#Hosting instance now up for straight 391 days. What do you think how long we can manage to go on without a reboot? 🥳​

If you also would enjoy a stable VM that just works *and* is more affordable, consider switching from AW$ to

#aws #hetzner #hosting #selfhosting

John Kristoff
15 hours ago

#Hosting provider PureVoltage (#AS26548) has acquired smaller hosting provider Nexril (#AS13830).

Ça bosse ! 1900 jobs restants pour transcoder et générer les storyboards du #Peertube de #Liberta, donc encore bien 2 jours avant d'avoir terminé, comme prévu.

#sysadmin #hosting

Capture de htop montrant une charge moyenne de 6.5 sur les 8 CPU et une liste de processus ffmpeg
21 hours ago

We have packages and can also customise them according to your need.

Go through our pricing here:


#marsdigitalnz #hosting #digitalagency #localexpert

2 days ago

Des avis sur Migadu pour l’hébergement de mails sur domaines personnalisés ?

Je suis sur leur période d’essai, avec deux domaines, 3 boîtes mail, sur le plan Micro à 19$/an (il me semble que je ne dépasserai jamais leurs limites : max. 200 mails entrants et 20 mails sortants par jour et 5GB de stockage au total).

Ils ont l’air assez transparents sur les pro/cons d’utiliser leur service.

Des mauvaises expériences à partager ? Ou des success stories ?

#mail #hosting #migadu

2 days ago

If anyone is using SpaceBear #hosting, have you heard from the @support account recently, either here or via email? I can't seem to get a hold of them.

Et hop, 4300 jobs qui vont générer les vignettes des storyboards de toutes les vidéos de #Liberta Vidéo depuis 4 ans, jusque là tout se passe sans accrocs !

#peertube #sysadmin #hosting

Capture de la commande htop montrant les 8 CPU et les 16 Go de mémoire du serveur de Liberta Vidéo pendant la création des storyboards, les CPU sont quasi tous à 100%, la RAM n'est occupée qu'à 3Go sur 16.
3 days ago

any rec’s for a new domain host that doesn’t suck? i need to move a flat html page and an email address. #DomainRegistration #hosting #webdev

Peertube 6.0.1 is coming to Liberta Vidéo, expect an outage in a short time.

#peertube #liberta #sysadmin #hosting

Peertube 6.0.1 arrive chez Liberta Vidéo, une interruption du service est imminente.

#peertube #liberta #sysadmin #hosting

Brian Winkers
4 days ago

I listed on the bigger site lists.

Waiting on:

Message me if you know of any others we should be on.

#fediverse #directory #hosting

ho intenzione di creare un #blog dove scrivere un po’ di cose mie. lo vorrei il più veloce e minimal possibile, al punto che possa essere anche una banalissima repository plain-text e senza alcun fronzolo da aggiungerci (no ads ovviamente, e sto valutando anche l’assenza di commenti).
consigli su qualche piattaforma / #hosting / client che possa fare questa cosa semplicissima come una raccolta di testo? su google ho trovato solo cose per il commerciale infarcite di temi custom.

5 days ago

Starting from February 1, 2024, hosting providers not listed in the registry will be prohibited from operating, while those included must offer hosting services only after proper user identification.

#Cybersecurity #Hosting #Internet #Laws #Russia #Privacy

Christian Surrey
5 days ago

Frage für einen Freund No. 82628

Im Grunde genommen musst du das mit deinen eigenen server/cloud-Diensten doch so handhaben wie mit #offshore-Konten. Hoste deinen Kram in einem Land, das niemandem Zugriff gewährt und auch deinen Namen nicht Preis gibt! Ist #Hosting auf den #Caymans eigentlich ein Ding?!


6 days ago

Mit der Open Source Projektmanagement-Software können Unternehmen und Organisationen ihre Projekte planen, durchführen und steuern. In diesem Artikel stellen wir OpenProject kurz vor und gehen auf die wichtigsten Funktionen ein.

#opensource #openproject #hosting

John Kristoff
6 days ago

#Hosting provider Heymman Servers (#AS62164):

"[...] effective February 1st 2024 for already existing services, the cost for additional IP addresses will be increased from $0.50 to $0.60 per IP address per month."

and perhaps more importantly:

"New orders will now include only 2 free IP addresses instead of 4."
6 days ago

Does your hosting provider offer you website uptime guarantees?

Read our blog post to learn more about this important topic. Discover how our offers are different from other hosting providers and why we have guaranteed website uptime tiers in our SLAs. 🤝


#WebsiteUptime #WebHosting #Hosting #OpenSource #Developers #DevOps #ZeroOps #ApplicationDelivery #Containers #SaaS #Lagoon #Drupal #Kubernetes #K8s

1 week ago

Can anyone recommend some #storage #hosting around 500GB or 1TB, but not too expensive?

Hetzner has a good offer, but it's asking for documents and own photo. Contabo we would like to avoid since we already have VPSs there, and I wasn't able to check prices at OVH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


#selfhosting #xmppit #linux

Philip Newborough
1 week ago

First domain transferred over to use Mythic Beasts nameservers, DNS and email. First time using their control panel and I'm pretty impressed with it. Will try and move another domain tonight.

#hosting #mythicbeasts

Aidan NC
1 week ago

Are you looking for a high-performance hosting plan? The new cPanel-based Professional+ package from HawkHost is the perfect option.

Let’s explore what this new plan has to offer.

#hawkhost #vps #webhosting #dedicatedip #hosting

1 week ago

Are there any turn-key managed Mastodon hosts? I want my own instance, but I'm too lazy to install it and maintain a server myself. #mastodon #fediverse #hosting #selfhosting

Pyrzout :vm:
1 week ago
Stefano Marinelli
1 week ago

The server goes down on Monday morning.

Client opens a ticket.

This is the reply they got in Tuesday evening: "On weekdays we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. We usually have a longer response time over the weekend.
Tickets created friday afternoon might not be answered until monday. We are only humans and we like to relax over the
We will take a look at your server."

I think it's time to change hosting company.

#Hosting #IT #SysAdmin #BadSupport

Kuba Suder
1 week ago

Can anyone recommend a good VPS based in Europe? I was looking at Hetzner which has good opinions and prices, but after I signed up they want a scan of my passport… and I don't like the idea. The Swiss one I use now is good, but more expensive (12€ for 2GB/40GB), and I'd like to get more space 🤔
#VPS #Hosting

1 week ago

I wanted to take a moment to shout out Weingärtner IT (@markus), the company providing the hosting and maintenance for this instance. If you're thinking of running your own instance but don't want to deal with the technical side of things, I couldn't recommend them more.

Super fast service and more than reasonable pricing. Respond faster than the wind and always friendly and supportive.


1 week ago

So, I messed about with "The Cloud". And I really don't get the appeal. Regular dedicated and virtual servers are SO much cheaper and they do exactly the same things. And hoooly crap how they overengineered simple virtual machines.

Usually there are machines and there are images. That's it. But they turned it into this whole landscape of made-up terms and whatnot and made it so fucking complex you need another VM (the "shell") and probably an extra employee just to control the damn thing. And don't get me started on cloud storage, that's just FTP with extra steps!

I mean, I'm sure there are *some* applications where it's absolutely neccessary to basically have an (almost) infinitely powerful computer, *cough* NodeJS *cough* but I don't understand why it's so trendy. Just get a regular server guys. Don't want to mess with hard drive failures? Fine, get a virtual one then.

#Google #Cloud #Amazon #AWS #Microsoft #Azure #VM #Server #VPS #Hosting #NodeJS

Philip Newborough
1 week ago

I created my Mythic Beasts account well over a month ago, but I haven't managed to move any domains across to it yet. Will try and rectify that this week.

#hosting #mythicbeasts

Gea-Suan Lin
1 week ago

Gitea 推出了自己的 Cloud 版本:Gitea Cloud

Gitea 推出了 Gitea Cloud:「Gitea Cloud: A brand new platform for managed Gitea Instances」。

費用是 $19/user/mo 或是 $190/user/y,這個價位會對應到 GitHub 裡 Enterprise 等級的費用 ($21/user/mo 或是 $231/user/y

#Cloud #Computer #Murmuring #Network #Service #cloud #git #gitea #hosting #instance #saas #vcs

1 week ago

Apache2 cannot be removed in my Apache virtual server #apache2 #hosting

Jay Baker
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know if the #FediMonster folks have an account on here? #Fediverse #hosting #FediTips #AskFedi

Ben Keith
2 weeks ago

Hostgator is increasing prices on my shared-hosting plan by 44% to $9/mo; it is perhaps time for me to change where I'm hosting stuff.

(static sites, one experimental WordPress, an RSS feed reader)

#hosting #Hostgator

2 weeks ago

Der Begriff Hosting wird oft verwendet, aber was genau verbirgt sich dahinter? In diesem Artikel gehen wir auf diese Frage ein und erklären, was es bedeutet.

#opensource #hosting

2 weeks ago

🤔 Exploring self-hosted CMS/Blog options for a diverse content mix! 🏡🔧 Interested in #Smarthome, #Fatherhood, #Programming, #RaspberryPi, #Hosting, etc. 🌐💡 Seeking recommendations for a platform that excels in sharing daily highlights, tutorials, and guides. What's your go-to? #TechCommunity #SelfHosting

2 weeks ago

Discover #Magento 2 optimized hosting, fully ready for the latest 2.6 and 2.7 versions. Try @olvy , the leading managed #cloud #hosting platform for Magento - optimized, fast, secure, salable, and globally available.
#webhosting #managedhosting #cloudhosting

2 weeks ago

The latest #WordPress 6.4 release improves server response time by ~4%.

With managed @olvy #cloud #hosting you get even more - WordPress site performance can improve by more than 10 times compared to regular hosting. Thanks to #PHP 8.2, #MariaDB 10.11 and #Nginx FastCGI Cache:

2 weeks ago

Ready for #Drupal 10? @olvy is the best managed #cloud #hosting platform for Drupal websites of any version, including Drupal 10. Custom features, high performance, security, scalability, and global availability.
#webhosting #managedhosting #cloudhosting

2 weeks ago

#ComicFury's decision about #AIArt / #AI-based #webcomics on their #hosting platform:

(TL;DR: not allowed.)

the old friend of mine who is #hosting my personal #email #domain has an annoying habit of changing his #certificate every 3-6 months and it's fucking annoying

it also seems to defeat the purpose since I'm regularly having to "confirm #security exception" on it

Autonomic Co-op
2 weeks ago

Autonomic is delighted to announce our radical anti-competitive partnership with 🤝

We helped migrate services from an intricate menagerie of separate VPSs and corporate mail hosting, to an updated, integrated, #CoopCloud deployment – lowering their operating costs and making the stack easier to manage.

If you’re looking for a right-on data/e-mail/forum hoster (and you should be, in these times of intense surveillance capitalism!), and you’d like to be part of an established multistakeholder coöperative, head on over to

#collectivetools #cooperatives #degoogle #hosting

it's the "2 kids surreptitiously doing a handshake" meme, one kid is labelled "autonomic", the other one is labelled ""
Philip Newborough
2 weeks ago

This afternoon I've been playing with PHP and GD to dynamically create Open Graph images. I then moved a website from a shared host to a VPS -- the VPS is proper quick in comparison.

#dayjob #hosting #opengraph #php

@ActionRetro Consider migrating to some #DDOs-protected #Hosting?

I.e. #Contabo does that transparently without brickibg shit like #ClownFlare...

2 weeks ago

Looking for a fast, secure, scalable and TYPO3 12 ready hosting service? Discover @olvy , the best managed #cloud #hosting platform for #TYPO3, with versions support from 4.5 to 12 out of the box:

#webhosting #managedhosting #cloudhosting

2 weeks ago

I am very happy to say that I moved away from Strato and I will never use them ever again :cookiemon_smile:

#hosting #SelfHosting

2 weeks ago

Well there’s another ad, anybody doing #wordpress stuff go check out kinsta instead.

Maybe I’ll find a new #hosting service alternative every time I see a new ad because I’m #petty like that.

2 weeks ago

#Development #Pitfalls
Managing remotely hosted variable fonts · With great power comes great responsibility

#WebDev #WebPerf #Hosting #Font #VariableFont #Frontend
2 weeks ago

🤔 Have you always wondered what the difference is between GitOps vs. DevOps?

🧠 We’ve had a think for you and wrote up a blog article explaining what both concepts are, how they differ, what their similarities are, and why we think they work best when used together!

To get answers to your questions, head on over to our blog post here:

#GitOps #DevOps #GitOpsVsDevOps #OpenSource #Hosting #Developers #Lagoon #Kubernetes #ZeroOps #PlatformTeams #PlatformEngineering

2 weeks ago

It's time to move servers and leave the dreaded SMR hard drive behind. I'm thinking of getting two small VPS at different providers instead of one big one just to have more toys to play with. Evil tongues would claim "to have more problems as well", but I don't listen to them.
#Server #Hosting #Admin #VPS #IT

2 weeks ago

Salut les gens ! Un pote cherche un hébergement pour deux sites Web composés de pages statiques avec juste un micropouillème de JS dedans.
Des idées d'hébergement pas cher, genre sur Chaton ? Ils y en a qui font ça parmi les Chatons ?

Ou si tu connais des service pas chers, *** autres que OVH ! ***

Je n'ai pour le moment pas super envie de l'héberger sur mon Rasp... mais ça sera une solution si on ne trouve rien d'autre.

Merci d'avance ! ❤️

#help #hosting #Web #RepouetWelcome

3 weeks ago

I'm looking for a domain registrar and hosting provider that isn't a big corporation to set up a #blog — just static files, nothing complex. Ideally, it should also provide TLS certificates with auto-renewal.

I've used #AWS in the past, but they don't meet the "non-big-corporation" requirement.

#smallWeb #indieWeb #hosting

Ellane W
3 weeks ago

I keep thinking about making a personal #website independent from corporations like Medium and Substack.

People are doing this for free via services like Netlify, but I'm wondering if that's sustainable? Is paid #hosting more reliable, and if so, what's a reasonable price to expect to pay per month/year?

I don't have a tech background, so the back end of things isn't where I want to play. (1 of 2)

3 weeks ago
Since my home server is going to be shutting down, I was thinking about getting a small instance for friends and I. Does anyone know of managed hosting providers for #Firefish ?

#Calckey #Fediverse #Hosting

Wanting to #runbsd more I was looking at BSD friendly hosters, in Europe. There is not a lot of options. My goto hoster Hetzner does not support anything.

I'm open to reliable and affordable options! Yes I already have a VM with @OpenBSDAms

#runbsd #vps #hosting #europe

3 weeks ago

Oohhh… a very nice gigantic big list with free web self hosting software:


#opensource #list #webservice #web #free #software #service #hosting #selfhosting #webdev #webhosting

Børge A. Roum
4 weeks ago

Goddammit, I need to bite the bullet at one point and move all my WordPress blogs and various other stuff away from my terribly expensive and slow host to something cheaper and faster at some point. I've known this for years, I just have this feeling that it will be a terrible hassle to keep all the databases and URLs working and stuff.

Can somebody reassure me that it won't? Any hosts that can do all that work for you to help you become a customer?


Jan Penfrat
1 month ago

"The environmental #footprint of social media #hosting": fascinating and absolutely read-worthy thoughts into #sustainable social networking, both environmentally and socially.

By @Aepasek, @estrid and others:

#climatecrisis #ClimateJustice #socialmedia #decentralization

1 month ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for Wordpress Hosting? We're currently on DreamHost and our site has gone down several times over the last few months.

I've actually had good luck with GoDaddy in the past, which I know isn't a common experience. It's a medium complexity site with a wiki that will start with several 100 users, but will hopefully grow from there. Looking for better up time, good speeds, prompt customer service, and user friendly UI.

#tech #wordpress #hosting #webDev

1 month ago

There is absolutely no need for this whole "Do it yourself" in terms of hosting a Blog.
There are so many managed Solutions out there you can pay a bit more for that will gladly spare all the hassle about administration the whole thing.

Paying more it's the Point for me, because I don't like to pay for Stuff I can do myself. Doing it myself and learning something new along the Way, for the long run.

#Blog #DIY #Hosting #Hetzner #Linux

Amazon AWS will charge ~$3.6 for every IPv4 address, attached or unattached, starting Feb 1st, 2024.

Many PaaS companies based on AWS (which are most of them) will have to increase their prices big time.

I'm so glad I migrated all AWS projects to a sane IaaS years ago. Hopefully that will teach the industry a lesson or maybe just think the unthinkable: is there an Internet outside AWS?

#amazonaws #aws #hosting #selfhosted

Koos Looijesteijn
2 months ago

Now I feel adequately skilled to create #HTML templates and write #CSS, I'd like learn more about doing things on servers.

I'm a bit scared of doing that, because I wouldn't know how to secure and maintain a #server.

#Netlify functions seem to be quite useful and easy enough for me to work with. But I don't feel good about learning things I can only apply at one #hosting provider that is essentially #AWS.

What would be the equivalent of shared hosting but with push to git to deploy where I can run #JS/#Node functions? With 'equivalent' I mean that:

  • They work similar enough to not really notice a difference after the first setup
  • The costs are very low
  • It doesn't have to scale infinitely
  • I don't have to worry about security beyond what my functions do

I'm sure there are some #web #developers with opinions in here?

European Alternatives
2 months ago

🤩 Great new service co-created by the founder of European Alternatives to find out where a website is hosted!

Hosting Checker not only checks the websites, but which providers are used for email and name servers.

#hosting #tool #dns

🔜 More updates about the integration in European Alternatives next week!

2 months ago

Hi all,

I want to deploy a light web/api backend.

For that, I'm looking for a Belgian dev-friendly webapp hosting provider using local datacenter, ideally that has an honest approach of energy and carbon footprint.

What would you advise? If you don't know, boost is very much appreciated too ;).

#belgium #hosting

2 months ago

Hot take, the only major improvements to the LAMP stack are:

Apache ➡️ NGINX
MariaDB ➡️ Postgres

but no one can pronounce LNPP

#server #serverless #hosting #programming #coding

2 months ago

#Development #Introductions
Introduction to web sustainability · How you can contribute to building a greener web

#Design #WebDesign #WebPerf #WebDev #WebSustainability #Hosting #Frontend #HTML #JavaScript #Fonts #Images

2 months ago

#Development #Previews
The intriguing announcement of Cloudflare Fonts · Can Cloudflare make Google Fonts suitable again?

#Design #WebDesign #Typography #WebDev #Frontend #Fonts #Hosting #Privacy

Does anyone know a #Hosting Provider in #SouthAfrica that can place the DS Records or DNSKEY Records with the '' Registrant? #DNSSEC

Mitex Leo :verified_bv:
2 months ago

🤗 Learn from my mistakes:

Yesterday, I rushed into purchasing a MyPrepaidCenter Prepaid Card (MasterCard) without realizing that MyPrepaidCenter was the provider. My haste caused me to overlook important details.

Later, I attempted to use the card on Namesilo, which resulted in my account being temporarily disabled. Thankfully, Namesilo quickly reinstated my account after I contacted them and explained the issue.

Subsequently, I tried to buy a domain from Porkbun, but the card was not accepted by Stripe.

I later discovered on Reddit that MyPrepaidCenter's fraud detection system is overly sensitive and often doesn't work reliably. The workaround, as many users have suggested, is to purchase Amazon gift cards with MyPrepaidCenter prepaid cards.

Fortunately, my card had a balance of only $5, and Namesilo understood the situation, reinstating my account promptly. Otherwise, I could have lost $20 and access to our Pixelfed instance, NixOrigin's domain (, which could have seriously damaged my reputation.

Learn from my mistakes, and please be cautious when dealing with prepaid cards from providers like MyPrepaidCenter. Share this information within the fediverse communities to help others avoid similar issues.

#mistake #mymistake #mastodon #mastoadmin #pixelfedadmin #fediverse #fraud #prepaidcard #giftcard #mastercard #coinsbee #crypto #namesilo #domain #hosting #porkbun #reddit #myprepaidcenter

What's the best place to host a single page client-side app in 2023 on one's own domain with SSL?

Is the answer still “GitHub Pages”, or is there something better?

#FrontEnd #Hosting #Code #HTML #SinglePage

Asking again about web #hosting #WebHosting who do you recommend for a US business website? I have a bunch of sites on DreamHost that I’ve been meaning to move elsewhere, since DH refuses to drop the fash/terf/hate sites they #host. My main needs are fast loading, high uptime guarantee, and some sort of ethics policy.

Boosts welcome, please!

Josef Davies-Coates
2 months ago

📢 Calling all #opensource #selfhosting #greenhosting #hosting boffins on the #fediverse!

I'm running various instances of #mastodon 4.2 (all using @cloudron which makes doing such things easy)

I'd like to connect at least one of them (the biggest most public one) to an instance of #ElasticSearch to take advantage of the new #fulltextsearch feature featured in #masto 4.2.

Where is the best place to get a reliable affordable and #renewable energy powered one-click install of Elastic Search? 🙏

Paul Secular
3 months ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!

heise online
3 months ago

Problem mit Google-Crawlern: Strato-Kunden hatten tagelang Ärger

Websites von Strato-Kunden flogen aus Google raus oder kamen gar nicht erst rein. Was der Webhoster zu den Problemen sagt und wie der aktuelle Stand ist.

#Google #Hosting #Strato #Suchmaschine #news

3 months ago

#Development #Pitfalls
The challenge of IP reputation · Trusting traffic based solely on IP addresses is risky

#WebDev #Hosting #DNS #NAT #IpAddress #IpGeolocation #IpBlocking

Michael Gale
3 months ago

Hi #devs

Anyone have a website hosted on Digital Ocean? And able to check their web page for me?

I'd like to know if my score would improve in moving off Vercel.

#webdev #dev #devs #developers #web #hosting

Took a journey to find a free static hosting solution that includes some simple server-side analytics stats. Used github pages for years (no stats), but finally looking to replace the client-side JS analytics piece...

Was surprised to find that the simplest (and maybe only?) solution was through Cloudflare(!) using Pages ( with DNS (

Happily moved over without much trouble at all this morning! #dev #html #hosting

Image of free cloudflare server-side stats including request counts
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Zero dependency static site #hosting

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Please consider #self #hosting . If it’s not for you or it’s too complicated, no worries. Just know that ease you enjoy now probably has a hidden cost that -if you were made fully aware of - would be too high. Self hosting:websites, your resume, your blog, your social network, etc.