In #Idaho, Extremists Have Created a Culture of Fear Around Pregnancy

Christian nationalists are taking over the state government & abortion access is ONLY their first target

#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #WomensHealth

The Japan Times
2 days ago

The global resurgence for nuclear energy starts in Idaho National Laboratory in the U.S., where researchers first generated electricity from splitting the atom in 1951. #worldnews #us #nuclearenergy #emissions #climatechange #idaho #energy

Cranky Clown
5 days ago

5 pm Main to Glenwood #Boise River greenbelt report: 33°F and clear, aside from the construction sign in my #bike lane (again, at the same location). I wonder if Valley Glass is responsible for this? They love parking on the sidewalk and blocking the bike lane in front of their business. I counted 3 bikes, 14 peds, and 4 good dogs this evening. #cycling #carbonFootprint #cardio #bikeTooter #idaho

Construction sign and frame dangerously blocking the bike lane on Main Street at 24th.
Alice Marshall
6 days ago

#Idaho Asks Supreme Court to Let State Prosecute Doctors, Ban Abortions
The state of Idaho is being represented by the designated hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Cranky Clown
6 days ago

7:30 am Glenwood to Main #Boise River greenbelt report: 22°F and still. I take Adams from Glenwood to Veterans when it’s much below freezing. Then the southern greenbelt to the pedestrian bridge where I cross over. I only counted 2 bikes and 2 peds this morning. No good dogs. In fairness, I can’t blame them for wanting to sleep in. #cycling #carbonFootprint #cardio #bikeTooter #Idaho

42nd St southern greenbelt access point in Garden City. My recumbent bike in the foreground. Sunrise in the background. A directional sign behind the greenbelt. The river is behind the sign.
Tim Bondy
1 week ago

I know the #Idaho Congressional Delegation said 2-3 years ago they had no intention of banning abortions. They were smiling, knowing the Idaho State legislature would do that job for them. Now these asswipes will finish the job if they can get #Trump back into the White House. #PutinAndTrump are brothers in bed.

2 weeks ago

#idaho through the eyes of German documentarians.
Thank goodness for Jennifer Ellis in SE Idaho....practically the only bit of relief in this.

2 weeks ago

I've done a lot of thinking about this, as well as some serious activism, to develop ways to prevent the threats & then if you can't, to ensure there are negative consequences to those who threaten others.
I covered one way to do this with @MattBinder I talked about the civil lawsuit from St. Luke's Hospital in Boise #Idaho against #AmmonBundy & his mob for threatening & defaming the staff. This model can be used in other cases where people are threatened.

2 weeks ago

From #Cheyenne to #Utah, and into #Idaho.

Cheyenne letter sculpture.
Mountains near Morgan, Utah. Shot from the interstate.
Mountains near Ogden, Utah.
Sun setting behind mountains in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. Shot from the highway.
Drew Johnson
2 weeks ago

#Idaho National Lab hacked by “self-proclaimed ‘gay furry hackers.’”

> The group commonly attacks government and affiliated organizations for political reasons, like targeting state governments for passing anti-trans legislation earlier this year.

Divas for Democracy
2 weeks ago

Hospitals that #refuse to treat #pregnant women should lose all government funding whether that is Medicare or Medicaid and whether or not the funding is targeted for women or the general population. If a hospital refuses to treat women appropriately, shut it down. The government can build hospitals for women. The ass prick men and women who disagree can find care elsewhere.

#Idaho #EMTALA #ReproductiveCare

SHUT Breaking News
2 weeks ago

Mysterious dog respiratory illness caused by new bacterial infection, say researchers: A new type of bacterial infection may be causing a mysterious dog respiratory illness that has sickened dogs across the country. #Florida #California #NBCNews #Indiana #Idaho

Leaded Solder
2 weeks ago

I wish I had asked him this before taking my clothes off. #idaho

A conversation with a chat bot named Dr. Potato. I am asking "Are you a real doctor?" He replies "Dr. Potato isn't a real doctor but a team of potato experts ready to answer all your potato questions."
Eureka! Fakten
2 weeks ago

In den 50-er Jahren experimentierte man mit Kernreaktoren für Flugzeuge. Die Testtriebwerke können heute in #Idaho in der Nähe der Stadt #Arco besichtigt werden.

#Eureka #Quiz #aviation #AvGeek

Southern Minnesota Guy
2 weeks ago

Stardust Motel

Wallace, Idaho, USA / Traditional territory of the Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene), Ktunaxa ɁamakɁis , and Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla nations

#Idaho #WallaceID #motel #neon #sign #StardustMotel #retro

Photo of a neon sign lit up at night. It features a stylized comet and the words STARDUST MOTEL.
Northwest Beer Guide
3 weeks ago "Want to own your own brewery, Boise? This ‘beloved’ one is for sale for $3.5 million" Formerly Garden City Brewing, the brewery was renamed to Powderhaus Brewing. Today, they are selling it for 3.5 million. Article by #EthanMarshall
#Boise #Idaho #Beer #News.

image of Powderhaus Brewing's grain silo, sourced from News Street.
Cranky Clown
3 weeks ago

7:15 am Glenwood to Main greenbelt report: 40°F and mostly sunny. I counted 11 peds, 4 bikes, 4 good dogs, 1 beautiful fox running across the westernmost softball field at Willow Lane, 1 Lime scooter. 10 ducks on the greenbelt didn’t even flinch as I weaved between them at 15 MPH. This is my favorite time of year for bike commuting. I get to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset each day I ride. #boise #idaho #cycling #carbonFootprint #cardio #bikeTooter

Sunrise over downtown Boise from the greenbelt near the Water Park. The front of my recumbent bike in the foreground.
David Mayhood
3 weeks ago

This company's mines are responsible for polluting Fording River, Elk River and its mainstem Kootenay/Kootenai River with selenium far downstream into Montana & Idaho. I imagine the US federal government, as well as the governments of #Montana & #Idaho, will be watching this transfer of ownership very carefully. Call me unreasonable, but #Canada & #BC should be all over this also. #DFO: any concerns?

#Mining #Coal #Pollution #TransBoundary #USA #Environment

#Rainbow igloos can be built with “#snow cement" and colorful ice blocks created by mixing #food coloring with ice. In this #timelapse tutorial #video, Matt Allred, an OB-GYN from Rexburg, #Idaho, demonstrates how he built a 10 ft. tall colorful igloo using around 500 ice bricks. He shares tips and challenges faced during the approximately 40-hour construction process. ❄️🌈🧊

👉 Learn more:

#tksst #winter #architecture #diy #howto

A colorful igloo
Yusuf Toropov
3 weeks ago

In the 45 #Idaho races where local #Democrats endorsed nonpartisan candidates based on shared values — not necessarily party affiliation — 73 percent won.

Amazing, right? Now we just need to keep up the momentum into #2024election.

Read more here:

#DemocratsAbroad #Ireland #BlueWave #BidenHarris2024 #TeamPete #WinTheEra

It’s National Native American Heritage Month! And it’s also my 1st #Fediversery today! I thought I’d express my joy for both by sharing my new tribal flag that my grandma shipped me from the Rez! I guess I’m the first to ask for one for personal use, so it was made especially for me. I feel so grateful for and proud of where I come from! Now I just need to get the wrinkles out and figure out where to display it in little ol’ #Idaho… Happy #NAHM to my fellow #Natives! We’re still here! ✊🏽

A tribal flag hangs from the mantel of a fireplace. On its white background is a Native man in pre-contact attire, crouching over and tending to a roaring fire. Above him in large font it says, “Hannahville” and below him, “Potawatomi”. In smaller print beneath that it says, “Keeper of the Fire”.
Steve Henderson Fine Art
3 weeks ago

Standing high above the river flowing through the gorge below, you have an unparalleled view of the landscape. The panorama of hills extends off into the distance, and you realize that you can see far, quite far -- the big picture, so to speak.

But not the details. To see those, you must get close.

Grand Ronde River Gorge framed print --


Framed print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a river running through the wilderness of Idaho.
4 weeks ago

#Nuclear fallout: Scrapped reactors and Manchin’s move

By HANNAH NORTHEY, 11/09/2023

"A highly anticipated advanced nuclear energy project was scrapped this week, signaling that the technology may have a rocky future despite billions of dollars in federal investment.

"#NuScalePower and a group of local electric utilities announced on Wednesday that they’re abandoning plans to build six first-of-a-kind modular reactors near Idaho Falls, #Idaho, writes Zach Bright. The project was set to receive as much as $1.4 billion from the Department of Energy — in a so-called cost-share deal — but couldn’t attract enough power subscribers.

"Small, factory-built reactors have long been touted as a possible lifeline for the nation’s aging nuclear sector and a carbon-free way to replace retiring coal-fired power plants. But some experts have questioned whether the industry can grow fast enough to curb power emissions.

"'It could be seen as another notch towards the idea of ‘this is a bit more #hype than reality,' said Eric Gimon, a senior fellow for energy think tank Energy Innovation. Electricity from the #NuScale reactors, he said, was ultimately too costly for local utilities."

#NRC #DOE #NoNukes #NoNewNukes #PriceAndersonAct #SmallModularNuclearReactors #NuclearHype

Tim Bondy
4 weeks ago

#Idaho #Landscape #Geograpghy
Taken at 12 noon on Nov. 8, 2023 at 43.352122, -115.390569 and map linked at

The Headwaters of Little Camas Canal System and the headwaters of Little Camas Creek, that drains into Anderson Ranch Reservoir in southwestern Idaho.

Little Camas Canal System flows from this spot for about 10 miles before the canal drains into Long Tom Creek.

Steve Henderson Fine Art
4 weeks ago

I enjoy hiking. And I am old enough and have done it long enough to have come to a point of doing it my way -- not the TV show way, or the hiking magazine way, or the sports catalog that wants to sell me hiking clothes way. And my way is to make sure I stop, frequently, to BE in my surroundings.

A Moment to Reflect framed print --

#hiking #wilderness #nature #idaho #art #artwork #stevehenderson #mastoart #fediart #ayearforart #buyintoart #oil #painting #peace #water

Framed print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a wilderness scene and the hiker stopping to look at it.
4 weeks ago

"Nuclear Energy Project in Idaho Is Canceled

The project that NuScale Power and Western energy companies had developed struggled to attract enough utility customers."

".. cost of building the reactors, which had soared to $9.3 billion from $5.3 billion .."


#Atomkraft #AKW #Idaho #Kernenergie #Kernkraft #Kernkraftwerk #NPP #NuScale #SMR #UAMPS #USA

Idaho Fire Info
4 weeks ago

This is my unamused face. #Sigh

Getting smoke reports out of Salmon. A #fire is burning near Leesburg, #Idaho just outside the Moose 2022 perimeter.

First thought is prescribed fire or burning slash, but dispatch has no open incidents.

Other option is a stupid hunter... aggressively stupid. #IDFire #IDwx

#W #T #F

USFS Topo map with estimated locaiton of location of fire marked East of Leesburg
Photo of Smoke drifting across the Salmon River mountains into Salmon.
VIRRS Fire detection map showing fire detections east of Leesburg
4 weeks ago

I’m pretty happy with our election results in #Boise. All of the candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood won. And I’m glad that voters a few towns over unelected their current mayor, who shot his son during an argument recently. 😳 #Idaho #election

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago
Should Be Writing
1 month ago

#PublicTransit advocates and #cyclists in #Idaho needed to provide comment for the IDT Planning and Environmental Linkages study for future #transportation in the Rathdrum Prairie area.

Read the study and submit comments online before Nov. 16:

#AutofreiID #ID #Boise #BoiseID #BoiseState #CoeurdAlene #CoeurdAleneID #IdahoFalls #Pocatello #PocatelloID #TwinFallsID #FuckCars #WarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #TaylorSwift #ClimateCrisis

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago

Lawmakers should probably be required to have some education. #GOPYokels #GOPIgnorants #GOP #Idaho #WTFIdaho

Bonkers Republican bill in Idaho would make mRNA-based vaccination a crime

1 month ago

! #Idaho mother and son charged with kidnapping over out-of-state #abortion |The Guardian

CareFlag She/Her
1 month ago

"Obstetrician leaves Idaho after state enacts one of the nation's most extreme #abortion bans " (6 mos. ago)

Maternal crisis worsens. Then recently, #Idaho House Health & Welfare Committee Chair, Republican John Vander Woude's thinking has "evolved" that the health of pregnant women should be considered in legislation. #CBSNews

It's Going Down
1 month ago

"While they spent hundreds on canvas and gas for banners that stayed up just a few minutes, we used their banners to further the fight for a safe and free community. We took advantage and used the banner burning as an organizing event to discuss next steps in our community defense against a Nazi newly moved to the area. Additionally, [another crew] destroyed theirs at an event that made over 600 dollars used to distribute morning after pills."

#Boise #Idaho #Antifascist

Ang Black
1 month ago

How the US supreme court and an #Idaho couple upended wetlands protection | US news | The Guardian

> Experts fear half of the 290m #wetland acres have lost federal protection and could be at risk from developers


This case, brought by an Idaho couple, Michael and Chantell Sackett, who wanted to fill in a section of wetland to develop a house in Priest Lake without getting a permit first, has upended previous assumptions about the protection of wetlands and now places many of the remaining, prized wetlands at risk. In August, the Environmental Protection Agency released a new, scaled-down set of water protections that its administrator, Michael Regan, said was necessary after the “disappointing” supreme court decision.
1 month ago

Ahhhh. Last hot springs soak for the year. I always love a drive to Idaho City on a bluebird day like this. #Idaho #HotSprings

An empty swimming pool with the sun shining overhead and forest-covered hills in the background.
A hot soaking tub made with a rock wall around it. A pitcher of ice water and the remains of a cheese and fruit plate sit on its rim. The private area is enclosed on the sides by concrete walls and logs, with an opening giving a view of a forested hillside. There is no roof.
Cranky Clown
1 month ago

Scratching my head this morning. Jodi Peterson-Stigers went to the trouble of writing an op-ed in the Idaho Statesman blasting Mike Masterson without ever mentioning his name. Why bother? #boise #idaho #mayor #politics

1 month ago

Fall is my favorite color. #autumn #Idaho

Cottonwood trees with bright yellow leaves frame a view of a mountain lake.
A man walks a dog past trees with bright red and yellow leaves. The ground is carpeted with yellow leaves and a woman is riding a bicycle in front of the pair.
Mark H
1 month ago

In our hotel and waiting for the rain here in #SanFrancisco to ease off a bit before wandering down to the pier and boarding the ship. Enjoyed a stroll around Fisherman's Wharf yesterday evening; good vibe, good entertainment. A city we'd like to come back and see more of. Great trip getting here, no troubles, all a bit tiring though. Fab cocktails in the hotel bar last night. Anyway, here, have a photo from the plane over #Idaho yesterday.

#Travel #Airplane #TravelPhotography #Photography

View from an airplane window on the right side of the plane. The upper view, with part of the wing visible, is almost a black blue brightening to a white band of atmosphere over the surface below. The surface is mostly bare rocky terrain with plenty of geological features and the noticeable aspect are some tall plumes of smoke rising in a small group and then catching the wind and streaming to the right.
1 month ago

Last week my sister took me to a fossil site she discovered in McCall, Idaho. It was fun digging up leaf fossils in the sediments thought to be about 16 million years old, when the local flora was dominated by deciduous hardwoods (gingkos!) and redwoods. This was my best find. #Idaho #paleontology #paleobotany #fossils

The fossil of a leaf is perfectly preserved in a piece of sandstone. It resembles a quaking aspen leaf in shape, sort of cross between rounded and heart-shaped.
Cranky Clown
2 months ago

This mostly-wildflower pollinator bed has been a rainbow of color all summer and into the fall. Still getting some good action! 🌸 🌺 💐 #boise #idaho #garden #bloomScrolling

Pollinator garden full of flowers. Mostly pink, purple and red right now.
2 months ago

Feds OK #NaturalGasPipeline expansion in #PacificNorthwest over #environmentalist #protests

Updated 6:41 PM EDT, October 19, 2023

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — "Federal regulators on Thursday approved the expansion of a natural gas pipeline in the Pacific Northwest over the protest of environmental groups and top officials in West Coast states, who said it goes against the region’s plans to address #ClimateChange and could pose a #wildfire risk.

"The project, known as GTN Xpress, aims to expand the capacity of the Gas Transmission Northwest pipeline, which runs through Idaho, Washington and Oregon, by about 150 million cubic feet (4.2 million cubic meters) of natural gas per day. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave it the green light in a vote on Thursday.

"#TCEnergy plans to modify three compressor stations along the pipeline — in #KootenaiCounty, #Idaho; #WallaWalla County, #Washington; and #ShermanCounty, #Oregon. Compressor stations help maintain the pressure and flow of gas over long distances in a pipeline.

"Environmental groups criticized the decision."

#BigGas #GasPipeline #FossilFuels #BigOilAndGas #Oiligarchy

2 months ago

In my happy place. #Idaho #HotSprings

A woman stand in a gravel-bottomed hot springs pool on a blue sky day. There is a wooden walkway around the pool, a log cabin to the left, and a pine forest in the background.
A woman sits in an outdoor bath tub surrounded by rocks. Natural hot water pours onto her head from a pipe in the rock wall behind her.
Jason Stiff
2 months ago

I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere. The 3 cars I've owned have had license plates from 6 states. I began driving in Montana, and I'm back home driving in Montana once again!

#Montana #Utah #Idaho #Washington #NewMexico #California #stiff #car #cars #licenseplate #licenseplates #funnylicenseplates

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago

"Critical Thinking" isn't such a difficult concept to define. It simply means to question the things we're told. That's it. At first, such a process is difficult, especially for someone who watches a lot of TV and "news," but the more we do it, the more natural it becomes.

Along the Salmon River greeting card --

#nature #wilderness #mountains #idaho #earth #art #artwork #mastodon #mastoart #fediverse #fediart #stevehenderson #weather #news #buyintoart #ayearforart

Greeting card of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a mountain wilderness scene with a barn next to the river.

The Sawtooth fault area has been active recently including a 3.2 #Earthquake about 30 minutes ago. Captured on my #seismograph up in Salmon #Idaho

Beginning this year, Idaho public schools will require a financial literacy course for high school graduation.

Gee, I wonder if the curriculum covers this real-life Idaho math problem:
Seventeen-year-old woman has unwanted pregnancy

* abortion is illegal in her state
* Idaho law explicitly restricts minors' out-of state travel for abortions
* helping a pregnant minor get an abortion in another state is punishable by 2 to 5 years in prison

How much savings does she need to cover:
* round-trip transportation to an out-of-state healthcare provider
* out-of-state food and lodging
* cost of medical procedure
* lost wages from weekend job
* legal fees to fight prosecution of whomever assisted her in seeking out-of-state care

#AbortionIsHealthcare #BodilyAutonomy #BansOffOurBodies #Math #Economics #USPol #USPolitics #Healthcare #Idaho #Christofascists

jamie hill 🏴‍☠️
2 months ago

🫦🫦🫦 #BOISE , #IDAHO!! we are beyond excited to announce that our next show on the @shannoncurtis Good to Me tour is going to be January 13, 2024, at the Gem Center for the Arts "Lounge at the End of the Universe"!!

this rad, unique venue is somewhere between a black box and a cabaret. vibey 🙀🙀🙀

tickets are on sale NOW. It's a saturday a couple weeks after the holidays. we know you don't have plans yet; so mark your calendars _now_ and let's do art together!!


2 months ago

Mirror Lake in North #Idaho, not far from Sandpoint. It's the first time we've booked a #HipCamp site, which is sort of an Air BnB for campers and RVers. Landowners rent a site on their property which might be farm, ranch, or a spot in a meadow or along a stream. Much more peaceful that most campgrounds!

Fluffy clouds and trees in golden sunlight are reflected on a lake peppered with lily pads.
2 months ago

Misty morning on the Salmon River. #Idaho #Dogs

A dog stands on a beach along a river, back lit from the rising sun. The hillsides slope steeply down to the river, which had low clouds over it upstream.

As Audrey Dutton reports, since banning abortion, Idaho has dismantled support systems for pregnancies and births. She writes,

"Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care."

#Idaho #abortion #women #MaternalCare #pregnancy #Medicaid #CrueltyIsthePoint #ProLife

Shirley Eugest
2 months ago

"#Idaho Banned #Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births", because of course they did.

These fellows aren't "pro-life", they are pro-control, pro-corporation, and pro-owner class.

Alternatively, they could let go of their other RW positions:
-health care only through employer
-low minimum wage
-high cost of child care
-corporate owned housing.

But they won't.

2 months ago

#Idaho Banned #Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births.

Since the #SupremeCourt overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum #Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care.

#Health #Healthcare #Pregnancy #Parents #Babies #Birth #News

This photo, of the local Safeway’s coupon, shows that the store is incentivizing shoppers to get a #flu #vaccine - shocked me. In a good way.

Shocked because this was in my wife’s hometown in northern #idaho where #antivax protestors made a huge fuss during the #covid lockdown.

So I’m curious…

Are any of you around the #US also seeing this at your local #safeway or other drugstores?

The top few inches of a Safeway grocery store receipt stating "Free Flu Shots". You'll get 10% off a grocery order with every immunization.

Immunizations are free unless your insurance requires a copay, and restrictions apply.
Hippy Steve
2 months ago

Actions have consequences.

"The four OB-GYNs who previously worked at Bonner General, meanwhile, have left #Idaho to practice in states where #abortion is legal. All four told NBC News that the state’s ban contributed to their decisions to move.

As a whole, the situation has left mothers-to-be in Bonner County to contend with an unexpected consequence of their state’s abortion policy: reduced access to medical care for women whose pregnancies are very much wanted."

Steve Herman
2 months ago

New railcar designed to transport spent #nuclear fuel has completed a 1,600-mile round trip between #Colorado and #Idaho, US Energy Department reveals. Video:

Cranky Clown
3 months ago

@GottaLaff can’t get the Covid booster here in #Idaho yet. We were deprioritized due to low booster rates here. Frustrating to say the least.

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"The Center for #ReproductiveRights on Tuesday filed legal actions in #Tennessee, #Idaho and #Oklahoma on behalf of #women who say they were denied #abortion care in medical emergencies...

The goal, Hearron said, is twofold — to demonstrate that pregnant people are being denied timely medical care wherever abortion is banned, and to give clarity to doctors who he described as “terrified” of providing the procedure."

#WomensRights #WomensHealth #Healthcare #USA #News

News headline:
Abortion rights group sues on behalf of women denied care in emergencies
By Frances Stead Sellers
September 12, 2023 at 7:33 a.m. EDT
3 months ago

This isn't a random idea, there's a method.
I've talked with the lawyer who filed & won a huge civil defamation & harassment case against #AmmonBundy, his mob organization & his campaign for Governor of #Idaho. It's doable! The method can be used by multiple people being threatened.
#Trump & his #MAGATerrorists think their treats are protected speech, they are not.
#ThreatsOfViolence won't stop until there are serious penalties for the ORGANIZERS too.
#RICO @theidaho97

3 months ago
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

Idaho "lawmakers refused to extend the tenure of the state’s #MaternalMortality Review Committee, an expert panel... that investigated pregnancy-related deaths...

That was a bridge too far for Dr. Amelia Huntsberger, the #Idaho obstetrician who helped lead a push to create the panel in 2019. She recently moved to #Oregon.

“Idaho calls itself a quote ' #ProLife state', but the Idaho Legislature doesn’t care about the #death of moms,” she said."

Text from article:
But lawmakers refused to extend the tenure of the state’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, an expert panel on which Dr. Gustafson served that investigated pregnancy-related deaths. The Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative group, testified against it and later called it an “unnecessary waste of tax dollars” — even though the annual cost, about $15,000, was picked up by the federal government.

That was a bridge too far for Dr. Amelia Huntsberger, the Idaho obstetrician who helped lead a push to create the panel in 2019. She recently moved to Oregon. “Idaho calls itself a quote ‘pro-life state,’ but the Idaho Legislature doesn’t care about the death of moms,” she said.

Most significantly, the Legislature rejected a top priority of Dr. Gustafson and others in her field: amending state law so that doctors would be able to perform abortions when the health — not just the life — of the mother is at risk. It was almost too much for Dr. Gustafson. She loves living in Idaho, she said. But when asked if she had thought about leaving, her answer was quick: “Every day.”
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"One by one, doctors who handle high-risk pregnancies are disappearing from Idaho — part of a wave of obstetricians fleeing restrictive abortion laws and a hostile state legislature...

All told, more than a dozen labor and delivery doctors — including five of Idaho’s nine longtime maternal-fetal experts — will have either left or retired by the end of this year."
#GiftArticle #GiftLink

#Women #Healthcare #Pregnancy #Abortion #Idaho #USA #News

News headline: 
As Abortion Laws Drive Obstetricians From Red States, Maternity Care Suffers:
Some doctors who handle high-risk pregnancies are fleeing restrictive abortion laws. Idaho has been particularly hard hit.
3 months ago

Idaho Created a $25 Million Fund to Fix Unsafe #Schools.
Why Is Nobody Using It?

About a decade ago, one school district went to the state for money to fix its crumbling buildings.

It got a fraction of what it asked for.

Since then, no other district has even applied.

#Idaho #Teachers #Students #School

Wendy DLN
3 months ago

A #mushroom hiding among the fallen trees in the #Idaho Swatooth #forest with my manual 55 mm Micro-NIKKOR lens. Edit done in #darktable

A few pictures from the weekend adventure. We hauled ourselves up Borah Peak — as high as you can (legally) get in #Idaho — and had a great time doing it. We had a tight weather window, so we got a 4am start and caught some really great light.
#mountains #climbing

A hiker stands on a ledge/trail. A dog walks toward the camera. Mountainsides and a large valley are illuminated in the background.
A mountain peak in early morning light, partially shrouded in clouds.
A hiker walks away from the camera along a ridgeline in early morning light and mist.
A sweeping mountain valley with slanting light.