Edward Philips
19 hours ago

Morning all. In the light of Suella Braverman’s recent ‘remarks’. I’m posting this again. Xx

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Migrants welcome
1 day ago

«These #authors had no idea their #books were being used to train #machines that could replace them. Meanwhile, people building and training these machines stand to #profit enormously.» -
Problem ain't #technology but #capitalism -as any anti-social regime.
Human #science and #industry (#civilization) should liberate #humanity from the need of working, instead, we'll gonna end up in an AI-Humans' world war for some private property #market nonsense...
#GenerativeAI #META

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
2 days ago

Extreme global warming could eventually wipe out humans, first-ever supercomputer climate models warn

Temperatures could spiral to 70C (158F) - transforming Earth into a "hostile environment devoid of food & water", scientists warn - as the first ever supercomputer climate models are published, projecting a "very bleak distant future" for #humanity


#CrispyCritters #ClimateCrisis

Shah Shabbir Ahmmed
2 days ago

We believe that helping others is an exceptional quality of a human being. In reality, it should be the norm, while not helping others has unfortunately become more common in today’s society.

#help #humanity

2 days ago

Is homosexuality genetically or epigenetically determined? Some interesting insights in this article.

#genetics #epigenetics #homosexuality #gay #humanity #science #research

2 days ago

No human beings are actually black or white.
Then why do we use the word black or white to describe someone's skin color 🤔?

#human #humanity #black #white #earth #thoughts

Adrian Morales
3 days ago

For it is in our nature to accomplish a great many things, to discover new worlds, to invent and to innovate.

But in doing so, we must never forget what makes us great in the first place: Our humanity.

Personal success is but a fool's errand if it is not shared with our brothers and sisters.

We have been tricked into believing that the individual surpasses the collective.

I tell you, we are whole only when we help one another grow.

#Humanity #SharingIsCaring #Monday #Greatness #Growth

Eka A.
3 days ago

Helen Czerski also has a recent The Royal Institution talk: How does the ocean help shape our world?
#Ocean #Earth #BlueMarble #Environment #Recycling #ClimateChange #future #humanity #perspectives

Mitex Leo :verified:
3 days ago
A meme showing the true nature of Mother Teresa.
Eka A.
3 days ago

This is a must watch for all. The Fully Charged Podcast on The Blue Machine With Helen Czerski.
#Ocean #Earth #BlueMarble #Environment #Recycling #ClimateChange #future #humanity #perspectives

3 days ago

Which is why many missed the moment when #Netanyahu went off-script & challenged the utopian dreams of #Musk & his fellow technologists.

Their conversation wasn’t just about #AI. It was a confrontation of worldviews—a clash btwn #American entrepreneurs who believe in the promise of transformational change for #humanity & a deeply cynical #Israeli #politician who does not.

Terry Lingwood
3 days ago I know I've posted this here a few times but it deals with something that is important to me and should be important to all. #Humanity #mastomusic

Disaster Guy In Sevilla
4 days ago

Is this the end of #Humanity? Well my answer is YES and NO.
My YES is a refutation of those who say that everything related to #ArtificialIntelligence should be destroyed with a hammer.
They're wrong,AI has come to stay like many things before AI,which is why everything is going to change in a very short time.
And my NO is due to something that #Kant explained a long time ago and I refer as this question
Does a poisonous mushroom stop being poisonous coz an AI written book says so?

Worst internet ever.
Headlines The New York Times 2023 Sept.23
Jacob Something
5 days ago

Nice quote by Sam Harris on the likelihood that a future superhuman general intelligence would be collaborating with us in mixed human/machine teams:
"It seems rather obvious that it won't. ... As the machines get better, keeping the ape in the loop will just be adding noise to the system."

(in Sam Harris: "Making Sense / #Conversations on #Consciousness, #Morality and the #Future of #Humanity", Transworld Publishers, 2020, p.432)

Petra van Cronenburg
5 days ago

@Mina When fungi farming #ants took over, humans had long since become a culturally irrelevant species. They were groundbreakingly stupid. First, AI had only spat out useless links in internet searches, then deep fakes took over world domination, and finally electricity failed.
The human species needed countless decades to learn from brothers and sisters plants, animals, fungi, rivers and rocks to become humane. #MiniSciFi #future #humanity

Mitex Leo :verified:
5 days ago

Who are those politicians giving a round of applause to Netanyahu?

#FreePalestine #Terrorism #IsraelIsACancer #Freedom #humanrights #Humanity #ApertheidIsrael #Jerusalem #occupiedwestbank

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled his version of a new Middle East to the UN General Assembly - erasing Palestine and touting a “corridor of peace” with Arab states
sollee (e/acc) 🟨⬛
5 days ago

Ending #ClimateChange
#Asteroid mining
Cheap #nuclear fusion power
The end of #death and #aging
#humanity alongside #AGI
City lights on the #moon
The terraforming of #Mars
Harnessing stellar #energy
Interstellar colonisation ships
Human flourishing for a million years

"Do something hard. Do it for everyone who comes next. That’s it. Existence will take care of the rest. Just build."

join us @ e/acc
our main hub is on the birdsite.
#eacc #tech #futurism #future

Stitched Ink Media
5 days ago

Making it personal. Globally. Cost savings for business. There is great profit to be had in dumping toxins and waste into nature. Do we dump our garbage in the streets?

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Climate #Profits #Business #HumanRights #Nature #Science #UN #Waste #Health #Humanity #Present #Past #Future #NextGeneration

Jon Fazzaro
6 days ago

"Any firm [that doesn't have to worry about losing its customers] eventually becomes a serious hazard to human rights. It's this 'curse of bigness,' as Brandeis called it, that we should really be attuned to and is really pernicious." #business #humanity

Tiong-seah Yap (Bear)
1 week ago

The veto power is privilege and against the basic idea of democracy, the veto power is absolute and dragging down the future with its chapter of history which wrote by fatality of human beings, the veto power is violence and mishandling humanity based on the ultimate destructive force, the veto power is egocentricity, a closed chamber without any lights. (The cake of history)

#VetoPower #UN #UNSecurityCouncil #Reflection #Humanity

Tiong-seah Yap © 2023 All rights reserved |
Preslav Rachev
1 week ago

🧬 A new study provides a deeper understanding of the human body, which is foundational for many scientific and medical disciplines.

"We estimate 2 trillion lymphocytes in the human body which is four times higher than prior estimates and could prove important in lymphocyte-related health and disease, such as HIV or leukemia." - via @feedle

#goodnews #positivenews #science #biology #humanity #medicine

Janne M. Korhonen
1 week ago

In my view, #humanity is in the grip of a two-pronged problem:

1. unsustainable use of the #Earth and its resources
2. #technology constantly increases the powers of the few.

These processes feed each other: more powerful technologies enable more #exploitation, and exploitation increases pressures to compete with more powerful technologies.

As a result, the Earth-system's margins of safety erode, and cascading disasters become more likely by day.

5 Minutes for Humankind
1 week ago

2 days away! Meditate and pray with world at the same time. Sept 23, 2023 - 1:00pm GMT, see for your local time. #prayer #meditate #5forhumankind #humanity #spirituality

Christians For Future Berlin
1 week ago

Mich sollst du fürchten und dich zurechtweisen lassen (Zefanja 3,7): Wir setzen uns für eine fair-globale und vor allem zukunftsorientierte Kinderwelt ein. #KidsFirst #Humanity #EndFossilFuels sonst wird das Nix - auch nicht in Gottes reicher Natur. @ekbo_de @unicef @Berlin4Future @christians4future @c4f_hh @erzbistumberlin @parents4future @Aiti @c4f_muenster @EABerlin @klimaneustart

🥳 _-/\-_ 🤯
1 week ago

Random thought experiment:

Immediately stop all TV programs and videos on internet video platforms that contribute to the dumbing down of humanity.

What would happen?

#Humanity #ThoughtExperiment #RandomThought

1 week ago

And he said that at a moment when #GlobalWarming is causing #drought, #ExtremeWeather & human #destruction, #humanity could scarcely deal w/a bloody #war of choice on top of it all.

“When all of this is happening, a #NaturalDisaster in #Moscow (#Putin) decided to launch a big war & kill tens of thousands of people. We have to stop it,” #Zelensky said, declaring that respect for the rule of #law & the #UN Charter was important to all nations, not just his own.

1 week ago

“We have to continue working to ensure that #women & #girls enjoy #EqualRights & #equal participation in their #society; that #indigenous groups, #racial, #ethnic, #religious #minorities, people w/ #disabilities do not have their potential stifled by systemic #discrimination, that the #LGBTQI+ people are not prosecuted or targeted w/ #violence because of who they are. These #rights are part of our shared #humanity.

#Biden #UNGA #UN #UDHR

1 week ago


This is the #boomer generation judgement at the #end of their contribution to #humanity

SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 week ago

Justice for #Neanderthals! What the debate about our long-dead cousins reveals about us

They were long derided as knuckle-draggers, but new discoveries are setting the record straight. As we rethink the nature of the Neanderthals, we could also learn something about our own humanity
#Neanderthal #Humanity

★ Σταργαζερ ★
1 week ago

"These millennia-old sky #traditions aren't just random stories meant to entertain around the fire; they are often cornerstones of entire #cultures and #societies. We all share the same sky, and anyone from the same culture can identify the same constellations night after night. The loss of that access and #heritage is a loss of part of our #humanity."

#space #NightSky #noctalgia

The loss of dark skies is so painful, astronomers coined a new term for it | Space

People are talking about #ai right now. Rightly so. It's a powerful #technology that has already brought new paradigm shifts to #humanity

While it offers amazing benefits, it can also be used for #evil - economically, politically, and artistically.

Add in dangers to our #privacy and #security and you've got all the makings of #tech that can scare the world.

I don't think you should be scared: you should get educated and take action.

May I suggest you start here:

Une ancienne image prise lors d'une manifestation contre le nucléaire.
This is an old one, taken during a demonstration against nuclear power.

:artcam: Canon EOS 3 - :35mm: Rollei Retro 400S

#photography #BlackAndWhitePhotography #BlackAndWhite #StreetPhotography #people #PeoplePhotography #humanity
#filmphotography #believeinfilm

Face à un champ de blé, un homme de profil, sur son t-shirt est écrit "Som energia" (une coopérative espagnole de consommation d'énergie verte). Il soulève une banderolle sur laquelle est écrit "THE END" entre deux symbôle de radioactivité.

Facing a field of wheat is a man in profile, with the words "Som energia" (a Spanish cooperative for the consumption of green energy) written on his T-shirt. He holds up a banner reading "THE END" between two symbols of radioactivity.
2 weeks ago

@Setsune - The same Show must repeat to a desired outcome, once in every industry & each aspect of human development, until all of Humanity is healthy, prosperous, and safe - or we are doomed to repeat the episode again in the future.

#history #histodons #philosophy #dune #humanity #humanrights #uspol #politics #economics #science #religion #gaming #gamingnews #Unity #scifi #sciencefiction #reality #modernity #culture #society #international #truth #gutinstinct #karma

Christians For Future Berlin
2 weeks ago

We must #EndFossilFuels to give our children a liveable planet. Parents around the world are joining the global mobilisation to fight fossil fuels to demand a rapid, just, and equitable phase-out of all fossil fuels #FastFairForever #Humanity #OurOtherMother @parents4future @Parents4FutureUK @parents4future_se @ekbo_de @DSBKonsistorium @erzbistumberlin @Berlin4Future @Aiti @klimaneustart @christians4future @c4f_hh @c4f_muenster @EABerlin

#Dhamma Talk #audio recording "Cornucopia":

#Buddhist #dharma #Theravada #religion #spirituality #Buddhism

Topics: relatives who pass away, merit, #happiness, puñña, rebirth, favorable birth, heavenly rebirth, good kamma, vipaka, resultants, practice as a form of #investment, reframing our #worldview, battling depression, critique, dukkha, ignorance, #humanity, #ProblemSolving, #HumanNature, #cooperating in large groups, emotional and psychological conditioning

JW prince of CPH
2 weeks ago

Representation matters.

#diversity #equality #humanity

Portrait of Gillian Anderson on a black background, looking straight to camera with the slightest hint of a smile, accompanied by the text: "The character of Dana Scully played by Gilllian Anderson on the X-Files, was directly responsible for an increased number of women in science, law and medicine. This became known as the “Scully Effect”."
Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

— Gwendolyn Brooks

[#Art by Ton Dubbeldam]

#humanity #artist #quotes #life

2 weeks ago

> More opium is grown today than at any other time in human history, despite every major state trying to control this production. But #opium has defied all of them.
> The saddest and most devastating consequence of #ClimateChange is that it has shown us that these #WesternStructures of #governance, which were presented to us as the ultimate achievement of #humanity, are in fact completely hollow. They cannot do what they claim to do.
#AmitavGhosh #SmokeAndAshes

2 weeks ago

Who deserves a claim to land? A rich man, a land steward, a farmer, a traveler, a dreamer, a child, a birthright, a squatter?
Let's talk about #landuse #ethics #landback #malamaaina #earth #sustainability #discussion #today #regenerative #agriculture #food #nature #resources #sharing #mutualaide #humanity #life #animals

Dark landscape with a light, billowy topped cloud with a heavy, flat, dark bottom, stretching across the entire sky and landscape.
Petra van Cronenburg
3 weeks ago

1/2 I so often read in social media that #humanity cannot #change, that it is incurably bad. The impression may arise when one no longer looks at the efforts to do good in global catastrophes. France now not only has an internationally groundbreaking package of laws on #waste avoidance but this is also presented in an utterly positive light. Doing without #plastic is not an ascetic renunciation, but a liberation, a great trend: it makes you feel good. People change, if we help them. #goodNews

Brown paper bag with the French words: Sans plastique c'est fantastique (without plastic it's fantastic) and the logo "Défi Zéro Plastique" (Zero Plastic Challenge).
This is how big hypermarket chains react to the laws that ban plastic from packaging.
The legally prescribed packaging markings for disposal: "to be sorted for recycling" is supplemented by: and even better, reuse! The bag is made of 100% paper, and the transparent window, in former times made of plastic, is now made from cellulose from wood waste.
Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

#AI aren't the letters that will most directly, and potentially negatively, affect #humanity.

#DNA are the letters that will most directly affect humanity, in every way possible.

So much pure good can be derived from advances in #genomic #science, but #human nature will also drive horrific results for which we are, and will be, unprepared.

The combination of #genetic modification, #mechanical and synthetized #body parts, and AI controls will change everything.

Scientists pinpoint moment humanity almost went extinct 😨

* humanity almost wiped out 900,000 yrs ago
* global population dwindled to 1,280 reproducing individuals
* population stayed this small for about 117,000 yrs

Did our ancestors nearly die out?

Genomic inference of severe human bottleneck during the Early to Middle Pleistocene transition

#humanity #extinction #genomics #PopulationBottleneck

Ben Higbie
4 weeks ago

'The Celebration of Svantovit on Rujána - When Gods Fight, Salvation is in the Arts' by Alphonse Mucha (1912) #arts #artists #artlovers #spiritual #spirituality #humanity #inspiration #motivation #painting #paintings #artmuseum #artmuseums #magic #arthistory #fineart #history #epic #artnouveau #artlovers #artlover

Martin Holland
4 weeks ago

#Human ancestors nearly went extinct 900,000 years ago

A new technique analysing modern
#genetic data suggests that pre-humans survived in a group of only 1,280 individuals.

“About 98.7% of human ancestors were lost,” says Haipeng Li, a population geneticist at the University of Chinese Academy of
#Sciences in Beijing, who co-led the study. He says that the fossil record in Africa and Eurasia between 950,000 and 650,000 years ago is patchy and that “the #discovery of this bottleneck may explain the chronological gap”.

#Science #History #Evolution #Humanity #Archeology

Such is the human world: on one side, you have the stupid idiots who throw this stuff in the river. One the other, you have amazing people coming together and volunteering to clean it.

"2,000 #tyres recovered from River Ogmore in south Wales during clean-up operation"

"Other items retrieved from the River #Ogmore included trollies, fridges and armchairs. 150 #volunteers came together to clear the #river in an event organised by a local resident"

#humanity #pollution

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

The questions have not been answered; the solutions are not fixed; the truth is not established by the "experts." There is room for all of us to wonder, contemplate, philosophize, analyze, question, and seek. Truth is something we find, discover -- not something we are told.

Deep Thoughts framed print --

#indigenous #landscape #nature #truth #art #artwork #stevehenderson #fediverse #fediart #mastodon #mastoart #buyintoart #ayearforart #history #freedom #humanity

Framed print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting an indigenous person sitting atop a horse, looking out over Palouse Falls in Washington State. He is in a state of deep reflection and thought, and is dressed in a fusion of traditional fare and "modern" (for the time).
Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

'Man is something that shall be overcome… a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss…

What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.'

#Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

#quirkyopinions #SilentSunday #video #philosophy #humanity #literature #quotes #life

Matti Järvinen
1 month ago

"In brief, if you could look down from the moon, as Menippus once did, and see the innumerable broils of mortals, you would think you were looking at a great cloud of flies or gnats quarreling among themselves, warring, plotting, plundering, playing, frisking, being born, declining, dying. It is downright incredible what tumults, what tragedies can be stirred up by such a tiny creature, so frail and short-lived..."
- Erasmus, Praise of Folly 1509


Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

“My heart is moved by all I cannot save:
so much has been destroyed
I have to cast my lot with those
who age after age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world.”

~ Adrienne Rich
from “Natural Resources”

#quotes #humanity

Drea and Team
1 month ago

An Important #Health Reminder.
There's no herd immunity to #SARSCoV2. There is only temporary, waning, population immunity that lowers but does not end cases. Mitigation remains absolutely necessary. Lulls are not endpoints. Large waves are not the only issue. Severe acute illness is not the only concern.

Many thanks @TRyanGregory for sharing.

#Covid #LongCovid #Covid19 #MaskUpUSA #MakeADiffrence #humanity #compassion

1 month ago

For no reason:

"To move from one unselfish action to another with God in mind. Only there, delight and stillness."
Marcus Aurelius

Image from Wikipedia, Louvre:

#Conscience #humanity #Art #Louvre

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

Chronic fear and debilitating panic turn good people into bad ones. We cannot treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves when we insist that they believe and act exactly as we do.

The Warming art print --

#fire #winter #snow #weather #climate #news #art #artwork #fediverse #fediart #mastodon #mastoart #buyintoart #ayearforart #stevehenderson #artist #night #freedom #humanity #dignity #fedigiftshop #warming #warm #painting #oilpainting #oil #story #life

Art print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting two people standing in a snowy woods at night. They are wrapped in blankets, and are standing close over a small fire. Through the trees, the moon glows, and to the right of the image, a river flows, filled with ice.
2 months ago

#Texas is getting away with rather a lot of brutal and inhumane crap whilst everyone is concentrating on #Florida: This is getting nuts and Greg Abbott should be facing #JackSmith at the #Hague someday. #Biden is not helping, at all either, and you'd think it would be something #KamalaHarris would be interested in.

#Crimes #Humanity #Immigration #Mexico #Border #Shitty #News #JoaquinCastro #EaglePass

2 months ago

I always believed that there is a formula for successful music (Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid). Pieces everybody loves. Because such music exists. We all know it. We all love it.

Now you feed music theory and the biggest hits of the past into an #AI model and out comes hit after hit #elevatormusic

#Music as we know it will die.

#Composer (s) will die.

#Songwriter (s) will die.

That will be the end of #humanity.

#Goedel #Gödel #Escher #Bach

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

I was sick, and you said "You look fine to me".
I was sick, and you cast me off.
I was sick, and you used it against me.
I was sick, and you took my health care.
I was sick, and you battered and killed.
I was sick, and you fought for a wooden hammer.
I was sick, and you fought about blue and red.
I was sick, and you fought as the nations watched with disdain.
I was sick, and you fought the "wrong" while resembling it.
I was sick, as you fought for "all" but, forgot about us.

OutofExile_IDR ©2023

Click here 🧠 to expand.

My adaptation of Matthew 25:39 inspired by the work below. (Not an endorsement for religion or church)

I was hungry, and you blamed it on the communist
I was hungry, and you circled the moon.
I was hungry, and you told me to wait
I was hungry, and you set up a commission.
I was hungry, and you said "So were my ancestors".
I was hungry, and you said we don't hire over 35.
I was hungry, you said God helps those…
I was hungry, and you told me I shouldn't be.
I was hungry, and you told me machines do that work now.
I was hungry, and you had napalm bills to pay.
I was hungry, and you said the poor are always with us.
Lord, when did we see you hungry?

Adaptation of Matthew 25:37 by Anonymous – 1971

Image by Alex Velazquez from Pixabay

#disability #Politics #DisabilityEconomicJustice #CripTheVote #partisanship #humanity #InvisibleDisabilityRights #healthcare #Medicare #Medicaid #MentalHealth #accommodation #understanding #poetry #TearDownTheWall #PoetryNobodyWillEverFind

@disability @disabilityjustice @actuallyautistic

Photograph shows the remains of a large ocean vessel leaning as it rests in shallow water. The hull of the ship is rusted, tattered and demolished.  All that remains are rusted beams and scraps metal dangle from the upper deck's carcass.  The image is symbolizes the poor and disabled huddled masses, as well as the American political system. Time wasted on bickering and bureaucracy, has taken a toll in many ways.

Imagine if you can if just one #fossilfuel #billionaire woke up one day and as his flunky handed him his #coffee, and thought for one moment that his #wealth is causing the heat the entire world is suffering from and asked himself if there's anything he can do to help.

I know it won't happen, but it's nice to imagine that one of them may still have an iota of #humanity left.

If I had to sum up in one sentence why I wrote my book, it would be this: “Because there is no algorithm for the human heart”

From a goodreads reader review: “This is a book for anyone who has ever had a choice to make. Who has ever suffered odds.”

If you believe in keeping the #humanity in #healthcare, this book is for you:

#books #AI #ebooks #bookstodon #readingcommunity #hope #humanism #MedMastodon

image of book cover for The Algorithm Will See You Now by JL Lycette as a mockup large image on the wall of a library with bookshelves on either side, and the words "Because there is no algorithm for the human heart" encircling the book cover, with a heart at the bottom of the screen
Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Subsidise those destroying our habitat and fine those trying to protect it.

Humanity: a cautionary tale for intelligent life everywhere.

#climateCrisis #extinction #humanity


The real tragedy is valuing animals at peace in the wild OVER the #Dignity and #Humanity of human beings who actually need a room, shelter, and genuine compassion.


Finally, I want to comment on @PeterCxy ’s which seems to agree with the boy's assessment above. Yes, it's laughable to seek a specific meaning of #life, and that we should (and usually try to) live each day to its fullest, but maybe it's because we're ultimately irrational. If #humanity is perfectly #rational, it'll lose its variety, all changes can be foreseen, and so our existence would be truly meaningless. Therefore, we exist, for that we're #unique.

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
3 months ago

"Can a Symbol Help Stop the Harm – Disability Designator ID and Disability Deaths" –Part one:
(Approx 7 Min. read)

In May, New Jersey passed bill S761, joining 12 other states in creating a "disability identifier" state ID program. With much of the media focus on autism, the law allows some with other disability related communication issues, to have an "official indication of their diagnosis", "notated" on their state issued ID. As a part, NJ will create "guidelines" for law enforcement to better accommodate people with invisible disabilities, through understanding and proper communication; rather than aggression, force, and unfounded assumptions of perpetration. Unlike other states, the NJ legislation appears to exclude many with disabilities and lack forethought regarding the medical privacies of participants.

Even with the positives of various state actions, some feel these efforts may be futile, or accompanied by inherent negatives. Here, I'll be providing details on some of these programs, their potential negatives and, in part two, the reasons for creating them. The focus will be on the tragic stories of some victims that ultimately inspired Invisible Disability ID programs. People, like Elijah McClain and others, whose wrongful deaths resulting from interactions with police and first responders, brought national attention to this epidemic. The harm and loss of life at the hands of those there to serve and protect, is a horrifying thought to many with invisible disabilities, their loved ones; and should be, to anyone of decency.

Alaska, was the first to pass disability ID "designator" legislation with two laws that seem to respect the medical privacies of' disabled citizens. Their "Disability Designator", is a "discrete symbol" on licenses, indicating a "medically verified cognitive, mental, neurological, or physical disability; or a combination thereof". Alaska and other states, use the Invisible Disabilities Association's (IDA) "i" symbol as the "designator". The reasoning behind this optional indicator is the same; to enlighten police and first responders, when they may view a person's communication or behavior as "different" or "unusual". Again, the goal is to prevent escalation and, as in many cases, harm to the individual with disabilities.

Utah's disability designator, is a symbol on a sticker affixed to the ID. As in other states that use a symbol, Utah's program offers more medical confidentiality. It indicates only, that the person has a disability, without revealing diagnosis or specifics. In comparison with NJ's "notation of diagnosis", this seems much less intrusive. Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" covers any physical or mental health issue "that may interfere with the ability to communicate with a law enforcement officer". The list is much more inclusive of all disabilities than the narrow scope of the NJ law, even including diabetes, heart conditions and drug allergies.

The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) in Colorado, is a nonprofit organization that spearheads the effort to create the "National Disability ID" (NDID) symbol program. They advocate nationwide with state and federal government, and were part of the 2022 federal identifier bill, HB–7217. Unfortunately, that bill died in committee. The IDA logo, a blue lowercase "i" shaped like a vertical Nike-style "swoosh", is used as Colorado's DL disability identifier as well. They began issuing their NDID–National Invisible Disability ID cards, prior to the passing of any legislation. Below, is an IDA link where people with invisible disabilities can obtain their own NDID, or "International Invisible Disability ID" card with little effort or personal information.

Following Alaska, Colorado passed House Bill HB21–1014, making them the second state to pass "Symbolic" legislation which, also uses the wording "discrete" indicator. The law requires that the symbol on state identifications, must represent all types of disabilities under their program, in a state where history vividly illustrates the need for some type of solution. Colorado police and first responders have been responsible for causing the wrongful deaths of numerous people with invisible disabilities, attracting national attention more than once. The stories covered in part two, include several involving the same police force.

Potential Concerns:

In regard to the NJ action, the following phrase appears in the legislation:
"the chief administrator shall indicate the autism spectrum disorder or communication disorder diagnosis by notating such information on the person's driver's license ...under the column designated for restrictions".

There are many disabilities accompanied by communication limitations, that are not associated with autism, or (as NJ puts it) a "communication disorder". There are also aspects of disabilities, unrelated to communication, that can influence interactions with law-enforcement. Anyone of these may have been a factor in the known examples of police escalation causing harm or death to innocent people. NJ should consider this, designing their law to be more inclusive and respectful of the rights, privacies and protections of its disabled population.

Broadcasting diagnosis on one's license is another concern to some, and raises some questions. How much protected medical information will appear in the NJ "notation"? Will the DMV gather medical history and driver's diagnosis' for its citizens with disabilities, then add unnecessary or unfounded "restrictions" to their licenses? With varying degrees of any disability, a generalized "notation of diagnosis" could present a lot of obvious undue challenges or barriers for many drivers with disabilities.

Aside from police and first responders, there are others that may see the "notation of diagnosis" or identifier symbol on an individual's ID. Identification is shown to many people, including those at stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Some stores even scan IDs when "proofing", essentially compiling a database of the information contained in license barcodes. Some feel that individuals could be targeted for discrimination, harassment, exploitation or abuse by corporations, employers, ablests or other unsavory individuals.

For those who do not want the identifier on their license, these reforms may do little. If an individual without the voluntary "identifier" advises police they are disabled, will they be accommodated according to said guidelines? For those with the identifier, these changes are only as good as those who implement them. Will the guidelines and training be designed to actually accommodate or, be just another hollow disability regulation, created by oblivious abled politicians.

Will police abide by the guidelines? Body cams were implemented to prevent misconduct and create accountability. However, frequent claims by police that cameras "fell off", leave many feeling they were intentionally removed to obviate the recording of their transgressions. Will a symbol on a driver's license prevent such unnecessary harm to the disabled? Colorado's designator law passed two years ago but, another murder of someone with invisible disabilities occurred last fall. The individual, experiencing an obvious mental health crisis, called for police assistance after becoming stranded and, was ultimately shot. The many recurring incidences may cause anyone to ask; is the motto to "serve and protect", or to harm and kill?

In part two, I will focus on the people with invisible disabilities, autism, mental health challenges and hearing impairment, that were harmed or murdered by police and first responders. Unfortunately, we cannot ask many of those individuals if they feel a symbol on their license would've changed anything. With all the people that have been lost unnecessarily, this is no longer a #DisabilityCommunity issue – It's something everyone should be standing against.

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Identification card from IDA:

For more on "National Disability Identification" (NDID):

NJ S761 bill:

Alaska disability designator – GOVERNMENT SITE:

Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" –GOVERNMENT SITE:

Federal Bill – US HB-7217:

"Invisible Man" image by Nangreenly:

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Alt text:  Image is a work of art by Nangreenly on an all black background.  A man dressed in a black suit, white shirt and brown tie with blue stripes is the focus of the image.  A derby style hat is also part of the outfit.  White and gray highlights appear on the edges of the hat and suit, as if a faint light is shining from the back-left side of the man.  Between the shirt collar and hat is an empty void where this invisible man's face should be.  Nangreenly's "Invisible Man" is an image that to me, illustrates the experience of many living with invisible disabilities.  Too often, they are made to feel as if they are invisible by authorities, legislators and even some fellow citizens..  In the bottom right corner, I added the Invisible Disabilities Association's "i" symbol that appears on their NDID and some state issued IDs.

Link to "Invisible Man" image by: Nangreenly


Viktor Orbán is a #traitor, a weak coward, and a scumbag. He is in bed with #war criminal, child abductor and #pedophile Vladimir #Putin.

#Orban brings shame to #Hungary, #EU, #NATO and #humanity.

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Super interesting read.
Would the human race leave any archeological evidence of it's existence after 2million years?

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Ulrich Junker
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How can governments still give #subsidies for #fossilenergy? That’s completely irresponsible for the future of #humanity, the future of #nature, and the future of Planet Earth!

#Climatechange spells ‘terrifying’ future, says #UN human rights chief, calling for an end to #fossilfuel subsidies”

Mark B
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Time for an #introduction I suppose. :)

My name is Mark. I live in the US, in #Ohio, and I'm a #nurse. I have 2 kids, and the following interests - #reading #games #gaming #scifi #hiking #spirituality #religion #retrogaming #steam #fpga #mister #bahai #boardgames #addiction and am genuinely hopeful for the future of #humanity.

I ended up here because of the recent issues at #reddit, which pointed me towards the #fediverse and #mastodon sounded cool :)


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I can't believe it! While I was sleeping, you all donated so generously that now we only need another $1829 to get this beautiful kid's entire upcoming year of college paid for, so they won't need to stop out right now. I am beyond grateful for all who have donated, shared, and cared.

Help a Homeless Kid Go Back to College:

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Losing everything in the #HomeSocialShutdown, and starting up again on #MastodonOnline, has allowed me to reflect on my past year on #Mastodon.
This is a safe place for so many; somewhere to share moments with people that we will probably never meet in person, and possibly not even meet again online. Here, we experience the most #creative, #profound, #humorous, #caring and #friendly side of #humanity. It brings out the best in people, and that means there is hope. It’s nice here. #JoinIn

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English version !

I have started a thread today

I call it the infinite thread 🙄😁

I will keep expanding it

Each time with new topics, how we manage to fight and blow up the system they have imposed on us

For a better world for all of us, for a more human ❤️

For each theme I will also write a poem

This thread will stay pinned so everyone can find the beginning of the infinite 😂😂


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@lisamelton So many feels right now. Welcome to girlhood! And thanks for #Safari and #Webkit! And for all of your boosting. You are one of the reasons I love Mastodon so much. Also loving all of the comments on your post.

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Rod Serling was so cool. Aside from even just his Twilight Zone stuff, he was a great mind and an all-around excellent writer. And he always had insightful things to say about humanity. This article is from a few years ago-- it's a great read.

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Rod Serling (from the Twilight Zone) in black and white, in a suit, holding a cigarette.
The Conversation U.S.
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A big question about the future existence of humanity, from Essie, age 11, in Michigan (answered by an urban planner) 🌎

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A photo illustration showing a post-apocalyptic world, with rubble in the foreground and burned out, half-destroyed skyscrapers in back
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A thought, from a discussion this morning: one of the problems our society faces is that kindness is local (reinforced by small communities and reliant on individuals helping each other - multiple small events) and therefore not easily scalable, while competitiveness is extremely scalable. But kindness and humanity are the most important things in life. We all need to keep putting small local effort in to make sure the important stuff is at the forefront. #ideas #humanity