These Liminal Days
1 day ago

Anyone have recommendations for a #static page blog/portfolio solution that is relatively simple to install for someone who knows the basics of markdown, html, and css but hasn't spent much time figuring out how to install packages on my hosted web servers (Bluehost)? I always stumble when looking at things like #Jekyll or #Hugo at the first installation steps.

Fipaddict :unverify: sans pub
2 days ago

Est-ce que j'entame un test de #hugo au lieu de finir un des trouzemilles projets persos ?
Vous n'avez aucune preuve.

2 days ago

Anyone here used an #Obsidian to #Hugo workflow? @obsidianmd I’n having trouble getting my frontmatter tags to parse

Daily Notes for 2023-06-04
Denote and encrypted notes plus the whole mobile angle. Hugo preview server and ox-hugo. What happened to V.
#daily #denote #gpg #populism #heterodoxy #hugo #emacs #v

Omer Balamir 🧟
4 days ago

After 8 years with Wordpress, I made my blog even work with Netscape Navigator from the 2000s, which consists of static **HTML **pages compiled with **Hugo**. -çiş/ #hugo #SilentSunday #blog

Hugo Authors released #Hugo version 0.112.7.

Manish Vij
1 week ago

#Hugo static site generator is going to slow down linearly as I add blog posts and tags, because it has to update everything each time. No database.

1 week ago

HugoConf returns this year on Thursday 21 September (PDT), and CFP’s are open at #Hugo #HugoConf #CloudCannon

1 week ago a un score #greenIT de 82/100... Content. Je vais poursuivre #hugo

Hugo Authors released #Hugo version 0.112.6.

1 week ago

#shota #hugo
He still won't get off the phone. :blobidea:

1 week ago

Managed to successfully (I hope?) migrate my long neglected blog from a free wordpress instance to #Hugo + #Render! It was actually pretty straight forward, and things seem to be working (except some broken images from 10+ years ago...

Free static website hosting with custom domain and Let's Encrypt SSL. Nice.

Check it out:

1 week ago

#shota #hugo
Sometimes it's hard being a boy. really hard. Hugo knows this first hand.

Hugo Authors released #Hugo version 0.112.5.

2 weeks ago

I finally figured out what's causing the mysterious errors when I upgraded to #Hugo v0.112.3 from v0.111.3.

See my thread/tracker:

All my personal sites, and other sites running Hugo I'm handling, are now updated. W00t!

#GoHugo #WebDev as a hobby.

[[Hugo]] [[GoHugo]] [[WebDev]]

wow ran my blog through Google's pagespeed insights. Results worse than I was expecting considering its a #Hugo ssg site.

Seems I should spend sometime making it better.

Thinking maybe focus on performance and minimalism than aesthetics.

Need to decide on sticking with Hugo or use this as an opportunity to try something new.

Thinking out loud leaning towards sticking Hugo so I can reuse my existing customizations and knowledge I have built up over the years.

2 weeks ago

Updated "“Edit This Page” With vscode:// URIs (featuring a Hugo partial)" so it now uses hugo.WorkingDir, which is available in the recently released Hugo v0.112.0

#InfiniteInk #GoHugo #Hugo #Tech #URLs #URL #URIScheme #VisualStudioCode #VSCode #VSC #WebDev #Byℵ #ByNM

Fabian Schaar
2 weeks ago

Heute gibt es Lesestoff zu meinem zweiten Versuch beim Blog-Redesign und einen kleinen Fortschrittsbericht zu meinem Tipp10-Schreibmaschinenkurs:

#WordPress #Gutenberg #Blog #Bloggen #Schreiben #Tipp10 #Webdesign #CMS #Hugo #Web #Redesign

Ein Screenshot meines Blogs "Kaffeediffusion" zeigt einen Teil des zweiten Redesigns sowie einen Teils des verlinkten Beitrags. Als Beitragsbild dient die Kappe eines Fliegenpilzes.

Hugo Authors released #Hugo version 0.112.2.

2 weeks ago

These #French #boys' #names are steeped in #tradition and #symbolism.
Which one connects with you?
Share your thoughts and follow us for more #insights into the world of names!
#FrenchCulture #BoyNames #NameMeaning #Hugo #Arthur #Lucas #Nathan #Theo #Top10 #duein2023

Jonatan Steuernagel
2 weeks ago

I might have found a #Hugo theme that I like :o

Dariusz Więckiewicz :verified:
3 weeks ago

🇬🇧 Supercharge your headings in Hugo with Render Hooks

My approach for supercharging headings in the posts with Hugo, render hooks, with on click action and proper visualisation when copying a link to the clipboard.


Jonathan Matthews
3 weeks ago

The few times I’ve used #Hugo the #StaticSiteGenerator I’ve rapidly become bogged down in off-putting low level detail. I just want to write words, select a theme, run a command, and push the resulting nice-looking site!
What #StaticSiteGenerators can I check out that would give me a closer-to-hosted-Wordpress level of “choose theme; type words; have website” initial effort (even if that absolutely implies a low degree of customisation/flexibility)? #SSG #Websites

3 weeks ago

I added TOC to the articles on my #Hugo site! :blobcat_mlem:

#portfolio #webdev #css

a screen recording of scrolling on my blog showing table of contents

Daily Notes for 2023-05-18

Changing how Vertico opens projects in Doom: A shaggy dog story. The security system. They Live!
#daily #doom #vertico #hugo #feghoots #HomeSecurity #TheyLive

3 weeks ago

Soft launched "“Edit This Page” With vscode:// URIs (featuring a Hugo partial)"
#InfiniteInk #GoHugo #Hugo #Tech #VisualStudioCode #VSCode #VSC #WebDev #Byℵ #ByNM

Full content in the RSS feed (and how to add a second Hugo feed)

There’s finally a full-content RSS feed here.
#hugo #rss #design

3 weeks ago

I wonder if you can create a non-localized page in a multilingual #hugo site. Like, instead of

HireSocial Influencer Jobs
1 month ago

Temp Influencer Marketing (m/f/d) #Hugo Boss
#Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg

Our vision is to establish HUGO BOSS as the leading premium tech-driven fashion platfo...

read more: (#9444)
#germany #InfluencerJob #HiringNow

Dariusz Więckiewicz :verified:
1 month ago

🇬🇧 Setting hreflang and x-default on multilingual site (with Hugo)

Setting hreflang and x-default for a multilingual site may not be difficult, but there are some "hidden" use cases. See how I implemented this on my "not so typical" website.


1 month ago

I’ve had some tech and personal changes recently so I wrote about them, a bit, on my blog.

#ADHD #Arc #Hugo

0xMRTT :verified:
1 month ago

New website for #bavarder and #imaginer based on a #Hugo #theme called gadolinium which is a port of the os-components theme by @jimmac

See it live at and


Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago
Wow, I am super impressed with the migration process to #Hugo. Quite painless so far. It is going to take a couple more hours to make it all work, but I am optimistic!
Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago
I think I am going to migrate from #Jekyll to #Hugo. Seems like a better solution for static-site blogs.
1 month ago

If you're curious about how I added dynamically updating #RSS feeds of my web highlights to my new static #Hugo website, I did a little write up with code that you can largely just copy and paste!

"Embedding RSS Feeds on my Static Website"

Euan Lawson
1 month ago

So I have now set up a new website where I am writing a little about my experience of training to do an ultra run - specifically, the Cape Wrath Ultra.

I managed, despite quite limited coding skills, to wrangle it into existence using #Hugo.

I'll post some updates and photos of the lovely #Howgills from my training.

#ultra #running #CWU #CapeWrathUltra #ultrarunning

1 month ago

Dear #lazyverse,

if I were to create a technnical focussed #wiki based on #Emacs #orgmode, which is the best approach?

My requirements:

1. Static HTML, with proper links between the files.

2. Ideally, a popular #StaSiG like #pelican or #hugo should be used.

3. Must have a search function. It is acceptable, if that function requires JS. Maybe #lunrJs?

Meta requirement: Everythings must be in #Debian 🙂

#help #question

1 month ago

I think that #hugo is great, and being able to use my preferred #OrgMode formatting for posts awesome, but I have to admit, the combined markdown for links is perhaps a /little/ over the top e.g.: `[[{{< relRef other-page-name >}}][Link Text]]`
I almost feel sorry for the round brackets who somehow weren't invited to this bracket fest, but perhaps the round brackets were already occupied keeping my #emacs running.

Für habe ich ein #lowtech Blog-Theme entwickelt, das lt. WebsiteCarbonCalculator weniger CO2 ausstößt, als fast alle anderen Websites auf der Welt:
#Lowtech #EthicalWebDev #gohugo #HUGO #CO2 #Klimaschutz #Internet #Webdevelopment

moanos [foss edition]
1 month ago

Every time I work with #Wordpress I love #Hugo a bit more 😅

1 month ago

migrating the site to #hugo is going well, i'm making my own theme because all the ones i find online use javascript, which i'm planning on avoiding entirely. i'm just trying to make my blog easier to write on rather then manipulating html files directly, markdown based writing would make me so much more motivated to actually write because it'll take less time.

P.J. Meisch
1 month ago

This weekend I migrated my website from a #Wordpress setup to a statically generated version that is generated with #Hugo.

No more checks for outdated #PHP Wordpress or plugin versions. No more need for regular database and directory backups, the code is in a git repository now on #Codeberg.

The new version of my site now is absolutely cookie free, does not store any data from the visitor and does not load any fonts or other stuff from other sites. And works on mobile again, as the wordpress them didn't work on iOS reliably.


For anyone finalizing #Hugo Award nominations tonight, my graphic novel with Vic Terra, MOTHER CHRISTMAS (Rosarium Publishing) is Hugo-eligible under the category Best Graphic Story or Comic. I’ve attached pictures of Vic’s beautiful Mother Christmas artwork.

A horned woman with long flowing hair is viewed from behind as she walks in a snowstorm. She carries a drum in one hand and a sack of gifts over her shoulder. The title of the book is above: Mother Christmas, Volume 1: The Muse.
We see the silhouette of Santa Claus holding a letter, talking to a woman as elves watch from the corner.
A young Muse walks toward the edge of an ornately decorated cliff to take the hand of a Guardian Angel. Behind them is a large swirling portal to Earth that appears in an otherworldly sky of rainbow clouds.
These three panels are from the life of a baker in Ancient Lycia and his three daughters. The scene is a retelling of one of the famous myths of St. Nicholas.
Jim Lawless
1 month ago

A couple of Hugo utilities to help isolate only the files that have changed, placing them in a separate folder:

#python #hugo #gohugoio

Martin Rocket
1 month ago

@rbanffy ha! I've been there. PHP, live generated from text files. @encbladexp has been there too. Static blog. But nowadays one shall use #hugo

Hugo starter theme: A nice very simple blog theme suitable as a base for developing
#weblogs #simple #blogs #hugo #+

suis à 2 doigts d'abandonner #pelican faute de trouver un theme qui me corresponde. J'ai déjà abandonné l'idée d'en refaire un moi même.
Idéalement, je cherche un truc qui ressemble au thème "Relearn" ( écrit pour #hugo mais les thèmes pelican n'ont pas l'air maintenus. Ou c'est moi qui ne sais pas chercher.

Are there any #Hugo boss’ in the house? (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) 🤣

I’ve got a kerfuffle. I am absolutely flummoxed trying to figure out where some Lorem Ipsum text that is showing in this page that’s been rendered under /public is actually coming from.

I have used fgrep to search the contents of every file in the site folder and for the life of me I can’t find a file that contains the words I’m trying to edit (out).

Does anyone have any thoughts?

#hugo #ssg #StaticSiteGenerators
2 months ago

Building a new #Hugo theme and I can't endorse this starter theme enough.

2 months ago

Work progresses on my Hugo preflight command. It is now structured so that I can package it and install it. Now I am working on adding a —config command to it so the user can save the path to their Hugo installation.

A bit of work but I think it will be useful in the end as I will have explored how to create a code project that could conceivably be made public.

#Python #Hugo

2 months ago

I wanted to change the theme for the code styling on my blog when people changed from light <-> dark.

This was very useful


2 months ago

Today I will work on some long neglected fixes to my blog. #Hugo

2 months ago

Important info for rss users of my blog

The blog rss url changed from to

Sry for the change but I moved from #hugo to #writefreely

alternatively you can now follow the blog at @blog :D

2 months ago

So I am rewriting my preflight command for Hugo so that it is in the proper format to be uploaded as a module if I ever decide to do that. I am using a slight variant of @davep’s file structure since he seems to know what the heck he is doing.

#python #hugo

2 months ago

how (not) to publish markdown files on the internet. spoiler: it‘s complicated, i’m slightly annoyed and i don’t have found a straightforward solution yet

#obsidian #obsidianmd #writing #writingcommunity #jekyll #hugo #cms #staticsitegenerators #publishing

Eric Scott
2 months ago

Finally migrated my personal website from #blogdown / #hugo / #wowchemy to a #QuartoPub site! I *think* I did all the re-directs correctly, but it may have broken the RSS feed to the blog I rarely update. There are still some things I'm working on, but figured it was time to switch it over!

Grzegorz Cichocki
2 months ago

🇬🇧 A few days ago I started a new little project.

The #StarLabs laptops are great, but it can be difficult to understand the various things associated with them, especially since we don't know where to look for knowledge.
That's why I've built a page to be a some sort of documentation for users.

#blog #hugo #starlabs #starbook #starbookmkvi

Catherynne M. Valente
2 months ago

Full #Hugo eligibility post here with links to everything:

Thanks for thinking about it, if you do. I genuinely think Love and Time and Osmo Unknown are some of my best work to date.

2 months ago

Hugo is whack like

if you have a taxonomy.html, /tags go here.

BUT if you also have a terms.html, then /tags go here instead and /tags/<TAG> goes to taxonomy.html.

This took a while to understand.

#hugo #go #dev #webdev

Choan Gálvez 🐐
2 months ago

@oneeyedman Por contextualizar: he arrastrado durante años (más de una década) sitios que armé con #nanoc. La última versión de mi website está hecha con #hugo y me parece bien (mejor que #11ty, como poco).

@carlschwan posted how to use mastodon to power comments on a hugo blog at

With minor alterations you could use his technique with whatever #static site generator you want, but his post and mine both are focused on #hugo

I added post on my blog showing the minor tweaks I did to get it working with stock hugo and the papermod theme I use.

The next thing I need to sort out is to re-enable the RSS feed. I turned it off recently because it included content that wasn't just blog posts.

I probably need to write my own feed template to make it work properly.

#Hugo #Static #Website #RSS

The shortcodes feature of Hugo is really neat. I'm making shortcodes for all the custom things I want to put into my blog posts.

Today I made a new figure shortcode replacing the one in Hugo. I made a divider line to put into my posts when I need to make a break, and also a scene break variant with asterisks.

Every time I write a new post, I also tweak some bit of the design. It's very satisfying, but it means it takes all afternoon to write a post 😋

#Static #Blog #Website #Design #Hugo #CSS

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
2 months ago

Woooot! 2 years after learning to use Powershell and Chocolaty so that I could install it on my PC, and after 4 or 5 failed attempts to understand how to use it, I've finally managed to build a basic website using #Hugo.
I mean, it's a 4 page site that's pretty much just an edit of the example provided with the template, but it's still a website and it's live.

Henrik Sachse
2 months ago

Moved my own sites to #hugo today. Straightforward and very well performing results. #webdev #web #website

3 months ago

@ecadre @hl @mph @lkanies This sounds perfect. I’d like to do something similar with #Obsidian + #Hugo. …or finally learn #Emacs / #org. 🤔

3 months ago

@mph @lkanies One reason I use Hugo is so that I can write .org files and not Markdown, but I just put them into the usual #hugo structure, and it deals with it, I don't need to explicitly export anything from #emacs . My Hugo theme also has a .org archetype and example posts of how it works, if that's helpful:

3 months ago

Made a #blog post of apologies for not making a blog post this year but there were things.

Also what's a nice graphic headered up to date theme for #Hugo or is that a fools mission?

After spending a fair bit of time setting up Mastodon/Fediverse comments on my static blog, I made a post about how I modified it to show comment threading.

I hope it is useful to others who want to modify the code 😊

Note: Responses to this post are visible on the blog.

#Static #Website #Hugo #Mastodon #Comments

I spent a couple of hours now rewriting the Mastodon comments integration on my website to support two levels of comment threading. I spent most of the time getting the CSS to work and not to overflow or wrap on mobile. But it works now!

I think the comments are easier to read when replies to other comments are indented a little.

#Hugo #Static #Comments #JavaScript #CSS

A screenshot of two comments on my website showing that one is a reply to the other by adding indentation and a reply icon.

Ok, so I've finished the theme for my new website for now. I'm sure I will keep making improvements, but at least all the bits I wanted are in place. I wrote a little post just to get going.

I've integrated with Mastodon as well, so responses to this post should show up in the comments.

#Website #Hugo

Simone Margio
3 months ago

These days I've been thinking about DeGoogling my website.

I use two things:
- Fonts
- Analytics

Today I worked on fonts. In particular, I saw an open-source project that allows Google fonts to be hosted on the site without having to have a reference with it.

Great, I have eliminated many lines of code and now also the CSS of the font goes through the asset minification of Hugo. :bongoCat:

#Google #Hugo

Caleb Hailey
3 months ago

Finally upgraded one of my sites to a new enough version of #Hugo to get the .RenderString function and ZOMG, I'm deleting so much template code.

If you're not using Hugo, a link doesn't really do it justice. If you are using Hugo, well then you probably already know.

beautiful happy endings GIF
3 months ago

Looking for a polished business template for
#Hugo 🐝
@eleventy 🎈
#Nextjs ➡️
or #SvelteKit ⚡ ?

Our new template, Sendit might be the perfect one for you! It is built using Bootstrap & offers a page building experience, check out Sendit:

3 months ago

Major update to “Transforming Text with Hugo (featuring plainify, htmlUnescape, and more)”
#Emoji #GoHugo #Hugo #Unicode #WebDev #ByNM #Byℵ #InfiniteInk

I think I found a #workaround for dealing with #Hugo failing to #rebuild my site.

It basically involves me moving all the files out of content/ out of the folder and then moving them back in.

That seems to force Hugo to properly rebuild everything and restore all the linkages.

Well shit. Looks like I’m going to have to try #11ty because #Hugo refuses to work. Jesus **. I hate Javascript with such a passion. 😡 But I have already wasted two goddamn days on trying to get the framework for this website to be built and nothing I try or do is working.

I just tried nuking the entire site (backing up the content/ folders and config.toml file) and going through the motions of setting up the site back up completely from scratch.

And now I’m back to square one.


Well this is frustrating. :-) Fleshing out a new website in #Hugo. Yet even when I run the built-in Hugo server with the following flags:

hugo server --minify --gc -D -E -F --disableFastRender --cleanDestinationDir --enableGitInfo --ignoreCache --noBuildLock --noHTTPCache --renderToDisk -w -v --forceSyncStatic

It’s still throwing up 404s for pages and contents that most definitely exist inside the content/ folder tree!

Content that I just finished editing in Visual Studio 2022!

Now I know why some people drink.

Noam Ross
3 months ago

What are good options/examples/templates for flexdashboard-like dashboards using #quarto?

One can use the native layout options (, as described in . It's less rich than flexdashboard but does give you a single-page output.

Also @cboettig has templated a solution using a #hugo workflow here:

Anything else out there?


I think I'll try out another generator called Hugo. It's very similar but it might give me more options.

#Wip #Webdev #Templates #Staticsitegenerator #Markdown #Hugo #Html #project_Website

Jeff Sikes
4 months ago

Hey #IndieWeb, with down for the past few weeks, what alternatives are being recommended for sending #WebMentions to others from a #StaticSite that uses #Jekyll, #Hugo, #Eleventy?

Whatever it is, I want something self contained that I run locally. I think the #POSSE mentality is finally taking over for me. 😅

Looking at this one once I get moved over to Netlify, but would love to get a thread going with other options, too.

Vlad Iliescu 🐬
4 months ago

Ok, I've decided to start linking to my #mastodon posts instead of tweets from my #hugo powered blog.

All I can say is, @BryceWrayTX has a pretty solid shortcode for that, and it's available here -

(I'm using it already 🤫 -

The #hugo theme I use relies on one javascript file and three css files hosted on and one font hosted by google. And I still have the disqus commenting plugin enabled. Who even am I?

Replaced #FontAwesome with #ForkAwesome on my little silly #Hugo site running the #Blackburn theme. Now my contact info page has a #Mastodon icon. And I submitted an issue report to request an #XMPP icon.