Damien Scully
1 month ago

The answer to yesterdays #NameThatCar challenge was fairly straightforward, it was a Honda Civic.
If course not just any old Civic but the performance version the Honda Civic Type R, complete with understated rear spoiler.
The earlier generations are already sought after so it seems likely to be a future classic.
Well done if you recognised it.
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Rear 3/4 view of a red Honda Civic Type R with black alloy wheels. It has a large great spoiler.
edgar :birdsite:
2 months ago

As much as I’m an Apple User, I love the Android things as well. Currently geeking out with my Android Car Radio #Joying #HondaCivic

edgar :birdsite:
2 months ago

just installed a #joying car stereo 9” on my #HondaCivic 2016. The system so far exceed my expectations.

3 months ago

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here is the most Irish thing I know.

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4 months ago

2018 Honda Civic Type R

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Forza Horizon 5



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SushiXXX (686 345 087)

[VP_L] MattPMode (162 503 100)

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Would have had more, but for some reason they didn't save. Fun little car to drive though!

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Shot from the driver's side rear of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R with an aftermarket spoiler and Team Honda red, black, white, and grey geometric livery moving at speed down a country road. Tree's blur past and green hills, blue skies, and fluffy clouds line the area.
edgar :birdsite:
5 months ago

I’m not on the market for a car right now. Happy with my 2016 #HondaCivic, but if I was in the market would be a #Tesla for sure.

Sebastian Hagens
6 months ago

#hobby Afgelopen weekend is mijn #hondacivic op de afstelbank geweest met de standaard #k20a2 motor Resultaat 226pk en 237Nm en heerlijk toeren maken tot 8500rpm 🥰

Hill Country Honda :v21:
2 years ago

Some eye candy for you! 😍

#Honda #HondaCivic

Hill Country Honda :v21:
2 years ago

Wishing we were here.... 💭#HondaCivic

Hill Country Honda :v21:
2 years ago

Set your sights on the road ahead. Where will the all-new 2022 #HondaCivic take you?

IT News
2 years ago

This is the slightly sportier, slightly more efficient 2022 Honda Civic - This is the 2022 Honda Civic ... - #hondacivic #cars