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Japan's Cabinet on Friday approved a change adding nine more industries to the list of sectors that can offer a special visa for skilled blue-collar workers. #news #japan #immigration #justiceministry #visas #foreignworkers

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Parliament on Friday passed a bill to revise an immigration and refugee law that will allow authorities to deport individuals who repeatedly apply for asylum, despite objections from some opposition parties. #news #politics #immigration #diet #refugees #immigrationservicesagency

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Somia Banerjee, a #student #artist, explains how #PalUpNow! #Flights✈️ connects:

a. anxious Flyers with
b. Flight Pals on the same #flight, who assist with baggage, security, paperwork for #immigration, #language issues etc.

#LEGO🎈 #designer #artists

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10 hours ago

📌 RT: "Every month, WFPL offers #immigration #legal consultations with a representative from Greater #Boston Legal Services at the #Library. Sign up for your free session today!
TUESDAY, 6/13 | 6 – 8 PM


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Following the Death of an 8-Year-Old on a Wisconsin Dairy Farm, Officials Look to Bridge Law Enforcement Language Gap


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A controversial bill to overhaul immigration rules and curb the long-term detention of asylum-seekers passed a key Upper House committee, paving the way for its approval during the plenary session on Friday. #news #japan #nipponishinnokai #immigration #ldp #diet #refugees #taroyamamoto #justiceministry #expats #jcp #dpp #cdp #immigrationservicesagency

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David Kipkoech can now breathe after his probable #deportation to #Kenya was deferred by the #Canadian government, who also offered him six months to fix his #immigration issues.
The family member told the media that he was thrilled to receive the #deferral letter and expressed concern that the deportation would cause him to be separated from his family.

1 day ago

@algernon I enjoyed your article. I was considering that part of the state sponsored coyote plan could also be a money laundering scheme. State of Florida money is paid to DeSantis cronies to kidnap the migrants, or maybe he gets a cut of the payments. #asylum #immigration #NewMexico #DemingHeadlight

1 day ago

Very proud of Athletic Club for doing this #immigration

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 days ago

#Portugal #GoldenVisa #Immigration #USA: "For many Americans, a love affair with Portugal blossomed over the last three years: The Iberian nation offered cheap real estate, miles of beautiful coastline and a reprieve from divisive US politics at a time when remote work was flourishing. Now, reality has settled in — and the honeymoon is over.

From language barriers and bureaucratic challenges to housing costs that have been driven higher by foreign investment, some expats say that life in Portugal hasn’t met their expectations.

The country is losing its appeal for potential newcomers, too, after pulling its golden visa program in February. Several expat services, consultants and bloggers say there’s been a decrease in the number of foreigners looking to relocate to Portugal. Get Golden Visa, an international residency program, recorded a 37% drop in the number of inquiries from Americans for its Portugal programs in the first quarter, and a 18% drop for all expats, compared with the same period last year.

“People who enquired last winter about moving to Portugal have for the most part not followed through,” said David McNeill, founder of consulting company Expat Empire."

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 days ago

From 08 Jun: To keep immigrants from fleeing, Florida GOP focus on immigration law loopholes. - #uspol #immigration #fuckaroundandfindout #gop #bigots

I wonder if it will be an #immigration one. #SCOTUS

2 days ago

Lots of good stuff in @philmoscovitch 's Morning File: the importance of reducing social isolation, the Atlantic Book Award winners, the Iron Sheik has died, and Chow Mein with green cabbage, and other stories of immigration and food.
#Halifax #NovaScotia #journalism #immigration #wrestling #loneliness

Frederik Borgesius
2 days ago

RUNOMI Annual Conference 2023: Digitalization and Migrant Inclusion (Conference)
13 July, @Radboud_uni Nijmegen, NL.
No streams or video recordings, as far as I know. #law #politics #immigration #racism

Terry Wallwork
2 days ago

Japan to Offer Long-Term Residency to 4th-Gen of Japanese Descent |

>Tokyo, June 6 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Immigration Services Agency plans to launch a new program as early as this…

#Japan #JapaneseCulture #NipponNews #Immigration

2 days ago


Not to put too fine a point on it, but why would we want to let you all in? 😜

#border #immigration #canada

2 days ago

Ron DeSantis has fallen short of the early hype.
His presidential announcement was a dud.
He's still working to connect with voters.
So, hey, time to fire up the outrage machine and pick on immigrants!

Fellow columnist Anita Chabria and I dissect his Sacramento stunt

#desantis #california #newsomvsdesantis #immigration #2024Election #californiapolitics

Algernon D'Ammassa
2 days ago

An #editorial: Our community earned praise for our humanitarian response to #migrants in 2019. What a profound insult to us that Florida's state-sponsored coyotes would use our runways to kidnap human beings over our heads.

#Sacramento #asylum #RonDeSantis #Florida #immigration #NewMexico #DemingHeadlight

Desperately trying to keep #immigrants from #fleeing, #Florida, State #GOP tries to highlight the #immigration #law #Loopholes

#Republicans admit law was designed 100% to scare migrants, try to claim no intention to actually enforce it stating that the "bill really doesn't have any teeth".

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Florida #Immigration #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Genocide #Discrimination #Xenophobia #Homophobia #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 days ago

Cram them into a shoebox: that’s #Britain’s new #AntiMigrant strategy – and it won’t work

#Refugees are right to protest about a plan that forces them into unsuitable accommodation. It’s more #CrueltyByDesign #ToryPoliciesInAction #ToryInhumanity #Immigration #Asylum

Sleepy Joe has been getting a lot of things done ‘under the radar’ including American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, Inflation Reduction Act, Debt Ceiling crisis; even border crossings are down 70%!

#biden #immigration #Debt_ceiling #chips #inflation

Scott Dickson
3 days ago

Another example of the law of unintended consequences. If you enact laws to “scare migrants” don’t be surprised when they leave, even if your industry relies on them. #immigration

3 days ago

UK Labour peer, Lord Alf Dubs–who fled the Nazis & came to Britain as a child refugee in 1939–said Priti Patel’s plans “to penalise people for the way they reach safety is absolutely unheard of in the history of refugees”

#Immigration #Refugees #Britain

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Japan is set to revise its working program for fourth-generation foreign nationals of Japanese descent and offer permanent residency to individuals who fulfill certain language requirements #news #japan #immigration #visas

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Le naufrage de Carole Delga sur France Info ce matin, qui assimile Kylian Mbappé et Yannick Noah à l'immigration. "Mbappé est née en France", lui répond la journaliste. "Oui mais ses parents", reprend la présidente PS de région Occitanie. Raté, la mère du footballeur est née en France, comme celle de Yannick Noah... Si c'est ça le PS version sans Nupes... #Politique #Immigration #PS #Delgas #Compol #SOS

Nils Wilcke
3 days ago

Les députés macronistes se déchirent sur l'AME, l'aide médicale aux étrangers en situation irrégulières, que la droite voudrait réduire: "On s'est foutus sur la gueule", confie l'un d'eux après la réunion de groupe mardi, tout critiquant la position d'Aurore Bergé, "plutôt à droite" (surprise). "En gros, elle est pour évaluer le dispositif comme LR le demande mais c'est un premier coup de canif dans le contrat" #DirectAN #Immigration #Renaissance #Macron #LR #Off #Politique

As border crossings dip, #Biden admin crows about the fiasco that never happened

“The Biden administration on Tuesday took a victory lap, declaring that its #immigration plan is “working as intended” nearly a month after a major shift in policy at the nation’s southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security said that since the lifting of the public health order known as Title 42 at midnight May 12, unlawful border crossings have plummeted by more than 70 percent.”

Text Shot: “Since the CDC’s Title 42 public health Order lifted and the Biden-Harris Administration’s comprehensive plan to manage the border went into full effect on May 12, DHS has continued to experience a significant reduction in encounters at the Southwest Border,” the press release said. “The Administration’s plan is working as intended.”
In the weeks leading up to May 11, administration officials warned of a challenging period ahead as it transitioned away from the Trump-era policy, which allowed border agents to immediately expel millions of migrants on public health grounds. Even President Joe Biden said on May 10 that it was going to be “chaotic for a while” at the southern border.

But the anticipated surge never happened, and in the early days after the lifting of Title 42, White House officials breathed a collective sigh of relief.
3 days ago

First they came for the immigrants.
Then they came for the books.
Then they came for the drag queens.
Then they came for anyone non-white.

#Furries #Immigration #Drag #CRT #GOPShite #MAGA #TheYoungTurks #Florida #AsUsual

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The opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan submitted a nonbinding censure motion against the justice minister on Tuesday, in hopes of delaying a vote on a controversial immigration bill. #news #japan #immigration #ldp #cdp #kensaito

3 days ago

Okay, Floridians, they aren’t taking your jobs anymore!

Time to roll up your sleeves and go pick some oranges!

#immigration #racism #capitalism #Florida

Florida GOP lawmaker says the anti-immigration law he backed is causing a 'major problem' as migrant families are leaving Florida. "It's a big problem for farmers and tourism,” Rep. Rick Roth said.
3 days ago

Okay, Floridians, they aren’t taking your jobs anymore!

Time to roll up your sleeves and go pick some oranges!

#immigration #racism #capitalism #Florida

Florida GOP lawmaker says the anti-immigration law he backed is causing a 'major problem' as migrant families are leaving Florida. "It's a big problem for farmers and tourism,” Rep. Rick Roth said.
3 days ago

#immigration #migrants #Florida #law #legislation #UnintendedConsequences

Florida GOP lawmaker says the anti-immigration law he backed is causing a 'major problem' as migrant families are leaving the state

Margaret Sefton
3 days ago

Opening bullet points from an article on the Business Insider site:
-A Florida #GOP lawmaker said the anti-immigration law he backed was supposed to tell new immigrants to "stay out."
-But now migrant families are fleeing the state, and it's a "big problem" for farmers and tourism, Rep. Rick Roth said.
-Videos shared on Twitter showed Roth and other GOP lawmakers urging people to convince migrants to stay.
My insight, not surprising: Just how stupid do you have to be. sigh. #Florida #immigration

U.S. Politics in Real Time
3 days ago

Florida Republicans Admit They Made a Big Mistake With Anti-Immigrant Law: Republicans are trying to convince immigrants that the law was just to “scare” people, nothing more.

#NewRepublic #FloridaRepublicans #AntiImmigrantLaw #Mistake #ImmigrantRights #ScareTactics #GOP #Politics #Florida #Immigration #Politics #News

3 days ago

🌞 Hello #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 72F at Logan Airport and visibility is 6 miles.

At it again? #California is investigating whether #Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a planeload of migrants to #Sacramento. (This did happen in #Massachusetts last year). #immigration

The Human Rights Campaign announced a state of emergency for #LGBTQ people in the U.S.

Suffolk Downs, a former racetrack, is now an outdoor #music venue near #Boston.

Flipboard News Desk
4 days ago

California is investigating whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was involved in flying asylum-seekers from Texas to Sacramento.

The AP has the latest:

#DeSantis #GavinNewsom #Immigration #Migrants #California #Florida #USPolitics

Steven Saus [he/him]
4 days ago

From 06 Jun: A Texas sheriff’s office has recommended that a San Antonio-area district attorney file criminal charges following an investigation into the transportation in the fall of 49 asylum seekers from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, allegedly on direction from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. - #uspol #immigration #florida #texas

Steven Saus [he/him]
4 days ago

From 06 Jun: Former U.S. Secretaries of Health Alex Azar and Kathleen Sebelius argue that to address the nursing shortage crisis, we need to fix immigration. - #uspol #immigration #nursing #healthcare

Republicans literally beg migrants not to leave Florida over DeSantis anti-immigration law

#Florida Republicans on Monday met with migrants to urge them not to leave the state in the wake of a new #anti-#immigration law that is sparking boycotts of the state.

The law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) "limits social services for undocumented immigrants, allocates millions more tax dollars to expand DeSantis' migrant relocation program, invalidates driver's licenses issued to undocumented people by other states, and requires hospitals that get Medicaid dollars to ask for a patient's immigration status."

"This bill is 100% supposed to scare you," Roth told the group. "I'm a farmer, and the farmers are mad as hell. We are losing employees. They are already starting to move to Georgia and other states."

Dear Suella Braverman,

I know you are, but what am I?

"Braverman is replying to Cooper. She accuses her of just offering theatrics and words, and not having a plan." - GPLB

#UKPolitics #FuckTheTories #Immigration #SmallBoats #AsylumIsAHumanRight #RefugeesWelcome

5 days ago

Technically, the Tory concentration camps are not really camps, they're more like meat packing boxes.

#immigration #refugees

I've been posting about immigration quite a bit today. Many of the people who cross the channel are fleeing torture in their home country, so I'd like to share a link with you from the organisation Freedom From Torture, who are running a campaign called "Box of Hope". Read more, and about Usman, a torture survivor who attended the group, here:
#UKPolitics #SmallBoats #Immigration #AsylumIsAHumanRight #SmallBoats #FreedomFromTorture

Here's an interesting corrective to Sunak's narrative at the speech in Dover this morning, written by Colin Yeo, a prominent immigration barrister:
#UKPolitics #SmallBoats #Immigration #RefugeesWelcome #FuckTheTories

This is Rishi Sunak with Duncan Capps, the director of Small Boats Operational Command, onboard the Border Agency cutter HMC Seeker before his speech in Dover. I guess the message we're supposed to take is there are fewer boats crossing - because there aren't any in the picture.
Figures state that no boats have crossed because of adverse weather conditions in the channel for the last 3 days.
Sunak organised the speech yesterday.
#UKPolitics #Immigration #RefugeesWelcome

Rishi Sunak and Duncan Capps, the director of Small Boats Operational Command (SBOC) (left), onboard the Border Agency cutter HMC Seeker before his speech in Dover.  The white cliffs can be seen in the background.  No small boats are visible in the image.

Anyone who thinks that Sunak doesn't share Braverman's views on immigration, or uses her as a "shield", here he is at the Q&A as part of his speech in Kent this morning:
"Q: How long will you allow children to be detained for?

Sunak says, if children were excluded from the detention policy, that would provide an incentive for children to be put on boats."
Source: GPLB
We have to incarcerate children to maintain this revolting narrative.
#UKPolitics #Immigration #RefugeesWelcome

More from Sunak's speech in Kent, via GPLB:
"Sunak says the government has made more progress on this issue [small boats] “than anyone has made in a very long time”.
Small boat figures have been recorded since 2018.
Tories have been in power since 2010.
More mathematical prowess from the former Chancellor of the Exchequer.
#Sunak #UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #Immigration

GPLB: "Sunak claims his small boats plan 'is starting to work', saying crossings down by 20%"
Government's OWN REPORT:
"the number of small boat arrivals from January to March 2023 (3,793) was 17 percent lower than in January to March 2022"
Good at maths, isn't he?
#UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #Immigration

It's a policy problem - #Starmer.
Is it fuck:
"Out of the 83,236 who have arrived on small boats since records began in 2018, just 6,242 have had applications approved and 56,883 are awaiting a decision"
#UKPolitics #RefugeesWelcome #Immigration

Fiacre Ó Duinn
6 days ago

This is terrifying….the government calls it the “compliant environment”.

“In the UK, asylum seekers are detained - often for a long time - while their claims are processed. If they’re not deported, they get released, but many have to wear an ankle tag which the Home Office can use to follow their movements 24 hours a day.” #surveillance #privacy #tech #immigration #uk #homeoffice

Iain Clark
6 days ago

"I will never put the interests of migrants above those of the British public" says politician Robert Jenrick on BBC News.

This rhetoric infuriates me. He's creating a false binary, a zero-sum equation where migrants win and other people lose. No-one is asking for migrants to get anything to the detriment of the public, only to treat them fairly, proportionately and humanely.


1 week ago

For Media, ‘Border Crisis’ Means Migrants Coming—Not Migrants Dying

Centrist media's definition of a "border crisis" has less to do with human lives and more to do with partisan politics.

#Immigration #JoeBiden

1 week ago

Immigrants, documented and undocumented, and asylum seekers will remember how you spurned and vilified them. Eventually, many of them will become citizens, and they will vote. Their children will vote, as will their grandchildren. They’ll remember you treated them when they were most in need of compassion.

The irony is wasted on descendants of immigrants who rebuff immigrants.
#AsylumSeekers #California #Arizona #NewMexico #Texas #Florida #Mexico #immigrants #immigration #refugees

Mandy May
1 week ago

#DeathSantis has been waiting for this moment to start cementing gestapo rule of South Florida. He thinks he's helping create a new Billionaire's Free State or you know it's something that stupid. There will be a need very soon for Federal troops to get between the police and AMERICANS.

Demonstrators in West Palm Beach rally against new #Florida #immigration law
>Several businesses across our area were closed Thursday as many employees participated

A gathering of citizens in a downtown plaza, holding handmade signs and an American flag
Stephanie Jane
1 week ago

Can UK peeps give this #petition their signature please?

Devolve #immigration powers for #refugees to #Scotland, #Wales and #NorthernIreland

Devolve the power to accept migrants claiming to be refugees, to process claims for refugee status, and to grant to refugees with claims assessed as valid indefinite leave to remain within their respective territories, to Scotland, to Wales, and to Northern Ireland.

More details
Scotland has a long history of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

Scotland also needs immigration. Its economy has an unmet need for labour in many sectors.

Devolving immigration powers regarding refugees to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could help the UK to fulfil its obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention without putting pressure on communities in England that object to welcoming refugees.

#RefugeesWelcome #Devolution

Colin H.
1 week ago

Seems to be #petition day today. Can I ask that you consider signing @simon_brooke's excellent suggestion to devolve immigration powers to Scotland, Wales and NI.

Will the government do it? No. Can it force them to justify their dogwhistling, anti-immigration rhetoric in Parliament? Yes - if enough people sign it. Please do your bit.

#ScotPol #immigration

Right now we’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. Fridge doesn’t work, dishwasher doesn’t work, I found a dead roach in a drawer, saw a friend, witnessed a fist fight, and more stuff and we only got here Tuesday.

We have our SEF appointment today, which *should* go fine, but I keep fighting the feeling that we’ve made a mistake. What if the animals never adjust? What if I can never learn this damned language well enough? What if we hate it here? What if there’s something we forgot to ship that I’ll be devastated to realize is missing. How do we even get our stuff once it’s here? Where will we put it?? Maybe we shouldn’t have shipped anything? What if they don’t renew our lease? What if we can’t get doctor’s appointments in time to get renewed prescriptions? What if my sister never comes to visit and I never see her again? Will the frustration of not having direct road access because of the bollards be too much hassle?

I’m sure this panic is pretty normal. Moving to another country where you don’t speak the language is big, and I KNOW I need to be more patient with myself, but man it’s tough. It comes in waves, and the jet lag and lack of sleep surely doesn’t help, but it’s exhausting.

We only arrived two days ago, I know I need to just give myself more time to adjust but I do wish these waves would stop. It’s all very exciting but also nerve-wracking.

It’s happening to both of us, so we’re mostly just trying to not have the panics at the same time so we can be strong for each other while the other one melts down.

#Lisbon #Portugal #Immigration

Humanist Engineer
1 week ago

#Woke is #MAGA speak for the n-word they can't say anymore.

1. Ask them to define it and they can't / won't.
2. You can plug in the n-word almost any time they use it and it makes perfect sense:
• "#CRT is woke history."
• "#Juneteenth is a woke holiday."
• "#Wokeness needs to be eradicated."
• "#Immigration is woke."
3. There are a few exceptions where instead of the #nWord, it means the F-word.
• "#Pride is woke."
• "Disney/Target are woke companies."

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

#Autobiographical #GraphicNovel as family project: Malaka Gharib got the whole family involved as she created her books. Here’s the #Afikra interview with Malaka, with a couple of special guests!

#Egypt #Philippines #Qatar #Immigration #UnitedStates #Families #Memoirs


Adamas Nemesis
1 week ago

Trump also claims, in his usual grotesquely racist fashion, that mothers are "squatting" in hotels late in pregnancy for "birth tourism" to get their children United States citizenship, and that this is "illegal"., it isn't. He is blatantly and deliberately lying about what the law says.

And people think this man should be allowed to run for president again? 3/3

#politics #thoughts #authoritarianism #citizenship #immigration #Trump

Adamas Nemesis
1 week ago

He also proposes to do this to deter illegal immigration, unaware that this criminally ghoulish plan is predicated upon punishing literal *newborn babies* for the crimes of their mothers.

There are countries in this world that mete out punishments for ancestors' offenses. North Korea is one of them. Apparently expecting the United States to refrain from joining them is too much to hope for in Donald Trump's America. 2/3

#politics #thoughts #authoritarianism #citizenship #immigration #Trump

Adamas Nemesis
1 week ago

I watched Donald Trump's latest video, and it's worse than I thought: this man is promising to end birthright citizenship by presidential decree.

Uh...he does know doesn't he, that this is blatantly illegal? That we have things called "laws" and a "constitution" in this country that don't allow him to do any such thing? It would seem not. 1/?

#politics #thoughts #authoritarianism #citizenship #immigration #Trump

2 weeks ago

"Speeding fines and #immigration statements" lead to fall in #Tory support for #Braverman apparently.

Except only one of those things is a recent development.

This is kinda farcical. The speeding complaint is such a minor abuse of power that most white men would probably just shrug it off. I mean, compare it to the crimes of Boris Johnson for chist sake.

So how on earth is *this* the thing that is a step too far for Conservatives? It boggles the mind.

Algernon D'Ammassa
2 weeks ago

Do people watch? Are these discussions valuable? I always wonder. In this instance, three of us discussed #immigration and the end of #Title42: two journalists who report at the border and an immigration attorney.

Are these shows valuable and how would we know one way or another?

It also amuses me because in my personal life, I am not someone to whom anyone tends to listen. But I go on TV and pretend I'm someone who has things to say that people want to hear. Ha ha.


3 weeks ago

9th Circuit Rules US Deportation Law that Fueled Family Separations Is 'Neutral as to Race' The ruling is a blow for advocates who had hoped to see major changes to the nation's #immigration system #legal

Ian Rose
3 weeks ago

The names have been released of the 7 farmworkers killed in the crash outside of Albany, OR last week.

7 people on their way home from growing and picking your food, in a country that gives them no status and no protections in exchange for that hard, skilled, necessary work.

Eduardo Lopez
Alejandro Jimenez Hernandez
Josue Garcia Garcia
Luis Enrique Gomez Reyes
Javier Suarez
Alejandra Espinoza Carpio
Juan Carlos Leyva Carrillo

#Oregon #Food #Agriculture #Immigration

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

American Born Chinese, premiering this week on #Disney, is a coming-of-age comedy that masterfully interlaces the stories of Jin Wang (Ben Wang), a Chinese-American teenager, and characters from Monkey King #folklore.

It also reflects the journey of colonized working class peoples in search of identity, reports @josephinelee, in this personal & philosophical new #review:

#AmericanBornChinese #TV #reviews #immigration #WhiteSupremacy #philosophy #culture #China

A woman in a white dress and headdress touches hands with a monkey-like human in a dark outfit with gold collar and cuffs. They are standing in a woodland with rich red lighting on its foliage.
undergrowth-feed 🍃
3 weeks ago | Vigilante fears as Texas Republicans push for special unit to detain migrants |

"A new Texas bill could soon establish a taskforce using civilians that would have the authority to “arrest, apprehend or detain persons crossing the Texas-Mexico border unlawfully”, raising concerns around state-sponsored vigilantism." | #Texas #UnitedStates #Mexico #immigration #migrants #fascism

Sally Strange
3 weeks ago

Upstate NY getting in on the anti-immigrant trend with the very tiresome fascist excuse of "oh we have lots of homeless people already," as if they're about to do a damn thing to help homeless folks.

#NYS #UpstateNY #Cayuga #Cortland #Immigration #AsylumSeekers #NewYork

Philip Kiff
3 weeks ago

Wish I still lived out east and could go see this awesome exhibition at Pier 21 in Halifax by my friend JJ Lee.

It's a fascinating blend of art and artifact, of the personal and historical. A family history uncovering a national history.

A charcoal portrait on paper from her grandfather's laundromat. Ghostly figures emerging from spreading watercolours. Hand-drawn wallpaper.

If you live anywhere close, you should go.

#JJLee #art #Canada #Chinese #immigration #Pier21

3 weeks ago

Via Josh Gerstein:

JUST IN: Biden admin asks 11th Circuit for stay of judge's orders blocking post-#Title42 #immigration policies on parole of asylumseekers and 'alternatives to detention.'

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

”I don’t think it’s a state issue. This is a national movement that’s anti-immigrant, that’s toward rolling back minority participation, minority rights—everything.”

From the May/June 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine, @gusbova interviews #Texas state Representative Gene Wu:

#TXlege #politics #USpol #WhiteSupremacy #Fascism #extremism #democrats #republicans #immigration #news #HumanRights

3 weeks ago

The US is adding a lottery to its sponsor-based #immigration pathway for people from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba

Flipboard News Desk
3 weeks ago

9 questions about Biden’s border policy, answered.

Vox reports: "Here’s what the end of Title 42, a controversial Trump-era immigration policy, really means for the border."

#Biden #Border #Immigration #Title42 #USPolitics

Mikal with a k
4 weeks ago

Joel (right) and another volunteer with the Tucson-based group Humane Borders hoist a flag to mark a water barrel, one of six placed at the request of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument officials on May 13th, 2023. These were placed along the border wall where migrants have been crossing in the last week.

Humane Borders has a working relationship with the National Park Service to place and maintain these barrels, though the NPS usually only grudgingly allows it. In this case, with the sudden influx of migrants and the hot weather, NPS approached Humane Borders and requested the tanks.

The blue flags also have bright LEDs so people in need can find the tanks at night.

Yesterday, May 14th, Joel was doing similar work near Arivaca, AZ, far east of here and was harassed by racist vigilantes who have been using the hype about the end of Title 42 as a recruiting tool.

#asylum #immigration #HumanRights #border #BorderWall #HumanitarianAid #FuckTheWall

A scene along the U.S.-Mexico border fence in the Arizona desert. In the background is the 30' tall rusty steel border fence and multiple large saguaro cactus. In the foreground is a 55 gallon blue plastic water barrel on its side on a small stand made out of bricks. Two men are raising a blue flag on a long pole next to it. The front half of a green pickup truck extends into the scene from the left.
Mikal with a k
4 weeks ago

The Border Patrol's makeshift migrant processing area a mile from the Lukeville, AZ port of entry and 1/4 mile off the main highway. This is in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, on South Puerto Blanco Drive. This is where asylum seekers are brought after coming through breaches in the border fence.

These are people seeking asylum, who immediately turn themselves in after crossing the fence. I haven't heard what happens to them after they are taken from here.

Many of us in the desert aid community are concerned that Biden's new immigration rules will push more people to try to cross the 60 miles of deadly desert between here and Interstate 8.

#asylum #Title42 #immigration

A line of people, facing away, against a pale blue sky background. The people are all dark-skinned, with dark hair. In the foreground is a desert landscape of sparse bushes, with two large saguaro cactus framing the scene. On the night is a Border Patrol white pickup and a solar charging station. There is also a tower with a small wind generator and some lights on it.
Mikal with a k
4 weeks ago

Cutting a single post is all it takes to breach the border wall. Once cut, it can easily be levered open enough for people to pass through.

$25 million dollars per mile was spent on this monstrosity, yet it can be defeated in minutes with a cordless angle grinder.

If you look closely, you'll see the 1/4" thick, 6" x 6" square steel tubes are filled with concrete in which two 1" diameter steel rods are embedded. All of this is simple to cut through.

My guess is that the words refer to the welder (Tim S.) and the date it was repaired previously. Such repairs can be seen all along the fence. It's probably quicker to cut than repair.

This is where most of the recent migrants were coming through a few miles west of Lukeville, AZ, brought there by traffickers who charged them large fees. The fence doesn't stop or even slow migration, but it does create a perfect business opportunity for cartels who can control the ability to cross.

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A close up of the 6" x 6" steel posts, or "bollards" that make up the 30' tall U.S.-Mexico border fence. The 6" x 6" square, rusty steel posts are spaced 4" apart and filled with concrete. Inside the posts, embedded in the concrete are two round 1" diameter steel rods. 

One post has been cut through and is offset, clearly showing that it has been cut. The word "TIMS 4-21-23" is written in white chalk just above the cut.
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4 weeks ago

A couple groups of migrants walking the border road westward toward Lukeville, AZ, waiting to be picked up by Border Patrol. The road curves around to the left and goes around the hill in front of them, but they'll probably be picked up and taken to a processing area not far away.

From there, I don't know where they go.

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Two groups of people totaling about 40 are seen from behind walking on a wide dirt road in the desert. Along the left side of the road is a long line of light posts. Along the right is the 30' tall, rusty metal border fence. In the distance, the road and fence climb a tall hill covered in sparse desert vegetation.
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4 weeks ago

I spent time along the U.S.-Mexico border last week, watching changes as #Title42 ended.

There is a lot to say about what I observed on Friday and Saturday and I intend to write a short blog post. For now, a few photos.

For reasons unknown, migrants coming through the border fence (through a single cut bollard a few miles west of the Lukeville crossing) were tearing up or even burning their documents. I found ID cards from India, a half-burned passport from Mauritania, a Mexican travel visa, vaccination cards, a bus ticket from Oaxaca to Tecate, and this fragment of a document of someone from Brazil.

I don't know why they tear them, but this one in particular caught me attention. I don't know what will happen to Brazilians who entered the country without proper documents. Or Mauritanians or Indians or all the others. But I wish them good luck.

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A torn document lies on rocky ground in a rectangular patch of sunlight between shadows cast by rusty square 6" x6" steel posts of the U.S.-Mexico border fence. On the scrap of paper is a black and white photo of a face, but only the upper left half is visible, the rest having been torn away.
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And by “Texas,” the Hill means fascist Gov. #Abbott:

#Texas on Sunday sent more migrants to Vice President Harris’s D.C. residence, just days after Title 42 — a pandemic-era rule that allowed officials to quickly expel asylum seekers at the border — ended last week.” #immigration #racism #bigotry

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“Texas is just a really terrible place for construction workers to do their job."

Antelmo Ramirez was one of more than 1,300 construction workers to die in #Texas between 2011 and 2021, more than California and Pennsylvania combined, reports @gusbova in this week's top story:

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Cities far from U.S.-Mexico border still grapple with migrant crisis.

BBC News reports from Chicago where 8,000 migrants have arrived since last summer.

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@TexasObserver @damemagazine @gusbova @ProPublica @mongabay @gbhnews @thexylom @heiseonline For #Newstodon and #AAPIHeritageMonth, we have this fascinating piece of history:

How Hawaii's white plantation owners encouraged Russian immigration at the start of the 20th century to do exploitative farm work -- because native Hawaiians were starting to organize against exploitation, and racist laws barred Chinese #immigration


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“ A federal judge in #Florida blocked the Biden administration’s plan to release some migrants into the U.S. on “parole,” shortly before Title 42 expired at midnight on Thursday.

U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell, a 👉 nominee of Trump👈 , granted Florida’s request for a temporary restraining order on the parole policy, finding that the policy is not substantially different from one that the same judge struck down in March.” #immigration

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Title 42 has ended. Here’s what it did, and how U.S. immigration policy is changing.

An AP explainer:

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Trump’s Title 42 regulations, which allowed US border officials to quickly expel migrants at the southern border, expire tonight. But the legacy of restricting asylum petitions will likely continue, as Biden takes steps to reduce migration.

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