i have a lot of compassion for the people who work at our hospitals. they are put into impossible situations by the capitalists who have taken over the boards of non-profit hospitals as another commodity money-maker.

i have no compassion whatsoever for the capitalists.

capitalist values say my life is worth nothing. that people like me should be forced to beg.

Americans need to demand #healthCare be recognized as a #humanRight.

it's the antifa thing to do: no profit for health care.


GNU Health
2 days ago

Health must be a non-negotiable #HumanRight. Please consider supporting the #GNUHealth project this #GivingTuesday so we can keep on delivering medical aid and dignity to millions around the world. Thank you ❤️ #SocialMedicine #Freedom

GNU Health banner for Giving Tuesday, with two hands holding the giving tuesday heart.

In the lower left, the GNU Health logo

@ParanoidFactoid *nodds in agreement*

Like #healthcare isn't a #perk in #Germany but a fundamental #HumanRight and employers will get their fair share beaten out if them by courts if need be.

2 weeks ago

Google #Activists Circulated Internal Petition on #Israel Ties. Only the #Muslim Got a Call from HR.

Employees are internally #protesting #Google’s Project Nimbus, which they fear is being used by Israel to violate #Palestinia #humanRight's


@HoustonDog @linuxgal #Privacy is an inalienable #HumanRight and must never be infringed - just like #food, #shelter, #healthcare and #education!

3 weeks ago

@iampytest1 Stop the oppression against people like me. In this site I can research and vent without being at risk to be sent to the psych ward again. The #rightToDie is a #humanRight

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I think #BodilyAutonomy needs to be a key organizing principle for the #left. It ties together so many issues that seem unrelated: #AbortionRights, #ZeroCovid, #WorkersRights, and #EnvironmentalJustice.

My body should be mine to control, whether that's refusing an unwanted pregnancy, #covid19 infection, working conditions that harm my mental and physical health, or a planet polluted with toxins becoming unliveable due to extreme heat.

There are more issues beyond these that don't impact me directly because of my cis and white privilege, such as #TransRights and #RacialJustice, but I recognize that my fight for bodily autonomy is bound up with these fights. Through the lens of bodily autonomy, there's a lot of opportunities for building #solidarity. Everyone should have bodily autonomy as a #HumanRight.

#USpol #Organizing #Leftwing #Activism #SocialismOrBarbarism #AnotherWorldIsPossible #Socialism #DemocraticSocialism #CovidIsNotOver #pandemic #covid #ClimateChange #Ecocide #EconomicJustice

Srijit Kumar Bhadra
1 month ago

Why should you care about Human Rights?

It is easy for anyone to become either a violator of human rights, or a person whose human rights have been violated. It is easy to fall into such a faction or relationship by not caring, not knowing, not being aware or even self-aware. Thus, we need to start with self-awareness and educate ourselves on the factual and emotional aspects, paying attention and taking a rational approach. The abuse of power-control relations is simply a matter of time: it begins once we stop caring, once we lose our compassion for other human beings.

~ Elmira Lyapina

#HumanRights #HumanRight #Humanity

A message to all those who don'…
A message to all those who don't care ...
... You will care when it's you
1 month ago

As long as the web will sell you the "privacy services" (i.e. #Facebook planning to sell not-tracking premium accounts), you will not really own your #privacy (are you going to chat with premium accounts only?).

Privacy needs to be a #HumanRight. That's the only way to get real privacy.

I don't have to pay to avoid having user lurking at my bedroom window. I do have the right to not being spyied.


Workers' Group EESC
1 month ago

R to @WorkersEESC: 'Access to #water and #sanitation is a #HumanRight, but 30% of the EU population is affected by water stress. Water poverty is an issue, with 450,000 people without proprer drinking water access in Europe. It's high time to address this'

@giuliabarbucci #EESCPlenary #EUBlueDeal


[2023-10-26 09:56 UTC]

Arnaud Mangasaryan
1 month ago

Je confirme : opposez-vous à #chatcontrol , un magnifique projet de merde #europeen qui va violemment violer votre vie privée, sous prétexte de protéger les enfants et combattre le terrorisme.

#privacy #humanright #vieprivee #europe #signal

@enigmatico #Privacy is a #HumanRight and everyone who rejects that notion should be forced to #livestream everything they do 24/7 and publish all their locations and actions in realtime as well as their financial status...

At least once they've to basically leak their credentials for #OnlineBanking or their banking card #PIN even the most pro-#Cyberfacism asshole will cave in!

"Any peace beyond a ceasefire must end the occupation and — as described by various international organisations — the system of apartheid."


@argv_minus_one I personally think #AffordableHousing should be a #humanright. Along with #Power, #Heat/#AC, #Electricity, #InternetAccess, #Food, #Water, #HigherEducation, and #Medicalcare (Medical, Vision, Dental). All should be provided at no cost by the government up to a certain income level.

@brezelradar @faoluin @totalclaireity also that comparison is bs and you know it:
#Housing is a #HumanRight - access to Entertainment Media is not!

Søren Poulsen
2 months ago

@matthew_d_green European commissioner Ylva Johansson's #EU #masssurveillance regime is a dystopian future for our children. Stripping 450 million citizens of the #humanright to privacy, pretty extreme!

@ProPublica @vida_latina thank you #ProPublica and #WBUR for the investigation. Decent shelter is a #humanRight so I’m glad to have this clearer understanding of the situation here

Interpeer Project
2 months ago

Friendly reminder that #AshtonKutcher, the person jumping to a #rapists defense, is the same person #YlvaJohansson consults instead of #CivilSociety regarding #ChatControl, to ostensibly keep #children safe online.

Life imitating satire, but at the cost of our #HumanRight to privacy.

@robertelectricity #Healthcare is a #HumanRight and the #USA having 0 days mandatory paid vacation is due to #AntiSocialism.

Also not LED Headlights are the problem, but misaligned Lights designed to flash and blind other traffic participants and #SuperUselessVehicles that are just #MotorizedViolence...

Reject the #guise of #journalistic #neutrality when it serves to #legitimize #antitrans #propaganda and #harm #trans people, and deny us our #humanrights. Stand against those who would #vilify #marginalized young people and seek to #fracture #families; the public counts on you to prioritize #truth over #harmful #bias. Exercise #discernment and #empathy in your #coverage, acknowledging #healthcare as a #basic #humanright.

(3/4) #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Culturewars #MoralPanic

@mattblaze *nodds in agreement*

#PPE is literally people enforcing their #HumanRight to #Healthcare proactively and at no risk or harm to others.

@amici +9001%

Ban #VacantHousing and make #Housing an enforceable #HumanRight!

4 months ago

"resisting arrest shouldn't be a crime. it should be a #humanright to resist being arrested"

"When someone is grabbing you and holding you down and shit, resistance isn't even a conscious decision. Your body automatically tries to remain in place against outside forces, and if you've ever just tried to position another person's hands for them or had #someone do so to you, you know it's finicky and requires concerted effort. "Resisting arrest" isn't even limited to active struggle but can be invoked whenever the pig thinks someone simply wasn't submitting as smoothly as they wanted. Add to this the #fact that the degree of resistance is typically impossible to prove, define or even support with any kind of evidence and it is just 100% an intentionally generic nonsense charge invented so they can punish #anybody at all that they've arrested."

:acab: :acab2: :acabkitty: :clowncop: :nocops: :pig_cop: :txt_eff_the_cops:

@TexasObserver that's because the #USA is one of the few places where #Healthcare is not considered a #HumanRight and AFAIK it's the only #G20 with 0 days paid maternal leave...

@tychosoft @YourGodSatan @Radical_EgoCom you mean like this?

Cuz #Healthcare is a #HumanRight, not a #perk an employer can grant or deny on a whim like corporate pension bonuses.

Protip: there's ample of open vacancies here...

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

#Privacy is a #HumanRight in the same way and to the same extent #FreeSpeech is a human #right. Neither obligates others to either keep your secrets or publicize your broadcasts.

#HumanRights #rights #IndividualRights


‘ “The same way we accept, as a #HumanRight, that people will have warmth and comfort in the winter, we have to start thinking about access to being cool in the summer,” said Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre of #ClimateAdaptation at the #UniversityOfWaterloo

Given how poorly we do at protecting people from cold in the winter, even here in #YEG with extreme winters, this will be an uphill battle. Hard, but needed. #HousingFirst

5 months ago

The #consequences of #heatwaves on #homeless people in #Canada are often ignored. “The same way we accept, as a #HumanRight , that people will have warmth and comfort in the winter, we have to start thinking about access to being cool in the summer,” said Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre of #ClimateAdaptation at the #UniversityOfWaterloo
Experts have even claimed that #ExtremeHeat is just as #dangerous for homeless people as extreme cold is during winters

@FrankPasquale well, what if one's outside the #PRC, refuses to comply AND is in a juristiction that doesn't enforce any requests from Beijing?

Espechally since it ain't some "#HumanRight" like #Privacy which #GDPR & #BDSG aim to safeguard.

oatmeal 🐧
5 months ago

@histodons #histodons #palestine Looking forward to going through Anne Irfan's "Refuge and Resistance: Palestinians and the International Refugee System" (Columbia University Press,
July 2023).

From the abstract:

Refuge and Resistance foregrounds how non-elite activism shaped the Palestinian campaign for international recognition, showing that engagement with world politics was driven as much by the refugee grassroots as by the upper echelons of the Palestine Liberation Organization. It demonstrates that refugee groups are important actors in global politics, not simply aid recipients.

The Israeli right really doesn't like the UN. How ironic. Two organizations, in particular: #ochaopt and #unrwa, are regularly attacked by them for either lying (that is to say, bearing witness to #humanright abuse in the #OccupiedTerritories) or simply still existing (a reminder to Israelis what they've done in #1948.)


@mathowie #PrivatizedHealthcare inevitably results in #Greedglation, as #healthcare isn't seen as a #HumanRight that everyone is entitled to but a commodity...

I always thought creating a #Union was a #HumanRight

United Nations Universal Declaration of #HumanRights
Article 23, number 4:
"Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests."

There is nothing in that article which says "companies like #Starbucks and Amazon don't have to abide by this article".

Am I incorrect about this?


CelloMom On Cars
5 months ago

"#ClimateLawsuits worldwide have more than doubled since 2015, totaling just over 1,400 cases.

Boosted by the United Nations General Assembly resolution declaring the right to a healthy environment a #HumanRight in July 2022, campaigners and lawyers are using these basic rights – such as a clean and healthy environment that are often enshrined in constitutions or in international law – to launch lawsuits."


But there's one case against it - espechally in said case in #France:

For once, we should not allow #TechIlliterates and assholes be allowed to dictate how #tech should look, feel and what we can use.

And furthermore we need to stop the rampant & rapid onset of #Cyberfacism right here and right now, before it becomes normalized to jail people for exercising their #HumanRight to #Privacy and #Security...

@torproject @gnome @ubuntu @LaQuadrature @kalilinux @linuxexperiment @tails

@QasimRashid OFC it is.

They don't try that shit in the #EU because goverments here acknowledge #Healthcare as a #HumanRight not #commodity or #luxury...

6 months ago

I've had extended family & relatives tell me for decades that my #activism efforts are futile & I'm wasting my time, trying to save the #environment & fight against #HumanRight abuses by government & corporations & corporate mercenaries.

I don't believe it's ever a waste of time to try & help what I believe in & love. It's more a waste of time to bitch & do nothing to try to enact changes. My antidote to despair & strife in the world is taking personal, localized actions. I cannot do nothing!

6 months ago

#Canadian based #ecocidal corporations have a lot of #environmental #racism #BloodOnHands - both domestically & globally. Canada has unkindly been a part of crimes against humanity & many POC have lost their lives fighting to save the #environment in their homelands - while Canadian #corporations keep trying to avoid #accountability for their #eco & #HumanRight #abuse #crimes - both past & presently ongoing.

#Awareness #EnvironmentalRacism #CanadianGreed #KillingForProfits

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
6 months ago

#History Is a #HumanRight
From Stone Mountain to the Stonewall Inn, the #TeachTruth National Day of Action fights back against #antihistory legislation

EU Rights Agency
6 months ago

It's Global #AccessibilityAwareness Day #GAAD2023!

Many digital products aren't fully accessible for people with disabilities, preventing them from taking part in modern society.

Participation is a #HumanRight.

So let’s improve accessibility for all!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day, 18 May 2023
LM Little
7 months ago

@grist Thanks for posting this classic case of predatory #capitalism. Access to safe #water is a #humanright. Predators who commodify and exploit elements necessary for life and violate human rights should be behind bars whether it is for withholding food, water or shelter. #uspoli #housing #WaterisLife

Zaher Ghaibeh
7 months ago

In developed countries, human rights are important and protected, child labour is not allowed..

Not like in developing and 3rd world countries where greed, corruption is limitless and no rules to protect children.

My main point, don't throw rocks on others when you are living in a house made of glass.

And I know that America is not unique, the difference is that they have a level of freedom to report these to the news and expose them

#nebraska #childLabour #humanRight #capitalism

WIST Quotations
7 months ago

A quotation from Tolkien, J.R.R.:

Fantasy remains a human right: we make in our measure and in our derivative mode, because we are made: and not only made, but made in the image and likeness of a Maker.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #creation #creativity #fantasy #God #humannature #humanright

Hong Kong Democracy Council
7 months ago

R to @hkdc_us: On #LabourDay in #HongKong, remember union leaders like #CarolNg #WinnieYu & #LeeCheukYan are imprisoned & @HongKongCTU & many pro-democracy unions have been forced to close. The basic #HumanRight of #FreedomOfAssociation has ceased to exist.

Hong Kong Democracy Council
7 months ago

R to @hkdc_us: These are the brave remnants of what used to be a dynamic labour movement, & the fact that so few came out on what used to be a big protest day in HK shows the extent to which the #HumanRight to #FreedomOfAssembly is still squelched, as it has been now for more than three years.

Alex 🌍 🍁 🇨🇭
7 months ago

Health is a human right

By @petersinger, Special Advisor to the WHO Ditector General

#WHO #Health #HumanRight

7 months ago

Harry Belafonte, singer, actor and activist, has died at age 96

This makes me so sad. Sure he was old, but still, it's a big loss for the world to lose such an amazing man.

I admired him since I was very young. Reading about him in some of the few pieces on Iran who actually covered black activists like him.

His songs, became part of my first love to alternative music (from young teenage boy growing up in southern Iran point of interest) and waa delighted to find his albums at the Västerås StadsBibliotrk in Sweden.

His work to fight injustice didn't stop in US, and he fought with all his power against the apartheid regime of South Africa.

He was a great artist and a great man. R. I. P. Mr. Blafonte and thank you for opening my eyes and ears to a whole new wonderful world of music and widen my my narrow interes in my young days.
Singer, actor and human rights activist Harry Belafonte died Tuesday at age 96 of congestive heart failure. He broke racial barriers and balanced his activism with his artistry in ways that made people around the world listen. Belafonte, who was an EGOT holder for his Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards, died at his home in New York, his publicist announced.

Style, class and charisma: That was Harry Belafonte as a performer. In the 1950s, his recordings for RCA Victor, which included his iconic version of the Jamaican folk song "Day-O" (also known as "The Banana Boat Song") set off a craze for calypso music. With his good looks and his shirt unbuttoned to his chest, audiences — Black and white — adored Belafonte at a time when most of America was still segregated.

#Harry Balafibte #Musician #Actor #HumanRight #Movie #BLM #Activist #RIPMrBelafonte #Politics #CivilRights
7 months ago

“Let us put it #generally: if a #regime is #immoral, its #citizens are #free from all #obligations to it.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago.

[Pictured: Captain Pia Klemp sitting in a chair beside her controls.

@VivianAngrisani on Twitter wrote on 6/8/2019: “Pia Klemp, a German biologist & boat captain faces 20 yrs in prison for rescuing 1,000+ migrants at risk of drowning whilst crossing the Mediterranean. Seeking #asylum is a #humanright. Only 1 in 100 sea captains are female. This woman is a #humanitarian, not a criminal. #FreePia

@Galactic_Rabbit quote-tweeted on 6/10/2019 and wrote: “Thinking about all those videos of people honored in their old age for hiding/protecting #Jewish #people.”]

“Let us put it generally: if a regime is immoral, its citizens are free from all obligations to it.”  – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago. 

[Pictured: Captain Pia Klemp sitting in a chair beside her controls.

@VivianAngrisani on Twitter wrote on 6/8/2019: “Pia Klemp, a German biologist & boat captain faces 20 yrs in prison for rescuing 1,000+ migrants at risk of drowning whilst crossing the Mediterranean. Seeking asylum is a human right. Only 1 in 100 sea captains are female. This woman is a humanitarian, not a criminal. #FreePia”

@Galactic_Rabbit quote-tweeted on 6/10/2019 and wrote: “Thinking about all those videos of people honored in their old age for hiding/protecting Jewish people.”]
GenderCC-Women Climate Justice
8 months ago

Tomorrow, the @UN_HRC will adopt a resolution reaffirming that everyone everywhere has the right to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll.
however, the US might oppose it...@USAmbHRC!
We call on the US to refrain from further undermining this critical #HumanRight

Listening to the Oh God, What Now? podcast saying there's a new YouGov poll today on what *Conservative voters* think about the small boats policy. ✋ No, keep reading ...

Will it work? 26%
Do they support it? 73%

... meaning roughly 48% support it AND think it won't work.
#WhoAreThesePeople #UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #SmallBoats #RefugeesWelcome #AsylumIsNotACrime #HumanRight

8 months ago

Access to water is a fundamental #HumanRight

Yet, billions of people & countless establishments don’t have the safe water and sanitation they need. Our everyday life actions are key.

Every drop💧 counts! #UDHR75!dqNV9X


#California had a busy 2022 legislative season: We have recognized #ReproductiveJustice as a #humanright, allowed non-citizens w/o permanent residency but authorized to work to become police officers, prevented DNA collected from #rape victims from being used to investigate other crimes, restricted the use of rap lyrics that inject #racialbias in criminal proceedings, and extended protections to children from other States seeking #gender affirming care in our State.

@conradhackett guess why?

#Healthcare isn't seen as a #HumanRight, but a #commodity in the #USA.

That's why #MedicalDebt is rampant and why the life expectancy is declining there as well...

Kim Mukerjee MD :verified:
1 year ago

#Health #insurance is a #HumanRight. Full stop. One of the hardest parts of my job as a #pediatrician of #uninsured #children is seeing the catastrophic health outcomes when a child becomes ill enough to admit to the hospital due to an entirely preventable condition. Equipment + medications should be accesible to all children, esp those w/complex medical needs. It’s infuriating that systems create this and heartbreaking to see the impact on kids. We must continue to build better systems. #equity

1 year ago

Hello Mastodon,I will write #Introduction.I am an #Asexual female in 50's living in Tokyo. I currently do odd work at home due to #PTSD I got in my early 30's. I found out "Maybe I'm an #Asexual ?" in 50's, diagnosed as #ADHD at 32. Both of them made sense to me! Currently I'm a boring person compared to myself before PTSD. I used to #Draw , play #accordion ,listen to Music (#Moonriders #TomWaits )I'm working on it! I read and write English here.I live with a wild 6 years old handsome kitty. I'm interested to #Humanright in general. I'm LGBTQTI+ Ally.