You also add shadow, cut circles and convert your images using #ImageMagick in CLI, right ?

Robyn :antifa:
5 days ago

Mein Onkel hatte ein simples Bildbearbeitungsprogramm für Windows (PhotoScape /, welches aber keine Updates mehr bekommt.

Kenn jemensch eine gute Alternative?

Ihm wurde #Gimp installiert, womit er aber überfordert ist (er konnte nicht mal ein Bild öffnen).

Mein Onkel ist über 80 und braucht was einfaches.

Ich dachte an #IrfanView oder #ImageMagick

Was habt ihr noch für Ideen? 🤔


1 week ago

Hmm... sure see a lot of security updates in this Linux package every time I check. CVEs are not inspiring. #Imagemagick #cybersecurity

Do I even need a server for live posting screenshots , video notes
#orgroam #orgattach #imagemagick #orgmode

When you've got a bunch of pictures which need resizing, are you going to open each picture with an image editor and resize it - or do you use a for loop with #ImageMagick on the #Linux command line and save a lot of time?

Hernán De Angelis
3 weeks ago

Geologist & physical geographer. Works with data analysis, data management and visualization within spatial data, GIS, remote sensing, metadata. Happy outside in Nature.

Likes #geoscience #environmentalscience #remotesensing #gis #FOSS #dataanalysis #geospatial #copernicus #OpenStreetMap #grassgis #qgis #GenericMappingTools #perl #python #gnuplot #imagemagick #spatial #OpenSource #openscience #datamanagement #datavisualization #Linux #amateurastronomy #running #cycling


Hernán De Angelis
3 weeks ago

Geolog & naturgeograf. Arbetar med dataanalys, informationshantering och visualisering inom geodata, gis, fjärranalys, metadata. Gärna ute i naturen på fritiden.

Gillar #geoscience #environmentalscience #remotesensing #gis #FOSS #dataanalysis #geospatial #copernicus #OpenStreetMap #grassgis #qgis #GenericMappingTools #perl #python #gnuplot #imagemagick #spatial #OpenSource #openscience #datamanagement #datavisualization #Linux #amateurastronomy #running #cycling


4 weeks ago


Mit diesem #imagemagick kann man ja auch wirklich so ziemlich alles machen. Schweizer Taschenmesser und so...👍

Arun Mani J
1 month ago
2 months ago
When ImageMagick, ffmpeg, and Pandoc broke for good, we had a bit of a problem.

See also:
#linux #depedency #OpenSource #ImageMagick #ffmpeg #pandoc #meme
worship the lord memes that parody ImageMagick, Pandoc, and ffmpeg which are command-line utilities that are vital to today's modern digital infrastructure.
Julio Alberto Lascano
2 months ago

Los mapas planos son procesados ​​posteriormente por #ImageMagick para cortar los 15 grados más cercanos a los polos norte y sur donde los datos de nubes no están disponibles.

miccaman ✔️
2 months ago

Signal Station - LXI
Software: bash
Media: JPG
Title: Composition 61
Timestamp: 20230804-160717
#bash #belgianartist #artistsdiary #lofi #imagemagick #cmdlineart #minimal

2 months ago

Does anybody know what happened to #Fred's #ImageMagick scripts? The website has been down for weeks now ("Account suspended"), but I can't seem to find any news about it.

miccaman ✔️
2 months ago

Signal Station - LX
Software: bash
Media: JPG
Title: Composition 60
Timestamp: 20230726-170516

#bash #belgianartist #artistsdiary #lofi #imagemagick #cmdlineart #minimal

Dave Rahardja
2 months ago

Hey #ImageMagick users, how do you stack two images of different sizes together, so that they are both centered in the frame?

2 months ago

This. I work in film-making and animation and I'm always hacking away in#VSCode.
In the Adobe #AfterEffects user community a good deal of the discussion is about #JavaScript, because that's the language it uses for automation. Similarly for #Blender, a working knowledge of #python is really helpful, #DaVinciResolve uses #Lua and of course there are command line tools like #ffmpeg and #ImageMagick that means having shell scripting skills becomes a superpower.

Brendan Halpin
2 months ago

I love running simulations but exploring the parameter space is murder.

Here I'm experimenting with loop animations, showing how three summaries change as a single variable changes, across 18 methods.

If I stare at this long enough I will either hypnotise myself or achieve enlightenment.

#simulation #stata #imagemagick

Animation with three panels. One of 18 scatterplots in a lattice, one a line plot with 18 lines, and the third a single scatterplot, all redrawn as a parameter  changes.
Leonardo Di Ottio
2 months ago

@resing Yes, that’s it. Look at some of the examples, you’ll see that it either pretends there is no image or it shows an empty box where a thumbnail should be.

Most links provide some og:image (og is #OpenGraph) for third parties to use. If the image behind the og:image header is a #WebP or #AVIF format then the #Mastodon server fails to process it. Most likely due to a #ImageMagick issue.

2 months ago

Creación y edición de imágenes sin usar un editor gráfico, directamente desde una consola.

#Blog #Consola #Design #ImageMagick #Terminal #tty

imágenes mágicas | imagemagick

Does anyone know how I can make #ImageMagick 's dither & remap give a similar result to #GIMP 's indexed dithering? :blobcat_flop_woozy:​

A speckled/dithered picture of parrots with the label "GIMP"
A speckled/dithered picture of parrots with the label "ImageMagick". It's a lot darker than the other picture and a previously red parrot is almost entirely blackened.
2 months ago

i wonder how difficult and CPU intensive it would be to add a component like #Glaze to and image upload processor...

Like, take you federation post, when you attach media, could glaze or #imageMagick or even #ffmpeg process the upload? Users could opt-in or out to having protections applied to an upload. I get that it's an AI arms race now, but i guess this is the next actionable option?

Leonardo Di Ottio
3 months ago

Could someone with experience with ImageMagick, Mastodon development, JPEG, WebP or AVIF please have a look at this Mastodon issue regarding link previews?

Does the diagnosis make sense?
Do the proposed solutions make sense? Is it easy to implement those fixes?

#ImageMagick #Mastodon #Development #JPEG #WebP #AVIF #BugFix

3 months ago

The #camera trap was set up wrong and took a picture every 5 seconds, with or without movement detected. 🤦

I want to #analyze the images to see if there's accidentally anything interesting in there. I'm not going to look at them, I have computers here, and they're supposed to be good at this kind of thing.

Currently reading about #imagemagick #compare. :masto_reading:

The files have a natural chronological order, so I'm thinking of comparing each file to the next one. If the difference is above a threshold (which one?!), I might look at the second image myself.

Any other suggestions?

Usted queride lector no lo sabe, pero mientras dormía una masa de compilación del #ImageMagick salió mal y casi débora está instancia.

Recuerden amigues, solo las personas mágicas experimentadas deben trabajar con la magia.

upgrade to #mastodon 4.1.3 caused a bunch of issues with images, which were rooted in an older version of #imagemagick not playing nice. unfortunately, that was the last version available in our distro (it was still on LTS fwiw). ended up having to do a distupgrade, which broke a bunch of things.

node wasn't there after a reboot, so mastodon-streaming wouldn't start. simple: install node.

mastodon-web couldn't start because it couldnt find even though _was_ present. shamefully, I symlinked 7 to the path for 6, and then it worked again.

I have some more things to do, including a database upgrade, but all that can wait. this has been one hell of a morning.

3 months ago

" If you want an app, termux has their own imagemagick package"

Huh I guess ( "") can retire ? #StuffRyeDai #imagemagick #android

Ge0rG 📷
3 months ago

The 2DS camera actually is only 640x480 (well, technically 2x640x480 for 3D). Here are a few more shots for #ShittyCameraChallenge in #stereo #diptych 😀

The model in picture #2 is @tvpin, whom I totally didn't force to join Mastodon to boost all my posts, and who has to cope with me playing with the cameras all the time! :Blobhaj_heart:

I used some low-quality shell script from #StackOverflow to convert MPO to 2x JPG, then #ImageMagick to crop and combine them!

cc @amy @keithdevereux @guffo

Stereo photo of the "Hochmoselbrücke" bridge over the Mosel river.
Smiling lady sitting on a bench in front of a sidewalk
Stereo photo: a light-blue souvenir snowball in a shell with some dolphins, on brown wood background
Stereo photo: neighbor's cat sitting on the terrace outside

I've never run in to this before.

#python + #matplotlib makes it relatively easy to make graphs but nightmarish to make #animation visualizations. In simple cases, I like to just save images and use #imagemagick to animate

I've got a case here where is simply refuses to finish all the images. They are there and displayable. #ffmpeg has no problem making an mp4

Reducing the image size fixes it. Is there a max anim size for imagemagick?

using `convert` rather than `animate` stops at 10MB...?

4 months ago

#Imagemagick ist DAS Bildbearbeitungsprogramm für die #Bash-Konsole

Wer das installiert hat, kann damit auch Screenshots machen.

/usr/bin/import "$HOME"/Bilder/screenshot.png

4 months ago

FYI The hoop jumping i had to go through to convert from svg->png.

1. needed to call rsvg-convert directly
2. needed to add zoom because that makes it look better (regardless of amount)
3. needed to crop because for some reason there were always extra pixels of transparent border on the right and bottom
4. needed to delete bogus files #imagemagick _sometimes_ created with cropped off bits and ...? and rename the one i wanted.

(screenshot is written in fish shell)

screenshot of fish shell code loop iterating over files, converting to png, cropping, renaming,  deleting waste, and adding to git
4 months ago

#imagemagick geeks: why am i getting multiple output files here

convert foo.png -gravity NorthEast -crop 1097x339 +repage foo-cropped.png

this generates foo-cropped-0.png foo-cropped-1.png foo-cropped-2.png foo-cropped-3.png

I only want the file in foo-cropped-0.png and i want it to be called foo-cropped.png

what am i doing wrong? It's like giving me all the bits it chopped off too, instead of just the resulting cropped file.

4 months ago

TIL that even when #imagemagick is configured to use rsvg-convert to convert SVG to PNG it ... doesn't? Or does so in a way that makes the results unusably bad.

BUT if you use invoke rsvg-convert directly it works fine.

Also BONUS pro tip. The results were very meh UNTIL i added zoom, and then suddenly everything was crisp and sharp. Didn't really matter how much zoom i added, just that the zoom functionality got invoked.

Dervishe the Grey
4 months ago

"A #vulnerability was found in #ImageMagick. This security flaw causes a shell command injection vulnerability via video:vsync or video:pixel-format options in VIDEO encoding/decoding."

4 months ago

I'm going to give you a line of code which will make your lives better almost straight away:

You're welcome.

#MacOS #unix #linux #code #commandline #graphics #webp #ImageMagick

A one-liner for linux: “find . -name "*.webp" -exec convert {} {}.jpg \; -delete”
Ge0rG 📷
4 months ago

So here are some random objects from my possession, filmed in #SamsungNX 3D and converted with #ImageMagick #stereography

Industar 61 L/Z lens standing vertically on a table
Yellow and orange toy jeep with a sleeping cabin on the roof, labeled "Tropicana". It was made from sheet metal and plastic in the GDR.
An Alpha AXP processor die souvenir from the company Digital Inc in a glass half sphere.
A white Samsung NX Mini camera with the 9mm lens standing on a table, facing the viewer
4 months ago


4 months ago



Julio J. 🀲
4 months ago

Does anybody know if #ImageMagick has support for "stylistic sets" (or stylistics alternates) on fonts?

I've been googling and so far I can't seem to find anything

This week for #MapPromptMonday, trying to make a "book cover" of an #imaginary #book about #Peru and its troubles. Map made with #Rstats, and some labels and tweaks with #Gimp and #ImageMagick. Using the "Peru" color as a basis.
#RStats code:

A "book cover" for an imaginary book about the continuous troubles in Peru. It shows a map of Peru in the tone of the red-like color "Peru"
Bazza 🔶
5 months ago

Hace unas semanas que el #imagemagick se tilda cuando uso

mogrify -resize 50%

es por el "%" y cuando uso "!"

saben que puede ser?

John-Mark Gurney
5 months ago

Of course #ImageMagick 's Image ping method doesn't actually do what it says:
| Ping image header into Image() object, but without any pixel data.
| This is useful for inspecting image meta-data without decoding the
| whole image.

Used that and metadata was missing most of the metadata that is included in a normal open.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
5 months ago

(Yes, #ImageMagick perhaps can do this entire construction in one step. It certainly can do "-flatten". Indeed, I used "display -flatten" to check my work as I wrote the code. But I wanted to use Netpbm, for reasons.)

5 months ago


Fotos für die Publikation automatisch vorbereiten.

#Fotos #Bilder #Publizieren #Umwandeln #Exiv2 #ImageMagick #Linux

Huh. TIL: ImageMagick supports sixel output.


Matthew Graybosch
5 months ago

@jaredwhite @cappiello @vanilla @bridgetown Oh, I know. I'd prefer to stick with back-end development (.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server) because I'm familiar with it and I only got into coding because it pays better than cleaning toilets, but I keep landing in projects that want full-stack so I must perforce adapt.

On my personal website, though, my stack is #make, #bash, #sed, #awk., #pandoc, #htmlXmlUtils, and #ImageMagick. Deployment is #rsync over #ssh. :)

Behold, the Weathertron™ ⛈️😎

Quite pleased with this little hack which displays a rolling two hour weather forecast from AccuWeather via the magic of #Selenium, #ImageMagick, #MicroPython and #RP2040 using an #InkyFrame from those lovely #pimoroni folk

Photo of an e-ink display showing the weather forecast. The shaded area at the bottom of the screen indicates how much how much it will rain. There will be rain.

This morning, #DockPress gained Ghostscript support, meaning uploading PDF files into the #WP Media Library will be guaranteed to result in a nice thumbnail of your PDF.

This solves the problem of Debian and Ubuntu builds of #ImageMagick — which handles image processing in WordPress — blocking out PDF support by default because of an old security issue.

As what runs within a DockPress container is "trusted", the potential security issue is less of a concern.

More at

Johan van der Knijff
7 months ago

Small update to my ever-expanding blog post on #PDF processing and analysis with #opensource tools - just added a section + example that explains how to reduce the size of a PDF with hi-res images with #ImageMagick's "convert" tool:

Selection of assorted plumber tools.
7 months ago

Started doing illustrations for the user manual… Missing some steps (routing the cable to the inside…) though.

#OpenSCAD + #Makefile + #PanDoc + #LaTeX +#ImageMagick POWAH!

Johan van der Knijff
7 months ago

Was looking for a way to determine the #compression quality of some #JPEGs. Turns out #ImageMagick can do this:

identify -format '%Q\n' ecur-001.jpg



Command below processes all files in a directory, with result to CSV file:

identify -format '%f,%Q\n' ./images-BKT/* > BKT-quality.csv


Bonus link - ImageMagick percent escapes (useful for modifying the above examples for your own needs):

7 months ago

Open source software is free and enables people to do great things with it. This is the #opensource software/data I've been using to create maps, process images, make animations etc. related to #NASA's #Mars2020 mission:

#Geogebra :
#ImageMagick :
#QGIS : https :
#Stellarium :

@kevinmgill's and @stim3on's flats:


Holger Hoffstätte
8 months ago

If you're using #GraphicsMagick and read about the latest #ImageMagick PNG CVEs you'll be happy to hear that GM is NOT affected. 👏 🐸

8 months ago

Need help securing #ImageMagick against the arbitrary file read described in CVE-2022-44268? The pictured policy change can mitigate it for you.

For more recommendations on hardening your security policies check out our free tool at:

#doyensec #appsec #secdevops #securityresearch

8 months ago

I'm passing image information to #ImageMagick by outputting a MIFF header
before the binary data. Problem is:
1. I haven't found a way to pass the “quantum scale” or “quantum range” information through the header (i.e. the fact that the maximum value is 1023 and not 65535)
2. I haven't found a way to tell it that the upcoming binary data would be band sequential, which would allow me to not interleave it in BIP form.
Maybe I can #askFedi if this can be done, and how?

8 months ago

Scripting #OpenSCAD with some #Makefile + #ImageMagick to generate illustrations for the manual of my #ALPS plotter pen replacement kit…

#ORIC #MCP40 #3D

Part of the user manual, with the description, and prerequisites, and eight drawings of the kit being assembled, done with OpenSCAD, including arrows to indicate parts to move.

@xor @todrobbins @KristianHarstad

Ayn Rand's entire philosophy can pretty much be summed up as "Selfishness is good." How the hell does any open source software developer square "...I will never live for the sake of another man..." with writing free software the entire world can and does benefit from? #OpenSource #OpenSourceSoftware #FLOSS #ImageMagick #AynRand #AtlasShrugged

1 year ago

Open source software costs nothing, but enables people to do great things with it. This is the #opensource software/data I've been using to create maps, process images, make animations etc. related to #NASA's #Mars2020 mission:

#Geogebra :
#ImageMagick :
#QGIS : https :
#Stellarium :

@kevinmgill's and @stim3on's flats: