#idea motion/sound activated broom handle launcher that detects #motorcycles going too fast on my street and aims for their front wheel using machine vision.

#urbanism #slowTheFlockDown #20isPlenty #20sPlenty

James 🌈💜
1 day ago

Expendebelles with Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, Brigette Neilson, and Linda Hamilton. Where you could maybe throw in some less action-oriented ones like Grace Jones, or Sigourney Weaver, if you could get her, and then toss two or three modern action heroines.

#movies #idea

2 days ago


#You have #no #idea how much I #love #reading #this. Have a #great #day, my #friend!



train language models on terminal code dumps / replays of your activity, then try to simulate arbitrary program execution for a given I/O stream

Meiko / 8bit
6 days ago

who knows the games mario live kart and carmageddon? im planning something related to those two as #idea , soon to be #WIP ? if ill end up making it: ill strive to make it #opensource aswell.

6 days ago

"You can suffocate a thought by expressing it with too many words." — Frank A. Clark — — — #FrankAClark #quote #quotes #idea #thought #verbose #detract #blur #confuse


1 week ago

We should introduce "Community ALT text" on Mastodon (and other fediverse softwares which has similar ALT text implementation), much like the Community notes feature on Twitter. This would be really helpful for situations where it's challenging to provide a proper description for an image.

#alt #alttext #image #fediverse #mastodon #idea #mastodev #pixelfed #misskey

1 week ago
Christopher Bull
1 week ago

#IDEA-FAST is exploring the possibility of regulatory qualification for proposed cross-disease digital measures. Typically a measure is qualified per disease/condition, but we are exploring what is required to qualify a cross-disease digital measure!

We share some insights in this paper from a qualification advice process with the European Medicines Agency (EMA)--useful for anyone else considering this challenge:

#DigitalHealth #DigitalBiomarker #DigitalMeasure

Anyone here into #culturalanthropology, #linguistics, #AI, #LLM and #indiginous #history?

#IDEA: Preserve the world's vulnerable #indiginous #languages by training #LLMs on them.

In the #USA alone there are over 170 vulnerable indigenous languages:

1 week ago

"Lots of people know a good thing the minute the other fellow sees it [ed]." — Job E. Hodges — — — #JobEHodges #quote #quotes #goodthing #food #idea #other #quip #humor #humorous #funny

Tobias Roeser
1 week ago

Any idea how to achieve #Kotlin incremental compilation without IntelliJ #IDEA or #Gradle? Is it even possible from the CLI? Is there some Java/Kotlin API and documentation?

I'd like to integrate it into Mill / mill-kotlin plugin.


1 week ago

#urbanism #adams #kabiakoltrukt #FediArt #idea #pick #nowplaying

To extend or too lost
Which are the diffrencies between the words: personality
What is in where are pharmacy taxes ?
Why an umbrella is made for;
Thoughts of switsing craft noise.

Matej Završnik
1 week ago

Steal my #idea: threadmills in #airport terminals, especially smaller ones, so that you could go for a #walk when the airplane is late.

§ Jason :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

A clothing store that does a full body scan and then produces bespoke clothes that fit exactly to your desires.

You go into the store, get scanned, choose the clothes/styles you want, the clothes are produced, and then shipped to you. Even better, the store might have a small automated production shop where you can watch your clothes being made, and then walk out the door with them.


#fashion #clothes

‘They’re meaningless’: why women’s clothing sizes don’t measure up

Doug Parker
2 weeks ago

#Idea: A #browser #extension which highlights #WebComponents on the page and their hydration state per `defer-hydration`. This can help devs identify which components are hydrating too early or too late as well as which components would have the most user impact from improved hydration.

This idea came up for #Angular, but I think it can also be applied generically to the web components ecosystem more broadly.

WIST Quotations
2 weeks ago

A quotation from Wilde, Oscar:

An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #change #danger #epiphany #idea #impact #thought #threat #worth

Oscar Wilde - "An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all."
Oliver Drotbohm
2 weeks ago

Attention, #IntelliJ #IDEA users! ☝️ If you’d like to see #SpringModulith support, cast your vote here: 🍃📦💡

#Movie #Idea:

What if #Bladerunner occurs in 2017 of the same universe where #TheFifthElement occurs in 2263?

Igor Sovcik
2 weeks ago

Atention #business #idea seeking fellows. There is new #ai #bot here who can help you #Procrastinate even more. @idiotbusiness will daily write one #NotTheSmartest #BusinessIdea #mastodon #fun #pointlessAi

Robotic hand pointing at human “fuck you” hand.
Tommy van Son ✔
3 weeks ago

It's this moment in my game creation journey again: I'm having another unrelated #idea pop up in my head. Make a Platformer in the style of an assyrian siege relief like this one. Writing it down for further reference but I think it may be worth exploring further. #GameDev

A stone relief of a siege by the Assyrian king Assurbanipal. Saw one of those in an exhibition in a museum a couple of years ago
Tiong-seah Yap (Bear)
3 weeks ago

....and take up all kind of challenges in the era of new world, instead of waiting for political fruit to fall into their personal pocket.
Innovation, what it need is a society which is able to adopt new idea and to learn what is truth on the earth with a great foundation of scientific knowledge and the desire to know what we haven't know yet.

(On the meaning of innovation and the necessary of reformation 3/3)
#Science #Knowlege #Politics #innovation #Idea

Felix Neumann
3 weeks ago

#idea: AI-powered local Kleinanzeigen / Classifieds App. Allowing you to sell more, also smaller stuff. With as little effort as possible.

Get the app and answer just once: where you live, at which times people can come for pick up.

Now, all you need to sell a thing: take a photo. That's it. AI detects what it is, so people nearby can search for it and tell you a price with the tap of a button.

You accept, and they'll come and pick it up when you have time, because the app already knows.

Gerald So
3 weeks ago

#Food #Steak #Sandwich #Name #Idea Big M'Steak (pronounced "#Mistake").

スパックマン クリス
3 weeks ago

Does anyone else have to deal with a university (which I'm sure receives plenty of federal $$$) whose staff routinely send out emails consisting entirely of an image and no text?

On a good day the alt text is "a picture. alt text generated automatically".

Hilariously, one year a new accessibility / #ADA compliance person sent some emails trying to get others to follow the law. She gave up after a few months.

FWIW, their tech security is even worse.

#HigherEducation #accessibility #IDEA

Doug Parker
3 weeks ago

Quarter-baked #WebComponents #idea: `HTMLElementsTagNameAttrMap`.

This maps a given custom element tag name to its known attributes.

class MyComponent extends HTMLElement {
connectedCallback(): void {
console.log(`foo: ${this.getAttribute('foo')}`);
customElements.define('my-component', MyComponent);

declare global {
interface HTMLElementTagNameMap {
'my-component': MyComponent;
interface HTMLElementTagNameAttrMap {
// foo is a supported attribute.
'my-component': ['foo'];

const el = document.createElement('my-component');
el.setAttribute('foo', 'bar');
// ^ --- editor should be able to auto-complete / type-check `foo`.

// Same for #Preact
renderToString(<my-component foo="bar" />);

Chris Grey
4 weeks ago

#Game #idea:

An #AI based #writing game with word count limited prompts where the AI judges your stories and provides the prompts. There could also be spelling and grammar challenges.

It could be called, Write or Die....[[|:-)

4 weeks ago

↘️ Descending Bass Line ↘️

How low can the low end go? Try to write using a chord progression with a descending bass line...

Examples: “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (Procol Harum), “These Boots Are Made For Walking” (Nancy Sinatra), “Hit The Road Jack” (Ray Charles), “Dear Prudence” (Beatles), “25 or 6 to 4” (Chicago), “My Baby Just Cares for Me” (Nina Simone)

Tag it #descendingbassline at!

#fawm #fiftyninety #bass #howlowcanyougo #songwriting #idea #inspiration

I keep seeing extremely unique ideas for books, comics, shows, and movies, all of which sound like things I never knew I needed, and I want to see more.

In as much, or as little detail as you feel is needed to explain it, I want to see all the "never knew I needed it, but now I need it so bad" story ideas that you may think are just random as hell.

I'll add some tags so maybe we see a lot of ideas because picturing so many of them is just extremely pleasant.
#idea #story #book #comic #show #movie #WritingPrompt #ideas #ShowMeTheCreativityINeverKnewCouldSoundSoDamnGood

1 month ago

Long-term #Art Project #Idea:

Equip all your art pieces with APRS GPS Trackers which activate after 8yrs and then map out where they all ended up. Surprisingly often, nobody, especially not the artist, knows.

Inspired by

1 month ago

I want a script or tool of some kind that I can run on a CSV export of my bookmarks and get an archive of all of my bookmarks with links converted for local access. That would be an extremely useful tool.

#Idea #Ideas #MastodonIdea #Mastodon

A veces, actualmente, suelo pensar en una posible idea, sugerencia, propuesta para los usuarios de Mastodon: hacer publicaciones o hilos contando experiencias negativas que hemos tenido en Twitter, generalmente desagradables y dañinas, pero también, y sobretodo surrealistas, exageradas que nos dan ganas de contarlo, a modo de Desahogo y confesión, incluyendo capturas de esas experiencias.

La etiqueta/hashtag que se me ocurre para estas publicaciones es #twitteradas ¿o que otro nombre se os ocurre?.

Y para acabar ¿Que os parece la idea? ¿tenéis alguna idea mejor o similar?. Os invito (incluido el admin. de la estancia) a debatirlo, analizarlo, discutirlo y todo con asertividad.

#twitter #experiencias #propuesta #debate #twitteradas #etiqueta #hashtag #idea #mastodon #x

Doug Parker
1 month ago

#Idea: A standardized format for web assets to be deployed to #cloud providers. This format would be easy for each web framework / build tool to directly support and would make them automatically compatible with all supporting cloud providers. Essentially a standardized version of #Vercel's build output API.

Andrew Woods
1 month ago

app idea: create an application called Mr Roboto. It can do whatever you want. But when you want to quit/exit the application, instead of CMD+Q, you have to type “domo ariagato”

#Application #Idea

1 month ago

@whvholst @reneestephen @tod

That is already the #law; #facts cannot be #copyrighted. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. Only a particular #expression of an #idea can be copyrighted.

If #newspaper A prints a scoop, newspaper B or website C is already free to write their own #article using facts from it. They can't just #copy the #article and change a few words, but they absolutely can use every fact from the original, and even #quote it with #attribution.

Amadeus Maximilian
1 month ago

Here's an #idea for a statically generated #blog with Mastodon-powered #comments: instead of building, publishing the post on Mastodon and then adding it to the website, triggering another rebuild, here's what I think could work:

- Run build
- After build, check which posts don't have a Mastodon post associated with them
- Use the #API to post about these blog posts automatically
- Map the returned post-IDs to the URLs of the blog posts in an index
- Upload the index along with the page


1 month ago

what's a good #word for "loving the #idea of something" instead of the #reality of the #something?

words from other languages work as well.

i will give a reward for good answers (I won't)

alien girl generated with ai
Michael Rowe
1 month ago

Here's an feature for Apple I'd like to propose.. An option to include your own shared links in the "Shared with You" sections of all Apple apps that support "Shared with You”. It could then be name “Shared" section and give the user an option to include their own shares. #apple #feature #idea

Arnaud Mangasaryan
2 months ago

@benjedwards Somehow, it was fun! Too bad images on the article do not load anymore. Thanks for sharing this big visual summary.

You just gave me an idea of Dataviz with storage evolution.

Finding dates where they were available won't be too hard. However, knowing how much have been used might be another story.

#dataviz #storytelling #idea #storage #computerhistory

Doug Parker
2 months ago

@zeh This is super-cool! Really shows the power of #WebAssembly

It's about one layer of abstraction away from a completely different #idea I had to make an in-browser meme editor via WASM ffmpeg. Would love to see someone take the same approach there.

2 months ago

#Canadian #Techies: Uh, that's #stupid. You #link to things on the #web; that's its entire #point. You don't #pay to link to someone else.

Canadian #Legacy #Media: No, no, it's a great #idea. They get all kinds of #value for it, so we asked the #government to make them pay to link to us.

Techs: you get more out of it than they do. Your #content gets much wider #exposure, and the #links take people to your own #sites.

CLM: But we don't know how to #monetize that.



Lea de Groot 🇦🇺
2 months ago

I'm a bit of a #math nerd, and found Ross Gittin's recent article interesting:
See, seems all the #economists have been expecting #GDP to increase exponentially, eg by 2% per year (ie, by $2 in the first year then $2.10 in the second year, growing each year)
But recent research shows its actually only growing additively (eg by $2 per 100 a year).
I love it when someone has a revolutionary ('cause it really is) #idea and I go "... oh, yeah, that makes much more sense!"

Dorothea Zwölfer
2 months ago great #idea - a #bicycle-camper - may be, someone invents an e-bicycle-camper like this?

James Akers
2 months ago

One dream that came true this time at #Pilchuck for me was to have a fruit party! I just started eating fruit this month and it's a whole new world! I also love the idea of making craft appliances that can act as functional sculptures.

This one is for parties- designed to mix fruit, people and ideas, it would be neat to make a big one with a weed whacker!
Smoothies only poured in #handmade cups!
#sculpture #glass #fruit #party #art #seattle #electric #appliances #glassart #blender #idea

Blenderin action being activated by its safety switch with cut, frozen watermelons an fresh bananas
Blender face while blending in the lodge for proper smoothie party
Closeup of the momentary safety activator switch I pulled out of the old blender. It needs its safety switch to turn on- safety first! I 5 minute epoxied it to the cleanable glass base
Yours truly in Farmer Fashionista party getup giving the blender a shake

I got an #idea while I was half-dreaming this morning, what if #code #documentation had #advertisements in it? The more people use a #library, the more people read the documentation, and the more ad revenue you get. I’m still only half-awake and I haven’t seen this done before so there’s probably something very wrong with this idea I haven’t realized yet lol

#programming #opensource #oss #ads

Harshad Sharma
3 months ago

Half-tempted to build a private 'social network' between trusted people using SyncThing for connectivity and a GUI that uses the syncthing API to add/remove contacts + displays plain text files and media in a familiar way.

Does anything like this exist? I'm thinking SyncThing because it is by far the most reliable distributed *and* decentralized system I use.

Concern: each device has a different ID.
A solution: run single instance on a RasPi, use Tailscale to access it from anywhere.


3 months ago

here is the basic idea of #tessertopia: you are in an flat, octagonal room. a pillar is in each corner, and all sides of the octagon are a gateway into another room. opposing sides lead to opposing directions, but all the other directions are orthagonal to each other.
if you are in room 2233, the neighboring rooms are 1233, 2133, 2223, 2232, 3233, 2333, 2243 and 2234. within the rooms, geometry is normal.

#4d, #idea

illustration of a room in tessertopia from above. the room is drawn as light gray and each corner of the room has a dark gray disk (pillar). on each edge of the octagon there is a colorful arrow, showing with the direction of the next room: w+, x+, y+, z+, w−, x−, y−, z−.
Harshad Sharma
3 months ago

A fedi client that works the way @thunderbird works with emails: fetch, filter and cache posts. Additionally, use fav/star, bookmarks, replies etc. to train the filters.

I've observed that I don't stay online all the time and prefer to have a look when taking a break.

A client that surfaces posts I prefer to engage with, computed locally on data stored within the client, might give me more opportunities to participate.

#Idea #SomebodyPleaseMakeThis 🤷🏽‍♂️

I never know what to #write in this #introduction thing. Maybe because I don't really know who I am or maybe I'm a mixture of many things.

Anyway, my name is Gustavo and I live in #Jundiaí, the city of #grapes, in #Brazil. I am currently a #PhD student in #biochemistry and the #question I am trying to answer is:

Is it possible to use the knowledge of the #plant #circadianclock to increase the efficiency of #weedmanagement in #sorghum crop?

At the same time I trying to answer what is #time?

In between, I make #music and #dance to the #rhythms of #life. It's like @neilhimself says in his profile: "It is too late now!"

And that's it! I joined this instance because I like the #idea behind questions. @freemo seems to have created something special here. Thanks!

It will be a pleasure to meet you all!

Harshad Sharma
4 months ago

Browser sidebar plugin idea: word-clouds for daily bookmarks.

When a page is bookmarked, plugin extracts keywords and/or assigns topics to the link. Plugin then uses the keywords/topics to build the word-cloud for each day, displayed as a list/grid/calendar (w/ week/month as subviews).

Clicking on a word brings up all links from that day related to it. Another button to include more days around the selected day in filter.

Why? Curious: visual recall instead of search.

#idea #takeitandgo

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
5 months ago

Having a strange #idea day. What if there was a game that combined the concepts of programming in say #javascript with a #deckbuilding adventure game. You start off with a few actions like log or basic operations and as you defeat enemies you gain access to new 'powers' like switch, for loops, objects, arrays, etc. to defeat more complicated enemies.

5 months ago

Character #idea

A sad exterminator who really loves insects, but who is also really good at their job because they understand insects.

Some kind of pied piper like revenge story when they are pushed over the edge.

Dave Mackey
6 months ago

thoughts on the new #JetBrains #IDE #UI? I tried it for around ten seconds and then switched back to the current UI. 😂

It isn't bad, I just don't feel like I'm getting anything by using the new UI except some aesthetic improvements...which don't outweigh the significant learning curve to move to it.

Would love to hear from anyone, especially if you are using the new UI and love it!

#webstorm #phpstorm #idea #pycharm


#Shorts ?

Well but an #UI is a good #idea !

Stephanie Ortoleva
6 months ago

#SupremeCourt hands victory to public school #students with #disabilities, which could give parents more leverage in negotiating with school administrations over assistance for their children
#deaf #education #IDEA #ADA #DisabilityJustice #DisabilityPolicy #DeafRights

photo of the Supreme Court building

Just a wild idea… a #fediverse version of #Plurk.

Some features (and explanation where needed)
* Side scrolling timeline
* Customisable layouts (backgrounds, colours, etc.)
* “Karma” points (higher means you are active, and gets a lot of interaction, too, or recruited a lot of people who became active). Hovering over your Karma score shows a graph of your activity, interaction (you did and received), and other factors involved in the computation
* With badges, users can earn
* Replies, though not threaded, it is displayed together with the post
* Posts display the number of comments
* View unread posts
* Anonymous posting

Attached are some screenshots.

You can also check my old profile here (since 2008-08-07): (used to have 92.xx karma. LOL. I've been inactive that long, it's down to 54.88).


Update: submitted ideas in the Fediverse Ideas repo, as suggested. (Thank you @smallcircles)



#ActivityPub #federation #decentralisation #idea

A screenshot of the Plurk timeline.
A screenshot of a Plurk profile while logged-in.
A Plurk thread expanded.

#videoGames #idea: it's the year 2082 and the planet is in the throes of violent #weather patterns caused by #climateChange. Humanity has banded together to build an army of #mobilesuit #mechs that travel around the world fighting hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. You play as the commander of a team of WeatherMechs and you must position your units to intercept the weather formations before they can harm human population centers. Like #StarCraft, but with weather instead of aliens.

This sounds like it could really put districts on notice, when we have glaring signals that students aren’t being served fully.

“Special education clash: Supreme Court sides unanimously for student with disability”

#ActuallyAutistic #IDEA #ADA #ParentingWhileAutistic #AutisticAF #AutisticParenting @actuallyautistic

Miguel Luna Perez, who is deaf and is pictured here in 2016, has a case before the U.S. Supreme Court saying he should be allowed to sue his school in Sturgis, MI., for damages for failing to provide him suitable instruction. Provided By Luna Perez Family.
Doug Parker
7 months ago

#Idea: A well-known global type like `HTMLElementTagNameMap`, but for attribute definitions. This could be used in tools like #JSX to automatically type check their rendered output and make sure they are using #WebComponents correctly.

Gets tricky with attributes vs properties though. In client side rendered use cases, you want both. But in SSR use cases you only want attributes.

Doug Parker
7 months ago

#Idea: A #Chrome extension which detects any `<skewer-case />` elements on a web page which are _not_ upgraded web components and logs them to the console (maybe after a 3 second timeout for lazy loading).

Might be a useful debugging tool for simple typos of tag names. I find myself making that mistake all the time and it's frustrating because there is fundamentally no error from it, just nothing happens.

Chee Aun 🤔
7 months ago

🤔 Actually would be cool if can see following's local time based on their timezone in the timeline 🤔

#Idea #Mastodon

Pseudo Nym
7 months ago

@danderson Now I want to read a scene in a cyberpunk graphic novel with a shaman type character doing a #Tarot reading for the main character with a tableau of QR codes and a reader.

#ttrpg #comic #idea

Doug Parker
8 months ago

#Idea: Open a new #GoogleDoc and write out a bunch of bullet points about a document/memo/essay you want to write then click "Extensions > Convert to Prose". This would call #ChatGPT (or whatever) and convert those bullet points into a full doc which structures the ideas, elaborates a bit, and provides a concrete starting point.

I know I always start docs with a bunch of bullet points and slowly expand on them. Having a robot start that process would help get complex ideas on paper and help with the "blank document" problem.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
8 months ago

An #idea for an #isekai novel: Reborn as the Reborner: You die and wake up to discover the goddess that normally helps folks get reborn into a new world has mysteriously disappeared, and you are now the person appointed for the job! You need to figure out your powers quickly because the dark forces that took out the previous goddess are gunning for you now!

#lightnovel #storytelling #novel #fantasynovel

Doug Parker
8 months ago

#Terrible #Idea: An incremental static rendering (#ISR) solution which calls #Bazel build in production to generate #HTML, #JS, and #CSS files which get served directly to users.

This is objectively one of the dumbest and worst ideas I've ever come up with, so I made a feature request for it over-analyzing the idea way too much.

I would be very curious to know exactly _which_ aspect of the idea breaks first. Is it memory limitations? Cache invalidation? Database management? Backend usage? #RBE SLOs? So many things things that could ruin it!

Picture of the Simpsons at a moment where a doctor is explaining to Mr. Burns how he has _all_ the diseases but isn't affected by them. The doctor demonstrates this by having a number of small tools attempt to squeeze through a door at the same time, yet none get through because they all block each other. The doctor stresses that even a slight breeze could upset the balance and have significant impact, but Mr. Burns takeaway is: "I'm indestructable..."
Doug Parker
8 months ago

Oh my god, why is every meme and gif app on the internet so awful? Search is terrible, image quality is 144p, runs at 2 seconds per frame, cuts off halfway through the actual line, and has a gigantic watermark.

$1B startup #idea: Just fix all that. 👆

Bonus #idea: Do the image editing on device with #WebAssembly so you don't have to pay for processing costs and keep the site effectively free.

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
8 months ago

Okay my latest weird #idea: sound bar mounted on the headboard of my bed. I like to listen to music, podcasts, ASMR, nature sounds etc. while I sleep, and lately wearing headphones to bed is bothering me.

So I'm now looking to mount a relatively small sound bar from my headboard. I searched around online and couldn't find anything designed just for this task.

Is this #weird? #Genius? #Extra and #unnecessary?

New #idea - Tiktok but #fediverse 😍

#P4life - a list of toots under the rubric of "{ℙ}𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕟 𝕖𝕩𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕕 𝕝𝕚𝕗𝕖": a collection of items to navigate the uncharted seas of our lives.

➡️ My toots are tagged as:

#brainstorming #change #creativity #CriticalThinking #doctor #evidence #health #healthcare #hospital #idea #inspiration #merit #P4life #philosophy #presentation #productivity #quality #renewable #renewability #SelfHelp #skill #software #strategy #sustainability #transportation #water #wellness #writing

9 months ago

#idea #story


Love at first sight? This is the story of love at first contact. Two strangers interact briefly in a chat — and now neither can get the other out of their head. Once more they are aware from moment to moment of each other’s emotions— but not each other’s thoughts. Frustrated by the distracting and overwhelming sensation of “true love” they confront each other to try to solve the mystery. This may be a mistake for the feelings only intensify.🧵#thread #writing #ideas