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This was a problem with #Houston's hot summer. Unusual and unbearable humidity. #Dallas usually gets higher temperature, but drier. Not this year #HeatDome #globalwarming

The forecast shows the #heatdome persisting until Wednesday. Here an animated gif from Sunday to Thursday. The high (good weather) and low pressure (rain) regions on either side of the #Rossbywave meanders are textbook examples of the phenomenon.

Animated gif of the rain forecast over North-Atlantic and Europe up to Thursday next week. The heat dome persists until Wednesday.

My misses: "Oh my god! That's orange!"
Me: "The isobars my father wore.."

#MastoDaoine #Ireland #Weather #JetStream #HeatDome

A photo of our telly, showing a Met Éireann meteorologist gesturing at Ireland on a map. The map shows the jet stream as it dips sharply south over the Atlantic, before sharply turning back north around Ireland and parts of Europe, forming a pocket of warm air over the country. This pocket on the map is coloured in shades of orange.
2 months ago

"Brazil is bracing for a heat wave that could see temperatures rise to 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) during the Southern Hemisphere's final days of winter. That temperature would reportedly break a record in the country -- not just for winter, but for any time of year."
#HeatDome #Brazil #Coffee #ClimateChange

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
3 months ago

China set 21 records on Sept 4.

Record heat in Mongolia and Thailand.

India experienced the “hottest and driest” August “since national records began more than a century ago.”

The Philippines government has capped rice prices due to prices increases resulting from “extreme weather such as floods and heat waves.”


Tino Eberl ✅
3 months ago

"A Massive #Heatwave is #Forecast for Western #Europe Again – Unseasonably High #Temperatures develop under the #HeatDome as we head into the first week of September 2023"

#Hitze #Hitzewelle

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT: Heat will be an issue for a lot of territory this week. Some moisture areas will shift focus from the West to the Northern Rockies and Plains, & the tropics remain quite active. Let’s discuss these bullets. Weekly Weather Watch:

#tropics #heat #hotweather #heatdome #excessiveheat #flooding #recordheat

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago

Lotta home explosions 🏡💥 all across the country during the summer of the #HeatDome. 🤔 👉

And it’s only gonna get hotter 🥵 folks!

If you think you might be crazy to buy a house with gas heating and/or cooking, you are. ✅ Any other questions?

Daniel Carkner🦆
3 months ago

Sad but true. It was discussed a lot during the #HeatDome 2 summers ago.
My building (a low-rise walkup in East Van) certainly wasn't built with heat or cold in mind. It's uncomfortably hot in summer and we need space heaters in winter to keep it liveable if the temperature drops too fast.
#vanpoli #vancouver

🎄Booyabobby 🎄
3 months ago

Second summer starts on Sunday. #heatdome

3 months ago

In the entire 14-day forecast, the lowest predicted high is 97°F / 36°C. Haha help

#Texas #HeatDome

Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Performed inspection on our original #beehive. Lots of stored pollen, very little nectar/honey, & a few capped drone cells. #Bees must have eaten their stores during the #HeatDome. Put a trough of nectar in. Pondering putting a frame of eggs in from swarm hive.🤔 #Beekeeping

A close-up of a frame with some capped honey, stored pollen, and bees.

We're missing the blooms that should still be present in our #ButterflyGarden already. The recent #HeatDome in the #MidWest that caused 100°+ weather killed it off. 😔

Outside door of Catio with summer plants
Our former butterfly garden in bloom earlier this summer.
Dr. Flowers
3 months ago

It’s now almost two hours later and only down a single degree.

#heatdome #weather

Apple Watch face showing 102 degrees at 3:43 in the afternoon.
3 months ago

I moved into this house in Feb. 1991 & it never once reached a temperature of 102 deg. F. in all those years... This week, it has reached that temperature on two separate days... including today

Big mad

#climate #weather #heatdome

#Caturday 🐈has begun with RAIN 🌧️here! Our prediction was🌧️ happily incorrect! The #HeatDome is leaving our area and temps should return to normal horrible hot, rather than nightmare horrible hot. The #Catio is fully open again 😸#CatsOfMastodon

A Tabby cat getting ready to exit the inside of the house onto the Catio.
Daisy dog on patrol out in the Catio.

#HeatDome Here is the official hoped for break in our week long Excessive Heat event. No one in my family believes this will actually happen, but we're hoping it will.

A screenshot of a weather alert for Topeka, Kansas.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Day 7: This had better be the last day of these #HeatDome shenanigans! 😤 Grass and plants fairly torched at this point. It's trying to conjure up a t-storm out there, but it's just hot, hot, hot! 🥵 Humans and animals are just exhausted! #KsWx #ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather

Our weather station dashboard says temperature is 101°F feels like 111°F with a humidity of 40% and a wind out of WNW T 2 mph.
3 months ago

The #Asheville area, nestled under this dreadful #heatdome for the week, will stay in the 90's through Saturday and then... highs next week in the middle 70's!

Really couldn't be more pleased. And rain!

#ncwx #heatdome #IsItFallYet?

This #FriYay I'm sleeping in. Even though all the drapes ain the house are closed cuz' of the #HeatDome🥵 I still enjoy napping in the sewing/sanctuary room. Hope everyone enduring terrible weather stays safe. Be kind and help one another. 🐈 #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyCat

Tabby Cat Stevie napping in his green bed in the sewing room.
3 months ago

I can see the tall storm clouds at the Wisconsin border and, listening carefully, I can hear thunder as well. The storms seems to be stalling before heading too far south though. When will the relief from this heat come?! We had a pretty sunset though, I'll grant you that.
#heatdome #ilwx #storms #summer

Turbulent clouds painted orange by a setting sun as seen through neighborhood trees.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Day 6: It's a warm one! Less humidity this afternoon, which is nice. #KsWx #ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather #HeatDome

The dashboard of our weather station says the temperature is 103°F feels like 113°F with a humidity of 39% and a wind out of the NW at 4 mph.
Giant pinkish lavender zinnias.
Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 months ago

My wife is crestfallen by the trauma of the #HeatDome - no animal presence, no cars, no people, just 121° Heat index aka 49.x°C, and frankly, I cant comfort her or reframe it or etc

We arent doing shit about our own fucking extinction & until the oligarchs are slayed, that isnt changing.

I cant even begin to fucking absorb/digest/process it.

We are in a Climate War for our lives & the lives of thousands of species & most people pretend otherwise.

Coward fucks.

#ClimateChange #fascism

This #Thursday at 4:00 PM my #Catio is 106° in the shade under a dangerous #HeatDome on it's way to #Chicago. Hope that city is prepared to care for all its vulnerable citizens EQUALLY. 🥵 As for me, I went outside very early. Now I have to stay inside. #CatsOfMastodon #TuxieGirl #Betty

A tiny tuxedo cat warming herself on her indoor heating pad in the AC.
3 months ago

Taken around 6:30 a.m. when it was already 80° F on the fen. #morning #fen #hike #heatdome #photography

Morning landscape scene across a fen. A tree stands out in the middle-ground on the right side of the frame. A haze of moisture is sitting just above the plants of the fen. The sky is lightly orange/peach from the sunrise through the clouds.
3 months ago

The heat index is already at 115 deg F and we're still 3 hours away from the high temp of the day. I'm going to try and remember this when we get a polar vortex this winter. #ilwx #summer #heatdome #toohot

Drought Center
3 months ago

Mississippi is among the states feeling effects from the #Midwest’s sweltering #heatdome this week. On Thursday, the National Weather Service in Jackson, Miss., reported a #heatwave in central and southern parts of the state, with highs approaching all-time heat records of 104 to 107 °F.

#droughtmonitor #drought2023 #climate #science #data #maps #US #USA #Mississippi

USDM Hot Topic 8-24-23. Climate focus: Mississippi. A heat wave and recent below-normal rainfall contributed to one-category degradations in southern Mississippi. Conditions of moderate drought or worse in the Magnolia State are now 36.94%, with a severe drought expansion to 19.11% up from 2.29% last week. The state’s northwest corner is also experiencing dryness and moderate drought.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

I guess I need to water the #garden... The bottoms of the tomato plants are drying out. Most of the tomatoes harvested. Not sure if they will even put on any more blossoms? 🤔 The rest of the garden could really use a 💧💦🌊🌧🌦🌩💧🌊🪣🚿💦 since we are still stuck in this #HeatDome.

#GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food #Harvest

Two cucumbers, two Golden Sunburst tomatoes, some black eyed peas, and a bunch of half-ripe Cherokee Purple and Blue Beech heirloom tomatoes.
3 months ago

Just took my dog on a walk cuz it’s the coolest it’s been in 15 hours.

The current temp is 97°F with a #Heat index of 105°F at 1:30 AM ET.

News alert says #Republican *presidential* candidates claim #ClimateChange is a hoax at their *#debate*


My mother-effing elbows are hot ffs.

#ClimateCrisis #ExtremeWeather #HeatWave #HeatDome

Peter du Toit
3 months ago

Current warming above the preindustrial average: +1.28°C

June 2023: +1.4°C
July 2023: +1.54°C

We are on track to reach +1.5°C of warming by about 2030 and +2°C by about 2050.

What will the heat domes look like then?

#Heatwave #HeatDome #ClimateLiteracy #ClimateCrisis

Image source:

Earth’s sprawling heat domes Wed 11:00 PM
Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 months ago

Anyone who runs a dryer on a sunny #heatdome day is just actively trying to turn us all into Tuvok when Kes starts to boil his molecules alive.

#ClimateChange #StarTrek #Voyager

Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Day 5: I'm excited because I think the worst of the humidity is over! Still in a #HeatDome though. #KsWx #ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather

Our weather station dashboard show a temperature of 98°F feels like 120°F with 57% humidity and a SSW wind of 4 mph. :vd:
3 months ago

Irre Luftmasse auch in den USA unter dem mächtigen Höhenhoch #heatdome.
Rote Ü25er bis hoch an die Great Lakes. Und das sind NICHT die Temperaturen, sondern die Taupunkte. Unerträgliche Schwüle, dort auch viele Großstädte. /LD

#WhiskerWednesday is happening under a horrid #HeatDome. I can't be outside in 100° plus weather so I'm doing this instead 👇#TuxieGirl #Betty #Catting #CatsOfMastodon

TuxieGirl Betty climbing her cat ladder on the Gym wall inside.

#WhiskerWednesday under a ☀️🥵#HeatDome in the #MidWest is going to be horrible. The feel like temp is going to be 115° with humidity in 60%-80% . My #Catio will be closed in about 20 minutes due to #ExessiveHeat. I don't like being stuck inside all day, especially since all the drapes are closed 😿. But mom butler staff says it's not safe outside, so I must put up with it.

Tabby cat Stevie scratching a natural branch on his Catio.
Stevie sitting among some potted impatient flowers on his his Catio.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Warbler is laying low in the grass to cool off as the sun sets and her friends graze. #SheepOfMastodon #HeatDome

A black sheep with a white spot on her nose lays with her chin down on the grass while other ewes graze in the background.
Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Day 4: Still "Hell's Front Porch" hot here. The struggle is real. Same story, different day. 🥵 #HeatDome #KsWx #ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather

Our weather station dashboard says the temperature is 95°F feels like 125°F with a humidity of 72% and an ESE wind of 4 mph.

We got 5 minutes of rain today. A brief respite from the summer above 100°F. #Austin #HeatDome

#TongueOutTuesday *Sigh* My #Catio was closed again by noon due to excessive heat. I cried n cried😿 to go out but cat mom remained firm. It's not safe for cats. When is this #HeatDome gonna end? 🥵 #TabbyCat #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

A Tabby cat grooming himself outside in his Catio.
Definitely Dr Dieterlen
3 months ago

A bizarre kind of climate change bingo: Watching locations of universities where I interviewed but did not get offers for faculty positions make headlines for extreme dangerous heat.

Did not see this coming.

#mixedfeelings #heatdome #summer2023 #climatechange #academia #phdlife

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"[The #HeatDome] will bring more scorching temperatures to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and most of the Balkan peninsula. Temperatures will push back into close to 45 °C in parts of the Iberian peninsula, low 40s in southern France and North-cental Italy, and into high 30s to low 40s across south-central Balkans."


3 months ago

@w7voa I took a look. Looks like it is for wedneday. Of you tap on the alert you will see a start time. Parts of WI could see triple digits, and heat index values will most certainly be in the triple digits.

We are dealing with extreme heat all week here in the south east. Stay safe/cool!
#climate #heatdome #climatechange

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 months ago

If you see a mental health provider or are a provider, be sure to feel free to share the impact of #ClimateChange & #HeatDome on mental health, stroke risk, cognitive dysfunction, and domestic violence with patients and other providers alike.

Here is a resource thread and links for you:


@DrPsyBuffy @nilikm

Sand Hill Thicket
3 months ago

Day 3: I'm starting to wonder if we can all make it to Friday. It's only noon and we are already at feels like 122°F with practically no wind. #HeatDome #KsWx #ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather

Our weather station dashboard says 93°F feels like 122 °F, with 78% humidity, and winds out of ESE at 2 mph.
Ian Livingston 🌪
3 months ago

Monstrous #heatdome over the central US, among strongest on the books in the region.

Heat index up to 133 in #Kansas yesterday - 120+ rather widespread. Tons more records to fall in coming days. #uswx #hot #summer #climatechange

Big ass heat dome over the central US
Maximum heat index on Sunday in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska region. More than a dozen locations topped 120 degrees.
3 months ago

Massive swath of #heat watches and warnings from Houston to Minneapolis today. #heatwave #heatdome

Part of the US on a map, showing dark purple heat warnings
AkaSci 🛰️
3 months ago

This is the precipitation forecast for the continental U.S. over the next 5 days.

The middle of the country will see nary a drop of rain as the high pressure heat dome keeps moisture laden winds and currents away.

This is not normal. Or is this the new normal?
#HeatDome #Climate #HeatWave

AkaSci 🛰️
3 months ago

Extreme heat returns to Europe as well this week. Even Greenland.

Temperatures close to 45 °C in parts of the Iberian peninsula, low 40s in southern France and North-central Italy, and high 30s to low 40s across south-central Balkans.

No, this is not normal. Or is this the new normal?

Comprehensive report at
#HeatDome #Climate #HeatWave

Sand Hill Thicket
4 months ago

Filling the pool 🏝 for the toasty ducks 🦆🦆🦆so they can make it through this #heatdome.

Ducks and chicken gather around the pool as it ia filled with a hose in the shade under a giant mulberry tree.
Sand Hill Thicket
4 months ago

The #heatdome, Day 2. I'm on my way out to give the ram-lambs 🐏🐏🐏🐏 some cold water as their trough gets heated by the sun this time of day and they need cold water to try to stay cool.

#ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather #KsWx

The dashboard of our weather station says 93°F feels like 120°F with a humidity of 76% and a wind out of the NNE at 7 mph.
Sand Hill Thicket
4 months ago

I'm glad I checked the #garden today. Apparently I was behind in picking. Currently 83°F feels like 94°F at 87% humidity. Now I'm drenched in sweat! 🥵 #HeatDome #GardeningMastodon #GrowYourOwn #Food

Two big cucumbers and a couple small ones, a pile of Blue Beech roma tomatoes, a whole flat of Cherokee Purple and Bonny Best slicing tomatoes, and a single young pod of black eyed peas.
Hannu Ikonen, MD
4 months ago

MFers wont give up fossil fuels but here some of us are moving underground for weeks at a time cuz something something heat dome.

Others more pressingly diving into the fucking ocean and being airlifted from North Woods to survive.

No longer a Tale of Two Cities. Try a Tale of Parallel Realities and Anti-realities.

#HeatDome #ClimateChange #Adaptation

Sand Hill Thicket
4 months ago

The #heatdome has begun! Since it's going to be excessively hot until Friday, I've taken steps to shade the #beehives. 🤨

#ExcessiveHeat #ExtremeWeather #KsWx #beekeeping #shadecloth

A screenshot of our weather station dashboard showing the temperature as 101 degrees F, feels like 118 degrees, with a humidity of 48%, wind out of the S at 8mph.
A shadecloth stretched over two beehives to provide shade.
CelloMom On Cars
4 months ago

#ExtremeHeat in the #US continues.

"This expansion of the #HeatDome may be the most wide-reaching of the summer. By early in the coming workweek, most of the Lower 48 is forecast to see temperatures well above normal, with the West being the one exception."

4 months ago

Soooo, it has not rained here at my home for any measurable rain in over 150 days. Meanwhile about 12 miles away the airport is celebrating their 1/10 inch of rain so the official streak of Phoenix as ended at 150 days without rain woohoo? #Weather #HeatDome #Phoenix

Screenshot of National Weather Service Phoenix announcement 

NWS Phoenix & @NWSPhoenix
The Phoenix dry streak is over!! 
As of 8:50 p.m. Sky Harbor has measured .01 inches of rainfall. This ends the streak of no measurable rainfall at the airport at 147 days.
8:53 PM • Aug 17, 2023
4 months ago

“It doesn’t take a lot of auditing to see how the bill will get so steep, so fast. The total cost of the 2016 #FortMcMurray fire: $9 billion. The all-in price tag of B.C.’s 2021 #HeatDome, #wildfires, #floods and #landslide, all linked to warming: up to $17 billion. Cleanup and repair after #HurricaneFiona, which bulldozed #AtlanticCanada last year: $3 billion.”

4 months ago

“the #HeatDome was a foreshock of the world to come, with impacts both immediate and long-lasting. Yet it occurred in a world that has only warmed, on average, about 1.2 degrees since 1850. We’re now racing to 1.5 degrees and are likely to cross that threshold by the mid-2030s.”

4 months ago

Good background article on #ClimateChange #AttributionScience wrt growing trend in #extremeheat #heatdome #heatwave #wildfires #drought #flood

#fossilfuels companies that extracted oil, coal and gas that have powered our planet for decades... By 2013... just 90 companies contributed 2/3rds of the world’s industrial emissions.

Richard Heede could even pinpoint the share of those emissions for which companies existing today are responsible.


4 months ago

A half hour later at 5:45 am the sky is brightening but the skyscape is changing rapidly as clouds begin dissipating and more clear blue sky is showing. This iPhone photo is from the same spot in my #Phoenix backyard as the photo in the first post, looking west. Instead of joy at the skies clearing, this is a sunrise photo of disappointment. Read my description in the first post. Over 29 days now of daily highs over 110°, y’all. #HeatWave #HeatDome #ClimateChange #Sunrise #Phoenix

5:45 am skyscape of clouds spanning the sky over my west Phoenix home. To the west warm yellow sky coming towards me as the gray and white clouds move east. Our tall pine tree foreground and neighboring home rooftops.
4 months ago

My new image of a great sunrise is clouds spanning the sky over my home in scorched Phoenix, Arizona. We have a possibility of rain today and for the next few days. It could be a devastating monsoon with wind and flash flooding and much damage. Yet the prospect that we could see a daily high under 110° after 29 days over 110° is a better outcome after a record-breaking heat wave. #HeatWave #HeatDome #ClimateChange #Phoenix #Sunrise #Skyscape #Clouds

Sky scape of clouds spanning other sky over my Phoenix home at sunrise 5:15 am. Sky is blue with patches and swaths of white, light blue and gray.
4 months ago

An #Arizona #wildlife center is receiving up to 120 animals a day suffering from the relentless #heat

"The relentless sun -- it hurts"

By Macie Goldfarb

Published Jul 27, 2023 12:32 PM EDT

"Mosby and her team aren’t the only ones working to protect Arizona’s vulnerable wildlife as the unwavering heat continues to torment animals and humans alike.

"To help the state’s animals survive the #ExtremeWeather, the Arizona Game and Fish Department has been bringing water to the wild to help keep animals hydrated.

"The agency deploys water shipments on trucks and helicopters to man-made catchments across Arizona – some capable of holding up to 10,000 gallons of water, according to habitat planning program manager Joseph Currie.

"Currie estimates there are about 3,000 of these man-made watering holes around the state where #deer, #elk, #BighornSheep and other animals now drink and cool themselves off in the extreme heat.

"When Arizona hit 110 degrees 27 days ago, water gauges showed that usage exploded, Currie said.

"The watering holes were originally created for #quail and #doves to increase hunting population numbers, but newer catchments grew in size over the years as the agency found that more animals needed a drink.

"#Droughts and #HeatWaves are occurring more often and becoming more intense across the nation – particularly in the West and Southwest – creating dangerous conditions and affecting water supplies for wildlife, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

"The program is currently funded by a combination of federal funds and fund-raising efforts. But 'if it keeps heating up and keeps drying out, then of course costs are going to increase,' Currie said."

Read more:

#HeatDome #ExtremeTemperatures #ClimageChange

4 months ago

@RichardJMurphy Politicians will burn through tonnes of fuel flying in private jets to do nothing after the photo shoots have ended.

As someone who is living within the Southern Europe heat dome for the past two weeks it feels like I'm in a dehydrator set at over 40C (104F) night and day. We are experiencing main power lines melting and towns and cities without power for days. And we're told next year we'll be worse because of el ninio.

#climatechange #climatecrisis #climateemergency #heatdome

4 months ago

Here in Phoenix we are expected to continue extreme heat at least until Sunday next week July 30. This would make an entire month of extreme heat. It’s 108° as of 8:30 pm at my home. Worried about continuing heat-triggered migraines for my son and I. Drew on 9th day migraines. I began one today. Air is stagnant in this heat dome. #HeatDome #HeatWave #ExtremeHeat #Phoenix #USHottestCity

Screenshot severe weather alert details Moderate as Possible threat to life or property.
5 months ago



#BigOilKnew exacerbates the #ClimateCrisis releasing 100s of 1,000s pounds of gas to cope with #HeatDome due to poor engineering concepts

"#Oil and #gas companies in West #Texas released hundreds of tons of toxic gasses into the air last week as a record-breaking 👉#heatwave drove pressure inside #pipelines and compressors to dangerously high levels.👈

One company, #Houston-based #Targa Resources, alone released more than half a million...

Adrian Leyser
5 months ago

The backward #Trajectories for #Sicily clearly show how the air is trapped in the broad circulation of the anticyclone, descending as if in a swirl and heating.


Adrian Leyser
5 months ago

3 simultaneous #Heatdome|s over N-America, the tropical N-Atlantic, and the W-Mediterranean. Shown is the geopotential, which is (near) record high in all 3 areas. The strong upper anticyclones favor large-scale, strong subsidence and adiabatic heating.


Texas Observer
5 months ago

“The magnitude of these events in terms of the #temperatures that are being forecast and the length of time is very, very, very worrisome. It’s an absolute crisis.”

From our friends at @grist experts warn the #health effects of this #summer's heatwave could last for years to come:

(📸 AP Photo/Eric Gay)
#heatwave #ClimateChange #environment #news #Phoenix #Arizona #Texas #California #heatdome

A man in a cowboy hat walks along the banks of the Rio Grande river, silhouetted by the intense midday sun from a partly cloudy sky.
IT News
5 months ago

The heat wave scorching the US is a self-perpetuating monster - Enlarge / The sun sets during a heatwave in Peoria, Arizona, July 11, 2... - #climatechange #syndication #heatdome #heatwave #science

5 months ago

#Florida is in hot water as #OceanTemperatures rise, threatening the state's #CoralReefs

WUSF Public Media - WUSF 89.7 | By Associated Press
Published July 11, 2023 at 10:28 AM EDT

"Record #global ocean heating has invaded Florida with a vengeance.

"Water temperatures in the mid-90s (mid-30s Celsius) are threatening delicate coral reefs, depriving swimmers of cooling dips and adding a bit more ick to the Sunshine State's already oppressive summer weather. Forecasters are warning of temperatures that with humidity will feel like 110 degrees (43 degrees Celsius) by week's end.

"The #HeatDome that baked #Texas and #Mexico for much of the early summer has oozed its way to Florida with sunshine, little to no cooling clouds or rain, but humidity worsened by the hot oceans.

"If that's not enough, Florida is about to get a dose of #dust from Africa's #Saharan desert that's likely to hurt air quality."

Read more:

#DustStorm #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #ClimateCatastrophe #WetBulb #AirQuality

Strong upwelling on the US Pacific Coast is helping keep California’s #energy load centers (Los Angeles, Bay Area, etc.) from getting too hot despite the Southwest #HeatDome. This combined with strong #solar generation keeps hourly energy prices fairly low.

#cawx #ocean #weather #power

Sea surface temperatures in the Pacific from Hawaii to North America. Around Hawaii the water is about 24°C, in the Gulf of California it is above 29°C in many spots (which is common). On the coast it ranges from 18°C at Tijuana to 11°C at San Francisco north through Vancouver Island.

Repeated upper level troughs will likely keep the Southwest #HeatDome from having strong impacts in the Pacific Northwest, positioning the jet stream between the two weather features for onshore flow and fairly benign summer conditions in Washington and Oregon.

This does favor thunderstorm activity in interior British Columbia, though, which will likely start some fires.

Map description in alt-text.

#weather #pdxtst #wawx #orwx #bcstorm #fire #wildfire

A map showing 500 mb heights and wind for North America at 11:00 PDT Monday. A strong upper level high (the “heat dome”) is centered near the Navajo Nation with upper level lows/troughs near Haida Gwaii and Lake Superior. The jet stream is located in between the troughs and the heat dome, running a line approximately from Portland to Billings to Indianapolis to Montreal.
CelloMom On Cars
5 months ago

Here comes the 2023 #heat in #Europe

"The #HeatDome is likely to expand as it strengthens in the coming days, possibly spreading as far north-east as central #Europe and bringing highs of more than 30C to parts of the continent each day. #Spain will be particularly badly affected and is likely to hit the low- to mid-40s celsius daily, particularly across southern regions."

John Timaeus
5 months ago


#enshittification continues.

Couldn't we wait until after the #heatdome to do this?

Oregon County Sues BP, Chevron, Shell, Exxon for $51B Climate Damages

Multnomah County, which includes Portland, sued 17 companies, including Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP ... blaming them and seeking $51 billion in damages for the deadly 2021 Pacific Northwest heat wave that killed about 800 people.

#Oregon #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #HeatDome #FossilFuels #BP #Chevron #Exxon #ExxonMobil

5 months ago

#heatwave "But forecasters are warning that there is a more dangerous aspect to this heat wave, and one that is becoming more common because of the climate crisis: overnight temperatures are not cooling down enough, offering little reprieve from the oppressive heat — particularly for people who don’t have access to air conditioning." #TXwx #LAwx #heatdome #climate

Benjamin Leis ✅
7 months ago

@fractalkitty You're hardier than me. Today felt a bit too hot for gardening and I'm glad I got most of ours done over the last month. #heatdome

CelloMom On Cars
7 months ago

And it's about to get worse:

"A #heatwave that looks like the historic June 2021 event is getting underway in parts of northern #Canada. It will eventually spread to #BritishColumbia and #Alberta, as well as into the northern United States."