Stelliform Press
1 day ago

The last of our eligible works is a beautiful and startling scream into the void - and the void answers! Tiffany Morris's horror novella Green Fuse Burning invites the reader to sink into the swamp and a challenging process of transformation. This book is available on the SFWA forums!

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2023 Awards Eligibility for Stelliform Press. In the novella category: Green Fuse Burning by Tiffany Morris. Published Oct 2023. A poetic and unsettling meditation on grief for lost family, land, and Mi’kmaq culture, Green Fuse Burning points to the swamp’s fertile ground as a site of transformation.
The Victorian Gothic Librarian
1 day ago

1) VIY, Nikolai Gogol (1835)
"something in these features…appalled him; a terrible depression seized his heart, as when in the midst of dance and song someone begins to chant a dirge. He felt as though those ruby lips were coloured with his own heart's blood." #GothicAdvent

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GIF from the 1967 film 'Viy'. It shows the camera looking down from above a dark statue of Christ on the cross. Below, a vigil is set up, with a beautiful pale, dark haired girl in white laid in a coffin, which is surrounded by candles and flowers. By her side, an older man looks over her corpse.
The Victorian Gothic Librarian
1 day ago

“A spirit! A ghost! You don’t mean it! Say you are only playing Christmas on me, Aunt Martha” - 'The Vicar's Ghost', Lucy Farmer (1890)

Christmas is a time to indulge in food, drink and tales of beyond the grave. Join me celebrating the holidays the old-fashioned way 📚🕯️#GothicAdvent

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GIF of an old-fashioned bedroom, where we see a door and a vanity desk. The room is lit up by lightning, and as the light hits the mirror, a skull appears then disappears.
The Victorian Gothic Librarian
3 days ago

#WyrdWednesday In 'Ken's Mystery' (Julian Hawthorne, 1888), an American visiting Ireland meets a vampire who seems to bend the laws of time. The only evidence of his encounter is his new banjo, which suddenly looks ancient after their strange affair

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Close up photo of a gold pocket watch.
Black and white photo of a forest.
Black and white photo of a woman in profile. She has long, dark hair and turns her head away from the camera, looking down.
Jason Rush
4 days ago

Just finished Elizabeth Hand's "Haunting on the Hill," and really liked it. I get the "why do we need a Hill House sequel" complaints, but most haunted house stories since Hill House have been, in some way, derivative. If you ignore the name and pretend it's a stand-alone book, it works on its own. It has original, interesting characters, and Elizabeth Hand has a knack for small, creepy scenes that really stick with you.

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Robin Marx
1 week ago

Bought the whole Paperbacks from Hell line of paperback horror novel reprints by Valancourt Books today. It’s good stuff and worthy of support.


Been in a bit of a strange place recently mental health-wise, but the other morning I saw a review of Palus Somni that genuinely made me tear up.

"...the best horror story to be told so far in human history" is a bit OTT but damn, if I didn't need to hear that! Thank you! 😭

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A review of the webnovel Palus Somni, link to full text in the post (It's too long to fit in here)
2 weeks ago

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror Volume 4 is an exceptional anthology that makes me want to search out and read the previous volumes because apparently, I have been missing out on something special. My review is posted at #horrorbooks #horrorfam #bookreview @horrorbooks @bookstodon

3 weeks ago

I haven't posted in a bit, so I thought I'd pop in and say I'm still alive. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? There's just 3 of us so I'm not making a huge dinner.
This is some recent book mail 📫 on the darker side of the season.
The Fright Before Christmas: Surviving Krampus and Other Yuletide Monsters, Witches, and Ghosts by Jeff Belanger and illustrated by Terry Reed I love Christmas horror. #horrorbooks @horrorbooks #horrorfam

3 weeks ago

Angry spirits, swarms of bugs, strange lights that lead people astray, Bigfoot, and more are featured in these 22 new tales of Dread. Most take place in wild and dangerous outdoor settings because like they say, write what you know, and the author certainly has lots of experience with such places. My review of Dread by Kevin Bachar is posted at #horrorbooks #dread #horrorfam #bookstodon @horrorbooks

Creo que por aquí no he dicho que he publicado un libro de historias de terror ... ¿Lo he dicho? Bueno, si lo he dicho, lo vuelvo a decir jeje ¡¡HE PUBLICADO UN LIBRO DE TERROR!! #TerrorPsicologicoVol1 #TerrorPsicologico #terror #horror #horrorbooks #autopublicados #autopublicacion #autopublicado #amazon #AmazonKindle #amazonkdp comprar en este link ➡️

3 weeks ago

I am having the best ever book mail week. I love short horror stories so much! On Monday I received The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror from the publisher for review consideration and Last night I received a gifted copy of Nightmare Abbey Volume 4. I feel like Christmas came early for me. #bookstodon #bookmail
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Samuel Best
4 weeks ago

“A terrifying glimpse of madness” - Brennan LaFaro

“A spine-tingling story” - Divinations Magazine

“Haunting and hypnotic” - Katherine Silva

“Unsettling and creepy” - Ross Jeffery

“A beautifully understated and deeply uncanny novelette” - Lucie McKnight Hardy

Find out what happens when a new father awakens old horrors…

Kindle and Goodreads links here:

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Horror Author Reed Alexander
1 month ago

A little too much padding, a little lost in the details, but rich and vibrant characters and setting...
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Stelliform Press
1 month ago

Want to listen to Richard Van Camp and Tiffany Morris talk about Indigenous horror today? Check out Native America Calling's Halloween episode:

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Covers of Never Whistle at Night and Green Fuse Burning Under a spotlight. New Indigenous Horror.
Jessa Forest
1 month ago


On Nov. 3, at the Strong Women Strange Worlds Friday QuickReads ONE lucky winner will receive THREE paperback books.

The Blood of Seven by Claire Fishback
Anatomy of a Darkened Heart by Christie Stratos
Banished by Lou Yardley

This event is FREE but pre-registration is encouraged. I hope to see you there!

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Nichelle Seely
1 month ago

Halloween read.

#AmReading #HorrorBooks

Vintage paperback with a weird flying creature on the front. The Colour Out Of Space by H.P. Lovecraft.
Elizabeth Lee :neurodi:
1 month ago

I've only read two of these but The Girl From the Well is fantastic. It's told from the point of view of a murdered Japanese girl, a la Sadako from Ringu, & manages to be very creepy while also strangely heartwarming.

Five Gripping Ghost Stories From the Last Decade |

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1 month ago

It's ALIVE!!

This horror anthology, including my story featuring a lesser known entity from the Finnish underworld, is now available!

Right now it's available at a release day discount so get yours asap!

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Promo pic featuring the cover of Into the Dark Wood with descriptors including haunted house, psychological, monsters, creepy fogous, spells&rituals, gods, Lovecraftian.
Horror Nerd Online
1 month ago

Today’s Comic Book Releases: October 24, 2023

#horror - #horrorbooks - #horroromics - Here are today's comic book and graphic novel releases!

Pues ya teneís acceso de manera totalmente GRATUITA a nuestro último proyecto literario: Hamistagan, una antología de relatos donde os invitamos a descubrir que secretos aguardan en este enigmatico lugar.
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Horror Nerd Online
1 month ago

Today’s Comic Book Releases: October 23, 2023

#horror - #horrorbooks - #horroromics - Here are today's comic book and graphic novel releases!

Kerr Avon's Pet Rock
1 month ago

Look, I really get that Ramsey Campbell is trying to not very subtly hint towards a whole switchy-gender-supernatural-shapeshifting-entity thing... but really, could he not have come up with something better than changing the name of the pub from The Green Man to The Green FEMALE?

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Read Dead on Arrival by Matt Richtel, and am upset about it. It's one of those dusty books from my TBR pile, in the horror genre. Genre that keeps proving to be the hardest one to write good.
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Dead on Arrival by Matt Richtel ebook cover, a plane in the dark background, blue letters. White framed tablet is placed on a dark wooden table, with various dark items strewn around in grey, white, black, and red color schemes. Items such as notebook, plastic skulls, bookmark with cross-stiched bats on it, lighter.
last robot
2 months ago

Feeding the #horrorbooks hunger with 'Hide' by Kiersten White. Just started but hopefully plenty of whats-about-to-happen dread.

My mood: scare me with things that aren't actually happening in this godforsaken world.

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Dark Corners Reviews
2 months ago

Check out all my books here (please). #Bookstodon #HorrorBooks

2 months ago

If you're looking for an eerie and sinister read this October, be sure to check out this lovely little horror anthology featuring a story by yours truly about a weary traveler paying for their sins in blood and stories, and a lesser known creature of the Finnish underworld.

#horrorbooks #WritingCommunity

Promo pic featuring the cover of Into the Dark Wood, a horror anthology: Yellow text on a blue-green foggy forest image with the silhouette of a person in the foreground.

Currently open for pre-order. Release 30 October!
Robin Marx
2 months ago

I interviewed horror master Stephen Graham Jones for Grimdark Magazine! We chatted about his latest novel “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” recent slasher flicks, and more!

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James Loscombe
2 months ago

Unhallowed Ground is featured on theBargain Booksy mail today. Still only $0.99

When darkness descends, who will survive the unthinkable?
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Vivienne Dunstan
2 months ago

Lining up my #spooky season #books #reading. As always Roger Zelazny’s “A Night in the Lonesome October”. Also “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman for the book club I’m in (many folks there are excited to read or reread it). Also a real time reread of “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. May add more! #fantasy #bookstodon #horror #ChildrensBooks #Halloween #RogerZelazny #NeilGaiman #DeborahHarkness #GothicHorror #FantasyBooks #HorrorBooks #romance #RomanceBooks

Carlos CD
2 months ago

#inktober study of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. I find it tough to draw from oil portraits of a certain era, but #frankenstein 's creator deserved me trying. #maryshelley #horrorbooks #portrait #sketch #art #mastoart #artstudy

Pencil and ink study from an oil portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.
Stelliform Press
2 months ago

Huge thanks to Shane Hawk, co-editor of the Indigenous dark fiction anthology Never Whistle at Night for helping spread the word about Tiffany Morris's Green Fuse Burning. The novella is out Oct 31st & is available for pre-order from us and everywhere else:

#indigenousliterature #indigenoushorror #ecohorror #climatefiction #horrorbooks #swampcore #smallpress

Alt text: Beside the cover of Tiffany Morris's Green Fuse Burning, a blurb from Shane Hawk, co-editor of Never Whistle at Night: "In Tiffany Morris's riveting eco-cosmic novella, Green Fuse Burning, the horrific splendor of the natural world pulls readers into the emotional labyrinth of her reconnecting Mi’kmaq protagonist. With a style both hauntingly beautiful and viscerally unsettling, Morris joins a burgeoning movement of writers reimagining cosmic horror through a nuanced Indigenous lens—surely making Lovecraft spin in his grave. Green Fuse Burning is a compelling portrait of grief and identity unfurled against a backdrop of ineffable beauty and lurking dread. Morris's storytelling thrives in this tension between the gorgeous and the grotesque and invites readers on a haunting journey through the tangled veins of human emotion and the dark, enigmatic heart of nature itself." Below the blurb, the quote attribution and text: "Check out Tiffany Morris's 'Night in the Chrysalis' in NWAN and get excited for Green F use Burning, coming October 31 and available for preorder now!
Robin Marx
2 months ago

Grimdark Magazine #36, including my interview with STEPHEN GRAHAM JONES, is available now! (Also on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited.)

I ask him about the writing process for his latest horror novel Don’t Fear the Reaper, his fan-favorite heroine Jade Daniels, favorite recent slasher flicks, and a bit about his new dark fantasy short fiction!

@horrorbooks #HorrorBooks #Grimdark #Horror #AmWriting #Bookstodon @bookstodon #StephenGrahamJones

Francisca Staines
2 months ago

Friday is the perfect day to start a new book. This one is one to celebrate both #SpookyReadsSeptember and #LatinAmericanHeritageMonth

“Colonialism carved the landscapes of our homes with ghosts. It left gaping wounds that still weep.”
―Isabel Cañas, The Hacienda

#writingcommunity #imreading #gothichorror #diversebooks #horrorbooks @bookstodon

In the cover of The Hacienda A woman in a red dress stands between magueyes and a the tower of a old church. The ominous sky is red and covered y gray clouds.
2 months ago

It’s autumn in the town of Harrow, but something else is changing in the town besides the season. My review of Black River Orchard is posted at
#horrorbooks #BlackRiverOrchard #ChuckWendig #horrorfam @bookstodon

2 months ago

Ok #horrorfam, Apex Magazine is doing a subscription drive, the number of subs they get will determine the future of the magazine.

Apex is one of the best we have, and deserve our support.

and to prove that, they also have a great list of other mags that ALSO should be subscribed to.

Short fiction needs our support, so if you can, now is the time. #horror #horrorlit #horrorbooks #bookstodon

Author Stephen King with punk band Rancid.

Not my photo, sadly.

#StephenKing #HorrorBooks #punk #FotoMontag #Rancid

Stephen King with punk band Rancid

Register for this free Zoom event from Illinois Libraries Present! Bestselling #horror scribe Stephen Graham Jones ("The Only Good Indians" & "Don’t Fear the Reaper") in conversation with our author Becky Spratford: Oct. 4 at 7:00 PM

#StephenGrahamJones #libraries #library #horrorbooks #free #halloween

Register for this free Zoom event from Illinois Libraries Present! Bestselling #horror scribe Stephen Graham Jones ("The Only Good Indians" & "Don’t Fear the Reaper") in conversation with our author Becky Spratford: Oct. 4 at 7:00 PM
Francisca Staines
3 months ago

One more for this Spooky Reads September. This one is a reread, because it's worth a second time... I mean just the unsettling atmosphere & the constant self-guessing makes it a great Gothic horror story.

“You’re very silly or very brave, living in a haunted house.”
―Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Mexican Gothic

#writingcommunity #imreading #gothichorror #diversebooks @bookstodon #horrorbooks

A young woman, only half her face shows in the frame, sit before a green brocade. She wear a read shoulderless dress and hold a bunch of yellow flowers.
Lydia Schoch
4 months ago

I only have one library loan left, an audiobook of T. Kingfisher’s “Nettle & Bone” I’ve been listening to while doing some chores.

To me that’s a sign of a long weekend well spent. There’s nothing like revisiting a great story on a rainy day.

#TorontoPublicLibrary #BooksOfMastodon #AmReading #TKingfisher #NettleAndBone #Fantasy #HorrorBooks #Toronto #Weather

2:10am now and enjoying another book. This time with haunted houses stories from Shirley Jackson's "The Curse of Hill House". Published in early 1960's, but still a valuable book today!
#ShirleyJackson #Horror #HorrorBooks #ValdemarGotica #HillHouse #1960s

5 months ago

Rather heavier #horror than I usually enjoy, and really, really creepy. Also loved the #sapphic relationship in the book, and the main character being full of sharp edges

Triggers: Insects, parasites, toxic family relationship, racism/colonialism, food-related yuckiness

@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #reading #HorrorBooks #authorsofcolor #yahorror

Cover of the book “She Is A Haunting”, depicting a close up face of a dark haired Vietnamese woman, tears streaking from her right eye, half open month having hydrangea flowers sprout and spread from it

Due to some Amazon weirdness, I have two (2) free Kindle editions of "The Cockroach of the Dada Movement" for the first two people to comment

NOTE: this coupon can only be redeemed in the US Kindle Store. I will DM you directly for the email for delivery. The coupon can be sent to any email address, so if you already own a copy you can gift it to any friend

#horror #horrorfiction #horrorbooks #weirdlit #weirdfiction

Stu Robson
10 months ago
4 books held out against a winters backdrop of frozen trees and gray skies. The books are - 

The cabin at the end of the world
Home before dark
A sliver of darkness
The drift
Stu Robson
10 months ago

I was good, I only ordered three.

The Cabin at the End of the World – to read before the movie comes out.

The Drift – Love C.J. Tudors previous work and this one is _brand new_.

A Sliver of Darkness – A collection of short stores from C. J. Tudor (again) for when I've got time to read, but not enough time to really invest in reading a 'big book'.

#Horror #HorrorBooks #Books #NewBooks

11 months ago

Wrote a long-read about why I wrote this book, why not normal publishing (kinda how it went) and other stuff about series

#Bookstodon #writing #artist #mastoart #horrorbooks #fantasybooks #DigitalArt #bookcover #cover

Book 1 cover
Curt Pennington :verified:
11 months ago

Hi everyone!

I'm still figuring this out but I wanted to give a quick #introduction to everyone!

My name's Curt & I'm a film school graduate who's shifting focus into prose fiction. I'm a husband, cat dad & hot mess of anxiety, so please bear with me!

Pretty much everything I write or film is profoundly messed up & probably crosses a line. I'm a big fan of New French Extremity, goofy camp, video games & pro wrestling.

I'm excited to be part of the community! #Horror #HorrorBooks

Kirstin ⁷
1 year ago
Photo of my left hand palm up wrapped in gauze, and googley eyes placed on fingers and palm to look like the hand on the cover of Stephen King’s “Night Shift” book. Book also pictured.
Rich Tate :verified:
1 year ago

Started this chonky bastard this morning! I love @chuckwendig’s horror stuff so much (and this is definitely horror).

#AmReading #horror #books #BookRecommendations #HorrorCommunity #HorrorBooks #HorrorFamily #BookToot #bookstodon

WAYWARD hard cover.
Andy Steele
1 year ago

I did an #introduction yesterday, but wanted to follow up with a part 2 this morning.

I have come to really love #Horror as an adult. This is mostly thanks to my son who is an aficionado of all things creepy and spooky. One of our favorite activities is making #Halloween #Costumes together. The last two years he has been an #Alien Xenomorph and a #StrangerThings Demogorgon.

If you make #HorrorFilms or write #HorrorBooks I would love to follow you!

A child in a Halloween costume inspired by the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. A black face mask is surrounded by five black petals that are covered with teeth.
A child in a Halloween costume inspired by the Xenomorph from Alien. A large black helmet sits on his head, and there is a jaw showing a row of teeth. A rib cage is attached to a black shirt, and a black tail extends behind him.
Rini :autism:
1 year ago

7 #horrorbooks to get to know me

Asylum by #MadeleineRoux
Necronomicon by #HPLovecraft
Chronicles of Alice by #ChristinaHenry
My Best Friend's Exorcism by #GradyHendrix
Mexican Gothic by #SilviaMorenoGarcia
The Butterfly Garden by #DotHutchison
Wakenhyrst by #MichellePaver

Others to mention Blink by K.L Slater, Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey and Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark :D

Brooklyn Ann🦇
1 year ago

For my #horror readers, I have freebies of my 80s horror novel, His Scream Queen. A girl makes sacrifices to a demon in exchange for killing off her rivals for prom queen, and it's up to outcasts, Jamie Blair & Lucio Argento to stop her. #Books #freebooks #BMineSeries #BrooklynAnn #80s #horrorreaders #horrorbooks