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#HerringPondTribe of #Plymouth pushes for federal recognition

Story by Beth Treffeisen, Boston Globe
November 22, 2023

"PLYMOUTH — Raised by a tribal elder, Melissa Ferretti remembers growing up in a two-room shack in the woods in the 1970s on the southern border of Plymouth known as 'the valley,' where her family lived off the land.

"Ferretti is a member of the #HerringPond Tribe, one of a handful comprising the #WampanoagNation, which many years ago had a small reservation in Plymouth.

"Ferretti said gaining #FederalRecognition would help the tribe keep its distinct identity.

"'When most people think #Wampanoag, they’re thinking of #Mashpee or #Aquinnah,' said Timothy Turner, owner of Native Plymouth Tours and associate director of Indigenous education for the Plimoth Patuxet Museums.

"The Herring Pond Tribe, he said, still in Plymouth 400 years after the arrival of the Pilgrims, is 'a small group of people . . . and they get left out of history because they’re not federally recognized.'

"The Wampanoag, which means People of the First Light, have called Southeastern New England home for 12,000 years, dating to when the glaciers receded, said Turner.

"The Herring Pond Tribe was at 'ground-zero' of #colonization, said Ferretti, and was part of the original #NativeAmericans who met the #Pilgrims on their arrival in 1620.

"Following the first treaty struck with #Massasoit, the Wampanoag chief, the Pilgrims signed treaties with many of the other tribes in the Wampanoag Nation, Turner said. That treaty promised mutual aid in the case of war and exclusive trade — contrary to the Peace Treaty sometimes taught.

"Like other Native Americans, the Herring Pond Tribe sees #Thanksgiving as a day of mourning. Still, members retain the tradition of gathering with families and friends around a turkey.

"Upon the Pilgrims’ arrival, it was estimated that 69 Wampanoag settlements, connected through language and at times political systems, ran along the #EastCoast from #Weymouth to #CapeCod and the Islands, and south to Bristol and Warren, #RhodeIsland according to Brad Lopes, director of Wampanoag and Indigenous Interpretation and Training at the #PlimothPatuxetMuseums and a member of the Aquinnah Tribe.

"Today, about 5,000 Wampanoag people live in New England, Lopes said."

Full article:

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#NavajoNation pushes for #radioactive waste remnants to be fully removed

The United Nuclear Corporation is asking to transfer 1 million cubic yards of mine waste to a spot still near the Nation

By: Arlyssa Becenti - October 22, 2021

“The #Navajo people have endured decades of radiation exposure and #contamination caused by #uranium mining and production, and continues to impact the health of individuals, families and communities. We strongly oppose the proposed amendment that would allow the transfer of uranium mine waste and contamination just a short distance from the Navajo Nation and the homes of our Navajo people.” -- Navajo President Jonathan Nez

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‘He is a Spokandian; he is your family’: #Spokane #IndigenousActivist shot in New Mexico

September 29, 2023

By Alexandra Duggan

"A longtime member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, [#JacobJohns] has been vocal during #ClimateChange protests in Spokane, has painted #murals on Spokane city walls, has fundraised for #Indigenous groups through selling his paintings, organizes #SocialJustice rallies, and more.

"He just finished painting a mural in the Howard Street underpass on Sept. 19 to celebrate #VotingRights restoration for recently incarcerated people on National Voter Registration Day. Johns was also present at the #StandingRockPipeline protests in #NorthDakota.

"In just two months, he was scheduled to lead an #IndigenousWisdomKeepers Delegation to discuss solutions to climate change.

"'His home is there in Spokane. He tries to help out everywhere he can. Any community mural, anything grassroots. He is a real warrior,' [Johns' friend] Lane said. 'That’s what warriors do, standing up for #MotherEarth. I know that’s what he’s doing that for – his daughter, and all of mankind.'

"Lane is waiting for updates on his friend’s condition. He said as the community waits, they pray.

"'More than anything, I hope this can bring our communities together,' Lane said. 'We are all Americans. All of us. We got more in common than we do the difference.

"'We can’t let this be normal. He is a Spokandian; he is your family.'"

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Center for Biological Diversity Statement on Shooting of #JacobJohns

For Immediate Release, September 29, 2023

Kierán Sucking, (520) 275-5960,

Statement from Kierán Suckling, executive director, Center for Biological Diversity:

“I’m horrified and devastated by the shooting this week in #NewMexico of Jacob Johns, an #Indigenous climate and justice #activist, by a #MAGA hat-wearing bigot. The Center for Biological Diversity stands by the brave actions of Johns and with the #IndigenousPeoples of New Mexico and North America resisting the resurrection of a monument to violent #conquistador Juan de #Oñate.

“The Center’s work to end the #climate and #extinction crises is rooted in resistance to #colonial #extractivism. We honor the tireless organizing of Indigenous activists resisting all forms of settler racism, including #TheRedNation, the #ThreeSistersCollective, the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, and #NDNCollective, who led this week’s peaceful gathering in Tewa Territory, Española, New Mexico. We commit to fighting for justice, because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The #CenterForBiologicalDiversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1.7 million members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

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The #RedNation Account of Thursday’s Shooting






An agitator opened fire on a prayerful celebration in #Tewa Territory (#Española, #NewMexico) shortly after 12PM local time on Thursday, September 28. This was a premeditated act of violence. The agitator shot #JacobJohns (#Hopi and Akimel #Oodham in the torso. Johns was protecting a #peaceful group of community members assembled at the Rio Arriba County Annex Building, along with half a dozen community #peacekeepers. The gunman was heard saying 'let’s do this' to a small group of men immediately before opening fire. At the time of the shooting, community members were celebrating a postponement of the reinstallation of a Juan de #Oñate statue that was previously removed from Alcalde, New Mexico on June 15, 2020. Rio Arriba County officials planned to reinstall the statue on Thursday morning in its new location in front of the county annex building, but postponed the reinstallation after community members and activists mounted pressure earlier in the week. News of the postponement came as a relief to organizers, who turned the planned #PeacefulProtest into an impromptu peaceful celebration with speeches and a community feed.

"Before the shooting, the agitator was seen antagonizing the crowd, saying racist remarks, referring to attendees as 'Indians,' and at one point proclaimed himself to be a follower of #QAnon. The agitator also made a point to introduce himself to the media present and requested to be photographed and filmed. In the moments leading up to the shooting, the agitator attempted to approach the small crowd of mostly Indigenous women and children congregating around the event’s speakers in front of the building’s main entrance. Video evidence shows that Jacob Johns and other community peacekeepers successfully stopped the agitator from approaching the crowd. Eyewitnesses speculate that the shooter was trying to break through the crowd to shoot the speaker, or to jump on the cement pedestal to get a vantage point with the intent of carrying out a mass shooting. Video footage also shows that community peacekeepers did not pursue the agitator once they had successfully removed him to the other side of a wall separating the sidewalk from the complex. Despite this, the agitator reached under his sweatshirt with his right hand, drew a pistol, pointed, and shot one round into the crowd, hitting Johns in the torso. Additional ammo was seen tucked into his belt by eyewitnesses and on camera. Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the agitator quickly adjusted his aim after shooting Johns and pulled the trigger a second time with the intention of shooting Malaya Peixinho, one of the attendees, but the gun jammed, preventing the release of further rounds. Upon realizing he could go no further with his planned attack, the shooter turned and fled into the complex’s parking lot, got into a white Tesla, and sped off. Additionally, eyewitnesses report the shooter attempted to unjam his gun as he fled. The shooter was later apprehended eleven miles away by New Mexico State Police in Pojoaque, New Mexico.
Despite Rio Arriba County citing concerns for 'public safety' as the rationale for postponing the reinstallment, the county offered no protection for Indigenous community members on Thursday. In fact Rio Arriba county and leaders at all levels of government were made well aware of the high possibility of gun violence. Denise Williams, mother of shooting victim Scott Williams, who was targeted at a 2020 Oñate protest, said prior to Thursday’s event she called Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s office, the office of U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, New Mexico State Police, the office of the New Mexico Attorney General, all members of U.S. Congress representing Valencia County in New Mexico, and all New Mexico state representatives and senators from Valencia County, to warn them of the high chance of gun violence directed at attendees. State senator Elizabeth 'Liz' Stefanics was the only one to respond. Immediately after the shooting Scott Williams’ father, Dan Williams, called the governor’s office again to tell her that she “had blood on her hands” for failing to properly respond to both shootings.

Immediately after the shooting, two Rio Arriba County Annex employees denied children seeking shelter from the shooter entry into the building. They proceeded to come out, yelling at people to leave, and made disparaging comments about attendees and Jacob as he fought for his life feet away from them. The cops did not show up in a timely manner despite the shooter being in the same parking lot as the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s office, and it took several more minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Eyewitnesses report the complete absence of police intervention. The event’s organizers assembled a community peacekeeping team to provide the only public safety measures present on the ground. Without hesitation, Johns and half a dozen other Indigenous men and allies volunteered. When Johns was shot, it was attendees who provided the first medical response, saving Johns’ life. The first law enforcement officer on the scene ordered the community members providing medical assistance to move away, but they refused because the officer did not identify himself as a medic and made no other attempts to provide assistance.

We are incredibly alarmed that pretrial services have recommended the agitator be released without cash bail. We know from first-hand experience that politically—and racially—motivated shootings like this embolden other like-minded vigilantes who hold the same contempt for #IndigenousPeople and organizers. The agitator and his sympathizers pose a very real and serious threat to all Indigenous people, and to Indigenous women activists specifically. The establishment, which Alex Naranjo himself lauded as 'a system that we’ve lived with for 400 years,' circles its wagons to protect Indian killers who are colonialism’s foot soldiers. This means there is virtually no formal protection or justice for Indigenous people, women, and activists in these times of heightened danger. We call upon all national, tribal, state, county, and city officials, and movement allies, to condemn this racist attack and demand safety and protection for Indigenous people, women, organizations, and communities. We call upon everyone to contact your officials and apply pressure.

Demand the following:
1. Do not release the shooter!!
2. This must be recognized as the racially-motivated hate crime it is at all levels of government.
3. Protect Native women!!

As of now, the shooter is being held at Rio Arriba County Jail in Tierra Amarilla. The bond hearing is scheduled for Monday at 11:30AM at the Rio Arriba Magistrate Court. We will inform the public of any further updates.

Pray for Jacob Johns and his family. A GoFundMe has been set up to help support him and his family during this recovery. Donate and circulate the donation request.

The Red Nation Podcast will be recording an emergency live episode about Thursday’s events on Monday, October 2 at 5PM MT. The Red Nation and NDN Collective will be discussing the event’s wider significance for the Native liberation movement.

Further updates, The Red Nation social media channels, news reporting, and other links can be found at

Our first press release and original demands can be found at


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Northern Arapaho and Akimel O'otham Hopi Interrupt Biden at #COP27: No Time Left for False Solutions

November 11, 2022

#JacobJohns, Akimel O'otham and Hopi, and #BigWind Carpenter, Northern Arapaho, were among four climate activists whose credentials were removed after their war cry and banner drop during President Biden's address.

“Johns told the Guardian, 'We’ve been locked out, our voices silenced,' said Johns, 39, a Washington state-based community organizer. 'The climate collapse is coming, we are literally fighting for our lives. If we’re not allowed to advocate for our future, who will? It’s shameful.'

“‘The world is falling apart but inside the destruction, there is creation and a healthy liveable future, and we try to bring this energy to the chaotic negotiations. International spaces have been historically off-limits to indigenous peoples, but different perspectives can hold a lot of power. I’ve been denied that basic right.'

“Johns raised his own funds to attend COP27 and was then locked out.

“Big Wind, Northern #Arapaho, told the Guardian, 'This is a clear example of radical #Indigenous people and youth being silenced, we’re muted when we try to express our frustration in these spaces. It shows the UN’s true colors.'

“‘We need to accelerate the transition but that’s not going to happen by partnering with big polluters like #Amazon and #PepsiCo, and so we needed to call that out,' he said, in reference to an announcement earlier this week by US climate envoy #JohnKerry, the #Bezos Earth Fund, PepsiCo and others about plans to design an energy transition accelerator.

“Today: Biden's speech was interrupted before the suits moved in, as #Egypt forbids protest in the #BlueZone at COP27.

“The Guardian reports: Protesters interrupt the US president's speech by Nina Lakhani: ‘Four protesters holding a banner which read ‘people vs fossils’ interrupted the speech of Joe Biden, the US president, to Cop27.
'The protesters were youth and Indigenous activists from the US, and they were calling on Biden to stop pushing fossil fuel extraction. They spoke with the Guardian shortly after being escorted out of the plenary hall by security staff.

“‘The president, members of Congress and the state department have come to this international forum on climate change proposing false solutions that will not get us to 1.5C,' said Big Wind, 29, a member of the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming.
“We need to accelerate the transition but that’s not going to happen by partnering with big polluters like Amazon and PepsiCo, and so we needed to call that out,' he said, in reference to an announcement earlier this week by US climate envoy John Kerry, the Bezos Earth Fund, PepsiCo and others about plans to design an energy transition accelerator.

“'Biden referenced Indigenous peoples in his speech, yet has failed to leverage his power to support them directly through direct access to funds needed by communities to adapt to the #ClimateCrisis' said Big Wind.”

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My friend was shot by a Trumper in a #MAGA hat at a peaceful #IndigenousRally. Please help.

by RL Miller, September 30, 2023

"I went to Santa Fe, NM this week for a US #ClimateAction Network conference. During the conference we covered #decolonization and how Santa Fe/NM has been stolen from #Indigenous, first by Spaniards and then by Americans. Several of us decided to attend a rally in opposition to re-erecting a statue of Juan de #Onate, a particularly odious Spanish #Conquistador who massacred an entire pueblo and cut off the right foot of every able bodied male Native. His statue was taken down in 2020 by #IndigenousActivists but the county of Rio Arriba was supposed to take up, on 9/28/2023, an agenda item of re-erecting the statue. We #USCAN folk, including my friend #JacobJohns who is Indigenous, showed up to support. It was a lovely, peaceful, prayerful rally. (The county shut down its building and kicked the agenda item over a week.)

"For two hours I observed a Trumper in a MAGA hat harass, troll, and disrupt the rally. Toward the end of the rally, the speaker asked for all the children to gather. At that point the #Trumper tried to charge the group. A scuffle broke out; they pushed him back behind a low stone wall; he jumped over the wall, pulled out a gun, and shot. My friend Jacob took a bullet to the chest, likely intended for the children.
Jacob was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital and airlifted to Albuquerque. He had his spleen removed, but he's young and strong with the heart of a warrior and was in stable condition undergoing surgery last I heard yesterday.
The Trumper was arrested and charged with attempted murder. We all gave statements to detectives, and one of my twitter pix is evidence showing that the Trumper was harassing us for two hours.

"Your inboxes are likely overwhelmed with appeals from political folk, but please do not look away from the political violence in this country. Donate and share this Go Fund Me to support Jacob and his family:"
USCAN is working with local Indigenous groups to amplify their voices, make sure this statue doesn't go up again, and bring the shooter to justice. I will have an additional ask in the coming days; this is an AND, not an OR request. Thank you."

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Sheriff's official IDs suspected shooter in violence at planned site of #Oñate statue

By Nicholas Gilmore

Sep 28, 2023 Updated Sep 29, 2023

"ESPAÑOLA — #NewMexico State Police is leading the investigation into a shooting around noon Thursday that left a man wounded as groups of opposing protesters clashed at the site of the planned installation of a statue of Juan de Oñate on horseback.

"Panicked #protesters at the Rio Arriba County government building on Industrial Park Road in Española rushed to provide aid to the man as the suspected shooter, identified by sheriff’s office officials as Ryan Martinez, 23, fled in a white Tesla.

"Sheriff’s Maj. Lorenzo Aguilar said Pojoaque Pueblo police arrested Martinez shortly after the incident, around 12:15 p.m.

"A witness at the scene said the man wounded by a single gunshot was #JacobJohns, a resident of Spokane, Wash. She and Johns had come to the area together for a climate conference and joined a crowd of dozens of #NativeAmerican activists protesting the county’s plans to install the nearly 30-year-old bronze statue of the Spanish #conquistador, the woman said. She declined to give her name.

"County officials announced earlier this month they planned to put the bronze statue back on public display, drawing activists to the site.

"[Accused gun-man] Martinez was at the protest for several hours Thursday, wearing a turquoise hoodie and a red hat with the words 'Make America Great Again.' Deputies had asked him to leave the gathering in the morning, but a sheriff’s office official then stepped in and allowed him to stay to protect his civil liberties.

"Martinez stood with other counterprotesters — some of whom also were wearing #MAGA hats — and heckled Native speakers. He made his way around to the east side of the pedestal county crews had prepared for the Oñate statue but was blocked by several protesters from reaching an altar demonstrators had created with squash, pottery and blankets. Signs around the pedestal said, 'Oñate? No thanks!' and '#LandBack.'

"A witness’s video of the incident shows the suspect pull a handgun from his waistband and fire once toward the protesters before running off.

"Protesters scrambled, some hiding behind walls, as Martinez ran to the parking lot and sped off in a Tesla."

Full story:

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Some background about #JacobJohns

‘Shameful’ UN silencing Indigenous voices, say banned Cop27 activists

by Nina Lakhani Climate justice reporter
Fri 18 Nov 2022 09.08 EST

"Four US activists who had their #Cop27 accreditation revoked after briefly interrupting the US president, Joe Biden, in Sharm el-Sheikh have described the UN as 'shameful' and say it has silenced Indigenous voices.

"#BigWind, Jacob Johns, #JamieWefald, and #AngelaZhong missed the second week of the climate conference after being suspended for standing up with a 'People vs #FossilFuels' banner during Biden’s speech last Friday. The #Indigenous activists, Wind and Johns, gave a war cry to announce themselves and draw attention to the fossil fuels crisis before security officials confiscated the banner. The group then sat down and Biden continued.

"The activists appealed against the suspension to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), but the case has not yet been resolved.

"'We’ve been locked out, our voices silenced,' said Johns, 39, a Washington state-based community organiser from the Akimel O’otham and Hopi tribe. 'The #ClimateCollapse is coming, we are literally fighting for our lives. If we’re not allowed to advocate for our future, who will? It’s shameful.'"

Read more:

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#JacobJohns Shot at #Onate Prayerful Protest Undergoing Surgery

By Carlos Martinez Censored News, September 29, 2023

"#Indigenous #ClimateActivist, artist, musician, and father Jacob Johns was shot in the chest this morning, Sept 28.2023, during a No Juan de Oñate statue peaceful protest in #Tewa territory (more commonly known as Española, New Mexico). Jacob put his body between women and children when the shooter charged towards the altar. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Albuquerque and had surgery.

"The shooter, who was wearing a red #MAGA hat, is in custody of tribal police. We ask everyone to please pray with us that he survives this surgery and that doctors have the strength and wisdom to help him.

"Jacob, who is Hopi and Akimel O'odham, has dedicated his life to Indigenous and #ClimateJustice. He is a skilled muralist and speaker, and specializes in non-violent, peaceful 'artivism'. He has a teenage daughter, Lily, she and his other family are currently flying from Washington State to Albuquerque New Mexico to be by his side.

"This inspirational man has put his life on the line over and over again to make a better world for his fellow humans, and now he and his family need your support to recover from this terrible hate crime. As you can imagine, being a climate activist is not lucrative work to readily afford major life- saving surgery. We are humbly requesting your donations to help cover his recovery, his medical bills, and to help support his family needs during what will likely be a very lengthy recovery period.

"This comes just two months before Jacob will be leading an #IndigenousWisdomKeepers Delegation at #COP28 to advocate for #IndigenousSolutions to #ClimateChange. Please pray with us for his recovery and donate if you can."

GoFundMe link:


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‘They #criminalize us’: how #felony charges are weaponized against #PipelineProtesters

Twenty states have passed laws that criminalize protesting, including on infrastructure including #pipelines. In #Minnesota, at least 66 felony theft charges against #Line3 protesters remain open

Alexandria Herr for Floodlight
Thu 10 Feb 2022

"Last summer [2021] Sabine von Mering, a professor of German at Brandeis University, drove more than 1,500 miles from Boston to Minneapolis to protest against the replacement of the Line 3 #OilPipeline that stretches from #Canada’s #TarSands down to Minnesota.

"Along with another protester, she locked herself to a semi-truck in the middle of a roadway, according to a filed court brief, as a means of #peaceful #resistance. But when she was arrested, she was charged with a serious crime: felony theft, which carries up to five years in prison.

"'It’s very scary that they criminalize us like that, and to face jail time,' said Von Mering, 54, of her June arrest. 'But what can I do? I feel responsible to my kids and #FutureGenerations.'

"The felony charges come as more than a dozen states have passed laws to criminalize #FossilFuel protests, and as the federal government has ramped up its own tactics for surveilling and penalizing protesters.

"Von Mering is one of nearly 900 protesters who were arrested in Minnesota for protesting against the pipeline’s construction, with the vast majority of arrests taking place during the summer of 2021, and one of dozens facing felony charges. Construction on the Line 3 pipeline was finalized in October 2021 and carries 760,000 barrels of oil per day across northern Minnesota. But its construction for years has stoked fierce protests and legal challenges, led by #Indigenous activists in northern Minnesota who worried about potential impacts of oil spills and the pipeline’s threat to #treaty rights to gather wild rice. While most of the arrests have led to misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges for crimes including 'disturbing the peace' and 'trespassing', felony charges like Von Mering’s mean protesters are facing years of jail time.

"Legal advocates say that in Minnesota the elevated charges are a novel tactic to challenge protest actions against pipeline construction. They see them as furthering evidence of close ties between Minnesota’s government and the #FossilFuelIndustry. It follows reporting by the Guardian that the Canadian pipeline company #Enbridge, which is building Line 3, reimbursed Minnesota’s #police department $2.4m for time spent arresting protesters and on equipment including ballistic helmets. Experts say the reimbursement strategy for arrests is a new technique in both Minnesota and across the US, and there’s concern it can be replicated.

"'I do a lot of representation for people in political protests and I’ve never seen anything like that,' said Jordan Kushner, a defense attorney representing clients charged in relation to Line 3 protests.

"Two of Kushner’s clients were charged with felony 'aiding attempted suicide' charges for crawling inside a pipe. The charge is for someone who 'intentionally advises, encourages, or assists another who attempts but fails to take the other’s own life', according to Minnesota law and carries up to a seven-year sentence. Authorities alleged that the protesters were endangering their lives by remaining inside the pipeline."

Read more:

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Judge dismisses #pipeline #protest charges against 3 #Native women

Kirsti Marohn
Brainerd, #Minnesota
September 18, 2023 3:45 PM

"Opponents of the #Line3 oil pipeline are celebrating an Aitkin County judge’s decision to dismiss charges against three Native women related to a 2021 protest.

"Activists #WinonaLaDuke, #TaniaAubid and #DawnGoodwin helped lead rallies as #Enbridge began work on a new #OilPipeline across northern Minnesota more than two years ago.

"The charges against them stemmed from a rally on Jan. 9, 2021, when a large group gathered at a pipeline construction site near the #MississippiRiver in Aitkin County. 

"The opponents, who called themselves #WaterProtectors carried signs and walked down a county road. Some Native women danced in jingle dresses, a healing tradition.

"Some group members later moved to another Aitkin County location, where they walked along U.S. Highway 169 and refused to leave a Line 3 construction site.

"LaDuke, Goodwin and Aubid were not arrested on Jan. 9. Authorities charged them weeks later by summons after identifying them in social media posts. They faced gross misdemeanor charges of trespassing and harassment, as well as misdemeanor unlawful assembly and public nuisance.

"A jury trial was scheduled to begin this week. But in a forceful opinion filed Sept. 14, District Court Judge Leslie Metzen dismissed all the charges.

"Metzen’s order noted the government’s historical mistreatment of #Indigenous people.

"'In the last 20 years I have come to a broader understanding of what we, the now dominant culture, did to try to eradicate our indigenous neighbors,' she wrote. 'We moved them by force and power and violence off the land where they lived for thousands of years. To make peace, we signed treaties with them that promised many things they never received.'

"Metzen wrote that she finds it 'within the furtherance of justice' to protect the defendants who were peacefully protesting to protect the land addressed in those treaties.

"She wrote that as respected members of #Anishinaabe tribes, LaDuke, Aubid and Goodwin were exercising their #FreeSpeech rights and #spiritual beliefs, including 'their heartfelt belief that the waters of Minnesota need to be protected from damage that could result from the #pipeline.'

'To criminalize their behavior would be the crime,' she added."

Read more:

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Just Released: "Mining the Sacred: #IndigenousNations Fight #Lithium Gold Rush at #ThackerPass

Watch now:

"#Cree Journalist Brandi Morin said, 'We are taking back the narrative and this story about North America’s largest lithium mine being constructed while violating sacred Indigenous territories is told from the Native perspective. The 'green' energy revolution isn’t what you think it is!'

IndigiNews Media and The Real News, September 12, 2023

Go watch! @IndigiNewsMedia @TheRealNews @ricochet_en

"Follow Native journalist Brandi Morin, who came from Canada, and covered this powerful story.

"In Nevada’s remote Thacker Pass, a fight for our future is playing out between local #Indigenous tribes and powerful state and #corporate entities hellbent on mining the lithium beneath their land. Vancouver-based Lithium Americas is developing a massive lithium mine at Thacker Pass, but for more than two years several local tribes and #environmental organizations have tried to block or delay the mine in the courts and through direct action.

"The Thacker Pass Project is backed by the Biden administration, and companies like General Motors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the project, looking to capitalize on the transition to a 'green energy economy,' for which lithium is essential. While it is a vital component in the manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries, though, there’s nothing “green” about mining lithium. Ending our addiction to fossil fuels is urgently necessary, but the struggle of the local tribes around Thacker Pass reveals the dark side of a 'green revolution' that prioritizes profit and consumption over everything (and everyone) else."

-- Mining the Sacred

#IndigenousNews #LithiumMining #IndigenousRights #Greenwashing #Pauite #ProtectThackerPass #EnvironmentalRacism

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Honoring the Ancestors Prayer Relay Run: #OxSamCamp, #Nevada, September 12, 2023

Posted on #CensoredNews, September 5, 2023








#LithiumMines #EnvironmentalRacism #PrayerRelayRun #OxSam #IndigenousNews #NativeAmericanNews

An image of Sentinel Rock at Sunrise. Behind the Rock are images of ancestors, superimposed over the dawn clouds.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023





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#ToxicAir Resulted in #Cancer for #Navajo, #Apache and #WesternShoshone

#Copper and Gold #Mining, and #Coal-Fired Power Plants, Resulted in Cancer for Navajo, Apache, and Western #Shoshone

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, September 4, 2023

"A copper smelter poisoning the air of Apaches, the coal-fired power plants on the #NavajoNation, and gold mining on Western Shoshone land, are among the top causes of cancer from #AirPollution in the United States, according to a new report, Poison in the Air, by #ProPublica.

"The #FreeportMcMoran copper smelter in #MiamiArizona -- located between the #SanCarlos #ApacheNation, and Apaches Sacred #OakFlat -- is the third in the United States for producing toxic air pollution causing cancer. The poison air means the central Arizona community of Miami has ten times the EPA's acceptable risk of cancer. Apaches are now in federal court battling both the mining industry, and the #BidenAdministration to stop another #CopperMine nearby at Oak Flat which would destroy their ceremonial place."

Read more:

#EnvironmentalRacism #ToxicAir #Mining #IndigenousNews #SaveOakFlat #NativeAmericanNews

Image of a barren landscape that has been strip-mined. The remains of the mountains are bare and gray. Dirt roads branch out from a toxic center, with black pits of toxic waste.

Caption: "This is what Barrick Gold did to Western Shoshone's sacred Bald Mountain. Western Shoshone Carrie Dann said, 'This is where the seasons of the year were named, in the time before people were here.' Now, the Nevada gold mines, a join operation of Barrick and Newmont gold mines, are a leading cause of cancer from air pollution in the U.S., ProPublic reveals with new data."
3 months ago

Hundreds of #Caribbean islanders forced to abandon homes amid rising #SeaLevels

Experts worry it will put the culture and way of life of #CartiSugtupu’s #Indigenous community of fewer than 2,000 at risk

by Verity Bowman, September 6, 2023

"Hundreds of people are preparing to escape a tiny Caribbean island as rising waters threaten to engulf their homes.

"The densely populated island of Carti Sugtupu off #Panama’s north coast is under threat from climate change induced sea level rises, suffering from flooding on a regular basis.

"Experts say the sea will engulf #Carti #Sugtupu and dozens of neighbouring islands in the Guna Yala region by the end of the century.

Forty-nine of the islands are populated and are just a few feet above sea level.

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#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CaribbeanIslanders #ClimateRefugees #IndigenousNews #RisingSeaLevels

3 months ago

Amid Continued #Sovereignty Campaign, #Wabanaki REACH Creates Play as Part of Truth-Telling Project

Evan Popp, Maine Beacon
Thu, August 31, 2023

"As part of a truth-telling initiative that seeks to illuminate the issue of land claims and the 1980 #SettlementAct as well as celebrate the resilience of #Indigenous communities, the group #WabanakiREACH has partnered with a #Maine-based #theater organization to create a play developed by and for #Wabanaki people.

"The play, titled where the river widens, is an original, community-developed production and is being put on in partnership with #ThreadbareTheatreWorkshop, a group located on the Blue Hill peninsula. The work is the first public offering based on a project in which Wabanaki REACH — an organization supporting Indigenous self-determination through education and other restorative practices — spent a year gathering more than 40 oral history interviews from Wabanaki people and those in Maine about Maine Indian land claims and the 1980 Settlement Act.

"As Beacon previously reported, Wabanaki tribes have long argued that the Settlement Act has stifled tribes’ economic development and allowed the state to treat sovereign Indigenous nations as municipalities, creating a paternalistic and unfair relationship that no other federally-recognized tribe is subject to. Given that, the Wabanaki have created a grassroots movement in the last couple years behind reforming the Settlement Act to recognize the tribes’ inherent sovereignty, but opposition from Gov. #JanetMills has stymied such efforts despite broad support for change from the public.

"Earlier this year, tribal leaders also attempted to pass a bill to ensure that the Wabanaki would have access to most federal laws that benefit Indigenous tribes around the country. Proponents of that legislation noted that because of the Settlement Act, any federal law enacted after 1980 for the benefit of tribes across the U.S. that impacts the application of Maine law doesn’t apply to the Wabanaki unless they are specifically included in the measure by Congress. However, Mills in June vetoed the measure pushed by tribal leaders to rectify that situation.

"Given the power of the stories Wabanaki REACH was able to collect on the subject, Maria Girouard, the group’s executive director, said the organization felt it was important to share those experiences with a wider audience via theater.

“We were so moved by the stories we gathered, it was a natural next step to talk about theater as a way of continuing to move the conversation from the head to the heart, to reach more people, and to gather in community,” Girouard said.

"The play is set outdoors along the #PenobscotRiver, which itself has been the subject of land claim disputes and issues related to tribal sovereignty. It stitches together music, song, dance and the interviews from Beyond the Claims: Stories from the Land & the Heart — the name of the Wabanaki REACH truth-telling initiative.

"A news release about where the river widens also describes it as a 'poetic, spare, lyrical movement through stories, place, and time” and a thought-provoking play that “not only illuminates a complex and tumultuous era, but celebrates the beauty, creativity, and resilience of Wabanaki people.'

"#Threadbare said they are excited to be working with Wabanaki REACH on the play, which features #LilahAkins, #EstherAnne, #NickBear, #WolatqinBear, #AndreaFrancis, #MariaGirouard, #DaleLolar, #GeorgeLoring, #MargoLukens, #JoshuaMcCarey, and #ErlenePaul as co-creators and performers.

"'Threadbare’s way of co-creating, not only with community members but inspired by them, aligns so beautifully with Wabanaki REACH’s values of connection and joy,' said Kate Russell, artistic director of Threadbare Theatre Workshop. 'I am grateful for the generous folks who have come together this summer to create and perform this play — they are brilliant.'

"There will be two public performances of the hour-long play on Indian Island on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 at 5 p.m. With space limited, those who want to attend must register ahead of time to reserve seats by visiting"

#IndigenousNews #WabanakiConfederacy #PenobscotNation #Maliseet #Passamaquoddy #Mikmaq #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Arts #Theatre #TruthTelling #NativeAmericans

3 months ago

In the #PenobscotNation, a lack of jurisdiction hampers tribal courts

by Donovan Lynch, August 31, 2023

"But often, the tribal court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to remedy these problems on its own. As a result of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980, the State of Maine has broad power over matters of law and order on tribal land."

#IndigenousNews #WabanakiConfederacy #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

4 months ago

TY to @bojacobs for posting this news story.

#FirstNations raise alarm over impact of planned #nuclear-waste dump on #Ottawa drinking water

by Marie Wolf, Published August 9, 2023

"'This is not just a problem of the #AlgonquinNation but all people on the #OttawaRiver. Why are we trying to put a radioactive mountain adjacent to the drinking water of millions of people that are south of this NSDF site?'

"Verna McGregor, a Kitigan Zibi #Anishinabeg elder, plans to explain at the CNSC licensing hearing how the #Algonquins were bypassed in the establishment of the original #ChalkRiver nuclear site on their unceded territory in the 1940s, and regard the river as sacred to their culture."

#InformedConsent #EnvironmentalRacism #WaterIsLife #NuclearWaste #IndigenousNews #IndigenousRights #DrinkingWater

5 months ago

#IndigenousPeoples Under Attack by Militarized Forces: #NativeHawaiians want the US military out

By Brenda Norrell, #CensoredNews
July 19, 2023

"GENEVA -- Native #Hawaiians want the US military off their lands, and training exercises in the #Pacific shut down. An #aquifer has been poisoned in #Hawaii, and unexploded ordinances left behind are endangering their lives.

"Appealing to the United Nations in Geneva, Indigenous in Guam also want the #US military off their lands. The Pacific Indigenous Women's Network urged the United Nations General Assembly to join the effort for the removal of the US military from #Guam.

"#Indigenous are offering testimony today, and all week, before the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, of the UN #HumanRights Council.

"Around the world, #IndigenousPeoples are under attack by military forces. In #Colombia there are land mines.

"In Peru, the military is attacking, torturing, and killing, those who are isolated and have marched against the current government. More than 40 people, including Indigenous children, have died since protests began in #Peru in December.

"#Indigenous in #Guatemala echoed those descriptions of militarized force.

"Throughout the #Amazon, military forces are killing the people, and seizing the land under the guise of the war on drugs. Indigenous lands are being stolen for illegal #logging and #mining."

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#IndigenousNews #WaterIsLife #WaterProtectors

5 months ago

#Yaqui Activist Released from Prison after 7 years: Fighting the #GasPipeline in #Sonora, #Mexico

July 17, 2023, via #CensoredNews

Indigenous Yaqui leader Fidencio Aldama is free after 7 years in prison and has been found not guilty of homicide! He vows to continue to oppose the gas pipeline from the company #IEnova, a subsidiary of the transnational U.S. company #sempraenergy

"Fidencio Aldama Perez is an #Indigenous Yaqui #LandDefender and #PoliticalPrisoner from the northern Mexican state of Sonora. He was arrested on October 27, 2016, and later sentenced to fifteen years and six months in prison on trumped-up charges related to a death in the community of Loma de Bácum, Sonora."

Read more:
La Jornada San Luis reports
Cristina Gómez Lima, correspondent

#IndigenousNews #LandDefenders #Mexico

5 months ago

#Tribal #sovereignty bill falters as #Maine lawmakers fail to override governor’s veto

Published 1:13 PM EDT, July 6, 2023

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — "Maine lawmakers failed Thursday to override the governor’s veto of a bill that would have expanded the sovereignty of #NativeAmerican tribes in the state by ensuring more federal laws apply to them.

"It’s a defeat for the tribes, which are bound by a land claims settlement that puts them on different footing than the nation’s other 570 federally recognized tribes.

"Both chambers had voted to enact the bill with big-enough majorities to override the veto, but some House members backtracked under pressure by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills. She contends the bill was vague and would lead to lengthy and contentious litigation in coming years.

"But the tribes increasingly see [Gov Mills] as standing in the way of changes they say are necessary to improve their lives. Last week, Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis said he thinks the governor wants 'to protect an old guard and old mindset' by maintaining the status quo. And Dana, the tribal representative, said Thursday that some of the governor’s comments about the legislation were 'dangerous and misleading.'

"A bill to provide full sovereignty to the tribes this session is being held over, meaning it’ll be dealt with by lawmakers next year.

"Tribal leaders were optimistic about the future.
"'We were never going to take a step backwards when it comes to our sovereignty. We’re always going to be taking a step forward,' Dana after the vote.

"Francis of the #PenobscotNation added: 'Though today was a loss on the floor of the House, we’re confident moving forward we will only gain greater support.'"

#MaineTribes #Sovereignty #Penobscot #Passamaquoddy #WabanakiConfederacy #Maliseet #IndigenousNews #MaineSettlementAct #FirstNations #NativeAmericanNews

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Wet'suwet'en Testify on #PoliceBrutality, #Imprisonment, at Inter-American Commission on #HumanRights

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, July 10, 2023

"Wet’suwet’en described their struggle to defend their land, waters, and rights to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (#IACHR) in a virtual hearing. Joined by #AmnestyInternational, representatives from the Nation described the ongoing unjust #criminalization and #harassment of #LandDefenders opposing the construction of the #CoastalGasLink (#CGL) #pipeline through Wet’suwet’en territory. The Canadian government responded to the testimony of the Wet’suwet’en delegation. The testimony described the attacks on the Nation’s rights, including the right to free, prior and informed consent to resource-extraction projects affecting their territory, as upheld in the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."

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#Canada #ACAB
#Wetsuweten #FirstNations #IndigenousNews
#UN #DeclarationOfRights of #IndigenousPeoples
#CulturalGenocide #Pipelines

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#NativeAmerican #WaterProtectors Assaulted During #Enbridge Lecture at Northern Michigan College

By Sierra Clark, Contributing Writer, June 29, 2023

"A public lecture featuring transnational pipeline and energy company Enbridge last week escalated to the assault of an #Anishinaabe water protector and allies protesting the controversial #Line5 project.

"The event, hosted by North Central Michigan College (NCMC) in Petoskey on June 22, featured an Enbridge representative speaking about the Great Lakes Tunnel Project that would house a section of Line 5 under the Straits of Mackinac.

"During the lecture, the environmental protestors entered the NCMC Library Center and were confronted physically by several people attending the luncheon event."

#NativeAmericanNews #IndigenousNews #WaterIsLife #NoKXL #NoLine5
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Boo hiss! Hoping the #Maine legislature overrides Governor Mills' veto.

Maine governor vetoes proposal sought by tribes to ensure they benefit from federal laws

By DAVID SHARP, June 30, 2023

"Democratic Gov. Janet Mills delivered a setback to #NativeAmerican tribes seeking greater #sovereignty in Maine, vetoing a proposal on Friday that aimed to ensure many federal laws apply to them despite a state land claims settlement that dates back decades.

"The governor said she doesn’t want the tribes in Maine to be unfairly excluded from federal benefits enjoyed by other tribes across the country. But she argued that the bill sponsored by Democratic House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross is vague and confusing — and will lead to protracted litigation.

"Expressing distrust of the governor’s motives, #PenobscotNation Chief Kirk Francis urged lawmakers to disregard her arguments, some of which he called 'disingenuous.'

"'I’m confident in our friends and allies to make sure that we continue to work hard to get this over the finish line,' Francis told reporters on Friday. Both the Maine House and Senate approved the bill with bipartisan majorities that were big enough to override the governor’s veto."

#NativeAmericanNews #Passamaquoddy #Maliseet #FirstNations #IndigenousNews #MaineSettlementAct #WabanakiConfederacy #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

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#Paiute #Shoshone Court Date is Friday for Defending Massacre Site from #LithiumAmericas

May 31, 2023

Ox Sam Camp, #ThackerPass, Nevada: "I would like to ask all of you out there to kindly share this for my fellow sister warrior descendant, she stands here for her lineage through her great great grandfather Ox Sam whose family was massacred here at Thacker Pass also known as Peehee Muhu which is translated as Rotten Moon.
Due to recent events of her being served a TPO that is restricting her from accessing her Rights to her unmarked ancestral burial grounds and sacred site at Sentinel Rock by #LithiumAmerica Corporation. She now has to go back and forth to #Winnemucca 150 miles round trip where the court is being held and conducted which adds up a lot of miles and she is still looking for a Nevada attorney preferably pro indigenous rights for her legal issues filed by Lithium America a Canadian Based Corporation. So we're kindly asking you all to share these links to try and get her all the help we can do for her and to help her along as we continue to shed light and love on the current happenings at PeeHee Muhu Ox Sam Camp. (Newe Momokonee Nokutun)
Thank you for Very Much.

"The legal hearing for Dorece, Chuck, Paul, and Max is now scheduled for Friday (June 2nd) at 1:30 pm in Winnemucca. We're asking the court for an extension but it may not be granted. So that's our timeline for now. I'm not sure if supporters will be allowed in the courtroom, but if anyone wants to come out and support us feel free (although I wouldn't want to take people away from camp). For now, that's our deadline for legal representation. The situation is evolving. Thank you."

#SaveThackerPass #CulturalGenocide #IndigenousNews #EnvironmentalRacism #OxSamCamp #Frontline #Biodiversity #Solidarity #Help #Nevada #Environment #Climate #DirectAction #ProtectPeeheeMuhuh #LithiumNevada #LithiumMining #OpenPitMining #OpenPit #Mining

More at:

Via Censored News:

6 months ago

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BREAKING! Feds Pause Progress Of Mine That Will Destroy Sacred #Indigenous Site

By Darren Thompson, Native News Online. May 29, 2023

"The federal government has temporarily halted plans to construct a copper mine on sacred Indigenous land in #Arizona known as Oak Flat, citing an error in oral arguments made at a March hearing.

"The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) official filed a letter to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, May 18, saying it made an error during oral arguments on March 21 when the 9th Circuit reheard #Apache Stronghold v. United States, a case that encapsulates a nearly decade-long fight to save the land sacred to the #SanCarlosApache Tribe."
#OakFlat #SaveOakFlat #IndigenousNews #CulturalGenocide #EnvironmentalRacism

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6 months ago

#Paiute #Shoshone Protectors at Ox Sam Camp at #ThackerPass

By Ox Sam Camp Censored News, May 23, 2023

#NativeAmericans in #Nevada Are Praying Over Their Ancestors Graves. A Court Has Ordered Them to Leave or Be Arrested.

OROVADA, Nevada — For nearly two and a half years, local Native American tribes and leaders have been trying to stop the Thacker Pass lithium project, an open-pit mine that will destroy a sacred site. But despite lawsuits, rallies, regulatory hearings, and community organizing, Lithium Nevada Corporation has now begun construction of the mine at the place Paiutes call “Peehee Mu’huh,” or rotten moon.

"But the construction has not gone unopposed. On May 11th, Native Americans from the Fort McDermitt #Paiute-#Shoshone and other regional tribes set up a tipi at Thacker Pass and began prayers directly in the path of the construction of #LithiumNevada’s water pipeline. Groups of Native Americans and allies have blocked mine traffic from accessing portions of the construction site for over a week now."

#NativeAmericans #IndigenousNews #StopThackerPass #CulturalGenocide #ProtectPeeheeMuhuh

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6 months ago

Salt River O'odham Protecting O'odham Burial Grounds at #OakFlat

by O'odham Piipaash Alliance, Censored News, May 23, 2023

"Salt River O'odham Marina Thomas' sacred run to Oak Flat brings her to protect historic O'odham burial places, now targeted as a waste dumping site by #ResolutionCopper, which intends to destroy sacred Oak Flat with a copper mine."
#IndigenousNews #CopperMining #CulturalGenocide #ProtectOakFlat
#Mining #EnvironmentalRacism #NativeAmericans


7 months ago

#NavajoNation officials, activists feel cut out as company advances #uranium #mining plans

By Hannah Grover, May 1, 2023

"When a foreign company started exploratory drilling for the possible return of uranium mining near #ChurchRock, community members say they were not informed in advance.

“It was a complete shock,” Jonathan Perry, the director of Eastern Navajo #Diné Against Uranium Mining, said of the process that started this winter.

"The eastern Navajo Nation communities have stood largely in opposition to future uranium mining for decades.

"'The majority of Diné people have been personally impacted by (uranium),' Leona Morgan, an activist and member of Navajo Nation, said.

"The Navajo Nation has a moratorium dating back nearly two decades that prohibits uranium extraction, but the Eastern Agency consists of what is known as checkerboard. That means federal and state lands are intermixed with Navajo, or Diné, lands and allotment lands.

"#LaramideResources, a Canada-based company, plans on extracting uranium from an area within the checkerboard that is not tribal land.

"The work would occur near the same location where, in 1979, a dam breach released 1,100 tons of uranium waste and 94 million gallons of #RadioactiveWater into the #RioPuerco, which the nearby Navajo communities relied upon for water.

"Decades later, the spill, along with mine and mill sites in the area, remain unremediated. Earlier this year, the U.S. NRC issued a record of decision as well as a license amendment that will allow the #UnitedNuclearCorporation—which owned the site where the spill occurred—to dispose of mine #waste from the old uranium mine at the old mill site.

"Morgan said there are concerns that this disposal method in an unlined pit could lead to a second spill happening, especially as climate change increases the risks of extreme weather events like monsoon floods."

#IndigenousNews #NoNukes #NoNewNukes #WaterIsLife #EnvironmentalRacism #FirstNations #NativeAmericans


Tribe, State, and Federal Partners Join To Return Endangered Salmon to Historic Habitat
May 03, 2023 | NOAA

Three-way collaboration to restore Chinook salmon to the mountains north of Redding, California.

#IndigenousNews #fisheries #NOAA

7 months ago

World Governments Rattled as Indigenous Expose Atrocities at the United Nations

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, April 22, 2023

"Governments from around the world are rushing to defend their #HumanRights records as #IndigenousPeoples describe the atrocities during the 22nd session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues."

#NativeAmericans #IndigenousNews #Colonialism #War #OakFlat #Russia #ReindeerHerders #CulturalGenocide #Sami #Shoshone #GreenColonialism #Brazil #NewZealand #Australia #UnitedStates #China #Mongolia #Vietnam #SouthAfrica #FirstNations #Genocide #Indonesia #Colombia

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7 months ago

Now! #Pauite Blocking #LithiumMine Construction at #ThackerPass, Nevada

Protect Peehee Mu'huh!

April 25, 2023

"#FortMcDermitt and #PyramidLake Pauite are offering prayers, and blocking construction by #LithiumAmericas of Canada at the Pauite Massacre Site in northern Nevada."

#NativeAmericans #IndigenousNews #StopThackerPass

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8 months ago

Ancient #Maya masons had a smart way to make #plaster stronger

Up close, the Mayas' timeless recipe from #Copán looks similar to mother-of-pearl.

By Rahul Rao, Apr 19, 2023

[Recent discoveries] "seemed to confirm past archaeological and written records suggesting that ancient Maya masons mixed plant matter into their plaster. The other standard ingredients (lime and water) wouldn’t account for complex carbon chains.

"To follow this lead, the authors decided to make the historic plaster themselves. They consulted living #masons and Maya descendants near #Copán. The locals referred them to the #chukum and #jiote #trees that grow in the surrounding #forests—specifically, the sap that came from the trees’ bark.

"The authors tested the sap’s reaction when mixed into the plaster. Not only did it toughen the material, it also made the plaster insoluble in water, which partly explains how Copán survived the local climate so well.

"The microscopic structure of the plant-enhanced plaster is similar to nacre or mother-of-pearl: the iridescent substance that some molluscs create to coat their shells. We don’t fully understand how #molluscs make nacre, but we know that it consists of crystal plates sandwiching elastic proteins. The combination toughens the sea creatures’ exteriors and reinforces them against weathering from waves.

"A close study of the ancient plaster samples and the modern analog revealed that they also had layers of rocky calcite plates and organic sappy material, giving the materials the same kind of resilience as nacre. 'They were able to reproduce what living organisms do,' says Rodríguez Navarro."
#IndigenousKnowledge #IndigenousNews #Honduras


8 months ago

“Colonizing Our Community”: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Explodes in Texas as Feds OK New #LNG Projects

April 21, 2023

CHRISTOPHER BASALDÚ: "Rio Bravo Pipeline and SpaceX, none of these companies consulted with the original people of this land, the #CarrizoComecrudo Tribe of Texas. None of them consulted with the tribe. None of them have our consent. But yet, they still want to destroy Native homelands, ancestral homelands. We never gave our consent, and they’re moving forward. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, they never consulted with the tribe. They don’t have our consent, and they’re moving forward anyway. That’s not justice. … They’re enabling Musk to destroy our lands and destroy this beautiful area. It needs to stop. These are all the histories of colonial genocide against Native people and Native lands."

BEKAH HINOJOSA: "It’s very clear that #ElonMusk moved into our border community to take over, to colonize the region. We’re clearly being exploited by a #billionaire and his pet project. You know, we are a low-income community of color. And #Texas has a long history of deregulation, of just rubber-stamping permits and approvals for any big industry, and also give out numerous tax subsidies. You know, that’s what we’ve seen with SpaceX. [I]t’s very clear that Elon Musk and SpaceX has become — you know, is becoming too big to hold accountable, and is getting away with harming our community. And what we need are real solutions. We need investments, you know, in Earth, the problems we have here on the planet, #ClimateChange. And instead, we see our tax subsidies go towards a billionaire’s pet project, for a billionaire to go to space as part of his sci-fi adventure."

#SpaceX #Colonialism #Oligarchy #RioBravo #RioGrande #Exploitation #IndigenousNews #IndigenousRights #CulturalGenocide #Capitalism

8 months ago

A pattern of government and corporate abuse! Who are they looking out for? Why profit! Don't believe the spin! #Greenwashing is just a PR gimmick!

Power Grab: #Quebec vs. the #Innu Nation

Behind the scenes, Quebec has fought for years to weaken Indigenous authority over their own land. Now that battle is spilling out into the public.

by Christopher Curtis, Mar 13, 2023

"The Innu territory is a sprawling landmass home to a rapidly declining herd of #caribou, some of the best #salmon fishing in North America and a people who’ve thrived there since time immemorial. It also happens to have vast deposits of rare metals and rivers wide enough to power our cities for generations."

#IndigenousNews #IndigenousRights #CulturalGenocide #Hydropower #NaturalResourcesCouncilOfMaine #NRCM #Avangrid #CMP #CleanEnergy #Forests #SaveTheForest #SaveMaineForests #Canada #FirstNations #Maine #QuebecHydro

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8 months ago

From 2020. Don't believe that #QuebecHydro are for preserving nature, or the will of the voters, or respecting #NativeAmerican rights. They are all about making a buck!

Indigenous group launch $4B lawsuit over huge hydro power project

by Marc Montgomery, October 7, 2020

"The #Innu say the project, begun in the late 1960’s and completed in the 1970’s, has flooded a vast area of ancestral lands causing #environmental and #cultural harm to their people.

"In a statement, Innu Grand Chief Etienne Rich said, 'Over 50 years ago, #HydroQuébec and the provincial utility in #Newfoundland and #Labrador now called #NalcorEnergy, through the Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation, stole our land and flooded it in order to take advantage of the enormous hydro potential of the #ChurchillFalls,' adding, 'This project was undertaken without consulting us and without our consent'.

"The Innu leaders said the flooded area of over 5,000 sq/km has covered traditional #BurialGrounds, hunting areas, #caribou migration paths and habitat for wildlife they depend on. They also said there was no #environmental assessment of the mega project, the second largest power generation project in #Canada, and among the biggest in the world."

#IndigenousNews #IndigenousRights #CulturalGenocide #Hydropower #NaturalResourcesCouncilOfMaine #NRCM #Avangrid #CMP #CleanEnergy #Forests #SaveTheForests #SaveMaineForests #Innuit

8 months ago

The Intercept and Grist begin release of 50 #TigerSwan documents

by Brenda Norrell, Censored News, April 14, 2023

"The #Intercept and #Grist began releasing new TigerSwan spy documents in new coverage of the mercenaries hired by the #DakotaAccess Pipeline. They now have 50,000 TigerSwan documents, and another 9,000 are held up in the court battle for now. The documents reveal TigerSwan spying on #WaterProtectors at #StandingRock in #NorthDakota, Bold Iowa, and at other locations.

"[Murdered] #Pauite #journalist, drone #activist and filmmaker #MyronDewey was among those that TigerSwan spied on and stalked at Standing Rock..."
#WaterIsLife #NoDAPL #IndigenousNews #Blackwater #ErikPrince

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8 months ago

#GlacialMelt is Dispossessing #Nepal’s #Indigenous Communities

Shrinking glaciers are forcing residents to flee, leaving a scattering of ghost towns across the country’s unforgiving north.

By Tulsi Rauniyar
April 04, 2023

"The indigenous communities of the upper Himalayas are known for their age-old lifestyle, which has adapted to one of the most hostile landscapes in the world. The people of Upper Mustang are some of the last guardians of the Tibetan spiritual identity, whose century-old cultural identity and practices have been weakened by mass out-migration.

The reason? #ClimateChange !

Lhamu Tsering, a former inhabitant of the region describes the situation:"More than a decade ago, when it snowed, it would come up to here. But now, it’s barely a few inches. The mountains barely have any snow on them. In the months of March and April, the melting of snow and the occurrence of rainfall would provide sufficient irrigation to the fields, enabling the sowing of various crops such as barley, wheat, peas, and potatoes. But with lower levels of snowfall, the sowing season has gone awry.'"
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateCatastrophe #IndigenousNews

8 months ago

#Indigenous groups in NZ, US fear #colonisation as #AI learns their languages

By Rina Chandran, April 03, 2023

• Generative AI models learn from mass data scraped from web
• Indigenous groups fear losing control over their data
• Some move to protect their information from commercial use

"When U.S. tech firm OpenAI rolled out Whisper, a speech recognition tool offering audio transcription and translation into English for dozens of languages including Māori, it rang alarm bells for many Indigenous New Zealanders.

"Whisper, launched in September by the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot, was trained on 680,000 hours of audio from the web, including 1,381 hours of the Māori language."

#Maori #FirstNations #IndigenousNews #NativeAmericans

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8 months ago

#Dawnland film screening, Thursday, April 13th in Portland, #Maine

via #WabanakiReach:

"Please join us on Thursday, April 13th, at 6pm (reception at 5:30pm) in Hannaford Hall, for a Dawnland Film Screening and Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Panel Discussion.

View the Dawnland Trailer:

This special public event is about the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, (ICWA), widely considered the gold standard in child welfare policy. The Supreme Court will determine whether ICWA continues as the law of the land. What does this mean for people in Maine?

The event consists of an in-person screening of the broadcast version of Dawnland followed by a panel discussion. Dawnland is an Emmy award winning film about the work of Wabanaki REACH and the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

#IndigenousNews #ICWA #WabanakiConfederacy #PenobscotNation #Maliseet #Passamaquoddy #Mikmaq #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

Dawnland film poster - image of an adult carrying a child on their backs, while walking on a rocky path.
"Dawnland Screening and Indian Child Welfare Act (ICW) Panel Discussion
Hannaford Hall, Abromson Center, University of Southern Maine (Portland)
Thursday, April 13, 6pm-8:30pm
Reception at 5:30pm. Free and open to the public.
Sponsored by Wabanaki REACH and the University of Southern Maine"
9 months ago

#Apache Stronghold Defends #OakFlat in Federal Court

by Brenda Norrell, Censored News, March 22, 2023

Pasadena, California - “Apache Wendsler Noise said the arguments heard in the Ninh Circuit Court show the U.S. government’s attempts of erasure, erasure of the people and their connection to the land, erasure of their right to pray in their sacred place at Oak Flat.

“‘This country is a corporate country. It is not even thinking about our children, the earth, the things that give us life,’ Nosie said after Tuesday’s rehearing the federal court case.

“Nosie urged Native people to be part of the spiritual struggle. He said if their leaders only care about money, then they are on the wrong road, the that the spiritual road is the one to be on. He urged tribal leaders to tell the truth.

"'Now we know why Biden hasn’t helped, anybody hasn’t helped, because that is not their priority, of the people.'"

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