Doug Parker 🕸️
3 months ago

Are there any good #web conferences / meetups with an #RFP open in the #BayArea or virtual?

There are a few projects I've been working on which I'd love to give talks about and share with the community (not Angular related). Could be talking about any/all of:

1. #HydroActive - A different take on hydration in an HTML-first world.
2. #rules_prerender - A #Bazel ruleset serving as a fast and scalable #StaticSiteGenerator.
3. #HTMLFragments - A no-tooling, web standard-based approach to HTML over the wire.

Greatly appreciate boosts for reach!

Doug Parker 🕸️
9 months ago

@mdh I can definitely see the argument that better #RPC technologies would reduce the desire for the client and the server to be the same language. Though in my experience I don't think I've ever seen shared logic in the API layer beyond #TypeScript types.

The environments are so different between the browser and Node that you have to really go out of your way to write portable #JavaScript.

Server-side rendering is the killer feature which usually shares code between the frontend and backend. If we could do that without either:

1) forcing the client JS to run on the server or
2) duplicating the rendering logic on the server

then users would have a lot more freedom to pick their preferred server language and ecosystem. #HydroActive does this.

Even if that was super successful, I doubt it would meaningfully reduce the developers using Node. JavaScript os just too big and developers don't want to context switch between different languages IMHO.

Doug Parker 🕸️
10 months ago

@jerod It's a bit early, but how about a #WebComponent library for adding hydration and interactivity without duplicating your build or rendering logic?


Doug Parker 🕸️
11 months ago

And the wait is over! Check out my *first* #YouTube video:

Introducing #HydroActive, an experimental #WebComponent library for easily adding hydration and reactivity to pre-rendered HTML.

I walk through the motivation for the library, the #UX and #DX I'm trying to create, and then show a whole bunch of demos and how they work. I learned a lot building this library and I hope it's interesting and useful to you too!