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EMC_Phase1:images/fantasy/fantasy.256/battle1.256 #Art #Painting #Illustration #FictionalCharacter #VisualArts #Mythology #Drawing #SupernaturalCreature #History #CgArtwork

Art Painting Illustration Fictional character Visual arts Mythology Drawing Supernatural creature History Cg artwork
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Living with Machines
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Today at the Turing we launch MapReader - A computer vision pipeline for exploring and analyzing images at scale, with a two-day workshop with talks and events to introduce it to the world! #mapreader #dh #maps #history...

Pussers Grey
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14 of 151 ships - HMS Bellerophon crew list - recent updates

@battle-of-jutland-crew-lists-project (follow this group to see all postings)

#battleofjutland #genealogy #greatwar #ww1 #history #worldwar1 #familyhistory #Skagerrakschlacht #royalnavy #ancestorian #jutland107

Please follow the link to view the crew list for this ship.

Battle Of Jutland
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13 of 151 ships - HMS Barham crew list - recent updates

@battle-of-jutland-crew-lists-project (follow this group to see all postings)

#battleofjutland #genealogy #greatwar #ww1 #history #worldwar1 #familyhistory #Skagerrakschlacht #royalnavy #ancestorian #jutland107

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! Quite Interesting
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Marie Skłodowska Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize, the first person to win two Nobel prizes, the only person to win Nobel prizes in multiple sciences, and once successfully nailed a jelly to a wall.

#Curie #MarieCurie #NobelPrize #science #physics #chemistry #history #achievements

kernpanik 🐾
2 hours ago

Here's a piece of #radio #history:

In the late 1980s, Ecki Stieg's weekly radio show #Grenzwellen on Northern Germany's #radioFFN was the first program to introduce me to #electronicmusic.

A few recordings survived on YouTube, e.g. this 1996 special dedicated entirely to Tangerine Dream's Klaus Schulze:

koen Huybrechts
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Visit the trendsetters of democratic ideas and enjoying great weather ☀️

#Athens #history

2 hours ago

I enjoyed this.
A talk on "plain text" in communications and computing, the development of electronic code to represent written language. A lot in the hour.

#Computing #Text #HumanLanguages #History #Communication
NDC Copenhagen 2022 Dylan Beattie

2 hours ago

‘Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and shelter for us in an advanced age; and if we do not plant it while young, it will give us no shade when we grow old.’

Philip Dormer Stanhope (Earl of #Chesterfield1774)

#HarryHolt #Holt #Genealogy #Bareknuckle #Boxing #Pugilist #Regency #Georgian #C18th #C19th #History

Rick Gaehl
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This time last week, I was in Venice - called 'La Serenissima' for her ability to avoid political conflict. We could do with some of that in the UK...

This was taken from the Customs House, at the mouth of the Grand Canal. On the left is the Doge's Palace, the domes of St Mark's and the Campanile: on the right, the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

#MeerMittwoch #Photography #Venice #Italy #Water #Architecture #History #Psychogeography

This is in panoramic format - enlarge to see full image.

A view of Venice at the mouth of the Grand Canal, with St Mark's and the Doge's Palace on the left, and San Giorgio Maggiore on the right. The water is green and the sky is blue, with some high, thin cloud.
Russell Sandberg
3 hours ago

No need to fight!

You can easily get your own copy of my new book which explores the history of the common law.

Order now at:

(Photo taken at Pembroke Castle)

#law #history #legalhistory #legaleducation #introductiontolaw

Miro Collas
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Oldest carved piece of wood to be found in Britain dates back 6,000 years | Archaeology | The Guardian

"It could easily have gone on to the bonfire or into the skip. But Derek Fawcett decided to take a closer look at the blackened, waterlogged piece of wood found at the bottom of a 5ft trench dug for foundations for a new workshop."

#History #Archeology #UK

Slimeball versus true leader and hero. Mr. Meadows will not be looked upon kindly by history. 🥺

“Mr. #Meadows has maintained a commitment to tell the truth where he has a legal obligation to do so.” 🤬

“I cannot help but contrast that statement with one from another American leader seventy-nine years ago” (when some #Republicans were honorable and put their country above themselves!)

#eisenhower #normandy #dday #fascism #leadership #history #maga #heathercoxrichardson

Text Shot: “Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”

The letter was never delivered. Operation Overlord was a success, launching the final assault in which western democracy, defended by ordinary men and women, would destroy European fascism.
Tim Richards
4 hours ago

New at my Patreon... How best to explore relics of the lost nation of Yugoslavia, scattered across Belgrade? In a Yugo, of course, the iconic 'national car':

Yugo! Touring a vanished nation in an iconic car

#Belgrade #Serbia #Yugoslavia #History #Architecture

Unusual tower block with two towers connected by a pedestrian bridge, with a revolving restaurant on top.
5 hours ago

@JaneImber And we had a few Presidents like Ronald Reagan who acted immature when faced with the renewables question #History #Climate

HAMBURG damals
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1971 an der Straßenbahn-Haltestelle am Ende der Mönckebergstraße. Immer wieder gibt und gab es Überlegungen der Wiedereinführung in Hamburg, nachdem der Betrieb im Jahr 1978 eingestellt wurde. Den Beschluss für die Abschaffung der Straßenbahn hat der Hamburger Senat übrigens bereits 1958 getroffen.

Unser Shop: - Durch einen Kauf bei Amazon über unseren Link bekommen wir eine Provision, womit wir das Projekt finanzieren.

#hamburg #straßenbahn #geschichte #history

Straßenbahn Haltestelle 1971

Quelle: Fotograf Robert Rynerson, via Flickr CC BY-2.0 <>
Tank Archives
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An order to begin installing commander's cupolas on T-34 tanks was given #OTD in 1943. Unlike previous designs, this one was placed on top of the commander/gunner's station, augmenting his existing rotating periscope. #tanks #history #WW2

OK, #Oakland #bike #riders, no cheating. Read this 1895 #article from the #SanFranciscoExaminer, describing "A Short But Picturesque Ride Through Jack Hayes Canyon" and see if you can figure out what the author is describing, without scrolling down to the modern #maps. A few of those landmarks might make sense, but I bet many don't, same with the #roads. It took me a bit to puzzle out the route, which is still a decent #bicycle ride. You'll learn some Oakland #history while you're at it.,_June_01,_1895

#biketooter #touring #illustration #SFBayArea #Montclair

A Short But Picturesque Ride Through Jack Hayes Canyon - The San Francisco Examiner - Saturday, June 01, 1895
Bob the Traveler
6 hours ago

Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, was crowned King of Spain. OTD in 1808; this led in a roundabout way to the independence of #Chile #travel #history

6 hours ago

I'm on hour 11 of #TimeGhostTV's 24 Hour #DDay series. It's a firehose of content, but my favorites so far are all the stuff concerning journalism, mass communications, and the accompanying PR Blitz. Using contemporary recordings, many of which I've never heard before, has been very effective.

#History #WW2

Bob the Traveler
6 hours ago

U.S. Navy dive bombers sank the Japanese cruiser Mikuma and four Japanese aircraft carriers OTD in 1942 in the Battle of Midway; Allied victory was possible thanks to #cryptography #history

Bob the Traveler
6 hours ago

Soyuz 11, the only mission to dock and board Salyut 1, the first space station, launched OTD in 1971 #spaceflight #history

Bob the Traveler
7 hours ago

John A. Macdonald, who died OTD in 1891, served as the 1st Prime Minister of #Canada from 1867 to 1873 #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
7 hours ago

Novarupta began erupting in #Alaska OTD in 1912, it was the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century #travel #history

Miro Collas
7 hours ago

Roman perfume identified as patchouli – The History Blog

"Residue of perfume found in Roman mausoleum under a private back yard in the town of Carmona, southwestern Spain, has been identified as Pogostemon cablin, aka patchouli. This is the first time a perfume from the Roman era has been conclusively identified."

#History #Archeology #Roman #Spain

Dylan Bragg
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With bare feet and a tin-pot hat,
I made sure that your cider-vat
For years to come would still be full.
A generous and gentle soul
Anticipating future needs,
From sea to sea I planted seeds…
Or so they say—if not, at least
A handful of states in the northeast.

#poetry #smallpoems #riddlepoems #american #history #folklore #legend #americana #agriculture #botany #poetrycommunity

Bob the Traveler
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Japanese daimyō or warlord Nakagawa Kiyohide took part in many battles including thoe at Yamazaki and Shizugatake; he died in battle OTD in 1583 #travel #history

Dylan Bragg
7 hours ago

Here in the last and lowest layer,
Locked in ice with my betrayer,
I feed on him that immured me.
But you’re from Tuscany, I see…
So you’ll have heard of Hunger Tower,
But not of my most desperate hour
When, chewing my own hands in madness,
Starvation overpowered my sadness.

#poetry #smallpoems #riddlepoems #literature #classic #epic #poem #medieval #italy #legend #history #poetrycommunity

Bob the Traveler
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OTD in 2002 a near-Earth asteroid estimated at ten meters in diameter exploded over the Mediterranean Sea between #Greece and Libya with an estimated force of 26 kilotons #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
7 hours ago

George Stanley, born OTD in 1907, designed the flag of #Canada #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
8 hours ago
Bob the Traveler
8 hours ago

See where the British seized Pegasus Bridge during the night before #DDay #travel #history

Punkrock History
8 hours ago

40 years ago
Sound & Fury is the second studio album by the American punk rock band Youth Brigade, released in June 1983 under the same title as the debut album.

#punk #punks #punkrock #youthbrigade #soundandfury #history #punkrockhistory

Bob the Traveler
8 hours ago

Pandelis Pouliopoulos, who died OTD in 1943, was among the founders of the Trotskyist movement in Greece and was once the general secretary of the KKE or Communist Party of Greece #travel #history

Punkrock History
8 hours ago

41 years ago
Social Distortion for LA punk rock zine 'No-Mag', June 1982. Photo by Rooh Steif.

#punk #punks #punkrock #socialdistortion #nomag #history #punkrockhistory

The Video Game Library 📚
8 hours ago

What effect did #Nintendo's #Famicom have on Japan? 🇯🇵

Published in 1986, this book offers an early look into the country's cultural shift as a result of the home console.

Check it out here:

#FamilyComputer #NintendoFamicom #NintendoEntertainmentSystem #NES #VideoGames #VideoGame #Gaming #Gamer #Japan #Fun #Game #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #GameStudies #History #Technology #Culture

The Japanese book cover of "THE FAMILY-COMPUTER CHANGES THE INFORMATION NETWORK OF JAPAN" which is a white background with black text. The cover is bordered by green and blue dotted patterns, and at the top, a pixelated black and white sprite of Mario.
Bob the Traveler
8 hours ago

German astrologer and astronomer Johannes Müller von Königsberg, born OTD in 1436, was better known as Regiomontanus; his observation helped delop Copernican heliocentrism in the decades after his death #astronomy #history

Punkrock History
8 hours ago

39 years ago, the master in his element

Lux Interior performing with the Cramps at Eldorado in Paris, June 06, 1984

#punk #punks #punkrock #luxinterior #thecramps #history #punkrockhistory

Name another ancient regime which crucified enemies of the State.

I’ll wait.

#theology #history #Rome

Text: When you try to Jesus, but end up Pontius Pilating instead (over image of a Christian cross with superimposed American flag and Blue Lives Matter coloring)
Sheril Kirshenbaum
9 hours ago

Dr. Margaret Chung was born in CA in 1889. As a med student, she wore masculine clothing & referred to herself as “Mike.” She became the first Chinese American female physician & applied to be a medical missionary, but was rejected due to her race.

In the 1920’s, Chung founded one of the first Western medical clinics in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She advocated for Chinese Americans & pushed for the inclusion of women in the US military. #HistoryRemix #history #medicine

Dr. Margaret Chung with a Lockheed P-38 Lightning model and photos of some of her recruits.
Public domain.
Courtney Herber, PhD
9 hours ago

#OnThisDay in #history - in 1654, Queen Christina of #Sweden abdicated her throne in favor of her cousin, Charles X Gustav. Christina had ruled since she was 18, but had been queen since her father's death when she was 7. As a child, she was inspired by Elizabeth I.

One of Europe's most learned women, Christina was a renowned scholar, patron of the arts, and amateur artist herself.
She converted to Catholicism, which was a reason for her abdication.

#OTD #histodons @royalhistory @histodons

Painted equestrian portrait of Queen Christina of Sweden. Though she was a woman, she was coronated as a king.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
9 hours ago

In the late 1840 or early 1850s, the HBC men in what is now #BritishColumbia set up a new fur trade post at or near what is now Little Fort, B.C. Here is Little Fort's story, or at least as much as can be gleaned from the #HudsonsBayCo records... #BCHistory #Kamloops #History #Blogpost

A ripple in the water of the North River [North Thompson River] where a new HBC post stood. This tree lined river flowed toward the Kamloops post, which is behind the tree covered hills in the mid and far-distance.
9 hours ago

Archaeologists Discover Remnant of Lost Village Buried Under the Ocean for 600 Years. The main church of #Rungholt, a #Medieval settlement that has been called the “Atlantis of the North Sea” because it was wiped out in a #flood, has been found. #archaeology #archeology #frisia #germany #history #mediaeval


“On June 25, 1978, #history was made when a new #flag unfurled in San Francisco. From that moment forward, the flag and its rich, beaming colors of the #rainbow would serve as a symbol of #hope and #Pride for the millions of #LGBTQ individuals across the world.” 🌈📖 This Brightly #Storytime #video is one in a series of #PrideMonth Reads and Banned and Challenged Books playlists that help educate kids about diverse identities to foster a more inclusive world.

#HarveyMilk #GilbertBaker #book #books #picturebook #childrensbooks #readaloud #community #equalrights #civics

D. Elisabeth Glassco
10 hours ago

Elijah McCoy passed away on October 10, 1929, in Detroit, Michigan. He left behind a legacy of innovation and numerous patents. Despite facing challenges and financial constraints, Elijah’s contributions to engineering and invention have been recognized and continue to inspire others to this day.


#History #Michigan

Elijah McCoy add a as an elderly man in a black-and-white photograph.
D. Elisabeth Glassco
10 hours ago

A prolific inventor, Elijah held nearly 60 patents, mostly for lubrication systems. His genius extended to diverse areas, including an ironing board, a lawn sprinkler, and other machines. Despite recognition, his name rarely adorned his creations, as he sold patent rights due to limited funds for large-scale production.


#history #Michigan

Schematic for McCoy i lawn  sprinkler.
Schematic for automatic lubricator invented by Elijah McCoy.
Schematic for ironing board, invented by Elijah McCoy.
D. Elisabeth Glassco
10 hours ago

Elijah J. McCoy, the son of former slaves, overcame formidable obstacles and racial discrimination to become one of the most prolific inventors of his time. In 1872, he invented the automatic lubricating cup for steam engines. McCoy’s invention revolutionized locomotive maintenance and gained widespread acclaim to the extent that McCoy’s invention became renowned as “The Real McCoy,” symbolizing authenticity and reliability

1/4 #Histodons #History

Black-and-white photo of Elijah McCoy.
Omar Moore
12 hours ago

On the Wednesday, June 7 edition of THE POLITICRAT daily #podcast. #BlackMastodon #Mastodon #history #queensophiacharlotte

it's kat!
13 hours ago

#art #history: josephine baker was born on 3rd june in 1906, but i've only just had the time to commemorate her through art - & i suppose that's okay because any day is a fine time to honour such a phenomenal human being.
there follows a gigathread about the legend, la baker, should you wish to read it.
#josephineBaker #france #portraiture #illustration #civilRights #music #cinema

portrait of legendary singer, actress & french resistance hero, josephine baker, that i drew with digital ink tools in shades of deep rose, forest green & spruce green. josephine is holding bunches of white daisies in both of her hands. there're two wide horizontal dark green stripes on either side of a deep pink coloured stripe in the background as a graphic element.
portrait of legendary singer, actress & french resistance hero, josephine baker, that i drew with digital ink tools in shades of pinky salmon & spring green. josephine is holding bunches of white daisies in both of her hands.

"As of today, anthropologists believe there were at least ten different occupations of Britain in c.900,000 years of British history that featured (at least) four human species." #Ancient #History #Britain #Anthropology #histodon #histodons @histodon @histodons @anthropology


Cycling Historian
16 hours ago

Cannot speak to the accuracy of any of it. An interesting examination nonetheless!

#histodon #histodons #history

Fedi.Garden 🌱
17 hours ago is a server for anyone interested in genealogy and family histories:


You can find out more from their About page at or contact their admin @david

#FeaturedServer #Genealogy #Genealogist #Genealogists #Family #Families #History #FamilyHistory #Fediverse

Flipboard Culture Desk
17 hours ago

English idioms come from just about everywhere — including chickens. @merriamwebster shares seven egg-cellent egg-spressions, from "fly the coop" to "rule the roost," plus how they were hatched.

#Language #Culture #History

#Gatekeeping is never a pretty thing, so I'm sure you'll be upset to hear that the very first argument over who is really #goth happened 589 years ago.

"Nicolaus Ragvaldi, bishop of the Diocese of Växjö, claimed that the Swedes were the descendants of the great Goths".
"The #Spanish delegation retorted that it was only the 'lazy' Goths who had remained in Sweden, whereas the 'heroic' Goths had left #Sweden, invaded the #Roman empire and settled in #Spain." #History

Today I learned that a bunch of anti-fascist kids landed at Normandy.

D-Day reminds us that there is no force multiplier stronger than a just cause.

Anti-fascism is a just cause.

You can disagree.

It will say a lot about you, without even saying that much.

@histodons #DDay #OTD #history #antifascism #justcause

Cassandra Good
18 hours ago

It's book release day for First Family! Available at your local indie bookshop,, or Amazon as a hardcover, ebook, or audiobook.
Read about the nation's 1st "first family" and the soap-opera-like saga of their lives from the Revolution to the Civil War
#histodons #history #bookstodon #family

Woman holding book titled "First Family"
18 hours ago

@SocraticEthics This is actually a red flag that as Putin is losing control, he is going berserk. Very important to amp up the pressure on Russia. China needs to show leadership here #History

Tim Richards
19 hours ago

What immense fun I had today on the Rise and Fall of a Nation tour, visiting relics of the vanished Yugoslavia here in Belgrade. All in the comfort of an old Yugo car! (See below, shown off by my excellent guide Marija.)

I'll be writing an exclusive full account for my Patreon patrons tomorrow if you'd like to sign up - I promise an entertaining read and lots of photos. Here's the link:

#Belgrade #Serbia #Yugoslavia #History #Architecture #Museum

Faded yellow Yugo car, with a woman standing behind it.
Brian Alberts
19 hours ago

What #beerhistory do you want to see explored?

What questions do you want answered? Communities engaged? Topics or themes highlighted? Time periods covered?

#beer #history #histodons

Sebastian Hageneuer
19 hours ago

#280CharAbstracts: D. Hölscher shows ways to base science outreach in #archaeology upon educational principles. Visitors in GER are offered GPS-tours with ludic elements, learning about the local landscape and #history.

This article is part of a broader book about communicating the ancient past, published in 2020 at Ubiquity: Communicating the Past in the Digital Age.



A street with a bike.
Alexander Karn
19 hours ago

Pretending/imagining to be facing the Third Reich, #GOP presidential candidate Ron #Desantis channels Winston Churchill to ramp up and energize his attacks on free inquiry, critical scholarship, and history education.

#democracy #education #freespeech #history

20 hours ago

Trees on either side of the path going up the #Viking age South Mound at Jelling, #Denmark.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #trees #TreesOnTuesday #travel #photography #TravelPhotography #history

Color photo of a row of tree trunks in front of a large, tall grassy mound. There are steps leading to a dirt path going up the mound with five trees to the left side and two on the right. In the background to the left is a white church and there are blue skies with puffy white clouds.
Harold Jarche
21 hours ago

“MGen Thomas stands today as an example of the thousands of white Southerners who supported the Union during the Civil War and a rare example of a slave owner who changed his views on race and slavery. His military career demonstrated skill and bravery, but his true heroism was a moral one.”


The Conversation U.S.
21 hours ago

Two Southerners serving in the U.S. Army in 1861 made different choices when the Civil War began.

Robert E. Lee has been looked on as a source of pride by White Southerners.

But perhaps, according to historian Christopher Einolf, a better source of pride today would be Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas – another Virginian, who honored his oath to defend the Constitution.

#History #BlackHistory #Histodons @histodons

Robert E. Lee vs George H. Thomas
Both Virginian generals who fought in the Civil War, one for the Confederacy (Widely revered) and one for the Union (largely forgotten)
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 day ago

Heritage enthusiasts who've been working more than two decades to bring a relic of Ottawa's transportation past to life say the project is now in peril because OC Transpo wants to reclaim space at its garage.

#ottawa #streetcar #history

Punkrock History
1 day ago

Happy Birthday to Jay Bentley, bassist and co-founding member of the punk rock group Bad Religion, member of Wasted Youth, T.S.O.L. and Circle Jerks, born on this day in 1964, Wichita

Photo by MichaelbFajardo

#punk #punks #punkrock #jaybentley #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Adam Cook
1 day ago

Here are some great links about the #history of these three #Detroit buildings if you are so inclined. Some great old photographs in there too.

Leland Hotel:

Michigan Building:

United Artists Theatre:

I did lift some of the mirrored archway description in the #AltText of the Michigan Building from one of Historic Detroit's photographs.

If you are able, consider joining their #Patreon here:

Universal Hub
2 days ago

Guns fired across downtown and howitzers blasted on the Common as the Ancient and Honorables once again change leadership
#Boston #BostonCommon #history #muskets #pikes

Minutemen firing muskets at Tremont and Park streets in downtown Boston
Tim Richards
2 days ago

Anyway walking around Belgrade today, I have established a theory that there are two basic types of cities in the former communist bloc of Central and Eastern Europe.

Type 1 are the cities with pretty 'chocolate box' central districts that don't seem to have changed much in centuries: eg Kraków, Prague, Lviv.

Type 2 are the cities where you can tell that a Lot of History has happened up to quite recent times: eg Warsaw, Belgrade, Kyiv. Doesn't necessarily mean they're unattractive, but they are complex to engage with.

Bit of a generalisation, but it's something to work with. What do you think?

#Europe #Architecture #History #Cities #Urban

Tim Richards
2 days ago

Belgrade really has the most eclectic mix of architecture. On this one square for example, on one side you have my beautiful 1908 hotel… And on the other you have what can only be called a concrete monstrosity.

That's the thing about concrete buildings, isn't it? They don't age at all well. The second place probably looked okay when it was brand-new, but let the concrete age and add air-conditioning units to the outside, and it's a mess.

Look here upon this picture and on this, as Shakespeare wrote...

#Belgrade #Serbia #Architecture #History

Beautiful green and cream facade of the Hotel Moskva, with a stone water fountain in front.
Hideous facade of a 20th century commercial building, with stained concrete and many external air-conditioning units.
Erik Sagen
2 days ago

How the USDA, 1920s golf boom and manufactured homes created the modern American grassy lawn #History

John Bull
2 days ago


With German help, France has been cowed and the former citizens of the fictional country of 'Belgium' cheer with joy to be re-united with their Dutch bretheren.

That's what the papers say, anyway. Time to rebuild the economy in @PDXVictoria #history #histodons #gaming

vicky 3 screenshot showing borders of northern europe, Belgium is no more...
Universal Hub
2 days ago

A little pre-gaming for the noon parade by the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. through downtown (with stops at the Old Granary Burial Ground and the nautilus-shell church on Tremont) on their way to the Common, all part of their annual leadership-change ceremonies. So if you hear musket fire ...
#Boston #history

Men on horseback in front of Faneuil Hall in Boston.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
2 days ago

Never forget the consequences of war. Normandy Beach, beautiful in an eerie way. This is wreckage left on the beach and then this was where 1000s lost their lives. Blood seeping deep into the sand. Strange standing here.

The ART & history:

#Photography #Normandy #Nature #war #Travel #Beach #France #buyintoart #fineartphotography #fineart #history #MastoArt #wallart #heartbreak #artmatters #Monday #anniversary #thoughtprovoking #remember

Normandy beach wreckage, beautiful in a strange way. How can a place so beautiful be where 1000s lost their lives?
D. Elisabeth Glassco
2 days ago

Both Tyree Nichols and Breonna Taylor were born 30 years ago today—-June 5, 1993.

They were real life human beings who led vibrant lives and, like all of us, had families and friends who adored them.

This is a reminder of how much we’ve lost. When police officers abuse their power and engage in violent behavior, it undermines ALL of society because the principles of justice, fairness, and equality are fundamental to democratic society. #history

Color photo of Tyree Nichols on a skateboard.
Photo of Breonna Taylor accepting award.
D. Elisabeth Glassco
3 days ago

Throughout history, the voices & stories of Black Americans were silenced & deliberately erased as if their existence meant nothing..

This is Isaac Granger, born enslaved at Jefferson’s plantation, Monticello, in 1850. Showcasing remarkable talent as a violinist & composer, he offered solace & cultural expression amidst many hardships. His story represents resilience & humanity of Black Americans during enslavement and beyond. #Histodons #History

Black-and-white photo of Isaac Granger.
Today On Screen
3 days ago

#OnThisDay, June 4, 1940, a flotilla of more than 800 vessels including Royal Navy destroyers, merchant marine boats, fishing boats, yachts and lifeboats were called into service from Britain to evacuate Allied soldiers from beaches in the north of France (depicted in Dunkirk, 2017)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Dunkirk #History #WWII #Histodons @histodons

A beach with long lines of soldiers waiting to be evacuated. There's smoke in the distance
Soldiers in the water being pulled onto a civilian boat

"For years, [the Tulsa race massacre] was labeled as a “race riot”—a classic 'both sides' of a horrific and deadly, racist attack on a thriving Black community."

~ David Pepper

#Tulsa #Oklahoma #racism #SystemicRacism #violence #history

3 days ago

Time for another #introduction:

I'm dictvm, mid 30s, long hair, into
#blackmetal and related genres. I ride bicycles, try to stay fit and I play #guitar, #bass and spew guttural venom into a microphone. I care a lot about #history, #philosophy, #spirituality (after having been an atheist for most of my life), #shizoanalysis, #CCRU, #highstrangeness, #disclosure and other stuff that's considered "out there". For work I'm doing #freelance #devops, #cloud, #machinelearning and #consulting. I also hate having to use this many hashtags.

I'm mostly chill and tolerant, unless I'm faced with Nazis, religious sycophants, aggressive motorists and ignorance.

John Bull
3 days ago


The illegitimate child of King Roland, Hildegard ascending to the throne of Normandy at just 15.

Many have tried to take it her. All have failed.

Now they call her 'The Impaler', while Hildegard herself dreams of Empire...

Live now with gaming and history natter! #histodons #history #gaming

Screenshot: Stern looking middle-aged woman in royal robes.
Mark Wyner :vm:
3 days ago

Garrett Morgan invented the modern traffic signal (with a yellow caution light) in 1922. [Edited ambiguous wording/date.‬]

More on Garrett:

#Invention #History #BlackInventor #BlackExcellence #Engineering #GarrettMorgan

Colorized photo of Garrett on a city street in front of a traffic light wearing a suit
Emma Cox
3 days ago

Fernacre is (hopefully) named after the old plural word for fairy “feren.” It’s one of Cornwall’s largest stone circles with around 69 stones of which half are still upright.

Rough (pronounced row) Tor is in the background.

Photograph by me.

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The right half of fernacre stone circle curving into the foreground. Roughy tor is in the background to the left hand side. The golden hour gives the moor a yellow glow and the stones cast long shadows from right to left.