Housing is deeply unaffordable and this art piece clearly communicates that, but what the story never mentions is that this could also be a commentary on parking and land use - not only is #housing too expensive and scarce, but #parking is too cheap and too plentiful.

A photo from the Toronto Star of a spot in a parking garage turned into a tiny living space with a single bed, chair, rug, and small dining table and chair. The headline is "NO LARGER THAN A PARKING SPOT" and is intended to raise awareness about the amount of floorspace someone making minimum wage can afford in Toronto.
Flash Mob Of One
4 hours ago

Big brother who is trying to evict my parents donated $5 just so he could put a shitty message on the GoFundMe.

Really, really sad stuff. It's a hallmark of our species that, no matter how low we sink, we always seem to surpass our own worst nature in new and awful ways.

That said, if you have spare funds or are willing to boost, we'd absolutely appreciate it.

Thank you so, so much for your help thus far!

#GoFundMe #Housing #ElderAbuse #Bullying #Help #MutualAid

5 hours ago


What Happened When This City Banned Housing Investors

9 min video

culture is a pain.

#urbanDesign #housing

Firehorseart lives!
13 hours ago


"The UK is often described as having some of the oldest and least energy efficient housing in Europe."

World-beating inefficiency.


#housing #urbanism

1 day ago

"We need to speed up building and build more houses" is the "just one more highway lane" of failed neoliberal housing polices. Akin to "we just need to keep the money flowing" which not only deliberatly misses the point (by design, because #capitalism ), but also does nothing to solve any long term problems


Jennifer Moore 😷
1 day ago

Nice little article about unconventional family setup - sort of reminds me of polyamory stories, although it isn't exactly that.

#families #parenting #separation #housing #polyamory

The United States is becoming a nation of rich and poor, with few families in the middle.

In "The Vanishing Middle Class" MIT economist Peter Temin argues that American history and politics, particularly slavery and its aftermath, play an important part in the widening gap between rich and poor.

Temin employs a well-known, simple model of a dual economy to examine the dynamics of the rich/poor divide in America, and outlines ways to work toward greater #equality so that America will no longer have one economy for the rich and one for the poor.

Many poorer Americans live in conditions resembling those of a developing country—substandard #education, dilapidated #housing, and few stable #employment opportunities.

And although almost half of black Americans are poor, most poor people are not black.

Conservative white politicians still appeal to the #racism of poor white voters to get support for policies that harm low-income people as a whole, casting recipients of social programs as the Other—black, Latino, not like “us.”

Politicians also use mass #incarceration as a tool to keep black and Latino Americans from participating fully in society.

Money goes to a vast entrenched prison system rather than to education.

In the dual justice system, the rich pay fines and the poor go to jail.

1 day ago

#Massachusetts to Launch 90-Day Push to Fill Vacant State-Funded #Apartments

The initiative follows a WBUR-ProPublica #investigation that found nearly 2,300 unoccupied units, despite an enormous waitlist.

#HousingCrisis #Housing #News #NewEngland

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
1 day ago

The minimum income required to buy an average-priced Victoria, British Columbia home climbed to nearly $185,000 last month, according to an online mortgage brokerage

>>> It is not enough for the gov to encourage home building. Gov needs to pay for *affordable* housing managed by non-profits

#AffordableHousing #housing #affordable #bcpoli #cdnpoli

The European Network
1 day ago

German housing prices fell by the most since records began in the second quarter as high interest rates and rising materials costs took their toll on the property market in Europe's largest economy.

Residential property prices fell by 9.9% year-on-year, the steepest decline since the start of data collection in 2000.

Prices fell by 1.5% on the quarter, with steeper declines in larger cities than in more sparsely populated areas.

#Germany #Housing #HousePrices

1 day ago

Next to #Housing is Medical. Never had to wait for hours in ER or specialist ever in #India. Thanks to good insurance but with less than 1/3 of salary had a luxurious life back in India.

1 day ago

Is the housing crisis pricing out the skilled newcomers Canada wants to attract?

Personal Opinion: Life in #toronto was a downgrade in many ways compared to what I left back in #India.

Most of that comes back to one main thing #Housing.

2 days ago

I'm not interested in #Sports.
I never was. I learned more about a baseball game, studying French, than any other time in my life. We learned TV positions & plays in French. I didn't know them in English.

I've never seen an Auto race. Except when changing channels, unless you count that OJ Simpson slow-speed race.
I didn't know who he was before that.

"Formula 1" just showed scores?
What kind of race?
DOH! Are those cars?
Who knew?

#Vote NO #Stadium #Halifax #Homelessness #Housing

Newdy Quoddy (real place)
SPORTING CLUB (pictures of rifles)
Members and guests only 
Alfred Twu
2 days ago

Latest illustrated version of 2023 California Housing Legislation Highlights is now available here: Some categories did better than others, around half of bills still alive. #CALeg #housing #california

California Housing Legislation highlights 2023, see for text version
Lyle Solla-Yates
2 days ago

"This is not tinkering around the edges. This is groundbreaking, literally, by rewriting the wrongs of history" #zoning #zoningreform #parkingreform #housing #equity #nyc

Lyle Solla-Yates
2 days ago "City officials are rewriting the housing code with inclusionary zoning and have earmarked $10 million a year for affordable-housing initiatives." #housing #cville #zoningreform #zoning #happiness #virginia

BC Info Bot
2 days ago

BC Govt News: New funding supports local governments with housing initiatives #Housing

2 days ago

I’d bet the provinces would start building quick if the federal government simply started #housing people at cost and clawing back the amounts from the appropriate provinces’ transfers.

The feds can’t unilaterally build, but they can definitely book every available hotel room.

2 days ago

Sorry Petey, but threatening to cut municipal operating grants and infrastructure funding, which only some localities receive, isn’t a #housing plan.

And again: cities are not responsible for housing or land use under our constitutional arrangements, the provinces are.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #Canada

Karen Bethany
2 days ago

Homes are less affordable than they’ve ever been. At the same time, significant portion of home owners are OLDER than they’ve ever been (most boomers now 65+, 80% of 65+ own homes). When all those boomers start leaving the housing market due to death/medical issues, what do you think is likely to happen? 🤔
There are so many boomers they’ve impacted EVERYTHING disproportionately their whole lives - I can’t imagine it won’t cause a (much needed) housing market correction.
#realestate #housing

Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

We passed 50% yesterday, all thanks to the generosity of the community.

Please keep boosting and, if you have a buck or two to spare, donate as well.

Mom and dad are so grateful!.

#MutualAid #GoFundMe #Housing #ElderAbuse #Fraud

Photo of my mom and dad at their high school reunion, dressed up and smiling.
Real Estate Feeds
2 days ago

Housing Market Update: Pending Home Sales Drop 13% Year Over Year As Mortgage Rates Stay Stubbornly High
#RealEstate #Housing #Redfin

Via Baltica
2 days ago

#Estonia's #housing price index rose by 5% on year in Q2/2023, #Statistics Estonia reports. Apartment #prices rose by 5.7% and house prices by 3.2%. Compared to Q1/2023, the index rose by 3.8%.

Downshift 🇺🇦
2 days ago

Victoria is using short-term rental tax funds to build affordable rentals for hospitality workers

#housing #victoria #BC

Ocean Playground News
2 days ago

Source: CBC #news #novascotia

#halifax council to consider Ottawa's tweaks for #housing money
In a letter to Mayor Mike Savage on Thursday, #housing Minister Sean Fraser suggested allowing more units and increasing height limits to new developments. Savage told CBC News that council will consider these changes before the end of the year.

Suzanne Rent
2 days ago
Chis-R 🐟
3 days ago

Hell of a ragebait article by the AFR this week:

To save you clicking through to the article, I'll just give you the key quotes:

"The edge she gets from the extra income is about to get narrower. Ms Taylor, 47, faces an extra 7.5 per cent tax on her rental properties, after the Andrews government on Wednesday announced the first statewide tax on short-stay accommodation."

"The former real estate agent and hospitality worker now works as a sales executive but has three properties which she rents on Airbnb."

"Ms Taylor’s properties are a two-bedroom apartment in Kew owned by her self-managed super fund, which she will hopefully use to retire, her previous residence in Williamstown, which is now an investment property, and a holiday house in Torquay that her family shares with other holidaymakers."

"“I’m not rich. If I was rich, I wouldn’t have to rent my properties out. I’m just a single mum working hard to build a future for my kids through property and additional revenue streams,” she told The Australian Financial Review."

Is the AFR turning into the Onion?

#AusPol #VicPol #Housing #HousingPolicy #BadJournalism

Tim Richards
3 days ago

Headlines can be hard to read sometimes - is that a noun, verb, adjective? And just who are these "damning paper savages" who plan to rebuild public housing? :)

[From this article:]

#VicPol #SpringSt #Housing #Words

Screenshot of headline which reads: "Damning paper savages plan to rebuild public housing towers".
Ocean Playground News
3 days ago

Source: CBC #news #novascotia

Watch CBC #novascotia News at 6 for September 21, 2023
Get the latest on today's top stories: The #novascotia government refuses to limit the use of NDAs and removes the HST from new rental #housing construction.

Ben Keith 🚲
3 days ago

University dormitories usually have RAs (Resident Assistants) who serve as an advisor, mediator, and advocate for students in their dorm or floor.

Are there similar things for offcampus student #housing not run by the university? Block captains, that sort of person?
3 days ago

If you want to check out housing related complaints and violations of your apartment or future apartment in nyc, you can look it up here:

It includes things like sanitary issues, rodent infestation, general building maintenance problems, fire code violations, etc.

#Housing #NYC #HPD

Alameda Post
3 days ago

Alameda resident Margie Siegal writes, "I have wondered for some time why people are unable to locate an affordable place to live, despite all the new construction."

#AffordableHousing #alameda #CostOfLiving #HomeOwnership #housing #population #RentalProperty #renting

Daniel Carkner🦆
3 days ago

This is Buck-A-Beer again, but like 500,000 times larger I guess?
Honestly, I do think governments should be building far more affordable housing but 1,500 detached homes with yards? Is that a serious proposal in this crisis?
#ONpoli #housing

maeve harris
5 days ago

#Housing starts in the US fell to the lowest level since 2020 "amid crushing mortgage rates". The paucity of housing stock will further push up already exorbitant rents I fear. Boomers holding onto their houses are another factor

5 days ago

a pair of really intriguing articles about #housing in the metro #boston area from the WBUR newsletter (ty!)

I wonder how many people in massachusetts,
1) currently own more than one home, or,
2) have owned other homes before the current (and only) home they live in

#sustainability #homelessness #affordablehousing #mapoli

screenshot of wbur article highlight describing the hundreds of empty units and plus 184k people waiting in the state for subsidized housing
tooting for a better world
5 days ago

Found myself using the phrase "the aspenization of everywhere" to describe the phenomenon of low wage workers not being able to live near their #jobs

#Housing instability is an obstacle to working. This is one reason why many low-end #employers find it so difficult to retain staff.

Alice Marshall
5 days ago

#Massachusetts Has a Huge Waitlist for State-Funded #Housing. So Why Are 2,300 Units Vacant?
Families are stuck in shelters or sleeping in their cars while a flawed state selection process and meager funding for renovations leave apartments empty for years.

5 days ago

Another view of the building materials staged by my house with more above. #Nunavut #Arctic #Housing

A drone fly over of stacks of building materials staged by my place. You may notice more above next to the piles for an office.
5 days ago

' The housing crisis is less about the gap between supply and demand than it is about the yawning abyss between the uber-wealthy and the rest of us. '

#housing #WealthIneqality #ClassWarfare #WesternUS

5 days ago

#Massachusetts Has a Huge Waitlist for State-Funded #Housing.

So Why Are 2,300 Units Vacant?

#Families are stuck in shelters or sleeping in their cars while a flawed state selection process and meager funding for renovations leave #apartments empty for years.

#HousingCrisis #NewEngland #RealEstate #Homes #News

5 days ago

The building materials staged next to my place. #Nunavut #Housing #Arctic

An overhead drone shot of stacks of crates and seacans. Dozens of them.
5 days ago

She knows she’s *#Newfoundland*’s #housing minister, right?

Big apartment complexes aren’t on the table.


Rent is going up more than $100 a month right now, pushing average asking price to new record | CBC News #AffordableHousing #Rent #Housing #Rentals #HousingMarket #Inflation #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Jeff MacKinnon
6 days ago

There are only good reasons to have an expanded provincial housing authority. Housing is a provincial responsibility, and the “market” has no ability to produce the scale of affordable homes needed today and for the future of Nova Scotia.

#housing #NovaScotia

Bob LeFridge
1 week ago

"What grates me is that [National’s] housing policy is just so shallow and made up of sound bites that don’t actually address this very serious issue."

~ Queenstown Mayor Glyn Lewers

#NZPol #National #Queenstown #Housing

Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 week ago

At this hour, I thought I'd be able to use the one washer that isn't broken yet, but apparently someone else had the same idea. Curse our slumlord for raising the rent every single year without doing a lick of work. #Housing #TrailerLife

FT Lex notes #housing project planning approvals are at their lowest quarterly level for 15 years, storing up difficulties for the future as supply of new houses (built) will remain well below (claimed) Govt. targets; but this fails to consider the role of land banking.

Builders seem to delay the move from outline to detailed planning while they decide when to proceed with the project.

Its not necessarily the planners slowing things down, its #builders' strategic planning (to 'support' prices)

Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 week ago

.@parkingreform should be pleased to see this article in Made Local magazine (free mag in Sonoma County) calling out how parking minimums affect housing.

#CarCentrism #Housing

Gatefold spread for story. It depicts a wasteland of an auto parking lot, taking up space that would have been taken up by the beautiful oak woodland at its edges. In the style of the Star Wars opening crawl it says "Car Wars: Affordable housing competes with parking spaces in suburban Sonoma County"
Alice Marshall
1 week ago

Prof. Richard Wolff: A Radical Rethink of the #Housing Crisis

1 week ago
Video of half a modular home being dragged up a hill (road) by an excavator. In the foreground are numerous building materials.
I Like Books
1 week ago

"Straw is one of more than 200 tenants at Latch – which stands for Leeds Action to Create Homes. She was referred to the organisation after leaving an abusive relationship and now lives in a refurbished house in the city. She’s passionate about how it’s transformed her life.

The business model is simple: Latch buys derelict homes across Leeds, which it then renovates, furnishes, and rents at fair rates. The work is supported by a team of unemployed construction trainees, who are given on-the-job training to help them find work in the industry. Tenants, who are typically homeless or living in difficult circumstances, get access to a dedicated support worker.

Since its inception in 1989, the organisation has transformed more than 100 derelict properties into energy efficient homes, and helped almost 600 people make a new, positive start."

#GoodNews #Homes #Housing #Help

Adrian Riskin
1 week ago

This article showing that giving homeless people cash reduces homelessness is crossing my timeline a lot recently. A lot of well intentioned comments about how our current ways of addressing homelessness -- shelters, social workers, sweeps, cops, arrests -- cost more than just giving people the money directly would and aren't as effective at housing people as direct cash transfers would be.

But the popular conclusion -- that the government should see this as a reason to switch to this more effective strategy -- relies on the unsupported assumption that the government is actually trying to house people. To me the study suggests that housing people isn't their goal rather than just that they want to house people but just don't know how.

To me the more interesting question raised by this research is to ask what the government's policies are actually aiming at if it's not housing people. Here in Los Angeles the current policies end up funnelling tons of public money to cops, contractors, lawyers, nonprofits, and commercial property owners. The homeless themselves serve as an excuse that the electorate will accept as an explanation of the spending. They're the raw material processed by the homeless industrial complex. Giving money directly to the homeless would not only end the current grift but housing them would cut off the grift for all time. Why would they do that?

#LosAngeles #Housing #UBI #Homelessness #HomelessIndustrialComplex

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Top story: Short-term rental platforms, like VRBO and #AirBNB, are disrupting the fabric of American life by bringing violence to our neighborhoods and contributing to unaffordable #housing and rental prices. Simultaneously, they're also pouring lots of money into urban economies.

#Texas #cities #economy #inequality #Houston #Dallas #news #politics #USpol

Hugh Stimson
2 weeks ago

@sboots During the full lifetime of the federal program social housing advocates commonly point to (including in this article) it built 60,0000 homes.

According to CMHC we now need about 1,000,000 new homes in Canada to get to something like affordability.

By all means lets have social housing but let's not fool ourselves it will ever be enough for everyone.

#CdnPoli #housing

Sean Boots
2 weeks ago

“Housing is for households and not speculative investment… Changing that vision was a colossal mistake.” #cdnpoli #housing

Cragsand :verified_coffee:
2 weeks ago

@malwaretech Something I observed relatively recently when comparing different housing arrangements in different countries is how Swedens seems more rare when our most common form of housing are a type of regulated "housing-cooperatives" called "bostadsrättsförening".

It doesn't directly translate to the English/UK form of "cooperative-housing" so I'd recommend reading a translated version of the Swedish wikipedia article instead to grasp the regulated implications:

By having a non-profit, where laws regulate that all profits must return to the co-owners, shared ownership, costs are substantially lowered. It's not perfect and must go hand-in-hand with other regulations but compared to LLCs or companies own housing, especially if it's a public company with shareholders... they're astronomically better in potential to improve housing availability and pricing.
#bostadsrättsförening #cooperativehousing #housing #housingcrisis

Chris is.
2 weeks ago

A site on Interbay that was originally slated for a 300-unit housing complex is now going to become a fucking PICKLEBALL facility.

#Seattle absolutely hates the idea of building #housing for people, but we sure love using our scarce horizontal real estate to build playgrounds for the wealthy.


Somerville YIMBY
2 weeks ago

Pretty great op-ed about how Tokyo manages to be affordable. Note especially:

> “Two full-time workers earning Tokyo’s minimum wage can comfortably afford the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in six of the city’s 23 wards. By contrast, two people working minimum-wage jobs cannot afford the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in any of the 23 counties in the New York metropolitan area.”

#YIMBY #housing #abundantHomes

Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 weeks ago

My spouse worked for a short-term rental company, an #AirBNB competitor, and wow did I hear an earful from them about the kinds of chaos these places can cause. One factor driving away the individual homeowner posting their extra 'crash space' online vs. the massive conglomerates is how little help the companies offer when something goes wrong (i.e. a renter sets off fireworks in your house while you're renting it out). Giant property owners can eat those kinds of losses and don't have sentimental attachment to their homes.

Excellent reporting here by Eva Ruth Moravec for @TexasObserver:

#news #Texas #housing #inequality #cities

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

Platforms like #AirBNB & VRBO cause massive messes across #Texas (and the globe). In #Fredericksburg, 1,900+ short-term units now comprise nearly 25 percent of the housing inventory.

In the cover story from our magazine, Eva Ruth Moravec looks at the big bucks these companies put into #cities, and the efforts to stem the chaos and costs they bring to residential neighborhoods:

(#Photography by Shelby Tauber)
#news #politics #housing #RealEstate #Dallas #Austin #Plano

A Latinx woman cradles her young toddler-aged daughter in her lap, both wearing a concerned expression. A typical playroom, with scattered toys and a play tent, form the photo's backdrop.
A residential street with modern mid- to large-sized homes, and a huge oak growing in the foreground. At the base of an oak is a yellow sign reading "Slow down, Kids & Pets at Play." The street looks placid. No cars are currently visible.
A man wearing a blue button down sits in a theater-style chair, wearing a Homes Not Hotels sticker with a similar t-shirt draped over the seat row in front of him.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Usual landlord larceny in #DavisCA. The only thing unusual is that the law might actually hold them accountable.

Epic weasel words as usual from UC Davis PR flacks. The criminal landlords are doing this while leasing public property that could be leased to a more honest company, or preferably run directly by the public.


2 weeks ago

Mary Smail has installed 16 solar panels on her house despite it breaking planning laws. "If bad laws are not challenged then they never get changed and we can see that through things like the suffragettes and civil rights in America."

#GoodNews #Solar #PV #Panels #Housing #Council #Law #Breaking #Protest #Climate #Energy #Emergency #Bravery

2 weeks ago

just started the new #good-#news-only #newsletter and it's already restoring my faith in humanity:

- #housing for the #homeless
- #free boy clothes for fall
- #Iowa's first #Narcan/#naloxone pick-up box
- more than 61K lbs of trash pulled from our rivers

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
2 weeks ago

When you've been apartment hunting for over a year, you see a lot of the same apartments coming back in the market. Just saw one 2-bedroom I looked at last summer at $1900 now posted at $2200.

Renters are facing around 15% increase on turnover rents compared to last year but #ottcity can't imagine asking homeowners to pay more than 2.5% increase in taxes.

#rent #HousingMarket #housing #ottawa #housingCrisis

2 weeks ago

Mike Connolly is interviewed on #WBUR #RadioBoston, on the #RentControl issue and their ballot petition. Sign this petition if it gets in front of you. They need 75k signatures.

#MApoli #SomervilleMA #CambridgeMA #yimby #MikeConnolly #housing

He points us to

Interview link:

2 weeks ago

A new survey by the Kinder Institute at Rice University found that 1 in 4 Houstonians regularly worry about making rent.

#news #texas #houston #housing #rent

A sign is displayed outside a home for rent Thursday, July 30, 2020, in Houston.
Firehorseart lives!
3 weeks ago


As much as I like the idea of using an AirBnB for freelance work, I dislike the concept of living on a block/street with such places.

Constantly wondering who the next people will be, whether they'll be quiet and helpful or noisy and annoying, is quite unsettling.

Also, hotels are regulated with H&S standards, which I doubt are enforced with Vrbo and AirBnB.

#society #urbanism #housing

Universal Hub
3 weeks ago
Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

“I’ve never paid a fine, but my guests pay the tax. As long as the city’s getting money from somewhere, they’ll be fine,” said the Hollywood Airbnb host.


Lyle Solla-Yates
3 weeks ago “The plans show how, as a North American architect tries to add bedrooms, the size – and therefore cost – of the apartment balloons faster than it would in a point access block design in Europe or Asia” #housing #buildingcode #zoning #pointaccessblock #stairdaddy #architecture #design