@jernej__s @damnbear there are several of those since the @Raspberry_Pi since Version 2 has a 40-pin #GPIO which non-coincidentially has the same pin spacing and even before, I also do fondly remember those #IDE cables...

A 40-pin GPIO Extension cable which is actually just an IDE cable with a plug on one end and a socket on the other end.

@damnbear that's not an #IDE connector, as it only has 30 leads and 30 pins!!!!!

3 days ago

#apps #fav #recommending #floss #freesoftware

#Geany - The Flyweight #IDE
«Geany is a powerful, stable and lightweight programmer's #text #editor that provides tons of useful features without bogging down your workflow. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and #macOS is translated into over 40 languages, and has built-in support for more than 50 #programming #languages.» -

Screen capture of Geany customized main window.
3 days ago

Good tip from Fedora Silverblue to run an IDE from a Toolbox and then move the .desktop file to your "real" home directory, and then add the command "toolbox" to make it work.

I'll have to try it.

#Fedora #Silverblue #programming #IDE

4 days ago

PSA: If you’re working on #opensource code, or basically collaborating on #code with anyone, make sure that your #editor or #IDE understands #EditorConfig!

It’s a really helpful way for teams to define basic style settings for the project, which ensures consistent files and reduces unnecessary merge conflicts.

#codestyle #collaboration #editing

Screenshot of an example EditorConfig file.

end_of_line = lf
insert_final_newline = true
charset = utf-8
trim_trailing_whitespace = true

indent_style = tab

indent_size = 2
indent_style = space

indent_size = 4
indent_style = space

indent_style = tab
4 days ago

I'm tired of programming with #vscode, so I decided to create my custom #ide with #neovim, and this is my program. It's not perfect, but it's good for a star.

@ActionRetro Also the other results are easily explainable.

#PCIX is a #64bit bus and propably on it's own #PCI-Root-Controller.

The #IDE controller might be on it's own dedicaded bus if not integrated into the Chipset directly.

The #PCI controller likely has to share the bus with the other #PCI cards like the #7600GS.

The other modules are mostly bottlenecked by the #Flash and it's organization internally...

also it seems as if #dosdude1 doesn't just shove a single chip on the board, but likely has them configured in #RAID0 or #RAID01 thus increasing speed drastically with parallel IOPS, which works great given #IDE is a parallell interface...

@ActionRetro actually, that's an #eMMC to #IDE controller if I'm not mistaken.

Granted, your retro setups will likely never saturate those nor would they ever do so much heavy lifting that they'd exceed the TBW rating of said flash.

Not to mention SSDs don't die like HDDs due to spinu/spindown and grease gunking up...

Emmanuel Wald
1 week ago

If someone, without any serious development experience, would have the strange idea to learn #COBOL on its own, which free (as in free speech AND as in free beer) #IDE would you recommend?


Tomas Ekeli
1 week ago

a slight majority of coders want to control when they save their files, instead of auto-saving.

i must agree with the majority, although it causes me to sometimes make commits that lack a changed file.

by-the-way: i'm still running this same question as a poll over on linkedin, and - let's just say - the results are impressively similar there.

#dev #coding #ide

2 weeks ago

Curious! Do you use the #terminal inside your #IDE or a separate terminal when you use it? 🤔

Tomas Ekeli
2 weeks ago

automatic saving of files as you're coding

yay or nay?

#code #ide #dev

heise Developer
2 weeks ago

Entwicklungsumgebungen: EAP für PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine und mehr

JetBrains hat das Early Access Program für Version 2023.2 der IDEs PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine und CLion sowie für das .NET-Toolkit Rider bekanntgegeben.

#IDE #IntelliJIDEA #JetBrains #news

The suggestions in #Android Dev Studio #IDE for refactoring code into #Kotlin idioms are *excellent* and a great way to learn the language.

For example, it was suggested to me that

if (a >= X && a <Y)

could be converted into

if a in X until Y

And it even puts hints (in parentheses) in the code to reinforce that it did the right thing:

if a in X (<=) until (<) Y

Super impressed, its made my Kotlin code *way* more idiomatic, which is super helpful when switching between 4 or 5 languages on a daily basis...

3 weeks ago

J'ai mangé au snack de l #hopital avant de travailler.
A côté de moi 4 jeunes etaient à table en train de papoter et de rigoler. Ils sont en train de se moquer des caractéristiques physiques et des maladies des nouveaux nés.
2 sont en service civique, 2 ont étudiantes infirmières.
Je retrouve une des étudiantes dans le vestiaire. Elle est dans mon service 😭
Là, elle vient de découvrir que je suis une de ses tutrices de stage.
Mon après midi commence bien avec une jonne mise au point
#ide #esi

Boris Vulikh
3 weeks ago

If you have installed Meslo fonts via #brew package font-meslo-lg-nerd-font, please note that you'll have to update your #iTerm and #ide settings because of the font family name change.

Tushar Chauhan
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions from emacs users who use it for python. Is there any new/modern way of sorting imports and auto-formatting ? My current setup is `python-black` with `py-isort`. I am interested in packages which combine various formatting functions.

#emacs #python #ide #programming

In 2020 I dumped a few boxes of old tech in my office to sort later in the year. Finally getting to it. I sorted out all the old IDE drives (one dated 1993) to fire up and see what's on them. There were more drives than I expected.

#HardDrives #VintageComputing #FireWire #IDE

Desk with a pile of 11 bare hard drives. Also a SATA drive sled, a FireWire/USB 2.0 drive enclosure, and Lacie drive meant to be stacked under an old Mac Mini.
Roman Luštrik
4 weeks ago

What #IDE are people using that a standalone git client makes sense?

Michael van Laar
1 month ago

Any VS Code experts here? I have a problem that I can't find any information about on the internet:

On one of my three computers, VS Code refuses to accept the “.” character since yesterday. Instead, I get the error message you see in the picture.

All plugins and settings are synchronized with the VS Code installations on the other two computers. And on neither computer do I have this problem.

I am at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas?

#Coding #Editor #VSCode #IDE #Bug #Error

VS Code error message when typing “.”
Anthony Goubard
1 month ago

Eclipse plugin Applet Runner 2.0.0 is now available at the Eclipse Marketplace.

What's new: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, Powerpoint, JSON, XML and YAML Viewers.
Terminal, HTML Browser, MP3 Player and many more. Watch the video 🎞 below⬇.

Demo at
Install at

#Eclipse #EclipseIDE #IDE #java #plugin #applet #free

Jessica Canady
1 month ago

Just learned about Nova (, a native macOS IDE by Panic.

Damn it looks beautiful.

Damn that there's nothing *close* to this in Gnome. I'm not even sure GTK is *capable* of building a tool like this.

#gtk #ide #editor #linux #gnome

1 month ago

I still like using vim more than I like something fancy like Sublime or VSCode.

Some days I can only justify using GoLand, RubyMine or that kind of very language-specific tool, but I don't enjoy in-betweens too much.

#editor #IDE #vim #sublime #vscode

@kkarhan @schenklklopfer ich würde dennoch nicht wirklich empfehlen, dass jemand frisch #vi oder #vim lernt. Danach fühlt sich die Bedienung jedes anderen Texteditors so dermaßen bes******n an, dass man nur noch vim o. Ä. benutzen kann... Und je mehr man lernt, umso weniger sind vim Eingabemodi in #IDE|s ein ausreichender Ersatz...

Jason Pester (GameDev)
1 month ago

🚨 I need to pick the brains of some #Android developers 🤏🧠

I was beginning to update my version of #AndroidStudio today and noticed #ExtensionLevel for the first time in #SDKPlatform updates.

As I begin to research the implications of this new policy, if you can answer any of the questions in the image below (or provide reference links), I'd appreciate it. Thanks a bunch! 👋 😁

[UPDATE: I found the answers in the post I just boosted above.]

#GameDev #MobileDev #AndroidDev #SWDev #IDE

This is the first time I've seen "Extension Level " in SDK Platform updates.

* Is each Extension Level cumulative - contains previous Extension Level updates?  YES

* Should I use the highest Extension Level system image for dev & test?  YES (Google Play can load extension update to user's device)

* Are Extension Levels backports from a higher version SDK Platform (Android 14 in this case)?  YES
1 month ago

"There is probably a right & wrong way to order all these vector math operations"
Write it the naive way with way too many parentheses => see if the IDE complains about anything => refactor to clean everything up.

"I need to remove some elements from this list of objects"
Instead of carefully building a reverse loop, I generate a foreach loop, and write the logic => refactor it to a for loop => refactor it to a reverse for loop.
#programming #refactor #IDE

heise online
1 month ago

heise+ | Sauerteig aus dem IoT-Einmachglas: Geschmack verbessern dank ESP23

Sauerteig selber machen: Mit Ultraschallsensor, ESP32 und Grafana-Visualisierung wird das Überwachen des Teig-Gehens gleich drei Klassen nerdiger. So geht's.

#IDE #Mikrocontroller #news

Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
1 month ago

#TIL about #Google #CloudWorkstations - a managed VS Code or #Jetbrains Gateway that you can access through your browser or thin client. Essentially, #IDE hosted on the cloud. Not a new idea, but it's interesting to see it more and more frequently |

1 month ago

The newest version of Kate, released with KDE Gear ⚙️ 23.04, now boosts its LSP features with inlay hints, allowing you to code faster and more accurately. You can also open an embedded terminal in the Windows version, giving you instant access to KDE's powerful commandline tool.

#apps #gear #IDE #programming #commandLine

Kate's LSP extension hints at corrections and suggestions
Kate on Windows shows off its embedded terminal pane.
Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
1 month ago

That moment when you need to find out how to debug your #IDE, but the only info you find is about how to debug inside your IDE... Thanks for nothing #DuckDuckGo! I have the weirdest bug ever and I can't find anything about it online. #QtCreator crashes on #GNOME when swiping with three fingers, but not when using the keyboard to switch workspaces. And only when switching to the workspace on the right... This is one of those bugs where I don't even know where/how to report it.

Anupam Jain
1 month ago

Wrote about my #neovim config for #PureScript development -

#LazyVim might just be the ide that tears me away from #Spacemacs!

#vim #ide

Darran Lofthouse
2 months ago

New blog post available "An Introduction To Server Connector for IntelliJ"

#wildfly #intellij #ide

Christos Matskas ✅
2 months ago

Amazon CodeWhisperer Overview - your free, AI-powered code companion to help you write better, more secure code using your favorite IDE @awswhatsnew #ai #ml #coding #productivity #security #aws #awsbuilder #developer #IDE

2 months ago

Behold, my first professional #IDE: Adobe Extend Script Toolkit!

Screenshot of Adobe Extend Script Toolkit with a simple "Hello World!" example written in two ways.
2 months ago

📣 Keynote announcement! 📣

@tornorbye will be hitting the #dcsf23 stage 🌉 Norbye will discuss how to get the most out of the #IDE – features, hidden gems, some recent additions, & upcoming features under active development.

Read more here:

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

thoughts on the new #JetBrains #IDE #UI? I tried it for around ten seconds and then switched back to the current UI. 😂

It isn't bad, I just don't feel like I'm getting anything by using the new UI except some aesthetic improvements...which don't outweigh the significant learning curve to move to it.

Would love to hear from anyone, especially if you are using the new UI and love it!

#webstorm #phpstorm #idea #pycharm

2 months ago

@collin For me personally #VSCode is the pareto optimum of #IDE
Yes there are other that ae better in some aspect, but never without sacrificing some other aspect

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

At 13 years old I learned my first #programming #IDE: Garry Kitchen’s #GameMaker for the #Commodore64, published by #Activision back when they weren’t shoveling out sequelware:

#retrocomputing #C64 #Commodore #retrogaming #SoftwareDevelopment #coding #gamedev

Screenshot of Garry Kitchen’s GameMaker
Screenshot of Garry Kitchen’s GameMaker
Screenshot of Garry Kitchen’s GameMaker
jbz :catjam:
2 months ago

🧑‍💻 Developing 8-bit Commodore Programs Using a Modern IDE
— Byron Stout

#Commodore #Basic #ML #IDE #8bit #Retrocomputing

@zorinlynx +9001%

And even if they update shit as people type, they should make this opt-in or at the very least opt-out easily and also use some actually good versioning system like #git instead of requiring people to hack in the depts of #HFS+ or #APFS...

I mean that's how #PyCharm and many other #IDE's do that...

Helix 23.03 released,

Soft-wrap, inlay hints (!!), initial support for snippets, and so much more. Awesome!

#text #editor #ide

2 months ago

How to Install VS Code on openSUSE Leap & Tumbleweed

This guide walks you through installing Visual Studio Code on openSUSE Leap or Tumbleweed, following the recommended way.

#linux #opensource #opensuse #vscode #ide

Amit Serper :donor:
2 months ago

#NVIM as an #IDE on a superultrawide screen is a vibe

Mike Hucka
2 months ago

I'm always on the lookout for new fonts suitable for software development. Nerd Fonts has some interesting free, cross-platform fonts available:

I've always installed them using FontBook on MacOS but I just noticed they have a #HomeBrew installation method too.

#Fonts #SoftwareEngineering #Programming #IDE

2 months ago

Would love an IDE for #ChatGPT that assists in more general tasks than “fix this code”.

* Creating embeddings from data/content
* Viewer for outputs like PlantUML or DBML
* Sharing local content in concise DSLs
* Prompt development - parameterizing, act as library, versions
* Parsing outputs for actions (toolformer?)
* Scheduled prompts and actions

#promptengineering #ide

Tim Nolte
2 months ago

So #WordPress plugin, or theme, Devs. Is there a #Docker only local plugin(or theme) development environment available? Something that doesn't require me to maintain #Node, #NPM, #PHP, or #Composer on my local machine? Perhaps #VSCode Dev Containers is the closest I'm going to get but I don't want the #IDE lock-in either, as I don't even use VSCode. I've been playing with just a Dockerfile & docker-compose.yml but it has some usability issues currently.

New liked #link: "Rosé Pine IDE and terminal themes" - All natural pine, faux fur and a bit of soho vibes for the classy minimalist.
#IDE #colour-scheme • #Otter

Ronalds Vilciņš
3 months ago

Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.

#webdev #coding #css #javascript #programming #software #html #ide #code #backend #frontend #web #editor

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

sometimes it is great that each #VisualStudioCode (#VSC) project opens in a new window - but sometimes this gets a bit overwhelming.

I wish there was a way to have "tabs" that allowed one to switch between VSC projects within a single window instead of having multiple windows open.

#IDE #coding #SmallProblems

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

I'm looking for a #Database #GUI #IDE that allows editing of values from a VIEW.

For example, most editors allow one to edit the values in a table directly and visually. But if one has a VIEW these values aren't editable.

If the VIEW contains columns that directly map to various tables, I'd like to be able to edit the columns in the VIEW and have them updated in the respective table accordingly.

Curious if anyone is aware of an IDE that supports this? DB is currently SQLite, but could change

heise online
4 months ago

MPY-Jama: IDE für MicroPython auf dem ESP32-Controller

Eine sehr leistungsfähige, erweiterbare Alternative zur eher spartanischen MicroPython-IDE der Arduino Foundation ist MPY-Jama von Jean-Christophe Bos.

#Arduino #IDE #Python #news

4 months ago

@TheWebTech It took 12+ years of grind, but finally now we are witnessing the explosion in #cloud #IDE’s #CDE space… #codeanywhere is on the path of reinvention and we will soon launch a new web to showcase it

RT Erik Guzman - Stream Closed Captioner Creator
Did you know that @code has a command line tool to help you open files quickly in your terminal? Now you know, learn how to install it in this short. #vscode #webdevelopment #code #webdev #ide #TipsandTricks


Jon McLaren
5 months ago

Been a huge fan of #Cloud #IDE's for a very long time. Had a subscription to #codeanywhere almost since their founding. Was very excited when #GitHub announced #codespaces. Tried and enjoy using #gitpod. That said, I think #StackBlitz may be onto the big secret. All of the perks of cloud with all of the pros of a local IDE & containers. I discovered it while looking at @elk 's source #code to see if there was any low hanging fruit I could help with.

Mike Flynn
5 months ago

After years of using Sublime Text as my general text manipulator and code editor I am experimenting with moving to TextBuddy for random text and VSCode for coding.

Here's my question: What are the essential VSCode tweaks or extensions I need to know about? #vscode #ide #development #coding

Kathy Reid
5 months ago

Folks who work with #Atom or other #IDE - now that Atom is being sunset, what alternative editors are you using? I've set up a lot of my academic workflow using Atom with plugins for #Markdown, #Pandoc and so on, and if possible, want to be able to replicate that workflow.

Thomas Weitzel
5 months ago

During all these years, I've tried different #fonts for #programming in the #editor and #IDE.
On a 4K monitor, these are my favorites (most favorite first):

- Source Code Pro
- Fira Code
- JetBrains Mono (2020)

For console windows, I really like Microsoft's Consolas.

Source Code Pro is easy and just "neutral". Fira Code has the best legibility, but it feels a bit "agitated". JetBrains Mono has much in common with Fira Code, but feels a little smoother, and also somewhat more angled.

Amber Weinberg
6 months ago

While I do have a few speed complaints about the new version of Nova, it's still my fav #IDE - if they ever add the git conflict resolution I'll also switch over to their GUI from Tower.

Pros: beautiful interface, easy to use and customize. Love the WP function plugins and syntax themes. Love the project based settings (similar to Coda since this is it's descendant)

Cons: right now there are some speed/performance issues in v6, especially around auto code completion.

#webdev #code #frontend

Anthony Goubard
6 months ago

NetBeans version 1️⃣ 6️⃣ has been released and is available from the website. I guess the official announcement will be coming soon.
Release notes:
I've been using it for a few days and it works great!
#NetBeans #java #IDE

NetBeans 16 IDE
6 months ago

Hi, folks! Please participate in our short survey:

> We’d like to learn from #RustLang developers about their experience and best practices with C and C++ code in their Rust code base. <...>

#JetBrains #IntelliJRust #Programming #IDE

"Help Us Learn How the Rust and C/C++ Ecosystems Coexist!"

Rust logo, C logo, and C++ logo.

> Can you turn on "Presentation mode" in your #IDE?
> It's #Eclipse, it barely has "Working mode"

I've used #vim for years and recently switched to #neovim. I finally wrote my own color scheme for Neovim based on @ericwbailey's "#a11y syntax highlighting" project. #Accessibility matters, even for those without disabilities. A text editor is a highly personal choice, but it's difficult to say such a choice isn't reflected in other facets of life.

#FOSS #OpenSource #IDE #AmWriting

Carlos Vidal
7 months ago

Intro time:

My name is Carlos. I'm an #iOS engineer so my main interests fall into the #swift and #software engineering categories.

For living I work at #CodeSandox building an #IDE mainly focused on #webdev for #iPhone and #iPad devices (take a look at the video below -- it's free so please give it a go as well!).

In my spare time I love reading, cooking and refurbishing the house I just moved into with my girlfriend.


adingbatponder :mastodon:
7 months ago

@willrc Preliminary question: What software / platform/s / GUI/s / #IDE or IDEs do you use to create the #Jekyll code on you first laptop and which OS does that one use?