Pyrzout :vm:
7 hours ago

How to Set Your Thermostat—According to Science #Science #HotTake

IT News
7 hours ago

How to Set Your Thermostat—According to Science - Win the family arguments over heating your home this winter—or better yet, avoid them alt... - #science #hottake

2 days ago

Mastodon needs viral content before anyone starts to pay attention. Viral content breeds content curators, which will breed fresh eyeballs every day.

That's how you entice the media and politicians to show up, which will make it relevant to people who are terrified of learning new things (that's most of the people).

Sites like BlueSky and Meta thought they could circumvent the process by billionaire brand recognition, but that hasnt worked out for them.


No viral content. Nobody gives a shit because nobody is going to see a trainwreck here.

They will probably find one over at the Nazi bar though.

#hottake or #whatever

#block #engage #retoot #dontforgetthehashtags #couldgiveafuck #isthishowitsdone? ##

Starry Time Podcast
2 days ago

Overall, I really liked the aesthetics of the Andromeda ship -- but I was particularly entranced by this arboretum/greenhouse!

Now, get ready for the hot take: this kinda puts Keiko O'Brien's arboretum on the Enterprise to shame... 😅

More of our favs/least favs from the #pilot episode of Rene Roddenberry's Andromeda can be found here:

#Andromeda #TVShows #GeneRoddenberry #StarTrek #TNG #StarTrekTNG #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Space #Science #SSF #Trek #Arboretum #Plants #HotTake

Screenshot of an image from the "Under the Night," the pilot episode of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. The image shows one of the characters standing in the foreground and in the background is a large arboretum/greenhouse with a large tree in the center.
Two Bros Game Night
2 days ago

The Bros are back with another Hot Take, this time looking at Disney's Wish. Come see their unbiased review of the movie here... #Disney #Wish #DisneyWish #Review #HotTake #movie #TBGN

Christian Luhmann
2 days ago

The amazingly misplaced confidence on display in the various "think pieces" posted to LinkedIn. Oof. #hottake

3 days ago

Sea of Stars hot take
Elements of classic 16-bit RPGs and modern quality of life combine in a marvelous gaming experience.
#HotTake #Reviews #HOTTAKE #Review #SabotageStudio #SeaOfStars

4 days ago
Matthew :verified420:
1 week ago

Hot take but Zelda and Mario have nothing on Katamari

#gaming #hottake

1 week ago


Judas Priest's "Sad Wings of Destiny" is to 30% a Queen album.

1 week ago

@dcb97 candied sweet potatoes with topped with marshmallows is one of the most grotesque food pairings ever. #HotTake #CorrectTake 👍 #ISaidIt

Two Bros Game Night
1 week ago

The Bros are back with another Hot Take, this time looking at The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. Come see their unbiased review of the movie here... #Lionsgate #SuzanneCollins #HungerGames #SongbirdsAndSnakes #Review #HotTake #movie #TBGN

Hanna Esmeralda
1 week ago

2/2 Sitten #HotTake -osio:

Ja jos näin on, pitäisikö #äärioikeisto- ja / tai populistipuolueita ja niiden kannatusta lähestyä ja pohtia välistä silläkin näkökulmalla, että miksi juuri #miehet lankeavat yksinkertaisia ratkaisuja vaikeisiin ja monimutkaisiin ongelmiin tarjoileviin #HelppoHeikki -puolueisiin ja -poliitikoihin?

Että miten todellinen asia esim. ne miesten paljon puhutut #putkiaivot ovat?

Ja miten tämän voisi ns. ylittää?

#populismi #politiikka #yhteiskunta #KuumaOte #KuumaOtto

Hanna Esmeralda
1 week ago



Tietääkö joku, onko se laajemminkin levinnyt ilmiö, että #äärioikeisto- ja / tai populistipuolueet ovat suositumpia #miehet keskuudessa kuten meillä #persut suhteen?

Että jäsenensä, kannattajansa ja äänestäjänsä ovat selvällä enemmistöllä miehiä.

#populismi #HelppoHeikki #putkiaivot #politiikka #yhteiskunta #KuumaOte #KuumaOtto #HotTake

2 weeks ago

Really decided at this last conference that I am done with vendors. Don’t need the chotckes, the follow up calls. I paid to be here, the time is mine, not yours. You paid a bunch to sponsor, so thanks but that’s all.

#conference #hottake

2 weeks ago

This may be a #HotTake but I really don't like when people say "#Duolingo won't make you fluent so there's not much point". No, it won't make you fluent, but it'll sure as hell give you a good (and broad) #vocabulary and a decent *#Sprachgefühl* that will allow you to start doing other things to learn by #immersion (which is the besst way imo). For free, no less!

#LanguageLearning #SprachenLernen

Two Bros Game Night
2 weeks ago

The Bros return to Hot Takes after a long break with The Marvels. Come see their unbiased review of the next MCU movie here... #Disney #Marvel #CaptainMarvel #CaptainMarvel2 #TheMarvels #MCU #Review #HotTake #movie #TBGN

Pēteris Krišjānis
3 weeks ago

I will say, Godot editor UX is much better than Unreal, all things considered #HotTake #GameDev

Sebastian Laube
3 weeks ago

Ich will Mastodon brennen sehen: Gewürzspekulatius ist besser als Butterspekulatius!
#Spekulatius #Weihnachten #xmas #hotTake

Alistair Young
3 weeks ago

If there is one conviction that I have gained in the course of rewiring my house, it is that people should spend less time on politball and more time on learning how the magical electron fairies in the walls bring them the delights of modern civilization.


3 weeks ago

#HotTake Digital “deluxe” or “expanded” album editions suck. I just want to listen to the original album as the artist intended. Don’t make me delete a bunch of cutting room floor tracks from the end of my queue.

Kyle Brown
3 weeks ago

#hottake the right way to put on a toilet paper roll is whatever way it is put on


#HotTake on last night’s elections - it looks like, in the places where it was possible, the #Fascists lost. I am heartened by this, and more hopeful for next year’s national elections. My state, Pennsylvania, went Blue for statewide elections, as did my county, Bucks. Even better, in my backyard, #CentralBucks school district kicked hate group #M4L off of their board. A strong showing for liberty and civil rights all around.

Good job, America! Keep it going for next year!

Plume 🪶
3 weeks ago

I bought some wired #earbuds.

It's #hottake time, people: Wireless earbuds are over-rated and I'm sick of them.

You know why good sounding wireless earbuds are so expensive? It's not because of the audio quality, no, it's because of all the other shit, chips, batteries and so on.

Do you know how good of a pair of wired earbuds you can get for less than 50 bucks?!

I'm at a point where I'd rather have a cable than connection issues or having to babysit yet another battery.


3 weeks ago

Mielipiteeseeni heijastimista vaikuttaa ennen kaikkea kolme faktaa.

1) Olen lohjalainen ja identiteetti on yhä vähän syrjäkylällä

2) Heijastimet hohtaa ja✨ kimaltaa✨

3) Huomiovärit on saatanasta


#HotTake ?
(see image)
Someone in a #matrix channel that's bridged to an #IRC channel said this.

Then don't use IRC? and use a modern protocol like Matrix that actually allows for good communication....

screenshot of an irc user that's bridged to a matrix channel saying:
please don't use matrix features like replies or edits
they make a mess on the IRC side
Multiverse Mike
3 weeks ago

One year #FediverseAnniversary today! Yes I share similar reasons to many, but one odd contributor that oddly hammered home the toxicity of the ecosystem I had inhabited :


The week leadup was literally just #hottake assholes playing contrarian for the sake of being contrary. Non-stop shit stirring simply to bait people into a game of wasted time and effort

Somehow, of all the dumb arguments I witnessed, that was the real eyeopener to the toxic "well actually.." culture..

4 weeks ago

Spiderverse > Endgame

Animation isn't just for kids.

#marvel #spiderman #animation #hottake

The thing I think tool vendors in the digital forensics space need to work on more the most:

☑️ Reporting options
☑️ Report presentation
☑️ Timeline reporting and presentation

📊 Fact: HTML and PDF will continue to be needed reporting formats. The fancy .exe based report will not run on old computers or not be allowed to run per group policy on newer ones.

🔵 Better use of reporting space. No need to have 5 pages to show 3 pictures.
🔵 Show tagged records and fields in a concise manner.
🔵 Have a printable visual timeline feature. Even more so for tagged items. And show the media in this view as well if any tagged item has them.
🔵 Give user the ability to organize the report, and the individual tags in it, in any order as needed to include categorization.
🔵 Reach out constantly to practicioners for direction.

#DigitalForensics #MobileForensics #DFIR #HotTake

I'm just going to come out and say it: Almond Joy gets a bad wrap.

#hottake #candybars

1 month ago

#DeathNote would have been better if it just ended after L died leaving the reader wondering what happened next as Light, effectively, has the world in his thrall.

Tags: #Manga #HotTake

1 month ago

#HotTake - #CountChocula should be in stores year round.

The rest of the Monster Cereals? Nah.

River ΘΔ
1 month ago

#HotTake Technology should be respectful of the user's time and attention

Jason Evangelho
1 month ago

Friendly reminder that it's a federal crime not to play Green Day's "Jaded" immediately after "Brain Stew."

#GreenDay #HotTake #NowPlaying

Steve Heyes
1 month ago

My web #hotTake:

Learn the platform.

Use the platform.

It’s awesome.

1 month ago

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that."

And then realize that's not how averaging works.

#HotTakes #HotTake #Stupidity #Averaging #Average #Arrogance

1 month ago

#HotTake : Running each step of a build pipeline in a different kubernetes pod is mostly a bad thing.

1 month ago


Muffins are better than cupcakes

Justin Poehnelt
1 month ago

There should be a no idling rule for crew vehicles at #ultramarathon aid stations.

#running #ultrarunning #hottake

1 month ago

Some time ago, on Reddit, I posted that there are only maybe like 5 good games on the Nintendo Switch. Of course that post got downvoted pretty hard so I deleted my comment because I didn't want to loose too much karma.

This might have been exaggerated from my part, like there are maybe 20 or 30 that are actually good and I'm talking about first-party games here, like Mario Kart or Breath of the Wild and stuff.

But for every game on there that is also available on another platform, guaranteed that the other version is superior somehow.

#nintendo #switch #fandom #hottake

John Regan
2 months ago

#hottake The Interrupters cover of "Bad Guy" exceeds the original in every way #ska #music

2 months ago

🌶️ #HotTake
There are only two ways to hurt Trump.
▪️ Destroy his wealth
▪️ Destroy his massive ego
Letitia James is in the process of doing both.
And it is GLORIOUS.

Donald Trump crying

#Hottake Union Staff, staff to an organization, staff in a socialist organization should never expect to have that job for life, it is a political moment they are in not a pension receiving position, we advance by being in the place where the capitalist class conflict with the working class and that is in the workplace, in industry, in public sector employment. If new direction happens to be elected then stepping down to let ones who want that vision should be a common practice.

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
2 months ago

*iPhone users can only reply if they can prove that either:
1. They did not yet get the newest version, or, if they did,
2. They fully recycled their old one.

All this fanboying and fangirling over a poorly programmed phone is creating hella waste.


Hot take!

No, I can’t tip. No, don’t donate to whatever at checkout. I barely make enough to live. Sorry.

Tipping should be outlawed because baristas and service workers should be making a living wage. I should not be shamed at checkout for not paying extra.

Don’t donate through the checkout. The corporation makes the donation and collects the tax write off. Donate directly, like

All that said, why aren’t we all making a living wage?

#tipping #donate #hottake

@GrahamDowns I agree. Git is easy and I'm tired of pretending it's not. #HotTake

Scott Jenson
2 months ago

#hottake CSS is too hard to read

As a #UX designer, I want code to have a clear, clean syntax that is easy to understand. I was excited that Nesting would improve how to write/read CSS but I'm horribly confused, e.g. when to use &. Here is the 'help text':

"Nesting classes without `&` will always result in descendant selectors. Use the `&` symbol to change that result"

This means nothing to me. I understand it's a complex problem but does the syntax need to be so baroque?

#AI #hotTake: you only care about robots looking at your content now because they started generating their own content. If they had just kept looking at it to better direct #search users to you you'd still be fine with it.

#chatGPT #GPT #llm #GPT4 #bard #bing #stablediffusion #dalle #generativeai

Nicd (EN)
2 months ago

Here's my #HotTake for the day (that I personally follow):

If you are publishing a new package to a public package repository, and you plan to use
#SemVer, it should be 1.0.0.

Let me preface this with: if you are an open source dev doing this for the fun of it, you owe me nothing, so just ignore this if you feel like it. If you don't plan to use SemVer, then this also doesn't apply to you.

Back to the matter, 0.x versioning is a mistake and should not be in SemVer. It makes things difficult for your package's user, as it's basically not-SemVer. Any bump to the version can mean anything, and the user cannot know what has been going on with your package without combing through the changelogs. When you start following proper SemVer right away, the users of your package know what to expect. (Of course people sometimes make mistakes, and other times it's hard to say what's a major or minor bump, but no one will blame you for trying.)

But, my package isn't ready yet! My API isn't stable yet!
That's fine! We can forget the idea that 1.0.0 means stable. You can write it in bold letters in the readme and package description. And the users will obviously notice it when you bump that major version. If it so happens that you ended up with a perfect design in the first place, great! No need to do many major bumps then.

Waiting for the perfect 1.0.0 version also leads to packages that languish for years and end up in the 0.25.x territory. All the time making users confused when upgrading, or worse, upgrading without even checking the versions.

If you really feel your package isn't ready, then maybe it should be shared via a Git repository instead, or some other method, to people who then really know that this is a work-in-progress.
If I bump the major version for every incompatible version, my package will be in version 15 soon.
Don't fear it! Embrace the big numbers, we're not going to be running out of numbers any time soon. So what if your package is 63.35.1? It's just numbers to aid in quickly knowing the compatibility of the package, it shouldn't be an aesthetic.

This is actually why I've sometimes thought that there should be another number, just for humans and their aesthetic needs. An "era", if you will; bump it when you feel like the package changed substantially enough.
You're wrong.
Tell me how! I guess there's things I haven't thought about. :)

Thanks for coming to my

Angelika Tyborska
2 months ago

#HotTake: In 10 years we all will be rewriting a bunch of unmaintainable AI generated atomic-CSS based UIs of today's startups to your good old semantic #HTML and #CSS 🤡 can't wait /s

3 months ago

iPhone 15 is $800 for 128GB storage. 👀 :KEKW:

I bought a Galaxy S21 FE in 2021 with 256GB brand new for something like $500.

For all the talk about how you can keep your phone longer because they hold their value they sure seem to be finding new ways to force you into an upgrade. And oh wow they made the cameras take even bigger photos! Of course they did.

Hot garbage IMO. Don't buy Apple unless you enjoy getting fleeced.

#Apple #iPhone #iPhone15 #HotTake

Mykal Machon
3 months ago

Hot take: 🌶️
We should be using SQLite more. I'm so tired of pretending that every data store has to be a cloud-hybrid, clustered, PostgreSQL database with automated failover.

I just want to put my data somewhere, have it be durable, easy to backup, and easy-enough to move in to something more complicated if needed.

#webdev #hottake

3 months ago

The power to Silence accounts, or whole domains of them, is as necessary as the power to Unfollow or Unsubscribe. They're all ways we curate our own social media experiences, avoiding digital pollution like spam, flooding, angry rants, dogpiles, etc.

That said, probably contentious #HotTake...


3 months ago

L'autotune, c'est le nuggets de poulet de la musique : tous les morceaux les plus dégueulasses, hachés tellement fin qu'on discerne plus ce que c'est, on en fait une boulette informe et on la plonge dans assez de friture pour cacher le goût.

#HotTake: developers who insist on using semicolons in #javascript are just following a cargo cult. Except for like 2 exceptions per project, you don't _need_ them.

Stop using semicolons.

Matthew :verified420:
3 months ago


I’d choose McDonald’s over Wendy’s in most scenarios.

Let the spicy replies begin :blobcatgiggle:

This may be a #hottake but I have no sympathy for #LGBTQ+ people who support the #GOP and subsequently get burned by their party. Sorry, but you get what's coming to you. You don't get to support a party that hates LGBTQ people then complain when they openly hate you.

Matthew :verified420:
3 months ago

hot take:

a lot of youtube videos about gamedev are kinda depressing, very doom and gloom about how hard it is to be successful, i feel like there could be a better balance between realistic expectations and confidence lol

#gamedev #hottake

4 months ago

Hot take: The live action Cowboy Bebop was a good show that got torpedoed by shitty fanboys before the first few episodes finished airing.

Was it a live action version of the anime? No. Was it "as good as" the anime? No. Was it good? Yes. Was it a quality adaptation of the concepts into live action? Absolutely.

I already had Cowboy Bebop the anime. I don't know why anyone wanted Cowboy Bebop The Anime But Live Action.

And I'm salty I didn't get to see more of it.

#HotTake #Anime #Adaptation #CowboyBebop #LiveAction #TV

4 months ago

My most inconsequential #programming #hottake is that I absolutely loath the punctuation naming convention in C#. For example, `Id` should be `ID`. `DbSet` should be `DBSet` and every time I come across an example I seethe inside.

4 months ago

#RStats #HotTake

{remedy} AddIns -> AlignEqual() #FTW

Meme image of batman slapping Robin.  

Robin wants to use raggedly align equals signs.  Batman is berating him for this bad choice.
Ericka Simone
4 months ago

Aggressive #musical hot take: Soundchecks are absolutely stupid and worthless. Whatever your EQ is when that room is empty will be gone by the time you fill that space with bodies. You really need to wait until people are IN the space, then run soundcheck. Anything else means you’re yelling at the soundperson all night.



We need more cat girls (f/m) in video games. And I mean *proper* cat girls. Fur and all, not just humans with tails and ears added.

4 months ago

With the exception of maybe one episode of Star Trek, "nano tech" has never made a science fiction story better.

#geek #hottake #scifi #sciencefiction #movies #TV #tech

Michaël Zemmour
4 months ago

Si on veut faire l'économie politique des transformation de l'Etat social en France depuis 1X ans il va falloir sérieusement inclure la police et ses organisations représentatives comme des acteurs pertinents en plus du gouvernement, des partis, confédérations...

Il y a des transformations qu'on ne peut pas expliquer sans inclure l'usage des force de l'ordre comme élément clé, et le pouvoir politique gagné en contrepartie par les forces de l'ordre. #hottake

Jonathan Kamens
5 months ago

#HotTake: The reason why #MacOS has autocorrect built into keyboard input is because #MacBook keyboards are so crappy that it's hard to type accurately on them.

Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
5 months ago

I think a lot of symptoms we attribute to various psychological "disorders" are symptoms of the trauma people with those "disorders" endure as part of ableist and anti-neurodivergent abuse.

#ableism #mentaldisorders #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #disorder #disorders #mentaldisorders #mentaldisorder #psychology #psychologicaldisorders #abuse #childabuse #ableist #symptoms #symptom #hottake #SpicyTakes #hottakes

Backpacked Racc
5 months ago

they are the same thing, change my mind.

#gaming #gamer #hottake #xbox #ouya #gamedev #games

xbox series s
5 months ago

12 should never have made it onto clocks.

Nothing personal against 12, it's just that 0 does the job so much better.

Currently times progress as:
1 AM, 2 AM, ... , 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, ... , 11 PM, 12 AM
which any sane person can see makes no sense (unless you know what AM and PM mean - in which case it's just unsatisfying).

With 0 it looks like:
1 AM, 2 AM, ... , 11 AM, 0 PM, 1 PM, ... , 11 PM, 0 AM.

Much better.

This also makes 12 hour time line up with my beloved 24 hour time that labels midnight as 00:00 already.

(Image credit to Mads Stoumann)

#time #clock #hotTake #0not12 #allMyHomiesHate12

A 12 hour clock where the number 12 has been replaced with a 0
Brian C. Keegan
5 months ago

Please screen cap this to dunk on me later if I get this #HotTake profoundly wrong.

The #RedditMigration is going to cause a bigger disruption to the fediverse than either the #TwitterMigration or #MetaMigration.



Preface: I’m a former #Apple employee, I helped launch the iPhone in Cupertino back in ‘07. I still use Apple products but I’m no ‘fan girl’ and give criticism when it’s deserved.

You ready?

The #VisionPro is cool tech, but the price point is insulting. It looks dumb. I hate it.

There, I said it. K thx byeeee. #WWDC

6 months ago

No autocorrect, I did not mean "sells like hot takes". Hot Takes don't sell, as shown by a long list of bankrupt internet media companies. Hot cakes are delicious, sugary and hot - so everyone wants one; hot takes no-one cares about. Which is ironic, given that the average #hottake contains more air, and even less nutrition, than your average sponge #cake.

Hannah Copestake
6 months ago

Friends, Statians, residents of the USA. I love you. I know things are tough. I know you are about to go into an election cycle. Can you believe it's come around this quickly?

However, if you keep tooting about your politics without a CW, or retooting things with no CW about your politics, I am gonna have to go ahead and mute you. I've tried filtering words, but there are too many GOP politicians, too many judges, too much obscure lingo. Then there are all the memes! And people keep putting *s in terms describing traumatic events.

The rest of the world is also on Mastodon and many of us are also dealing with our own crumbling democracies. It's just too hard to absorb bad news across multiple continents - especially as there is nothing I can do to affect things in the USA. I know the names of judges in specific US states. I know about elections in specific counties within Texas and Florida. I know more about Tennessee than I do about Wales - and they're right next door to me!

Maybe this is a bad take, I don't know. The lovely thing about Mastodon is that we can be more kind to our fellow humans on here and let them decide if they're in a place to read whatever we're posting about. And we can better choose what to see with filters. I love that. My mental health has benefitted enormously from limiting my news to specific times of day, and getting it by reading news sources I trust, instead of having it mixed into all my digital social interactions. I've found that this leaves me with more energy and hope to spend on proactively working on the causes I care about, whereas when I was on the Bird app I would argue with TERFs and Nazis and feel doomed and hopeless and have no emotional energy for anything but rewatching Schitt's Creek (again).

Solidarity with everyone fighting for rights all over the planet and all over Mastodon. I'm sorry I can't keep up with it all.

#USPol #Politics #Muting #Filters #HotTake #CW

7 months ago

Hot Take: Maybe ChatGPT is better than search for a lot of simple tasks simply because it's not being gamed and completely bogged-down with ads the way current Google search results are.

#hottake #AI #search

Ben Veit
7 months ago

How many people out there in #Mastodon-land are watching the #NFLDraft? If you are, boost this post and give it a like to cast a wider net and connect. I would love to get a group together to chat about it all!

Also, let me know your #hottake for tonight! Where is the drama coming from? What teams are trading up? Down? Any surprise pick predictions?

Let's do this, people! T-minus 20 minutes!

#NFL #Draft #BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #Bills

Bryan Redeagle
7 months ago

As a dad that had to navigate the custody system in the US and fight for my rights as a father, Mrs. Doubtfire is really terrible. Dan got the shit end of the stick. No visitation unless he has a job? I'm sorry Miranda, do you hate your children and want to be the root cause for future emotional issues?

On top of that, when he does get visitation, she just shows up and takes them on her whim with a complete disregard to his parenting time.

She's toxic as shit.

#movies #HotTake #Doubtfire

ems are the only unit anyone should ever use in web development for anything ever and if you disagree you are wrong. #hotTake #dontAtMe #webDev #CSS #frontEnd

Andrew Hedges 🦔
9 months ago

#ChatGPT #HotTake: ChatGPT is a simplistic, shallow model with access to most of recorded human knowledge whereas each of us is a sophisticated, deep processor of an incredibly tiny slice of human knowledge.

Should we, as a species, invest more in:

1. Making AI more sophisticated?
2. Helping humans have access to more of the corpus of human knowledge?

David Chartier
9 months ago

#HotTake on the anniversary of #GoogleReader shutting down: we're better off without it.

Reader stagnated years before it was shut down, yet it sucked absolutely all of the air out of the room for other newsreaders. Its death allowed the rest of the market to flourish with new ideas, features, and specialties.

I'm glad Reader is gone, I hope it never comes back, and there are tons of far better alternatives for you to explore.

#Google #StopWishingForReaderToReturn

Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
9 months ago

@TechConnectify @nrmacdonald #hottake So given the latitude I grew up at, maybe the Netherlands should be looking at moving the clock by two hours each time? Because with a one-hour difference, I went to school in the dark regardless.

Northern Scandinavia would have to move the clock by six months. I'm not sure that'd be worth it.


I'm a metric system believer, but true metric system fans should adopt Fahrenheit for weather.


Bold, eh? Let me explain.

Fahrenheit expresses the temperature of our bodies and how the environment affects our bodies on a simple 0-100 scale. 0 for super cold and 100 for super hot.

A clean base 10 scale for the environment, weather, and our biology.

Celsius is great for math & science, but Fahrenheit is for life.

😉 💕

#temperature #weather #environment #hottake

Greg Pak
9 months ago

#HotTake: Almost every social media site eventually runs into problems created by the fact that it is run/owned by a person and subject to that individual person's preferences/capacities/whims.

Mastodon avoids some of that through decentralization, but individual instances are still run by individual people.

Maybe a feature, maybe a bug, depending on the situation. And maybe there's no solution other than portability of identity/followers/posts so folks can move their social media presence.

10 months ago

Hot take on content generated by AI: the problem hasn't been about copywriting, it's been about a service providing relevant value. I'm still not going to read the words if I don't care enough about the product. #HotTake #AI #Copywriting

Jeff McNeill
10 months ago

#hottake Obama was a weak president. Biden is not.

Lance Eaton
10 months ago

oh look--it's my (not so) #HotTake on #ChatGPT & other #AI generative tools & #HigherEd that nobody asked for! Oh well, here it is...grab some coffee and dig in...

#EdTech #EthicalAI #Teaching #Learning #Academia #AcademicChatter