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2 days ago

Liberal ministers unveiling a new tax measure that removes incentives for people leasing short-term properties, making it less lucrative to list homes or apartments on platforms like Airbnb, …

Ha. jokes, this is about Canada.
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2 weeks ago

“For me, achievement comes in seeing that my peers are happily and healthily housed, not just given options to survive through.”—Iziaih Choquette, activist and co-chair of Homeless Youth Forum of Los Angeles Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

Hear more from Iziaih at our webinar on youth homelessness, now streaming (their remarks start just past the 1 hour mark):

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You're Invited!
Bringing Youth Homelessness Into Focus

Nov 2, 2023

This webinar will spotlight the state of youth homelessness by showcasing the latest data, illuminating information gaps, and sharing innovative solutions like the Doorway Housing Portal and the WIN What I Need app. The webinar will be structured and informed through an interactive discussion with a young person with lived expertise on homelessness.

Presented in partnership by KidsData, California Homeless Youth Project, and Blue Shield of California Foundation.


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Graphic with summary of webinar information (details at link in post)
Otis White
2 months ago

How much of our #housingaffordability crisis is the result of state and local decisions and how much is just supply and demand? One way of knowing: Measure the range of rents against the region’s median income. See what’s available at 30% of average incomes. Turns out, there are plenty of places, many in the Midwest, where rents are affordable. So if teachers, waiters and construction workers can’t live in your city, don’t blame the market. Blame the politics.

Has #Clark resigned yet for his epic failure to address #housingaffordability and his failure in overseeing the #greenbelt land swap?

According to this handy website, still nope!
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the #auditorgeneralreport and #integritycommissioner already passed their verdicts. What will the police find? #opp #rcmp

Otis White
3 months ago

Housing activists are focusing on #zoning #reform as essential to #housingaffordability. And they are right to do so. But as they make the case to citizens, neighborhood leaders and elected officials, they must be careful of verbs. Ending the iron grip of single-family zoning isn’t about abolishing anything; it’s about allowing things: more neighbors, better land use, more retail in walking distance, better transit … and higher land values.

I can understand that they don't want to upset current owners who have benefited significantly over the past decade - and I'm in that group - but the statement was better off left unsaid. Respond when questioned certainly but his statement made affordable housing advocates question the new minister's credibility. Build an affordable housing supply, protect it from predatory market forces and let existing properties find their natural price point - up or down.

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"Our goal is not to decrease the value of their home,” - Housing Minister Sean Fraser

Dumb statement from the new housing minister, and pretty much impossible to achieve. There has to be a massive increase in supply of new homes in a wide variety of configurations to meet all needs. If that supply increase is successful then prices will come down as we shift to a buyer's market.

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4 months ago

#GuardianAustralia, typically the best of a terrible lot amongst mainstream #AustralianMedia when it comes to reporting on issues of #justice & planetary crises, is still fundamentally a pro-capitalist organisation.

Today's snapshots:
An article on how #NSWLabor government under #ChrisMinns is considering expanding #coal subsidies that doesn't mention the fact that these are direct subsidies to the coal industry at a time of soaring profits due to Putin's war in Ukraine. Unmentioned: the "cap" on prices is accompanied by the government stepping in to pay coal companies for the gap between sky-high international coal prices & the cap on what local consumers pay for electricity. The article quotes the head of the coal lobby (former chief of staff to #MikeBaird btw) but no voices critical of the policy.

An article reporting on the worsening of the #HousingAffordability crisis framed exclusively in positive language (growth, rebound, recovery, clawed back lost value, recouping, revival, best (=highest)). Senior figure in property market quoted extensively. #auspol

As workers across industries struggle to live and work in #LosAngeles, unions stand together to advocate for livable wages and #HousingAffordability.

Learn more in Capital & Main: 

8 months ago

essential new paper on global #HousingAffordability, by #AlbertSaiz @MITdusp:
1) map of 30 main strategies;
2) case for "targeting from the bottom up";
3) how & why to explicitly state, & weight, the policy goals.
#2 is like my "#HousingFromTheBottomUp" approach; #3 is goal…
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@andersem @doctormaxine @AndrewDamitio @christianbrits @hborrud @mnolangray @kettlemoraine @ethanplans @evanmanvel @taysmileywolfe to make Or…

"The Global Housing Affordability Crisis: Policy Options and Strategies Albert Saiz
MIT Center for Real Estate Research Paper No. 23/01
March 2023
Housing prices are rising faster than incomes in many areas of the world, reducing well-being and engendering social discontent. Passivity by municipal and national governments is no longer an option. In this essay, I will describe the tradeoffs between different housing policy objectives of governments and the public. I suggest that policy goals should be made explicit, and their tradeoffs acknowledged. Due to the durable impact of real estate development, housing and land-use policies should seek broad inter-partisan consensus. To avoid pernicious general equilibrium effects and because of limited public resources, subsidies ought to be carefully targeted. I will describe the thirty major economic strategies underpinning housing policies worldwide and discuss their main advantages and caveats. ...
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to make Oregon's housing planning system #OHNA more transparent &actionable for all parties, I propose well-defined, transparent #HousingScore for cities & related #HousingPoints metrics for projects & reforms, to surface & incent most helpful. Pilot at
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Nov 21, 2022
Replying to @andersem
a good housing system should not only look at mistakes & regulatory barriers, but encourage & reward many parties to pursue inno
James Bartlett :terminal:
9 months ago


We need to make #WorkFromHome mandatory for all positions that can do so, and convert all resulting vacant office spaces into residential units. This would simultaneously eliminate most of the #CarbonEmissions from commuting AND solve the #HousingAffordability crisis.

Adamas Nemesis
9 months ago

Our near future: the Fed pivots, inflation ends, new supply floods in, wages rocket up. A perfect storm for housing affordability?

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is Julius Sergius von Klever's "Moonlight Winter Landscape".

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Voices of Wentworth
10 months ago


“Last week’s Productivity Commission’s report on government housing and homelessness services showed a surprise tightening of CRA [Commonwealth Rent Assistance] spending despite the worsening rental affordability and availability crisis. From $5.5 billion in 2020-21, $4.9 billion was spent on CRA in 2021-22.”

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teledyn 𓂀
10 months ago

The 1920s #DymaxionHouse was designed to be an innovative housing solution for by architect/inventor #BuckminsterFuller.

In 1946, Fortune magazine saw a very successful road ahead for the futuristic homes. They described it as ‘a product that would have more significant social consequences than the introduction of the automobile’.

They were wrong. Or maybe just overly optimistic about the timeline…

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Paul Bamford
11 months ago


It's not just Sky News, Fairfax & Nine. It's all the Federal MPs - on both sides of the house - who are landlords. Right up to, and including, the Prime Minister.

"The ALP would *like* to do something about it..."

You're dreaming. For plenty of Labor MPs, doing something about it is the last thing they'd like.

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Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
11 months ago

ACSP Distinguished Educator: Donald Shoup (The High Cost of Free Parking)
Don Shoup has become an unlikely activist scholar for urban #parking policy, advocating for the reform of parking requirements & the dynamic pricing of curb parking. He is acclaimed for his relentless pursuit of clarity in #writing for everybody—not just academics, but undergrads, planners, advocates, and elected officials.
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Voices of Wentworth
1 year ago

Interesting opinion piece on housing affordability and urban planning:
“If Sydney would up its game on streets and put the pedestrian experience at the top of the priority list, it would be a paradise”

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Voices of Wentworth
1 year ago

*Language warning*
The latest Juice Media Honest Government Ad lifts the lid on the #HousingCrisis & #HousingAffordability
Watch here:

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Dr Rebecca Rooney
1 year ago

the Association of #municipalities of #ontario (AMO) bluntly noted, this one piece of legislation “will enhance the profitability of the development industry at the expense of #taxpayers and the natural #environment.” #bill23 #bill39 #housing #housingaffordability

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 years ago

We hope for the sake of our American friends that the #EvictionMoratorium is not ended in full.

If 15% of the pre-pandemic rent needs to be paid. That would be more than enough for now.

Are you able to elaborate on details?

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