Ellie Maybe
20 minutes ago

Hey Mastodon! My band has a new single coming out in a few weeks. This one is for you if organized religion is the bane of your existence. Or if you just like solid theatrical folk rock.

Presave link:

We're also going on tour, so come see us on the road! Dates at, tour cities in the hashtag cluster below.

#indiemusic #indierock #altpop #deconstruction #hunstville #birmingham #atlanta #augusta #charlotte #charleston #knoxville #louisville #nashville #music #newmusic

Last week I posted part 1 of my retrospective on what releasing an album meant to me as an independent artist.

Here's the last part, where I explore the release campaign, how I approached the concept of social media marketing, why it failed (for me) and what changed in the aftermath.

#Indie #IndieMusic #MusicRelease #Musodon #MusicProduction

I. E. LaBailey
21 hours ago

I'm such a tease, just a bit of Limerence & the price of hesitation a music file in video form. Please enjoy! The full version ought to be up someplace where these things can be listened to. Speaking of which, is there a Fedi version of Spotify or SoundCloud out there yet?

#music #homerecording #sample #IMadeThis #songwriting #translivesmatter #indie #indiemusic

Pomegranate County Irregulars
2 days ago

Early availability for those who go to our Bandcamp page:

Lieutenant Jameson and California Sue b/w Occupation

The streamers and digital stores won't have it until May 9.

#IndieFolk #IndieRock #IndieMusic #ThePomegranteCountyIrregulars

Conrad Wili
3 days ago

Das Debüt von Nina Chuba ist ein Querschnitt der beliebtesten Girlie-Trends der letzten Jahre: #ninachuba #deutschpop #popmusic #deutschrap #indiemusic :

4 days ago

Continuing my photos of #gigs past here's a #throwback to #James playing #KewGardens in 2017.

Kew the Music is a laid back picnic affair for posh people. I brought my own stool, a vegetarian quiche & some non alcoholic beer to fit in with the locals. Although they were all pissed on Waitrose wine & Pimms

If you love #LiveMusic & going to #gigs let us know! Reply in this thread & I'll give it a boost. Photos of your gigs would be great

#AltRock #IndieMusic #NowPlaying#FlashbackFriday

Tim Booth of the rock band James performing live. He's holding his microphone to the crowd asking them to sing
4 days ago
4 days ago

It’s #FollowFriday and I #FollowBack so #Follow me for a #FridayFollow this #Friday.

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A herd of American Mastodon by Roman Yevseyev.
Davide Bucci
4 days ago

A new piece of music for #SilkDust is ready. It is called Mediterranean Sunset and if you have played the game you know what this is about (I can't spoil): #indiemusic #soundtrack #textadventure #vintagecomputing

5 days ago

A new, free, collaborative COMPANDER EP, made with Mike Benoit just dropped! Wrap yourself up in the "Lo-Fi Sound Quilt" for winter's last gasp.

#ElectronicMusic #Electronica #AmbientMusic #ExperimentalElectronica #BedroomElectronica #IndieMusic #DIY

What's Happening in China
5 days ago

Asian Dope Boys + Chinese indie rock smells + pagan black metal from Dongbei

In this issue: Chinese indie rock aromas, a retro Hedgehog video that you really have to watch, pagan folk metal from China’s northeast, a second slice of Sichuanese sci-fi-tronica, and an examination of “the altered states of living and dying”.

#china #chineseMusic #chineseIndieMusic #music #indie #indieMusic

6 days ago

This is my fav new indie guitar band in years. Love the sound.

#music #indieMusic #psychedelicMusic

6 days ago


Not really sure what I am doing here. I guess this account is an appreciation of the absurd, but always striving for kindness, compassion, and justice.

I am interested in #words #language #punk #IndieMusic #DIY #outside #bicycles #Mexico but overall I am probably pretty #normcore.

No followers yet, but pinning this in case anyone stumbles across this account. Single person instances are hard to get connected, but I am going to give this a month or two.

Thiccquid - The Band
6 days ago

Finally got around to submitting my next #EP to the publisher. Starting on March 31, #Thiccquid will have a new track every other Friday until the full EP comes out mid-May. Officially starting the #HIMBOROCK era and I’m so excited for what this new sound is going to bring!
#indiemusic #indiemusician #altrock #alternativerock #rap #himbo

1 week ago

Video of the day:

#GEMS my favorite band performing a few songs #live on radio.

So far I haven't found anyone to fangirl about GEMS with. Does nobody else like them?

#Indie #IndiePop #IndieMusic #SynthPop #DreamPop

Kristóf Hajós
1 week ago

Okay, so these are cute. You may now buy them, boost them favourite them. #cassette #indiemusic #independentmusic

A box of orange cassette tapes with white artwork featuring a blurry figure with the title Kristóf Hajós - Good Morning, Nothingness
Tacit Subtext
1 week ago

#NaomiDanea on Amazon Music. Not sure where else to find her music.

🎶 Beautiful voice, hypnotic melody 🎶

#ListeningNow #CurrentlyListening #Music #SingerSongwriter #IndieMusic

Screenshot from Amazon music service of the song, art for Gaze by Naomi Danae. It shows a woman’s face in silhouette, facing the right, with a sunset, outlining her silhouette from behind.

I think that more artists should write about their music releases in retrospective.

Here is the first part of a 2-part series about what releasing an album meant to me as an independent artist.

I touch topics such as expenses, earnings, what a successful release is and isn't for me.

In part 2 I will dig into the release campaign: how it was carried out, why it failed and what happened in the aftermath.

#Indie #IndieMusic #MusicRelease #Musodon #MusicProduction

1 week ago

Time to highlight another band that I'm currently enjoying, and they don't have a record label (at least from what I could find).

This folk-pop band is called The National Parks, and this is their latest album is called 8th Wonder.

You can find it on the streaming service of your choice (including YouTube) at

#MusicMonday #IndieMusic #IndieBand

1 week ago
1 week ago

Have been typing up some notes and listening to Robyn Hitchcock's latest album Shufflmania. To my mind it's his best since Element of Light.

If you like a mix of British whimsy, folk rock, surrealism and, psychedelia have a listen.

The new one is at all the usual places.


Element of Light

#music #indieMusic #indie #surreal

1 week ago
Davide Bucci
1 week ago

To let you hear some presets, I tried to put together a small piece of #music, using only #Proteus/1 and #Proteus/2 sounds. I just added a small reverb (Alesis MicroVerb 4, as visible in the picture of my setup). Nothing too elaborated, but with some fun 1990 vibe: #indiemusic

1 week ago


I just noticed that I haven't yet introduced myself, apart from telling you I like #IndieMusic.
So here I go:

The woman in my current profile pic is not me, but just some picture that came up searching for public domain "florence" pictures.
I'm a non-binary trans woman.
I'm a queer-feminist, anti-fascist, anarchasocialist.
I'll post mostly about music here, but if you're a sexist, terf, fascist, nazi or capitalist we can't be friends, even if you have a great taste in music.


1 week ago
1 week ago
1 week ago

The music video for my upcoming track "Unheard Of" is live now! The track title was chosen by @jasondidner. Thank you!

#NewMusic #Music #IndieMusic #MusicVideo #MusicProduction #Musician #MusicProduction

1 week ago

The music video for my upcoming track "Unheard Of" is live now! The track title was chosen by @jasondidner. Thank you!

#NewMusic #Music #IndieMusic #MusicVideo #MusicProduction #Musician #MusicProduction

1 week ago
Redrawn Hell Human
2 weeks ago

Pet Door Show #32 featuring CHARLES ELLSWORTH on his album Honeysuckle Summer (aired 3/18/21 on Shady Pines Radio) is now available to stream for free on Mixcloud!


Furui Riho*
ena mori**
Gayathri Krishnan**
Myrts Son
Adiós Amores
Stephanie Anne Johnson

& many more!

*/** Pet Door Show Up-and-Coming Artists You Should Know in 2022*/2023**
*** PDS Highlighted Artist 4/22/21

#music #IndieMusic #radio #IndieRadio

2 weeks ago

Another long track (didn't realise I was throwing too much on the timeline).

Last of this latest batch using NI Maschine 2.0 software and Komplete 14 instruments.

#music #indieMusic #IndieMusician #MusicProduction #PopMusic #pop

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Another Dark Ambient track from my band, The Spoken


The Metal Dog ✅🤘
2 weeks ago

Exclusive: South Africa’s DEADLINE Premieres “My Sweet Apocalypse” Video
The pioneers of the ‘New Wave of South African Heavy Metal’ are back yet again with third single, and their magnum opus called “My Sweet Apocalypse” from their upcoming third album, Vitriol Inc. Watch the video – premiered exclusively through BraveWords!...

#Deadline #SouthAfrica #MySweetApocalypse #ExclusiveVideo #HeavierGrooves #IndieMusic #MetalMusic

ChatGPT making things up about the article:

This article from Brave Words covers the release of South African metal band Deadline's new music video for their song "My Sweet Apocalypse." The video has been premiered on and is recommended for fans of bands such as Trivium and In Flames. The article also details a few of the individual band members and their music history.
2 weeks ago

A song I wrote with the swedish songwriter Jonas Halldin
guitars played by Nigel Brown
Better Days
available on all streaming platform
#Indiemusic #music #youtube

This Week In The 90s
2 weeks ago

🎵 SUEDE—Animal Nitrate
📅 Number 7 in the charts on March 8, 1993

Our featured song this week! Visit to read all about the controversial Britpop classic.

#90smusic #music #90s #suede #indiemusic #onthisday

2 weeks ago

Two of our artists, #CarolStevens and #LizClarke, are featured in this month's #RadioDowntown magazine. 🎵 #IndieMusic #IndieArtists #IndieRock #CountryMusic #RetroRock

Follow link and click on the Magazine tab to view!

2 weeks ago

We got stuff cooking that I can't share with the world yet but, in the meantime, I'd like to share this album that was released last Fall. It's a psychedelic mix of #electronica, #beats, #pop, #funk and #rock and partially a love note to the producers, musicians and composers who inspired two friends that had fun jamming out over 11 days. It's got a little bit of something for everybody to appreciate. Favs and boosts appreciated :)

#music #musica #indieMusic

Following up with this post from last week, a reminder that I still have 5 free codes to redeem my album "After 1989: A Trip to Freedom" from Bandcamp.

No strings attached, but if you like what you hear and you have a Bandcamp account, it'd help if you wrote a short review :)


Redeem here:

#Bandcamp #IndieMusic #MusicProduction #Musodon #ConceptAlbum

dAVE Inden || attks th drknss
2 weeks ago

I'm thinking about doing my own physical release. I did one in the past many years ago in 2006 and I think it would be fun to do again.
My thought is to do a cassette release.
Does anyone have any tips on doing a physical self-release? I'd probably only do ten copies or so. What are your tips for doing a physical release on one's own?

#experimentalmusic #musodon #indiemusic #soundart #electronicmusic #ambient #noise

Pomegranate County Irregulars
2 weeks ago

Coming up in a few hours (The stroke of Midnight across the Eastern United States), our third single goes world-wide.

Side A: Sunflower Days "With bright beats, we'd dance to paradise
Sunflowers pointing to the sun."

Side B: In Kansas "Leave and you aren't any more in Kansas (x2)
Leave and you aren't any more
I think Dorothy said that once before
Wouldn't want to be a bore in Kansas"

All the usual digital places.
#ThePomegranateCountyIrregulars #IndiePop #IndieMusic

Cover to our March Single. In text: "Sunflower Days b/w In Kansas". In the background a large arrow pointing left is filled with a sunflower and has a shadow. At the bottom, the band name "The Pomegranate County Irregulars" in lowercase.
2 weeks ago

Check out my new band, The Spoken. It's kind of dark ambient + spoken word + madness


2 weeks ago

With endless amounts of music, it can be hard to find music outside of the bands you already listen to.

If you haven't heard of the band Rogue Wave, and their song Lake Michigan, then take a listen.

Find it on your favourite streaming service (including YouTube) at

#MusicMonday #IndieMusic

Musicians - how many of you send a (semi)regular newsletter? #musicians #musiciantips #indiemusician #indiemusic
Please boost to broaden the sample, thanks!

✨ Chelsea 🌻📚
2 weeks ago

I feel like this is a real long shot, but I want to see if Mastodon can help me connect with more fans of my absolute favorite band, since I can't find any groups dedicated to them anywhere else. There's a subreddit, but it's barely active. Their name is penny and Sparrow, and they're a couple of weird folk singer dudes from Texas who were once pretty Christian, but they've since deconstructed and now I'm not sure what they are. Their lyrics aren't as explicitly spiritual as they once were, in any case.

I saw them in concert in April of last year, and it was the best live music experience of my life so far. I almost started crying as soon as I heard the opening notes of their first song, which, incidentally, was Adeline, one of my favorite songs of theirs. It was everything I could have asked for from seeing them live and then some.

Anyway, I hate it when people ask for boosts on their posts, but I would love it if y'all could boost this so it might have a better chance of reaching people who love them if they're on here. It's very sad to love something so much and not know anyone else who loves it the same way. I want them to be more popular.

#music #FolkMusic #indiemusic #IndependentMusic

Today is #BandcampFriday. However, even if I have music on there, I want to give instead of asking.

Here are 10 codes to redeem my concept album "After 1989" for free.

Listen to the songs before redeeming, so if they're not your cup of tea leave the codes to someone else :)

If you still want to help, leave a review if you like it!



#IndieMusic #MusicProduction

Inverse Phase
2 weeks ago

Okay hey it's #BandcampFriday so if you're into #chiptune stuff I have a coupon good until tomorrow: MARCHMOTIVATION2023

Motivate me to clear my plate so that I can get to spring cleaning! Get 20% off anything on my bandcamp! And 100% after processing goes to me because #Bandcamp takes no fees.

#indie #music #indiemusic #friday #8bit #retro #retrogames #retrogaming #retrocomputing

3 weeks ago

Oh hey it's #BandcampFriday and that means that artists get the full revenue when you buy their #music today! Normally, Bandcamp takes 15% in revenue share.
Streaming is a great way to discover new artists, but buying directly from the artists you love is the BEST way to support us and ensure that we keep making music. Sure, a few pounds/bucks/loonies won't keep the lights on, but it means the world to us and encourages us to keep at it. #musician #bandcamp #IndieMusic

3 weeks ago

Just a few copies of "Ancient Intentions" left. Handmade #diyVinyl and unique art for each cover, we made 23 total. Music by myself and the artist known as @malarki
Downloads of this release get you a gallery of all 23 images as well.
#artprints #vinyl #lathecut #limitedvinyl #Malarki #BandcampFriday #7inch #MinorCodeMusic #IndependentMusic #IndieMusic

Jon Porobil
3 weeks ago

February Album Writing Month. The goal is to write (and, ideally, record) 14 brand-new songs in 28 days. It was just under the wire, but I made it, uploading my 14th song at 11:30pm last night.

The songs will remain on the FAWM website through March for listening, and I have them uploaded to my Google Drive for indefinite access.


#FebruaryAlbumWritingMonth #FAWM #SingerSongwriter #HomeRecording #Music #Musician #IndieMusic

A screenshot from the February Album Writing Month website, showing Jon Porobil's profile. The song count in the top-right is circled, showing that he completed 14 songs in this year's FAWM.
David Whittemore
3 weeks ago
Footage of 1980 Young Marble Giants concert.

The video describes the highlight of the show in deadpan

"Alison takes her jacket off halfway through the set."

3 weeks ago

New server, new #introduction. Leaving the former Twitter handle @oortville behind as a vestige of the fowl site. Tooting topics include:

#CapitolHillBackyards Adding and subtracting plants from my small backyard and smaller pond.

#BikeDC #bicycle commuter and #BikeTooter. Love a good #PBL.

Photos of #nature #gardening #bugs #birds #flowers #tacos #dogs #dogwalk

#DC Capitol Hill neighborhood stuff

Too many #IndieMusic t-shirts.

#SciFi Octavia Butler, NK Jemisin, Jeff Vandermeer.

4 weeks ago

Nice. The Bandcamp Android app can now make playlists and also shuffle all songs across all purchased albums. Maybe I can ditch *barf* YouTube Music soon.

#bandcamp #music #indieMusic

1 month ago

It’s #SoundcloudSaturday and have I found the purrfect #caturday track for you?!!

Yes. I have.

It’s about the genius who would rule the world if only they had opposable thumbs!

Please check out and enjoy:
The Creative Block
~ Shayne O’Neill

#IndieMusic #Indie #Dgar
#Music #soundcloud

1 month ago

With my teenage mind blown in the early years of the 1990’s by Nirvana’s album, Nevermind, I endeavoured to write my own grunge song.

It’s called Flat World. It has nothing to do with flat earthers, and the name was a reference to living in blocks of units, or ‘flats’.

When I wrote this, I had nothing to record it on, so recording it, to me, meant writing the lyrics and chords down in an old exercise book. Listening to it meant pulling the guitar out and singing it. Indie music in the early 90’s, you know what I’m saying?

I do hope you enjoy one of the first songs I wrote, my teenage attempt at a Cobain-influenced grunge song, Flat World.

Flat World.
~ Dgar.



Apple Music:




Thank you all so much for listening!

#Dgar #indie #music #grunge #IndieMusic #rock

1 month ago

It’s #FollowFriday and I #FollowBack so #Follow me for a #FridayFollow this #Friday.

If you have an #introduction toot pinned on your profile that you’d like boosted, #comment “IntroBoost” below, and I’ll give you a #boost to help you connect with the community.

If you #FollowMe you can expect #DadJokes, bad #puns, and original #IndieMusic so I look forward to connecting with you, and connecting you to a wider #community.


rootfs :oh_no:
1 month ago

If you have two ears on your head and love good music, check out my friend @jessica's album "A Soul Rendered Void" here:

It's an absolute blast of an album, and should cheer anyone up if they are having a bad day (I know it did for me!)

Oh, and please buy the album and leave a comment explaining why you love it!!

#music #BandcampFriday #bandcamp #indie #indiemusic #rock #funk #grunge #remix

1 month ago

Наадя - Тёмные места (Naadia - Dark Places)

#NowPlaying #IndieMusic #Electronica

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@11thJeff @xenophora @aral I’m glad you like it! That’s journeyman #Philly #LapSteel ace Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner, who recently added #NYC #IndieRock roots darlings #WildPink’s latest record to his mile-long résumé. You can watch a video of him sitting in with them at their recent #LincolnCenter show:

We mixed him into a few more tracks on The Phoenix Trap back then, see if you can spot ’em.

#music #indie #IndieMusic #LiveMusic #NewMusic #RockMusic #guitar

teebeeart (•͈◇•͈⑅)
1 month ago

We got stuff cooking that I can't share with the world yet but, in the meantime, I'd like to share this album that was released last Fall. It's a psychedelic mix of #electronica, #beats, #pop, #funk and #rock and partially a love note to the producers, musicians and composers who inspired two friends that had fun jamming out over 11 days. It's got a little bit of something for everybody to appreciate. Favs and boosts appreciated :)

#bandcampFriday #music #musica #indieMusic

Lenoy Barkai 🎤
1 month ago

Here it is! Paper Crown is officially out on all platforms. I started the songwriting process for this project back in 2017 … it’s been a long incubation period! 😂 I really hope you like the final product.

The songs are all out but I still have a few things lined up in the pipeline 🎥🎥🎥 more updates on that soon.

#NewMusic #Music #Musician #MusicRelease #IndieMusic #SingerSongwriter #Rock #Pop

Edited photo of Lenoy on a spacey background, overlayed with her silhouette and wearing a paper crown. Text on cover: Paper Crown, Lenoy Barkai
Back cover with a silhouette of Lenoy in a paper crown in a spacey background with the track titles: Chemical Emily, Me and These Keys, Just Enough of You, Do I Really Wanna Know?, The Decider (feat. Nick Catto), The Kill, Civil, No Man's Land, Ride of My Life, The Pier, 2 Old Dogs, Paper Crown

Inspired by @Oortsize, here's my YouTube channel if you want to subscribe. I post new music or lyrics videos of the original music that I produce:

I haven't done much over the last year and a half, but I hope I can manage to go back to it soon.

#IndependentMusician #IndieMusic #MusicProduction

Something that I already told @jasondidner about his great initiative: it's very important for #IndieMusic to be promoted. As an indie musician and producer myself, I struggled to get this through on Twitter and the rest of mainstream social media, back when I was still there.

Why artist don't promote and follow each other? Besides music taste, of course. Listen to them, if you like the music, boost it, buy it, review it.

@Cloudjumper @catherinewacha @KydiaMusic @mykie @shannoncurtis @mxtthxw

1 month ago

Continuing my photos of #gigs past #CarSeatHeadrest played the Electric Ballroom London 2017

Set list

I met the late Sean Hughes at this gig. The 2nd time I'd met him at a gig for a nice chat, previously being a Wonderstuff/Wedding Present gig. He was to sadly pass a few months later

If you love #LiveMusic & going to #gigs let us know! Reply in this thread & I'll give it a boost. Photos of your gigs would be great!

#RockMusic #NowPlaying#IndieMusic #photography

Side view of Ethan Ives of indie rock band Car Seat Headrest, performing live. He's playing guitar, back-lit by two discs of stage lights casting beams left and right
Front man and song writer Will Toledo of indie rock band Carseat Headrest singing with guitar
Front view of Ethan Ives of indie rock band Car Seat Headrest, performing live. He's playing guitar, back-lit by two discs of stage lights casting beams left and right
1 month ago

I should’ve called the band 1023MB.

Haven’t got a gig yet.

I’m just #busking to you guys on Mastodon instead!

Please #boost, #follow, and enjoy my #song, Digital Busker. 🫶

Or don’t, no pressure! Not everyone is in the mood for #random #indiemusic ☺️



Apple Music:



Thank you for listening to my #music
#Mastodon is an #amazing place!


A few guitar picks and a pair of wired headphones sit on a cream coloured desk beside a mixing desk with knobs and sliders, a silver computer keyboard with white keys, and a corded black mouse with a red glow around its mouse wheel.  
Original artwork by Jon O’Hare (me) Illustrator drawing. 
Title: Dgar
Digital Busker.

Not sure how I missed this, but here's a very nice and thoughtful review of my latest album from Heavy Blog is Heavy.

#Postrock #lostlemming #HeavyBlogIsHeavy #IndieMusic #Instrumental #Doomgaze

Review text: This duo from Oak Park, Illinois clearly have a great deal of awareness regarding what their aiming at compositionally on a track-to-track basis (see: “Post Doom,” which sounds exactly how you’d expect, in a good way), and as much as I’ve bemoaned the incredibly derivative nature of modern post-rock, I also hold that when the formula is executed really well I’m still thoroughly on board. If you can also deliver that with some strong production behind you, even better, and lostlemming certainly have that. This is solid, salt of the earth post-rock that pays tribute while still offering something well worth listening to on its own terms.
2 months ago

I can't stop listening to this Korean indie artist I randomly found, "Mid-Air Thief"
It's a bit psychedelic, bossa, indie acoustic, something undefined and mysterious, and it's been days now I can't stop.
#music #musicofmastodon #midairthief #indiemusic

Cliff Jones Jr.
2 months ago

Any indie music fans out there aware of bands calling themselves #dreampunk? I'm not talking about the more ambient, electronic, typically lyric-less microgenre that branched off of #vaporwave; I mean something more akin to #shoegaze and #dreampop (but probably a little more #punk).

Here's a #playlist I'm building on #YoutubeMusic with everything I've found so far.

#music #bands #indieMusic #indieRock #punkRock #indiePunk #psychedelic #psychedelicRock #psychedelicMusic

The painful process of living in England through Brexit:

We break butterflies on the wheel
For fear they may return
Vengeful in colour

We break dreamers and schemers and seers
For fear they may return
As armies in number


Everybody says it’s the will, it’s the way
But how could we be so wrong?
Everybody says the die is cast.

Beautiful lyrics and music by Dan Ecclestone, remixed, produced and performed by myself and @antiquitymusic

#indiemusic #bandcamp

Inverse Phase
2 months ago

I was on a #podcast #interview with Brian Funk, who found me because of #P8M. He asked me all about my #job at @bloopmuseum and #chiptune stuff. Some extra shoutouts to #demoscene and #indiemusic scenes. If you'd enjoy a more in-depth explanation of what I do with a personal touch, give it a listen!

#indie #music #tech #synth #synthesizer #synthesizers #museum #museums #computers

2 months ago

Re #introduction

#CapitolHillBackyards Rewilding a small backyard in DC. Snooping backyards in nearby real estate listings.

#BikeDC #bicycle commuter. Not fast. More #PBL pls. #BikeTooter

#DC Capitol Hill neighborhood. Local politics, mostly as it relates to #environment.

Photos of #nature #gardening #bugs #birds #pets#tacos

#scifi like Octavia Butler, NK Jemisin, Jeff Vandermeer

#indieMusic Still have many college radio t-shirts. Love finding new stuff.

3 months ago

Tooting my music again.

These toots get ignored so much, I should title them “Terms and Conditions”.

Proud Woman - Dgar.

#indiemusic #rock

3 months ago

Here goes with the #introduction post: married father of amazing teenager.

Originally from #Australia, lived in London for 20 years but spend most of my time wondering how I ended up here in Sweden.

I'm a 9-5 architect and a 5-9 #film #shoegaze #indiemusic and #cinema obsessive. Also into #karate #cycling #reading and #tech.

Oh, and #wine

And #cats :blob_cat_heart: (I love those little guys)

I'm moving swiftly on from the Other Place.

Still trying to protect myself and others from #covid

Genuinely unsure if there is anything even remotely resembling a music scene in northern #newjersey that doesn't just narrow down to "go to New York". Fact I don't drive probably doesn't help either.

I wanna play a guitar loudly and scream to an audience without risking lugging around equipment in Manhattan is that too much to ask for lol

#musodon #music #musician #musicians #mastomusic #indiemusic #indiemusicians #nj