Alex Wild
2 hours ago

One of the world's largest ants, Dinoponera grandis, from Argentina.

#Ants #Dinoponera #Insects

Photograph of a large black ant with small eyes and a somewhat wasp-ish shape stands on a metal ruler, measuring about 1 inch in length.

The #InsectInsights has just reached 200 starts on spotify :blobaww:
thanks for liking my little insect stories
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Poetry News
6 hours ago

The cicadas made quite a roar
As loud as a dinosaur's roar
We heard it deep down
From fiber-optic town
And their sound could be monitored evermore

#broodx #cicadas #fiberoptic #insects #limerick #poetry

Amber L. B. (Kevin Cadence) ♀
8 hours ago

This is how Pizza the madagascar hissing cockroach got her name. Video is dated 2016.

#pet #pets #animals #insects #cute #funny

Peter Sketch
9 hours ago

Day 3 of the 2023 #dragonfly #AdventCalendar Today's photo is a Common Clubtail. Despite the name they're not at all common. They like large, slow-flowing rivers. This one was by the Thames at Goring in late May. Despite the bright colouring they can be hard to spot when hiding like this. #Oxfordshire #DragonflyAdventCalendar #wildlife #insects #wildlifephotography #invertebrates

A black and yellow dragonfly with green eyes sits among the leaves of a shrub, slightly hidden. The river is out of shot, behind the shrub.
22 hours ago

Ants crawl through a hibiscus bud covered with aphids. The aphids feed on the flower sap and excrete a sugary liquid that attracts the ants.
iPhone 15 Pro ultrawide camera macro mode.
My other macros in:

Unas hormigas recorren un capullo de hibisco cubierto de pulgones. Estos se alimentan de la savia de la flor y excretan un líquido azucarado que atrae a las hormigas.

Ameisen streifen durch einen Hibiskus Knospe, der mit Blattläusen bedeckt ist. Diese ernähren sich vom Blütensaft und scheiden eine zuckerhaltige Flüssigkeit aus, die Ameisen anlockt.

#macro #macrolens
#macrophotography #insects
#animals #nature #shotonmobile
#shotoniphone #ant #aphid

Ants crawl through a hibiscus bud covered with aphids. The aphids feed on the flower sap and excrete a sugary liquid that attracts the ants.
Mary C Legg
1 day ago

Common Green Shieldbug, Palomena prasina Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/ 3.2 1/ 125 iso: 800 Srbsko, Czech Republic 5/22/2010 #Hemiptera #Shieldbugs #Stinkbugs #Insects #invertebrates #Macro #Grasslands

Mary C Legg
1 day ago

Brown Argus, Aricia agestis Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/ 3.5 1/400 iso: 200 Srbsko, Czech Republic 6/29/2012 #SaveButterflies #Lycaenidae #lepidoptera #insects #invertebrates #butterflies #Macro #Grasslands

Mary C Legg
1 day ago

Meleager's Blue, Polyommatus daphnis Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/4 1/400 iso: 200 Srbsko, Czech Republic 6/29/2012 #SaveBVutterflies #lycaenidae #Lepidoptera #butterflies #Insects #Macro #invertebrates #Grasslands

Mary C Legg
1 day ago

Fourteen-Spot Ladybird, Propylea quatuordecimpunctata Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/3.2 1/125 iso: 200 Srbsko, Czech Republic 6/29/2012 #Beetles #ladybirds #coccinellidae #Coleoptera #Insects #invertebrates #Macro #Grasslands

Max, whispers to you too now
1 day ago

I feel like writing a winter special podcast episode about what insects do in the winter
Would be cool
#scicomm #podcast #insects

Peter Sketch
1 day ago

Day 2 of the 2023 #dragonfly #AdventCalendar and today we have a Keeled Skimmer, a classic species of bogs and wet heaths throughout the UK. This one was at the wonderful #Devon #WildlifeTrust reserve at Bystock Pools in August. #DragonflyAdventCalendar #wildlife #insects #wildlifephotography #invertebrates

A blue dragonfly sunbathing on the ground, specifically on a board from a boardwalk provided to allow visitors to walk across a bog without damaging the habitat.
Antoinne Sterk
1 day ago
A photograph of a wooden park bench in autumn with a ladybug in preparation for take-off.
Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
2 days ago

The absolutely gorgeous Buck Moth, adult form of the infamous "stinging caterpillars" we get down here

#insects #moth

A large, fuzzy, black, white and orange moth hangs from a stem of dogfennel. Its black wings have a single stripe across them laterally, marked with a black and gold "eye"
Entomological Soc. of America
2 days ago

New on Entomology Today: In wasps that generate abnormal plant growths called galls, a new study finds they commonly have large venom glands relative to body size, suggesting their venom plays a key role in inducing plant gall formation. #entomology #insects

Friday night, #InsectInsights night!

In this insight, prepare to get your mandibles dirty to bury a whole mammal! You are a burying beetle, and you are going to hide away the dead vole which is going to serve your family as a meal.
Available everywhere podcasts are, and on my website for the transcript and sources:

#scicomm #insects #nature #podcast #meditation

Antoinne Sterk
2 days ago
A ladybird between the seeds of a flower.
GenXer :pebble:
2 days ago

I think a moth just broke danced itself to death on my floor.'s off again. Just needed a break.

#Wildlife #Insects

Harshad Sharma
2 days ago

Love a spider web after mist/cloud has passed by.

#insects #Kodaikanal

Close up of a small spider's web hanging between trees. The silk threads are dotted with droplets accumulated from rolling mist.
Peter Sketch
2 days ago

It's December so welcome to the 2023 #dragonfly #AdventCalendar featuring a different species each day for 24 days. We start with a Southern Migrant Hawker. A fairly recent arrival in the UK; this one was at #CanveyIsland #Essex in July. They like ditches with very little water, even if they dry out in summer. They're huge compared to most other UK species. #wildlife #insects #wildlifephotography

A large dragonfly with bright blue eyes and widespread blue spots on its dark coloured abdomen. It is hanging down from its perch on a reed.
2 days ago

32% of our target unlocked & just under £10,000 raised so far; can we reach and pass 1/3 of our target today?

Thank you so much for your donations to date. Remember whatever you are able to donate will be DOUBLED
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#ChristmasChallenge #NoInsectinction #Charity #FridayMotivation #LoveBugs #Insects #Invertebrates

TEXT READS: The Big Give No Insectinction Christmas Challenge.  Double your donation!  Midday 28 November - 5 December

Supported by three images depicting the Buglife No Insectinction campaign objectives: safe spaces (children's hands with freshly created bug hotels), room to thrive (two bees on a flower) and friendlier relationships (two children creating a wildlife garden) with insects, and all other invertebrates.
2 days ago

A split second after I took this photo, this little creature leapt onto my camera.

I found it on the edge of the bath. It was unusually lively, it climbed right up my arm and onto my ear before I managed to coax it onto a shrub outside.

#today #insects #mantidae

A green praying mantis crouched on my knuckles, staring straight at the camera
Jen C Mars
3 days ago

A scene from the woods.

An experimental mixed media painting using handmade plant-based watercolors and inks from @SoMK with gouache and colored pencil on 9x12" hotpress paper.

Bi-colored boletes, wood frog, white dotted prominent moth, an eastern red centipede and a pleasing fungus beetle with a clump of moss and lichens.

#art #painting #nature #insects #frog #illustration

A painting of three red and yellow mushrooms on a round base of lichen and moss. A white and yellow moth takes off from the largest mushroom, a yellow and black spotted pleasing fungus beetle flies over it, a frog sits on the closest, and a bright red centipede coils around the base.
Ben S
3 days ago

A ghost ant (Tapinoma melanocephalum) on what I believe is a ginger blossom. These ladies are super tiny and super fast. Their semi-translucent bodies make focusing difficult too.

#Ants #Formicidae #Insects #SriLanka

A tiny golden ant with a brown head walking on a blossom that resembles a red pinecone.
Entomological Soc. of America
3 days ago

"In 2021, scientists experimenting with fiber optics picked up a strange signal: the cacophony of cicadas. It could lead to a new way of monitoring insects." #entomology #insects #cicadas #FiberOptics

3 days ago

A Sapphire Flutterer (Rhyothemis triangularis) spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Visitor Centre, Singapore, on 4 June 2023. An uncommon dragonfly, it is instantly recognizable from its brilliant blue wing patch and body.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Dragonflies #Odonata

A dragonfly with brown eyes, a blue body and patches of blue on the parts of the wings near the body.
Same description as first image.
Same description as first image.
3 days ago

💡#LightPollution in #rivers and #lakes: Excessive artificial #light is changing aquatic life and entire #ecosystems. An IGB overview shows how #fish, toads, #insects and microorganisms perceive light and why we need to better protect them. Read here >

3 days ago

A steaming pile of wood chips is the ideal habitat for the rhinoceros beetle. #insects

rhinoceros beetle on hand
Laura Bounin
3 days ago

My observation is now mentioned in a scientific publication:

I am thrilled, that my hobby of taking pictures of plants, fungi and animals, and uploading them to iNaturalist, is now contributing to scientific research.

#insects #heteroptera #inaturalist #nature

4 days ago

Cruelty-Free #Bug Collection - a background prop from a personal project that I really enjoyed doing.

This was just a random assortment of bugs off Google, but I may do more detailed and organized collections like this in the future. This prop was the part I enjoyed most about the project it was for. :)

#art #MastoArt #insects

A portrait-oriented display case hangs on a dark background wall, filled with assorted insects, each with its own paper label (no text is visible). Faint reflections indicate that the display case has a glass front.
4 days ago

It got up to 58°F today so I popped open the hive, gave them some sugar and said hi. They looked a little suspicious as to my intentions. Seems to be lots of activity and lots of bees so I’m cautiously optimistic that despite my very relaxed bee keeping approach this hive will survive another winter. #Insects #Bees #BeeKeeping

Honey bees peek out of a hole in a wooden cover that looks into their hive.
Entomological Soc. of America
4 days ago

New on Entomology Today: Meet Emily Durkin, Ph.D., whose research on parasitic mites at the University of Tampa earned her a spot in the Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium at Entomology 2023. Learn more about Durkin and her work in this next installment of our "Standout Early Career Professionals" series. #entomology #insects

Entomological Soc. of America
4 days ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: November 29, 2023
Assassin bug
Pselliopus sp.
Hemiptera: Reduviidae
By Tom Myers, Kentucky, USA
#arthropodPOTW #entomology #insects #photography

Closeup of a bug perched on a flower against a blurry mottled green and red background. The flower features many small pods light green in color with white fuzz tipped in rusty red. The bug is long and narrow with long legs. Its head is small with a mouthpart appearing as a long narrow spike. The bug is a mottled reddish orange and white on its body, while it’s legs and antennae feature black and white alternating stripes.
4 days ago

I have only been taking insect photos for two years and I know very little about photography. But what I have learned is how to find them...
iPhone 15 Pro main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera macro mode.
My other macros in:

Sólo llevo dos años haciendo fotos de insectos y sé muy poco de fotografía. Pero lo que si he aprendido es a encontrarlos…

Ich fotografiere Insekten erst seit zwei Jahren und weiß sehr wenig über Fotografie. Aber was ich gelernt habe, ist, wie man sie findet....

#macro #macrophotography
#insects #animals #nature
#shotonmobile #shotoniphone

September bush flower (Polygala myrtifolia) in which you can barely see a mantis.
Mantis hidden in the leaves of an september bush flower (Polygala myrtifolia)
Matt Fossen
4 days ago

I believe this is another small silken fungus beetle (Cryptophagidae). #Insects Entomology #insectPhotography #Photography #Beetle #Coleoptera

Lateral view of a very small and fuzzy reddish-brown beetle.
Dorsal view of a very small and fuzzy reddish-brown beetle.
4 days ago

@chrisvanswaay #ctgb #lnv #biodiversity #biology #agriculture
#insects #bees #BBB #lto #bayer
Our results from 316 Bombus terrestris colonies at 106 agricultural sites across eight European countries confirm that the regulatory system fails to sufficiently prevent pesticide-related impacts on non-target organisms.

These findings support the need for postapproval monitoring of both pesticide exposure and effects to confirm that the regulatory process is sufficiently protective

Paula Whyman
4 days ago

EPA is seeking comments on whether to regulate neonic-treated seeds as pesticides. Please comment! This is an extremely important issue. Most crop seeds, especially corn, are treated with these pesticides, harmful to wildlife and humans.

#neonics #epa #pesticides #crops #Environment #ecosystems #birds #amphibians #pollinators #insects

Jen C Mars
4 days ago

A keeled treehopper (Entylia carinata) hiding on the underside of a leaf. I don't often see lighter color morphs, the ones I find most are a darker brown with two pale stripes and usually being tended by ants.

#insects #MacroPhotography

Close-up of a light brown bug with a dark-mottled face and stripes along its side. It has googly compound eyes and red simple eyes, and a high ridge along its back with a large notch.
Alex Wild
4 days ago

The very pretty Pheidole morrisii, a large native big-headed ant from sandy habitats in the southeastern United States. Ants of this genus are dimorphic, with the worker caste divided into regular workers (right) and large soldiers (left).

#Ants #Insects #Pheidole

Photograph of two honey-colored, shiny ants facing each other on fine white sand. The ant at left is larger, with a swollen head.
4 days ago

A Trumpet-Tail (Acisoma panorpoides) spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Visitor Centre, Singapore, on 4 June 2023. Easy to identify from its unusual bulging tail.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Dragonflies #Odonata

A blueish, small dragonfly with a pattern of black patches on its body. Its tail bulges out from the abdomen before tapering towards the end.
Same description as first image.
Robin Applegarth
5 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday 🌲🌲
This is a thick bark Tuesday photo. Bishop Pine (Pinus muricata) grows in a limited region on the #NorCal coast. Its deeply crevassed bark makes a home for #insects and #spiders.

#trees of #California #nature #botany
Alt: deeply ridged gray bark of a pine tree

Bjorn Idle
6 days ago

Was just going out of the gate to the park when I saw this amazing wasp on a euphorbia.

It's a Priocnemis monachus, a kind of spider wasp. That blue and black colouring is so striking!

I don't think I've ever seen one before, and had to run back inside for my camera, hoping I'd be able to get back in time for a good shot before it moved on.

Vertical pic

#MacroPhotography #InsectPhotography #Insects #Nature #NaturePhotography #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Closeup of a black wasp with long antennae, and shimmering blue showing through its folded wings. It is perching across several lime green and red flowers, and sipping nectar from one more
Alex Wild
6 days ago

A pair of Camponotus decipiens carpenter ants exchanges a taste of honeydew while tending aphids on Virginia creeper. Brackenridge Field Laboratory, Texas.

#Ants #Camponotus #Insects

Photograph of two red ants with shiny black abdomens and small black eyes appearing to kiss as they stand on opposite sides of a green diagonal stem.
Entomological Soc. of America
6 days ago

"The goal for Mr. Mendoza and his collaborators was to investigate whether frass and the bugs that created it might someday help astronauts grow food and manage waste on Mars. Black soldier fly larvae could consume astronauts’ organic waste and process it into frass, which could be used as fertilizer to coax plants out of alien soil. Humans could eat the plants and even food made from the larvae, producing more waste for the cycle to continue." #entomology #insects #Mars

Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
6 days ago

New Dragonfly species by the pond! I've been trying to get photos of the current visitors but none of them seem to want to land anywhere right now

Interestingly, this one seemed comfortable using a fire ant mound as a perch

Variegated Meadowhawk; Species no. 27 for the property 🙏🏻

#dragonflies #insects

A brown and blue dragonfly with dark red eyes rests on the crumbling dirt of a fire ant mound

I'm trying to assemble a wide entomology/scicomm set of RSS feeds
What do you follow closely in anyone of these fields?
#scicomm #insects

6 days ago

One of the coolest insects I've ever seen in my garden. I call it Mothra. 😂

Actual name is a Giant Robber Fly (species Promachus). But I mean, this thing just has such Godzilla monster vibes, does it not?

(or maybe it's just me & my weird love of #Godzilla movies, lol. Not exactly Mothra, but that's what it reminds me of.)

So fantastically creepy. Had a serious 'omg wtf is that?!?' moment the first time I sighted it in the camera.


Anyway, was sorting spring pics & realized I'd never posted any of these!

***description in alt-text; pics hidden bc they're a bit scary.

#TexasGarden #insects #entymology #NaturePhotography

A Giant Robber fly insect clinging to the top of a red rebar post.

Further detail: overall colors are a mix of brown and tan. It has the general shape of a dragonfly but the wings are neatly folded down its back. The head is rather small, but it has enormous black eyes and a furry yellow face. The body is round and stocky. It resembles an armored hull with a bit of fur around the edges. It has a thick dragonfly-like segmented abdomen that ends in a bright white patch. The legs are the creepiest of all. Large, thick and spider-like, with reddish-brown segments and bristly hairs.

Overall: it sort of looks like a horror version of a mutated dragonfly-tarantula cross. Powerful, predatory, and wickedly creepy.

Photo taken 5.30.2023 in my garden.
A Giant Robber fly perched on bare twig. It is holding (and presumably eating) a bee that it has caught.

Background is a blur of out of focus green & brown. Photo taken 6.15.2023 in my garden.
A Giant Robber fly perched on withered brown leaves hanging from the tip of a dried plant stalk.

Further detail: view of the insect's face, showing the enormous reddish-brown eyes and furry yellow face. It's a weird mish-mash. Those giant predatory eyes surrounded by bristly yellow hair. It's both predatory & a bit comical at the same time.

Photo taken 6.13.2023 in my garden.
6 days ago

Ten kopiec zbudowany na terenie Brazylii przez przedstawicieli bielców Syntermes dirus może liczyć sobie nawet 4000 lat. Odkryte termitiery rozmieszczone są w zaskakujące regularnych odstępach. Porastający las uczynił większość z nich niewidocznymi. Z tego powodu pozostawały przed wiele lat ukryte przed naukowcami. Ale one tam były wysokie na 4 metry. Kopce nie mają wewnętrznej struktury poza ziemią odpadową usuniętą przez centralne tunele, które są połączone z ogromną siecią podziemnych korytarzy. Umożliwiają one bezpieczny dostęp do runa leśnego przez niewielkie otwory, dzięki którym termity mogą transportować do swoich kolonii opadnięte liście. Co okazało się najbardziej niesamowite i niedostrzegalne? Ukryta powierzchnia przez las szacowana jest na 200 milionów kopców połączonych siecią korytarzy o wielkości będącej ekwiwalentem Wielkiej Brytanii.

źródło: A vast 4,000-year-old spatial pattern of termite mounds, Citation DataCurrent Biology, ISSN: 0960-9822, Vol: 28, Issue: 22, Page: R1292-R1293 Publication Year2018

Więcej w podkaście @radiowarroza

"Trylogia o bielcach: Cywilizacja termitów"

#owady #termity #termites #insects #cywilizacja #biologia #Ziemia #NapGenPL

6 days ago

A mysterious grasshopper nymph, possibly that of Meltripata picta, spotted at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 2 June 2023.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Grasshoppers #Orthoptera

A colourful grasshopper nymph with a yellow body and head, dark lines running down the back and side, and black and yellow eyes.
Same description as first image.
soy arbolitos de mota navideña
1 week ago

Rosemary cuts in a cup of water seems to be the bees favorite water fountain.

And when I reset the water they find where I just set down the cuttings and aim for the soggy leaves. As demonstrated by this lil model.

#nature #bees #insects #plants

A little bees butt faces you as it perches on a small rosemary trimming. The leaves are dark from being underwater, you can see a bit of green in the bottom of the frame where green leaves begin.
The little bees profile as it perches on the rosemary trimming.

2/n This screenshot lists all 65 species. Some summary measures and metrics:

* 65 is 30% of the estimated 217 bee species believed to be present in NYC.
* 24 are known from only a single observation.
* 37 have fewer than 5 observations.
* 9 are kleptoparasites, aka brood parasites or cuckoo species.
* 8 are introduced species.

cc: @darwin

#Bees #iNaturalist #Naturalist #UrbanNature #UrbanNaturalist #UrbanGardening #HabitatGardening #GardenEcology #Ecology #Insects #Pollinators

Screenshot of the iNaturalist bee species observed in Flatbush Gardener's Garden, as of 2023-11-25.

More than half of these have less than 5 observations. 24 are known from only a single observation.

Top 10 species by #Observations:
Bombus impatiens, Eastern bumble bee (525 Observations)
Halictus ligatus, ligated furrow bee (242)
Apis mellifera, Western honey bee, introduced (237)
Bombus griseocollis, brown-beleted bumble bee (193)
Augochlora pura, pure green sweat bee, maybe my favorite bee! (133)
Xylocopa virginica, Eastern carpenter bee (107)
Coelioxys octodentatus, eight-toothed cuckoo leaf-cutter bee (76)
Agapostemon sericeus, silky striped green sweat bee (69)
Hylaeus modestus, modest masked bee (58)
Hylaeus leptocephalus, slender-faced masked bee (53)

1/n Giddy to share that - thanks to ardent iNaturalist identifiers - I am now up to 65 - SIXTY-FIVE! - bee species in my garden. This, in the geographic center of Brooklyn, NYC, on less than 2,500 ft² / 232 m² / .057 acres.

cc: @darwin

#Bees #iNaturalist #Naturalist #UrbanNature #UrbanNaturalist #UrbanGardening #HabitatGardening #GardenEcology #Ecology #Insects #Pollinators

Weirdo Bug Guy
1 week ago

Haven't taken my camera out in a while. It's always nice to get back to it.

#insects #reptiles #macro #photography #dragonfly #grasshopper

A brownish-orange grasshopper with striped eyes on a branch
Close up of a yellow dragonfly with red and blue eyes standing on a dry stalk
The front body of a bronze-colored lizard, possibly a skink, standing with their body curved
A large brown grasshopper under some fresh leaves
Eugene Parnell
1 week ago

By the way, these are the best kind of broom for outdoors. They’re stiff enough to scrape up wet leaves and won’t scratch your driveway like metal rakes. They don’t have the springiness of synthetic or “corn” brooms so the leaves go where you shove them and stay there. Aside from the plastic ferrule the whole thing is biodegradable. They last four or five years of regular use.
#gardening #GardeningMastodon #insects #biodiversity #Autumn #FallColors #LeafBlowers #LeaveTheLeaves

A broom leaning against a concrete retaining wall in a driveway. Autumn leaves, red and gold, n a pile next to it. The broom is an Asian style with very stiff fibers in a triangular shape held together with natural twine.
Eugene Parnell
1 week ago

But by the time you check the oil/fuel mix, mess with the choke, troubleshoot, change batteries, plug in cords, dance around the driveway spewing CO2 at like nine hard-to-get leaves, grandma there is already done with sweeping and moved on to something else. Also, sweeping and raking are good for your abs.
#gardening #GardeningMastodon #insects #biodiversity #Autumn #FallColors #LeafBlowers #LeaveTheLeaves

A blue wheelbarrow in a driveway in front of a retaining wall. It is mounded up with red and gold fall leaves. A metal dust pan is perched on top. Beyond the wall are shrubs and plants
Eugene Parnell
1 week ago

Leaf blowers are the perfect tool for macho guy landscapers because they make it look like you’re doing Hard, Important, Definitely Man’s Work. These dudes wouldn’t be caught dead with a broom because sweeping up is Women’s Work and definitely not worthy of a Manly Man getting paid Man’s Wages.
#gardening #GardeningMastodon #insects #biodiversity #Autumn #FallColors #LeafBlowers #LeaveTheLeaves

Closeup of red maple leaves on a tree. The autumn sun slanting down illuminates a few of them so they glow like coals.
Eugene Parnell
1 week ago

A rant about leaf blowers. Just stop with them. Gas ones spew CO2 and particulates at an alarming rate, they’re the definition of noise pollution, and they disturb insect habitat under your hedges. But they’re also just not that good at getting leaves together. Here’s the thing that no blower guy will tell you, but every SE Asian grandma knows: the best way to get leaves off your hard surfaces is this tool right here. 1/4
#gardening #GardeningMastodon #insects #biodiversity #Autumn #FallColors

A broom leaning against a concrete retaining wall in a driveway. Autumn leaves, red and gold, n a pile next to it. The broom is an Asian style with very stiff fibers in a triangular shape held together with natural twine.
Brian Vastag
1 week ago

Oh oh. Invasive rhinoceros beetles have begun killing coconut palms on #Maui.

This is a major problem for #Hawaii. If these big baddies get established, so many trees are gonna die.

#ecology #Hawaii #insects

Eugene Parnell
2 weeks ago

@lproven @Reuters There are concrete, achievable steps you can take right now to slow the insect apocalypse. Leave your autumn leaves in place. Or rake them aside beneath a garden hedge, don’t trash them. Don’t cut your flowers down, but leave the dead plants standing till spring. Insects— nearly all beneficial—use this habitat as shelter. Reduce your lawn in favor of diverse perennial plant species. Stop using pesticide sprays.
#gardening #GardeningMastodon #insects #biodiversity

Entomological Soc. of America
2 weeks ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: November 22, 2023
Bee fly
Sparnopolis confusus
Diptera: Bombyliidae
By Joseph L. Spencer, Illinois, USA
#arthropodPOTW #entomology #insects #photography

Closeup of a golden-yellow colored fly perched on a dead flower against a black background. The fly’s eyes are large and iridescent as it faces to the right and looks down at the flower below it. Its body is covered in short fuzzy hairs, and its wings are translucent with honey-brown veins.
Gemma Sarracenia
2 weeks ago

Sigh. I suppose my current life situation means I shouldn't be ignoring my side hustle so much, so I guess this is the time to point out I have the perfect image for you to send on a postcard to your bestie to commend their predatory nature and how inspirational it is.

#smallArtist #photography #insects #mantis #carnivorousPlants

Itty bitty cutie baby mantis nymph hangs by their back feet from the lip of a pitcher plant trap, bright blue sky with fluffy clouds and a bit of actual lens flare, like the kind they used to have before filters.
Alex Wild
2 weeks ago

The fiery searcher, Calosoma scrutator, one of our most distinctive-looking, and smelling- beetles. Photographed in Illinois.

#Beetles #Calosoma #Carabidae #Insects

Photograph in portrait orientation of a large leggy beetle standing on light-colored stone, with a metallic green back and a black head and legs.
Weirdo Bug Guy
2 weeks ago

Some #photos I took on my phone today while running errands.

#insects #photography #macro #butterfly #katydid #grasshopper

A grasshopper with colorful patterns on their legs hiding between the branches of a bush
A white butterfly with pronounced black patterns on a rosemary flower. The top end of their wing is slightly torn
A green katydid on my hairy arm. They flew right at me
A painted lady butterfly on pavement. They are now migrating south for the winter. Butterflies are usually quite wary of people getting close to them, but this one let me get a real nice close up and even got on my hand for a moment
J blue
2 weeks ago

It’s my mastodon birthday today. 🎉 Will accept gifts of cute animal pics and kiwi birds.

Please enjoy my pollinator party below.

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An insect party on a Russian sage flower stalk. The background is bright blue sky with some wispy white clouds. The majority of the pic is centered on a bright orange monarch butterfly whose body is black with white polka-dots. The flower it’s sitting and sipping nectar from is to the left. A honey bee has just landed on the flower to the left.
Alex Wild
2 weeks ago

A gallery of Cephalotes turtle ants, some of my all time favorite insects.

#Ants #Insects #Cephalotes

Chris Jags
2 weeks ago

Who is your fave FICTIONAL insect or arachnid?

Obviously I can't fit them all in my poll, so it's just a selection; add yours below!

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Another shot from this summer 🐝

#Bloomscrolling #bee #bees #pink #insects #photography

A bumble bee on a pink flower.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

A bumblebee happily gorging on nectar on a red-flowered echium in a nearby garden. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out...

Vertical pic

#MacroPhotography #Bumblebee #Bee #Nature #NaturePhotography #Insects #Pollinators

Closeup of a hairy black bumblebee with an orange stripe behind its head. It stands with its head facing downward into a bright red flower, whose stamens we can see pointing outward with little white anthers on the end. 

The bee's eye looks diagonally across toward us, and the background behind it is blurry green and red.

There's a sense of great industry, of so much pollen and nectar to be collected
2 weeks ago

There's still a surprising number of Ladybeetles slowly crawling around on the rocks of Lake Huron's beaches.

#beetle #insects #lichensubscribe #nature

A round, red beetle with black dots on his wings wandering along the top edge of a granite boulder. The boulder is covered with grey crust and leafy lichens.
The background is a blurry grey.

Meet Charlie. And meet his little buddy. Charlie talks about animals on his socials with a voice that’s pleasing and comforting. He learns you as well.

Learn more:

#Crustaceans #Insects #Science #PillBug #RolliePoly

Close up of a pill bug in a studio setting with a light blue background and some grass beneath it. Charlie appears with a bright orange beanie with his beard.
2 weeks ago

#introduction time
Ecologist, did some university environmental stuff, then #memetics policy analysis (6 years)
No PhD (#burnout) then turned to IT.
Ciso #infosec now for a Dutch #youthcare organization.
Found out I'm #autistic at age 53, also #hb. 2 kids and married with photographer
Interested in many many things, but deeply into #trees # nature #insects #ecology #memes #neoliberalism (as a #memeplex) Also like to use #python to make cool things to fill @bomengidsnl

Number of #species at risk of #extinction doubles to 2 million, UN estimates, new analysis has found
While #scientists have long documented the decline of species of plants and vertebrates, there has always been significant uncertainty over #insects, with the UN making a "tentative estimate" of 10% threatened with extinction in 2019. Since then, more data has been collected on insects, showing the proportion at risk of extinction is much higher than previously estimated

Entomological Soc. of America
3 weeks ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: November 15, 2023
Jumping spider
Colonus hesperus
Araneae: Salticidae
By Ian M. Wright, California, USA
#arthropodPOTW #entomology #insects #photography

Against a beige background, a small spider jumps from a branch in the background toward a branch in the lower foreground. The spider is dark brown in color near its head and upper legs and light brown on its abdomen and lower legs, while it is covered in small, fine light-colored hairs throughout. Its legs are all spread wide, with its two front legs raised up above its head as it leaps. On the front of its head, two large dark eyes can be seen at center, each with a smaller eye to the outside of it.
Jana Petermann
3 weeks ago

Reporting back from the first field season of #MultiTroph, #BEFChina! Fantastic data and beautiful pictures of #insects, #multitrophicinteractions, #arthropods, #forest #biodiversity, #ecosystemfunctioning, #foodwebs. Well done, PhD students!
@multitroph, @naturealexk,

People doing ecological fieldwork in forest biodiversity experiment
Diego Iván
3 weeks ago

Hoy en la universidad me encontré a este pequeño amiguito. No supe que especie de insecto era, pero me pareció cute. Si alguien por ahí sabe qué es, se agradece 🤝️

#insectos #insects

Foto de un insecto de cuatro patas, dos antenas. Su cuerpo es alargado y tiene dos ojos negros a costados de su cabeza justo debajo de las antenas. Su abdomen es café/grisaceo mientras que el resto del cuerpo tiene un tono más rosado. Ha dejado atrás lo que parece ser una coraza negra, que aparenta coincidir con sus patas traseras.
Foto de un insecto de cuatro patas, dos antenas. Su cuerpo es alargado y tiene dos ojos negros a costados de su cabeza justo debajo de las antenas. Su abdomen es café/grisaceo mientras que el resto del cuerpo tiene un tono más rosado. Ha dejado atrás lo que parece ser una coraza negra, que aparenta coincidir con sus patas traseras.

En esta foto, la coraza negra se nota más y se alcanzan a ver algunas manchas blancas. Se nota más la coincidencia con sus patas y un delgado hilo blanco parece unir el cuerpo del insecto con la coraza.
Alex Wild
3 weeks ago

An old photo from near the start of my photography career. The enigmatic Nothomyrmecia macrops, a rare ant found only in mallee habitat in South Australia. This species forages on very cold nights along tree trunks to catch insects immobilized by the conditions, and I nearly got hypothermia trying to get this shot.

#Ants #Insects #Nothomyrmecia #australianwildlife

An odd, honey-orange ant with bulging black eyes and long mandibles stands on a completely white substrate, facing us.
3 weeks ago

Blue skimmer dragonfly in our front garden.

#dragonflies #insects #photography #PhotoMonday

Closeup color photo of a blue skimmer dragonfly taken from behind. The dragonfly is perched on a leaf at the top of a plant and its tail is bent downward with its wings extended out horizontally.