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"Gut Glug"

Listen to that belly filling up. Every single chew just sending a gush of juice on down into his gut.


Still warming up here. It usually takes 3-5 works in a row for me to get back in the zone.

#furryart #belly #fat #weightgain #blueberry #inflation

An anthro buck stands with a bemused expression, his fat belly peeking out from his tracksuit.
An anthro buck stands chewing with a bemused expression, milk dribbling down his chin, his fat belly peeking out from his tracksuit, swelling with audible glugs as he asks what he should do to which his host replies that he was warned this would happen.
A blueberry buck stands with a bemused expression, his fat belly peeking out from his tracksuit.
A blueberry buck stands chewing with a bemused expression, juice dribbling down his chin, his fat belly peeking out from his tracksuit, swelling with audible glugs as he asks what he should do to which his host replies that he was warned this would happen.
6 hours ago 's part of a trade we did! Zyap's tail Ightnin causes trouble for him even when he's sleeping! Dang connected stomachs, no wonder it doesn't get to share the bed.

#furry #jolteon #pokemon #tailmaw #somnophilia #somno #cum #inflation #cumflation #male #blowjob #bed #sleeping

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The real price #inflation caused by #bidenomics #trump and last 30 years of low rates and money printing. #econ101

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Die Aktienmärkte durchleben wahrlich historische Wochen. Von todbetrübt Ende Oktober herrscht plötzlich Euphorie an den Märkten. Gelingt nun wirklich der große Durchbruch oder droht eine große #Bullenfalle? Blick auf die Veränderungen, Blick in die Historie.
#Börse #Aktien #Wirtschaft #Inflation #Bullenmarkt #Jahresendrally

@myoan 100€ la visse à démonter c'est honnête non ?


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#HitJob on #Biden regarding #Covid, #inflation, #AfghanistanPullOut, #BidenAge, alleged #corruption, and on and on -- all fabricated -- have been going on for long.

The latest one, rooted in lies about his complicity in the #MiddleEast crisis, spread by #BDSMovement, #FarLeft, and #HorseShoe convergent like Rashida #Tlaib from his own party, are the most dangerous, as they seek to peel voters away from battleground states like #Michigan

#BDS #BDSHorseShoe #BycottDivestSanction

Wieder typisch anstatt sein #reiches #Klientel zu #besteuern, werden wieder mal die #Ärmsten bis zur Besinnungslosigkeit geschröpft🤬Das #Bürgergeld wird ab 2024 #automatisch an #Inflation angepasst was das #BVerfG vorgegeben hat🤬
#Nächste #Klage #garantiert!

Wieder typisch anstatt sein #reiches #Klientel zu #besteuern, werden wieder mal die #Ärmsten bis zur Besinnungslosigkeit geschröpft🤬Das #Bürgergeld wird ab 2024 #automatisch an #Inflation angepasst was das #BVerfG vorgegeben hat🤬
#Nächste #Klage #garantiert!

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Lastly this #SaturdayNightCoinShow, here is a new piece from me, on the Argentine 10 Australes, a coin from a short-lived currency which introduced a new currency symbol. Find out more here:

#SaturdayNightCoinShow #Numismatics #CoinCollecting #Coins #Coin #Currency #Money #History #Inflation #Hyperinflation #Argentina #LatinAmerica

Large value in box at right, double lined “A” at left, date below "A" Script: Latin Lettering: ₳ 1989 10
House of Agreement (Now a National monument) Script: Latin Lettering: REPUBLICA ARGENTINA CASA DEL ACUERDO Translation: Argentine Republic House of Agreement
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Le nombre de salariés payés au SMIC n'a jamais été aussi élevé
Près d'un salarié sur cinq est désormais payé au salaire minimum, selon le rapport annuel du groupe d'experts sur le SMIC. Un chiffre record alarmant, alors que l'inflation continue de toucher durement les travailleurs. / / / /
#Politique #NotreClasse #Secundaria1 #Smic #Inflation #Salaires

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Hausse des prix de l'électricité : le mégawattheure va passer de 42 euros à 70 euros d'ici 2026
Dans un accord, l'Etat et EDF prévoient que le mégawattheure passera de 42 euros à un « prix moyen » de 70 euros d'ici 2026. Si Le Maire promet la « stabilité » des prix, le nouveau calcul induira forcément une nouvelle augmentation des factures d'électricité pour les travailleurs. / / / / /
#Politique #Précarité #Secundaria2 #Energie #PrixDeLÉnergie #Inflation

DerAutomation ッ
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🎄Die großen Fragen gegen Ende des Jahres:

Wie teuer Weihnachtsbäume dieses Jahr sind

„Ein bis zwei Euro mehr pro Meter Baum.“

#weihnachten #inflation

Der Dax hat den besten Monat seit drei Jahren hinter sich, Anleihen sogar den besten seit 1985. In dieser Bonus-Folge debattieren die beiden Wirtschaftsjournalisten Nando Sommerfeldt und Holger Zschäpitz mit dem Fondsmanager Michael Gierse darüber, ob passiv oder aktiv besser ist.#Zschäpitz #Holger #DeffnerundZschäpitzPodcast #Wirtschaft #Zschaepitz-Holger #Finanzen #DAXDeutscherAktienindex #Deffner-Dietmar #Inflation
Deffner & Zschäpitz: Passiv oder aktiv? Die Herrschaftswissen-Tipps des Profi-Flaneurs
dkomaran :verified:
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Christmas trees — and the farmers who grow them — are vanishing

"A Christmas tree shortage driven in part by climate change means higher prices for real trees"

#climatecrisis #christmas #forestry #treefarm #farm #canada #inflation

As per #VictorShi

«Holy cow. The S&P 500 just closed for the week & reached a *52-week* high. You can thank President #Biden and the successes of #Bidenomics for that one. #Inflation is down, #jobs are up, & the #economy & S&P is rebounding like never before. Thank you, President Biden!»

Der Finanzmarkt hofft angesichts des überraschend großen Rückgangs der Inflationsraten auf sinkende Zinsen. Aktien erscheinen da mehr denn je als sinnvolle Geldanlage. Dafür gibt es allerdings noch günstigere Zeitpunkte als jetzt.#Wirtschaft #Inflation #Aktienhandel #Zinspolitik #EZB #Fed
Jetzt zuschlagen?: Aktien ja - aber nicht wegen sinkender Inflation
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'Shrinkflation' is becoming more widespread, but there's one thing shoppers can do to avoid it
By David Taylor

The product feels lighter, or it's smaller, and you can't quite put your finger on the change… but there is a change. Shrinkflation is becoming more widespread, but can anything be done about it, asks David Taylor.

#BusinessEconomicsandFinance #Inflation #Economy #CostofLiving #Consumers #ConsumerGoods #DavidTaylor

So in the latest revision of its methods, it now seems that past #rental price data has under-stated rent rises;

So, things have been worse for renters than we thought... and it looks like while #inflation may be dropping, its decline may be partly slowed by better data on #landlords raising rates.

2023 has not been a good year for the ONS!

h/t FT

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While 80% of households risk losing income due to carbon price decreases, property tax, water rates, provincial taxes are widely increasing. Where is PP? (deafening, common sense silence)

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Canada #Inflation #Tax

ExTraders Global
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#Fed Chair #Powell, is surprised that inflation has fallen meaningfully this year, but #growth and #employment have continued. #Inflation is still well above target but moving in the right direction. #US #Economy

ExTraders Global
2 days ago

#Fed Chair #Powell said that the #risks of the Fed going too far in raising #rates and slowing the #economy too much have become "more balanced" with the risks of not moving high enough to control #inflation. Fed intends to be cautious in its upcoming #monetary policy decisions.

ExTraders Global
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#Fed Chairman #Powell:
The #jobs has cooled but remains strong. The Fed's actions have defended the credibility of the disinflation fight. I welcome the recent softening in inflation #data. The Fed has made significant progress in bringing #inflation down. #US #Economy

ExTraders Global
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In his speech, the #Fed's #Goolsbee said that the Fed is moving towards the 2% inflation target and that #inflation has fallen exactly as desired. #US #Economy

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Filling the Cabin
For anonymous

RTs and comments appreciated ♥

#zamo #male #inflation #bloat #chub #chubby #ball #humanonly #commission #human

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Der Chef der britischen Supermarktkette Iceland hat der »Ausbeutung« von frischgebackenen Eltern den Kampf angesagt. Für Babynahrung fordert der Manager eine verbindliche Preisobergrenze.#Inflation #Lebensmittelindustrie #Babynahrung #Danone #Nestlé #Lebensmittel #WirtschaftinGroßbritannien
Wegen hoher Inflation: Chef von britischer Supermarktkette fordert Preislimit für Babynahrung
DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
2 days ago
Der Chef der britischen Supermarktkette Iceland hat der »Ausbeutung« von frischgebackenen Eltern den Kampf angesagt. Für Babynahrung fordert der Manager eine verbindliche Preisobergrenze.#Inflation #Lebensmittelindustrie #Babynahrung #Danone #Nestlé #Lebensmittel #WirtschaftinGroßbritannien
Wegen hoher Inflation: Chef von britischer Supermarktkette fordert Preislimit für Babynahrung
Yusuf Toropov
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1984 is often cited as a banner year for the US economy -- giving Ronald Reagan a landslide re-election.

In 1984, #unemployment was 7%, #inflation was 3.8%, and #GDP growth was 6.9%.

Today, unemployment is 3.9%, inflation is 3.2%, and GDP last quarter grew at a rate of 5.2%.



GDP growth just hit 5.2% under Biden

Should You #Rent or #Buy? The New #Math.

For many #millennials, buying a #home has become almost entirely out of reach. Average 30-year #mortgage rates are hovering around 7 percent — the highest they’ve been since 2007 — largely because of the Federal Reserve’s efforts to tame #inflation.

Im Euroraum ist die Inflation auf dem niedrigsten Stand seit zweieinhalb Jahren. Erstmals ist der Preisanstieg wieder in der Nähe der Zwei-Prozent-Marke. Börsenstratege Oliver Roth spricht in der Börse am Mittag darüber, wie es jetzt mit der Inflation weitergehen könnte.#Inflation #Inflationsrate #OliverRoth #Kerninflation #Zwei-Prozent-Marke #Krimi
Börse am Mittag: „Wir glauben, dass die Kerninflation hartnäckig bleiben wird“ - Video - WELT
Die staatliche Unterstützung in der Pandemie hält Unternehmen über Wasser. Experten spekulieren, dass viele Insolvenzen so nur vertagt werden. Das scheint sich nun zu bewahrheiten.#Wirtschaft #Insolvenz #Inflation
17.900 Pleiten erwartet: Zahl der Firmeninsolvenzen steigt um mehr als 22 Prozent
2 days ago

You won't like hearing this, but video games must become more expensive.

When I was little, my dad got me a PlayStation 2 for christmas, but without any games. My mum was very generous and took me out to pick two games for it. They were 60€ each. Nowadays you would call those full-price games.

But now, 20 years later, a full-price game is still about 60€. If you correct that for inflation, it should really be 86€ now. And that's not even covering the fact that games have massively increased in visual fidelity, which is much more expensive to produce.

If you don't want games to be littered with microtransactions or ads, then you have to accept that a regular video game *must* be at least 90€.
(98 USD, 77 GBP, 149 AUD, 134 CAD)

#Gaming #GameDev #GameDevelopment #Steam #Inflation #Economy #PlayStation

The Japan Times
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U.S. Federal Reserve policymakers signaled that the central bank's interest rate hikes are likely over, but left the door open to further tightening should progress on inflation stall. #business #economy #us #inflation #federalreserve

The European Network
2 days ago

For those living in the eurozone, rising rents, mortgages and energy prices have created difficult economic conditions with wages hardly meeting outgoing essentials. It certainly feels like a recession - but is it?

Economist Osama Rizvi clears up the confusing headlines around whether Europe is out of a recession, currently in one - or about to enter one.

#Europe #Eurozone #Economy #Economics #Recession #Inflation

Die Stimmung in der deutschen Autoindustrie hat sich im November weiter verschlechtert. „Die deutsche Autoindustrie kommt aus ihrer konjunkturellen Abschwungphase nicht heraus“, warnt das Ifo.#Export-Lage #Newsteam #IFOInstitutfürWirtschaftsforschung #Inflation #texttospeech #IGMetallIndustriegewerkschaftMetall #AnitaWölfl #Seelze #Hannover #Niedersachsen #Ifo-Zentrum #Karriere
Autoindustrie in Deutschland laut Ifo weiter im Abschwung
Auch beim Thema Bürgergeld besteht in der Ampel-Koalition kein Konsens – SPD und Grüne kontern nun die FDP, die die geplante Aufstockung der Sozialmaßnahme infrage stellt. Auch die Liberalen hätten für das Bürgergeld gestimmt und sollten nun „dazu stehen“.#Newsteam #FDP #Bürgergeld #Inflation #Ampel-Koalition #texttospeech #SPD #Grüne #Bündnis90DieGrünen #AndreasAudretsch #Bundestag #RND #HubertusHeil #Politik
Neuer Ampel-Dissens: SPD und Grüne kontern FDP-Forderung nach Bürgergeld-Überprüfung

If recent adjustments in #ONS #GDP data & the ongoing reformation of its #labour statistics continue, then as #inflation falls, the UK may look less of a regional economic outlier than it has in the last few years... but the Q. is will this have a positive impact on inwards #investment (or any investment for that matter)?

The problems of #productivity stagnation & the UK's ineffective #management persist, which may mean investors will continue to have reasons to look elsewhere?

2 days ago

Isn't there supposed to be a watchdog to prevent ALL insurance companies to synchronise a nearly 50% raise on ALL premium for *everything*? "Your renewal price: £168.66
Last year's total: £119.26" #insane #inflation

Eine scheinbar nebensächliche Entscheidung Christian Lindners ließ den Finanzmarkt aufhorchen: Deutschland will keine inflationsindexierten Anleihen mehr emittieren. Damit zeigt das Ministerium indirekt, welches Inflations-Geschehen es erwartet. Mit möglichen Folgen für Sparer.#Stocker-Frank #Staatsanleihen #Inflation #Inflationsrate #Lindner #ChristianFDP #Finanzministerium
Anleihen-Entscheidung: Dauerzustand Inflation? Das bedenkliche Signal aus dem Finanzministerium
Calmar666 Double
3 days ago

Harold Bernat

C'est ballot, petit anus brun et miss trique ne peuvent pas corriger l'inflation de 3,8 % avec un énième 49.3. Ne reste plus qu'à planquer les chiffres sous le lit avec les punaises.

#LeMaire #BrunoLeMaire #ElisabethBorne #Inflation

3 days ago

Ahh... Bloodborne werewolves with huge taut guts full of blood

#belly #bellykink #stuffing #inflation

The European Network
3 days ago

Euro zone inflation tumbled far more than expected this month, a challenge to the European Central Bank's narrative that price growth remains stubborn and likely fuelling bets on early spring rate cuts in defiance of the bank's explicit guidance.

Consumer price growth in the 20 nations sharing the euro currency dropped to 2.4% in November from 2.9% in October to mark the lowest level since July 2021.

#EU #ECB #Eurozone #Inflation #Economy

3 days ago

#Weltpolitik u. #Inflation binden Aufmerksamkeit der Menschen. #Energie- u. #Klimakrise rücken in d. Hintergrund.

Dennoch unterstützt die Mehrheit der Deutschen den benötigten #Ausbau der 'Erneuerbaren_Energien
F: Westendarp/Pixabay CC

3 days ago

Inflation in Eurozone geht deutlich zurück

Die Inflation im Euroraum steigt dank der dümpelnden Konjunktur und des Straffungskurses der Europäischen Zentralbank deutlich langsamer. Zuletzt erreichte sie den niedrigsten Wert seit Juli 2021.


#Eurozone #Inflation

3 days ago

L’Insee s’accroche au secret du calcul de l’inflation

👉 L’institut bloque la publication des éléments qui lui permettent de calculer l’indice des prix à la consommation. La justice pourrait finir par l’y contraindre.

#economie #inflation #insee

#Inflation in #EU area, USA & UK has diverged, because it is differently made up. Most notably, in the UK drivers of inflation are no longer really focussed in #energy, #food & #housing but have become much more widespread.

There's an old story that #corporations refer to the UK as 'treasure island' as its an economy where profits can easily be pushed up due to a lack of effective anti-trust & pro-competition policy (leading to sectoral oligopolies).

This is the result

3 days ago

Marktbericht: Zinsdiskussion verunsichert US-Anleger

Anleger an der Wall Street waren heute hin- und hergerissen. Denn baldige Zinssenkungen scheinen alles andere als eine ausgemachte Sache. Haben sich die "Bullen" womöglich zu früh gefreut?


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Gold #Öl #Börse #Kurse #Inflation #Zinsen

4 days ago

Marktbericht: Anleger in Kauflaune

Eine sinkende Inflationsrate hat die Anleger heute motiviert, Aktien zu kaufen - und den DAX auf den höchsten Stand seit Monaten getrieben. Damit setzte sich die November-Rally kraftvoll fort.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Gold #Öl #Börse #Kurse #Inflation #Zinsen

4 days ago

Marktbericht: Inflation runter, DAX rauf

Eine weiter sinkende deutsche Inflationsrate treibt die Aktienkurse - und den DAX sogar auf den höchsten Stand seit Monaten. Damit markiert die November-Rally einen neuen Höhepunkt.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Gold #Öl #Börse #Kurse #Inflation #Zinsen

4 days ago

Teuerung in Deutschland im November nicht mehr so stark

Die Teuerung ist in Deutschland auch im November nicht mehr so stark wie zuvor. Das ergibt eine erste Schätzung des Statistischen Bundesamts. Der Anstieg der Preise wurde vor allem durch günstigere Energie gedämpft.


#Inflation #Teuerung #StatistischesBundesamt #Verbraucherpreise

Dass die #Inflation sich normalisiert ist gut, aber nur die halbe Nachricht: Denn die Preise sinken ja nicht wieder auf das Niveau vor Beginn des russ. Angriffskriegs zurück. Sie steigen nur nicht weiter.

Sollte man bei der Frage, welche Lohnforderungen der Gewerkschaften „fair“ sind, mit bedenken.

4 days ago

Marktbericht: November-Rally im DAX mit neuem Höhepunkt

Der DAX hat zur Wochenmitte ein neues Hoch seit Anfang August erobert. Rückenwind kommt von den US-Börsen. Anleger setzen zudem auf eine deutlich gesunkene deutsche Inflationsrate.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Gold #Öl #Börse #Kurse #Inflation #Zinsen

Well, at least the Competition & Markets Authority is seeing what the Bank of England in its selective myopia frequently ignores.

In the CMA's report into the retail market, they identify a clear raising of profitability by food & other producers, with price rises that are now feeding #inflation not merely reflecting it.

Those who coined the phrase #greedflation having been saying this for some time only for the BoE to repeatedly downplay this aspect, while still focusing on #workers wages!

4 days ago

Die Reallöhne in Deutschland sind im dritten Quartal gestiegen

Mehr Kaufkraft für die Bundesbürger: Dafür haben in den vergangenen Monaten kräftige Lohnsteigerungen und eine zurückgehende Inflation gesorgt. Experten warten einen weiter nachlassenden Preisdruck.


#Reallöhne #Inflation #Einfuhrpreise #IfoInstitut

Jack of all trades
4 days ago

Of the people surveyed, 38% say they are no longer able to have three meals a day on a regular basis, while only 42% said they have never skipped their breakfast, lunch, and dinner due to financial constraints.

#Europe #inflation #food #economics

I look forward the #BankofEngland publicly criticising #broadband & #mobilephone operators for above #inflation in-contract price rises.... rather than #workers with below #inflation rises (still be being regarded as dangerous wage increases).... but I'm not holding my breath

The continuing #costoflivingcrisis, high #interestrates, #inflation & other social crises across the UK are taking their toll on #business start-ups.

If (and for some of your this may be a big 'if') the willingness to start a new business is a key indicator of the private sector's judgement on the future economic environment, then the switch to more #businesses failing than being started in 2022, marks a further decline in the UK's economic prospects!

Chart: More business were closed than created in the UK last year. Chart shows that since 'births' past 'deaths' in 2010, the births have risen to a peak in 2016 & then fallen back, while deaths have been slowly (if unevenly rising for most of the last 13 years.
5 days ago

NY Magazine's Eric Levitz:

Imo, it's true that many voters aren't content with slowing #inflation; they want all prices to fall (which would require a depression).

This said, we have actually seen straight up deflation for many high-salience items. The 34% drop in the cost of health insurance seems especially under-discussed.


¢ Eggs: -22.2%

e Lettuce: -4.5%

¢ Apples: -3.9%

* Butter: -3.7%

¢ Fresh fish and seafood: -3.6% Other goods:

* Fuel oil and other fuels: -17.1% * Smartphones: -12%

¢ Laundry equipment: -10.9%

¢ Televisions: -9.4%

* Computer software and accessories: -8.5% Services:

¢ Health insurance: -34%

« Airline fares: -13.2%

¢ Car and truck rental: -9.6%

¢ Public transportation: -8.9%

¢ Medical care services: -2%
5 days ago

Bundesbankchef Nagel hält Zinssenkungen für verfrüht

Bundesbank-Präsident Joachim Nagel warnt davor, die Zinsen in der Eurozone zu früh zu senken. Zuletzt hatte auch die EZB-Chefin Christine Lagarde von einer anhaltenden Inflationsgefahr gesprochen.


#Bundesbank #EZB #Nagel #Lagarde #Leitzinssenkung #Zinsen #Leitzins #Inflation

While Savills (an estate agent) may not be a neutral source, equally they likely have a pretty good idea what is happening in rented #housing.

Their predictions for a continuing above #inflation rise in rents next year, driven by a shortage of properties & #landlords financing (and other) costs, suggest in 2024 the #housingcrisis in the UK will get even worse.

In the end the key answer to this mess is pretty simple:

what is needed is:

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Comm. is critical of the #BankOfEngland in its new report, identifying complacency & lack of good forecasting on #inflation as key shortcomings.

One of the key reasons they cite (echoing evidence by Helen MacNamara to the #CovidEnquiry) is a monoculture with key directors often drawn from the Treasury, leading to a deafness to alternative modelling & thinking within the BoE.

Looks like finally criticisms of governance by 'boys club' are gaining traction (?)

1 week ago

"But because raising taxes is a taboo subject in NZ they just left the Reserve Bank to whack up interest rates."

Now, the NatACTs are going to cut taxes, and probably borrow to do it. Which will drive inflation back up again (it peaked a while back), and keep interest rates higher for longer 🤦‍♂️

#NZPolitics #tax #inflation #InterestRates

Living costs are up, but animals still come first for the founder of Bangladesh’s first animal adoption shelter.#Features #Inflation #Whatsyourmoneyworth? #Asia #Bangladesh
The woman who gave up her home for Dhaka’s stray cats and dogs
Matthew Sheffield
1 week ago

A unanimous jury found that the #egg production industry conspired to increase prices and limit production.

It wasn't during the recent price hike, but this verdict will definitely be used to jumpstart another lawsuit.

Corporate greed is a huge contributor to #inflation in every nation

1 week ago

Türkischer Leitzins steigt überraschend auf 40 Prozent

Die Türkische Zentralbank hat den Leitzins abermals überraschend deutlich angehoben: Er liegt nun bei 40 Prozent - doch ob das reichen wird, um der Inflation in dem Land wieder Herr zu werden? Von Angela Göpfert.


#Türkei #Lira #Leitzins #Erdogan #Erkan #Inflation

1 week ago

Anleihen: Bund wird Inflationsschutz zu teuer

Deutschland zieht sich aus dem Markt für inflationsgeschützte Anleihen zurück. Für Privatanleger auf der Suche nach sicheren Anlagemöglichkeiten ist das eine schlechte Nachricht - oder etwa doch nicht? Von Angela Göpfert.


#Bundesanleihen #Inflation #Aktien #Immobilien #Zinsen

Maude Nificent
1 week ago

#Auspol #Inflation #HorsePlop

Special BS reports;
In a speech on Wednesday night, Michele Bullock, RBA governor, said the remaining inflation challenge is "increasingly homegrown and demand-driven". Hairdressers and dentists, dining out, sporting and other recreational activities – the prices of all these services are rising strongly," she said.

The RBA's 2023 annual report shows [former RBA governor Lowe’s] salary for 2022-23 hit $1,147,465 – a 10.5 per cent bump from the $1,037,709 he earned in 2021-22. Mr Lowe's mammoth salary included a $974,602 base with a $123,054 super contribution and a further $9210 in other benefits and $40,599 for long service leave.

wonder how much of that went on haircuts?

It might be comforting to know i am doing nothing myself to cause inflation, if only all this horse-plop had any credibility. The insulting thing is that “they know that we know they know they’re talking horse-plop”.

So I see despite leaks (a couple of days ago) suggesting that the Treasury was thinking of using October's #inflation rate for the benefits' annual rise (which was 4.6% against the previous month's 6/7%), #JeremyHunt has actually gone for the usual month... might that have anything to do with the optics of retaining the #pensioners rise, do you think?

Christian Gelleri ✅
2 weeks ago

@wauz @TwraSun @IdalovesEarth

Da beschäftigen sich Forschende seit vielen Jahrzehnten damit. Als ich mal ein paar Details bei Destatis nachgefragt hatte, war ich überrascht, wie fundiert der Warenkorb ermittelt wird.

Bezüglich der Einkommensgruppen gibt es Unterschiede, #Inflation trifft Ärmere härter:

Die Differenzen sind jedoch nicht so hoch, das ganze Konzept über Bord zu werfen.

Christian Gelleri ✅
2 weeks ago

@TwraSun Das Defizit wird nominal angegeben, das verzerrt aber das Bild. Real werden die #Schulden 2023 abgebaut, wenn das Defizit 2,2% und die #Inflation 4% beträgt. Schauen wir auf 2022, da ist die Schuldenquote laut #Bundesbank trotz nominaler Netto-Neuverschuldung von 69,3 auf 66,4 Prozent gesunken.

Leider fehlt bei #Lindner und in vielen Medien das Grundwissen zu nominal/real.

Dass die Inflation eine Steuer ist muss uns auch klar sein. Damit bezahlen wir z. B. die üppigen Corona-Ausgaben.

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

A succession of doctors attended Washington, each one bleeding him, until *more than half* of Washington's blood had been extracted, whereupon the country's father died:

Today, a different kind of quack is given free rein to bleed another Washington: central bankers like #JeromePowell sit in DC, bleeding the economy with #InterestRateHikes, in the name of preventing #inflation:


Simon Lucy
2 weeks ago

When it's said that inflation has halved, it hasn't. The amount of inflation accumulated in the past year is still there but it is accumulating (still), at a lower rate.

The slope on the graph is shallower but it's still going up.

#Inflation #Economics

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago


Polyhedra & fluffy toys.

But what first got my attention in that shopping complex were the anti-suicide nets. Seeing the prices though... they make total sense.

That big snow leopard costs as much as I make in a fucking year before taxes, ffs! Not that I want/ need it.

#berlin #inflation #polyhedra #geometry #3D #toys #maths #mathematics #fml #ffs #decoherence

Hanging icosahedra around a massive polar bear toy on its hind legs, while other polar bear toys in various smaller sizes are sitting/ lying on octahedra and other icosahedra that are arranged on a green carpet on the ground. All polyhedra are white to match the animals' coats.
Another angle. Hanging icosahedra around a massive polar bear toy on its hind legs, while other polar bear toys in various smaller sizes are sitting/ lying on octahedra and other icosahedra that are arranged on a green carpet on the ground. All polyhedra are white to match the animals' coats.
Snow leopard toys in various small-ish sizes are sitting/ lying on octahedra and icosahedra that are arranged on a green carpet on the ground. All polyhedra are white to match the animals' coats.
Hanging icosahedra and snow leopard toys in various sizes sitting/ lying on/ standing among octahedra and icosahedra that are arranged on a green carpet on the ground. All polyhedra are white to match the animals' coats. In the bottom left corner there's a price list and it's absolutely outrageous, with the biggest (not even that big) toy at over 3000 euro.
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Preiserhöhungen von Vodafone: Sammelklage eingereicht, Teilnahme bald möglich

Für Bestandsverträge zu DSL- und Kabelinternet will Vodafone seit dem Frühjahr monatlich fünf Euro mehr. Nun wurde dagegen eine Sammelklage eingereicht.

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Now that #inflation in easing (a little) evidence is appearing on whether #greedflation was a thing.

For the most part some firms were able to maintain profits (underpinning inflationary pressures) & others were not; there was not a general spike in profitability that might be a 'smoking gun' for greedflation.... that is, except for #energy & extractive (mining) firms - there profitability rose!

So, as many suspected energy prices were the inflationary engine... not wage increases!

h/t FT

2 weeks ago

#DOJ Backs Tenants in Case Alleging Price-Fixing by Big #Landlords and a #RealEstate Tech Company

A 2022 ProPublica investigation about RealPage’s rent-setting software led to federal lawsuits asserting inflated #apartment prices.

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Photograph of an outdoor sign bearing the name of RealPage, the tech company named in the lawsuit.

Of course #RishiSunak is claiming he has brought down #inflation... but the actual Q. which he should be asked is: what exactly did he do to bring it down?

And of course the answer is sweet FA.... he's been too busy playing party politics to be attending to real issues.... and if he then claims its the BoE what done it, then the Q, is at what medium term cost...

ggrrrrrr [the sound of an Emeritus Professor of Political Economy grinding his teeth]

Chart: Uk inflation. Annual % change in consumer price index.

Shows inflation between 2008-2020 remaining in a band between 0-5%, then rising to above 10% last year before this month falling back below 5%, at 4.6%.
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News at 3PM: The #UK Supreme Court has ruled the government's #Rwanda asylum scheme unlawful. The Prime Minister will address this in a #press conference. #Israel continues operations at Al-Shifa hospital amid criticism, with thousands sheltering there and over 11,000 people killed according to #Gaza Health Ministry. UK #inflation falls to 4.6%, with plans to halve it by year's end. #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
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Good afternoon. It's 12PM, Wednesday, 15th November. The headlines: The #UK Supreme Court has ruled the government's #Rwanda asylum scheme unlawful. Fears rise over a possible volcanic eruption in Iceland. #Israel continues operations at #Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital, amid accusations of crimes against humanity and calls for patient protection. The UK #inflation rate falls to 4.6%, with plans to halve it by year-end. #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
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News at 9AM: The US House has passed a bill to prevent a shutdown, with new Speaker Johnson celebrating the win. The #UK anticipates a drop in annual #inflation for October. The cleanup of waste from old reactors is projected to take decades. Presidents of #China and the US are set to meet on Wednesday. The Apec Summit, discussing economic growth in the Pacific region, is being held in San Francisco. #BBC #News

BBC News

Spare a minute this morning to think about poor Terry Smith of Fundsmith, whose pay last year dropped from £36mn to £31mn last year (and of course this was further eroded by #inflation).

Yup. #financialservcies is another world, whose chief protagonists haven't any connection with the real world of #workers & society.

Which is why #RishiSunak who is of this world, really isn't fit to head up a government. The sooner he heads back to his chums the better.

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News at 6AM: US President #Biden and #China's Xi are set to meet on Wednesday. The US House has passed a bill to prevent a government shutdown. In the #UK, October's annual #inflation rate is predicted to drop. The APEC Summit is being hosted by the US in San Francisco. Clean-up of waste from old nuclear reactors will take decades. Braverman has accused the UK Prime Minister of failing to deliver and urges a change in course. #SanFrancisco #BBC #News

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7 out of 10 people believed the economy wasn’t getting better even after they were explicitly told #inflation had eased and #unemployment was near record lows, according to private polling presented to the White House in mid-September and recently obtained by POLITICO.

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News at 6PM: The WHO warns of a dire situation in #Gaza's biggest hospital, Al-Shifa, with concerns over low fuel and water supplies. The #UK and US urge Israeli restraint amidst ongoing conflict. A BBC investigation uncovers a black market for delivery app accounts and underage riders. UK wages have risen by 7.7% between July-September, outstripping #inflation. Daniel Radcliffe reunites with his Harry Potter stuntman. #BBC #News

BBC News
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"Ils sont hors sol", s'agace un conseiller de l'exécutif qui avoue que le gouvernement "n'avait rien vu venir". "C'est n'importe quoi". En attendant, Bruno Le Maire s'invite demain chez Sonia Mabrouk sur Europe 1 pour faire de la retape: "Je suis favorable à ce que nous prolongions au-delà du 31 décembre 2023 cette disposition permettant d'utiliser les tickets restaurant pour acheter des produits alimentaires", déclare-t-il ce soir au Sénat.

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En catastrophe, la ministre Olivia Grégoire décide de foncer sur M6 ce soir pour annoncer un prolongement de la mesure. Bruno Le Maire lui grille la politesse auprès de l'AFP. Il y urgence." L’inflation est toujours là et les ménages sont pris à la gorge", hurlent les députés macronistes, les plus concernés du moins. Un français sur trois saute désormais des repas, selon un baromètre Ipsos pour les Restos du coeur.

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Urgent: Les derniers chiffres de l'Insee sur la pauvreté sous Macron sont effrayants: 9,1 millions de personnes sont concernées, 14,5 % de la population en 2021 (contre 13,6 % en 2020). Pendant ce temps, le gouvernement restreint l'usage des tickets restaurants...

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@professorhank It is going down to the target 2% rate but not there yet. It is however at or below the historic "good times" levels we look back on like the post-hyper inflation era of the 1980s, the 1990s, and the pre-bubble bursting early 2000s. Wages were growing faster than it in the until the post-vaccine bust of activity but again started exceeding inflantion beginning of this year and has continued to do so. Things are definitely moving in the right direction across the board. #uspoli #inflation #economics
Graph of US Inflation going back to the 1920s century.
Graph of US Inflation going back to turn of the 21st century
Graph of inflation versus wage growth from January 2020 to today.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to the pundit class.

"#Inflation was flat in October from the prior month, core CPI hits two-year low"

#economy #media

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Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Tuesday, 14th November. The headlines: Sunak's reshuffled cabinet, including David Cameron as Foreign Secretary and Cleverly replacing Braverman as Home Secretary, has met for the first time. Dire conditions in #Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital raise concerns, with fuel and water running low. #UK wages are up 7.7% on the year July-September, outstripping #inflation. US #economy remains 'fundamentally strong', with latest inflation data due later today. #DavidCameron #BBC #News

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@w7voa #Inflation down! Get the word out to the #MAGA_cult.