Mitex Leo :verified:
43 minutes ago

How can I turn off email notifications (on instance level ) 😕?

It's sending email for every single follow !

I'll run out of email soon if this continues 😁

#mastoadmin #fediadmin #help #fediverse #fedimin

If I have a filter as shown in the screenshot, can anybody explain why I see posts from ::that instance:: that are boosted by ppl I follow? Is there a way to filter out the boosts as well?

#MastoHelp #help

screenshot of a filter on the string ''
Damon Outlaw
3 hours ago

Please boost!
I would appreciate some assistance as I’m trying to get a living list of
#Fediverse clients. It can be on this post or the #Lemmy post feel free to comment and share any projects. #Fediverse #Mastodon #ActivityPub #Fedidevs #devs #projects #buildintheopen #help

Mathilde Viana
8 hours ago

"Dans quel cadre théorique les autrices s'inscrivent-elles ?"

Je ne comprends pas cette question. Le cadre théorique c'est le sujet de l'article ? la formation de leurs autrices ? #help

8 hours ago

I have been away from Fedi for over a week, I have missed you guys

While reading my notifications I discovered something truly wonderful in response to my suicide poem.

Thank you @Mia67

I will send all my poems to this # as well.

But it would be wonderful if all who write poems to help others do the same.

#writing #poem #help #hope #humanity #mastodon #fediverse #love #friendship #humanrights #humanrights #poetry #poems
#depression #YouAreNotAlone

please #boost

Citizens Advice EL ☑️
9 hours ago

If you're finding it hard to pay your mortgage, you might be able to:
➡️ Reduce your household costs
➡️ Switch to a cheaper mortgage deal
➡️ Reduce your mortgage payments

Find out more ⤵️
#mortgage #advice #help #news #linkedin #linked #uk #lancashire #eastlancashire #citizensadvice #england #mastodon #mastoart

Encore une Marie
17 hours ago

J'ai besoin d'aide !
J'ai fait un fichier avec une colonne intitulé Name.
J'importe le fichier avec Import-CSV, et je dis $Name = $_.Name
Et quand je fais un write-Host "j'ai trouvé"$Name il m'écrit rien derrière "J'ai trouvé"
Sachant qu'il trouve bien le fichier et le nombre de ligne, quelqu'un peut m'aider ?

#powershell #adminsys #help #sysadmin

22 hours ago

The absurdity of having to implement complicated #google code to #optout of #BigTech stealing our content to train their #AI. And then framing the process as follows: "By using Google-Extended to control access to content on a site, a website administrator can choose whether to help these AI models become more accurate and capable over time..." No I do not choose to #help #google steal my content - the company has already done so. Another example of the onerous power of #BigTech.

Flash Mob Of One
1 day ago

Hey all, @lunachan 's mama is needing some help to take care of her puppy dog.

Let's donate and boost this one. @Curator could you boost too?

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #GoFundMe #Dogs #Help

Mofli Tiene Sueño
1 day ago

1de Octubre, voy a dormir, sin edredón, en manga corta, y con la ventana abierta #cambioclimatico #help

1 day ago

Still working on a 3D-ish #pico8 sequel to Seeking The Beast II, trying to make my combat fun for once.
I do struggle, especially with this perspective. I want real time melee combat, even though projectiles would be easier to make fun. So far I made a mellee attack that is a dash and I am planning on including a block. Any pointers on how to get this to play well?
#gamedesign #gamedev #help #ScreenshotSaturday

What would these #Stupid do if they were #attacked and needed #help and the whole #world said: #Nope🤔

Was würden diese #Dullies machen wenn sie #angegriffen werden und #Hilfe bräuchten und die ganze #Welt sagt: #Nee🤔

What would these #Stupid do if they were #attacked and needed #help and the whole #world said: #Nope🤔

Was würden diese #Dullies machen wenn sie #angegriffen werden und #Hilfe bräuchten und die ganze #Welt sagt: #Nee🤔

Wincenty Kocima
1 day ago

I should prolly add tags #mastodon #misskey #help

#DoINeedAVPN is an #opensource #tool that helps people decide if they need a commercial #VPN
. The tool is designed to #help #users determine whether a VPN is #necessary for their privacy and security needs e.g. #threatmodel

2 days ago


Some of my files in my #Node project in VSCode are getting “[conflicted]“ in their name, I have no clue why. It happens to rotated log files, but also bundled files (with #parcel)

Boosts appreciated.


Damon Outlaw
2 days ago

Please boost!
I would appreciate some assistance as I’m trying to get a living list of
#Fediverse projects. It can be on this post or the #Lemmy post feel free to comment and share any projects. #Fediverse #Mastodon #ActivityPub #Fedidevs #devs #projects #buildintheopen #help

리눅스 고수 분들, 도움이 필요해요!
아치 리눅스를 설치했는데 네트워크 연결이 안돼요.
와이파이가 잘 잡혀있는데도 안돼요.
설치 USB로 부팅하면 잘 되지만, USB 없이 부팅하면 안잡혀요.
네트워크 연결이 안돼서 GUI 설치를 못하고 있어요.
#help #archlinux

Sarah A
2 days ago

So I roled back to an earlier version of chrome but now proxi.exe does not work so now I can't open any of my shortcuts for class, I can make new ones though, ow do I fix this? thanks all. #GoogleChrome #Help

Diede :derpface:
2 days ago

Weet iemand wat voor beest dit geluid maakt?

Vliegt rondjes vrij hoog, naar mijn idee een vleermuis. Vliegt alleen in de nacht. Ik zit nu in Tenerife. Komt dus voor in/omgeving Tenerife.

Nachtzwaluw achtige of vleermuis. Lijkt meer op vleermuis

#help #nachtzwaluw #vleermuis

Laura Manach :bongoCat:
2 days ago

Hello Mastodon! :pensive_party_blob:
I need your advice: I've got a Halloween fancy dress competition at work coming up soon, and I'm looking for a costume idea that's original but not too expensive to create.

🎃 Do you have any ideas? :clippy:
Thanks in advance !!! (I promise I'll show you photos of the costume!). :catjam:

#halloween #help #question

🙂 Artist: #LacedAndFound - in City: #Austin Texas USA 🇺🇸 -
Title: "You are not alone! "
- #988Helpline 🇺🇸
Don't listen to the monsters in your head. We all have our struggles and it's okay to talk about it. 🍂
🇩🇪 Germany:
🌎 International:
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Help
#Hilfe #Mentalhealth #Helplines #Telefonseelsorge
#YouAreNotAlone 🙂

Streetartwall. The lettering "You are not alone! ", in white and yellow with black lines. The background is a gray wall with the same text in white in constant repetition.
A project of many artists as information and reference to the American helpline for people with mental health problems.
Space Sloth
2 days ago

#help How do I post a Toot with a spoiler tag?

Guy Dudeman
3 days ago

Does anyone know if there is a way to mass-unboost posts that you have boosted?

I want to turn one of my accounts into a comic-book only account, with just my content (no boosts from previously)…

I don’t want to have to go through and individually unboost them (plus I don’t think mastodon lets you do more than 50 in a few minutes or something).

#mastodon #mastodonhelp #techsupport #howdoi #help #technicallyinept #thanks

Looping :antifa:
3 days ago

#Help je cherche l'application #NordVPN pour #ubuntu pas par le terminal.

Looping :antifa:
3 days ago

#Help je cherche l'application #NordVPN pour #ubuntu pas par le terminal.

3 days ago

In Abortion Law's Wake, a Patchwork of Services Rises Texas Choice #Texas #Abortion #Help

3 days ago

Hey Fediverse

Does anyone know how to append a sentence in a .pdf file through ITextPDF or PDFBox ?!!

The appended sentence must be in a specific place !

The pdf file is over 2k pages and the position changes from page to page !

#itext #pdfbox #askfedi #java #help

Посоветуйте если знаете карту захвата, которая:

- 4k @ 30 FPS минимум
- работает в линуксах
- не лагает
- Не Elgato и не Avermedia

#help #hardware #video #camera #log #capture

Vittoriona :vegan:
3 days ago

Ho aperto Brave e ho cliccato su abilita vpn. Come si disabilita? #help #aiuto

Dave Mackey
4 days ago

#question of the day: best options for a full-size #foldable #keyboard?

The two key ingredients here are: foldable AND full-size.

I'm looking for something I wouldn't mind working on for an entire day.

Edit: It doesn't need to have a num pad.

Edit 2: I'd also settle for a non-foldable, regular key size, compact keyboard that would fit in a laptop bag.

Edit 3: For work, no fancy backlights or they must turn off.

#recommendations #help

Does anybody know what the object in the attached photo is? It was found in a charity shop, but nobody knows what it is.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.

#help #question #strangeobject

Photo of an object with the words Panasonic Auto-Stop written across the front, and a small hole in the front.
Mariusz Felisiak
4 days ago

Please help us 🆘 organize the first ever DjangoCon Africa! 🌍 🇹🇿 and consider making a donation 💰 @djangoconafrica #help #django #python #africa

LA Legault
4 days ago

Seriously!!! #Help.

A video of me continually trying to deactivate
Hypolite Petovan
4 days ago

It looks like I'm going to have to move server, and the offer I got isn't available anymore at my current hosting provider, which means I'm going to have to pay more or get less.

I currently have: for 20 euros/month:

CPU: Intel® C2750 (Avoton)
Memory: 8 GB
Disk: 1 TB
Price: 20€/month

The currently available offers that are close to this are:

CPU: Intel® Xeon E3 1220v2
Memory: 16 GB
Disk: 2 x 1 TB
Price: 21€/month


CPU: Intel® Xeon E3 1245v5
Memory: 32 GB
Disk: 3 x 250 GB SSD
Price: 23€/month

My main question is: is the C2750 so much better thanks to its 8 threads than the Xeon E3? I only use my server as a web server, so isn't the thread count more important?

Would the unavailability of the C2750 be a good enough reason to move provider?

#SysAdmining #SysAdmin #Help #Hosting

Martin Owens
4 days ago

Dear social search; we've recently started compiling with C++20 and we're getting a ton of warnings for lambdas. While I'm not in a position to fix them, I need to suppress those warnings so I can see actual errors.

Problem is, google's #search is just bad and keeps giving me results for "how to make warnings into errors" which is not what I want.

Edit: -Wno-deprecated is in the docs. But not how to use with cmake.

Do you know?

#cpp #programming #gcc #compiling #help

Hypolite Petovan
4 days ago

#Help I'm looking for the name of a comedy, either a movie or a TV show episode, in which every time an actor mentions the word "assassin", there's a dramatic off-screen whisper echoing the word.

#Movies #TVShows

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 days ago

Here’s a peek behind the curtain — a story from my founder’s days — of scarcity, friendship and vulnerability:

#life #writer #tbt #author #mindset #help #growth #friendship #support #blog #writing #books

I want to read a book but I don’t know what. Fiction that’s not too heavy, not too fluffy, but maybe sort of fluffy? But I don’t even know what genre 😭 #Help #Books

Tab Combs
5 days ago

TL;DR: frittata #help needed!

My niece is getting married next weekend and I have just learned I have been assigned the tast of making frittatas for pre-wedding #brunch. I'm a capable home cook, but my partner generally handles all breakfasty-things, so I'm not exactly in my comfort zone here.

Please send me your best frittata #recipes and tips, esp. re #cooking for a crowd! Assume I'm an idiot.

Thank you!!!

#Advice #Recipe #Eggs

6 days ago

Gardening question

We have put a trellis up at the side of our house to keep wallabies out of our garden. But we want to cover the trellis with an evergreen climbing plant.

Could anyone suggest a climber that would look good to the side of our house? The photo shows our house a couple months back in northern Tasmania and the trellis is on the left hand side.

#gardening #help #tasmania #australia

Light blue house with dark blue at the base. Google view arrows sit on the lawn while a white door is to the left
6 days ago

Hello! Just stopping by to remind you, if you're looking for a nice gift for you or your loved ones, plz consider buying #art from my shops :blobCat_blanket:
I have #stickers, #tshirt, #prints and more!
All the sales there help me A LOT to get money for food and bills.
Thank u for supporting this struggling latina artist! :ablobcatbongo:

#MastoArt #artist #arte #boost #help #FediGiftShop

A few cartoonish cats explaining how to support your favorite artists: 
Asking for commissions or buying merch from their stores, 
Sharing or interacting with their posts on social media, 
or just recommending their art so it reach more people.


My friend has a BA in Anthropology, speaks five languages conversationally, and has interests in learning more. He's looking to get out of retail and do something that will truly help others while using his skills. He is open to options and learns very quickly on the job.

He would prefer to work remotely but is interested in moving out of his home state, so relocation is an option.

If you have any information regarding a possible position for my friend, please let me know!!

#Jobs #employment #help #boost #anthropology

Hello #FediFriends ^__^

Does anyone know if it's possible in #Inkscape, #Scribus or another #Linus #Foss #vector #design tool to link/embed a #PDF or #SVG?

I want to be able to change the original file and then have the linked one updated. Inkscape just imports all the layers directly if I'm not mistaken and I can neither get Inkscape nor Scribus adhere to cropping boxes in import.

Any #help is very much appreciated, merci ^__^

#AskFedi #Question #FediQuestion

1 week ago

#Help, does anyone know why this shampoo has an invisible QR code? I can't get my phone to scan it either. I'm guessing it's for industrial reasons?

My husband was curing some resin prints and noticed the code on the bottle.

#QRcode #ImSoConfused

A side by side comparison of a shampoo bottle under UV light that shows a QR code and under normal light with the code invisible.
Bread and Circuses
1 week ago

I’ve been having trouble with my connection to for a few days now. 😕

Starting Friday afternoon all I got was error messages — the home page would not appear. On Saturday I was able to connect intermittently but still with frequent delays and more error messages. Today (Sunday), I can’t connect at all using Firefox, my preferred browser, but if I go back to Chrome I am able to see my home page and make posts, like this one.

I do not want to use Chrome if I don’t have to. Does anyone know the cause of these problems? Am I doing something wrong, or is it perhaps because my instance might be trying to do an upgrade? Any help or advice would be appreciated!

#MastodonHelp #Help

1 week ago
1 week ago

Hello. I try to install ubports on a #xiaomi redmi note 9 pro (miaroll)
The device is unlocked. First try with official android12 and second try with #lineagoos 20.
In both case, Ubports-installer said "installation successfull" but when the phone reboot i have ubports logo "installing" then reboot again and nothing. Same with #droidian
If i install manually, I have a "cancel error" only with userdata.img
Someone can #help please?
#linux #linuxphone #linuxphones #ubports #ubuntutouch

Andrew Michaels
1 week ago

Been on #mastodon for a hot minute now. Looking for #suggestions on #hashtags to follow.


What else? #help

What is the best alternative for #dotnet #dupfinder command line tool from @jetbrains ? #csharp #help #teamcity #mvpbuzz

I’m $22k in credit card debt and it’s really, really hard to make forward progress. I can’t afford to move to cheaper place but I can afford rent. I need to pay a friend $1200 for my car.

I hate reaching out for help, but I don’t know what else to do. You can buy me a coffee here and every cent pays off some of my debt. Don’t feel like you have to - I got myself in this mess and I have to get myself out.

Please retoot if you can.

#Fediverse #help #donate #Kofi

🙂 Artist: #JasonNaylor - in City: #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 -
Title: "You are not alone! "
- #988Helpline 🇺🇸
Don't listen to the monsters in your head. We all have our struggles and it's okay to talk about it. 🍂
🇩🇪 Germany:
🌎 International:
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Help
#Hilfe #Mentalhealth #Helplines #Telefonseelsorge
#YouAreNotAlone 🙂

Streetartwall. The Lettering "You are not alone! ", writing in grey, white and yellow on a black painted wall. 
A project of many artists as information and reference to the American helpline for people with mental health problems.

I accidentally my moka pot in the dishwasher. Is there any hope to get rid of this nasty soap patina?

Scrubbing it away with water and sponge turns out ineffective. It only removes the surface layer.

Sharing is caring.

#help #askfedi #espresso #coffee #oopsie

A moka pot in a greyish patina.
kim moes
2 weeks ago

Where is my #writingcommunity? Trying to find a new home to learn about where to submit, and where I can read others' work. We're in this together.

#introduction I didn't see this option until after I posted. I will do up a better introduction soon :)

If you are a writer, or journal, Say hi. Follow me and I'll follow you.
(Is that how it works here?)

#Writing #Writers #AmWriting #Writingtogether #FlashFiction #writer #literary #brandnewhere #WritersOfMastodon #writershelpingwriters #writerslife #microfiction #help

table top with beach in the background. a few wandering people and boats. notebook, water and coffee cup on the table.
2 weeks ago

@mutualaid @gtfomystate

Any help is much appreciated. Our clock is ticking and we need any help we can get to flee Oklahoma


#MutualAidRequest #Begpost #TransCrowdFund #gofundme #trans #queer #lgbt #gtfomystate #mutualaid #emergency #help #crowdfund #Tulsa, #Oklahoma #UnitedStates

Ey vim-ers I need your valuable help, do you know how can I fix this?

I don't know how to wrap `.:!sh ...` into a function, any idea?

#neovim #help

Admin of Buddyverse
2 weeks ago

🌟 Hey there, Mastodon Fam! 🌟

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! Your Mastodon server is leveling up its game with daily backups, ensuring your cherished moments and connections are safeguarded. 📦🛡️

Our server runs on UTC time (Etc/UTC), and every day at the cozy hour of 3:00 AM, we'll be temporarily pausing Mastodon services to perform these backups. No worries, it's just a quick pit stop to ensure your Mastodon experience remains seamless!

But here's where you come in! To keep this ship sailing smoothly, we need your support. 🚢 We're on a mission to raise $200 per month to cover our expenses. Currently, we're at 15/200 bucks, and we believe you can help us reach our goal!

💖 Show your love and appreciation by becoming a paid member on our Patreon page:

Or if you prefer a one-time show of support, you can "Buy Me a Coffee" here:

Why should you support us? Well, when we hit our $200 monthly goal, Expect hourly and weekly backups, adding an extra layer of protection to your Mastodon experience.

We can't do it without your help, and every contribution counts. Let's keep this Fediverse journey fun, safe, and memorable for all of us. Cheers to a fantastic community! 🥂

#mastodon #mastoadmin #fedimin #fediverse #buddyverse #help #crowdfunding #fund #donate

Paul Secular
2 weeks ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!

2 weeks ago

I hate asking for #help Pride, I guess. But I'm not in a position to turn it down right now and people have asked how they could.$JayCB1982

Everything right now would go towards paying down some debt, anything beyond that would go towards making things a little easier in general. At least until Social Security Disability kicks in. If they ever get around to it, anyway.

Flash Mob Of One
2 weeks ago

I hate turning my FB back on, by my coworkers at the law firm contributed 2k to help my mom and dad rebuild their house after it burned last year.

Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll donate again.

#Family #Help #MutualAid

❓ Question #mastodon

Ça fait un moment que je cherche pourquoi les posts dans la colonne épinglée "Notifications" n'affichent pas le contenu des images attachées mais juste le nom du fichier.

Ici c'est très clair sur la capture avec le parallèle "flux principal" et "notifications" l'un à côté de l'autre, avec le même post affiché.

Quelqu'un saurait comment corriger ça ? C'est une feature ? Je ne vois rien dans les préférence... 🤔

#question #fediverse #help

Capture partielle de l'interface de Mastodon affichant un même post contenant une image dans les 2 colonnes "Accueil" et "Notifications". Seul le post dans la colonne "Accueil" affiche l'image, l'autre affiche seulement un lien textuel du fichier PNG correspondant.

🙂 Artist: #WesFranklin - in City: #Bendigo Australia 🇦🇺 2022 -
Title: "You are not alone! "
- #988Helpline 🇺🇸
Don't listen to the monsters in your head. We all have our struggles and it's okay to talk about it. 🍂
🇩🇪 Germany:
🌎 International:
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Help #Hilfe #Mentalhealth #Helplines #Telefonseelsorge
#YouAreNotAlone ! 🙂

Streetartwall. On a long freestanding exterior wall is a mural with the lettering "You are not alone!" sprayed / painted. With large white letters, the message is on a black background with small hearts, hands and the word "Hope".
I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"Straw is one of more than 200 tenants at Latch – which stands for Leeds Action to Create Homes. She was referred to the organisation after leaving an abusive relationship and now lives in a refurbished house in the city. She’s passionate about how it’s transformed her life.

The business model is simple: Latch buys derelict homes across Leeds, which it then renovates, furnishes, and rents at fair rates. The work is supported by a team of unemployed construction trainees, who are given on-the-job training to help them find work in the industry. Tenants, who are typically homeless or living in difficult circumstances, get access to a dedicated support worker.

Since its inception in 1989, the organisation has transformed more than 100 derelict properties into energy efficient homes, and helped almost 600 people make a new, positive start."

#GoodNews #Homes #Housing #Help

LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 weeks ago

Currently thinking about a game project that I'd like to tackle this winter! 👀
Out of the title options "Lunch breaks in Liebwald" or "Lunch breaks in Lovewood", which do yall like more? I'm trying to gauge whether the German word in the title might be confusing. :blobfox3c:

#gameDev #help

I'm a disabled Indigenous queer person who exists on Jobseeker, which means almost 50% ($269/week) below the poverty line ($489/week).

After living in the same house for almost 10 years, I recently had to move as the new landlords decided to renovate so they could increase the rent.

Moving has cost me over $4000, and ended up putting me almost $2500 in debt.

I didn't get rent assistance for the first 6 weeks of living here because they lost my lease copy and they're refusing to backpay it. So I started the first 6 weeks here adding over $180 a fortnight to that debt as well.

I'm in a new house with a new landlord, and am barely able to make rent at the moment, let alone cover bills and food.

I hate asking, but please consider helping if you can - I'd be super grateful.

#MutualAid #Indigenous #Aboriginal #IndigenousMutualAid #queer #trans #autism #audhd #disability #JobSeeker #PleaseShare #Help #PleaseHelp #SettlerSaturday #SettlerSunday

A screenshot from Google:
Is jobseeker below the poverty line?
People in households relying on JobSeeker were $269 per week below the poverty line

🔶 Yo. We're getting desperate at this point. We need money for groceries and work lunches until the 21st. We've gotten a single donation of $15 and that's it. We can't keep waiting- we have a shift *tomorrow*. Please, help. Even $5 does wonders.

Alternatively if you wanna send through F&F so we don't lose some of it to fees,

15 / 100

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest @mutualaid #Help #Fundraising #TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund #NEISVoid #Fundraiser #BegPost #BegPosting

Johnny Profane Âû
3 weeks ago

🌈 Hey #ActuallyAutistic fam!

Ever struggled being #neurodivergent in a neurotypical world?

I get it. That's why I offer all my content for FREE. But to keep it that way, I need your #help.

Click to learn how you can #support this space.👇
#AutisticJoy #ADHD #AuDHD

Text: Hi, it's Johnny Profane. 

You know?I believe no one should have to pay to be autistic. That's why all my content is free. 

But to keep it that way, I rely on the generosity of people like you. 

My modest expenses for tools & websites come to about 200 dollars a month. - 

If you find value in what I do, please click below.  - 

Together, we can keep this space inclusive and open for all. Thank you for being part of this incredible community!
Lu 🇦🇲
3 weeks ago

Dans un pré à côté de chez moi y'a une annesse (normande, je crois) depuis toujours, son propriétaire (un cantonnier à la retraite) n'a plus la santé adéquate pour s'en occuper donc il la donne contre bons soins. Comme tout âne, c'est mieux si elle a de la compagnie (autre âne, moutons, poules...).
Vous avez des pistes ? C'est en région lyonnaise. #Lyon #Help #Âne #Don #Care