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New #xitter just like the old #twitter

People seem to have forgotten how shitty the #Dorsey version was. Those of us who were doxxed or threatened by violent partners we were escaping will never forget or forgive.

Apparently a tweet threatening to kneecap me because my ex partner was “too kind to kill me” didn’t contravene the values of #JackDorsey

#domesticviolence #intimatepartnerviolence

Matt Hodgkinson
3 weeks ago

"The perpetrator gave his partner a weekly allowance of £15 in 2p pieces."

Coercive control is now illegal, but many controlling men continue to terrorise their partners and families.

#IntimatePartnerViolence #DomesticAbuse #CoerciveControl

This is a really wonderful and door opening kind of conversation about concussions from intimate partner violence. Mo Amir and former hockey star Trevor Linden. Please watch.
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Brave introduces OTR browsing, a more secure & Safe alternative to incognito mode, targeted specifically at victims of Domestic abuse, and have partnered with several websites who support victims of intimate partner violence, who have already adapted the their sites/services to work with the new protocol.

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Philip N Cohen
5 months ago

Intimate partner violence victimization in the National Crime Victimization Survey: US, 1993-2021, by sex of victim.
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5 months ago

PSA: On 23 April 2023, a test of the mobile phone emergency alert system in the UK may put people living in domestic violence situations in danger.

Please boost/spread the word to your own circles.

#DomesticViolence #IntimatePartnerViolence

Do you know that at 3pm on 2rd of April 2023, a UK-wide test of an emergency alert system will take place on every mobile phone in the country. This loud alarm will sound on your phone and make it vibrate, even if it's switched to silent or if notifications are off.

If you are living with domestic abuse and you have a mobile phone hidden in your house "just in case"? Please remember to turn it off on Sunday 23 April 2023.

Your hidden phone must be switched off completely during this time to avoid discovery.

-Even if this doesn't apply to your, please support/share/re-post.
-You are connected to someone who is living with domestic abuse right now, even if you think you are not.
-Sharing this information could help keep them safe.
Rob Flint, MD
6 months ago

UMEM Educational Pearls - University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

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Look at this weeks Pearl to learn more

6 months ago

Rolling Stone on twitter:
"Brown says he should be forgiven for a "mistake" he made when he was "17" (alluding to his assault on Rihanna, when he was actually 19).

Since then, there has been a laundry list of accused acts of violence that extends from 2009 to as recent as 2021."

#ChrisBrown was two months shy of turning 20 when he assaulted Rihanna


6 months ago

Emotional maltreatment and neglect impact neural activation upon exclusion in early and mid-adolescence: An event-related fMRI study

#ChildhoodTrauma #emotionalneglect

6 months ago

Brain injury in women experiencing intimate partner-violence: neural mechanistic evidence of an “invisible” trauma

#ChildhoodTrauma #emotionalneglect

6 months ago

Structural Brain Alterations in Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

#ChildhoodTrauma #emotionalneglect

Nia Molinari
8 months ago

The gunman was “looking for his wife,” a law enforcement source told LA Magazine. “There is increasing evidence this was domestic violence,” the source said. It would explain why he went to a 2nd ballroom dancing place after the violence at the 1st one.

#domesticviolence #IPV #intimatepartnerviolence

Bernice Hillier
10 months ago

"The biggest fear is that someone is going to lose their life.” The women’s #shelter in St. John’s, #Newfoundland & Labrador has had to turn away many #women this year. #domesticviolence #intimatepartnerviolence #familyviolence #violence

1 year ago

a Self Defense Study Guide for Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming / Nonbinary AMAB folks by TransFighters Oakland

#transwomen, #gendernonconforming, #GNC, #nonbinary, #enby, #enbies, #transmisogyny, #transmisogynyaffected, #TMA, #selfdefense, #studyguides, #deescalation, #interpersonalviolence, #harassment, #streetharassment, #intimatepartnerviolence, #IPV, #transantagonism, #transphobia, #transmisia, #sexualharassment, #genderviolence

A Self-Defense Study Guide for Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming / Nonbinary AMAB Folks offers strategies based in lived experience, ranging from using body language and creating safety in numbers, to training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves. The zine includes chapters on how to handle people who have legal or financial power over you, cis women gropers, and menfolk bullies, along with instruction on how to back each other up as a group and how to pause a makeout. Trans women, AMAB nonbinary, and AMAB gender-nonconforming people need self-defense that reflects the specific kinds of threats we get. This study guide is one resource for expanding your toolkit to keep on living in this world.

Joel Izlar
3 years ago

For Survivors of Violence and Their Kids, a Push to Prioritize Housing

Programs called Domestic Violence Housing First are "prioritiz[ing] housing stability as the first step toward helping domestic violence victims and their families regain control of their lives."

Alongside rent control and affordable housing not attached to means testing, #HousingFirst is extremely effective.

#IntimatePartnerViolence #Homelessness #HomesNotShelters