James Mincey / MntyFrsh
2 hours ago

lol wut

3 hours ago

Via Instagram in die Schule 😊

"Im Zuge der Recherche zu Gesine Schulz´ Werk tun einige Schülerinnen den Instagram-Kanal der Autorin auf und schreiben sie an – so einfach geht das in Zeiten von Social Media."

#Instagram > #Autorinnenleben
#EineTüteGrünerWind ☘️ #Mülheim #Ruhrgebiet

4 hours ago

Meta 秘密研發 AI 聊天機械人 或在 Instagram 率先提供
程式開發員 Alessandro Paluzzi 日前在 Twitter 公開了,聲稱透過逆向工程方式取得的螢幕截圖,表示 Meta 正秘密為 Instagram 開發人工智能聊天機械人。從截圖可見這個「Chat with an AI」的功能,宣稱能夠將人工智能帶入用戶的聊天,提供有趣和引人入勝的體驗。
The post Meta 秘密研發 AI 聊天機械人 或在 Instagram 率先提供 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#社交網絡 #AI #instagram #Meta

7 hours ago

Walking around the island this evening, I ran into Shino by the beach. She is such a social media queen and is so right. If she looks too good...she may become too powerful.

I mean, she is so powerful in her cuteness already!


I love sharing some of these funny conversations with villagers. Also, she is wearing a Wario outfit...which rules.

Have you had a funny encounter recently with your villagers?


🏷 Tags: #ACNH #ACNHShino #AnimalCrossing #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Instagram #VideoGames #ACNHInstagram

Collage of two Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. In both screenshots, Shino (white deer with long red horns wearing a Wario outfit) is having a conversation with a balding light skinned islander by the beach. 

Top Panel: Shino says, "I'm on a mission today. This gal isn't stopping until she's taken a CHOICE selfie with EVERY NookPhone filter!"

Bottom Panel: Shino says, "Have you tried the 'Dramatic' filter? It can make a boring ol' shot looking like a SUPER-captivating moment!"
Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshots. In the screenshot, Shino (white deer with long red horns wearing a Wario outfit) is having a conversation with a balding light skinned islander by the beach. 

Shino says, "I've been testing it out on a local scenery first. I need to make sure it won't make me...TOO powerful."
Brad Koehn
8 hours ago

Yet another reason not to use #Instagram. Should probably check for those #hashtags here.

Aaron Hockley
8 hours ago

Looks like #Instagram has changed the #hashtag search interface. There’s no longer and option to see all “Recent” images - only “Top posts” and “Recent Top posts”

Screenshot of Instagram search interface changes
10 hours ago

Is it just me or have #Instagram comments become much more hostile lately? Their sorting algorithm now seems to favor controversial comments with few likes but lots of replies. Feels a lot like Twitter now. And yes, I know I shouldn't read the comments. It's quite telling, though, that a lot of content creators now feel the need to address this kind of controversy in their stories or posts. Something really seems to have changed recently.

CafeXperiment :verified:
10 hours ago

Coffee of the day *Daily coffee with Illy collection cup*

ph @casanova_artcoffee

Be #pictoftheday: tag us and join the experiment!
#cafexperiment #coffeeoftheday #coffeelover #teamcoffee #coffee #caffè #acoffeeaday #cafedujour

Peter Butler
15 hours ago

"In the aftermath of January 6, platforms came together to promote a shared sense of reality and reduce the risk of further violence.

Trumpists and right-wingers responded with a sustained DDoS attack on the truth until, one by one, platforms got tired of fighting it.”

"The platforms give up on 2020 lies” by @caseynewton

#SocialMedia #YouTube #Twitter #Misinformation #Facebook #Instagram

15 hours ago

#Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to chat with #AI within the app, with as many as 30 AI personalities to choose from.

sneaka 🫠
15 hours ago

The best time to start your #migration the the #fediverse is as soon as possible. I've done a #twittermigration to #mastodon and or #calckey, #instagram to #pixelfed, and now #twitch to #owncast

A comic book styled screenshot of the game <a href="">Hi-Fi Rush</a>. The protaganist is smashing his guitar against a giant green machine robot head.
16 hours ago

Zuckerberg's Instagram helps connect and promote a vast network openly devoted to the commission and purchase of underage-sex content.

A WSJ investigation found certain emojis function as a kind of code, such as an image of a map — shorthand for "minor-attracted person" — or one of "cheese pizza," which shares its initials with "child pornography."
#Instagram #ChildPornography #Pedophiles #Nauseating #Zuckerberg #Crime #SocialNetwork…

heise online
17 hours ago

Facebook & Instagram: Nutzer sollen über Kontoverknüpfung entscheiden können

Das Bundeskartellamt meldet einen Erfolg bei seinem Vorgehen gegen Meta: Der Konzern wolle Daten nicht mehr ungefragt plattformübergreifend zusammenführen.

#Datenschutz #DSGVO #Facebook #Instagram #Netzpolitik #SocialMedia #news

Aida Akl
18 hours ago

Self-regulation is a farce. Time and again, tech companies have proven they have no clue what responsibility is and don't even care. #cybersecurity #AI #privacy

Researchers discovered #Meta's systems helped "connect and promote a vast network of accounts" devoted to underage-sex content.

Meta vows to take action after report found #Instagram’s algorithm promoted pedophilia content @engadget

The original story: @WSJ

Aida Akl
18 hours ago

This is not a toy. There need to be clear warnings of associated risks if people are going to kill themselves as a result.

"The difficulty for companies, though, is creating a bot that’s engaging and fun to talk to but doesn’t cross the line into offensive or dangerous interactions."

#Instagram is apparently testing an #AI chatbot that lets you choose from 30 personalities @verge @james_vincent
19 hours ago

█ Com un nen de Ribes de Freser es converteix en la imatge de Turisme de Noruega en un segell ▓▒░ La mare va publicar la foto a Instagram sense saber que un dels hashtags que va posar els feia participar en el concurs #324cat #fotografia #instagram #noruega #turisme #xarxessocials

20 hours ago

A new leak suggests Instagram is actively working on a new AI chatbot for its social media app. The bot is designed to answer questions, offer advice to users, and offer help writing messages. #Instagram #AIChatbot

20 hours ago

Wow, the #LolitaFashion hashtag was banned on #instagram yet again. It's a modest fashion from Japan and has nothing to do with this darn Nabokov book. :ablobglarezoom:
For more information:

Manuel Senfft
1 day ago

Ich habe so eben meinen eh schon lange nicht mehr genutzen #instagram Account gelöscht.✌️

Fühlt sich #gut an. 😎

Who would like to be my 300th follower?

PS: Loving #Mastodon ❤️ The interactions are so much better than #Twitter and #FaceBook. Nice to deal with mostly intelligent, thoughtful people!

Join me in NOT promoting corporate-based social media!

#meta #Instagram #BlueSky #snapchat #tiktok

1 day ago
Anthony Dean
1 day ago

"Chronological timeline, please?"

"Nah... how about AI in a used-to-be-mainly-photos app?"

#Instagram #AI

Anthony Dean
1 day ago
Neil Carpenter :unverified:
1 day ago

Sometimes, I wonder if Instagram has a bot problem.

#SocialMedia #Instagram #bots

The image shows a string of notifications for Instagram followers, all of whom have names that are two common names followed by a string of random characters, all added one after another.
Una che scrive
1 day ago

Comunque. Pare che oggi in Italia chi scrive debba stare su Instagram. Non Twitter, né Medium o Substack, poco su Facebook. L’autore, soprattutto se emergente, deve presenziare su Instagram, il social dell’immagine, nato per esibire foto. Sì perché, sai, qualche illustrazione, tra le parole, vuoi mettere. Pensa invece: solo parole. Troppo. Dai. #scrivere #socialmedia #instagram

Tamzin Cavendish
2 days ago

As much as I like spending time on here, I have to spend time on other social media too…so if you happen to be on Insta and would like to say hello over there, I have a shiny new account that can be found here…


#instagram #SocialMedia #Artist #Illustrator #Creative

A screenshot of my Instagram page, a lot of my artwork
Aida Akl
2 days ago

More ways for #Meta to collect user data just when it thought its paradigm was dead. A Godsend.

#Instagram may be getting its own #AI chatbot soon @zdnet

Elisabeth M
2 days ago

I just set up an #Instagram! Help me out with a follow, if you're on there (:

Jesse Miksic
2 days ago

#Instagram removing the “Recent Posts” option from hashtags

Completely stomping on me, and other small creators, and anyone who used it for discovery

Ugh I need to extract myself from all legacy social media 🤮

Please save me, Mastodon

2 days ago

Jak rychle rozkliknout URL v Instagramu na iOS/iPadOS, který idiotsky neposkytuje klikatelné odkazy, které jsou vložené do textu? Jde to celkem rychle. #Instagram #URL #hack

zeitverschreib [mastodon]
2 days ago

I'm still looking for a way to import my #Instagram history to the Fediverse.

Preferably into #Pixelfed, but just about any other service will do at the moment.

At my disposal:
- IG exports in JSON and HTML format
- access to selfhosted instances of Pixelfed, #Mastodon, #Friendica, #Calckey

I would prefer to have all imported posts date/time stamped correctly, but if that's a deal breaker, then a simple line of "Original post date: xxxx" would be ok.

Since this is a one-time operation, I would not mind going all command line magic, but my knowledge there is somewhat limited.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

#followerpower #askfediverse

Ray Newman
2 days ago

I've been posting photos on Instagram, mostly using my Ricoh GRIII with, lately, a vivid Kodak-ish film simulation.

#photography #instagram #photos #StreetPhotography

A grid of photos of urban landscapes.
gualdo :fsf: :cc:
2 days ago

Oggi a Milano inizia depreDATI, laboratorio di autodifesa dalla sorveglianza digitale

@quinta e il sottoscritto approfondiscono il capitalismo della sorveglianza e mostrano come ci si difende

Info e prenotazione sono qui:

L'incontro è in presenza e gratis

E inoltre regaliamo il fumetto ContraChrome

#GAFAM #Google #Facebook #instagram #meta #Amazon #Apple #provacy

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 days ago

CANNIBAL CORPSE's PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ Misses The 'Mystique' Of The Pre-Social Media Days
In a new interview with the "Nothing Shocking" podcast, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz of long-running Florida-based death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE was asked if he prefers the transparency and...


heise online
3 days ago

Irland: Kleinstadt einigt sich auf Smartphone-Absage für Grundschulkinder

Elterninitiativen in Greystones sind sich einig, dass Kinder unter 11 Jahren keine Smartphones bekommen. Das ist freiwillig und richtet sich gegen Gruppenzwang.

#Instagram #Smartphone #Snapchat #SocialMedia #TikTok #WhatsApp #news

On #Instagram, it takes NINE CLICKS to block a spammer.

Doesn't seem than much but times that by twenty spammers or so every time I upload some clubbing pics.


It could be one, with a dropdown option including 'Spammer.'

Who is doing their UI, jfc.

#Spam #Spammer #SpamWithEggChipsSausageInstaAndSpam

heise online
4 days ago

Leistungsschutzrecht: Meta testet Sperre von Presse-Nachrichten in Kanada

Auf Facebook und Instagram sollen einige kanadische Nutzer bald keine Presseerzeugnisse mehr sehen. Der Mutterkonzern Meta reagiert damit auf ein Mediengesetz.

#Facebook #Instagram #Urheberrecht #Medien #MetaPlatforms #YouTube #news

Smartphone mit den Apps von Facebook, Facebook-Messenger, Instragm, WhatsApp und Oculus vor dem Meta-Logo
Telmo 🦕
4 days ago

What a time to be (digitally) alive. First was the exodus from #twitter to #mastodon. Now it looks like an exodus from #reddit is coming, but where to this time? Greed will always collect a lot, but never anything that really matters.
On a side note, I can't wait for the exodus when people realized that @pixelfed is second only to #instagram in data misuse.

Darnell Clayton :verified:
4 days ago

@tchambers As far as why defederated #Mastodon variants may embrace the #Fediverse, it will be because of two predictable events:

👉🏾 #Instagram’s InstaPost (P92) entering the Fediverse
👉🏾 #WordPress making #ActivityPub either a core feature or heavily promoting the ActivityPub plugin.

Both would massively expand the Fediverse & allow the sites to embrace the Fediverse as a whole again.

I heard rumours that the #Instagram team is working on something with #ActivityPub support intended for text-based updates to followers. This would mean ~1 Billion active monthly users would come out of nowhere onto the #Fediverse.

What do all of you think about this? Would you want your instance to block this, or would you do so yourself?

John Refior
5 days ago

Is Facebook too big to fail?

They can spread conspiracy theories that elect Trump and inspire school shooters, and hundreds of millions of people just keep using them (or billions? really?)

(Including WhatsApp and Instagram)
#meta #facebook #instagram #whatsapp #SocialMedia

Chart from Wikipedia page showing 2.9 billion users on Facebook, 2 billion on WhatsApp, 1.5 billion on Instagram. Page says source is Statista.
Statista chart showing 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook
John Scott-Railton ☕
5 days ago

NEW: I found 1000s of shady PDFs hosted on .gov websites of states, universities, defense contractors, etc.

It was a clever SEO spam operation, but the access could have been exploited for more nefarious things. 1/

@lorenzofb has the writeup

#cybersecurity #spam #SEO #google #instagram #tiktok #fraud

If I used #Facebook (or #Instagram ) which I never would it would never occur to me to use them for #news but only be tempted to use for #organizations that have no other #web presence but I just give them a pass because #Facebook is so evil.

#Instagram used to just be a place I'd post photos and use filters which would make them look quite cool.

Then it sort of became a place to flex and show off, although that didn't really affect me.

Although more recently there seems to be a lot more hostility in comments from private accounts and I was wondering why...

I think it might be because people can link their Facebook account and are bringing the cultural hostility from #Facebook.

Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 week ago

When #Instagram launches their #Twitter killer, #ElonMusk will be lucky if his platform is worth $4 billion.

👉🏾 Twitter value keeps falling under Musk, now worth a third of what he paid

#showerthougts on #ai, #community, #instagram, #photography

As AI goes mainstream and "AI photographers" dominate my feed it becomes evident how weak online communities are. What felt like a certain tribe is just a fragile web hold together by trends and an algorithm. Twitter showed how quickly this can break, and it feels a bit like that on photography Instagram right now. Photographers made the app big, but there is nothing that protects existing communities from a wave of fake "content".

The Nexus of Privacy
1 week ago

Another FediblockMeta poll!

#Meta (who owns #Facebook and #Instagram) is working on a new project with some interoperability with Mastodon. We don't know the details yet, but suppose it involves federation just like any other #ActivityPub instance.

Do you think your instance will federate with Meta's instance?


For a poll about what you *want* your instance to do, see

More polls at

#P92 #FediPoll @fediversenews

The Nexus of Privacy
1 week ago

A #FediblockMeta poll:

#Meta (who owns #Facebook and #Instagram) is working on a new project that will have some interoperability with Mastodon. We don't know the details yet, but suppose it involves federation just like any other #ActivityPub instance.

If that happens, do you think will federate with Meta's instance(s)?

[This poll asks what you think .social will do. Other polls coming soon in the replies - and see the list at for more!]

2 weeks ago

So I made an #instagram account because people use it for chat and I have 100 other chat programs, why not? Then they deleted my account, never telling me why. So I made another one. Now they suspended that. When I go to appeal on their support website the appeals web form says 'Go to Instagram and confirm it's you before requesting a review.'
... I can't access the account to confirm anything.
I can't even back up my contacts.

Moral of the story, friends don't let friends use meta products. ha superato i 5000 iscritti!!

Per festeggiare lo abbiamo migliorato e potenziato, da ora abbiamo:

1. 10GB disponibili per tutti (invece che i 5GB standard delle istanze #pixelfed)

2. Attivata importazione sperimentale da #instagram (max 250MB)

3. Fino a 10 foto pubblicabili per ogni post (prima era 4 immagini)

4. Ora è possibile caricare anche immagini in formato #WebP

5. E' ora possibile caricare brevi video MP4 (max 15MB)


@schmod Of course people would trust the Zuck, just look at how popular #Instagram still is. People love acting like its not owned by the same company that owns facebook.

People keep thinking that "this time the billionaires will not fuck us over".

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

#MuffyVanderbiltIII isn’t just another pretty face… she also has good #makeup! 💋💄

Enter her #giveaway for a chance to see this gorgeous mug slay on #CampWannakiki and win a 1-month #OUTtv #giftcard! 👑🔥

Picking 25 lucky winners June 5th on #Instagram live!

#DragQueen #drag #mua #MakeupTutorial

Giveaway advertisement for drag queen Muffy Vanderbilt III on OUTtv’s Camp Wannakiki
2 weeks ago

見る限りサスペンドされるような事をツイートされてるようなアカウントではなかったし、#Instagram とか別のサービスから投稿してるのが bot だと見なされたのか、というかそもそも bot が即 NG なのか?とか。
#Twitter のヘルプを読んでも基本的なことしか書いてないし、それに抵触してるとはとてもじゃないけど思えないんだよな :tony_neutral:

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 26 May: Court Orders Instagram to Expose Pirates, Boot Their Accounts, and Purge URLs - Similar to any other online platform that deals with user-generated content, Instagram processes cop... #india #instagram #lawsuits

Randy Resnick
2 weeks ago

When you talk about #Instagram here on Mastodon (or anywhere in the fediverse) have you actually spent much time on Instagram? Because #Pixelfed is only like Instagram in the most basic sense. Instagram is mostly populated with people selling products, services or themselves. Instagram is like a tame version of #TikTok. If federated platforms begin to look like these places I personally will drop them.

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Baffled by how little interaction my Instagram posts are getting nowadays, especially since I'm posting from a big Europe trip. I assume it's the algorithm not showing my posts to anyone. I used to get at least 10 to 15 likes on everything, now I'm struggling to get up to 5.

Should I give up? I really loathe Instagram's timeline nowadays, full of video and ads and general rubbish.


Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

Point blank, a mass Fediblock isn't going to work with #Meta.

The cold truth is that people will use
#Barcelona whether it federates or not. Even if it fails, Barcelona will probably have more users out of the gate than almost every project save Mastodon. Hell, it will probably eclipse #Bluesky too.

And even if you convince every server to defederate -- which you won't -- this will not be a PR coup for the Fediverse. Newspaper headlines won't blare "Fediverse successfully resists Meta." Instead, they will probably follow take with "Open source zealots complain that an open protocol is open."

Again, as I've said countless times, I'm not saying you should federate with Barcelona or any Meta-owned property.
If you want, defederate. The joy of the Fediverse is freedom of association.

But a mass Fediblock doesn't solve a few important problems with Meta, and perhaps makes them worse.

The most critical problem is that Meta users need to migrate away from Meta-owned social networks. Until now, a migration path has simply been unfeasible to most. But when Barcelona gets launched, it is
possible that many of them will become aware of a greater Fediverse.

How to build that awareness? By interacting with them through services beyond Barcelona.

This approach works. I've interacted with many Mastodon users through services beyond Mastodon, and this has resulted in adoption of other Fediverse software.
#Calckey is a case in point.

However, there's a bigger problem concerning Meta: Fediverse replacements for Meta-owned social networks aren't getting mass adoption. And it's not because these apps aren't good.

#Pixelfed is an #Instagram replacement. It is also one of the slickest apps on the Fediverse. Yet, Pixelfed only has 150,000 registered accounts.

#Friendica is a #Facebook replacement. It's been around since 2010. It is a mature product that does many things very well, but Friendica only has 17,000 registered accounts.

The software is great but we are
failing to effectively market the Fediverse beyond Mastodon. Now I'm trying my darnedest to change this, and so are many people. But facts are facts. Fediverse alternatives to Meta are a blip on the radar.

Refusing to federate with Barcelona won't change this. How do I know?

Because we don't federate now, and the status quo remains intact.

Meanwhile, Meta is practically gifting Pixelfed and Friendica an opportunity for federation, and it would be foolish to not consider broader implications.

How is it that more people aren't considering this opportunity?

Dare I say that most people -- including devs -- suffer from myopia concerning what the Fediverse is. The Fediverse is not Mastodon, and it is wrong to view the Fediverse solely through the eyes of Mastodon.

And I'll go further: by focusing Barcelona on text, I suspect that Meta is likewise making the same mistake of viewing the Fediverse as a "Twitter killer".

What they may not be considering is that the Fediverse might be a "Meta killer" too. And connecting Barcelona to the Fediverse is opening a can of worms Meta hasn't entirely considered yet.

If Barcelona is indeed text-based, what will happen when a Barcelona user encounters Pixelfed and asks, "Why does this post show reels? And why can't I do the same?"

Believe me, this is the kind of content that triggers migration.

We need to think bigger than Fediblock. Yes, for your own mental health and safety, you may not want to federate with Barcelona. However, there needs to also be a means for Barcelona users to encounter content outside Barcelona.

Perhaps there needs to be "lobby" servers that help Barcelona users enter the greater Fediverse -- helping them make the switch beyond Meta.

2 weeks ago

#Twitter とか #Instagram がいろんなマーケティングの舞台になって、そこでどれくらい閲覧された!Like 数!フォロワー数!みたいになっていくのは、実は自分はそんなに嫌いじゃないというか、そういう場所があってもいいよねとは思ってて、一時期のテレビとかしか情報の発信ができなかった時代に比べれば、いい時代になったなーと思ってるし、インフルエンサーって言われるような人も(もちろん人によるけど)基本的には「その地位を得るために努力と工夫をして、それに相当する価値を持ってる人」だと自分は思ってるし、場所として #Twitter とか #Instagram とか #YouTube に価値があるのもわかるし、持続するにはそれぞれマネタイズが必要なのもわかる。
じゃあなんで自分はなんで「SNS マーケティング」とか聞くと一瞬「ウッ」てなるんだろう。
もしかしたら自分にとっての SNS はもうちょっとナイーブなものなのかもな。「テクニック」とか「マーケティング」みたいなものが SNS とくっつくと、なんかどこか芝居がかったものに見えてしまうというか。:tony_smiling:

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

is anyone on my corner of the fediverse a fan of or themselves a #contentCreator (#youtube #twitch #tiktok #instagram #peertube #pixelfed etc-anything, really)? if so, please connect with me!

i know it's gauche to ask for boosts on the fediverse, and normally I never do. but every time I search for #contentcreator on my own instance I get NOTHING, and I don't want to have to make a half dozen accounts on other instances to find other creators either. if I could just establish a network of fellow #creators (preferably #videoCreators, but #artists, #writers, #photographers etc are fine also) here on my home account, that would be wonderful.

maybe I could even find some creators to say hello to at #anaheim #vidcon in three weeks 😁

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

I just went back on IG because my publisher told me so, and literally every second post I see is an advertisement or a "recommended for you" thing. Is this normal? I am not used to this anymore.

*clings to Mastodon plushie*

#SocialMedia #Instagram

Roni Laukkarinen
2 weeks ago

What other (centralized) social medias you are using? (even the slightest)

You can select multiple answers (not on Ivory in case it still has the bug where it picks the one you touch)

Boosts appreciated.

#Twitter #Bluesky #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #YouTube #SocialMedia #Blueskysocial

Pete Brown
2 weeks ago

BlueSky & the AT Protocol are missing the moment

Mastodon & ActivityPub are capitalizing on it

The continued growth & adoption, capitalized by Meta & Instagram's soon to roll-out service supporting #ActivityPub, is further proof

#BlueSky #ATProtocol #Meta #Instagram #microblogging

Johannes Ernst
2 weeks ago

Meta is planning to implement ActivityPub? Not so fast IMHO.

Parsing the recent leaks on their "Instagram for your thoughts" / P92 / Barcelona app.


#meta #ActivityPub #instagram #p92

Ricky de Laveaga
2 weeks ago

#Facebook / #Instagram planning to leech off of #Mastodon. Notice how, “Users on [Mastodon] will be able [to] search for, follow and interact with your profile and content” but no mention of following Mastodon accounts, a la “The plan as of now is that the MVP (minimum viable product) will definitely allow our users to broadcast posts to people on other servers. It may or may not enable our users to follow and view the content of people on other servers.”

Axel Rauschmayer
2 weeks ago

New project by Meta: A Twitter-like service based on the Instagram infrastructure. It may come out in late June 2023.

One detail is interesting: You’ll be able to follow accounts from Mastodon. That’s a clever way of increasing the reach of the service. I’m not sure in what other way it’s going to be “decentralized”—given that it’s completely owned and managed by Meta. #Mastodon #Instagram

Der bald kommende #Twitter-ähnliche Service von #Instagram soll kompatibel mit dem Fediversum und mit Bluesky sein, hört man. Gute Sache, das! Dieses Dings könnte im besten Fall der Durchbruch werden, für freies und unabhängiges Geposte — und das Ende der Elon-Vorherrschaft in der Microblogging-Sphäre. Bin jetzt schon gespannt auf die Culture-Clashs zwischen Parfüm-Influencer*innen und Fundamental-Mastononisten! Diversity rocks! :-)

Derek Brauders
2 weeks ago

So I'm trying something on my #instagram account for a bit of fun, and thought I'd try it here on #Mastodon as well.

I'm setting myself a 30 day challenge to put an image of something, anything, up every day. Goodness only knows what will end up in the sequence.

Anyway, hope people find it a bit of fun, as is intended! ?

#30daysofimages #photoaday #photography #imagination #mastodaoine #photographer

Abstract B & W photo of light, shadow, texture. Inside car door handle
Peter Merholz
2 weeks ago

Literally the first time in weeks(?) that I want to see something on #Instagram, and it happens to be down.

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

The opinion is divided. There is no consensus. #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #Fediverse #SocialMedia

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

If Facebook and Instagram were to join the Fediverse and you could follow users from that world from your instance, would you do it?

Boosts appreciated. I'd like to know the current consensus of the Fediverse.

#Meta #Facebook #Instagram #SocialMedia #Fediverse

#Facebook fears the #Fediverse. Here’s how #Instagram will try to conquer it (EEE!!!):

Too long; Did not read:

👉🏾 Instagram will embrace #Mastodon, #Misskey, #Pixelfed, via their new platform (which I call #InstaPost). Millions of will join

👉🏾 InstaPost will extend it’s reach by allowing third party hosting companies to host the platform, evading blocks by Admins

👉🏾 InstaPost managed hosting will offer premium features at cheap prices, extinguishing rivals

3 weeks ago

I'm sure you can see now why I am less than thrilled about the enthusiasm with which people are looking at #Facebook “joining” the #Fediverse with their #ActivityPub-compatible #Twitter clone, despite there being literally NO INDICATIONS that their attitude today is any different from the one at the time of #XMPP —and if anything, the opposite, as we've seen with #Instagram blocking the #joinPixelfed tag.


3 weeks ago

So let me wrap my head around this regarding #ActivityPub...

- #Tumblr (572M blogs) wants to integrate it
- #Instagram (2B users) wants to start an app that supports it
- #Mozilla starts its own #Mastodon instance
- #Medium started its own Mastodon instance
- #WordPress now has an official ActivityPub plugin
- #Flickr (60M users) is considering using the protocol


Am I missing something or does it look like the #Fediverse might actually win the "social media wars" in the end? 🤔

Roni Laukkarinen
3 weeks ago

It's amazing how a single man and the ruin of #Twitter can bring other companies to try their chance in microblogging. First years of nothing and then #Spoutible, #Bluesky and now #Instagram/#Meta...

The Verge: This is Instagram’s new Twitter competitor

Whilst I am worried they will try the old “embrace, extend, extinguish” plan, I must admit I’m quite excited for #Meta to join their apps into the #Fediverse.

An extra 2bn people to talk to on here! And the ones who really enjoy it will find out they can switch to #mastodon or #calckey or one of the others for a similar experience but with no ads and better moderation. Nice!

#instagram #twitter #bluesky