs (like for shooting or industrial work) with headphone speakers in them.

Everything I find is either ear muffs, or noise cancelling headphones, but not the specific combo of both.

I've seen a few bluetooth enabled ear muffs but I'm skeptical of them.

#hearing #EarMuffs #NoiseCancelling #Headphones

Evie (SleepyCatten)
9 months ago

I know it's objectively silly, but I really want to get some clip-on cat ears to fit my Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones :uwu:

Thinking these maybe? 👇


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9 months ago

If you want good headphones, buy the Sony XM4 (!), not the XM5. I wanted to upgrade and I really wanted to like the XM5 because the design is neat. But they're not worth it. After 20 days of trying to love it I have to admit they are heavily overpriced and don't provide any benefit as opposed to the XM4 other than design.

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Doug Belshaw
9 months ago

OK #headphones nerds, I'm being driven mad by noise in & around my home office

I've got some Anker Q20s which are amazing, but don't fit *over* my ears which means that they're not comfortable to wear for extended periods.

My old wired Sennheisers seem to have given up the ghost in terms of noise cancellation.

TBH I don't really care how much a good pair of headphones costs because they're for work. Lemme know what the best ones are in terms of comfort for *work* (not music!)

Padraig Fahy 🌈
10 months ago

Anyone have Over-Ear Headphones recommendations for under approx €200?

Mostly for travelling, so Bluetooth ideal but I’ll take wired.

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Ira F. Cummings
10 months ago

Does anybody have Beats Fit Pro headphones? How's the fit? I'm thinking about getting them but Apple earbuds tend to fall out of my ears when running.

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Rob Campbell 🐳
10 months ago

say what you will about #Apple, but they make nice stuff.

I bought a pair of Air Pods Pro over the holidays to use with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I’d resisted these for years because I’m a wired #headphones guy. I have a pair of Mifo O7s that are Pretty Good at being Bluetooth headphones, but they won’t pair with multiple devices so are inconvenient.

Airpods and their ability to seamlessly switch devices are magical.

Sound quality is decent, substantial. Noise cancelling works well.

10 months ago

A clipping from the #1975 #Sears Christmas catalog for "Headphone Radios." I love that the first example they give for an activity you can do while wearing them is "hours of hiking." 😂

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A clipping from the 1975 Sears Christmas catalog. It features "Headphone Radios". They look like enormous headphones with ear cups that are almost cube shaped. On the ad, it says: "Headphone Radios for uninterrupted listening to your favorite radio stations." It also says: "So lightweight they feel comfortable for hours of hiking.", "Only you can ear the music as soft or loud as you like.", "Listen to music or sports instead of irritating noise.", and "Enjoy weekend sports with your weekend chores."
10 months ago

PSA: Do not ever test reconnecting your amp to your #headphones by putting them on without checking the volume first.

It was 1 second but so insanely loud that it made me dizzy and my ears still feel weird. Really hoping I didn’t cause any permanent damage. I’m sure this is an electronics thing, but why can headphones even go so loud?

Sam :mastodon: :vivaldi_blue:
10 months ago

#headphones on!

Weather Report - Volcano For Hire
Playboy #Jazz Festival (1982)

Josef Zawinul - #Keyboards
Wayne Shorter - #sax
Victor Bailey - #bass
Omar Hakim - #drums
Jose Rossy -# percussion