32 minutes ago

Can i download another operating system from the internet from an old release server? #commandline #1604 #server #internet #laptop

Linux Is Best
3 hours ago

T-Mobile Home Internet means I am finally free from cable Internet, but it also means using an empty container, to have my modem at the right height to receive the perfect signal.

#TMobile #TmobileHome #Internet

The photo is of my T-Mobile modem standing on top of a plastic container that used to hold cheesy puff ball chips.
Nubertia Lab
3 hours ago

Guía para principiantes de UX research | Agencia de Innovación Digital | Nubertia Lab

En una industria dedicada a las personas que utilizan nuestros productos, servicios y aplicaciones, el UX research… #internet

#innovation #nocode #startups

3 hours ago

Como um jogo da NFL foi transmitido com visual do Toy Story?

Confira! 👇


Spinal TapTap 🎮
3 hours ago

We're making a playlist of #retro #youtube videos for a Watch Party/Reaction stream!

Please coordinate in our Discord (I know I know) if you want to participate! Suggestions welcome, ask for the editable link in Discord

#internet #memes #internethistory #history #meme

4 hours ago

@SWLABR @lauren

😃 👇

It's great that nowadays you can write on the #Internet that you don't believe in #science on a palm-sized #mini #highperformance #computer with nano-coated #glass, #touchscreen and #lithium #ion #battery.

4 hours ago

anyway, just got the first two pieces of the Shadow’s Mantle & so rightly was able to jump from expert difficulty straight up to torment VIII; the very serious & important matter of “game” “balance” has finally been fully resolved then, I see

not going to get weird about it; I'm just going to keep it light & normal 😎 on the internet

#diablo3 #internet

Flipboard Culture Desk
5 hours ago

As social media companies rise and fall, a number of books exploring the internet revolution have been published. Add “Extremely Online: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence and Power on the Internet” to the list. “Tech founders may control source code, but users shape the product,” author Taylor Lorenz writes. Here’s more from the AP:
#Culture #Reading #Internet #Books #Bookstodon

Devin Prater :blind:
5 hours ago

Okay, corrected that Word thing. That was the easy part. I need to add a lot more activities to the Internet course. A lot more Google fetch quests. But how would I get the students to get the document to me? Oh wait, they've not even done word yet. Hmm. They've not done email yet either. Just Windows basics and their screen reader course. I mean you'd think that'd be enough but I'm trying to be fair here. I thought about maybe a flash drive, but that'd be like, a lot of work to just transfer a file. Hmm. Maybe we can get a network drive up and going or something. The students need more practice with File Explorer, the monster that it is, and copying and pasting files anyway. Ugh I so wish it were as simple as Mac or Linux. Just land in the home folder and move out from there. But oh no there's like expandable sections and the filesystem isn't laid out simply. Anyway, yeah maybe have them open notepad and write in that, save it and transfer it through the network or something. Or, *sigh* I could have them start uploading their work to Moodle earlier. Ugh I'm gonna hate having to go into Moodle, and push my hand all the way up to my shoulder in Moodle junk just to grab a file upload. Yeah maybe the network drive would be good enough.

#blind #Windows #moodle #accessibility #internet #education #EDU

5 hours ago

Microsoft já investiu 100 mil milhões de dólares no Bing para tentar travar a Google
#android #bing #google #internet #microsoft #online #noticias #tech #tugatech

Microsoft já investiu 100 mil milhões de dólares no Bing para tentar travar a Google
Kevin E. Walsh
6 hours ago

Now repurposed as a "a rolling Xwitter server, router, and switch panel for Elon Musk"
#DesignPatents #Internet #SocialMedia

Nubertia Lab
6 hours ago

Desarrollo de aplicaciones: Thunkable en el ecosistema No Code 2023 - Agencia de Innovación Digital | Lab…

En este artículo, me enfocaré en Thunkable, una herramienta de creación de aplicaciones sin… #internet

#innovation #nocode #startups

Insider UA
7 hours ago

✅ Готуйтеся завчасно

Інтернет без світла: які провайдери готові до нових відключень електроенергії | Економічна правда

#internet #Ukraine

7 hours ago

Okay, so. I really feel this is like the next thing. If you have not yet tried it, do it. The idea of a private, paid for search, aligns much better (in my book) with incentives for actually providing valuable results rather than profitable results.

#Kagi #InternetSearch #Search #Internet

Nubertia Lab
9 hours ago

Cómo construir una aplicación móvil con Glide: todo lo que necesitas saber 2023 - Agencia No Code | Nubertia…

Si estás buscando una forma fácil y sencilla de crear aplicaciones móviles sin tener que… #internet

#innovation #nocode #startups

Henning Uhle
9 hours ago

Ich mag keine erhobenen Zeigefinger nach dem Motto: Ich weiß es eh besser als du. Ich beobachte derzeit die sozialen Netzwerke genau und probiere etwas herum. Denn was ich nicht leiden kann, sind so Situationen, in denen man denkt, man muss mich anpinkeln. Das hat mich immer schon auf anderen Plattformen gestört, vor allem, wenn es nicht wirklich einen stichhaltigen […]

Zeigefinger, die mir auf den Geist gehen - Bild von kirill_makes_pics auf Pixabay
IT News
10 hours ago

European Telecom Groups Ask Brussels To Make Big Tech Pay More For Networks - Europe's biggest telecoms companies have called on the EU to compel Big Tech to pa... - #internet

Pyngu Digital
11 hours ago


Bleibt im Zuge der Verbreitung von Online-Diensten und „Smart Devices“ ein Anbieter in seinem Segment übrig, der eine reine Offline-Lösung anbietet, so verfügt dieser über ein (technologisches) Alleinstellungsmerkmal mit guten Erfolgsaussichten.

#Offline #Online #Internet #Analog #Digital #Media #UniqueSellingProposition

The #internet helps us discover and remember information. #LLM AI helps us understand and apply information. We need both.

#ai #llm #ml #chatgpt #google

Nubertia Lab
12 hours ago

Gamificación en UX Design: mejora la experiencia y el compromiso de tus usuarios | Agencia No Code | Nubertia Lab

La gamificación se ha convertido en una de las tendencias más sorprendentes en el diseño… #internet

#innovation #nocode #startups

☆ joene ☆
12 hours ago

Map Men: *Internet vs Ocean: the essential wires we never think about*

#internet #ocean #cable #wire #mustWatch

You ever get that feeling where something is just so monumentally fucked up that it’s easier to just start from scratch than trying to fix all the problems with it?

That’s how I’ve felt about the #internet for the past ten years or so.

Dan York
13 hours ago

More whining from European telcos about the need for large tech companies to pay their “fair share” … even though the telcos are all making profits already!

And… all of the large tech companies are *already* paying significantly for network infrastructure.

And… it is the *customers* of the telcos who are wanting to access these services.

But the telcos just want MORE money! 🤦‍♂️

tip @Techmeme
#EU #FairShare #Internet

IT News
14 hours ago

The antitrust suit against Google isn’t the DOJ-Microsoft fight redux - For longtime tech industry watchers, the US Department of Justice’s antitrust suit aga... - #technologyindustry #government #microsoft #internet #google

IT News
14 hours ago

Will the FTC's Lina Khan succeed in breaking up Amazon? - The FTC’s latest antitrust lawsuit accuses Amazon of using a web of anticompetitive st... - #technologyindustry #retailindustry #regulation #internet #legal

Nubertia Lab
15 hours ago

No se puede diseñar sin una mentalidad de crecimiento | Agencia No Code | Nubertia Lab

Una mentalidad de crecimiento impulsa a tu equipo a experimentar con nuevas formas de pensar. El diseño es la… #internet

#innovation #nocode #startups

16 hours ago

Ich bin kein Netzwerker doch irgendwie wundert mich dies nicht…

»DDoS-Schutz unwirksam – Hacker können Cloudflare-Kunden via Cloudflare angreifen:
Je nach Konfiguration können Hacker die Infrastruktur von Cloudflare selbst missbrauchen, um Webseiten von Cloudflare-Kunden anzugreifen.«


#internet #netz #netzwerk #ddos #cloud #sicherheit #angriff #cloudflare #situation

Bin versehentlich für 2min ohne #AdBlock durch das #Internet gesurft und fühle mich nun sehr schmutzig.

17 hours ago

So they admitted that their Goal is not Free Speech at all, not gonna lie thats what this reply says in my Eyes. Sad to say that you lost my Trust.
#FreeSpeech #NotSoFreeSpeech #Goverment #Freedom #Internet #Secure #Mail #Security #Encrypted #FlokiNet #Iceland #ProtonMail

Graham Downs
19 hours ago

Eish, I just can't get used to #Chrome popping up new #downloads at the top-right, in a balloon which disappears after a few seconds. I miss them showing up in a bar at the bottom and staying there permanently.

Else I forget what I have downloading, or I miss the little balloon in the top right (#RetinitisPigmentosa, you know, so no peripheral vision: #accessibility is important), and then I click the "Download" link multiple times because I think it hasn't worked.

Mind you, once I do know there's a download happening, I always press CTRL+J to see all the details, because I still feel lost if I don't know what the transfer rate in Kb/s or Mb/s is (#geek alert). I'm still miffed that OSes started hiding that info from users, because in my mind it's critical for computer users to have an intrinsic understanding of that stuff. :/

#Internet #browsers

Steve Thompson
20 hours ago

Hypocritical, self-righteous, reprobate politicians make for lousy moral police.

‟The Transphobia Hidden Inside the Latest Online Safety Bills”

‟What looks to some like a rare form of bipartisan agreement to rein in Big Tech is also a method of scrambling actual accountability—with a broad, dangerous 'save the children' crusade.”

#GOP #LGBTQ #Trans #humanrights #discrimination #erasure #safety #internet #blackburn

1 day ago

Can i download another operating system from the internet from an old release server? (ej. xenial xerus) #commandline #1604 #server #internet #laptop

1 day ago

PC cannot connect to internet using new cable modem #networking #networkmanager #internet

1 day ago

@feb Eine Entwicklung, die mich nicht erstaunt. Die #Kommerzialisierung des #Internet begann mit Werbung und Suchmaschinen, zerstörte alles was man anfangs mal als #socialmedia verstand und wird sich nun die freie Internetnutzung einverleiben.
So, wie das #Fediverse heute ein freies alternatives
Soziales-Netzwerk zu den kommerzialisierten + zentralistischen SocialMedia ist, so wird es wohl leider in 1-2 Jahrzehnten ein alternatives Internet geben müssen, um weiterhin frei surfen zu können.

1 day ago

“Online #streaming services that operate in #Canada, offer broadcasting content, and earn $10 million or more in annual revenues will need to complete a registration form by November 28, 2023.”

I see absolutely no way that the #CRTC can enforce this against foreign companies. The streamers can and should ignore this attempt by our government to regulate and censor the #Internet

#abstract Nowadays there is vast information publicly available on the #internet and it is ever-expanding.
#TheOnionRouter (TOR) network aims to grant people in such abusive areas anonymity on the internet, but with the emerge of quantum computers this anonymity is threatened.
In this work, we give insight into a quantum-safe #TOR network that grants anonymity in the quantum world…


2 days ago

The world’s oldest active Torrent turns 20 years old

Twenty years ago, a group of friends shot a Matrix fan film on a limited budget. Sharing their creation with the rest of the word initially appeared to be too expensive, but then they discovered a new technology called BitTorrent. Fast forward two decades and their “Fanimatrix" release is the oldest active torrent that's still wi


Frankie ✅
2 days ago

Backdoored firmware lets #China state hackers control routers with “magic packets”

The modified firmware used by BlackTech is hard to detect.

#news #tech #technology #technews #internet #hacking #security

The Japan Times
2 days ago

The Fair Trade Commission warned Google and other tech giants on Thursday that using news content from news media on their online platforms without proper compensation could potentially violate antimonopoly laws. #japan #google #yahoo #internet #media

3 days ago

@muminpappa @CCC @Welchering

Ich glaube kein Maulkorb (also nicht über das übliche Maß hinaus wenn der Verleger die Richtung vorgibt). Beim Öffentlichen Rundfunk dann halt Politik und Rundfunkrat der ja nun nicht wirklich die Bevölkerung darstellt, beim Rest wirkt dann halt das KiPo / Terror-Märchen.

Ich vermute eher grundsätzlich:

Das #Internet (und davon eine Funktion die Chatprogramme) haben zum Bedeutungsverlust von Rundfunk und Presse geführt. Die Gatekeeper Funktion für den gesellschaftlichen Diskurs ist seit ein 1...2 Jahrzehnten verloren gegangen. Dem trauert man hinterher. Alles was dem Internet und dem direkten Austausch in größeren Gruppen der Bevölkerung schadet ist erwünscht.

3 days ago

Ich nutze für die Inet-Suche mehr die @MetaGer, @Mojeek & @monocles meta Suchmaschinen, doch die unten erwähnte Ansätze helfen auch viel weiter um Artikel zu finden.

»Digitale Archive: Wie weitersuchen, wenn Google nicht weiterweiss?
Auch nach 25 Jahren kennt Google nicht auf alles eine Antwort. Unser Autor nennt tolle, kaum bekannte Archive für vergessene Websites, historische Medien und Foto-Zeitreisen.«
– von @MrClicko


#suchmaschine #internet #google #historie

3 days ago

The FCC Restores Its Responsibility to Oversee Corporate Control of Internet

Net neutrality is the ability to monitor and regulate hugely powerful companies’ control over an essential element of public life.

#FCC #Internet #NetNeutrality

alexdp 🏴‍☠️
3 days ago

Happy to find out @rms is on mastodon. I wonder if you're open to debate or conversation, mr Stallman. I was at one of your talks in Monza around 2015. I was only 15. I'm now a happy developer and pirate. #rms #stallman #gnu #linux #gnupluslinux #foss #fsf #freesoftware #software #pirate #steal #share #free #freedom #freedoms #democracy #anarchy #anarchism #anarchist #libertarian #libertarianism #decentralized #open #opensource #science #research #computer #network #rust #rustlang #web #internet

3 days ago

Oha, da muss auch ich wohl meine Server ändern. Gut das ich diesen Artikel noch unter meinen Augen kriegte, denn ich bin eigentlich nicht der Server Admin.

»Verschlimmbessertes VPN: Ein Wort der Warnung zu OPNsense/DECISO«


#browser #linux #vpn #opensense #server #itsicherheit #pfsense #internet

dotScot Registry
3 days ago

Exactly 14 years ago yesterday we formed the small, not-for-profit company #DotScotRegistry that would eventually apply @ICANN & acquire the .scot domain enabling #Scotland to finally take its place on #internet Wee reminder of how it all worked #birth #heritage #affinity #business #charity #culture

3 days ago

Attention, si vous circulez souvent en #OuiGo, ne vous servez surtout pas de ce script pour vous faciliter grandement l’accès à internet :

D'ailleurs il n'y a aucune garantie sur :
- ce que fait ce script
- ce qu'est censé faire ce script
- l'usage fait de ce script

Ne me faites pas dire ce que j'ai pas dit, d'ailleurs j'ai rien dit du tout ou alors pas du tout ça.

#train #internet

Bartosz Popadiak
4 days ago

całkiem że lubię nie mieć twarzy w internetach. czy kryje się za tym jakaś idea? może. a może tylko estetyka #selfie #zdjecie #internet #anonim #Faceless

Fred Brooker
4 days ago
PHP is dead. Or is it?
Angry Tea Lady
5 days ago

Au final, j'ai fait ma vraie arrivée dans la sphère #francophone il n'y a quelques semaines vraiment mais vu que je m'adapte bien et que j'aimais beaucoup #tumblr (on remarquera un système d'abonnement similaire, tumblr qui a indiqué vouloir se fédérer d'ailleurs, j'ai hâte, avec #wordpress), je n'ai eu qu'une expérience positive ici, avec à la fois des discussions techniques et poussées, et du bavardage agréable et tranquille, sans trolls.

Que demander de plus ?
#reseauxsociaux #internet

5 days ago

»Datenschutz: Sachsens Staatskanzlei soll Mastodon statt Facebook nutzen«

Weshalb ist dieses Thema in der Schweiz immer noch nicht vorhanden? Da wird X/Twitter & Facebook fast ausschliesslich genutzt, weil die BürgerInnen anscheinend "nur" dort online sind. Ach ja, es gibt mehr als nur Mastodon um das Fediverse zu nutzen & zu kommunizieren!


#staat #burger #sachsen #schweiz #internet #kommunikation #mastodon #fediverse #datenschutz

stefani banerian
5 days ago

Cult of the Dead Cow has released #Veilid: A secure peer-to-peer #network for apps that flips off the #surveillance economy

The idea being here that apps – #mobile, #desktop, #web, and headless – can find and talk to each other across the #internet privately and securely without having to go through centralized and often corporate-owned systems. Veilid provides code for app developers to drop into their #software so that their clients can join and communicate in a peer-to-peer #community.


#p2p #security #privacy #framework #communication #freedom #opensource #decentralization #hacker

A shared spreadsheet reveals working hours at #China’s biggest #internet companies

“Most tech workers report working from around 10 a.m. to around 9 p.m., five days a week.
Many take a generous couple of hours off for lunch or dinner.
Plenty of people report overtime and working six days a week is not rare.”

Meta unveiled new AI products for consumers as well as bots and an updated virtual-reality headset.#Economy #BusinessandEconomy #Internet #SocialMedia #Technology #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Meta aims to build a future to connect ‘physical and digital’
Yahia Lababidi
5 days ago

OpenAI's ChatGPT can now browse the internet and is no longer limited to data before September 2021.

#OpenAI #ChatGPT #Tech #news #internet #ai

LA Legault
5 days ago

The one big drawback to #Biden’s age and the age of congress and the senate is they DO NOT understand the #internet and therefore have let Musk & #bigtech destroy its citizens & #democracy and the country controls all the internet’s biggest communications tools.

Sean Gonsalves
5 days ago

Indian Country faces the biggest #Internet connectivity challenges in the U.S.

At last the fed gov is starting to make needed infrastructure investments as Tribal Nations are building & operating their own broadband networks

Link below to our story on NTIA's Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program and how a number of Tribal Nations are getting down to business in creating digital sovereignty

#IndigenousMastodon #IndianCountry #DigitalEquity

Four members of the Hoopa Valley Tribe in California holding up a wireless Internet antenna atop a mountain with clouds in the background

From elsewhere on the #internet

Internet Society
6 days ago

Today, 9 Internet innovators were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Celebrating their achievements is a reminder of why we do the work we do—to grow and protect the Internet.

Please consider donating today to safeguard the Internet for future innovators!


Video of Israel Rosas, a younger man with dark hair, a mustache, beard, and glasses. He is wearing a white, speckled shirt and sitting in a black chair. A white wall is visible behind him with a few small paintings on it.

He says:

We just ended the Internet Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We recognized nine internet pioneers. They are Abe Bohan Laura Briden Ivan Moral Campus, Steve Sisler, Peter Eley Harwood Glasser, La William Schraeder and Ramon at the Internet Society. We are thrilled to recognize these internet pioneers, but also we know that our efforts couldn't be possible without your generous donations. So please consider donate today.
Internet Society
6 days ago

WATCH LIVE NOW - the 2023 Induction Ceremony for the Internet Hall of Fame:

Join us in celebrating the induction of 9 Internet Pioneers into the IHOF:


6 days ago

#Business #Anniversaries
Celebrating 15 years of DuckDuckGo · The past, present, and future of the popular Google alternative

#Internet #Web #Websites #SearchEngine #Privacy

Warner Crocker
6 days ago
MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 week ago

My upcoming track #DeadInternet is named after the #DeadInternetTheory, the theory that most of the #Internet is "dead" because almost all traffic is #bot and #AI-generated:

I've also created some designs and uploaded them to my #Redbubble #merch store you can check out below. My personal favourites are the vaporwave swans and the pop-ups dress! :BlackSwan:👗

Picture of a man wearing a t-shirt with four lavender-and-mint-tinted computer windows on it showing pictures of a cartoon black swan's head in the same colour scheme.
Picture of a baseball cap reading "Dead Internet" in the style of a captcha.
Picture of a woman wearing a dress patterned with a lot of Internet pop-ups on it.
Picture of a laptop skin showing Cockburn (pronounced "co-burn"), an anthropomorphic purple bear (he's usually yellow) wearing a purple hoodie and looking unphased in a glitchy turquoise-lavender-coloured digital vaporwave space.
MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 week ago

I've made some #music making fun of the #enshittification of the #Internet! 🎶

It's called "Dead Internet" and starts as a peaceful #Vaporwave tune inspired by computery sounds of the late 90s, but as it progresses it distorts and becomes a creepier husk of itself, symbolising the Internet's mutation into the #SEO-#spam-filled, #algorithm-driven, #AI-generated race to the bottom we know it today! 🌐

Pre-save link is and it's out in October on #FridayThe13th! Spooky... 👻

Chris Hall
1 week ago

Association of Internet Researchers just published a intro to Mastodon video and is encouraging academics to get active on Mastodon.

#AoIR #Mastodon #Introduction #TwitterMigration @AoIR @admin1 #Internet #Commodon #AcademicChatter

@pluralistic talks about everything that threatens to make the internet “a toxic waste dump”—and the ways you can regain control of your choices online.

#Tech #Internet

Another excellent talk by Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) on why #Facebook, #Twitter / X and similar for-profit #internet platforms suck so much and are getting even worse. And what to do about it.

DEF CON 31 - An Audacious Plan to Halt the Internet's Enshittification

ArNi 🇩🇪 🔐
1 week ago

I’ve been using @protonmail for nearly 7 years now and using it successfully with my custom #domains too. Such a great evolution of the product and still growing product family. Now it’s time to #share. Using my referral link gives you a #free month of #Proton #Mail Plus to get in touch a personal impression of the look and feel.

Let’s build a better #internet, where #privacy is the default.

1 week ago

That ruling was narrower than a district court’s finding that also barred #government ofcls from working w/ #academic groups, including the #Stanford #Internet Observatory. But the #DOJ argues the injunction still contradicts certain First Amendment principles, including that the president is entitled to use his bully pulpit to persuade American companies “to act in ways that the President believes would advance the #PublicInterest.”

1 week ago

LThat ruling was narrower than a district court’s finding that also barred #government ofcls from working w/ #academic groups, including the #Stanford #Internet Observatory. But the #DOJ argues the injunction still contradicts certain First Amendment principles, including that the president is entitled to use his bully pulpit to persuade American companies “to act in ways that the President believes would advance the #PublicInterest.”


I didn't know who @pluralistic was before this, but as a fellow GenXer who remembers when the Internet was good, I appreciate this, and also yell at this cloud.

#Internet #Enshittification #OldManYellsAtCloud

Dan York
1 week ago

This week was one where I actually *wrote* articles/posts for a change! 🎉

For my work at @internetsociety , I wrote:

- about the reports we were seeing (but were unable to verify) of #Internet shutdowns in #Libya :

- About #Techxit, the collateral damage of the UK's #OnlineSafetyBill -

For my personal sites:

- About Facebook's multiple account support:

Only 3 posts... but that's 3 more than I wrote the week before!!

The #Economics of Open Source talk by @evancz was really great, insightful and funny - and also a bit depressing. When someone like Evan can't release a feature because of fear of being "Jeff-ed" (outcompeted in trying to monetize by providing hosting by AWS and other large players) ...

It's hard to make money to throw at this if you're not one of the #Internet #Landlords


Evan Czaplicki, author of Elm, on stage with a slide showing all the job functions that need to be done around developing and supporting a programming language
Internet Society
2 weeks ago

Techxit: The UK Declares Its Exit from the High-Tech Startup World

"With this one act, the UK has declared its exit from the high-tech startup world and doomed the UK to be a follower of Europe, the USA, India, and everywhere else that encourages innovation."

- @danyork writing about the #UK #OnlineSafetyBill

#Techxit #Internet

Ondine B.
2 weeks ago

July 18, 1992: The First Photo Uploaded to the Web, of CERN’s All-Girl Science Rock Band "Les Horribles Cernettes" ("The Horrible CERN Girls" in English)

The group sang love songs about colliders, quarks, liquid nitrogen, microwaves, and antimatter in ’60s-inspired outfits.

(the article contains the songs and funny lyrics, it's not that bad! 😀 )
#CERN #worldwideweb #internet #music #science #geek #physics #collider #womenintech

The first image published in the world wide web, showing the 4 women of the Les Horribles Cernettes band posing for the photo wearing party dresses, and the name of the band written in pink in a light blue background.
John Mueller
2 weeks ago

50 years ago, these kids invented what would later become TikTok. Always love the stories with folks from the early days of the Internet. It's a long video, but a fun one.

#internet #networking #seo #mastodon
2 weeks ago

Übermedien: Kommentar: Der Link, das ewige Tabu

Vermeintliche Qualitätsmedien ignorieren immer noch Mindeststandards des Online-Journalismus. Bei „T-Online“ ist es besonders absurd.
Der Link, das ewige Tabu | Übermedien

2 weeks ago

Celebrating 50 years of TCP / IP
Fireside chat with Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

Livestreamed earlier today.

#internet #history #computer #network

Justin Poehnelt
2 weeks ago

One of the local Wireless #Internet Service Providers, #WISP, is overstating their service as 100/20. This is really annoying as it messes up all the #FCC and state #broadband maps. In reality, everyone is lucky to get 25/3 with them and given the terrain in #Colorado, like where I live, service is not even possible due to line of sight.

Starting a little grassroots campaign on the local #Reddit and #Nextdoor to get the community to challenge the availability and speeds! 😠

I want #fiber!

The Ferridge
2 weeks ago

Looking back on twenty years since an #internet #classic graced the small screen for the first time

heise online
2 weeks ago

Champions League und iOS 17: Neuer Datenrekord am DE-CIX erreicht

Der Traffic an Europas größtem Internetknoten wächst und wächst. Nun wurde erstmals ein Spitzenwert beim Datendurchsatz von mehr als 15 Tbit/s erreicht.

#DECIX #Internet #Streaming #news

Gelbe Ethernetkabel
Autonomie und Solidarität
2 weeks ago

The #UK Parliament Undermined The #Privacy, #Security, And #Freedom Of All Internet Users Worldwide
"The U.K. Parliament has passed the #OnlineSafetyBill (OSB), which says it will make the U.K. “the safest place” in the world to be online. In reality, the OSB will lead to a much more censored, locked-down internet for British users. The bill could empower the government to undermine not just the privacy and security of U.K. residents, but #internet users worldwide."
#encryption #Privacy #Data #freespeech #ukpolitics
via @eff

Blue raised fist with key in it

Kids in the 90s were clairvoyant. Their predictions about the internet were spot on.

#Internet #WorldWideWeb #90s #Technology #TheKidsAreOurFuture

Younger kids in a classroom with computers in the background. Various screenshots of web browsers appear with websites relevant to what they’re talking about. Flashy graphics and text also appear sporadically.
Robert Kingett
2 weeks ago

A New Chapter for Waterfox, > I am happy to say that Waterfox is independent again. This change allows the community and myself to shape the browser’s future direction. #Firefox #Privacy #Internet

Jane Adams
2 weeks ago

I realize that I haven't shared much in the past few years about my previous work at the UVM Comp. Story Lab, where we studied phenomena like incels, k-pop, and linguistic turbulence on platforms like #Reddit and #Twitter. Explains why I know so much obscure internet lore 😅 Enjoy:

Incel lexicon:
K-pop > "god":

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Popular incel Memes (left to right): Virgin, Chad, Becky and Stacy. The 'Virgin' represents the incel, and is depicted with his head down, a thin stature and pale skin [20]. He is characterized as inferior to a 'Chad', who is brutish and unintelligent [20]. 'Becky' represents an undesirable woman, who is educated and outspoken [21]. Lastly, 'Stacy' is the female counterpart to Chad. She is represented as promiscuous and shallow [21].
Zipf distribution of terms that end with "-cel" in the incel corpus. The above distribution shows the frequency of each term that ends in "-cel" in the incel corpus vs its rank. Some of the points have been labelled with their respective "-cel" term. The highest ranked and most frequently occurring term is "incel". "Volcel", or "voluntary celibate" is another popular instance of "-cel" terms. The diversity of these terms is indicative of user identification with the incel movement.
Charts comparing the word usage ranks of @bts_twt (the Twitter account of BTS) versus usage of the word 'god' over time, showing BTS consistently outpacing god beginning in 2018
Allotaxonograph using probability-turbulence divergence to compare normalized 1-gram usage rates
on two days of Twitter, 2020/03/12 and 2020/05/30—key dates in the US for the COVID-19 pandemic and
the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd’s murder. Details are the same as for Fig. 1. The days
are according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the 1-grams are those containing latin characters found in English-
language tweets [27, 28].
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🆕 blog! “False Friends - HTML Elements which are also Top Level Domains”

In linguistics, a "False Friend" is a word which looks similar in multiple languages, but means something different in each of them. For example the word "gift" in English means "a present", in German means "poison", and in Norwegian it means "married". The Internet uses Top Level …

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False Friends - HTML Elements which are also Top Level Domains

In linguistics, a "False Friend" is a word which looks similar in multiple languages, but means something different in each of them. For example the word "gift" in English means "a present", in German means "poison", and in Norwegian it means "married".

The Internet uses Top Level Domains (TLD) to organise information into hierarchies. This website uses .mobi - you may also be familiar with .com for commercial entities, or .de for German pages.

The World Wide Web uses HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to structure web pages. For example <footer> to display a footer, or <ol> for an ordered list.

There is absolutely no relationship between the two sets of entities. But, just for fun, are there any HTML elements which happen to be false friends of the TLDs?

Before we go any further, have a quick think. How many do you reckon there are? Are there some which spring to mind immediately?

Obviously, the first port of call is AI. Its mastery of all things means that we can get an accurate answer in a nanosecond.


Right, let's compare the Element Reference with the Root Zone Database.

There are fifteen current HTML elements which have a match with a TLD. And a couple which are deprecated. Here they are:

🔊 <audio> .audio
🇧🇷 <br> .br - Brazil
🗂 <data> .data
🇭🇷 <hr> .hr - Croatia
🇱🇮 <li> .li - Liechtenstein
🔗 <link> .link
🗺 <map> .map
<menu> .menu
🔎 <search> .search
👉 <select> .select
🧥 <style> .style
🇹🇩 <td> .td - Chad
🇹🇭 <th> .th - Thailand
🇹🇷 <tr> .tr - Türkiye
📹 <video> .video

And the ones which are no longer valid HTML:

🖕 <center> .center
🇹🇹 <tt> .tt - Trinidad and Tobago

Is that more than you expected? Less? Are there others which you think should be TLDs? Should HTML get a <uk> element post-Brexit? Have I missed any?

Comments in the usual box.

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Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Book Review: The Internet Con - How to Seize the Means of Computation by Cory Doctorow”

This is beloved firebrand Cory doing what he does best. Rallying the rebellion with righteous indignation and a no-nonsense approach to fixing technology's ills. If you've read any of his fiction, or liste…

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Book Review: The Internet Con - How to Seize the Means of Computation by Cory Doctorow

This is beloved firebrand Cory doing what he does best. Rallying the rebellion with righteous indignation and a no-nonsense approach to fixing technology's ills.

If you've read any of his fiction, or listened to him talk, you'll know what to expect. An overview of how big tech has screwed us over and the consequences of those machinations. Unlike other writers, Doctorow provides eminently practical solutions.

Now, some of the solutions you'll be unable to implement unless you're an elected official. So now's a great time to write to your representative and ask them to take action.

He is relentless at pointing out the hypocrisy of big tech - fighting to carve out exceptions for themselves which they then deny to others. We get a full-on historical lesson about the VCR and how the fight for the right to party infringe copyright was won and lost several times.

I spent many years working inside the UK Government pushing the agenda of open standards and interoperability. So it was particularly gratifying to read:

Governments can—and should—have rules about interoperability in their procurement policies. They should require companies hoping to receive public money to supply the schematics, error codes, keys and other technical matter needed to maintain and improve the things they sell and provide to our public institutions.

That's what I did! It is getting better - but it is work that will never be finished.

Similarly, he accurately describes the problems with Standards Development Organisations:

standardization meetings and forensic examinations of firewall errors—is supremely dull. It combines the thrill of bookkeeping with the excitement of Robert’s Rules of Order.

I've been a member of many and - yes - that's exactly what it is like. But, I take slight issue at some of his suggestions on this topic. The ideal SDO has to be a compromise. No one gets to walk away entirely happy. This is the eternal "Devil's Bargain" - we all exchange a little bit of what we want in order to get closer to what we need. I'm not sure there's any way around that without centrally mandating specific technical choices.

Indeed, he goes on to say:

We won’t fix anything by demanding the impossible and shouting “nerd harder!” when tech companies fail to produce it. Nor will we fix anything by taking the tech industry at its word when it tells us that effective policies are flat-out impossible.

I'm a boring practicalist. At some point we need to do what works, even if it is ideologically unpleasant.

One of the things that Cory does well is "steelman" his opponents' arguments. He's excellent at taking on some big topics (CSAM and Blockchain, for example) and giving their proponents the benefit of the doubt1. And then he forensically takes them apart.

Cory's writing style is like his spoken style. The poetic rhythm is almost palpable - as is his love for sarcastic asides. It makes this - admittedly short - book supremely quick to read. I feel greedy asking for more - but the book does end rather abruptly.

If you work in tech, or go anywhere near tech-policy, this is a must read. It gives you the history of how we got here, explains the problems happening now, and warns about an uncertain future.

  1. OK, he does say "It’s an established fact that 99.83 percent of all conversations about blockchain are nonconsensual." Which is a bit uncharitable. It's, like, 99.73% max! ↩

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Oh, I'm seeing some mainstream coverage of the Internet Safety Bill and they're saying things like "It's a step forwards" and "We have to make young people safe" and "The internet is an addiction" and "children need to be protected by this bill" and "this bill will make the online world safer"

They have found space for nobody saying anything bad about this bill at all.

What a load of blatant crazy people talking crazy stuff.

The bill is a terrible awful law which will do nothing to protect anyone while being onerous on service providers. It it unenforceable, poorly defined, will drive internet business outside the UK where we have less control of it, and will expose people to more dangers online.

If you use the internet from the UK you better be prepared to be more spied upon by business and stalked by the state than ever before. Maybe get your ID out every time you wanna leave Facebook.

If you run an internet business in the UK you better be prepared to move abroad. Though not to the US or the EU, they have similar terrible awful plans.

But you would not get that impression watching the BBC this morning at all.

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