Cory Doctorow
6 hours ago

Hey look at this

* #Philips Kept Complaints About Dangerous #BreathingMachines Secret While Company Profits Soared

* The Philips #Hue ecosystem is collapsing into stupidity (h/t Slashdot)

* Breaking Down What the #WritersGuild Won


1 day ago

@bedast I just bought a Home-Assistant Skyconnect to move my Philips #hue lights. It works like a charm. Really happy with it! 👍🏻

1 day ago

One way to get less customer complaints is to break your contact form. Thanks #philips #hue

Formular that claims that there are special characters entered, but that's clearly not the case.

More enshittification. I’ve been fairly happy with #hue until this bullshit

Courtney R.
2 days ago

@HoffmanLabs I hope the #Hue bulbs in my #HomeAssistant setup continue functioning. But if not, yeah, I'm not going to do a cloud registration. I'll rip out the bulbs (and hub) and replace them with open components.

Fabio Manganiello
3 days ago

There we go - the technological #enshittification pandemic has also reached Philips #Hue.

Apparently they weren't making enough money by selling bulbs at $50/70 each. They'll now force you to log in through their app to the bridge too, or all of your bulbs will just stop working.

What this means, among the other things, is that tons of unofficial integrations that have been built over the years (phue being one of them, which I contributed to in the past, and is also used by Platypush to interact with Hue bridges) are also likely to stop working once you upgrade your bridge's firmware. Those integrations leverage the old push-the-pairing-button mechanism to pair with the client, but now in-app authentication through a registered account seems to be a requirement - and I definitely have better things to do with my time than reverse engineer again their shitty authentication flow and push a PR to phue.

Philips Hue (sorry, Signify B.V.; Philips has actually given up on building anything, they're just waiting for everybody who works there to retire) has joined the long wagon of companies that have realized that scooping up as much data as they can from their users (that probably includes at what time you usually wake up and go to sleep, from your bedroom lights patterns, or how often you go to the toilet) and selling it to data brokers provides a much steadier revenue stream than selling actual products that people want (even if those products are already quite pricey). And they don't care if fullfilling their new missions of being a mere data collector rather than a tech company means to literally break overnight the lights in the houses of millions of customers.

Of course, I was kind of prepared for this. I have #Platypush installed on a RPi with a Zigbee dongle and zigbee2mqtt, and it already does the job for a bunch of Hue, Ikea and other cheap Zigbee lights. That's all you need to make your own Zigbee bridge. #HomeAssistant and #OpenHAB are other popular options.

But it'll still take me a while to unpair a few tens of Hue devices in my house that are still connected to my Hue bridge (which I purchased a decade ago btw), and reconfigure tens of groups, scenes and automation routines on my self-managed bridge instead.

I used to love being a software engineer, building things and solving problems. Now being an engineer sucks, even as a hobby, and I don't feel anymore like this is what I want to do with my life.

It's not up to me to decide what to build anymore. It's up to Spotify killing their streaming libraries, Twitter or Reddit killing their API, Hue breaking their products if you don't log in through their app, YouTube coming up with ways to break youtube-dl on a daily basis, Google breaking your browser extensions, Red Hat and Docker turning suddenly hostile towards the FOSS community that made their fortunes, Messenger periodically logging out your alternative clients and locking your account, an increasing number of companies who insult the large community of unpaid volunteers that builds against their ecosystems as "free-riders" and make it their business mission to break their implementations, and the list could go on forever.

I'm no longer working with ecosystems built by companies who genuinely want to build good things that people want to use, who treat the community of developers around them as an asset rather than a liability, and even sport "don't be evil" among their core values. I'm working in an industry that continuously takes hostile stances against the FOSS community, unofficial clients, and anything that doesn't fit neatly into the quarterly vision for profitability outlined in the PowerPoint deck of a sociopath product manager with no tech background, and who couldn't care less if they are selling IoT devices or bricks. And I have to dodge these attacks on a daily basis, one line of code at the time, for the hundreds of integrations available in the projects I maintain or contribute to, just to keep things working without losing features overnight.

I wake up the morning thinking "how will tech companies decide to fuck me up today just to get one more byte about me to sell to data brokers, and which activities will I be forced to put aside in order to write some code that fixes the UX-breaking shitshow that one of their greedy managers has decided to put up today in an effort to beef up their quarterly bonus with a +1% uptick in revenue?"

Congratulations, motherfuckers. Your broken business models have broken tech for everyone.

3 days ago

@rjbs Time to get rid of my lights then, eh?

Any suggestions on what to replace my #Philips #Hue lights with, Gentle Reader?


Charly Kühnast
3 days ago

#Signify (#Philips #Hue) beweist seit vielen Jahren, wie ein IoT-System problemlos cloudless betrieben werden kann.
Bald führen Sie mit fadenscheinigen Ausflüchten ("Sicherheit", lol) einen #Cloudzwang ein.
Das ist enttäuschend, aber für 40€ und etwas Migrationsaufwand kann man sich freikaufen:


Deborah Pickett
5 days ago

Edit: Thanks for your help, everyone. I've gone with the SkyConnect to start with. My Zigbee stuff is pretty straightforward: Philips lights, Philips appliance modules, Philips switches.

Dear #HomeAssistant hivemind: please recommend me a #Zigbee USB coordinator to replace my #Philips #hue bridge. I am aware of this page; I am seeking endorsements based on personal experience.

JustDude 🛜
5 days ago

A screenshot of the #ping to nowhereland and thus non-resolved address for #hue: the blocklist can be easilly added in text form with the correct format then an ansible-playbook for a complete refresh: I will add more devices which communicate too much to my liking

JustDude 🛜
5 days ago

Just testing my new #PF firewall #unbound combo in #freebsd generated by #ansible The message unable to connect to #hue like looks promising. I have to test live and check the logs to find out more domains #Privacy #first #moneyfromdata #last

JustDude 🛜
5 days ago

#Hue can be #blocked as it seems, if you do not need the internet access then a lot of data will get blocked as discussed in this thread on #reddit: If you want something simple I would recommend adding a host override in your router or #DNS-Server for following domains,,, If this is not possible with your router I would also recommend you to take a look at

Marius Kimmina
5 days ago

Companies using "improving security for our users" as an argument for their 100% money motivated actions happens way too often.

#hue #smarthome

Tweet by @tweethue saying "We're sorry you feel this way. As the features we develop grow, so does the need for more advanced security. To keep your accounts and products secure and ensure you get the most out of your system, you’ll need to create a Philips Hue account soon."
elblandknipser :verified:
6 days ago

Soso, Signify will seine #Philips #Hue Lampen nur noch mittels Account nutzbar machen, weil das angeblich die Sicherheit erhöhe. Was für ein Dummfug, es ist eher das Gegenteil der Fall. Nachdem ich mittlerweile einen beträchtlichen vierstelligen Betrag in die Lampen und Leuchten investiert habe komme ich mir ziemlich veralbert vor. Ein Grund für die Entscheidung zu Hue war eben auch, dass es ohne Account und Cloud funktioniert 😡

6 days ago

@heiseonline #signify drängt #hue Nutzer, einen Account anzulegen. Eventuell sind #hue Produkte ohne Account nicht mehr nutzbar….

Johnny B. 𓅇
1 week ago

Every room in my house has #Hue bulbs, lightstrips and other lights by #Signify. I've spent one to two grands on these bc. there was no account nor cloud needed. If they enforce this I'm out.

Bob LeFridge
1 week ago

If you use Philips Hue lightbulbs, you should read this.

After convincing users to willingly shell out around seventy bucks for a light bulb, they're now making data tracking compulsory.

#Philips #Hue

Noel 🐺
1 week ago If this goes through, I'm buying a ZigBee USB Dongle and throwing out my #HUE bridge.

Long live open standards!

Philip Gillißen
1 week ago

Raise your voice, for a cloud-less use of Philips #Hue - Stop #enshittification

Philips Hue will force users to upload their data to Hue cloud #HomeAssistant @homeassistant

Gadgets that force you to press a button on it to connect are the worst. I’m looking at you #hue and #ikea - and if you’re listening pls also fix your icloud backups so you can restore with settings intact.


I called their 0080074454775 number, but all they could say was "security" and "I will pass it on on to my teammanager".

I doubt if they keep track of the complaints. If there was one thing I wish they did track....

#hue #homeassistant #philips #signify #surveillancecapitalism


And when trying to fill in their webform, I got this... oh boy!

(Seems my recent first purchase of a HUE product is also my last.)

#hue #homeassistant #philips #signify #surveillancecapitalism

Philips Hue webform, stating my cookie policy does not allow the webform to load.

#Matter support for #Hue has arrived.

Random Host 🐕
1 week ago

Is anyone else experiencing problems with their hue lights acting up recently, like not cycling through scenes correctly with the remote or whole groups of lights randomly turning on and off for split seconds?

#PhillipsHue #Hue #SmartHome

ask me about toast
1 week ago

Apple #Homekit und Philips #Hue: Matter-Support ist da!

Die Hue Bridge hatte sich bereits aktualisiert und in der Hue App gibt es dann einen neuen Punkt "Smart Home". Dort mein HomeKit-Zuhause ausgewählt und das wars. Lampe an, Siri!

2 weeks ago

Philips #Hue: You need to link your lights to an online account to increase security!

Also Philips Hue: If you create an account, you can control your lights from anywhere online!


Emory L.
3 weeks ago

i retract any previous statements about household lighting with the numerous #HomeKit-capable bulbs on the market.

#hue is totally worth it. their software can coordinate lighting better than anything you could possibly come up with in homebridge and whackamole. if you have any aspirations of elevating your ambiance and you are not currently a veteran of broadway stage lighting or programming lighting systems for lutron, you are in over your head already.

i'm not happy about it.

3 weeks ago

@badnetmask I got a pair of Zigbee extenders from IKEA that helped me with reach. Otherwise, I’ve been waiting for Matter / Thread to get settled before I buy anything else.

Things that work well: #Yale Assure SL locks, #Hue, #ecobee, #iSmartgate, #Hubitat, #Nanoleaf Essentials, #Lutron, #Ecolink, #Eve, #WYZE (vacuum), #Tablo

Not so well: #Aqara, #KeenHome, #Hunter smart fans, #Leviton Zigbee switches, #ADUROSMART

kris [kavmac]
1 month ago

Unpacking is such an obnoxious chore.

I’m finally getting my area of the studio set up, though it will be far from its final form once I connect my monitors and rig.

Struggling a bit without our smart lights - they’re still at the apartment and will be collected this weekend, though I’m about to start the conversion away from #Hue because they can’t get their shit together to roll out the #Matter support and we need a whack of smart switches to make it easier for everyone who isn’t me.

aktuelles beispiel der alte #hue-bewegungsmelder in der küche hat wohl in den letzten tagen ein update erhalten und jeden morgen ärgere ich mich weshalb das licht so traurig und dunkel ist

mcer12/Hugo-ESP8266: Hugo is a 4-button ESP8266 Wi-Fi Remote, Arduino compatible and simple to use. #Hugo is a 4-button #ESP8266 #WiFi #Remote, #Arduino compatible and simple to use. #HomeAutomation #OpenHardware #Hue #Lighting


2 months ago

Dropped the #TV mount 3" this morning. It's surrounded by #hue lights, so gives a little wider effect to those lights, with slightly less blooming on the ceiling (though still there), better view angle. I might be the only one around here who notices but been on my to-do list for like a year.

A TV mounted on the wall above fireplace, Zelda video on the screen, synced lighting surrounding.
2 months ago

💡 The cheaper #Zigbee bulbs from #Sengled are nice… unless you use one in your bedside lamp and the power blinks at 4am and it comes on @ 100% brightness because, unlike #Philips #Hue, you cannot change the “power on” behavior. Sooooo… today I went to #HomeDepot & bought a new Hue bulb to use instead and then promptly went into #HomeAssistant and set the bulb to be off when power is restored to it.
[ #HomeAutomation #SmartHome /cc @homeassistant ]

ms. liz
2 months ago

sunday project: set up existing #hue lights near my #plants to emit supplemental grow light in the day when not running another automation

hue floor lamp next to a bird of paradise plant in the corner of a room
kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
2 months ago

Ich konnte endlich die #Hue-Bridge abschalten. 🎉 Alles was ich von Hue habe ist erfolgreich in #HomeAssistant migriert.

Was macht man jetzt mit dem Ding? Briefbeschwerer? 😅

Ben Miller
3 months ago

After putting it off for many years, I finally gave in and bought a 30 Meter roll of #Cat6 FTP #ethernet #cable, crimping tool, plugs, etc. to cut my #network cables exact to size. It‘s also so much cheaper than buying those fixed length cables.

I replaced most cables and especially the old, poorly shielded cheap ones. Also the ones for my #hue hubs. My home network has never been faster and #smarthome stuff in general has never been more responsive. The extend of the improvement surprised me.

3 months ago

Wass wenn das #SmartHome zickt? Was passiert, wenn ich das mal nicht mehr pflegen kann? Das Problem sehe ich bei ganz vielen dieser “Bastellösungen” #Shelly #Homematic #Hue

Ben Miller
3 months ago

@alrescha I have a Hue hub because of #Hue lights. I even have Hue buttons, but even tho Hue boats being "HomeKit", their buttons and switches only control Hue products, not #HomeKit products. Hue won’t activate my native HomeKit #Eve Light Strips (which are far superior). Eve Home shows that not requiring a proprietary hub in addition to #HomePod/ #AppleTV is possible. I even can control Hue via Eve. Hue Hub offers 0 actual benefits. Its only purpose is to make you dependent on it.

May 27, 2023 - Day 147 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 163

Game: Hue

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 31, 2016
Library Date: Dec 22, 2017
Unplayed: 1982d (5y5m5d)
Playtime: 27m

There are some technically unplayed games hidden in my library, and Hue is one of those games. It's a game I started at some point in the past but quit out of immediately. I still count those games as unplayed.

In the case of Hue, I suspect it was in my "I CAN'T USE A CONTROLLER" phase. One of the nice discoveries during this project is that my controller skills have improved over the last few months.

Hue is a lovely little platformer with an interesting gameplay mechanic, in that the puzzles in the game are based on different colours, and switching between colours at the appropriate times.

There are still timing-based puzzles that rely on jumping-and-switching-colours-and-moving, which I still struggle with (darned fine-motor control issues), but as platformers go, this one is pretty good.

I picked this specifically, though, because not only was it unplayed, it's currently free on Steam through to the 9th of June. Link after the hashtags.

Hue is:

4: Good

#Hue #Platformer #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

4 months ago

Looks like Hue is free on Steam!

#Steam #VideoGames #FreeGames #Hue

A screenshot of a notification on Steam that the game Hue can be claimed for free. It shows a black and white character holding a segmented ring with different colors.
Martin 🇪🇺
5 months ago

Nachdem ich meine #Hue bzw #Zigbee Sucht einigermaßen im Griff habe, hat mich eine neue ergriffen.
Ich gebe es zu: Ich bin jetzt offiziell #Shelly süchtig...

Jetzt muss ich mich aber langsam mal mit dem Gedanken eines VLAN für den ganzen SmartHome Kram auseinandersetzen... 🤔

6 months ago

Définition de #LaMacronie : petites frappes de goÔoche issues du #PS (#Valls #Macron #Dussopt #Castaner #Roussel #Hue...) décidées à se servir de la force, de l'ordre avec l'aide de #LaSarkozye (#Darmanin #Philippe #LeMaire #Larcher...) et du #RN #FN, pour le maintien du #Néolibéralisme en #France.
+ important, la variable d'ajustement pour y parvenir depuis 40ans : le rôle béni oui-oui du #Modem, #ComplicesDuPire, silencieux, exempts de reproches.
Combien de temps encore avec ces #FDP? 107 ans?

Mark H
7 months ago

For #TravelTuesday here's Huế Imperial City in Vietnam, comprising the Citadel, the Imperial City itself, and the Purple Forbidden City. The moat defences come from the Perfume River. Some of the interior walls still have bullet holes in them from various conflicts. Our local guide on this 2018 visit remarked he was finding it uncomfortable as we'd turned up on a particularly hot day; you can imagine how we felt.

#Travel #Photography #TravelPhotography #Vietnam #Hue #Citadel #Asia #Fortress

A sky with fluffy white clouds punctuated by patches of blue sky is overhead and reflected in the utterly still water of the moat directly in front us. Across the moat is a stone wall following the contours of an impressive structure behind it. That structure is a Vietnamese fortress. It's not hugely high, with exterior grey stone walls about five metres tall, slightly sloping inwards off the vertical; behind and above the walls are pagoda-style buildings rising about the same height again, with typically orange-tiled, sloping roofs, flaring out at the edges, topped and lined with dragon tile statues. We can just make out some people crossing a stone-walled bridge over the moat, some of whom are carrying parasols. There's a sense of close heat about the image, humidity, and peacefulness.
8 months ago

@marcpalmer I use #Hue, but for most rooms I’ve created a scene called “standard”, and when I want reset from different brightness or colour changes I just enable that scene #workaround

Kim Mi
8 months ago

@morpatech Ich habe hier auch Heizkörperthermostate von #FRITZ!, die sind auch nicht (zumindest nicht ohne Homebridge) mit Siri steuerbar. Das stört mich aktuell aber nicht, da die eh automatisch schalten. Auch meine Leuchtmittel sind von #FRITZ!, die ich sogar besser finde, als die von #hue, die ich vorher im Einsatz hatte. Ich setze meine Hoffnung in eine künftige #Matter Unterstützung von #AVM, dann lassen sich die Geräte auch über Siri steuern. Bei Osram kenne ich mich leider nicht aus.

9 months ago

#HomeAssistant is all updated!

What's really breaking my brain though, is there is an automation with the motion sensor and lights in the Loungeroom.

It's not setup in HA, and it's not setup in the #Hue app.

It's literally being #magic. Which would be a lot cooler if I wasn't trying to change it.

Right now if someone sleeps in the couch-fort, every time they move, the lights turn on, which I'm told is not good for sleeping in the couch-fort.

ricardo :mastodon:
9 months ago

It does work (tested on #LinuxMint). Great if you don't use #Gnome, otherwise I recommend the 'Hue Lights' extension instead:
#Hue #PhilipsHue

Chris Warwick
9 months ago

@reduxe This used to be an issue with Hue bulbs, but Philips added an option to set the power-on state (you can now have "On" or "Last State"; you can't choose "Off" for some reason...) Anyway, this is fine, except that rapid power-off-power-on cycles, that sometimes occur around here after outages, seem to defeat the setting and all the devices come on. Not good if you happen to be away for a few days and don't notice! #HomeAssistant #Hue

ricardo :mastodon:
10 months ago

My #Recap 2022 :

- #Twitter out, #Mastodon in 🦣
- #Gmail out, #MXroute in 📧
- #RaspberryBye out, #ThinkCentre thin client in 🖥️
- #SteamDeck in :steamdeck:
- #halogen out, #Hue in 💡
- #FormalShirts out, #FunnyTshirts in 👾
- #soda out, #tea in 🫖
- #sugar out 👋
- #protein in 💪

So, @AnthonyNixon implemented a filesystem for #AdventOfCode since it began in 2022.

I just got my #Zigbee and #ZWave switches and #hue outdoor floodlights to control my outdoor #Christmas lights via my #Hubitat (wonderful device) hub! After ensuring my mesh networks reached outside to the curb! 🎄

I feel like those are similar achievements! 😂

cc: @Verso

OrangeGlow GAMES
10 months ago

Hey there~ Check out the trailer for my first game, "Hue will be the death of xx"! Play for free on @itchio! ^^

#Hue #IndieGame #GameDev #IndieDev #PixelArt #MadeWithUnity

John Goerzen
11 months ago

Oh my goodnes. #HomeAssistant has gotten TREMENDOUSLY better in the last few years. No more hand-editing of nasty YAML files unless you really want to. Beautiful auto-discovery of all sorts of things. It noticed my #ISY994 and automatically populated everything in my house from it. I intend to gradually migrate to Home Assistant as I integrate some #Hue devices (and also move my Z-Wave network from the ISY to the HA). Really impressed. #HomeAutomation