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Hi! I'm a UK artist who mostly draws about disability and being a parent carer. For example, here is today's drawing, part of my Carers Week series where I take the words of fellow parent carers and turn them into pictures
This is the drawing for day 6.


A tall dark room viewed from above. An adult and child hold hands lit by a single shaft of light from a window high high above. Handwritten text below reads "Life has become so small and quiet. No friends or family to just drop me a line and ask how we are doing"

#today feels like a good day for a re-#introduction here

My book #TheAlgorithmWillSeeYouNow has been out for 3 months!

It's a near-future #SciFi #thriller about (and this feels really ironic right now) what might happen in #healthcare if medical treatment was determined by a revolutionary #AI algorithm, only the people behind it ignore a fatal flaw/hidden bias in the #algorithm in order to maximize profits

#Bookstodon #SciFiSaturday
#MedMastodon #AIhealthcare #AIEthics #PatientsOverProfits

#Introduction: Call me Taal. He ☾ him. I post about #spirituality in everyday life. I’m a #rabbi’s #husband and #father of two with a weird career. We live in the southeastern United States. I’m an outlaw #Jew, longtime #Soto #Zen student, #LaoHuGong practitioner (hence the #tiger thing), #writer, #musician, #podcast maker, #psychedelic side quest taker, and consulting #horary and #electional #astrologer.

#Jewish #Judaism #astrology #Buddhism #SotoZen #divination


Chocolate Swirl :dra_s_us:
4 hours ago

!! Redoing my #introduction !! <3

Hello everypony! I'm Chocolate Swirl, or Choco for short!

I'm kind of shy when meeting new people, but I do enjoy making new friends! <3

I'm a female and my pronouns are She/Her, My pony oc is a Pegasus!~

I'm a Pony Town, and Breezy Pony Town player, so if you play either of those feel free to interact with me! I don't bite <3

I'm really into pixel art and mostly make pixel art in the Pony Town art style, currently trying to become a dev artist for a Pony Town custom server!

!! Please do not interact with me if you interact with Hard Drive or play his game, Fantasy Town. !!

Art is by my friend Stef!

5 hours ago

hello! i am an #archlinux user ( #BTW ) and have been using #gnulinux for the past 3 years. i am a fan of customization first, fan of free software second, and a human third. my first #thinkpad is also on the way. my favourite game is watch dogs 2, my favourite food is buffalo wings, and my favourite sweet is ice cream sandwiches. #introduction #introductions

5 hours ago

Welcome to #AllThingsTech @dgilluly We’re glad you’re here and look forward to interacting with and seeing what you have to offer as far as content.

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Sky Splash :bh_c_u:
5 hours ago

Since a bunch of pony people joined recently and I have not done it before I'm doing my #introduction now

Hi I'm Fauli1221 also known under the names of my oc's Azure Star and Sky Splash
I'm 21 years old and I'm a software developer.
I have ADHD, Autism (Asperger Syndrome) and Dyslexia.

@FunnyJo is my girlfriend!

In the community I'm not really know much but that's something I'm planning on changing that

My oc's are like I previously mentioned Sky Splash and Azure Star with Sky Splash being the #Hippogriff
and Azure Star being my #Batpony

If anyone somehow wants to use my oc's feel free to do so as long as it's SFW and non fetish

Sky Splash Hippogriff form
Sky Splash Seapony from
Azure Star Batpony
Azure Star Cutie Mark

A shield with a square in it that says $help and has another square in it
slanderoid :disputed:
5 hours ago

Is six months too soon to update my #introduction? Oh well, here it goes:

I'm currently obsessed with #PokemonGo and #geocaching. (It's because I'm trying to improve my #LittleFreeLibrary - trust me, they're related.) Besides those, I'm focused on #AchievementHunting, #TradingCards, and #reading

When I'm not nerding out about those, I'm working on #HomeImprovement. My wife dreams of #homesteading, so I'm helping her with #gardening and planning to raise a #chicken or two

That's all for now!

6 hours ago

I guess I should do another #introduction since I turned auto-delete off.

Hi, my name is Finn and my pronouns are he/him.

I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the US in an extremely small town.

I’m 17, still in high school, and wanting to go to college for CS or CE. Whoever will take me (but preferably UW.)

I am interested in movies (, music (, and computer related things. Most of the time I’ll post about these topics.

DMs open.

I’ve added a #fedi #introduction forum to provide another venue for folks to list their accounts on the fedi and for folks to find cool and fascinating accounts to follow! (Not me though, I’m the farthest thing from cool and fascinating!)

Like all the other forums and topic categories, posts in fedi-intros are published to ActivityPub as well, or you can follow via Email!

8 hours ago

Welcome to #AllThingsTech @eoinjw We’re glad you’re here and look forward to interacting with and seeing what you have to offer as far as content.

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Alex :alex:
11 hours ago

Everyone, please welcome


12 hours ago

Time for a #introduction post! Hi, I'm amasuri. Currently work as a freelance #gamedev and on weekends I'm a solo #indiedev for fun!

Currently working solo on the RPG of my dreams, there's a trailer in the pinned post and to save you a click to my profile:

Also made a tiny fun junk deflection game last year together with @YoukaiDrawing ! You can check it out on for web and PC, it's free (I'm really just doing it for the fun of it). Here's a GIF:

A GIF gameplay animation of a witch and a person with rapier. The witch shoots junk at the person with the rapier, and the rapier person tries to deflect it using their sword
15 hours ago

🌻🌸🌼🌿Have we met before?
#truestory #workinprogress #Introduction

#artofasking #dresdendolls #amandapalmer 🌸🌿
... uncomfortable questions...

17 hours ago


Hello all my name is Stu. I am a engineer who builds stainless steel guards for custom industrial conveyors

I love open source software, Linux and Windows 11.

I love social media and decentralized platforms like yours truly #Mastodon

#Golf #FOSS #iOS #Linux #DIY

robyn ✨
18 hours ago

HELLO new #instance I just migrated to!! 👋 #introduction

happy to be here as a long-time member of the #yegbike community, even in, like, real life!! <gasp> 🚲

I've volunteered with several #urbanism and #cycling orgs, and been on a couple boards in #yeg #Edmonton. A core tenet of mine is that nobody should have to fear for their life trying to get where they need to go. radical, I know.

other things I may post about:
#biking #ebiking #running #retroGaming #antiHustleCulture

An ebike on a sunny day in the late afternoon, in front of the Edmonton skyline. The vibe is golden, fall-like.
An ebike with a front basket locked on a bike rack. There is a low-rise building and a large, lush tree in the background. Three other bikes are locked up next to my bike.
A single speed road bike in front of a bench and the Edmonton skyline in the background. The bike has a ton of stickers on it and green handlebar tape.
POV: you're on a road bike, looking forwards over the handlebars. They are wrapped in green bar tape, there's a black bell, a phone holder, and an action cam attached. You are in a parking spot that says RESERVED. ONLINE ORDER, IN-STORE & CURBSIDE PICK UP. For some reason, I get weird looks when I don't pull up in a huge SUV to pick up an order...
19 hours ago

As my bio says I'm just your average trans catgirl that likes programming ^^

i'm sill new to this whole fediverse thing, but it looks very interesting!

I hope I'll have fun here :)


Nick Giangreco
19 hours ago

After 7 months of seeing how great sharing #rstats content on here is, I need to start my #introduction by committing to write and share more. I benefit 100% from articles, tutorials and blogs - so I need to return the favor.

I love my job - I get to develop R packages/apps to enable innovative thinking in early clinical development. When not overworking I spend time with my fiancé, family, and friends experiencing all that Buffalo has to offer!

20 hours ago

Hello world! I’m merpthebirb, a 20-something enby who enjoys technology and birds. I’m fairly introverted so I probably won’t be posting much, hopefully you like it when I do. #introduction

21 hours ago

I'm Dragon (they/them), a transmasc enby nerd who's just here to chill. I love video games, especially #HollowKnight (400+ hours babyyyy). Currently playing #TearsOfTheKingdom and loving it. I'm the kind of nerd who has built their own PC, complete with rainbow #gaymer lights. I also love #cooking, #baking, all things #cats and #animation.

I'm new to Fediverse and didn't use Twitter after like 2016 so still figuring this shit out.

Not sure what else to put in an
#introduction but maybe I'll update this some time.

♿🔞 Many (Fresh account move)
22 hours ago

Hello, Tenforward!!! I suppose a new #introduction/#introductions post is in order.

We're many, a manifold mindmesh, viscountexx of chitin, and you may not have our names. We're a queer games streamer, sex worker, amateur self-taught 3d artist, witch of plants & other gay things, and all around "content creator" and recovering tech queer.

We have a few more accounts around Fedi, and boost nearly all the posts we make from those accounts to main!

@viscountexx for the fae/doll posting
@colchispod for our audio drama podcast-in-progress for the sex work promos for disability rambles and poetry when we don't just, use main for that
and for... Uh, we'll figure it out!

We've been around the fedi since before Mastodon used ActivityPub and are happy to give tips - please ask questions, and please ask before giving advice. Previous main that we're phasing out is/was @manifold.

We have a site at which links to most things we do online. That site will be revamped soon, so stay tuned!

To neatly cap this post off, here's some pictures of various levels of horny for you to enjoy! Thanks for reading!

it's Many! a white queer with wet purple-to-blonde gradient hair and a smile on faer face, accentuated by a pair of spiderbite lip piercings, riding in some sort of boat! faer glasses are tinted, and fae're in a trans-colored bikini top.
Many again, but now naked and glasses-less with faer face is covered in (somewhat clear) cum. some of it got in faer eye, oh dear. always wear eye protection!
many are wearing glasses, a pink shirt that has a cat with a knife saying "do crime", and yellow boxers that accentuate a bulge.
many in a pretty red floral tank top and red/black patterned skirt, blue/black collar with a bell, and a cute black sun hat, laying in the grass relaxing all cutely.

Thrilled to welcome our new #mstdnca peeps! :mstdnca:​

Not sure where to start?

An #introduction post will help introduce yourself.
Take a peek at for the latest updates.
Our Code of Conduct is at to help understand our community values.
Venture into local & federated timelines, engage with posts, boost, follow.

Keep in mind, there's no perfect way to Mastodon and these are just tips, it's your journey to shape. Happy to have you with us!

Banner image with "waving" emoji, and the logo in the middle ( logo is the red Mastodon elephant shape with a C and A, and a maple leaf in the middle of the C.)

Text says: "Start here" and "Commencer ici"
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
23 hours ago

Alright, time for an #introduction post for this new server! My name is Borealis, but most online know me as the LiteralGrill! You can call me Allie for short.

I absolutely adore #anime and #manga and often write essays on what I'm watching. I'm a big fan of animation in general, as well as any other obscure media.

I'm #disabled and care deeply about #disability justice. I'm pretty staunchly on the left, so fair warning!

Oh yeah, I love to play #boardgames! I have a pretty weird collection and might show off some of my rarities and oddities on occasion.

You should check out what I'm doing in those links on my profile, I'm sure you'll find something that catches your interest to read about!

I'm really happy to be here and hope I can support this fantastic decentralized platform while making amazing connections across the globe.

23 hours ago

Hi! I make stuff, that is what I hope to make a living doing! Nice to be here :3 #introduction

23 hours ago

After 1 month on Mastodon, here is what I've learned:

👉 Start your first toot with an introduction. Be sure to use the #introduction tag so more people can find it.
👉 Use tags. Always include tags in your toots. Also, subscribe to your favorite tags so you can find people to follow.
👉 Use a dedicated app. After trying several clients my choice was @ivory but there are several other options out there.
👉 Support your instance. They are the ones who keep everything running smoothly.


23 hours ago

Welcome to #AllThingsTech @summatechnologica We’re glad you’re here and look forward to interacting with and seeing what you have to offer as far as content.

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23 hours ago

It's been a while, so how about a new #introduction post? Hi there! I'm a #GenderFluid software engineer. I'm interested in #Social Justice, #SolarPunk, and #PermaCulture. I run a small volunteer group of medical providers that provide first aid services to pop culture conventions. I have a garden that I'm trying to convert into a #FoodForest. I believe in the #RightToRepair. I'm currently studying towards a master's degree in library and information science #LIS. I am also #ActuallyAutistic!

Caelan Baggins
1 day ago

My previous #introduction got lost in the ether when I moved to this instance, so here’s a new one:

🐶 I mostly draw stuff and post dog pics. My dog’s name is Benzo because he was supposed to help with my anxiety (he didn’t). I would die for him.

⚡️ I’m a trained SKYWARN storm spotter. If I say “get in the basement”, please listen.

▫️ I don’t follow NSFW/kink accounts but I don’t mind at all if you follow me.

Now, please look at my dog. Thank u.

A photo of a cute chihuahua in a red plaid shirt.
1 day ago

#自己紹介 #introduction


米国ワシントン州シアトル在住です。シアトルといえば古くはボーイングやマイクロソフト、最近ではアマゾンが有名ですが、私はその 1/1000(笑)くらいの規模の IT 企業で商用ソフトウェア開発に携わっています。妻と3歳になったばかりの娘の3人家族です。

趣味は自転車とマンガ、F1 です。自転車はロードサイクリングとポタリングの他、メインの交通手段としても利用しています。マンガは何でも読みますが、特に柴田昌弘(古いw)や村上もとかなど、社会性のある作品が好きです。F1 ではアイルトン・セナの永遠のファンですが、フェルナンド・アロンソも昔から好きでした。アストン マーティンがんばれ!


1 day ago

#Introduction My name's Timothy (he/him), a lifelong devotee of The Mysteries.
Been around the #weirdosphere for a while, especially #astrotwitter.
Much of my adult life has focused on supporting those at the extremes of the human experience, be that in psychiatric care, or plant ceremonies. Now training as a #transpersonal #psychotherapist.
Will share longform reflections as I make sense of my experiences to date, and clean house for what's next. I warmly invite you to join me in this process!

1 day ago

#introduction -

Heya. I'm Jae or Zak. I'm a musician / writer and a huge casual gamer. I run Linux full-time and do my best to understand the world around me.

Expect posts regarding a variety of things. I'm quite all over the place and am honest about that, aha.

Nothing really complicated. I'm quite easy-going and just try to vibe. Hope you're doing well!

1 day ago

Ok, I guess the thing to do is write an #introduction post...

I'm Packy, and I'm a third-generation computer professional through my mother's side of the family. I've worn a lot of hats in my 30+ years of work: PC tech, sysadmin, network engineer, support specialist, software architect, but the one I enjoy the most is Perl Developer. I put my perl stuff on my Github page.

In my spare time, my wife and I do community theater, and we have a puppet company called PacKay Productions. We stopped making puppet videos before the pandemic, but we're looking forward to forming some new creative partnerships and firing up the video cameras again.


Avatar ALT TEXT: A white man with brown hair side-by-side with a dark red live-hand monster puppet with thick black eyebrows.

Header ALT TEXT: A flame point Siamese cat lays across the shoulders of a white man with brown hair wearing a white T-shirt and glasses. The cat has a contented look on his face; the man is smiling.

1 day ago

I have been HAM for about 25yrs, a handicapped, retired Senior Systems Administrator, with a keen interest in digital communications even before it was a thing.

I now live in an apartment so it make my HAM live difficult but not impossible, but as with many things since my accident difficulties are to be over come and not a road block.

I live in Mississauga, Ont. And it's a pleasure to be here and meet you all

tagesschau Ukraine Liveblog
1 day ago

Hallo #Fediverse Community! 👋
Dieser Account liefert alle Nachrichten aus dem tagesaktuellen 🇺🇦 #Ukraine #Liveblog von in Echtzeit aus.

📢 #FollowFriday #BoostsWelcome
#tagesschau #Nachrichten #Aktuelles #News #Newstodon #FediNews #Live #introduction

Gustavo Ogasawara
1 day ago

I never know what to #write in this #introduction thing. Maybe because I don't really know who I am or maybe I'm a mixture of many things.

Anyway, my name is Gustavo and I live in #Jundiaí, the city of #grapes, in #Brazil. I am currently a #PhD student in #biochemistry and the #question I am trying to answer is:

Is it possible to use the knowledge of the #plant #circadianclock to increase the efficiency of #weedmanagement in #sorghum crop?

At the same time I trying to answer what is #time?

In between, I make #music and #dance to the #rhythms of #life. It's like @neilhimself says in his profile: "It is too late now!"

And that's it! I joined this instance because I like the #idea behind questions. @freemo seems to have created something special here. Thanks!

It will be a pleasure to meet you all!

1 day ago

I'm just this dude who tries to muddle through life as best he can.

Gen-X (I think??? I used to play outside and drink out of the hose, I remember a time without Internet).

Dad to a pre-teen who thinks they are a teen and is better at Minecraft than me.

#Minecraft player and modpack maintainer.

#Linux geek since before the middle ages.

#IT #networking and #security for a living, don't ask for details.

Pronouns he/him, but I'd also respond to "hey you!" and "it".

Dr. Traci Birge
2 days ago


New grand opening!

Just migrated my main account here from

I'm an #agroecologist in Finland.

My research is oriented toward improving food sustainability through building capacity and policy that works for people and nature.

🐝 #Agroecology #FoodSystems #Biodiversity #Farming #Farmers #Farmland #AgriEnvironment #CAP
#Pollinators #BeneficialInsects
#BiologicalPestControl #NatureFriendlyFarming #SemiNaturalLandscapes #HomeGarden

Photo of a diverse farm landscape from Finland with a flowering strip, field an untilled area with livestock and trees. There is also forest bordering the field.
Nichelle Seely
2 days ago

Since I'm new to the, moved over from, I guess a new #introduction is in order. I'm a writer of fiction: mystery/suspense, science fiction, fantasy, and whatever strikes my fancy! I'm currently training to be a book coach to help people through all the things, so they don't spend years figuring it out like I did. I enjoy #nature, #science, #hiking, #biking, and #vegan #cooking and #baking. Oh, also #art and #architecture.

2 days ago

✋Hey ya! I’m the new squeak on the block. I figure I should start off fresh with an introduction.✋

🐆 I’m a just a freshly squeaked lil’ panther man, with an affinity for shiny things that go also go squeak✨

🎨 I also am fond of drawing things getting... lets say, “rubberized”.🎨

Always open to chatting with other furs/squeaks. So feel free to hop into my DMs (specifically Telegram. Which is available on my linktree: )


Dorian J. Burnette
2 days ago


Hello #Mastodon 👋 ! I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Memphis.

I am a broadly trained atmospheric scientist who uses a wide array of datasets including modern data, early instrumental and documentary data, and #paleoclimate data from tree rings to investigate extreme #weather and #climate events at a variety of time scales. Further details about me are available at the link below.

~ajhalili2006 (more personal)
2 days ago

#introduction #ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic: So, I'm converting this lurker backup account on Vivaldi Social to be the place to jot down my thoughts and stuff, kinda like the extended version of my main account ( but less unhinged (hint: political satire and shitposting) content on @FromTheBSHQ.

Obviously, I might start posting followers-only stuff in the future, so follow requests are enabled. (If we're both mutals on main or elsewhere/IRL, just ping/ask/contact me.)

2 days ago

#Introducción #Introduction

¡Hola! Somos mediateletipos, un veterano blog colectivo dedicado al arte sonoro, el activismo audiovisual, y los nuevos medios.

Nuestras raíces se hunden en los orígenes de la Web 2.0: comenzamos a publicar en abril de 2004.

Estamos muy contentos de adentrarnos en el #Fediverso a través de una instancia como


Captura de pantalla del que fue el primer post en Mediateletipos (entonces todavía llamado Audioteletipos) en abril de 2004.

«att_001 audio.teletipo numero 1. informacion


bienvenidos a audio teletipos

este blog funciona como un sistema de teletipos__mediante sindicación [suscripción a través de programas como feedreader, capaces de leer XML, RSS, ATOM, etc], este sitio facilitará información y noticias sobre la relación del audio y el arte [eventos, webs, proyectos, netArt, audio copyleft, netLabels, soundscapes, netRadios, audio_comunidades, etc.]

Este lugar es un proyecto de chiu longina, Pedro Jiménez, Pablo Sanz Almoguera y Juan Gil.
narF ✌️
2 days ago

Allo. Je viens juste d'arriver ici. Je voulais essayer cette instance Canadienne pour essayer d'être plus connecté avec les gens locaux.

Autrement je suis


2 days ago

Welcome to #AllThingsTech @pizzazzip We’re glad you’re here and look forward to interacting with and seeing what you have to offer as far as content.

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Our wiki: ➡️

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Dunkle McPhee
3 days ago

New instance, new #Introduction. I'm a PNW Metalhead who likes the NWSL and the Thorns. :thornsfc: I write software, for work and for fun.

3 days ago

Pinned post purely to introduce our two cats that appear in a post every morning:

Pict and Celt are sisters, rescue cats and now pretty senior. They can’t stand each other and fight a lot but will be in the same room rather than separated, so I guess that’s something.

Pict looks like a pure #calico, Celt is a calico-#tabby mix.

#CatsOfMastodon #Introduction #TokyoGatos

Pict looking upwards.
Celt attacking something behind the camera.
Erik Bates
3 days ago

#introduction update for the pinned post

Actually been on the fediverse for several years now, but was dormant for some time. Making a solid go of it again in light of the Twitter fiasco.

Spent the first 4 years over on before trying to make a go of joining a hyper-local instance. Trying to get my other #STL Twitter folks to join the fun.

Me, in bullet-points:
- #RockChalk
- #WreckEm
- #STL / #AllForCITY
- #Catholic

3 days ago

#introduction - New instance
Hey I'm Ste (he/him), live in Nottingham UK, gay, 37 1/2 years of age, not married or otherwise attached 😏🤭

I’m pretty cheeky in a dark way, often try to be funny but ymmv depending on your sense of humour.

Been on Mastodon since Oct ’22. Moved from to my own instance recently. Love this place 🥰

Interests include city builder games especially #Timberborn 🦫, listening to podcasts (mainly left of centre UK political), decent noughties music and playing Renaissance on repeat.

Collector of colourful boxer shorts 👀 Ex smoker, current vaper, drink like a 🐟.

Work in the textiles industry on the IT side. Web dev and backend, but mainly forced to do boring non-tech stuff

Always open for a chat and the darker the humour the better.

Selfie - me in a navy blue T-shirt with a swirl pattern
Me in front of the tv where Eurovision is playing. I’m doing a ✌🏻
Me in the garden Wendy house
Me in a new next jacket with the hood up looking like a dork, smiling

call me Churro!✨
"emo cub" option in Life: The Dating Sim

post-HRT/genderodd; any pronoun/term
demipan; free lovesick
mostly Cuban; hablo español
antifa/anticap; Marxist

into: art [writing, music, photography, drawing...] linguistics, psych/anthro, philos/leftist theory, horseback riding, body mods

#Introduction #Sex #Kink #BDSM #Panromantic #Pansexual #Demisexual #RelationshipAnarchy #Queerplatonic #Transmasc #Genderfluid #TransNudes #GayCub #TransCub

David Dean
4 days ago

Updating my #introduction, with a bit more #gender. :transgender_flag: :enby: :flag_bigender:

I'm a #Geospatial data enthusiast with a passion for #OpenStreetMap and #indigenous mapping. Love #renovating my caravan and house on the side. I used to be the learning analytics manager at TAFE NSW, but now I'm exploring #geospatial #datascience and #datavisualization. Proudly based on Ainawan land in Armidale, NSW.

I'm #transgender, #nonbinary and #bigender, and want the world to be a better place for queer people. Generally you can assume I'm David and my pronouns are he/him, but sometimes I'm Davie and my pronouns are she/her.

David, wearing a long sleeve shirt with a shark pattern on it sitting outdoors at a restaurant, smiling. There are other people sitting at tables in the background.
Davie, standing in front of a ballustrade, overlooking a park at Bellingen. She's wearing a white skirt, green top with a blue purse and birkenstocks.
4 days ago


Hello all my name is Stu. I am a engineer who builds stainless steel guards for custom industrial conveyors

I love open source software, Linux and Windows 11.

I love social media and decentralized platforms like yours truly #Mastodon

#Golf #FOSS #iOS #Linux #DIY

Mr. Ashton
4 days ago


🌈🍎 Hello, I am a queer teacher candidate who was terminated for coming out to my students. I did not graduate from teacher's college because I came out to my students. My GoFundMe video explains the issue. Protect trans kids!

LGBTQ+ rights in education can't backslide like this. Please donate and share the link, and if you know anyone who sets the Gay Agenda, can you make sure my case is on it?

Roddy :swift:
4 days ago

It’s been a while, so here’s my updated #introduction!

I'm Roddy, a British iOS developer who moved to Canada in 2020. 🇬🇧🇨🇦

I created my first app back in 2014, and now I'm working full-time as an iOS developer at theScore.

I also work on three indie apps, @soka, @classifier and @ceramispace, as well maintaining a newsletter focused on indie app development. You can check it out at!

If we’ve not spoken before, say hi!

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hello everyone, I'm Puff! I just migrated over here from a different server. I've been on Mastodon since last November.

I don't think i'm that interesting ha. Well before becoming disabled I was in college and was studying film/TV production. I still enjoy parts of it but don't want a career in it.

I have a TBI along with a few other things so it's hard to do much day to day. I've come to enjoy video games, anime, birding, cooking shows, drawing (when I'm able) and writing poetry (also when I'm able). Some of my favorite games are Stardew Valley, Slay the Spire, Final Fantasy XIV, and Breath of the Wild.

hope to make some friends here! <3

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Hello, I am Bloonface. I enjoy things like gaming, old TV presentation, vague attempts at making videos and music, blogging and generally being an internet wastrel in Norwich.

I have some stuff online you might want to look at:

General website:

And I run some rude bots:

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Very pleased to announce what I was working towards... I've started Fine City Social, a new instance running on #Calckey for people in #Norwich and #Norfolk, #England! Please do feel free to recommend to anyone in the area or with a connection, the more the merrier!

#Fediadmin #Fediverse #Fedi #introduction #uk

Mark A. Rayner
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Primarily I write #ScienceFiction and #humor, but I've also written darkly comic stuff, fabulist satire, and some literary fiction. Once I was a prolific blogger of squibs, screeds and other drivel (some pure & some quite tainted with meaning.) I co-host a podcast. I teach at a university.

My cats are keeping me sane. (Ish.)

If you want to understand my rich inner life better, I recommend this #book: Alpha Max

#SFF #humor #writing #writingcommunity

Black and white photo of Mark , with hands folded behind head on a pillow, thinking: "Life is too important to be taken seriously." –Oscar Wilde
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My name is Jackson Allen. My dream is to take care of myself and be nice to people - I'm doing that by practicing to be a self-sufficient science fiction author. I tell stories as a kind gesture in a cruel time. Science fiction is a weapon in the war against our dystopian reality. #introduction #author #amwriting #author #writing

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Hi, my name is Alex and I like to give warm hugs!

Please read my blog because I'm needy.

I was once voted "Nicest Person here" and I am not exactly sure why.

Before mentioned blog:


Internet Hedgehog
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Hi there, I'm a real life hedgehog.

I like personal computers and want to bring them back. Stuff like #HyperCard and other brilliant #HCI projects are my jam. #retrocomputing fellow traveler (but I prefer working with newer tech) and end-user programming believer.

I'll probably use this account to complain about tech and the tech industry and to post screenshots of little projects and stuff.

What else... I like #touhou a lot, but I'm still pretty bad at dodging danmaku.