Kydia Music
1 day ago

An #introductions post for Thor:
Like his brother Doots, Thor had feline herpes as a baby & as a result has a wonky left eye.
We think his daddy must be a Ragdoll, since he and Doots’ mom is a grey tabby. His fur is soft like cotton candy spun from silk. He has no undercoat.
Thor hates being alone. He demands pets (w/BOTH hands) and brushing multiple times a day. He does “stretchy snuggles” with me every morning, rubbing up against me while I do yoga.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #ThorToots #Cats

A fluffy white and grey long-haired 1/2 Ragdoll cat, lounging on a cream blanket on a grey sofa, exposing his belly with his back legs up in the air, looking at the camera. He LOVES belly rubs. Truly, it is like dancing in the back hair of an angel.
A close-up shot of a fluffy white and grey long-haired 1/2 Ragdoll cat, lounging against a cream blanket and turquoise pillow on a grey sofa. Thor may not be as photogenic as his brother Doots, but he is just as beautiful in person.
#FediCats #CatsOfFediverse
Daniel Gomes
2 days ago

Hello. My name is Daniel. I am originally from South Africa. My parents are immigrants from Portugal and Germany. They divorced when I was young. I was baptised at around age 8 and have been a follower of our wonderful Lord, God and Messiah Jesus Christ ever since.

I now live in Cyprus, Europe, with my wife and we work in the tourism industry.

It's a blessing to be so close to Israel, on the same time zone, experience the same weather, see the same moon phases etc. You definitely feel you're in the East over here.

By profession I am an IT Support Technician/Admin. I believe in FOSS and use Linux as my main pc operating system.

Glad to be on a christian social platform and look forward to getting to know everyone


Jip J. Dekker
3 days ago

Hi Mastodon!

I'm a computer scientist working on the #MiniZinc modelling language. The perfect way to model your #optimization / #orms problems. (At least if you you were to ask me).

As an #OPTIMA research fellow at #Monash University, I generally love research into programming languages & combinatorial optimisation methods.

When I don't have anything to say about work, you may find me posting about my hobbies, such as music, birds, cycling, and cricket, instead.
#introduction #introductions

3 days ago lets you see what’s trending in your own feed. It’s helpful for people who follow a lot of folks but don’t get to see all their posts every day. shows news that’s trending in the fediverse.

#introductions #feditips

Brian simulator
3 days ago

We are finally on Mastodon, time for a little #introduction 👋 !

Brian is a #FOSS simulator for biological #SpikingNeuralNetworks, for research in #ComputationalNeuroscience and beyond. It makes it easy to go from a high-level model description in Python, based on mathematical equations and physical units, to a simulation running efficiently on the CPU or GPU.

We have a friendly community and extensive documentation, links to everything on our homepage:

This account will mostly announce news (releases, other notable events), but we're also looking forward to discussing with y'all 💬

#opensource #neuroscience #researchsoftware #introductions

Python code:
from brian2 import *
G = PoissonGroup(100, rates=50*Hz)
M = SpikeMonitor(G)
plot(M.t/ms, M.i, '.k');

Below, a raster plot generated by the above code, showing random spiking activity.
Shrig 🐌
6 days ago

I am 34 years mould

fishsnek 🐟🐍
6 days ago

fishsnek here. swimming the Mastodon seas again.

i spend free time tinkering with geeky stuff, watching tv & movies, playing video games, and enjoying good food. in my non-free time, i defend intangible assets of great value to businesses from intangible adversaries. how is that even a thing?

i'm more afraid of you than you are of me.

#introduction #introductions

1 week ago


hewwo my name is mint! I’m a black UI/UX designer that likes to make stuff. i have an OC also named mint, I made them a long time ago and I'm love them.

i play and talk about videogames and music a lot, a lot of it on my blog

I also make music! I started learning last year and it's a lot of fun.

Hi hello also my pronouns are he/him

My OC mint, in a chibi rendition of my room, with various stuff like my jacket, gurren lagann flag, computer and more
Wyverns and Waypoints
1 week ago

Hi all! Venturing in Mastodon after ditching the crapshows that are 2023 Twitter and Reddit.

I run a blog about dragons in video games called Wyverns and Waypoints. It's not the most active, but I've been a bit lost on what to do with it after leaving most social media. My most recent post features a 90’s inspired 3D platformer by a solo indie dev.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to figuring out this platform and hope to have some good game conversations!

#introductions #blogging #gameblog

David Lapshin 🦆
1 week ago

Since I switched instances, it's the perfect time for a proper #introduction!

Hii :3 I'm David (better known as Daudix, ugh)

I like open source, design, photography and retro-futurism, and a lot of other silly stuff (not exactly in that order)

My favorite games are the "Portal" series, "Untitled Goose" and "The Stanley Parable"

What else? well, not much, I'm just a curious (and lazy) 16-yo boy


Kydia Music
1 week ago

Shout out to @jeridansky for the idea of doing #introductions posts for cats!

Kydia Music
1 week ago

Happy #Caturday! Here’s an #introductions post for Doots!
His official name is Odin. His litter mate is Thor.
Doots is a Lynx Point Siamese. His mom is a grey tabby, so his dad must’ve been a Siamese. He had feline herpes when they were found as babies, which caused him to lose an eye. 😭
Doots is sweet but spicy & opinionated. He gives head bumps and soft little trills to show affection.
He loves dubstep, yelling, & making biscuits.

#DootsToots #AllCatsAreBeautiful #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Cat

A one-eyed Lynx Point Siamese sitting on the back of a grey sofa, looking out a window. Behind him is a green velvet curtain and a bookshelf.

Hello, everyone! I'm a Brazilian Computer Engineering student, just a 19-year-old AroAce :blobcatarom: :blobcatace:, fueled by caffeine :blobcatcoffee: and absolutely in love with the C programming language (nope, I won't switch to Rust, :blobCat_uwu:).

I'm super friendly, anti-conflict, and radiate positivity! Oh, and did I mention? I'm proudly a cat furry who adores using all sorts of adorable blobcat emojis, they're just purrfection! :blobcatmelt: meawrrr~

You'll catch me sharing: Silly things, Funny things, my daily student struggles, occasional rants, furry content, and sometimes snippets about my mental health (with CW and followers only), and sometimes kinky, sugestive or triggering stuff, but don't worry, i make sure it's CW'd :blobcatwink:.

Now, a little note about me: I have Inattentive ADHD, meaning I might struggle with focus and text comprehension, especially when tired. So, please be patient with me! :blobCat_pleading: Meew, it can get tricky sometimes!

Boosting whatever brings a smile and geeking out over interesting, nerdy, and hilarious stuff is my jam! My DM's are always open for a chat. If you don't like Mastodon DM's, you can come talk to me over other social media on my linkstack (on BIO), don't be shy!

Funny tidbits about yours truly: Caffeine addict certified, fedi user since 2021, proudly silly verified (check out the badge in my display name) :blobcatgoogly:. I absolutely adore cuddles (though they're rare for me :blobcatsad:), and yes, you can pet me, I promise not to bite... much! :blobcatgiggle2: Making new friends fills my heart with warmth :blobcat_hearthug: and brings out all sorts of happy meows and purrs.

#Introduction #introductions

Nick |
1 week ago

A bit about me... I started playing with programming languages when I was a kid in the early 90s, and I've been doing that ever since.

I have a custom blog/wiki (or maybe a digital garden is a better term?) on

My topics of interest: #linux #unix #sysadmin #programming #webdev #webperf #privacy #infosec #gardening

#introduction #introductions

1 week ago

New instance, #Introductions

Suburban middle-aged tech-obsessed Aussie dad. Nerd at heart. Still dream of world peace. Bertrand Russell is my hero.

Lucky enough to have a job where I get to design applications which are used in environment and bushfire management. I try to make sustainable, maintainable, well-integrated applications which are hopefully easy to use.

Amateur powerlifter. Dabble in street photography. Spurs fan #COYS

Born in #Iran, happily calling West #Melbourne home

Fluffy Kitty Cat
2 weeks ago

Hello all! I'm a #transfem #kitty who likes #linux #cybersecurity #urbanism and more! I'd love to get to know cool people


I love seeing all the people coming over from Twitter! So many chances to make new friends! Remember to use the #Introduction and/or #Introductions tags so it'll be easier for people to find you! I myself will be boosting all the ones I see.

2 weeks ago

Literally me: #introductions

2 weeks ago

#Development #Introductions
Getting started with CSS container queries · What they are and where they may replace Media Queries

#Design #WebDesign #ResponsiveDesign #WebDev #Frontend #CSS #MediaQueries #ContainerQueries

2 weeks ago

Hi everyone! My name is Rocky.

I've successfully weaned myself off of the bird app, having joined Mastodon on October 31, 2022, and moved servers November 20, 2023.

I'm a Chicago boy who loves local sports here. Cubs, WhiteSox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks.

I have a podcast with a few friends -- #bumsofmanarchy

Glad to be here!


Kit Walker
2 weeks ago

i've just set up an alt here on, so here's an #introductions post

i'm Kit Walker, and i write horror, crime, and science fiction

you can find a list of my books, as well as read some free short stories, on my website,

this account will be for writing and book talk -- if you enjoy fandom yelling and general shitposting, check out my alt at

2 weeks ago

Hey yall we need increase the volume of black voices on mastodon 👊🏾👊🏾
Hit me up if yall in . Imma follow back and boost yall shit 👊🏾
One love
Jaden ❤️
#Introduction #Introductions


2 weeks ago

We've just joined the Mastodon family!

At Avanade, we're excited to connect with technologists who believe in the power of innovation to change the world.

Let's engage, share and drive the future of #tech. Who's with us? 🙌

#AvanadeDoWhatMatters #Introductions #Innovation #newtooter #mastodon #newbie

2 weeks ago


I have updated my profile for (I think) the first time after signing up here, changing 'bisexual' :flag_bisexual: to a more general 'queer' 🏳️‍🌈

While I am still #bisexual, I feel that the term does not describe the core of what is important to me right now. Also, it is a relatively static fact that I cannot easily express in everyday interactions.

Finding the gender category (if any) that fits me well and defining the gender role that I am trying to express feels much more urgent and relevant to me. This is an area on which I can work almost every day and in almost every situation.

It was never particularly important to me to be a man. And I have recently noticed that I cannot think of even one stereotype related to my assigned gender (male) that happens to match my personality or my interests. So what makes me a man then?

I am not sure yet if I would prefer to identify as non-binary, but I am leaning in that direction. Stay tuned for more updates.

#Introduction #introductions

2 weeks ago


Idk. I smoke a lot of cigarettes. Been fussing on the Web since 1994. Had blogs. No longer have blogs.

I am part of (~loghead). Had a zine there called Ctrl-ZINE - zine carries on, I stepped away from it

Learned Sysadmin things in 2020, still love it

Things are ok, I hope for you too.

Stay good :)

"libera te tutemet (ex technicae)

Andrew D. Hwang
2 weeks ago

Hello #mathematics #mathart #introductions

Labels over-simplify and distort. That said:

By current profession I'm a freelance mathematician who creates (non-generatively) and sells (without surveillance capitalism to the extent possible) mathematical images and objects. Other labels include author and blogger, mathematical illustrator, digitizer for Project Gutenberg, hobbyist coder, former math professor, and deeply concerned human citizen.

Regarding mathematical art, my primary inspiration is form (shape), accessible without technical training but an open invitation to deeper encounter with mathematics.

My aspirations include sharing and promoting the beauty of shape and structure for pure contemplative enjoyment, and helping to cultivate public understanding of math as a participatory, inclusive, wonder-filled activity.

2 weeks ago

#queer #intro #introductions
I'm also looking for some cool people I can follow :)

and, if there's anything I should add to my profile to improve it, please let me know

2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm some nerd who likes to do code.
You can find my other social media on my website (

I'm #queer and love to do programming.
I've been meaning to join mastodon for some time, and finally got around to it.

#intro #introductions

3 weeks ago

#Development #Introductions
Understanding HTML landmarks and how to apply them · How to translate visual information into HTML landmarks

#WebDev #Accessibility #ScreenReader #Landmark #Frontend #HTML #ARIA

3 weeks ago

When I log in dis app I always check this hashtag fo updates but they so few 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ion fixated on just black shit but it would be good to get mo posts to build the black community on this app.
We got our stories to tell be good to collate ts so it easy to read.

#BlackMastodon #Introduction #Introductions

Pedro Mendes
3 weeks ago

Hello! #introductions
I'm a #ComputationalBiologist (1st #biochemist, then #ComputerScientist). I'm faculty at UConn Health. I'm interested in many scientific areas such as #SystemsBiology, #ComputationalModeling and #Simulation, #IronMetabolism, #NonlinearDynamics, #SoftwareDevelopment. I'm one of the authors of the @copasi simulation software and its predecessor Gepasi (thus my handle). I care about #OpenAccess & #OpenSource. I am also interested in #photography, #Linux, and #EVs.

How do you do, fellow queers?
:blobhaj_flag_genderqueer: :QueerCat_Bisexual:
I made this second account on to make more queer e-friends. Please send a follow request if you’re queer and social!
#introductions #genderqueer #bisexual #lgbtq #lgbtqia #OMGLGTBBQ

Jon Jampen
3 weeks ago

Hello world 👋
I'm Jon, an 18-year-old #programming enthusiast from #switzerland. I caught the coding bug at age 12 😉, and I've been fascinated with computer science ever since. #webdevelopment has become my passion.

Currently, I enjoy using #svelte, but I am also learning #reactjs and #nextjs 👨‍💻.

I'm also in the process of switching from Windows to #linux #debian 💻.

I'd love to connect!
Happy coding!

#introduction #introductions

Jan Neukirchen
3 weeks ago

Hi tldr.nettime!

I just moved here since I expect to find more like-minded individuals here. I'm an artist and currently immersed in #artisticResearch at the #architecture faculty of Leibniz University Hannover, exploring #data as an artistic material, #SoundArt, the materiality of the virtual, and digital social #infrastructure. Therefore, I'm seeking to connect with people who share similar interests. I have a background in #ComputerScience, trying to mentally recover from that.

Also currently interested in #AI #LLMs #criticalAI #VilémFlusser #MarshallMcLuhan #radio #ghosts #magic #blender #shitposting #sculpture #bricolage #drawing #klangkunst #zettelkasten #socialmedia

Here is a video of an installation that I did: (0:49 min)

#introduction #introductions

Moved yet again, this time to a self-hosted firefish instance :3

I'm an AuDHD transbian girl being gay and silly on fedi.
​:spinny_cat_trans:​​:spinny_cat_lesbian:​ I only recently started transitioning and I'm trying to be more open about my emotions. ​:neocat_floof_cute:​

Expect lots of shitposts/random nonsense, selfies, gay yearning and emotion dumping (both positive and negative, but under a CW). ^^

I like video games, mostly indie and Nintendo ones (e.g. osu!, Touhou, TLoZ, Metroid, Celeste, Crypt of the NecroDancer etc), and I also stream them. ^^

I also listen to a lot of video game music and their covers, and I can talk about languages, though I almost never post about either for some reason.

Disclaimer: the above info is correct at the time of writing, but it
will become outdated over time, as my hyperfixations shift around every few months. My overall set of interests is fairly static tho, so if I will be circling back to the previous ones eventually. ​:neocat_floof_happy:​

I'm also a GNOME developer (mostly maintaining libadwaita and a few third party apps), and I will occasionally post updates about that, but this is my personal account first and foremost, so don't expect a lot of posts about it :3

I'm also developing a game emulator frontend called Highscore, but how many spoons I have for it varies wildly over time

#introduction #introductions #trans #gay #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent #VideoGames #osuGame #touhou #touhou_project #TheLegendOfZelda #zelda #metroid #nintendo #Celeste #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #CadenceOfHyrule #vgm #VideoGameMusic #GNOME #libadwaita

Hello, just joined this instance so here's my #Introduction post!
I'm Phoenix (he/they), and I'm an eclectic #Witch and #Pagan (I worship the Norse and Hellenic pantheons). I'm also an Odin devotee. Recently I've started writing about witchcraft, paganism, and spirituality in general on Substack, and I plan to start writing on Medium soon as well! I'm also a #TarotReader.
Hashtags that represent stuff I'm interested in and might post about:
#Tarot #Paganism #Witchcraft #Hellenismos #Heathenry #Queer #Trans #Transgender #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #ActuallyADHD #Neurodivergent #LGBT #LGBTQ #Polytheism #Polytheist #Introductions #NewHere

Paul Schoonhoven
3 weeks ago

Op de Mastodon server van NPO trappen @nporadio1 , @Pointer_kroncrv en @zembla_bnnvara af.

Alle Mastodon berichten van de NPO server vind je terug op:

(* vanaf de laatste software versies is het veel eenvoudiger geworden berichten op een andere server te kunnen liken, delen of van commentaar te voorzien. Gewoon op het bericht klikken en instructie volgen)
#Mastodon #NPO #Introductions

Het eerste bericht op met de traditionele tekst: "Hello world"
MPD2 🌐
4 weeks ago

I'm new to #Mastodon; I look #forward to #learning new things and #sharing things with others. I have some #college #education and a versatile #work #experience. I am in the process of #expanding my #horizons, so to speak. I hope to gain #followers and #follow interesting #influences. I love cats and dogs. I enjoy making new #friends and #networking. I like to go for short walks.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Best wishes to you!


4 weeks ago

#Design #Introductions
The importance of UI prototyping · Successful designs by evaluating product representations

#Business #Customer #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Prototyping #UserTesting #Workflow #Tools

4 weeks ago

Hey guys I soon coming up to my 12 months on mastodon. Shit dis gon quick ion gon lie.
I joined dis bitch when I saw it trending when twitter burning in 22.
It good, interesting people and conversations 👌🏾
So guys I want carry on . Ngl I only post random shit but I be super grateful if you hit me up.
Y'all got interesting shit to post imma fw wit choo ❤️❤️❤️
Love yall 💓
Jaden xxx
#Introduction #Introductions

The fool
1 month ago

#introductions (en retard 😉)
Toubib, anonyme pour la forme.
Dans le grand bain du net depuis 1996.
Multi millionnaire annuel en pages web et visiteurs à la grande époque.
Inconnu de tous, connu de celles et ceux qui sont restés pas loin.
Libriste sur le tard.
Une vie à reconstruire depuis 2020 et le doute permanent que cela soit possible. Qu'est ce qu'on peut bien faire après ça ?
Et la question qui me taraude : et si j’étais né en 17 à Leidenstatd ?