3 hours ago

Das CTCSS-Projekt geht voran.
Frontplatte vom Gehäuse aus dem 3D-Drucker...

3D-gedruckte Frontplatte für einen Sinus-Tongenerator.
Orion Petitclerc
4 hours ago

Commissioned @haclif once again to illustrate my latest #Ravenloft themed #homebrew #dnd #monster, the Mistling.

A mistling is the departed soul of a creature that became lost in the deadly mists of Ravenloft. Trapped forever in the mists that it became lost in life, the #DarkPowers have stripped the soul of all vestiges of form and identity. The mistling's baleful existence is spent wandering within its mists and drawing other unfortunate wanderers to a similar fate.

#ttrpg #DnD5e #art

D&D Beyond stat block for the Mistling, a homebrewed Ravenloft-themed monster.
A commissioned illustration by Hector Rodriguez depicting a ghostlike humanoid stalking a benighted, leafless forest in a spooky blue mistbank. The creature seems to be made of the mist itself and terrifying, deathlike visages form in the mists around it.
Games That I Missed
6 hours ago

I found Wordle DS, an implementation for the DS/DSi. I'm running it on a 3DS, works there, too:

No network access required, has the same daily word as the official version, and outputs your daily score for bragging rights.

#retrogaming #homebrew #nintendods

8 hours ago

Don't miss it! 🔥
In this week's Game Center CX episode 365, SJ (my 11yo son) presents SkateCat, his indie FAMICOM game 🛹 🐈

Big thanks to Kacho and the GCCX team for their warm welcome 😘

#FAMICOM #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #indiegames #ファミコン #ファミコン同人 #8bit

ゲームセンターCX #365 狙え!「THE スナイパー」

Homebrew New Packages
11 hours ago

🍻 pter 🍻

Your console and graphical UI to manage your todo.txt file(s)


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

David Bureš
11 hours ago

I decided to start making short videos about what’s new in Cork updates. The first one is out and you can watch it here:

Tell me what you think 😊

#homebrew #CorkApp #macos

13 hours ago

Man kann auch keine Roms direkt in das #Atari2600plus übertragen, damit wäre das #Pittfall2 Problem gelöst, auf #STELLA läuft das Rom.
Als Emulator für das #Atari7800 wird Prosystem 1.3e ausgeliefert, hier hoffe ich auf zügige Updates! Der lr-prosystem auf meinem #Retropie basiert darauf und die Pokey Musik klingt bei #Commando nicht gut. Einige #Homebrew Games haben auf dem 2600+ Probleme mit Pokey Sound, andere wie #Popeye massive Grafikfehler oder starten nicht🤔

14 hours ago

With the animation of the torches all the pending points of the TO-DO list are finished. Now to record a tape and running for #AmstradEterno.
See you at the #PlayOnRetro booth.

Con la animación de las antorchas se acabaron todos los puntos pendientes de la TO-DO list. Ahora a grabar una cinta y corriendo para #AmstradEterno.
Nos vemos en el stand de #PlayOnRetro

#8bits #retrogames #games #videogames #retro #gamedev #retrodev #indiedev #homebrew #programming #computers #amstrad #cpctelera

Nova Storm
23 hours ago

As expected, getting it to run on GBA was really easy!! I'm using the GBA's mosaic feature to make it so that I can just change one pixel in VRAM and have it scaled up, and I'm using OBJ windows and color effects to put the lines between pixels and make the "off" pixels darker. The background is an arbitrary 256-color image, though here it's an image that's just a solid color.

I guess from here I'll want to think about setting up the code in a way where the actual virtual pet stuff is a submodule that the different ports can share.
#gbadev #gba #gamedev #homebrew

Game Boy Advance SP showing a virtual pet on it, with big pixels
Same picture but the character is in a different position, with a different pose
Skyboy Games
1 day ago

Smashed all the bugs from last night's testing session and made a new release candidate of Gunhawk.
Ready to put it through the QA grinder again tonight!

#indiedev #indienes #gamedev #homebrew #retrogame #nes

Check out Episode 3 of Ysterra: Chaos' Song, now available on YouTube! 🤩

#TTRPG #DungeonsAndDragons #Homebrew

Do you also want to translate Cork into your language and get Cork for free, forever?

Join the Cork Discord and get translating!

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Cork version 1.2.2 is out.

This update includes Russian translation by Nikita Utkin. Check them out at!

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

1 day ago

SkateCat スケートキャット is the NES/FAMICOM game created by my amazing 11-year-old, SJ Games. 😘

It took over a year of hard work, and I couldn't be prouder to have been a part of this fantastic journey. 🛹 🐈

#NES #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #ファミコン #ファミコン同人 #8bit q

David Bureš
1 day ago

I’ve been playing around with Cork’s package detail views (shoutout to @sebj who’s always here to help!)

Which look do you prefer: Old, or new? Vote here:

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Old Look
New Look
2 days ago

SkateCat スケートキャット (SJ Games 2023) 🛹 🐈

#NES #FAMICOM #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #indiegames #gamedev #ファミコン #ファミコン同人

Homebrew New Packages
2 days ago

🍻 squiid 🍻

Modular calculator written in Rust


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

Skyboy Games
2 days ago

I just kicked another release candidate of Gunhawk back from testing. It's pretty solid, but there are a series of little tweaks and fixes I want to make before launch.

We're getting really close...

#indiedev #indienes #gamedev #homebrew #retrogame #nes

Jenn A. Morales
2 days ago

I have now input all the #edits for the 2nd chunk of The Christmas Book... All the way up to chapter 39! Now I just have to edit the last 245 pages, which is the last 18 chapters. Gods. I'm tired of editing (been editing all year), but I love my books.

I also played some #SWTOR to wind down. I am now crawling into bed as I have "Delving into Darkness" (a #BFRPG #homebrew from @Boggo2300) I may be a zombie tomorrow as I am just now going to bed and I have to get up in 5.5-ish hours 😅

Penance RPG
2 days ago

A bizarre old woman they invited to join
She just wants to make a cake, with no interest in coin

So join us now as we bring back this behemoth..
A fast paced comedy deathmatch with strong D&D overtones.

Prepare to Plummet

#IndieGames #AudioDrama #TableTop #RolePlay #podcast #podcasting #HomeBrew #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #IndieRPG #humorous #TableTopGames #HorrorStories #TTRPG #RPGs

A mottled green background with a green logo reading 'Plummet: Falling in the Dark. A Penance RPG production.' Yellow text reads 'From the Vault. Plummet 36. Brigands & Buttercandies. A bizarre old woman they invited to join
She just wants to make a cake, with no interest in coin'

Can I just say I love the #homebrewing community!

Was contemplating setting up a savings plan for a $700+ Cannular machine for seaming cans of #homebrew in the future and came across this thread on the homebrewtalk forum. @EspetoHomebrew shared all his STL files and parts for a simple seamer.

#3dprint #diy #homebrewing #beer

2 days ago

Alright so the #bluesky bros announced they're working on hashtags.
You might know that I have these 2 feeds.

Once they add them hashtags I might only use hashtag filters. Makes my job easier.
#homebrew #retrofps

xakan :FranceRugby:
2 days ago

Il y a quelque chose de particulier à prévoir pour que #nginx fonctionne normalement avec une installation via #homebrew sur #MacOS ?

Là il me fait comme s'il ne chargeait pas les css (qui sont pourtant bien là et accessibles), et me balance plus ou moins du texte brut. Sauf que j'ai 0 erreur nulle part et que ça me fatigue un petit peu.

Résolu, c’était une suppression accidentelle du include mime.types.

Noam Ross
2 days ago

Any reports yet on issues with #rstats, Stan, #homebrew, and #sonoma / #macos14? @coatless?

Homebrew New Packages
3 days ago

🍻 ggshield 🍻

Scanner for secrets and sensitive data in code


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

With Sonoma coming out, remember that Cork shows you which packages have not yet been updated for Sonoma! So you don’t have to worry about installing an unoptimized package 😉

#macOS #macOSSonoma #sonoma #homebrew #CorkApp

Homebrew New Packages
3 days ago

🍻 caracal 🍻

Static analyzer for Starknet smart contracts


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

3 days ago

À vos fourquets ! Le concours brassam du Paris Beer Club est lancé ! 🥳

Si on veut avoir des chances de gagner cette année, va falloir qu'on embouteille bientôt cet Imperial Stout brassé fin juillet, et que l'on brasse rapidement notre Saison multigrain ! 🥸

#Homebrew #HomebrewCompetition #Brassam #ConcoursBrassam #Beer #CraftBeer

Affiche pour le concours brassam 2023 du Paris Beer Club présentant les 5 catégories : Houblonnée (< 8 abv), Torréfiée (< 8 abv), Acide (< 8 abv), Maltée (< 8 abv), Inclassable (> 8 abv)
Death by Lambda
4 days ago

The #homebrew #craftBeer #realAle crowd probably all want to know this #usefulTool exists, if they don't already..

It's really well done, although I couldn't get the #finalGravity above 1.01.. But I the #ABV ended up a respectable 7.7%


Nicolas Kosinski
4 days ago

My MacBook Pro 2014 is "living in the past" (#macOS 11 aka Big Sur)... I have been warned by #Homebrew! ⚠️

There, I fixed it: 🙈

Homebrew New Packages
4 days ago

🍻 sqlsmith 🍻

Random SQL query generator


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

4 days ago

Found a PS3 Slim at a yard sale for $20. Everything works. So excited. I will be installing some custom firmware on it. I have been running CFW on my PSP and 3DS. So this will be my first console mod.

#customfirmware #CFW #videogames #homebrew

Do you want Cork for free, forever? Join the localization team! You can find more info in the Cork Discord:

Just ping ActualSalmoon (that’s @davidbures, the author of Cork) and he’ll tell you more :)

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Cork version 1.2.1 is out.

This update includes a sweet feature which will be super useful for Sonoma: system compatibility checking! Cork now checks if a package you're trying to install is optimized for your macOS version, and will give you a warning if it's not.

In the future, you will also be able to set which macOS version to check.

This update also includes a lot of bugfixes related to navigation.

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Imperor 🎲🎮
4 days ago

Hey #gamemaster and #dungeonmaster folk of the #ttrpg realms:

Consider turning your parties gear into #magic items and increase their strength over time.

Why let them search for "The Glaive of Some Old Dead Lad" when they can become that future dead lad themselves?

Check out my #blog and #youtube #video on the topic over here:

You don't even have to read it, a full audio transcript is available at the top of the blog.

#dnd #dnd5e #osr #homebrew #ttrpgs #DMAcademy

4 days ago

The packaging of KUBO 3 (NES) is really good. And that green cart is beautiful 😍

@limitedrungames 👍 ☕️
#NES #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #indiegames #gamedev #ファミコン #ファミコン同人 #mailcall

4 days ago

Taking advantage of my lunch break for doing some NESdev (as usual) ☕️ 🥪

#NES #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #indiegames #gamedev #ファミコン #ファミコン同人 #pixelart #8bit

Homebrew New Packages
5 days ago

🍻 numbat 🍻

Statically typed programming language for scientific computations


#homebrew #newpkg #macos #linux

Skyboy Games
5 days ago

Just finished a big testing run for Gunhawk.
9 bugs, 2 of which don't show up on emulator. 😭

Hard at work to get this game ready to launch!

#indiedev #indienes #gamedev #homebrew #retrogame #nes

Emory L.
5 days ago

well i don't know about y'all but when i get back to my house i am going to use `ssh-audit` (via #macOS #homebrew!) to find out how sloppy i've been with my own lab and homenet :grimace:

Emory L.
5 days ago

someone in my team at work last week decided to pick a #macBookPro (in #AppleSilicon) for his hardware refresh and i got the question i simultaneously have prepared for all my life and dread: “What are some good tips for using a mac?”

fortunately they're a technical resource so i got to lead off with #Homebrew and a couple of #awesome repositories and i know he's a #vim guy so i suggested #neovim and #neovide along with a few essentials for #infosec professionals.

a #Brewfile is underrated.

5 days ago

17Kg of grapes processed into approximately 10–12 litres of grape juice, ready for fermentation.
#grapes #wine #homebrew

Basket of grapes picked yesterday, ready for processing into wine.
10–12 litres of the processed grape ready for fermentation into wine
6 days ago

Boss battle. #gameboy #homebrew

David Bureš
6 days ago

Huge shoutout to @averyvine who taught me that you can format a String array!! Thanks to him, all lists in Cork 1.3.1 will have properly-localized elements instead of the forced latin commas 😊

BTW if you want Cork for free forever, join the localization team 👀 👀 more info to be found on the Cork Discord:

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

David Bureš
6 days ago

I had to remove the text detailing which packages held back cache purging from the next Cork version, hopefully temporarily.

It was causing crashes, see

So far, nobody was able to help me with this issue, so I’m removing it in the next release until I get a response from Apple (I used one of my TSI tickets for this :/ )

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Nova Storm
6 days ago

Finally had the opportunity to do something in my main project (Nova the Squirrel 2) that wasn't just drawing yet more stuff: I added a line to the fishing rod ability. I had a realization of an easy way to implement it last night and put it in.

I just took the difference between the rod and the hook, divided it by 8, and added the divided distance several times to get each circle's position. Also the circles are just the hook drawing itself additional times, temporarily changing its position.

#gamedev #snes #snesdev #homebrew

Gameplay of a squirrel character catching enemies on a fishing rod hook and knocking them around
1 week ago

Ouch, I ran `rvm install ruby-3.3` and #Homebrew upgraded PostgreSQL from 15.3 to 16.0, among a bunch of other upgrades it "helpfully" ran for me.

That was quite unexpected...

David Bureš
1 week ago

I was messing around with implementing one (maybe quite useless) feature.

For now, I’m putting it in the „maybe I’ll return to this later“ pile, unless there are a lot of people who want this 😅

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
1 week ago

Disponible al fin lo nuevo de Roolandoo: "EXO-TICAL". Su cuarto videojuego con el que va más allá de lo conseguido con sus anteriores trabajos (La Reliquia, S.O.L.O y Bufonada) y la pinta que ofrece este nuevo arcade con varias secciones o zonas que recorrer es más que notable.

¡Y es gratis! si bien podéis incluso enviar algún dinerillo a su autor como pago por su nuevo trabajo para ZX Spectrum. ¿A qué esperáis? ¿Una invitación? :D

#ZXSpectrum #Novedades #Homebrew

1 week ago

Some days ago I was compiling a port of prBoom to play the PC version of Doom 2 on the Gameboy Advance.
I'm impressed that it works without issue!

#RetroGaming #Doom2 #Doom #GBA #GameboyAdvance #prBoom #Homebrew #Gaming

MSYS2 compiling prBoom
mGBA running the compiled Doom 2 port.
S31bz :linux:
1 week ago

...also, throwback to when I got a Gentoo image worked on by @marcan running on my PS4 back in 2020
#ThrowbackThursday #linuxgaming #ps4 #homebrew

David Bureš
1 week ago

@simonemargio And this is how it looks in the search results (subject to change, it’s just the first implementation)


#opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

David Bureš
1 week ago

Something special is coming in Cork 1.3… (and I think @simonemargio is gonna love it)

Of course, you can also check if a package is compatible with a future version…

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

Simone Margio
1 week ago

I was looking for a way to check the compatibility of Homebrew formulas with macOS Sonoma. 🍎

But I couldn't find anything, not even commands to get the required information without enabling dev.
I ended up creating a shell script that uses the JSON API.

The script could also be done in two lines but I love having a perfect table!

#Homebrew #macOS

iTerm2 where a table with the names of homebrew formulas is shown followed by a green check symbol for full support for Sonoma, a red X for not yet supported, and a ? for don't have enough info to know if the formula is compatible with Sonoma or not.
1 week ago

Note, that it takes a while for homebrew to detect the release and update their ruby-install formula.
#homebrew #ruby_install

1 week ago

I would like to invite all of my friends here in the pocket pixels community to my discord server where @GumpyFunction and I just released a new beta of Unearthed! This one is very far along compared to the last one so stop on by, pick up the rom and let us know if you find any bugs! :)

#Gameboy #gamedev #gbstudio #homebrew

Kroc Camen
2 weeks ago

WTH!? #NES #homebrew Has there ever been a decent 8-bit fighting game? This looks as close as one could hope!

Just found out the hard way: #Ruby 3.x currently doesn't support #OpenSSL 3. #Homebrew on #Mac will probably have openssl@1.1 and openssl@3 installed. The latter being linked.

To install Ruby 3.x successfully:
rvm install ruby-3 --with-openssl-dir=$(brew --prefix openssl@1.1)

Conor Nash
2 weeks ago

I have a #homebrew game joke, but you can only get it on a physical cartridge.

2 weeks ago

How do people go about debugging #wii #homebrew these days? I see a lot of guides talking about the GeckoUSB, but I don't think that's being sold anymore (tho I could contact the original seller), and given that it relied on a discontinued CPLD chip I don't know how practical it would be for me to build one.

I was also thinking about using one of the debugging GPIO pins as a form of low speed serial, but that seems a little hacky and unnecessarily complicated.

2 weeks ago

Homebrew Computers Website

"The #Homebrew #Computers Website is open to any computer project featuring a home-built #CPU. That CPU may emulate a commercial design, but it cannot be just an off-the-shelf chip.

The design must have been (at least partially) built in "real" #hardware: paper designs and simulations don't cut it :-)

However, the qualifying hardware styles are extremely broad: anything from relays to TTL chips to FPGA's will qualify - will anyone contribute a vacuum-tube design? :-)"

(via the #permacomputing list)

2 weeks ago

I was really proud of my #homebrew from trash parts through table wireless charging pad for my phone by coworkers says it’s “creepy” 🙄

I’ll get a fabric sticker to cover it because they can’t handle how cyberpunk i am apparently. 🙄🙄🥲🙄 #kludge

salvaged enameled copper coil taped to a desk with neon tape.
3 weeks ago

Made a Sinitsa style CW adapter for the #Quansheng #UVK5 handheld radio.
To see if it would actually work.
#hamradio #homebrew #sinitsa

John Francis
3 weeks ago

Racking cider into carboys on day 10, SG down from 1.006 to 1.0015

Same apples, pressed on consecutive days and preserved about 24h with cambden. Same recipe into primary, on same day.

Rather different colours. The grey one had a slight hint of sulphur, not unknown with this recipe. The sulphur hint is always gone when secondary fermentation completes over a few weeks.

Not dumping it at this point, but a bit surprised.

Any ideas?

#homebrew #brewing

Pat Morita Team
3 weeks ago

🇪🇸 Dentro de 5 días conocerás a Nano, el muerto viviente.

🇬🇧 Only 5 days to meet Nano, the undead.

#gbcompo23 #gameboy #gbdev #homebrew

Skyboy Games
3 weeks ago

Gunhawk is a lightgun game for the NES.

Version 1 ROM release coming soon.

Subscribe to our mailing list at to get notified the moment the game is released.

#indiedev #indienes #gamedev #homebrew #retrogame #nes #screenshotsaturday

In Gunhawk, a lightgun game for the NES, the player's mech is facing off against an enemy mech and two scout drones.
Gumpy Function
3 weeks ago

A screen from the opening of my GBC metroidvania game FEED IT SOULS using the unlockable 'Redrum' palette.

Releasing in a week for #gbcompo23 game jam.

#gameboy #gbc #homebrew #metroidvania #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #nintendo #pixelart #gbstudio

Owl Creek Workshop
3 weeks ago

My Atari 2600 homebrew project is making slow but steady progress. While I don't have much to showcase yet, I wanted to give a shout-out to the Gopher2600 emulator. Its debugger is proving to be an invaluable time-saving tool!

I'm particularly impressed by its ability to sync the pixel clock with instructions in the disassembly view.

Amazing work!

Check it out here:

#Atari #Atari2600 #Homebrew #Gopher2600

The Gopher Atari 2600 emulator debugger window.
Asobitech 🤖💣
3 weeks ago

The perfect game to test out the new Glow in the Dark Analogue Pocket #GITD is obviously Black Castle by User0x7f ( version)

#gameboy #homebrew #fpga #indiegame #AnaloguePocket

3 weeks ago

ho wow ..; I opened a >1yo home-made kimshi jar, and ...
it's totally worth the wait Oo ✨
#homebrew #lactofermentation

Paul Hebert
3 weeks ago

Harvested hops from the side yard! In the process of brewing a fresh hop IPA. Whatever isn’t used will be dried in the dehydrator for future brews or teas.

#HomeBrew #GrowYourOwn

A paper bag filled with green hops.
Mute Dog Brewing
4 weeks ago

Brewing up some oat saison today!

First wort hopping with homegrown Glacier hops, will finish with homegrown Tettnanger and Mt Hood. I'll be splitting the fermentation among my local wild yeast, Ebbegarden kveik, Marem berm and 34/70 lager yeast.

#homebrew #homebrewing #beer #wildyeast #kveik

Beer wort with bags of hops floating on the surface, slowly coming up to a boil.
Paul Hebert
1 month ago

I was planning to harvest #hops today, use some in a wet hop #HomeBrew, and dry the rest in an electric dehydrator.

However, we got some unexpected rain, and they're pretty wet.

Is it okay to harvest and use wet hops? Or would I be better off pushing back my harvest and brew day until things are dry (I'm in Portland, Oregon, if that's relevant. The hops look good to me, but this is my first time harvesting them, so I'm not sure what to look for.)

Asobitech 🤖💣
1 month ago

Super JetPak DX is now available to play in a web browser and ROM download for free. Over on itchio.
As my birthday present to all of you 🎁

#gameboy #gbdev #indiegame #homebrew

Finally, another post for my #blog after *years* without #blogging. This time, a What's on my #PSP? article inspired by and written because of @jp. This is post 54 of #100DaysToOffload

related hashtags: #homebrew #emulation #gaming #ps1 #modding #handheld

David Bureš
1 month ago

I’ve been hard at work writing Cork’s built-in Help book. I got the structure and the first couple chapters done already! This is what I do for a living, after all #TechnicalWriting 😂

To all the macOS developers who had to write Help books: do you have any tips? What did you use to write the book? I've been using Typora and then converting the folder to HTML using, but I wonder if there's a better way

#macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

David Bureš
1 month ago

I understand that not many people like subscriptions, me included. However, to make the development of my apps sustainable at all, I had to opt for the subscription model

Now, I was thinking. If there was a one-time purchase option for getting Cork, that would cost like 30€ (not final price), and would let you keep receiving updates without a subscription, would you use that option? It would coexist with the current subscription model

#macOS #macdev #homebrew #CorkApp

David Bureš
1 month ago

Cork 1.1 will be released soon! This release will bring some nice features. To read more, check out my post here (no idea why I can’t boost it directly):

#swift #swiftUI #macOS #opensource #buildinpublic #macdev #homebrew

Kyle Nyland
1 month ago

I got a Miyoo Mini+ and I’m looking for game recommendations:

- PICO-8
- TIC-80
- Homebrew NES, SNES, GB, GBC and/or GBA games (including GB Studio)
- Worthwhile romhacks
- Anything else??

#miyoomini #pico8 #tic80 #homebrew #gbstudio

Miyoo Mini+ playing Pac-Man Championship Edition for NES
Ricky de Laveaga
1 month ago

Now backing #Homebrew 🍵💻 (@homebrew) on Open Collective, odds are you should too!

Ricky de Laveaga
1 month ago

Dearly beloved and impossible to thank enough @mikemcquaid & other @homebrew contributors, is the preferred place to donate to #Homebrew (

Andrew Theken
2 months ago

I've been working on some automation to generate an atom feed when new formula are added to homebrew. The main goal of this little site was simply to learn about new tools as they are added to homebrew.

It's pretty barebones, but I'll share it here if it's useful to other people:

If there's something I could add (or taps you'd recommend), feel free to open an issue on the github page (linked from the website).

#homebrew #cli #software

I did another thing, this is very fun!

#psp #homebrew #gaming

Metroid Fusion displayed on the PSP game selection screen, as if it was a PSP title.
Below, Metroid Zero Mission and Pokemon Emerald
Thankful Machine
2 months ago

New #gopher hole! Be gentle!


A place for my longer writings. Among other things, I'll be logging more of my experience building a #68k #homebrew computer there.

I can recommend a couple of gopher clients which I use regularly...

- Phetch
Minimal presentation. Rust.

- Gopherus
DOS-style presentation. C.

Both are great fun. See you around!


David Bisset
2 months ago


Applite is a clean #Homebrew front end app for #macOS built with #SwiftUI


Thankful Machine
2 months ago

And there you go! My #68k #homebrew computer is running at 8MHz!​

I thought for a moment that I had messed something up, but of course it had to be the ROM write. `srec_cat` is your friend.

In the scope shot, top to bottom, we have CLK, /AS, and A0. A sort of "free running" mode, all zeroes in the ROM, i.e. ori.b #0,d0. It happens to work with the exception table and all of that.

Now, on to write a test program and make it say hello over serial! :blobthinkingcool:​

There are so many wires in this thing, I can hold it up like a pizza slice without it bending. :blobastonished:​

#retrocomputing #m68k

A Motorola 68000 computer with completed wiring. Serial chip oscillators connected.
Some signals on an oscilloscope: a clock at 8Mhz, the address strobe signal, and the A0 address line, indicating a kind of free running mode.
David Bureš
2 months ago

Update on the Cork situation: it got confirmed that the newest Homebrew version is responsible for the error.

If anyone knows how to set $HOME for a Swift Process(), I’d greatly appreciate any help, since that would fix the error 😊

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Chaska the Magic Dog :d6: :d8:
2 months ago


What is a major house rule you added to your #ttrpg game? Why did you make the change? What game was it? How did your players take it or was it a group decision?

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Hitch 怨霊
2 months ago

My Wishlist for porting stuff to the 3DS:

- Acclaims Re-Volt - it's free now

- Stardew Valley - in low resolution maybe?

- Some Sneaky stuff like "The Dark Project"? Still have the CD.

- I also found "Descent 1+2" - never really played it - on a DS it could be fun though

#homebrew #3ds

Game Boy Scene
2 months ago

#Catskull Electronics has post about closing down

They were established vendor in #chiptune and #homebrew scene

Post about shutdown:


catskull logo with pixel font
Thankful Machine
2 months ago

The beast grows. My #68k computer is getting closer to the finish line. Chewed through a lot this weekend!

- Adjusted common ROM address lines, they were going over the chips and it bothered me. Plus, I'll probably be bouncing those in and out for a while until I venture to programming via a boot loader.
- Wired up the many buffered address lines. I did a continuity check last night and it looks good so far. :blobsweat:​
- Finished the control line buffer and distributed the outputs. I used a big fat purple wire for /DTACK out of respect (or disrespect depending on whom you ask) :blobcatangel:​
- Finished the /IACK decoder
- Wired up the GAL inputs and some of the outputs

New TODOs queued up:

- Finish connecting the 68681 serial chips
- Finish placing decoupling caps
- Replace 7404 with open-drain 7405 variant to work properly with the /RESET line

#retrocomputing #homebrew #electronics

A 68000-based computer, nearly wired on a breadboard. There are many wires and I am afraid.
Devin Prater :blind:
2 months ago

Wow y’all, between CakeBrew (Homebrew GUI), and MacUpdater, I’m honestly liking this setup. Just get a notification when an MacUpdate app is available, and select all, and update. Or I can just go through CakeBrew’s huge list of like 6000 items, and VoiceOver, even on an Intel Mac, doesn’t even flench. Like, that’s amazing coming from Windows. Even cooler is that I can just leave Voiceover focus on the “description” field, and arrow down, and the CakeBrew app name or more likely, a command line utility, name is read out, and after the description loads, it’s read out next. No extra movement needed.

Now if only web browsing was that simple. I think I’m getting more used to it, but I’m still much faster on Windows.

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Keith Böhler
2 months ago

@thelinuxEXP I feel quite similar. I was thinking the other day if i had to switch away from Linux would I pick Windows or macOS. I feel somewhat 50/50 and the Apple Silicon is compelling. I think what might eek a win for Windows is that i could at least pick hardware like #framework and use WSL.

Also did you try out any of the macOS package managers like #homebrew or #macports ?

Thankful Machine
2 months ago

My #68k #homebrew computer continues! I have all of the 68HC000 lines wired as well as the address decoding inputs. Still waiting on some buffers and a GALs to fill in the obvious empty spaces. Getting much closer now!

Some TODOs left:

- Decide on placement of serial chips, probably above and to the left, horizontal
- Logic for IACK gen, DTACK, gen, perhaps another GAL
- Wire up data buffer outputs
- Wire up address buffer outputs

Forbidden sprinkles everywhere.


Devin Prater :blind:
2 months ago

Me with the Winget package manager:

Winget install slack

Winget: Oh no dude, you’re gonna have to type the whole package name.

Me: Oh fine. Winget install Slack.slack

Winget: Mmm, close enough. I’ll let that pass.

Me, with Homebrew: homebrew install slack

Homebrew: Oh, you did mean the cask, right? Yeah, I can do that for you. Okay, Slack is installed!

Like, I just want my tools to work with me a bit. I understand why Winget does that, since there might be a store version and a regular desktop app, and using -e switch might make it do some magic or not. But goodness can we focus on more interactive usage rather than just “Oh yeah well I mean with Winget you can batch install stuff with a script and be precise about it.”

#Winget #Homebrew #mac #windows

Michal Bryxí 🌱
2 months ago

#OSX + #Homebrew folks: How do I force `brew` to ignore the "has been disabled because it has an archived upstream repository!" error? The repo does exist, it's just read-only, so I don't see a reason why that should influence whether brew installs it or not.

Thankful Machine
2 months ago

My #68k home brew computer is coming along nicely. I’ve decided on 512Kx16 ROM and 1Mx16 RAM, and just a 68K-era 68C681 serial chip for I/O for now. I might hook up a parallel port and the FPGA VGA interface I’m working on later. I’ve started hooking up the serial chip and preparing placements for bus buffers and transceivers. 555-based power-on reset circuit is set as well.

There is something really calming about carefully measuring and weaving hookups on the #breadboard.

#electronics #homebrew #retrocomputing #16bit

From left to right, RAM and ROM chips representing the low byte, then another pair for the high bytes, the 68681 serial chip, 68K, oscillator, and 555-based power-on reset circuit.
2 months ago

This is a super-long shot, but:
Have anyone managed to install Rosetta-compatible #Homebrew on #MacOS #Sonomoa? (Boost appreciated!)

What I’m trying to do, BTW., is making a #QMK build environment ( I’m using this guide for Homebrew:

First I got asked to update my command line. That doesn’t work the normal way - but installing the beta manually works fine, However, when I try to install Homebrew (Rosetta), it asks for the normal update again. 😕

Random Geek
2 months ago

In Ubuntu WSL. brew install neovim failing because #Homebrew can't grab icu4c. SSL cert problem with If I try to open that in the browser I get a Fastly "unknown domain" error.

I don't know whether to blame Homebrew, Github, Fastly, or XFinity.

Anyways, guess it's a good day to reboot into Linux.

'Intellivania' is a homebrew version of Castlevania made recently for Intellivision by Matthew Kiehl. It looks pretty great!

#Intellivision #Castlevania #Intellivania #HomeBrewGames #RetroGames #RetroGaming #HomeBrew #HomeBrewGames #16Bit #16BitGames

A screen grab of 'Intellivision', a version of Castlevania made for the Intellivision. This one features monsters, stairs and windows in the dungeon.
A screen grab of 'Intellivision', a version of Castlevania made for the Intellivision. This scene is our side, monsters and castle walls.
A screen grab of 'Intellivision', a version of Castlevania made for the Intellivision. Monsters and darkness in the castle.
The front cover art of 'Intellivision', a version of Castlevania made for the Intellivision. It features the protagonist with a sword, in a castle room full of candles and monsters