For weeks, Panama was shaken by its largest protest movement in decades as residents decried a mining contract.#Economy #Features #BusinessandEconomy #Independence #IndigenousRights #Mining #Unemployment #LatinAmerica #Panama
Panama celebrates court order to cancel mine even as business is hit
Members of Mexico’s third-gender community used their annual celebration to push for answers after two prominent deaths.#Features #Crime #HumanRights #IndigenousRights #LGBTQ #LatinAmerica #Mexico
High-profile murders inspire calls for justice at Mexico’s ‘muxe’ festival
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Here’s what’s at stake for #Indigenous peoples at #COP28

Negotiations happen behind closed doors, but for Indigenous peoples, “a lot of work happens in the hallways.”

by Anita Hofschneider, Nov 29, 2023

“Ozawa Bineshi Albert wants the world to stop relying on #FossilFuels. So last year, the co-executive director of #ClimateJusticeAlliance flew from the U.S. to Egypt to make her voice heard at COP27, the international conference on climate change where world leaders gather to negotiate new commitments to battle the #ClimateCrisis.

”But at COP27, Albert, who is Anishinaabe and Yuchi, noticed that Indigenous peoples like herself were outnumbered by fossil fuel #lobbyists. She was also struck by how many people touted #nuclear energy as an alternative to burning #oil and #gas

'#Nuclear is one of the most dirty, damaging energy sources, particularly for #IndigenousPeople,' she thought. 'It touches Indigenous communities all along its lifecycle from where it gets #mined, to where it gets #processed, to where #NuclearPower plants are placed, to where #NuclearWaste gets stored.'

“That observation was just one indication of how the perspectives, and experiences, of Indigenous peoples aren’t always reflected in the broader #EnvironmentalMovement. As COP28 kicks off in the United Arab Emirates this week, hundreds of Indigenous advocates are making their way to Dubai with the hope of ensuring that their communities aren’t overlooked by global leaders.

“Though the conference doesn’t officially begin until Thursday, the work has already started. Jennifer Tauli Corpuz is Kankanaey-Igorot from the Philippines and is managing director of policy at Nia Tero. She spent eight hours Tuesday in an auditorium with about 350 fellow members of the #IndigenousPeoplesCaucus, a delegation representing Native peoples, working on the details of a two-minute opening statement that the Caucus will be allowed to give during COP28’s opening ceremony. Corpuz says it’s not easy to distill everyone’s perspectives and issues into such a short statement and the work required interpreters in five languages. 

“Apart from ending fossil fuel reliance, Indigenous advocates at COP28 want to ensure that funding to offset the impacts of #ClimateChange reaches their communities; ensure Indigenous knowledge is seen as a solution to climate change; and prevent governments and private actors from violating their rights, especially as those actors pursue #GreenEnergy projects. 

“Corpuz said the caucus plans to approve advocacy papers outlining their positions Wednesday. Then comes the work of convincing negotiators to listen. But it’s not easy. 

“The estimated 350 Indigenous peoples at COP28 is an attendance record for Native advocates, but it’s still far fewer than the 600 fossil fuel lobbyists who attended COP27 last year. As well, the most important work at the conference, negotiating the exact language of international climate change treaties, gets done behind closed doors among designated representatives from United Nations member countries. 

“Corpuz estimates that perhaps 20 of the 350 #IndigenousPeople at COP28 this week have government badges that allow them access to negotiations. But even then, because they aren’t credentialed delegates representing a negotiating party, they are only able to watch and listen, not speak, she said.

“Still, it’s an improvement over past years when Indigenous peoples’ representatives were locked out from even more rooms, said Corpuz. At least now Indigenous representatives will be able to hear the details of the negotiations, the perspectives of international representatives, and carry the information back for advocates to lobby government delegates. 'A lot of the work of the Indigenous Caucus happens in the hallways,' Corpuz said.

“A key question that’s expected to be decided this year is how much money wealthy nations like the U.S. should pay in order to cover the costs of climate disasters in the Global South, an initiative known as the loss and damage fund. One study estimates that nations in the Global North are responsible for 92% of excess carbon emissions each year, compared with 8% in the Global South.

“‘What’s at stake is how these finance mechanisms are going to impact and be accessible to Indigenous communities and other impacted communities, how they will be funded, and to what levels will they be funded,' Albert said. 'And will those resources actually get to communities and not be taken up by agencies that will administer them?' 

“Eriel Deranger of the #Athabasca #Chipewyan #FirstNation in #Canada and executive director of Indigenous Climate Action, thinks that it makes sense that wealthy countries would be paying for climate impacts, but Deranger also wants the money to be available to Indigenous people no matter what country they live in due to already extreme climate impacts, many of which are exacerbated by #colonization and #LandTheft .

“‘If Canada, for example, or the U.S. is contributing to the loss and damage fund and we don’t have access to it as Indigenous people in North America or in the Global North, where are we going to see those kind of climate reparations and restitution for the damages that we are facing from the climate crisis?' Deranger asked. 

“But money is only part of the equation, said Kandi White, a citizen of the #Mandan, #Hidatsa, and #Arikara Nations in the U.S. and program director at the Indigenous Environmental Network, which sent a 25-member delegation to Dubai. 'For Indigenous peoples, it’s not just about the money, but it’s also about the return of our #sovereignty over our lands,' said White.  

“That sovereignty has been threatened by #landgrabs, including recent #landdeals between a #UnitedArabEmirates company and five #African nations for the #CarbonCredit trade, White said. The land deals were touted as a way to help conserve land and offset #pollution, but White is concerned about whether the Indigenous people living there truly #consented to the plan as well as how they’ll be affected. It’s part of a broader pattern of conservation deals that are creating conflict in Indigenous territories around the world.

“Both Deranger and White, who are in Dubai this week, also hope to establish a grievance procedure through which Indigenous peoples whose rights are infringed upon could hold governments accountable. 'We need there to not just be lip service of, ‘We recognize Indigenous rights,’ but we need to see language that has teeth,' Deranger said. 

“But securing that level of accountability may be an uphill battle. Even when world leaders make promises, they don’t always fulfill them: wealthy countries blew a 2020 deadline to spend $100 billion a year to help poorer nations cope with climate impacts and make progress toward #decarbonization. One study suggested that goal may have been met last year, two years late, even as the world hurtles toward 3 degrees of warming.

“The combined challenges—a lack of access to negotiating tables and tepid commitments by global leaders—have fueled disillusionment. Moñeka De Oro, who is Chamorro from the Mariana Islands and co-executive director of the #Micronesia Climate Change Alliance, says that last year at COP some Indigenous Caucus members discussed boycotting the convention, 'no longer being a part of these processes that continuously degrade our input,' she said. 

“De Oro recently helped draft a declaration for peace, unity and climate justice in the Pacific to be read at COP that called for a future free of #colonialism and #militarization. But as much as she believes in that message, she joined a boycott of this year’s convention with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance protesting the Israeli government’s war on Gaza, and questions whether to attend future meetings. 

"'If you’re going to continue to continuously be ignored and continuously be just erased from the entire process, I don’t know how much longer we want to be complicit in attending these sorts of things,' she said.

“The power imbalances can be discouraging but Ozawa Bineshi Albert still feels determined. 

“‘#COP is not a place that we go to thinking we’re going to get everything we want,' she said. To her, the overarching question is: 'How can we make sure that we at least hold the line and make sure the least amount of damage and the least amount of harm is caused to frontline and Indigenous communities?’”

#IndigenousRights #ClimateJustice #IndigenousConsent #EnvironmentalRacism #BigOilAndGas

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#DakotaAccessPipeline Owner Slaps #WaterProtectors with New Subpoenas -- Third-party subpoenas allow #EnergyTransfer to obtain evidence, from individuals or organizations, who are not part of the lawsuit

Energy Transfer attempts to drag #Indigenous and #EnvironmentalJustice advocates into meritless lawsuit with third-party subpoenas

The operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer, is attempting to drag Indigenous and environmental justice advocates into this meritless lawsuit to stifle #dissenting voices.

By Greenpeace USA, via Censored News, November 27, 2023

WASHINGTON – "In response to recent third-party subpoenas issued by Energy Transfer, which target Indigenous and environmental justice advocates, Ebony Twilley Martin, Executive Director of #greenpeaceusa said: “The operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer, is attempting to drag Indigenous and environmental justice advocates into this meritless lawsuit to stifle dissenting voices.

"'For over six years, #Greenpeace USA has been fighting lawsuits brought by Energy Transfer over the Indigenous- led resistance movement at #StandingRock. This type of legal #bullying, known as #StrategicLawsuitsAgainstPublicParticipation, is part of the #corporate playbook to #silence and #intimidate #DissentingVoices who lack the financial means to fight these lawsuits.

"Energy Transfer is now attempting to expand this playbook by targeting Indigenous and environmental justice activists through the use of third-party subpoenas. Now is the moment for us all to come together to send a message to Energy Transfer, and other corporations considering this tactic, that we will not be silenced and we will not tolerate legal bullying.'

"'These legal actions are an insult to the many Indigenous water protectors who continue to lead the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the continual threats and degradation of their historic lands. These attacks are a threat to our First Amendment rights to speak out, a threat to #IndigenousRights, and a threat to the rights of #nature. We will not let this meritless lawsuit silence us and distract our movements from all our work to win a #green, #just, and joyful future for all.'

"Contact: Gujari Singh, Greenpeace USA Senior Communications Specialist,, (631) 404-9977

"Greenpeace USA is part of a global network of independent campaigning organizations that use #PeacefulProtest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace USA is committed to transforming the country’s unjust social, environmental, and economic systems from the ground up to address the climate crisis, advance racial justice, and build an economy that puts people first. Learn more at "


#ClimateJustice #Protests #Censorship #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #StandingRock #StandingRockSioux

“The land of Pë’këya has always been and will always be ours. For over 80 years, we have been fighting to get our land back," the Siekopai president said.#Ecuador #Amazon #Indigenouspeoples #Indigenousrights #Siekopai #Secoya #Cuyabeno
Ecuadorian Court Recognizes Siekopai Indigenous Territory
The historic election of Wab Kinew came amid a push to recover the bodies of murdered Indigenous women from a landfill.#Features #Elections #IndigenousRights #Canada #US&Canada
Manitoba’s new premier brings hope to the search for Indigenous remains
SURJ Bay Area
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Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe) is one of the world’s most tireless leaders working on sustainable development, #ClimateChange, #IndigenousRights, local food systems, grass-roots organizing, alternative sources of energy, and clean water. Her organizations, Akiing and Winona’s #Hemp and Heritage Farm, help communities produce #SustainableEnergy and materials for a restorative and regenerative economy. Keep up with her projects at, and follow her winonaladuke on IG

A photo of Winona LaDuke behind a wooden podium that says "-land State." She is smiling at the audience. She is holding the side of the podium, which has a plant next to it. She has medium brown skin and long dark hair. She is wearing an orange shirt, black vest, blue and green scarf, and large circular abalone earrings.
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Murray-Darling Basin deal on 'Restoring Our Rivers'

"Australia is the driest inhabited continent and consequently, much of the fauna and flora are adapted to arid climates. But aridity is an extreme condition, and life is difficult. When we take water from their environment, we can push the flora and fauna to the limits of their survival, and over the edge to extinction. Returning environmental flows closer to their natural levels provides the platypus, rikali (water ‘rats’), fish, frogs, crayfish and other invertebrates the water they need to survive."

"Extracting too much water stops rivers from flowing, leading to a build-up of toxic pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Too many nutrients can cause extensive algal growths which smother the surface resulting in deoxygenation and fish kills. Often these algae are toxic to humans, livestock and wildlife. When water stops flowing it warms up and becomes deoxygenated, conditions that few species can survive."

"The water buybacks are a vital initiative to restore the health of Australia’s major river system." Professor Catherine Yule is Professor of Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast
#rivers #water #extraction #pollution #biodiversity #WaterJustice #MDB #IndigenousRights

It's like the NHL is trying to fight some sort of war out of the 19th Century. It's 2023 Gary (and Owners)! Preventing your star players from showing simple support for social causes is a BAD IDEA. 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
#NHL #Fleury #IndigenousRights #NativeAmerican #Hockey #Backwards

@AliceMarshall The environmental toll of Canada's oil sands industry on Indigenous communities is heartbreaking. We must raise awareness and work towards sustainable solutions to protect both the environment and the health of affected communities. 🌎💔 #EnvironmentalJustice #IndigenousRights

The Ogiek have been accused of encroachment and deforestation in a place they consider home by Kenyan authorities.#Features #IndigenousRights #Africa #Kenya
Kenya’s Ogiek people fight on against eviction from Mau Forest

¡Feliz Acción de Gracias! 🦃

Share your thanks with your friends. Let them know you’re happy to have them in your life. If you’re on good terms with your fam, let them know too. Remember that today can be a stressful day so be kind and patient with yourself.

Also, indigenous rights are human rights! Support your local indigenous organizations! Fight for tribal sovereignty and federal recognition of unrecognized tribes!

#landback #indigenousrights #acciondegracias #thanksgiving

Indigenous leader Mahtowin Monro speaks about how the National Day of Mourning offers a corrective to US settler myths.#ArtsandCulture #IndigenousRights #UnitedStates #US&Canada
How a rejected Thanksgiving speech forged an Indigenous holiday tradition
1 week ago

Carbon inequality and climate injustice

"This year, the extremes have been more apparent than ever. Oil firms have raked in trillions of dollars in profits that they plan to use to expand production of climate-destabilising fossil fuels despite warnings from the International Energy Agency that this will make it impossible to keep global heating to within 1.5C."

"Based on this “mortality cost” formula, Oxfam calculates that the emissions of the richest 1% in one year are enough to cause 1.3m deaths over the coming decades from excess heat and other climate impacts."

"Carbon inequality and climate injustice denial of indigenous rights
Instead of making every effort to reduce emissions, the rich increase their carbon footprint by putting more distance between themselves and the masses.
cop28 extreme weather events"

"The international climate negotiating process has failed to keep pace with the growing power of the super-rich."

Douglas Rushkoff – Survival of the richest
#FossilFuels #ClimateGulf #MortalityCost #CarbonInequality #Climate #Injustice #IndigenousRights

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Mining activities in Ecuador devastate Indigenous ancestral lands and degrade the local ecosystem. Discover how we're collaborating with Fundación ALDEA to document these abuses through our 'Save' app: #PreserveTruthToPower #IndigenousRights

Betiana Colhuan, a Mapuche leader, is leading an effort to reclaim national park land considered sacred to her people.#Features #Elections #HumanRights #IndigenousRights #Politics #Argentina #LatinAmerica
‘The land is still alive’: A Mapuche leader’s fight for home in Argentina
3 weeks ago

Nature Rights
Belo Monte: forest and academia join to save Xingu

An alliance of traditional communities, Indigenous researchers and university scientists aims to produce reliable data to counter information presented by Norte Energia on the impacts of the hydroelectric plant

#JornalismoIndependente #IndigenousRights

4 weeks ago

> By understanding green colonialism, we can reserve our advocacy and actions for work that moves forward an actual just transition, and upholds the principles of equity, justice, and respect for all communities and ecosystems.

From #HonorEarth on
#GreenColonialism #JustTransition #IndigenousRights #NoFalseSolutions #ClimateJustice

4 weeks ago

An independent initiative in Indonesia has ramped up its efforts in mapping Indigenous lands, with 6 million hectares (14.8 million acres) mapped in the past year alone.

As of August, the Ancestral Domain Registration Agency (BRWA) had mapped 26.9 million hectares (66.5 million acres) — an area twice the size of Java — of land claimed by Indigenous communities.

by Hans Nicholas Jong

#News #Conservation #Environment #indigenousRights #IndigenousPeoples

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"I still hope for Australia. But all we have done in the voice referendum is hide from the facts of our history, our true character."
Bruce Pascoe

"As some commentators have said, we now hold a unique position in the world. Not only are we the only first world colonial country not to have recognised the Indigenous people as the First People of the country, but we are the only one to have actively voted to refuse them that status. It is a very ugly prospect for the nation."
#Australians #SettlerSociety #denial #existence #HumanRights #referendum #IndigenousRights #IndigenousPeoples

The softball team Las Amazonas de Yaxunah has defied gender stereotypes to become a national phenomenon in Mexico.#Features #Sports #ArtsandCulture #Health #IndigenousRights #Women #LatinAmerica #Mexico
Field of dreams: How an Indigenous softball team captured Mexico’s heart
Edinburgh University, which was given the skulls in 1907, said the return was an effort to address its colonial legacy.#ArtsandCulture #IndigenousRights #AsiaPacific #Europe #Taiwan #UnitedKingdom
UK university returns warrior skulls to Taiwan’s Indigenous Paiwan people
1 month ago

Why 263 bird species are going to get new English names
"John Kirk Townsend, who lived from 1809 to 1851, was a prolific American naturalist. In his short life, he collected specimens of several species of bird that were new to science. But he was also an odious racist who raided the graves of Native Americans. He removed skulls from their corpses and sent them to Samuel Morton, one of the founders of scientific racism." #IndigenousRights #colonialism

1 month ago

"Fossil fuel companies have spent millions of dollars on lobbying and campaign donations to state lawmakers who sponsored anti-protest laws – which now shield about 60% of US gas and oil operations from protest and civil disobedience, according to a new report from Greenpeace USA."

"It’s part of a global strategy reported by the Guardian to silence, discredit and criminalize environmental activists and Indigenous rights defenders opposed to polluting energy, mining and other extractive projects that are incompatible with meaningful climate action."

“Frontline activists should not face extreme, life-altering legal risks for putting their bodies on the line to keep our planet habitable.’"
#law #Lawmakers #JudicialHarassment #FossilFuels #industry #protests #AntiProtestBill #IndigenousRights #EnvironmentalJustice #ClimateEmergency #habitability

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@didgebaba The group Amazônia de Pé points out that the articles not vetoed by Lula poses major threats to indigenous rights. #Indigenousrights

Printscreen from email from the Amazonia de Pé group that points out the articles not vetoed by Lula are still a big threat to indigenous rights and that in spite of the advances lots of  struggle are still ahead
1 month ago

I updated my profile's description to let everyone know a bit more about me...

Former Journalist📰 and occasional Librarian 📚 living on #Wabanaki land🌄.
#NonBinary :nonbinary_flag: #Queer :QueerCat_Aromantic: #ActuallyAutistic :QueerCatHeart_Autism: Pronouns: They, them, per, person, human.
#Green🌳 #Socialist🤝 Student of #Archaeology 💀 & #History 📜
#NoNukes☢️ Anti-#Oligarchy🎩 #NoWar☮️ #GetMoneyOut💰#HumanRights🕵️‍♂️ #BLM✊🏿 #IndigenousRights 🌿 #WaterIsLife💧Anti-#Corruption🔍 #ClimateCrisis🌍 #RightToRepair 🪛

Charlie McHenry
2 months ago

I must say #Shame on #Australia - the country had a chance do do right by their indigenous population and soundly rejected it. White colonial settlers suppressing native populations, then exploiting them, and finally insulting them like this when they had a chance to make it right. #indigenous #IndigenousRights I have a ton of family in Oz, and I’m ashamed for them. I should acknowledge the USA has a long way to go as well. My wife is 40% native American and my two daughters are about a fifth. They will tell you that institutional racism is still an issue. #AustralianReferendum I know it is an even bigger problem in Australia. The country had a “whites only” policy for decades, that tells you a lot.

Mourning, calls for truth-telling after Australians vote no to giving Indigenous people more political representation.#HumanRights #IndigenousRights #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia
Indigenous Australians call for ‘week of silence’ after referendum failure
The proposal did not garner enough votes among the country's six states, nor an overall majority with its population.#IndigenousRights #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia
Australia rejects constitutional reform to recognise Indigenous people

The Guardian: *Australia rejects change to constitution in referendum*

🖕 A big FUCK YOU MATES to all Australian people who voted NO! You are still the same colonizers as 200 years ago!

The question is also; why a referendum for basic human rights? What's next? A referendum that minorities have a right to exist? Or even a referendum with the question; "Do you think that white people are the rightful owner of Australia?" That's why referendums (at least on national level) are anti-democratic. It enables the dictatorship of the majority. Parliamentary democracy is also problematic of course, but that has at least some checks and balances.


[all questions are rhetoric, so don't reply]

#Australia #indigenous #IndigenousRights #Aboriginals #TorresStrait #colonialism #referendums

2 months ago

'The defeat will be seen by Indigenous advocates as a blow to what has been a hard fought struggle to progress reconciliation and recognition in modern Australia, with First Nations people continuing to suffer discrimination, poorer health and economic outcomes.' #australia #indigenousrights #referendum #firstnations

Ruth Watson
2 months ago
An Australian Aborginal peoples' flag with a broken heart in the middle.
2 months ago

NZ might be feeling a bit depressed about our elections tonight but jesus christ, Australia!!

#ABitRacist #IndigenousRights

Opinion polls show slide in support for 'yes' campaign, majority expected to vote no to Indigenous Voice in government.#Features #CivilRights #HumanRights #IndigenousRights #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia
Australia votes in referendum on giving voice to nation’s Indigenous people
Indigenous people's 60,000 years of connection to their country should be recognised, leaders say.#Features #Elections #IndigenousRights #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia
Timeline: Indigenous Voice, treaty and truth in Australia
The campaign has stirred divisions, with reports of racism and abuse fuelled by rampant misinformation on social media.#IndigenousRights #Politics #AsiaPacific #Australia
Australia counts down to landmark vote on Indigenous Voice
2 months ago

A Secretive Network Is Fighting #IndigenousRights in #Australia and #Canada, Expert Says

It’s all part of a global playbook from the U.S.-based #AtlasNetwork to protect the profits of #FossilFuel and #mining companies, argues a Sydney researcher.

By Geoff Dembicki
Oct 10, 2023

"A campaign to deny #IndigenousPeoples a voice in Australia’s national Parliament is using tactics similar to an earlier conservative legal battle against #FirstNations communities in Canada, a new research paper argues. 

"That’s no coincidence, according to the paper’s author Jeremy Walker, because think tanks linked to these efforts in Canada and Australia belong to a secretive U.S. organization called the Atlas Network that’s received support from #oil, #gas and #coal companies and operates in nearly 100 countries. 

"'The coordinated opposition to Indigenous constitutional recognition by the Australian arm of the Atlas Network we can assume is motivated by the same intentions underlying the permanent Atlas campaign against climate policy [globally],' writes Walker, a senior lecturer in social and political sciences at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. 
'That is, to minimise the possibility of democratic government challenging the ever-expanding frontier of fossil fuel extraction,' he argues, a charge one conservative Australian advocacy group strongly denies. 

"On #October14, Australians will vote 'yes' or 'no' in a referendum that would amend the country’s constitution to create a permanent First Nations advisory body in the country’s Parliament. 

"'Most Australians understand that generations of Australian government policy have failed First Nations peoples,' UNSW Sydney professor Megan Davis, who is a Cobble Cobble woman of the Barunggam Nation, told the Guardian earlier this year. 'The voice referendum is an opportunity for all of us Australians to make the difference.'

"Earlier this spring national support for the 'yes' position was over 60 percent but by September it had collapsed to 40 percent or less, polling cited by Walker suggests.
Walker attributes that largely to the efforts of a #conservative advocacy group called #Advance, which has led an extensive media campaign urging people to vote 'No' in the referendum. 'The ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ will wreck our Constitution, rewire our democracy, and divide Australians by race. It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive and it’s not fair,' reads a website created by Advance.  
The campaign’s main spokespeople are Indigenous – Warren Mundine and Australian Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price – and they have been interviewed frequently in the country’s mainstream media. Yet few Australians are aware of Mundine and Price’s connections to the wider Atlas Network, Walker argues.  

"Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is another ‘No’ campaigner with Atlas ties.
Both 'No' campaigners are long-time contributors to the Centre for Independent Studies, Walker’s paper explains, a conservative think tank founded in 1976 with grants from resource extraction companies such as #Shell, #RioTinto and #WesternMiningCorporation
The Center for Independent Studies is in turn a member of the Atlas Network, a Virginia-based organization whose members include hundreds of conservative think tanks and organizations across the world, many of whom are active spreaders of doubt about the severity of climate change.  
One of the Center for Independent Studies’ first board members, Maurice Newman, was revealed as an early backer of the organization Advance in 2018, which is now leading efforts against the Indigenous referendum. And Advance’s lead 'No' campaigner Mundine is chairman of LibertyWorks, a conservative group also associated with the Atlas Network.

"Despite these connections, Advance strongly disputes any association with Atlas. 
'We have never heard of the Atlas Network and absolutely reject the incorrect assertion we have any connection to them at all,' a spokesperson for Advance wrote in an email to DeSmog. 'The idea that our referendum campaign is being conducted or coordinated by ‘fossil-fuel corporations and their allies’ or the Atlas Network is wrong and frankly bizarre.'

"In addition to Australia and dozens of other countries, several Atlas Network members are based in Canada. And they too have led efforts attempting to undermine greater recognition of Indigenous legal rights. An Ottawa-based think tank and Atlas member called the MacDonald Laurier Institute spent years advocating against Canada’s federal government adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, otherwise known as #UNDRIP.

"That’s because UNDRIP contained clauses that could potentially give Canada’s Indigenous peoples greater say over fossil fuel and natural resource projects on their territories. 'It is difficult to overstate the legal and economic disruptions that may have followed from such a step,' read documents produced by the Atlas Network and the Macdonald Laurier Institute that were obtained by DeSmog. 

"The think tank has actively cultivated #ProIndustry Indigenous representatives as the face of its advocacy efforts on this and other natural resources issues in order to provide 'a shield against opponents that is hard to undermine,' according to the documents. First Nations critics refer to such strategies as '#redwashing.'

"'It’s a way of [industry] making their claims about their relationship with Indigenous peoples sound better than they actually are in reality,' Kris Statnyk, a #Gwichin First Nation lawyer based in British Columbia, told Drilled this summer.

"Walker sees a parallel between those tactics, and the current effort in Australia to prevent First Nations from having greater representation in that country’s Parliament. The 'No' campaign led by the group Advance prominently features Indigenous Australians arguing against the referendum, despite polling commissioned by advocates suggesting that 80 percent or more of First Nations people in the country support the initiative. 
Like in Canada, some Australian fossil fuel and mining projects are located in or adjacent to the traditional territories of First Nations.

"Several Indigenous communities have led legal challenges against gas and coal expansion. 'Should an Indigenous Voice be constitutionalised in Parliament, First Nations representatives might raise objections to such fossil and mining projects,' Walker writes.
He argues that this is what’s at stake in the upcoming referendum vote.   

"'The effort to deny Aboriginal Australians a voice is part of a global playbook from Atlas and its allies,' Walker told DeSmog. 'They’ve also used it in Canada and likely anywhere else that greater Indigenous rights could impact fossil fuel and mining profits.'"

#VoteYes #Yes23 #VoteYesAustralia

A Secretive Network Is Fighting Indigenous Rights

It’s All Part Of A Global Playbook From The U.S.-Based Atlas Network.

To protect the profits of fossil fuel and mining companies, argues a Sydney researcher
#WorldNews #Australia #Canada #UnitedStates #Indigenous #IndigenousRights

2 months ago

"[ACT leader David] Seymour says repeatedly that people (he means Māori, of course) shouldn’t have 'different rights based on ancestry'. This is typically simple, clever and deceptive...

The answer is that there there is a crucial difference between rights, which are universal, and tools to fulfil rights, which are always based on varying circumstances."

#NickyHagar, 2023

#NZPolitics #ACT #HumanRights #IndigenousRights

@downbeatdan @debe

Promulgated in papal edicts, the 🔺Doctrine of Discovery🔺
proclaimed the superiority of Christian civilization and authorized Europeans to claim ownership of any newly “discovered” lands inhabited by non-Christians.

The doctrine became part of U.S. law in an 1823 Supreme Court ruling that held the U.S. government had “an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian title of occupancy.” 

Robert P. Jones views the doctrine as a “Rosetta Stone” for understanding the “sense of divine entitlement, of European Christian chosenness, [that] has shaped the worldview of most white Americans.”

To show how whites’ sense of entitlement has played out in America, 👉Jones's book "The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared American Future" examines three localities, each the site of white outrages against African-Americans:
🔸the Mississippi Delta, site of the 1955 murder of Emmitt Till;
🔸Duluth, Minnesota, where in 1920 a mob of more 10,000 whites lynched three Black men; and
🔸Tulsa, Oklahoma, where in 1921, whites descended on the prosperous Black district of Greenwood, burning homes and businesses and killing between 100 and 300 people.

In each case, the whites responsible faced little or no punishment.

These atrocities were foreshadowed by earlier white violence in those areas toward Native Americans.

🔷A century before Till’s murder, the U.S. government forcibly removed the Choctaw people from the Mississippi Delta, clearing the land for white settlement and a plantation economy exploiting Black slave labor.

Jones then shares tales of white depredations against Native Americans in Minnesota and Oklahoma.

🔷In 1862, some Dakota people in Minnesota rebelled against white mistreatment and treaty violations. At the end of the five-week uprising, the U.S. government hanged 38 Dakota men after sham military trials, most lasting “only a minute or two,” Jones notes, in the largest mass execution in U.S. history

🔹As for Oklahoma, Jones writes poignantly of the Osage people, who suffered forced assimilation, violence at the hands of white mobs hungry for their land, and then, after oil was discovered, a “Reign of Terror” in which whites systematically swindled and murdered them.

#whitesupremacy #racism #EmmittiTill #greenwood #doctrineofdiscovery #ChoctawRemoval #Indigenousrights

Campaigning for historic vote on October 14 has exposed sharp divides in society and within the Indigenous community.#IndigenousRights #Politics #Racism #AsiaPacific #Australia
As vote nears, ‘horrific racism’ mars Australian Voice referendum campaign
Anne Fausto Sterling
3 months ago

"The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007to ensure protection of Indigenous rights and self-determination. With governments lagging in its implementation, researchers—at universities, government institutions, consultancies, and elsewhere—have a responsibility to understand and advance these rights"
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Australia’s Indigenous ‘Voice’ referendum: What you need to know
Australia’s Indigenous ‘Voice’ referendum: What you need to know
Sally Strange
3 months ago

"For the first time in history, citizens from Ecuador will be asked this weekend to decide on the future of oil extraction in the Amazon.

The referendum on Sunday will ask voters whether they want oil drilling to continue in Yasuni National Park, hailed as one of the world’s greatest havens of biodiversity. The largest protected area in Ecuador, the park contains massive oil reserves that cross Indigenous land."

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Chief Raoni Metuktire, a well-known leader from the Amazon, calls for removal of 'invaders' from Indigenous territory.
Brazilian Indigenous chief demands greater role in climate debate
The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

The Supreme Court today reversed its recent trend of claiming increased power to decide itself on policy towards American Indian tribes.

It ruled that the US Constitution gives Congress the right to make laws in this area — and upheld the Indian Child Welfare Act’s rules on adoption of Native American children.

More from an expert on this area of the law: #News #SupremeCourt #Adoption #IndigenousRights

Rita Portela (parody)
6 months ago

Background articles:

Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

“No matter how it was collected, where it was collected, when it was collected, our language belongs to us," said Ray Taken Alive, a Lakota teacher.

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More articles, Interviews:

Let’s be proactive and stand up for what matters, eh? If you see this, please share your own message of advocacy. There’s a lot of despondency, but there’s also so much great work being done by awesome Canadians out there. My Canada includes addressing #ClimateChange 🇨🇦 speaking up against #hate, #racism, #antisemitism 🇨🇦 advocating for #IndigenousRights, #womensrights #disabilityjustice rights, #LGBTQIA rights 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ and, yeah, supporting public radio (@CBC)

Photo of a #CBC mug of coffee. At the lake. Perfect, quiet morning in Canada.
8 months ago

Currently listening to The Walrus Talks at Home: Indigenous Health #theWalrus

Addiction workers on reserve make 45% less than their off-reserve counterparts, and many use their own money to feed clients or take them to off-reserve services. #indigenousrights

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago


The #Fosen demonstrations have expanded. #Indigenous and #Environmentalist activists are now blocking both the Oil and Energy Ministry of #Norway and the Ministry of Finance.

#LandBack #indigenousrights #humanrights #IndigenousMastodon

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

DAY FIVE: They carried them out of the building, but the demonstration is far from over. The entrances to the Oil and Energy Ministry of #Norway are now being blocked from the outside by #indigenousrights, #humanrights, and #environmentalist activists.
#indigenous #IndigenousMastodon

Boardda Mihkkal
9 months ago

DAY FOUR: Meet the OED occupants! These are the young activists who are occupying the Oil and Energy Ministry of #Norway to make the government respect #humanrights, #indigenousrights, nature , and Norway's Supreme Court.

#Indigenous #IndigenousMastodon

Ricky de Laveaga
10 months ago

🦄🐳 @thenarwhal and #AmberBracken are suing the #RCMP who held Bracken for three nights in jail after arresting Bracken during her reporting for The #Narwhal from Wet’suwet’en territory in northwestern #BC. Bracken’s arrest is part of a troubling pattern of RCMP infringing on press freedom at #FairyCreek #LandBack Lane in Ontario
🏷️ #logging #Canada #IndigenousRights

1/ This is my 3rd #introduction since the #TwitterMigration. My place here has evolved. Welcome not only to my timeline, but also my own personal instance.

I live in beautiful #PortAlberni. I am a geek by trade but have dedicated my life to climate, politics, and volunteering. #TransitionTowns #domesticviolence

#EcoSocialist #unions #socialjustice #climatejustice #UBI #IndigenousRights
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My hobby is weather @alberniweather
Ocean lover, Hiker, Traveller and Family guy #cats

Some guy most people know (he's really quite hilarious and adorable and does movies and is Canadian from Vancouver and if you don't know by now it's Ryan Reynolds) throwing his head back with eyes rolled with the text, NOT AGAIN
Amanda Starbuck
10 months ago

Key to stopping Amazon deforestation: Indigenous people. This new study shows that only 5% of deforestation occurs in Indigenous territories and protected areas

#amazon #forests #deforestation #indigenousrights

11 months ago

I'm getting more follows and understand better how I'm using the site, so I'll do an updated intro! I'm a #GenX #Punk and #Autistic #AutiGender with #CPTSD and work in #DataScience . I mostly post and boost about #Covid #ZeroCovid #WearAMask #ActuallyAutistic #Weather . I also strongly believe in and boost posts for #BlackMastodon #BLM #IndigenousRights #TransRights #DisabilityRights #LGBTQIA #Climate #Trees #AntiFascist #Compassion .

Lisa Gets Politik
11 months ago

Hey Mastadonians, I'm happy to join the #Fediverse, and yes, I am a recent #TwitterMigrant

By way of #introduction, I'm a #college #professor with a focus on #communication, #games and #sustainability.

I am concerned about #democracy across the globe, #IndigenousRights and how we avert a #ClimateCatastrophe.
I think #GamebasedLearning might be a way to think creatively about sustainability.

I also love #Timetravel, #AudioBooks and #DoctorWho

Carwil Bjork-James
1 year ago

Time for a #Law / #HumanRights #Introduction.

I'm Anthropologist w/ a courtesy appointment at Vanderbilt Law School, trained in Environmental & Human Rights policy (M.P.P., U Chicago)

Expertise on #IndigenousRights, global and regional human rights regimes (#IACHR, #UNPFII, #UNDRIP) , accountability for state violence, and race and law in the USA (incl. #CRT).

I maintain a database of Bolivian victims of political violence #UltimateConsequences