4 hours ago

🌅 Buenos días. La temperatura exterior es de 20.6 grados y la humedad del 71%. Imagen: #netatmo #homeassistant #fuerteventura

4 hours ago

I just found out about the beauty of #filter in #mastodon -- #home cluttered? Remove or hide all #posts you are not interested in.

Finally a clean #tech stream with #HomeAssistant stuff without any #ukraine or #activism posts! Woot! 🎉

bedast :diabetes:
7 hours ago

So I may have mis-pointed the blame for the #Zigbee issues I was having.

It appears when I updated that firmware, #HomeAssistant tried to do something intelligent and load it as a new #ZHA association, and was interfering with my existing Zigbee network with Z2M. This, eventually, broke everything. I mean everything.

I've managed to get HA to start ignoring it going forward. Took a bit to get devices on going to the right place again.

Might retry the update later.

Hey @geordie and other #HomeAssistant users - I've just set mine up. What should I be poking at to make this interesting and useful and not just an entertaining curiosity?

Christmas lights are now in the #HomeAssistant

Gavin Campbell
13 hours ago

#HomeAssistant 2023.12 has been released. Final release of the year. Perfect time to upgrade your old installs. After you do the upgrade make sure you check for more updates. I had about 4 components to upgrade. But no issues (yet).

Updated home assistant last night… updating home assistant this morning.. no doubt updating home assistant again tonight..

#homeassistant #bullshit

14 hours ago

⚠️ La conexión a Internet en nuestro búnker se ha restablecido a las 21:05. Duración de la desconexión: 4 minutos. #homeassistant #intelnuc #movistar

Domus Sapiens
14 hours ago

Mijn toegang 🚪 van buitenaf wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Home Assistant Cloud van Nabu Casa. Zo sponsor ik meteen het @homeassistant project. #HomeAssistant #RemoteAccess #ExterneToegang (

14 hours ago

☁ Pronóstico para mañana jueves en Puerto del Rosario: nublado. Máxima de 21.7 y mínima de 16.2 grados. El Sol saldrá a las 07:34 y se pondrá a las 17:58. #homeassistant #intelnuc #fuerteventura #meteorologia

I have sooooooooooooo much to write. Hell, the amount of random writing I have in my notes app could produce a book. Some of it is at least 15 years old.

Meanwhile I'm trying to set up a new website to dump most of it on. I'm thinking of using @gohugoio combined with @Codeberg so I can finally ditch my current website provider (Carrd) and move one step closer to not relying on external hosting services.

My rudimentary #homelab setup has been great, hosting #Nextcloud, #Immich, #HomeAssistant, #PaperlessNGX, etc etc, though I need more storage. Once you go #selfhosted it's hard to go back, thus I really want to just self-host everything I can.

(this is almost becoming an article in of itself, so I'll save it for my future blog)

Home Assistant
16 hours ago

Home Assistant 2023.12 🎄

A gorgeous new login page, a new design for the thermostat card, a numeric tile card feature, options for the default dashboard, the history dashboard showing long-term statistics, and more!


Ilkka Tengvall
17 hours ago

@chakie @larsmb ...and to the other question: no, I have not found anything yet that would not work in containers. I've been running it for couple of years now, and have all sorts of things there. The HA RasPi image also runs all in containers.

#homeassistant #podman

17 hours ago

🌝 Buenas noches. La temperatura exterior es de 22.9 grados y la humedad del 75%. Imagen: #netatmo #homeassistant #fuerteventura

18 hours ago

🔭 Random Mercury Image. Mission: MESSENGER. Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS), Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA). Overview of the Impact Region. Credits: NASA/JPL. #NASA #homeassistant #nodered

20 hours ago

Fernseher UND BD/DVD-Player können UPNP/#DLNA einigermaßen tauglich…

Und die Synology spielt auch ziemlich gut Medienquelle dafür…

Ich kann das sogar via #HomeAssistant beinahe tauglich auswählen (listen-ansicht oder so wäre noch schön)

Wenn jetzt noch eins der beiden Geräte sinnvolle Codecs hätte, wäre das richtig lustig.

Hat aber keins!

Evtl. findet sich ne Lösung für'n FireTV-Stick? Aber da is #VLC wieder buggy wie sau…

22 hours ago

🌞 Buenas tardes. La temperatura exterior es de 24.1 grados y la humedad del 76%. Imagen: #netatmo #homeassistant #fuerteventura

23 hours ago

🌡 Condiciones en mi búnker:

- Estado: nublado.
- Interior: 24.9 °C / 69 %.
- Exterior: 22.9 °C / 78 %.
- Viento del norte a 11.9 km/h.
- Previsión lluvia: 0.0 mm.

#homeassistant #nodered #fuerteventura

Jan Ekholm
1 day ago

Seems Home Assistant nowadays has to be installed either in a virtual machine or by reformatting an entire PC. Not ideal if I already have a machine that is supposed to perform some other tasks too. I assumed one could just install some packages from a 3rd party repository like in the good old days.

#homeassistant #ubuntu #getoffmylawn

1 day ago

👀 NUC 1 Stats:

- CPU: 20%.
- SSD: 26.2%.
- RAM: 19.4%.
- Temperature: 45.0 °C.
- Uptime: 49 days, 0 hours, 20 minutes, 24 seconds.

#homeassistant #intelnuc #nodered

1 day ago

@TechConnectify The discussion on thermostats I would argue remains the last big foray of smart home tech that remains unpolished. Unfortunately the bulk of implementations either lack the granularity and logic needed for a truely “smart” implementation or lack the controls needed to take advantage of most modern features on a system.

Personally I prefer a simple physical layer that can have the logic and higher order control implemented on top of it.

For context, I use a Sensibo controller on a split system heat pump that I manage with Home Assistant. I know, there’s a steep learning curve involved in the logical layer of Home Assistant that transcends the “set and forget” mentality that a lot of these “smart” thermostats are designed around. Having said that, my system has an arbitrarily wide hysteresis that I can control, is aware of my presence (and hence moves to a wider hysteresis and altered set point when I am away), changes heating and cooling by the season, and can even alter its state based on power costs (ie turn off the air conditioning or heating during peak hours). When coupled to other low-cost sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure (I use Aqara sensors here), a simple physical layer with high level logic provides an ideal solution.

I would argue that Home Assistant is more intuitive and platform agnostic than it has ever been. Almost all “smart” platforms are now supported by open source implementations (these may or may not rely on cloud based services). I would also argue that until smart home setups become more mainstream, people either don’t care enough about the granularity of a true smart home setup (in which case they are generally happy with current platform-specific implementations) or care enough about smart home tech to become savvy with platforms like Home Assistant that integrates multiple physical layers.

I know it’s not the set and forget implementation that you’re seeking, but to be honest, I hate the thought of that. I hate having 6 different apps that don’t play well together; each for a platform that offers a half-baked implementation of smart-home functionality. The discussion you have come upon with smart home thermostats epitomises the current state of smart home tech in general - that there are very clearly gaps in the vendor-specific software implementations of their own hardware, and that there are limited (and advanced) third party options.

In many ways, this opens the discussion on Matter. Effectively this allows for a hardware abstraction layer that any software implementation can interact with. In theory, software could (and should!) be developed that simplifies and unifies the smart home experience.

Anyways, this has been my two cents on smart homes. I’m happy to elaborate on my setup if that helps. I look forward to your video on this tech!

#smarthome #homeassistant #matter

Dunbar's Number
1 day ago

Anyway, more of the story. Fuck #Hive and their #HiveHome brand. They're greedy and morally corrupt. Which is even more annoying when you consider that their parent company is #BritishGas who are posting record profits.

Also if it's not obvious, #OpenProtocols over proprietary systems every time.

May #Zigbee, #ZWave, #Thread, #Matter and #HomeAssistant all enjoy a very long successful life.

Dunbar's Number
1 day ago

Fortunately, I happened to read something on #Lemmy a few months ago and it recommended #Zigbee devices as well as looking into #HomeAssistant. So for the past few months I've been watching YouTube videos about the two and last week eventually bought a Zigbee thermostat to replace the #Hive thermostat. With my house being so cold and me being reluctant to get out of bed to even take my medication, it was now a matter of urgency to convert my #HiveHome to a Zigbee home.

1 day ago

🌅 Buenos días. La temperatura exterior es de 21.2 grados y la humedad del 77%. Imagen: #netatmo #homeassistant #fuerteventura

1 day ago

Apparently #HomeAssistant accumulates (leaks) refresh tokens every time you login without manually logging out, or something?

I have 266 tokens I have to figure out how to manually clean up.

:arch: dedSyn4ps3 :nixos:
1 day ago

My new mini #homeserver rack is all assembled, and!!! Of course, I'm super stoked...but as you can see, Mr. Biggleswerth is clearly unamused... 🤣🐶

Can't wait to finish getting my #Proxmox server and #RaspberryPi connected next! Hell, I think it's about time to spin up #homeassistant again too! 😎🤘 :raspberrypi: :homeassistant:

Santiago Lema :amiga:
1 day ago

Made a mini radar sensor box with an ESP32-C3 super mini and a LD2410 Sensor and installed it in the room where the cats often sleep (our former garage). Will be tuning it and observing the data to see if it works as sensible cat detector.

#ESPHOME #HomeAssistant

Yes I am terrible at soldering. Works though.

A small plastic box with a rose ESP32 super mini and a LD2410 radar sensor hanging out (before closing)
Small black plastic box (now closed) taped on a wooden piece of furniture
A room with soft magenta and orange light , a bed, a yellow carpet and two cats in the back
1 day ago

🔭 Nueva visible. Distancia actual: 404.705 km. #luna #moon #nodered #homeassistant

1 day ago

Build a little #programmable macropad using a #esp32

Case designed in #freecad and #3dprint ed.

Works nicely with #esphome to trigger automations in #homeassistant!!

A black macroprad with 6 white keys.
backside of the macropad with mcu and switches wired up.
3d-printed macropad, open with a microcontroller inside.
2 days ago

🌧 Pronóstico para mañana miércoles en Puerto del Rosario: lluvioso. Máxima de 23.1 y mínima de 17.9 grados. Precipitaciones previstas: 0.1 mm. El Sol saldrá a las 07:34 y se pondrá a las 17:58. #homeassistant #intelnuc #fuerteventura #meteorologia

2 days ago

When I first set up Home Assistant I wanted to monitor my thermostat, but after setting up some weather charting it seemed like a natural next step to integrate the cameras also. Unfortunately Zoneminder does not seem to work with Home Assistant anymore, so I started looking at what other Home Assistant users were using, and they mostly seemed to like Frigate.

I had to read a bit, and in the end it seemed like having dedicated hardware was better, but using a container in Proxmox would probably be good enough for my simple setup to start with. I used a Debian 12 turnkey core template, installed Docker Compose on it, and after a little configuring did a ‘docker compose up’ to start Frigate. The documentation for Frigate is straightforward, so it did not take long for me to get the cameras working.

The big draw for Frigate is its use of a USB Coral TPU, made by Google, for image detection. These are “side processors” that unload work from the CPU or GPU. the interesting thing about them is they are “high volume, low precision”, which is different than both CPUs and GPUs, making them ideal for ML workloads and image detection. They are still not widely available, but I was able to order a USB one from Seeedstudio and it arrived in a couple of days.

Now we are at the tricky part: I want to pass this USB device through the Proxmox LXC container to the docker container running Frigate (USB > Proxmox > LXC > Docker > Frigate). After plugging it in, the ‘lsusb’ command on the Proxmox host displayed it as “Global Unichip Corp.”, but after it is initialized the first time its name should change to “Google”.

The two main parts to making this work are the LXC config and the Docker compose file, and the details in most of the guides are correct, but I did have to make a change to each. In the LXC config, the lines to pass through the USB are usually shown as “lxc.cgroup.devices.allow”, but in Proxmox 8 these need to be “lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow” – cgroup2 instead of cgroup. Once I did that, the device name finally changed to “Google”, but Frigate still didnt detect it. I knew I was close!

The other big difference was in the compose file. Instead of passing “- /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb” in the device: section, I moved it to the volumes: section as suggested in a github comment, and that did the trick. Frigate rewarded me with “frigate.detectors.plugins.edgetpu_tfl INFO : TPU found”

Frigate with the Coral for detection is great. Instead of capturing every movement in the cameras field, it only captures when it makes a detection. This means a lot less false positives, and less storage used. I wish I was able to use the iGPU for motion processing, but because I did not choose hardware wisely and IOMMU passthrough in Proxomox seems a bit fragile, I am skipping it for now. So far it has not been a problem.

#CoralTPU #Frigate #HomeAssistant #HomeAutomation #Proxmox

2 days ago

I've discovered the joy that is a ESPHome smart plug and #homeassistant.


Button being pressed on Home Assistant web interface, turning on / off Christmas lights outside the house.

It's my daughter's second birthday! I setup Sugar Labs on an old laptop MacBook Air. The laptop had a broken keyboard so I bought her a cheap fun keyboard and mouse combo.

Sugar Labs is neat, it's got a simple UI which will help her learn how to navigate and a few simple programs for her to play with. It has a simple Python IDE but it might be a little while until she's ready to play with that. It has a web browser too so I might setup some custom Home Assistant dashboards so she can change the lights, control her train, etc. And I'll see if I can setup Signal or alike so she can call her grandparents.

I remember playing on our family Amstrad CPC when I was 4yo. It came with BASIC and it was my first exposure to coding. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to be a creator of tech instead of just a consumer of tech.

#Linux #Parenting #2yo #Birthday #SugarLabs #Distro #Fedora #HomeAssistant #Amstrad #AmstradCPC #Signal #Tech #Technology

Moon app on Sugar Lab Linux distro
My daughter typing on her new keyboard
Coworking space with a 2yo

There's gems in the rubble (like #homeassistant), but it just seems to be devolving into:


- a weird ESP32 module with a relay taped to it (a 'smart' outlet). needs to reach <dying tech startup> to work at all
- chinesium software button that only your phone and voice assistants can use after installing the app and binding yourself to 3 different EULAs

- your personal info and contacts
- access to your home wifi
- strangely specific data about your phone

Flo(h)rian Kohler
2 days ago

@JoeCotellese @homeassistant our appliances also have names. I can control Dobby and Winkie to tell them it's time to clean, but up to now I didn't get the iRobots to show up on the Marauder's Map in #homeassistant

Today I woke up to the realization that parts of my #HomeLab need to be promoted to production level, mainly because my everyday life now depends on #PiHole and #HomeAssistant being up all the time, no hiccups.

That will require some redesign and some money, but will also allow me to start thinking about some extra services I've been postponing exactly because I didn't have a stable environment.

Let's get to work!

Trent Johnson 🦍
2 days ago

These little projects are some of my favorites. Especially when my wife finds me useful. I was learning some new deauth tools and forgot that I was deauthing devices on my homenetwork, so Home Assistant didn't trigger my heater in the greenhouse because the thermometer and power relay didn't communicate properly. Needless to say my wife was not happy that all her plants ended up spending two nights at around 35F. So I built this to alert us if the temp drops too low. It will email and text us every hour and it will beep and flash the LED every 2 minutes. Just in case it loses WiFi access... It'll also have battery backup.

#esp #esp8266 #esp32 #greenhouse #plantlady #plants #thermometer #tinker #tinkering #homelab #homeassistant #ESP8266project #SmartTemperatureAlert #DIYHomeAutomation #Microcontroller #TechDIY #TemperatureMonitoring #SmartGreenhouse #Electronics #2600

2 days ago

🟢 Calidad del aire en Puerto del Rosario: 46. Nivel: bueno. #puertodelrosario #homeassistant #nodered #AirQuality

Wolfgang Tremmel
2 days ago

Just noticed when #HomeAssistant starts up for a very short time a message "Starting Internatinal Space Station (ISS)...." is displayed :-)

I knew Home Assistant can do many things, but this amazes me...

Joshua M 🇦🇺 the memecaster
2 days ago

How's the Internet of Things era going? As a #privacy and #freesoftware nut I always found the barrier to entry not worth the cost,

It sounds like Home Assistant is maturing nicely - but are you still paying a lot for hardware? Like I couldn't even find a lightbulb on Amazon that I could tell is compatible

#floss #Foss #iot #Internetofthings #smarthome #homeassistant #selfhosted #technology #myhome #ownyourhome #antigoogle #antiamazon #opensource #oss #freeculture #Alexa #googlehome

Bram Diederik
2 days ago

Zo. Sinterkaas avond.
Ik doe vanavond de haard aan.


Voice activation.
Turn on the fireplace.

-tv turns on
- fireplace is played on the tv
Shambolic Matter
2 days ago

There ya go, little guy. Now you're running a much better firmware. Let's get you back in your box and I'll introduce you to my friend HomeAssistant.

#homeassistant #electronics #homeautomation

A sonos smart outlet that's had a bunch of wires soldered to it. It's being switched to Tasmota firmware.
2 days ago

The #zigbee dongle arrived yesterday so I was able to get the #homeassistant setup completed and working.
I’m using the official HAOS virtual machine image running in #ProxMox.
Retired and replaced the previous proprietary sockets.
Thanks for the help Trevor!

#homeassistant #proxmox #zigbee

Joe Cotellese
2 days ago

Anyone else give their lights people names in #HomeAssistant? It’s so amusing me to say ok google turn off Gladys.


2 days ago

My wifi smart plugs from #athom have arrived. They're running #ESPhome out of the box, and with some wifi connect straight to my dashboard, download the latest source off github, compile it and redeploy. And so to #HomeAssistant.

Also turns out they measure power consumption as well, I'm very impressed.

Screenshot from Home Assistant showing current consumption, voltage, calculated power use, and totals of the amount of energy being consumed with reasonable precision (although who knows on accuracy).
Scott Ellis
2 days ago

Surely #homeassistant with #frigate and a #nest camera can't be this difficult. Everyone is in a #docker container, and I've put in a new go2rtc so I can use "hass:" as a source, but good grief is this ever making me feel like an idiot!

Maybe I'll try again when I can spend some quality time on it, not frustrated by work.

Chris Warwick
3 days ago

At the rate I'm currently adding devices to #HomeAssistant I'm thinking my 192.168.x.x/24 IoT network needs to be a /16!
When are these things going to be IPv6 anyways?! Thread I suppose...

3 days ago

Woohoo, more shit with wifi in it arrived today for #HomeAssistant 🤣

I have now reworked my #HomeAssistant automations to clear previous notifications when they ceased to be relevant. Neat improvement

Marko Dimjašević
3 days ago

When developers think it is fine to use an integer type to represent the remaining time.

#TypeSystem #HomeAssistant

Charlie Owen
3 days ago

After checking my home stats in #HomeAssistant I realise that I am in fact keeping the moisture levels in my current rented apartment *too low*. 😱

A chart showing indoors humidity as 43% and indoors as 68%.
JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

I know, #HomeAssistant - it's a pretty long print, but there's no need to be sarcastic about it... 😂

(the actual finish time is the day after tomorrow)

#3Dprinting #marker #DubyaMakes @3dprinting

Screenshot from HomeAssistant dashboard, of the 3D printer card, which states the finishing time of the ongoing print as "Next week"...
Santiago Lema :amiga:
3 days ago

After many years the top uses of my Apple Watch are still by order of importance :

- soft boiled eggs timer

- saying good night to it to turn off everything in the house ( #HomeAssistant bridge to HomeKit)

- allowing my phone to always be in silence and not missing a few select important notifications / doorbell

- compiling and testing WatchOS apps (supposedly)

Matthew Hallonbacka
3 days ago

I finally got around to opening the #HomeAssistant issue today - number 105005. That is a huge number of bug reports and pull requests, orders of magnitude bigger than most profit-making software I've worked on in my career.

If you’re looking for a replacement for MyQ after their API lockdown, and run #HomeAssistant, give ratgdo a look.

The ratgdo is an absolute killer replacement for folks who relied on MyQ to control their garage door in #HomeAssistant.

A photo of the Ratgdo device
4 days ago

We recently had our garage door replaced, along with a #Chamberlain garage opener, connected with #MyQ, since this is basically the only option available in Canadian big box stores (LiftMaster and Craftsman GDOs are part of the Chamberlain Group)

The #HomeAssistant / MyQ integration worked for a whole TWO days, then Chamberlain decided to disable third-party access to their API, forcing everyone to use their proprietary MyQ app, via their cloud servers (talk about timing: I thought I had broken my HA automation, then I read that it had quit working for EVERYONE, so not my fault)

Anyway, 10 minutes ago I received a notification that my #RATGDO has shipped. When I have installed it, I can say goodbye to MyQ, and delete my account so that my opener doesn't communicate with Chamberlain's servers ever egain

Garage door automation will then be entirely local, and fully integrated with my HomeAssistant system, which will be so much more convenient

Marcus Noble
4 days ago

Have I imagined this or does anyone know of a Zigbee presence detector that can report the number of occupants in the room?
I _thought_ I'd seem mmwave detectors that did this but now not seeing it so wondering if I'd somehow made it up. 🤔

#SmartHome #SmartTech #IOT #HomeAssistant #Zigbee

Gareth Marlow
4 days ago

Saving even more money with solar + home batteries.

I revisit my earlier cost analysis now that winter has arrived, and show how the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service, and the Octopus Power-up scheme have had a significant impact on our costs.

#greenenergy #solar #octopus #homeassistant

4 days ago

Was ist eure Best Practice Lösung für Präsenzerkennung im Smarthome?

Gerne im Bezug auf:

- allgemeine Anwesenheit (ist irgendwer / irgendwas Zuhause)

- einzelne Räume (wer ist in welchem Raum und eventuell auch wie viele)

- auf Haustiere (Vermeidung von False-Negatives durch Haustiere)

Und wenn ihr Bock habt, dann erzählt mal, welche Automatisierungen ihr durch Präsenzerkennung gebaut habt und wie.

#Smarthome #Homeassistant #Automatisierung

I don't get it... I buy many different brands of #HomeAutomation devices from #Amazon, but despite my clear preferences they keep trying to push #TPLink to me. Can't they take the hint that I don't want it and stop bothering me? Their algorithm is either broken or biased (or both).
#HomeAssistant #SmartHome

I finally wrote my blog entry for my #InkyFrame #pico. In this blog I explain how I wire a crap ton of things together: #nextcloud and #homeassistant and #caldav with a bunch of #docker containers. In the end, my Inky Frame displays a calendar, weather forecast, and stuff that's going on in the house. It's cool, but it's a lot of work!


Photo of an inky frame displaying weather forecast and calendar items.

I just blogged: Building a Smart Home - Part 14 Motion, Occupancy, and Presence -

#HomeAssistant #smart-home

5 days ago

Kennt sich wer mit #HomeAssistant aus? Ich habe eine Automation, die das Licht ausschalten soll, wenn alle Personen das Haus verlassen haben.

Die Personen-Detection funktioniert (Personen werden korrekt als "away" erkannt). Wenn ich die Automation manuell über "Run" starte, läuft sie auch korrekt durch, wenn alle weg sind.

Was nicht funktioniert, ist das automatische Triggern, wenn alle Personen das Haus verlassen haben.

Was mach ich falsch?

alias: Turn lights off if everyone leaves
description: ""
  - platform: zone
    entity_id: person.sophie
    zone: zone.home
    event: leave
  - platform: zone
    entity_id: person.sophie
    zone: zone.home
    event: leave
  - condition: not
      - condition: zone
        entity_id: person.sophie
        zone: zone.home
      - condition: zone
        entity_id: person.kunsi
        zone: zone.home
  - service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.movienight
    metadata: {}
mode: single
6 days ago

The #SunSynkPowerFlowCard just keeps getting better and better. This is my favourite #HomeAssistant power flow card. It can work with any inverter, just use the correct entities.

Sunsynk power flow card
Terence Eden
6 days ago

For once, it *wasn't* DNS! Well… ish…

Turns out my mobile ISP (O2) were doing some fuckery with dynamic domain names.

I switched #HomeAssistant to have a static domain name and it magically just works.

Thanks for all the tips, fedifriends!

6 days ago

The issue with spike power readings on phase B /

So, if you bought a cheap (~70€) Tuya 3-phase zigbee energy meter (with 3 clamps), you’ve probably noticed strange readings on a phase B and C (39xxx W) in #homeassistant.

Tuya 3-phase clamp meter (zigbee)

See the spike:

Power measurement with a spike because of negative current

It happens to me when my micro-solar inverter exports energy to the grid and the power should be negative. It also happened when I connected the clamps wrongly. Be attentive to the white arrow (current direction) on the clamps!

I suspect that some programmer @Tuya used a wrong datatype (unsigned smallint) when programming a device firmware.

Tuya 3-phase clamp meter in a cabinet

Other users have similar issues. There are some discussions (1, 2) on GitHub, the issue is stale and, obviously, it can not be easily solved in zigbee2mqtt component because Tuya reports wrong power measurements.

The workaround

I’ve created a new template sensor in the #homeassistant file (configuration.yaml) which subtracts 39330 from the reading.

#tuya patch, shows negative power if exportingtemplate:  - sensor:      - name: "Tuya power b (patch)"        unique_id: "tuya_power_b_2"        state: >          {% if states('sensor.tuyaelectricitymeter_power_b') | float(0) > 5000 %}                  {{(states('sensor.tuyaelectricitymeter_power_b') | float(0)-39330) | round (2) }}          {% else %}                  {{(states ('sensor.tuyaelectricitymeter_power_b') | float(0)) |round(2) }}          {% endif %}        availability: >          {{ states('sensor.tuyaelectricitymeter_power_b') | is_number }}        unit_of_measurement: "W"        device_class: power

This is not a real solution, but now I can see normal power values for a ‘patched’ phase B. I can use these patched values further (to calculate consumption, export etc.). Until a new firmware arrives (if ever), it’s good enough.

Otherwise, the integration works quite nicely and provides measurements like power, energy, current, frequency, voltage, power factor (not sure what it is) over all 3 phases, and also a temperature.

Home assistant integration of Tuya 3-phase zigbee meter

If you have any ideas on how to solve this issue at its roots (the device)? Comment here or reply to the thread on Mastodon.


Terence Eden
6 days ago

If I connect to my #HomeAssistant IP address, I can see the Let's Encrypt certificate - issued for the the domain name.

But if I go to the domain name directly... nothing!

DNS and TLS were a mistake. I'm going back to telnetting directly to an IP address!

Terence Eden
6 days ago

Hmmm. I can connect to my #HomeAssistant via my ISP's IP address - obviously it throws warnings about the SSL cert not matching.
But if I try to access via the domain name, the browser throws a wobbly!
Wonder if I can convince the app to ignore SSL mismatches?

Terence Eden
6 days ago

Grrr! Something has gone wrong with my #HomeAssistant.

I can only connect to it via my LAN. External access isn't working.

DDNS is working.
Let's Encrypt is working.
External Access is enabled.
Port forwarding on my router is set up.
I can connect to other machines in my home when I'm not on WiFi.

So what blindingly obvious thing am I missing?

Screenshot of the interface saying external access enabled.
Maxi :coffeebeans:
6 days ago

oh, did I hear someone say "make the colors adjust to a light and dark mode automatically"?

I added a touch of #CSS to the underlying SVG to read some of the CSS variables #Homeassistant uses for its theming, and now the SVG uses e.g. the primary, text and card-background colors to adjust its palette automagically!

(gif marked as sensitive for flashing colors, in a ca 3sec interval)

My floorplan element from homeassistant, representing a single room. Interactive devices are displayed either as icons or as furniture pieces in a white color, other furniture is shown in a color much closer to the overall background color.

The theme switches from a dark theme full of blue-grey colors to a light theme with a lot of white and much lighter blues.
Justin Poehnelt
1 week ago

Updating my homelab server from bullseye to bookwork and updating #proxmox. 🤞

Runs everything including #Plex, #Mastodon, #n8n, TIG stack, tailscale, cloudflared, #homeassistant etc. Most backed up to my NAS.

1 week ago

Hmm. Think the cold may have done in my outdoor temperature sensor! Hoping it revives itself - this happened over the summer in high heat and rain.


Home Assistant screenshot showing a temperature sensor as unavailable. Before it failed, the highest temperature in the last 24 hours was 2.9 degrees Celsius, a low of -3.4 degrees Celsius.
1 week ago

Ok smart homers, it's finally happened!

Those nest mini's that flooded the market are starting to be usable with community PCB replacements and some home assistant glue.

While still extremely early, this is such a win for preventing e-waste if we can get these silly devices to only process locally, and it's definitely getting there.

#SmartSpeaker #SmartHome #YearOfTheVoice #HomeAssistant #LocalOnly

Franck Nijhof
1 week ago

My favorite contribution/pull request of the year is starting the new year's development cycle. Home Assistant 2024.1 development started!

Happy New Year 🎆

#HomeAssistant @homeassistant

Matthew Hallonbacka
1 week ago

I spent the evening digging deep into a weird possible #HomeAssistant bug in a core integration. It will be cool if I manage to fix it, but I’m not quite done with the “confirming it’s a bug” stage yet.

So after my expensive Philips Hue Zigbee motion sensor gave up the ghost, I tried an inexpensive IKEA TRÅDFRI motion sensor with poor results.

Just got a Linptech ES1ZZ(TY) (
from Ali Express and it works like a charm! Zigbee2MQTT picked it up immediately and I just had to rename it to my old motion sensor to make my Home Assistant automations respond to it.


#HomeAutomation #Zigbee2MQTT #ZigBee #HomeAssistant

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 week ago

Sind #HomeAssistant 2023.11 every update kills everything. Everything is unavailable. Nothing works. Even after waiting for a while… The only thing that works is a full reboot… Sometimes.

I guess I will stay on 2023.11 for a while. I have no time for this. I hope everything works again after this reboot. If not, I have a pretty big problem…

Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
1 week ago

Really loving this part of my Home Assistant dashboard. Thanks @motoridersd for the initial inspiration and code snippet. :)

I chart each individual sensor in addition to the average, since some vary quite a bit based on placement and accuracy. The color-coding is also nice: blue is cold, green is comfy, yellow is warm.

#HomeAssistant #SmartHome

Dashboard with six temperature cards, e.g. for Living Room, Upstairs Bathroom, Bedroom, etc. Each card has a large temperature (e.g. 68°F), min/avg/max values, and a chart of the last 24 hours. The chart is color-coded as blue for cold, green for comfortable, and yellow for warm. Some charts have multiple lines representing individual sensors. At the top-right of each card is an icon of a thermostat using the same color coding for the current temperature.

Working on my latest #HomeAutomation project. An Inky Frame to display calendar, weather, and a bit of status. I have a silly number of big projects tied together making it work:

  • NextCloud (where my calendar lives and is accessible via caldav)
  • HomeAssistant for Lovelace dashboards
  • Calendar integration in HomeAssistant to pull the calendar from NextCloud and draw it on a Lovelace dashboard
  • Lovelace Kindle Screensaver which fetches a Lovelace dashboard and converts it to a PNG of a known dimension (600x448 in my case)
  • Some manky Python written by yours truly to fetch the image and display on the display.

Blog post coming some day, and a few bugs will follow in the thread behind this post.

#RaspberryPi #InkyFrame #NextCloud #HomeAssistant

Photo of my inky frame
Kelsey Jordahl
2 weeks ago

Now I have got all the software bits updated to run the right versions, but am wandering lost in the FreeBSD jail devfs permissions wilderness. That old plug-in timer for the christmas lights is looking better all the time.
#HomeAssistant #zwave

Matthew Hallonbacka
2 weeks ago

For the last few weeks I've been tinkering with a custom component for #HomeAssistant. It's surprisingly simple to write one, if you're confortable with Python, but there's also a surprising amount of complexity in the architecture of the whole project.
Want to share your custom component? Make some pull requests to one repo.
Want it to have an icon? Another pull request in another place.
The technical reasons are sound, but there's a lot of overhead.

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
2 weeks ago

Ich hasse immer noch, dass das notwendig ist, aber ich versuche es positiv zu sehen. Es funktioniert auch nach zwei Monaten noch und wenn ich #HomeAssistant nicht hätte, hätte ich das Gerät längst austauschen müssen, da Dreame keine Ersatzteile und keine Reparatur anbietet.

Ich denke beim nächsten mal wird es ein anderer Hersteller. Sonst bin ich sehr zufrieden, aber der fehlende Kundensupport ist schon sehr nachteilig. Insbesondere aus Nachhaltigkeitssicht.

Kelsey Jordahl
2 weeks ago

Setting up #HomeAssistant to talk to a z-wave device for the first time in over a year. Whee!

Z-Wave JS

Retrying setup: Invalid server
version: Z-Wave JS Server version (1.15.0) is incompatible. Update the Z-Wave JS Server to a version that supports at least api schema 28

Reminder - I created as a list of things that don't work well, have had the vendor try to force you to use the cloud for something that was locally controlled, or are otherwise a pain to use with home automation.

If something is supposedly for #SmartHome but is a pain to use with home automation, please add it to the list.

The goal is to have a warning list of products to avoid, especially for people new to #HomeAutomation or #HomeAssistant .

#iot @homeassistant

I'm to the point in my smart home journey where I walk into a room and the lights don't turn on I'm bemused, then realise it's one that doesn't have motion setup!


Released 0.12.0 of the ha-mqtt-discoverable python module for interacting with #HomeAssistant via #MQTT.

New feature details are at

I'd like to thank the new contributors since my last release announcement.

- DavidMikeSimon
- ha-enthus1ast
- kratz0
- ti-mo
- trunet


Maxi :coffeebeans:
2 weeks ago

My latest #homeassistant project was to rework my old floorplan card, and make it a) more performant, b) easier to maintain and c) look nicer.

I'm quite happy with the result!

This is a normal picture-elements card with a custom element I built that injects an svg as the base image (see next toot), and some card-mod enabled #CSS that applies the correct colors.

I especially love the animation for my lava lamp! :D

a short video showing the described interactive floorplan. It's mainly in white, on a card with a dark background and shows a single room.

I'm turning some lights on and off, and their colors are represented on the floor plan in real time, either as colored drop shadow, or as cones of light.

One of the icons on the floorplan represents a turned on lava lamp, and behind it is a constant red wobbly glowing animation that mimics the effect of blobs of liquid merging and splitting inside a lavalamp.

Time for wall displays!


2 weeks ago

Attention Home Assistant nerds!

How do you run your instance?
#HomeAssistant #smarthome

Harald Hannelius :verified:
3 weeks ago

@rmattila74 what happened, did this happen for one integration or all? #homeassistant

Today's frustration is finding ceiling fans that do not have a remote control.

I didn't like the remotes even before I got into home automation, and I definitely don't want a remote I can't replace with #HomeAssistant

Michael Harley
3 weeks ago

Hey #HomeAssistant folks, what do we like for a temp/humidity sensor?

Use case: I’m going to sprinkle them around the rooms in my house.

Requirements: #zwave, #zigbee, is preferred. Open to #BLE as well. Would prefer something that’s accurate or is able to be calibrated/adjusted.

I see the #Aqara one is $13 US and that seems super cheap… not in a good way. Is the thing a piece of junk?

3 weeks ago

Got my #arduino #wioterminal script running with #seeed #grove #airquality sensor sen55
Posts to #mqtt #homeassistant

Code here