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The new Intel Meteor Lake CPU will come with a new VPU designed to be used by AI apps, along with an integrated Intel Arc graphics chip with features like DX12 Ultimate, ray tracing, and more. #Intel #MeteorLake

6 hours ago

Just finished setting up my new PC an #Intel #Nuc 11 #I7. This time I used #Manjaro #I3 Community Edition.
I love setting up a new #Linux PC. Just install the program and copy your config file from the old PC.
The Manjaro I3 Community Edition is very well done and it is very easy to make changes to make it my own. Many thanks to the contributers to this edition.

c't Magazin
6 hours ago

Meteor Lake: Nächste Generation von Intel-CPUs bekommt KI-Einheit

Die aus Chiplets zusammengesetzte nächste Generation von Intel-CPUs bringt einen dedizierten Funktionsblock für KI mit.

#Prozessoren #Grafikchip #Intel #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

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中國聲稱自家 x86 處理器「暴芯」 被 Geekbench 證實是 Intel 第10 代Core i3
據台媒報道,中國晶片製造商寶德科技(PowerLeader )早前舉辦記者會發布代號為 PowerStar 的 […]
The post 中國聲稱自家 x86 處理器「暴芯」 被 Geekbench 證實是 Intel 第10 代Core i3 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#科技趣聞 #intel #PowerStar #x86

Mike Kasprzak 🦖
1 day ago

I ran some benchmarks on a pair of NVMe hard drives and wow, #Intel #Optane is incredible!

This 2TB #Solidigm Plus drive (#Hynix, formerly Intel) streams data really well, beating the 32GB Optane on the H20, but with small random read+write ops, Optane annihilates it with nearly 14x the IOPS!?

It's a darn shame that Intel discontinued X-point memory. This stuff is magic.

2TB Solidigm Plus read+write benchmark
1TB+32GB Intel Optane H20 hybrid NAND+Optane read+write benchmark
1 day ago
Allen 是個臺灣 vTuber
2 days ago

而之前 Allen 預測 #intel #ARC 系列顯示卡的地位可能因為這次 AMD與Nvidia的新主流卡推出而受到影響

RX7600 雖然已經切到了 Intel ARC 系列 A770 與 A750 的價格帶
當然整個大前提是 Intel 有持續修正 ARC 系列上的問題以及營造對應的軟體生態系

延伸閱讀: Intel ARC 獨立顯示卡我能買嗎? Allen 親身使用經驗分析告訴你

Yaroslav Khnygin
2 days ago

"How Many VAXes Fit in the Palms of Your Hands? If you hold one contemporary Xeon Gold 6354 in each palm, you hold the processing power of over 400,000 VAX 11/780s."
#SPEC #SPECCPU #SPECmark #Benchmark #VAX #DEC #DigitalEquipmentCorporation #Intel #IamIntel #Xeon #Semiconductors

2 days ago

No wifi after clean install of Ubuntu 22.04.02 on newly refurbished computer #networking #drivers #wireless #2204 #intel

BT (Binary Tango)
3 days ago

I really hope that the #Intel Battlemage Arc GPUs come out swinging and take a chunk out of Nvidia's market share and light a fire under AMDs ass.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 days ago

@cavac @randomgeek @ovid “Neural processing units” have been happening for years, e.g., the “Neural Engine” in #Apple SoCs since 2017.

#Google, #Samsung, #Intel, #Nvidia, #Amazon, and others have also designed their own. They’re faster for #MachineLearning tasks than a #GPU and more energy-efficient.
3 days ago

Auch bei #Intel müssen alte Zöpfe irgendwann mal ab: Jetzt liegt ein Vorschlag vor, wie die 16- und 32-Bit-Elemente aus der #x86-Architektur fliegen können - was die Abwärtskompatibilität zunichte machen würde.,136454.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Eduardo Medina
3 days ago

Y aquí está la razón de por qué no me compro una gráfica #Intel Arc, y mira que la A770 de 16GB es a nivel de características la que mejor se ajusta a lo que busco, pero con un driver de #Vulkan en este estado no puedo depositar mi confianza.

#Linux #LinuxGaming

Pierre Lecourt
4 days ago

Un premier Netbook 8 pouces sous Intel N100 apparait en chine
Il s'agit d'un netbook dont on connait déjà le châssis mais qui emploie cette fois un processeur Intel N100 et un équipement intéressant.... #minimachines #intel #netbook #noname

4 days ago

Hmmm … 

JUST having to restore #iMovie from my back up.

The 10.3.4 update is having issues, on the #Intel version of #Ventura

That’s a bugger!

Steve's Place
4 days ago

The solution to hacks of the #Navy & other sensitive #government or business applications is to use nonstandard industrial computer systems with operating systems not intended for general use & for the platforms to avoid #Intel CPUs if possible. Add encryption & stir.

I wrote code to boot a supercomputer on one.

Our government is in bed with big corporations which should have nothing to do with our defense. It confuses size with safety. They're big by cutting corners & selling crap.

IT News
4 days ago

Intel Mulls Cutting Ties To 16 and 32-Bit Support - Intel has proposed a potential simplification of the x86 architecture by creating ... - #intel

Electronic Eel
4 days ago

TIL: Intel disabled the x86_64 v3 Microarchitecture level even on CPUs sold last year.

Previously I thought x86_64 v3 was implemented on CPUs since Haswell, that is about 2014. But now I found out the hard way (that is SIGILL) that they fused off instruction features like FMA and AVX even in Comet Lake (last 14nm generation) when the processor was branded as "Pentium" or "Celeron" (and not "Core").

That means it will take quite some time until distros can reasonably begin to ship binaries with x86_64 v3 as minimum requirement.

At least it seems they have now stopped this bullshit with Alder Lake.

#x86_64 #intel

Hacker News 50
4 days ago

Intel mulls cutting 16 and 32-bit support, booting straight into 64-bit mode



Box86 / Box64: Another option for emulating Intel CPUs on an ARM system
#emulation #games #intel #arm #+

FEX-Emu: x86 emulator for aarch64
#emulation #hacking #intel #linux #arm #+

c't Magazin
4 days ago

heise+ | Prozessor-Guide 2023: Vom Dual-Core bis zu superschnellem 64-Kerner im Vergleich

Moderne CPUs werden durch Hybrid-Kerne, zusätzlichen Stapelcache und Chiplet-Aufbau schneller und komplexer.Mit unserem CPU-Ratgeber behalten Sie den Überblick.

#AMD #AMDRyzen #Grafikchip #Intel #Prozessoren #news

ricardo :mastodon:
5 days ago

#Intel proposes the x86-S architecture for a simpler, more efficient CPU instruction set

Scalable Analyses
5 days ago

Intel’s Meteor Lake system on chip will feature an AI accelerator (vision processing unit):

#intel #soc #accelerators #ai

Ian Brown :verified:
5 days ago

Awesome to see the awesome work of my awesome #Netflix colleagues on the Performance Engineering team recognized by our awesome partners at #Intel.

5 days ago
5 days ago
Pierre Lecourt
6 days ago

Un nouveau design pour l’Intel NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition
Intel propose de nouveaux formats pour ses minimachines, le NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition fait partie de ces pistes inédites.... #minimachines #intel #nuc

heise online
6 days ago

Mittwoch: Netflix auch hierzulande strenger, Amazon mit größerem Fire-Tablet

Netflix gegen Account-Sharing + Fire in 11 Zoll + Mini-PCs mit neuen CPUs + Viasat schluckt Inmarsat + Dish-Hack mit 300.000 Betroffenen + Big-Tech soll zahlen

#Amazon #Breitbandausbau #Cybercrime #Cybersecurity #FCC #Intel #MiniPC #Netflix #Netzneutralität #Regulierung #Satellit #SpaceX #Streaming #Tablets #Übernahme #news

Symbolisches Streaming über einer Großstadt; Mittwoch: Netflix-Zügel, 11"-Fire, Mini-PC-Trend, Satelliten-Übernahme, Dish-Hack & Netzausbau-Kosten
c't Magazin
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Bit-Rauschen, der Prozessor-Podcast: Chiplets statt Einzelchips

Immer mehr CPUs und GPUs bestehen aus mehreren Siliziumchips, sogenannten Chiplets. Was das bringt, beleuchtet der Podcast Bit-Rauschen, Folge 2023/11.

#AMD #BitRauschen #Podcast #Halbleiterindustrie #Intel #Prozessoren #Rechenzentrum #Server #news

2 Männer sitzen auf Kühlkörpern einander gegenüber. Dazwischen schwebt das Logo des Bitrauschen-Podcasts
c't Magazin
6 days ago

Lüfterlose Mini-PCs mit Intel-CPU N100 im Anmarsch

Intel und Zotac schicken lüfterlose Minirechner mit vergleichweise starken Prozessoren der Baureihe Alder-Lake-N ins Rennen.

#Intel #PC #MiniPC #news

Mini-PC Zotac Zbox CI337 Nano
cynicalsecurity :cm_2:
1 week ago

It seems like someone at Intel has noticed that booting a 64-bit processor in 16-bit mode, then hitting it on the head to move it to 32-bit mode and then kicking it up the backside to move it to 64-bit mode was a bit excessive in 2023 (I guess we should be grateful that they no longer need the 8259 to move from "real" to "fantasy" mode).

Welcome "Simplified Intel Architecture"¹² which is trying to remove the cruft from amd64 (sorry, could not avoid the dig) which, if we want to be terribly pedantic, is going to be an issue to the following:

* BIOS manufacturers being dragged screaming and shouting into UEFI,
* people like me who use old and obscure extensions to mix potions of dubious consequences and appreciate the cruft in this game of shadows and mirrors,
* firmware manufacturers who rely on OROM processing by the BIOS to turn on their cards,
* arguably OS vendors who no longer have to dance the dance but "just boot" into 64-bit mode.

Of course the fun begins when (like Apple back in the MacPro days) you discover that tons of (U)EFI installs are 32-bit but that's a separate issue :flan_molotov:

I am somewhat miffed that Intel pushes this out after several years ago I sent them a proposal to, at least, be able to turn off extensions trivially and I am even more miffed that they are not considering my other proposal which is to actually open the µcode and make _that_ the new ISA.

Anyway, chances are that amd64 Mk.II will just be another emulated architecture on someone's better chip design (*cough* *cough* Rosetta 2…).


#Intel #X866 #amd64 #microarchitectures #processors

1 week ago

USA bleiben wichtigster ausländischer Investor in Deutschland

Ungeachtet der hohen Energiepreise sind die Neuansiedlungen ausländischer Unternehmen in Deutschland stabil geblieben. Top-Investor sind weiterhin die Vereinigten Staaten.


#Investitionen #USA #China #Intel #Energiekrise

@marcan this reminds me how #Linux also was the first #OS to run on #Itanium and how the #GCC is even the best compiler for that architecture - even better than #Intel's own!

But yeah, the only thing that would make @AsahiLinux even faster on #AppleSilicon would be if compiling stuff would be done entirely in RAM wherever possible, leveraging 10x->1000x more IOPS and lower latency.

@winterschon @marcan @G33KatWork @tnt @sima @lina well, it's #nvidia's choice to purposefully hinder and prevent #FLOSS drivers with feature parity whilst not supporting #Wayland themselves.

It is just infuriating and the reason why I've had to migrate to #Intel & #AMD because nvidia are full-throttle greedy assholes.

nvidia logo, but instead of "nvidia" it spells "no video"...
2 weeks ago

#Intel Deploys Undisclosed #Microcode Security Update For CPUs Going Back To Coffee Lake (2017 launched CPUs)

Intel released CPU microcode updates for processors all the way back to Coffee Lake on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the changelog doesn't delve into details other than that the new microcode fixes an undisclosed security issue.


heise online
3 weeks ago

Intel streicht erneut Stellen

Auf den größten Quartalsverlust in der Unternehmensgeschichte reagiert Intel nun mit einem Sparprogramm und weiteren Jobstreichungen.

#Halbleiterindustrie #Intel #Karriere #news I hear some grumblings about AMD #GPU support. #Intel seems to be the GPU most of these #emulator OSes mainly support. I hope I didn't make a mistake picking an #AMD box...

If so, I can return it. My router is a little overbuilt and it's an 11th gen i5 #NUC. I could get a more appropriate (for my now slower 1gig internet) #firewall box; maybe a dual core i3 or a celeron. Been needing to update my #pfSense install anyway. #homelab

heise online
1 month ago

Ende eine Intel-Ära: "Core Ultra" beerbt "Core i"

15 Jahre nach den ersten Core i7 bereitet Intel dem ikonischen "i" offenbar ein Ende. Die nächste Prozessorgeneration erscheint unter neuen Namen.

#Prozessoren #Intel #IntelCorei #news

Prozessor Intel Core i5 auf Motherboard
Katherine Druckman
1 month ago

Now that I'm officially moved to the new account, I'll post my #introduction again. I’m an #openSource Evangelist for #Intel (check out the Open at Intel podcast) and a nerdy podcaster on @reality2cast and FLOSS Weekly on @twitnews where my interests are expanding more and more into #privacy and #security. I am also a #Linux Journal alum and a huge fan of #Drupal, the open web, user and privacy-respecting #hardware and #software, #antique ceramics, and really good #food and #wine.

Megan Fox
1 month ago

Can any #intel nerds explain any reason why I wouldn't want a slightly older Xenon processor with a TON of horsepower?

We've got a Dell workstation with a great GPU etc but the MB only takes Xenon, and we're seeing a bunch of cheaper Xenons cus Intel is end of lifing them for support (end of 2023), so businesses are upgrading.

But... we don't really care about that. It's a CPU not a GPU. Ain't like it really needs driver updates.

I'm not seeing any instruction sets or lacks or anything, looks like the revision after this was just cache and minor memory architecture stuff, and, woopity doo to that.

heise online
1 month ago

heise+ | heise+ Update vom 28. April 2023: Lesetipps fürs Wochenende

Der heise+ Newsletter diesmal mit Windows 10 und 11, Intel-Prozessoren, Solarmodulen und Wasserkraft.

#Intel #Solarenergie #Windows #Windows #news

heise online
1 month ago

Prozessoren: So viel Verlust hat Intel noch nie gemacht

Alle Tricks der kreativen Buchhaltung nützen nichts mehr – Intel gibt einen neuen Negativrekord mit einem Nettominus von 2,8 Milliarden US-Dollar bekannt.

#Prozessoren #Geschäftszahlen #Intel #Server #Xeon #news

Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

The intel leaks suspect is a flight risk and could have access to more classified docs, prosecutors say.

NBC News has the latest on the case against Air National guardsman Jack Teixeira:

#News #Teixeira #NationalSecurity #Intel

heise online
1 month ago

Chips Act: EU kann und will Halbleiterbranche nicht unendlich subventionieren

Der neue EU Chips Act kann nur ein Puzzlestück sein, um mehr modernste Halbleiterfertigung anzulocken, betont eine federführende EU-Abgeordnete der Grünen.

#Halbleiterindustrie #Intel #Subventionen #TSMC #news

heise online
1 month ago

Intel "Meteor Lake": Rückkehr des Level-4-Caches

Die nächsten Core-i-Generationen nutzen optional einen Level-4-Cache, um die CPU-Kerne und GPU zu beschleunigen. Ab "Meteor Lake" soll es losgehen.

#Prozessoren #Intel #news

Luckily for everyone who uses anything with a transistor (e.g. everyone), California bans noncompetes. That meant that his eight top employees could quit and start their own company. You may not have heard of Fairchild Semiconductor, the company that the "traitorous eight" founded, but you've *definitely* heard of the company that two of Fairchild's top employees quit and founded: #Intel:


heise online
1 month ago

Russland nutzt China als Hub für massenhaft Chip-Importe

Unzählige Briefkastenfirmen in China und Hongkong dienen als Umschlagplatz für CPUs, GPUs und FPGAs. Russland importiert Chips für Hunderte Millionen US-Dollar.

#AMD #Halbleiterindustrie #Intel #TexasInstruments #news

1 month ago

The Dell #XPS 13 Plus is looking pretty solid. But the site doesn't let you pick a 13th gen #Intel with #Ubuntu 22. Does that mean it's incompatible, or just not supported by #Dell?

heise online
1 month ago

Blockscale: Intel gibt seine Bitcoin-Miner auf

Weitere Konsolidierung bei Intel: Die Firma stellt die Entwicklung von ASICs fürs Krypto-Mining ein, schließt eine Wiederkehr aber nicht aus.

#Bitcoin #Intel #Kryptowährung #news

Gianni Rosato
1 month ago

Nvidia & Intel both have hardware accelerated AV1 encoding. Would u like to know which encoder performs better, among other things? Take a look at my blog post here:

#av1 #twitch #youtube #nvidia #intel

Erissa Duvall
1 month ago

If you need help checking the drivers on your machine this site is a nice way to do so without getting a bunch of extra junk or having to install multiple applications to check. I believe it only works if you have an Intel hardware, but I could be wrong.

The closest AMD equivalent I could find is:

#TechSupport #Intel #AMD

heise online
1 month ago

Freitag: Intel-Chipfabrik auf der Kippe, Start der Jupiter-Mission verschoben

Intel will mehr Geld + Jupiter-Sonde soll heute starten + Weitergabe von Gesundheitsdaten + Gesetz gegen "digitale Gewalt" + Weniger Schiene, mehr Straße

#Halbleiterindustrie #Datenschutz #Intel #Klimaschutz #Verkehr #Verkehrspolitik #Vorratsdatenspeicherung #news

Intel-Chipfabriik in Madgeburg (Modell), dazu Text: FREITAG Intel-Chipfabrik, Jupiter-Sonde JUICE, Patientenschutz, Vorratsdatenspeicherung & Klima
heise online
2 months ago

Chipfabrik: Intel will mehr Subventionen, Magdeburg will höhere Investition

Intel plant eine Chipfabrik in Magdeburg. Gestiegene Energiekosten und hohe US-Subventionen gefährden das Projekt.

#Prozessoren #Intel #Subventionen #news

Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin
heise online
2 months ago


NUC 13 Pro im Kurztest: Intels Mini-PC mit Core i-1300

Intel stellt seine NUC-Generation "Arena Canyon" vor. Wir haben uns die Variante mit dem Core i7-1360P angeschaut – inklusive Thunderbolt 4.

#Intel #IntelNUC #MiniPC #NUC #PC

heise online
2 months ago

Intel: "Sierra Forest" bringt 144 CPU-Kerne, "Granite Rapids" mit riesigen Dies

Intel hat einen Einblick in seine Prozessorentwicklung gewährt. Spannend wird es mit der Server-CPU "Sierra Forest" im ersten Halbjahr 2024.

#Prozessoren #Intel #Xeon #Server #news

heise online
2 months ago

NUC 13 Pro im Kurztest: Intels Mini-PC mit Core i-1300

Intel stellt seine NUC-Generation "Arena Canyon" vor. Wir haben uns die Variante mit dem Core i7-1360P angeschaut – inklusive Thunderbolt 4.

#Intel #MiniPC #PC #news

Gordon Moore was not only the co-founder of Intel and the namesake for Moore's law, the claim that every two years the number of components on a chip double, he was also, together with his wife Betty Moore, one of the donors who made Wikidata possible. Gordon and Betty Moore were known for their philanthropy. Gordon Moore died today at the age of 94.

Thank you for enabling us to make Wikidata happen.

#Wikidata #GordonMoore #Intel

heise online
2 months ago

Gordon Moore ist tot

Gordon Moore ist gestorben. Er gründete unter anderem Intel. Weltberühmt ist "Moore's Law" über die Weiterentwicklung von Computerprozessoren.

#Intel #Nachruf #news

S/W-Aufnahme Gordon Moores

Sad to see that Gordon Moore - cofounder of Intel and of course the famous Moore's Law that had such a deep effect on the tech industry. I never met him - I think he was on the verge of retiring at the time. Andy Grove took over for him. I ran into Andy literally - and by that I mean, we both stopped in the nick of time before running into each other. :-) #intel #rip#gordonmoore

Tobias Kremkau
2 months ago

Nach der Aufregung der letzten Tage um das Interview des #IWH-Präsident Oliver Holtemöller zur #Intel-Ansiedlung in #Magdeburg, tut ein einordnender Kommentar, wie der von MDR-Redakteur Leonard Schubert, sehr gut. Es ist nicht alles bestens in Magdeburg und allgemein in #SachsenAnhalt, viele Punkte der unsachlich formulierten Kritik sind durchaus berechtigt. Mit dieser wurde aber nicht sehr gut umgegangen, besonders nicht von #CDU-Fraktionschef #GuidoHeuer. 🙄


heise online
2 months ago

Personalkarussell: Intels Chefarchitekt Koduri geht

Raja Koduri – maßgeblich für Intels Wiedereinstieg in den GPU-Markt verantwortlich – verlässt die Firma. Zudem hat das Foundry-Geschäft einen neuen Chef.

#Halbleiterindustrie #Grafikchip #Grafikkarten #Intel #news

2 months ago

My computer toolkit is getting pretty old by the looks.

#BSD #Intel #RedHat

Three computer case badges... A BSD Daemon, an "Intel Inside" Celeron one, and a "Powered by red hat" one.