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The Fight Continues — Internet Archive Appeals Publishers’ Lawsuit


@petergleick copyright infringement in 183k cases? that can get expensive. Can someone with a legal background explain the difference to the #internetarchive lawsuit?

1 day ago

Internet Archive Files Appeal in Publishers’ Lawsuit Against Libraries | Internet Archive Blogs #libraries #InternetArchive

Diego Pappalardo
1 day ago

The world of copyright, really.
Feed books to ChatGPT, no of 'em moves. But take book lending to a new level, so culture becomes available to the masses, and the publishing houses go berserk.

@internetarchive , I'm a bit short at the moment, but count on me to donate before the end of the year 👍

#internetarchive #copyright #CapitalismKills #hachettevinternetarchive #hachettecankissmyhairyyellowbutt

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These three recordings from February 2020 at the Swedish American Hall are such a great run of of shows: Three nights solo. Lots of obscure stuff, one-offs, compilation releases, etc. He plays the #Jedi song for crissake! (it's canon.) Good, long banter too! If you want to hear what's beyond the albums, this is a really good bunch. #TheMountainGoats #LiveGoats #Bootlegs #InternetArchive #Music #LiveMusic

James Hare
2 days ago

One thing I particularly enjoy about working on #InternetArchive Bot for #Wikipedia is learning about the different languages Wikipedia has editions in, and in turn, you learn about languages of the world.

There are so many languages! And Wikipedia exists in *hundreds* of languages! And those are only a fraction of the several *thousand* languages in existence!

I particularly appreciate that Wikipedia exists in literary languages like Old Church Slavonic.

3 days ago

Downloading 12GB of Patrice O'Neal appearances on O&A from the mighty #internetarchive. How's your day going?

Kevin Neely :donor:
4 days ago
Blasting Rod
5 days ago

This equinox, enjoy(?) a free stream, download, or torrent of Blasting Rod's last show of summer on Internet Archive Live Music Archive ブラスティングロッドの夏の最後のライブは秋分のサントラで無料配信でも、ダウンロードでもどういうふうでもどうぞ!


Max Schleiffer
5 days ago

The NYT has tried to block a web crawler affiliated with the famous Internet Archive, whose easy-to-use article version comparisons have sometimes been a source of embarrassment for the paper. It added “ia_archiver” — a bot that, in the past, captured huge numbers of websites for the Internet Archive — to a list that instructs certain crawlers to stay out of its website.
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Luna Lactea
1 week ago

Some other people seem to have been archiving Nomad Complex too! It seems like someone got it again on September 18 after they decided to wait another eight hours before shutting down. I also realized I missed a few URLs. I missed /cart/add & */_t/c/. I'm not sure /cart/add would have done anything for the archive, maybe it would allow you to add pretend items to a pretend cart. /_t/c/ is just the link you click in an email to view your order, but it's weird; it has a few long strings of capital letters & numbers separated by hyphens, then a super long set of parameters. It does not function if you remove the parameters & redirects to */password. If you do include the parameters it allows you to see all of an order's details EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT LOGGED IN, which I think is a security issue & needs some idiotproofing so people have to log in to see order details. I would love to archive this page, but it's unsafe to do that because then sensitive information would be there

#nomadcomplex #InternetArchive

Katharina Brunner
1 week ago

How to Find Differences on Websites in the @internetarchive – automatically. I tested @edsu’s memento cli tool:

The idea: you input a string and you get the first snapshot/memento of an URL that contains it (or misses it). The process still takes long, because in the background every archived website needs to be opened, but at least I can read on Mastodon in the meantime.

#internetarchive #archive

Katharina Brunner
1 week ago

How to Find Differences on Websites in the Internet Archive – Automatically

1 week ago

I am just going to shout out this amazing software (which I didn't try yet). Surf like it is any date you like! #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine

Luna Lactea
1 week ago

It looks like I got everything. Every single product page accessible by clicking "Clothing", "Underwear", & "Accessories". Now you should be able to see the entire Nomad Complex website, except for some stuff that requires you to log in & the old Roam Rewards program that got discontinued*. I did get some of the URLs that you need to be logged in for but they redirect to the login page, so at least we know they used to be there.

*I'm sure someone else already archived what they could of that.
#nomadcomplex #internetarchive

Luna Lactea
1 week ago

oooooooohh browser going to crash compuer is crying so hard begging for forgiveness
Also yes, I have not put Firefox on my desktop yet because I never use my desktop.
#nomadcomplex #internetarchive

So many tabs open in a Google Chrome window that the icons just barely fit in the very small space they have.
Luna Lactea
1 week ago

You should be able to view most of your favorite designs from them once I finish doing all this clicking though.
#nomadcomplex #internetarchive

Luna Lactea
1 week ago

I'm manually saving every page of the Nomad Complex website to Internet Archive before they shut down because there doesn't seem to be a working way to save all pages. I found one thing for that but apparently it's broken.
#nomadcomplex #internetarchive

Josh Renaud
2 weeks ago

Thinking back to those glorious 8 months where we had DiscMaster. What an amazing tool. I hope it comes back someday.

#digipres #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #research #history #search #internetarchive #archives

Screenshot of the DiscMaster website.
Peter Binkley
2 weeks ago

I've updated my #InternetArchive #IIIF bookmarklet to use the official IIIF service instead of the lab one (all you need to do if you want to edit your bookmarklet is change "" to ""). The manifest URI isn't linked from the front page of a regular IA item, so the bookmarklet is still useful if you want to copy-and-paste the manifest URI.

Peter Binkley
2 weeks ago

For more info on the new #IIIF service at #InternetArchive, here's the video of the Community call: , and the slides: (with lots of links to examples)

2 weeks ago

a New Jersey teacher in this 1960 film knows her students by name and how many kids are in the family - and she tells the interviewer she feels guilty about the kids' situation, because she and her community benefit from their parents' work harvesting produce, while the parents and kids don't see much for their work and pains.


2 weeks ago

#InternetArchive has tons of short educational, and propagandistic, films the many are along the themes of #Democracy (good) and #Despotism (not good)

- but these kind of simple ideas that we should respect others, would get banned from many libraries today.

"As a community moves towards Despotism, respect is restricted to fewer people."

Régis Robineau
2 weeks ago

#InternetArchive supporte même les Collections #IIIF 🎁

Exemple : JPL HD Video Collection 🌠 🌎 🌕 🚀 ... dans #Mirador :

Régis Robineau
2 weeks ago

#IIIF est désormais officiellement disponible dans #InternetArchive, avec prise en charge des images, audios et vidéos 💥

Peter Binkley
2 weeks ago

Well, we can celebrate the wedding of #IIIF and #InternetArchive . This is going to be great! - that's a v3 manifest generated by IA's new production IIIF service.

It's a little weird that I'm in San Francisco and thought, "Oh, I wonder if I can visit the Internet Archive!" right? I mean...the whole point is that I can visit it from anywhere. #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine

Codex ☯️♈☮
2 weeks ago

@keyboard @gamingonlinux

Wow! They really just decided to burn down the whole forest huh?

Yeah at that point I guess all that's left is the #InternetArchive

Jonathan Bailey
2 weeks ago

Second group of authors sue OpenAI, Internet Archive files appeal in controlled digital lending case and Uncle Roger dodges copyright notice.

#Copyright #AI #OnePiece #InternetArchive

2 weeks ago

@Natanox Given that #InternetArchive are facing lawsuits for hosting copyrighted contents by the music labels (even the copyright are too ridiculous that only those corps can benefit from them), I think it's time for a #Fediverse version of #internetarchive

Though given how many people here are very hostile against archiving/bots, I hope that the instances #Fediverse version of Internet Archive aren't preemtively defederated though.

2 weeks ago

“Libraries are under attack like never before. The core values and library functions of #preservation and #access, equal opportunity, and universal #education are being threatened by book bans, #budget cuts, onerous licensing schemes, and now by this harmful lawsuit. We are counting on the appellate judges to support libraries and our longstanding and widespread library practices in the #digital age. Now is the time to stand up for #libraries.”
#InternetArchive #Internet

Uwe Küchler
2 weeks ago

25% of all books in the #InternetArchive might vanish from their vaults, leaving 15% completely unavailable, analyzes @benj :

Oakland Privacy
2 weeks ago

Internet Archive Files Appeal in Publishers’ Lawsuit Against Libraries

“Libraries are under attack like never before. The core values and library functions of preservation and access, equal opportunity, and universal education are being threatened by book bans, budget cuts, onerous licensing schemes, and now by this harmful lawsuit..."

#libraries #InternetArchive #lawsuit #bookbans

2 weeks ago

The face when finding a link rot recipe on Internet Archive:

#Cats #Cat #Caturday #InternetArchive #archives #archive #cooking #recipe #recipes #chocolate

Herzenschein 🩵⭐
3 weeks ago

On the matter of #Tellico databases, #OpenLibrary had the best results for my books in German as far as 197X and my modern linguistics books in Brazilian Portuguese, and #GoogleBooks had the best results for most books, especially modern ones.

Open Library definitely caught my attention. It's part of the #InternetArchive and it's driven by contributions, so you can help improve the metadata for books yourself. That's pretty cool.

And although I do have a rather strong anti-corporatist streak, I gotta hand it to Google for making Books and Scholar open.

3 weeks ago

Sometimes I draw #audiobook covers for #LibriVox, a public domain project where you can listen and download (mostly) old books read by volunteers.

All my covers are made with #inkscape and .svg are available on the #internetarchive

This time I decided to draw a #sheep and use gradients despite not being very comfortable with them 🙈 The audiobook is "Catalogs to sleep by" a collection of texts aimed at helping you.. to #sleep! 💤


Audiobook cover for "Catalogs to sleep by" on Librivox. A collection of texts to help people sleeping well. The drawing raffigures a sheep with some stars and a light bulb. Orange and purple are the main colors.
Josh Renaud
3 weeks ago

How did I not know this?

Mat*Rat (aka Matthew Ratcliffe), the late Atari 8-bit writer and programmer, lived in Ferguson, Mo., less than 1,500 feet from where I'm typing this now!

I never met him, but as a kid I admired his interesting articles and programs throughout all my old Atari books. I thought it was he cool that he was from "St. Louis."

Things you learn browsing the Internet Archive.

#atari #atari8bit #internetarchive #retrocomputing #vintagecomputing

Roberta Fidora
3 weeks ago

Does anybody know of any reasonable quality vintage clip archives that offer low cost or free footage to use in independent film and music projects? #Histodons #PublicDomain #InternetArchive #RoyaltyFree #Filmmakers #Filming #Visuals #Archives #Archivists #Collections #OldFootage #FoundFootage #AskFedi #AskFediverse

Maria Bustillos
3 weeks ago

@lilithsaintcrow @orc

The Internet Archive

1) is a library

2) has defended library/patron rights in the digital age for about forever (q.v.

3) is a key partner of hundreds of libraries including the Library of Congress and

4) Internet Archive honors all takedown requests, so if you don't want your stuff there you can have it removed

#libraries #internetarchive #censorship #books #bookstodon

Paul Chambers
4 weeks ago

qBittorrent Web UI Exploited to Mine Cryptocurrency: Here’s How to Fix

If you use qbit for downloading @internetarchive torrents or 'other' torrents, you might want to take a look and fix.

#Tech #Torrent #Torrenting #piracy #Security #InfoSec #qBittorrent #InternetArchive

4 weeks ago

None of the books in the #InternetArchive Texts to Borrow section is borrowable now. I get an error when I click on the borrow button. This is for all books, even if there is no ebook version. I can't tell if the problem is on my end.

Maria Bustillos
1 month ago

It's not safe for democracy, or cultural posterity, to leave an "on/off switch" for library books in the hands of corporate publishers

#libraries #democracy #bookstodon #internetarchive #books #publishing

an apple resting on a pile of schoolbooks
Maria Bustillos
1 month ago

Buying a book should be as easy (and as permanent) as buying an apple.

Democracy depends on it

new from me at @thenation

#libraries #books #democracy #internetarchive #copyright #ebooks

from the linked article:

Publishers can’t demand more money for the paper books you’ve already bought, but the technology for copying and distributing books has evolved a lot since 1909. So four titanic corporate publishers are currently in court, insisting on the effective right to barge in and demand multiple, recurring payments for digital books–like they do for digital movies, music, and software–and they want to exercise that same power over the books in libraries.
1 month ago

Por la demanda de las cuatro grandes editoriales Hachette, Penguin Random House, Wiley y HarperCollins, #InternetArchive deberá limitar su sistema de préstamo digital.

Es una pérdida significativa de acceso a conocimiento valioso para el público 👇👇

1 month ago

4am’s Crack of Spare Change
Spare Change is an odd little Apple II game from 1983, where the player tries to thwart mischievous creatures who escaped from an arcade game, who are trying to steal quarters from the machines. One of Broderbund's earlier hits, although it never gained the recognition of Lode Runner.
#retro #4am #appleii #crack #internetarchive #retro #softwarepreservation

1 month ago

TIL that the #InternetArchive has a **massive** collection of scholarly articles from #PubMed (209k+ and growing)!

Also, just a lot of scholarly articles in general. It looks like it all has full-text search too.

#academia #openaccess #NIH #NLM

1 month ago

"There's a Manual for That"

Horace Rumpole posted an eclectic selection of digitized manuals from the Internet Archive curated by Jason Scott

#InternetArchive #digitization #digitized #manuals #howto #collection #fun #DIY

Cover of Apollo 8 Saturn V Flight Manual by NASA

Want to help Internet Archive's Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications? Are you in or around #Oakland, California? Are you available WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30?

In 2015 #InternetArchive acquired a *massive* collection of manuals, rescued from the closing Manuals Plus in Maryland. The manuals were packed up and sent to San Francisco, awaiting for a day some or all of it would be digitized. That day has come.

We need help sorting the manuals, looking for the radio-related stuff.

It just occurred to me that the #InternetArchive is basically the only thing holding back the persistent bit rot that’s destroying the history of the net… so naturally enormous corporations are attempting to destroy them.

Also, one goal of the push towards ubiquitous cloud computing and the War Against General Computing is to watch every single thing we do, and destroy our ability to copy and spread whatever we feel like, instead of what the corporations decide we are “permitted” to partake in.

Konrad M. Lawson
1 month ago

There is a wonderful 1947 documentary film on "Making Books" on Internet Archive.

If the link doesn't work on mobile, try this direct link to video file:

#histodons #books #primarysources #internetarchive

1 month ago

It turns out that Automattic operates an @xmpp server at that powers the Firehouse. It serves as an XMPP PubSub to syndicate all posts on and all sites that use WordPress. The WordPress XMPP server can be accessed at WordPress does not connect directly to the XMPP server but rather via Ping-O-Matic!.

Still according to a blog post by Timo Tijhof, Principal Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine crawler does not index all websites like Google, for sites that use WordPress, the Internet Archive crawler uses the Firehouse to get website updates.

#XMPP #WordPress #InternetArchive

Konrad M. Lawson
1 month ago

Posted a scan of the June, 1941 issue of Contemporary Japan: A Review of Far Eastern Affairs to Internet Archive:

Articles include an exploration of castle building in Japan and the history of Japanese war literature. However, it also includes one of several pieces in the journal by the interesting international legal scholar Thomas Baty. 1/

#primarysources #japan #internetarchive #histodons

CONTEMPORARY A Review of Far Eastern Affairs
Konrad M. Lawson
1 month ago

In WWII, the US War Department's collection of language phrase books proliferated signficantly. I found a copy of the 1944 Korean phrase book that must have come in handy when US forces showed up on the peninsula in September, 1945. US forces were infamously ill equipped to engage with Korean locals, depending a lot on Japanese interpreters and Japanese speaking Koreans. Posted to IA:

TM 30-642 Korean Phrase Book

#primarysources #korea #histodons #internetarchive

Korean Phrase Book cover.
1 month ago

Politics/Music/Law - by Stephen Macaulay

One of the things that has a certain resonance during a concert is if a member of the band mentions the name of the city where the event is being held. Given that these people are endlessly on the road playing in venues that are probably pretty much interchangeable from the point of view of back stage and on stage, there is some...

Read more:

#Georgia #InternetArchive #Killers #lawsuits #Russia #Ukraine #music #blog

The three members of the Killers sitting in and around an old car.

The @internetarchive is one of the most enduring partnerships that the Wikimedia movement has and IA's director, @mark, just gave an update of their work here in #Wikimania2023. One thing I learned today (#TIL) is that they also work on adding links to book citations in Wikipedia articles to their collection and not just web references (via the Wayback Machine). 🎉

#Wikimania #InternetArchive

Noelle 📚
1 month ago

I attempted to read an article about the record labels who are suing the Internet Archive over the Great 78 Project, but I couldn't finish it because I was getting so angry. I can't believe the level of greed of these record labels. I sincerely hope all these lawsuits aren't going to bankrupt the Internet Archive. I love using the Internet Archive to find old books in the public domain to download.

#InternetArchive #books #music #law #lawsuits #greed #CorporateGreed #Art #archive

Matthew Rimmer
1 month ago

Statement from Brewster Kahle, digital librarian of the Internet Archive:
“When people want to listen to music they go to Spotify. When people want to study 78rpm sound recordings as they were originally created, they go to libraries like the Internet Archive. Both are needed. There shouldn’t be conflict here.” #copyright #music #internetarchive #libraries

Matthew Rimmer
1 month ago

Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Capitol, and other record labels filed a copyright lawsuit on Friday against Internet Archive, founder Brewster Kahle, and others over the organization’s “Great 78 Project,” accusing them of behaving as an “illegal record store.” The suit lists 2,749 pre-1972 musical works available via Internet Archive by late artists, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Chuck Berry, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Bing Crosby, among others. #copyright #music #internetarchive #libraries

The speculative litigants are after both WIkipedia and the Internet Archive - just as corporate rentseekers are after public utilities, welfare, education, and health in the real world. They can smell the money.

I give both a few bucks a month because, yes, I use them almost every day. And they are Internet treasures.

#Wikipedia #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine

Appeal for funds from the Wikipedia home page this morning.
Fight for the Future
1 month ago

STATEMENT: “The concerted efforts of Big Content to ensure the enshittification of public #libraries and shut down digital libraries like the #InternetArchive could not be clearer than they are with this new lawsuit from the world’s biggest record labels." #music #library #preservation #lawsuit #copyright #copyrighttroll

1 month ago

Levy-yhtiöt haastoivat oikeuteen netin epävirallisen arkiston eli Internet Archiven.

Kiistan keskiössä ovat ikivanhat savikiekolle äänitetyt musiikit, joita on digitoinut ja arkistoinut. Levy-yhtiöt vaativat korvauksina arkistolta noin 340 miljoonaa euroa.

#savikiekko #internetarchive #archiveorg #tekijänoikeus #levyyhtiö #oikeusjuttu #uutiset

1 month ago

How Can You Help the #InternetArchive?

1. Use The Internet Archive Site

2. Save websites via "Save Page Now" browser tool

3. Become a patron to get a free "library card"

4. Curate & Upload to the Archive

5. Tell People That the Internet Archive Exists

6. Browse The Many, Many Collections

7. Take care of yourself and the people you care about.

Stephen Coles
1 month ago

“’I’m caught between enforcing the current legal paradigms around copyright and allowing my colleagues to have academic freedom in what they assign students to read’ Mr. Stutzman said. He plans to tell teachers that they need to choose material that is easy to license, even if it is not necessarily the best, until there is more legal clarity.”


#Libraries #InternetArchive #Research

The record companies further reject claims that the music being made available illegally needs to be ‘saved’. They claim that of the 2,749 recordings listed in the complaint, all but a “small sample” are already available to stream or download from licensed online platforms so they “face no danger of being lost, forgotten, or destroyed.” —

So no streaming service has ever stopped serving files? What about Mechanical 50 year copyright?


Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection - CNA

>Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and other record labels on Friday sued the nonprofit #InternetArchive for #copyright infringement over its streaming collection of digitized music from vintage records.

>The labels' lawsuit filed [..] said the Archive's "Great 78 Project" functions as an "illegal record store" #archiveorg #theinternetarchive

Greg Lloyd
2 months ago

@textfiles 🧵

Thanks! It’s great fun browsing the MIT Press Open Access collection of the #InternetArchive

I enjoyed finding ‘Street-Fighting Mathematics’:

“…Sanjoy Mahajan builds, sharpens, and demonstrates tools for educated guessing and down-and-dirty, opportunistic problem solving across diverse fields of knowledge—from mathematics to management.”

#book #mathematics

2 months ago

@256 @aw I played #simCity2000 several weeks ago on #InternetArchive. :-)

Danny Garside
2 months ago

This is a redo of poll I held on #twitter in 2020:

Screenshots in addition because unfortunately #WayBackMachine / #InternetArchive doesn't seem to have the poll data

Screenshot of a Twitter post with a poll:

Danny Garside @da5nsy When you preprint something, and then it gets published in a journal following peer review and revisions, do you go back and update the preprint? 

Yes: 47.4%
No: 23.7%
Show me the answers!: 28.9%
Screenshot of two twitter posts:

Danny Garside @da5nsy - Nov 21, 2020

I'm worried that green open access might end up being a poor man's version of the "real thing" if manuscripts are improved through peer review but then the preprint is not updated 

Danny Garside @da5nsy - Nov 21, 2020 

Also, it is near impossible to tell if there are changes between two versions of the same manuscript where one is formatted as a preprint and one has the fancy journal formatting. | suspect it wouldn't even be computationally easy to do.
2 months ago

"If you can't imagine a future without the Internet Archive, please consider supporting our work." (Brewster Kahle)

#donations #culture #InternetArchive

2 months ago

The extension seems to work well, but there are hundreds of links I would need to click to get to all the pages I'd like to archive. Ideally this would be an automated solution, though I would be open to writing some Python code to navigate this specific website. I think I would have to have something configured so I could manually log in before the scraping starts.

#archiving #archivist #web #InternetArchive #scraping

2 months ago

What is a good way of crawling and archiving a complete website for offline viewing? One of the services that has a lot of data that is important to me is shutting down without any options for archiving my data. It has a pretty JavaScript heavy UI and is protected with a login page that includes MFA. Ideally I'd be able to save it to a nice format like WARC.

#archiving #archivist #web #InternetArchive #scraping