21 minutes ago

I left it in the incubator last night with the heating mat turned off and the lid ajar, so it was somewhat insulated, though not fully.

It was warm this morning, and I moved it to a raised rack on the table to finish. I'm going to let it go for another 8 hours. The slab is now quite firm, but I like as much mycelium growth as I can get.

@vegancooking @wfpb
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A plastic bag lying flat holding a white mass with scattered black dots where the chickpeas or barley show through the mycelium of the tempeh.
59 minutes ago

@nathanu I'm not sure I understand — you mean it loses flavor if you let it rest before putting it into the hot pan? I had not noticed, but that seems possible. It's certain, though, that putting the minced (or grated or sliced) garlic immediately into the hot pan loses nutrients:

#garlic #cooking #health #nutrients

Harrow Newsbot
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Unprecedented TB Drugs Stock-Out in India: Union Health Minister Skips UN High-Level Meet

'The Wire' spoke to several individuals across India, who are affected by the acute shortage of TB drugs in the country. The WHO has described this situation as 'worrying', while the state TB officials call it 'frustrating'.

#tuberculosis #TB #TBDrugs #UN #WHO #MansukhMandaviya #DRTB #StopTBPartnership #GlobalTBProgramme #healthcare #health #medicine #india

Johannes Ernst
2 hours ago

How likely is it that, in a generation, we will look at storing (and heating) food and drinks in plastic containers the way we look at using asbestos for construction today?

“Packaging food in plastic sounded like a good idea at the time. How wrong we were and how much illness we caused.”

What do you think?

#food #microplastics #plastic #plasticpollution #health

The Conversation U.S.
2 hours ago

Secondhand smoke may be an overlooked source of lead exposure in kids.

Other everyday items that can cause exposure: some ceramic cookware and dishes, many common spices, some toys, hair-coloring products and cosmetics, and more.

And exposure can limit cognitive development and cause a drop in IQ.

A mother lights up a cigarette near her toddler, who sits in a high chair in the background.
Sean Murthy
3 hours ago

The main problem with eating is that it leads to more eating.

#diet #health #fasting

Yahia Lababidi
4 hours ago

"My feeling is that there is nothing in life but refraining from hurting others, and comforting those who are sad."

— Olive Schreiner

#health #love #life #quotes

Sean Murthy
4 hours ago

My experience w Healthyr at-home test kit (☝️): Sample collection involves bit more blood than typical for at-home glucometer, but collection, registration, mailing are all straightforward.

100% web interaction. Easy-to-use Results page, downloadable Results PDF. Most important, results seem reliable w values in expected range.

Overall good experience. Bought more kits because unbeatable price: $19.97 v $80 direct.

#health #healthyLiving #diagnostics #Costco #healthyr

Partial content of a column in a table. Black text on white background. Each row is separated by a thin gray line:

EAG (Calc)
% Hemoglobin A1C
High-Sensitivity CRP
Vitamin B12
Alex Nedelcu
7 hours ago

Carbohydrate-insulin model or cholesterol denialism are in the same pseudoscientific category as telekinesis, anti-vaxxing, or homeopathy. All are supposedly "science-based", have conferences and are researched by people with "Dr." in their title.

Unfortunately, amongst the tech crowd, the allure for body hacking is strong, and nobody is immune to conspiracy theories (you've been lied to by Ancel Keys!)

#diet #health #science

7 hours ago

Because I do a lot of walking in rocky, wet & seasonally cold environments, I wear out my hiking boots every few years.

"waterproof" synthetic boots don't stay waterproof for long.

For 15 years I've searched for "vegan leather hiking boots", by design, they'd be more robust (re-waterproofed)

"#vegan" #leather material is produced, but, the supply & demand, or demand & supply?, is dominated by boots made out of animal skin 🤔

Veggie Trekker

#ClimateChange #health

A photograph of hiking boots that are not made out of any animal parts. They look and feel like leather hiking boots. There are many comparably robust materials that shoes can be made from. However, the market is dominated by boots made from animal skin (leather) or synthetic boots that soon lose their waterproofness.
Tech news from Canada
9 hours ago
IT News
9 hours ago

Inside the race to stop a deadly viral outbreak in India - Enlarge / Road blockade due to Nipah affected areas at Chathamangalam p... - #viraloutbreak #syndication #quarantine #science #health #india #virus

11 hours ago

It feels really painful to wear glasses 👓 all tye time 😑

#myopia #eye #health #glass #spectacles

Giuseppe Michieli
12 hours ago

''#Risk #assessment: The overall public #health risk from currently known #influenza viruses at the #humananimal interface has not changed, and sustained human-to-human transmission of the viruses from these cases is currently considered unlikely. Although human infections with viruses of animal origin are unusual, they are not unexpected at the human-animal interface wherever these viruses circulate in animals. ''

Freedom Press
12 hours ago

Book review: Sick Of It All
Sick Of It All analyses Britain’s health and social care services and looks at the potential for radical change and non-capitalistic healthcare models.
#BookReview #Health #NHS

A graphic in which the book's front cover, which pictures healthcare workers in masks with fists in the air, is imposed onto a hospital corridor.
Techno-News IL
13 hours ago

Israel makes cancer treatment breakthrough with genomic profiling

Hadassah-University Medical Center and a pharmaceutical company offer personalized cancer care based on genomic profiling.

#Israel #health #cancer @israel

Matthew Rimmer
14 hours ago

Health organisations across the country pledge their support for the Voice to Parliament via @ABCaustralia #health #voice #IndigenousIP

I Like Books
14 hours ago

"Across Europe, autumn heralds the arrival of the coveted and delicious porcino, or Boletus edulis mushroom. A cultural and culinary icon in Italian cooking, these mushrooms are the target of recreational mushroom picking in Italy and other countries, but they are also powerful antioxidants and can protect against everything from Crohn’s disease to preeclampsia.

Porcini have been harvested for probably thousands of years, but it’s only recently that they’ve been identified as having the second-highest content of a powerful nutrient among all mushrooms examined for it.

The nutrient is called ergothioneine, styled ‘ERG’ for short, and may very well be the 15th vitamin that science has only just discovered we need."

#GoodNews #PorciniMushroom #Health

@cloudguy Some people fret about...

#ElonMusk's nonexistent town square?

Strategists celebrate REAL #SocialMedia🔴

❷ Being monetized?

Minimalists smile🔴

❸ The #Fediverse — while urging all to run & go patch that #Smartphone, #iPhone, #iOS, #Android or #Mobile device against Predator or other latest #Security flaw?

#Tech minimalists smile some more🔴

📌 #Zen, my friends😋

#Contentment is #Health🟢

Lewis Dexter Litanzios
17 hours ago

✏️ Silence is hurt. Always reply to SMS. #ProTip #Health #Neurodiversity #ASD #Autism

Christopher Porter
18 hours ago

Beans beans 🫘🫘
They're good to your heart ❤️
The more you eat 😋
The more you ... 🌬️
Have a healthy gut 🎶

Which apparently is key to mental health.
#mentalheath #fibre #diet #eatplants #health

BC Info Bot
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Global News BC: Chinatown ‘stepped up security’ for upcoming Mid-Autumn Moon Festival #globalnews #britishcolumbia #news #Dr.SunYat-SenClassicalChineseGarden #Mid-AutumnMoonFestival #VancouverChinatown #vancouverpolice #Entertainment #Canada #Health #Crime #VPD

21 hours ago

#Health - A couple of times now I've seen links to videos for the 20,000 step days program. I.e. instead of the 10,000 steps that people have been being recommended to take on a daily basis, go twice as far, 20,000 steps. Today I talked with someone who is doing that. Ye's off his blood pressure meds, lost a significant amount of weight, back out of retirement for work, and doing well. I normally don't think of myself as 'that out of shape', but I do recall that I was doing close to that once.

BBC News Top Stories
21 hours ago

What you need to know about #Covid as new variant rises

Hospitalisations have gone up since the summer and a new variant is spreading. Should we be concerned?

(c) #BBC #News #Health

Carolyna Luna
22 hours ago

Gee, thanks #Apple #Health 😳I'll get to working on that, pronto🫡😪

A screenshot from Apple Health Trends app showing a marked 20 plus point increase in average resting heart rate over the last 11 weeks, with the new average now into the "red" zone.
23 hours ago

The latest batch of chickpea and barley tempeh at 49 hours. I meant to take a picture at 48 hours, but forgot. When I got up this morning, the tempeh didn't seem to have progressed much (temperature 70ºF in the room), so I returned it to the incubator (with no heat, just the insulated enclosed space). That helped. Just now the tempeh was quite warm with hints of sporing, so it's back out on the table.

@vegancooking @wfpb
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A plastic bag lying flat filled with a white mass with black dots scattered around.

Gut health and mental health.

This is a bit of a minefield for research but general lessons here worth considering.

#Food #diet #microbiome #Health

1 day ago

The most high-profile effort, a #lawsuit known as #MissouriVBiden, is now before #SCOTUS, where the #Biden admin seeks to have the high court block a ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the #5thCircuit that found the #WhiteHouse, #FBI & top federal #health officials likely violated the #FirstAmendment by improperly influencing #tech companies’ decisions to remove or suppress posts on the #coronavirus & #elections.

Peter Nimmo
1 day ago

#America's #RightWing war on #truth is going to new levels, endangering the nation's #health, #academic freedom,and making the #US vulnerable to #interference from nations like #Russia and #China - Our story today on the successes of the GOP campaign against disinformation research. FREE.

1 day ago

“In the name of protecting #FreeSpeech, the scientific community is not allowed to speak,” said Dean Schillinger, a #health #communication scientist who planned to apply to the #NIH program to collaborate w/a Tagalog-language newspaper to share accurate health #information w/Filipinos. “#Science is being halted in its tracks.”

1 day ago

The National Institutes of #Health (#NIH) froze a $150 million program intended to advance the #communication of #medical #information, citing #regulatory & #legal threats. #Physicians told The Post that they had planned to use the grants to fund projects on noncontroversial topics such as #nutritional guidelines & not just “politically charged” issues such as #vaccinations that have been the focus of the #conservative allegations.

Ellie Kennard
1 day ago

It's a scientific fact. Everything you eat affects your physical and mental health ‐ for better or for worse. Why not make the choices that work for the 'better' option?

@wfpb #WFPB #wholeFood #Whole #MentalHealth #HealthyFood #Health #VeganFood #cbc #WhiteCoatBlackArt @vegan

1 day ago

Jim Fucking Jordan continues his assault on facts and truth. There are not sufficiently vile words in the English language to describe this runny shit of a man. (Gift Link.)

#conservatives #bullshit #disinformation #disinfo #lies #republicans #liars #uspol #politics #health #healthdisinformation #VaccineLies #ohio #jimjordan

European Commission
1 day ago

Ready, set, GO!

The European Week Of #Sport is here now, and it’s time to #BeActive.

Sports and physical activities are for everyone – no matter your age or your background.

Even slight increases in regular physical activity can have a profound impact on our long-term #health.

Join the movement! We have in store many events to make sports fun and engaging for you.

There might be an event close to you.

Details →!rGqhCc


Photograph from Europe Day run in Budapest with one person in a yellow shirt and holding the EU flag.
Photograph of a young person (taken from behind) with a blue backpack with the EU stars and a football ball held under his left arm.
Photograph from the SummerCEmp event in Portugal with people in different boats, one of them holding the EU flag.
Photograph from a Europe Day event in Budapest with a man running with his baby in a pram and a woman running next to him.
Leanne J
1 day ago

Social prescribing - coming to a forest near you? Well it’s already started here in Newcastle, and it works 💚

#PositiveNews #Nature #Health

The Japan Times
2 days ago

The first artificial womb capable of gestating a human baby will get one step closer to reality next week — a key scientific milestone that could offer hope for the thousands of extremely premature babies born in the U.S. each year. #worldnews #sciencehealth #children #health #us #pregnancy

BBC News Top Stories
2 days ago

Long #Covid: MRI scans reveal new clues to symptoms

Further evidence emerges that a serious infection can leave some major organs with long-term damage.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

The Japan Times
2 days ago

Two Japanese researchers received this year's Ig Nobel Prize for nutrition for research that led to the development of tableware that employ electric stimulation to allow users to sense salty taste strongly. #japan #sciencehealth #ignobelprize #food #health

2 days ago

Belgrade: the city where dirty air is seen as a ‘consequence of (bad) economic growth’

A study funded by the Serbian #science ministry this year looked at pollution data for summer months and estimated that fine particulates were responsible for one in five strokes, one in four cases of ischemic heart disease and one in 11 cases of lung cancer.

#AirPollution #health #ClimateChange

Omar Moore
2 days ago

🎙NEW EPISODE - THE POLITICRAT #podcast 🎙: Health And Well-Being: Weight Loss Tips You May Find Helpful (And A Personal Story)

#health #ApplePodcasts #Mastodon #BlackMastodon

Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

In a #summer of record-high temperatures, things just kept getting hotter for Maverick County and its #firefighters.

In this issue's Photo Essay, Kaylee Greenlee Beal rides along with these first-responders, where crews are stretched thin and working harder than ever:

#photography #Texas #infrastructure #health #healthcare #medicine

Garcia, left, and trainee Marco Lopez wait for team members to return to the ambulance bay.
A photo depicting Firefighter EMT Rodrigo Pineda, 30, who asks about an older woman’s medical history as she’s transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for swelling in her legs.
BBC News Top Stories
2 days ago

Family of ill teen say they were silenced by courts

The 19-year-old is named as Sudiksha Thirumalesh after legal restrictions are lifted.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

Lydia Schoch
2 days ago

My Follow Friday recommendation for this week is @WhatTheChel.

Her interests include horror, science fiction, reptiles, health, baseball, science, and social justice among many other topics.

She boosts and toots all sorts of cool stuff about whatever catches her eye. I enjoy the wide variety of her feed. It’s different every day!

#FollowFriday #HorrorCommunity #Baseball #Reptiles #Health #Science #SocialJustice #ScienceFiction

Bob Jamieson
2 days ago

This article is more than 3 months old
Pesticide firms withheld brain toxicity studies from EU regulators, study finds
This article is more than 3 months old

Exclusive: The same studies were submitted to US regulators and some are relevant to safety levels, the researchers say
Pesticide companies failed to disclose a series of studies assessing brain toxicity to European regulators

#pesticides #BrainToxicity #health #environment

Richard Littler
3 days ago

When you're sent for a CT scan for a suspected tumour, pace anxiously for two weeks while you await the results, then visit the specialist this morning and find out you're in the clear...
#Relief #EndorphineRush #health

Kitsch 1970s photo. Old figure-skating  couple
Kitsch 1970s photo. show dancers with pink boas
Kitsch 1970s photo. Show ice-skaters
Kitsch 1970s photo. Josephine Baker in a feathery show costume
3 days ago

Know anyone who is still masking or working to avoid covid to some degree? Maybe they feel more isolated or limited socially, and having more social options that match their precautions would help.

There's a free "Covid Conscious" friends and dating match system beginning. Open to all walks of life.

It's launching in Oregon, while also offering to help anyone who wants to start their own local group anywhere else.

A community building niche for people who struggle to find others will do a lot of people some good, please spread the word.

#longcovid #mask #covid #community #vaccine #friends #dating #social #leftbehind #health #mentalhealth #medlibs #MedMastadon #covid19

BBC News Top Stories
3 days ago

Girl receives UK's first rejection-free kidney from mum

Doctors reprogrammed eight-year-old Aditi's immune system so she does not need daily anti-rejection drugs.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

Ellie Kennard
3 days ago

Wonderful, true story of mutual rescue.

Eric O'Grey and Peety.
He went to the shelter and asked for a dog like himself - obese, middle-aged, and depressed. And in walked Peety.
@wfpb #Vegan #wholeFood #health #animalRescue #shelterDog #EllieKPosts #lifeChanging @algorithm

UAW Strikes Built the American Middle Class

Today’s strikers are seeking to renew the broadly shared prosperity that earlier UAW work stoppages created.

IN 1950, THE UAW, WITH REUTHER AS ITS PRESIDENT (he was elected by the union just a few months after the 1946 strike ended), signed a contract with GM that not only raised wages substantially, but included a host of innovative provisions.

GM agreed to provide workers with yearly #COLA cost-of-living adjustments, with another yearly adjustment that increased their pay by the same percentage that the nation’s #productivity had increased during the year.

Workers also received #health #insurance and defined-benefit #pensions.

In subsequent contracts over the following decade, GM agreed to assume all health care costs by eliminating worker co-payments, and to provide workers with what Reuther termed a #guaranteed #annual #income, by agreeing to top off workers’ unemployment insurance benefits during periods when plants were closed to install new machinery, so that their out-of-work income matched their on-the-job income. (In recent decades, as the domestic auto industry and the union movement have both been in decline, most of these contractual features have been eliminated.)

What made these mid-century contracts so fundamentally important was that they weren’t limited to General Motors.

Once one of the Big Three had agreed to these provisions, the UAW got the other two to follow suit. They were largely matched by contracts won by the Steelworkers, the Electrical Workers, the Machinists, and other manufacturing unions, which was significant, because in the mid-20th century unionized manufacturers employed roughly five times the share of American workers that they do today

Bennett McIntosh
3 days ago

Podcast ad darling BetterHelp has ~allegedly been sharing mental health data with #Meta & #Snapchat, pointing to a huge hole in how #HIPAA protects our #health #data

by @yaelwrites

Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
3 days ago

Yet, much bi+ #activism focuses on ending #bisexual #erasure as if it was an end in itself. It's not, it's just one part of the process oppressing bi+ people. Our goal should be ending that #oppression. We should strive to make bi+ folks empowered as full participants and leaders in our communities and societies. We must end the threats to our #health and our quality of life as well, in solidarity with #progressive movements.

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

”Climate breakdown has begun.”

Nationwide, record-breaking temperatures this #summer strained #infrastructure and human #health, warning of the new normal to come. Via our friends at @grist:

#climate #ClimateChange #environment #HeatWave #weather #news

brad m
3 days ago

Quit complaining carbrains and #cycling snobs!

“all the research points to positive results when it comes to #bicycles with an electric boost” #ebikes
“People who ride #bikes should support people who ride #bikes. People who drive cars should #sharetheroad with all users. Communities should want various modes of #transportation, and options that include saving the planet” #cycling #infrastructure #safestreets #health #climatechange

Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
3 days ago

#Lesbian and #gay folks really need to have a serious talk about bi+ #allyship and, dare I even say, #accompliceship. Because bi+ people on average—of all genders, whether they're cis, #trans or #nonbinary—are worst off than them for most #health and socioeconomic outcomes. #bisexual

Anyone know how to sleep so that your back or neck doesn't ache in the morning? Any tips?
#health #pain #help

Ellane W
4 days ago

Life advice for what we put in our bodies …and how we name our files
(YYYY-MM-DD, please)

❝Do you want to borrow life from tomorrow to live faster today, or forgo some short term pleasure to achieve a better long term outcome?❞
—Never Binge Again, by Glenn Livingston

#health #pkm

The Conversation U.S.
4 days ago

Seasonal affective disorder – or SAD – happens when the reduced amount of daylight puts your circadian rhythm out of sync, but you can help align them with winter’s light schedule.

Things to keep in mind as fall begins:

☀️Get daylight as soon as possible on waking up

💤Get the best quality of sleep that you can by avoiding stimulants like coffee, tea or heavy meals close to bedtime

🏋️‍♀️Exercise during the day
#health #depression #MedMastodon

A sad young woman sits on a stone fence. A snowy winter scene is in the background.
BBC News Top Stories
4 days ago

Doctor paid £3,000 for shift as new strike begins

Concern mounts about costs of walkouts in England, as doctors charge premium rates to provide cover.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

BBC News Top Stories
6 days ago

Double doctors' strike - what you need to know

England's #NHS is braced for the first ever joint walkout by junior doctors and consultants this morning.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

BBC News Top Stories
6 days ago

Children on puberty blockers saw mental health change - new analysis

New analysis finds most children had a significant change in their mental health while on the drugs.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

You probably already knew this, but Sudafed is useless:

"After spending decades on pharmacy shelves, the leading nasal decongestant in over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines has met its downfall.

Advisers for the Food and Drug Administration this week voted unanimously, 16 to 0, that oral doses of phenylephrine…are not effective at treating a stuffy nose."

#health #medicine

The Conversation U.S.
6 days ago

For approximately 80% of the world’s population, the hospital isn’t the first step to healing - traditional medicine is. That might include herbal medicine, acupuncture, Tui Na and other ancient, holistic practices.

The WHO is now working to develop standards to make these healing practices implementable on a wide scale.

#health #healthnews #MedMastodon

BBC News Top Stories
6 days ago

Disability benefits cost could rocket, report says

The study says action needs to be taken to improve the health of people who are about to retire.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

BBC News Top Stories
1 week ago

#Covid: Over-65s called for jabs as hospital cases rise

The online booking system in England has opened and GPs are contacting people eligible to be vaccinated.

(c) #BBC #News #Health

The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

The two biggest killers in the world: cardiovascular disease and cancer

And the two have some surprising similarities. With basic research discovering molecular parallels between these diseases, patients will see better therapies that can treat both diseases at the same time.
#health #healthnews #MedMastodon

1 week ago

UnitedHealthcare tried to deny Chris McNaughton health coverage. He fought back, filed a lawsuit and exposed the #insurance company’s inner workings.

None of the UnitedHealthcare representatives heard in this video responded to our requests for comment.

Shortly after we published our story, United settled Chris’ #lawsuit. The terms are confidential.

#HealthCare #Patients #Doctors #Hospitals #Health #News #Video #Audio