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13 minutes ago Cop28 president in heated exchange with Mary Robinson #ireland

Cop28 president in heated exchange with Mary Robinson
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2 hours ago Some pics I took of Rare and Minority sheep at a sale in Tullamore 🐑 📸 #ireland

Some pics I took of Rare and Minority sheep at a sale in Tullamore 🐑 📸
realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 hours ago

@stablehorde_generator draw for me #ConnorMcGregor leading an army of #Ireland citizens to war against foreign immigrant men

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3 hours ago ‘Farm trespassers threatened to return and break my neck’ #ireland

'Farm trespassers threatened to return and break my neck'
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4 hours ago Millions of years captured in one photo… #ireland

Millions of years captured in one photo...


<5 hours to reach target. The money will be used to give a €20 present to every single child in Direct Provision in Ireland.

More about the Gift Drive at Dan's account on the other yoke

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6 hours ago ‘They need more units in town. What the f**k are they waiting for?’ – WhatsApp messages reveal garda panic at Dublin riot | #ireland

‘They need more units in town. What the f**k are they waiting for?’ – WhatsApp messages reveal garda panic at Dublin riot |
Endometriosis Information
6 hours ago

New DEARG Episode, speaking to Aimee Brown, #EndoAdvocate and #cannabisreform advocate about her strength, advocacy and how she manages to juggle life with chronic illness and pain.

#inmheatróis #EndoAdvocate #excision #EndoAdvocate #Ireland #awareness #adenomyosis #mcap #cannabis #pain #chronicpain

Martin Nutty
7 hours ago

13) Looking at the landscape of #SocialProblems in #Ireland, lack of affordable housing may be one of the triggering items for the #DublinRiots.

Let me be clear, not everyone struggling with the #IrishHousingCrisis riots, but it is likely one of the fault lines used by #FarRight agitators to trigger violence especially when tied to #migration pressures

The #IrishTimes has an excellent article ⬇️ on those whose housing circumstances are challenging


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7 hours ago Joe Brolly calls in solicitors over Conor McGregor tweets | #ireland

Joe Brolly calls in solicitors over Conor McGregor tweets |

I wasn't familiar with Mary Robinson's work before this, she seems incredible #ireland #humanrights #climate

Martin Nutty
8 hours ago

12) There is no unitary explanation for last week’s #DublinRiots. Those who participated in violence had a reasons peculiar to their own experience. Much as we may wish for singular explanations, solutions to the street rage will likely be manifold, if there is enough courage to look at the event without bias and simplistic prejudice.

Let’s stipulate that the rioters did not participate motivated out of satisfaction with their current life situation.

#FarRight #MastoDaoine #Dublin #Ireland

Dubliners watch as a Dublin Bus is engulfed in flames during the 2023 Dublin riot. Photograph taken from O'Connell Bridge, facing northwards towards O'Connell Street.

Source: CanalEnthusiast
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8 hours ago Thousands attend Dublin rally for ceasefire in Gaza #ireland

Thousands attend Dublin rally for ceasefire in Gaza
Michael Flanagan
9 hours ago

#immigration #Ireland #politics

Different conversations being had, or attempted, at the same time in this Inside Politics podcast.

I think Una Mullally is dead right, the important conversation we need to have is less about how to “solve” the immigration “problem” and more importantly asking and looking at actually why people are so angry and upset and how and by whom it is being directed and used to further these disgusting political goals.

Scott Lucas
9 hours ago

40-minute Week in Review

*Significance of #ShaneMcGowan and #Ireland music culture

*#Israel resumes mass killing in #Gaza

*Calling out obstacles at #COP28 over #ClimateChange

*#YoungThug, Music, and Free Speech

Marjamjars :mastoart:
9 hours ago

Not so cold…

November 2023, Cork, IE. 

#SilentSunday #Mosstodon #Cork #Marjamjars #Ireland #BlackandWhitePhotography #StreetPhotography

Gloves left behind on a moss-covered wall along the road to Cork.
Walk News
10 hours ago 「街」のFBページで今まで見た中で最もワイルドなもの #Ireland

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10 hours ago The wildest thing I’ve ever seen on a “town” FB page #ireland

The wildest thing I've ever seen on a "town" FB page
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11 hours ago Red C poll: Sinn Féin voters least supportive of parties or politicians suing media #ireland

Red C poll: Sinn Féin voters least supportive of parties or politicians suing media
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13 hours ago Immigration and the far right are now big issues, new poll reveals #ireland

Immigration and the far right are now big issues, new poll reveals
Killian Mangan🇮🇪
13 hours ago

I've been staying around Dublin 1 near where the riots happened recently.

Walking around the streets, you can feel the tension and see the lack of investment in the community and public space.

Hearing Irish politicians refuse to acknowledge the systemic failures, and instead dismiss working people as "scumbags" and "thugs", I wanted to write and share some thoughts:

#IrelandForAll #Ireland #Irish #farright #irelandriots #IrishMastodon #IrelandIsNotFull #Dublin #DublinRiots #inequality

Solidarity with all people here intimated and scared by the recent riots. Ireland is not full; the Irish Government is full of incompetent eijits who fail to provide good quality housing, healthcare, transport, and education for everyone.

The tiny far-right can only manipulate 'left behind' working class people into xenophobia and riots because the Irish Government has failed to provide opportunity and stability in underinvested communities.

If someone has a good quality of life and are happy, they can't be convinced to become angry and anti-immigrant.

If they are already justifiably angry because Government has failed to provide enough quality public services in a cost of living crisis, and because many in society look down on them because of their accent or working class background, then it is easy for the lying far-right to redirect their valid anger from the people who actually have power and control all these things (politicians and the wealthy) to the vulnerable and less powerful who are also harmed by lack of access to basic essentials (such as immigrants and other minorities).
Lorna Peel
13 hours ago

'A dramatic saga filled with family secrets!' Amazon Review.

Escape to 19th Century Ireland with The Fitzgeralds of Dublin Series.

Books 1-6 box sets -

#TheFitzgeraldsOfDublinSeries #BooksByLornaPeel #FamilySaga #HistoricalFiction #19thCentury #Victorian #Dublin #Ireland #IrishFiction #IrishBooks #BooksSetInIreland #KindleUnlimited @bookstodon

'A dramatic saga filled with family secrets!' Amazon Review.

Escape to 19th Century Ireland with The Fitzgeralds of Dublin Series.
Lorna Peel
13 hours ago

(North) Earl Street, Dublin, Ireland. c1900. The National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.

#Dublin #Ireland #OldPhotosOfDublin #20thCentury #NorthEarlStreet

(North) Earl Street, Dublin, Ireland. c1900. The National Library of Ireland. No known copyright restrictions.
Charles Lemaire Photographe
14 hours ago
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14 hours ago PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett calls for the destruction of Israel through “intifada” #ireland

PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett calls for the destruction of Israel through "intifada"
Walk News
14 hours ago 移民と極右が今や大きな問題、最新世論調査で判明 #Ireland

15 hours ago

drumnatinney this morning at sunrise, tide going in. taking the dog out at crispy -5°c. #dogsofmastodon #donegal #ireland 💚 ☘️
'right click --> open picture in new tab' magnifies!

a photo of mt. muckish just before sunrise. river ray on the left hand side, pretty still as the tide is pressing against it. the sky is clear and the grassy land is all covered in hoarfrost.
photo of a dutch sheperd, panting and waiting to have his beloved ball kicked a bit further down the way. the ground is grassy, river ray is lying still an the right hand side and the drumnatinny dunes are in the background. all and is covered in hoarfrost.
a dutch sheperd running towards the viewer at the mouth of river ray on drumnatinney strand. dunes and horn head in the background, the sky is clear.
a photo of mt. muckish at about sunrise. a dutch sheperd is sniffing after something in the grass. the land is all grassy and covered in hoarfrost. the sky is clear.
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15 hours ago
Guess I'm on a list now
Busta O'Marx🇵🇸
15 hours ago

The fog suits this place. #ireland

A foggy morning in Ireland, taken from a bus stop.
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18 hours ago Christy and Shane sing Spancil Hill #ireland

Christy and Shane sing Spancil Hill
Mike Honey
22 hours ago

Here's the latest variant picture for Ireland.

BA.2.86.* "Pirola" (42%) now seems dominant, rapidly displacing EG.5.* "Eris" (18%) during November.

#COVID19 #Ireland #BA_2_86 #Pirola #EG_5 #Eris

maeve harris
1 day ago

Booker Prize winning dystopian novel Prophet Song by #Ireland's Paul Lynch is declared 'a literary masterpiece'

Thomas Michl
1 day ago

#OTD in 1921 – Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith and the other plenipotentiaries return from London to present Britain’s proposed treaty draft to government colleagues | @stairnaheireann #IrishHistory #Ireland

John O Loughlin
1 day ago

A nice spin down to Athy on the #barrowblueway this morning, plenty of frost about so nice to be off road and able to stick on the earphones and listen to some music #cycling #BikeTooter #kildare #Ireland

The barrow blueway on a bright frosty morning
The old rail bridge and the new distributor road bridge in Athy photographed from the old horse bridge. The rail bridge is now for cycling and walking use
1 day ago

Who'd have thought it: Skerries, County Dublin is the best place in the world to live, apparently.

#Ireland #Dublin #Skerries

2 days ago

When asked to plead guilty or not guilty, Markievicz replied: “I do not recognise this court. It is not constituted legally, not being based on the authority and will of the people of Ireland but on the armed force of the enemies of the Irish Republic”. 2/2

#CountessMarkievicz #IrishHistory #Ireland #OnThisDay

2 days ago

On 2nd December 1920 Countess Markievicz was charged with conspiring to ‘organise and promote’ Fianna Éireann for the purposes of ‘committing murders of military and police; the drilling of men; the carrying and using arms; and the training of recruits for the Irish Volunteers’. 1/2

#CountessMarkievicz #IrishHistory #Ireland #OnThisDay

A photograph of Constance Markievicz in military uniform holding a pistol.
Israel-Gaza as seen in Europe: examining how history has informed coverage in Germany, France and Ireland.#ShowTypes #EuropeanUnion #Gaza #Israel-Palestineconflict #Media #Politics #Europe #France #Germany #Ireland #Israel #MiddleEast #Palestine
Palestine-Israel through three European lenses
2 days ago

Liberation Begins Now: Time for #Palestinians to Protect Their Collective Sumud

Equally significant, the two European leaders declared that “we may decide to recognize the State of #Palestine, if the European Union does not”.

Coupled with the strong position of #Ireland...

#Israel was not pleased by the evolving European position. It immediately summoned the ambassadors of both countries and sharply ‘rebuked’ them.

Sharon Murphy
2 days ago

It was a beautifully frosty & sunny day today in Co. #Kildare, #Ireland.
I'm no photograph...nature did the work for me!

#Winter #BloomScrolling #WinterLeaves #Frostodon #Mastodaoine

A lone frosted red-brown leaf with blue sky showing through the bare branches.
A frosted brown oak leaf lies on a frosted white table.
Rows of frosted green pods that will flower yellow soon.
David K
2 days ago

Just as a casual observer, very interesting to see some Irish space science news:

#Ireland's first satellite EIRSAT-1 went on its way to orbit today.

The 2-unit #CubeSat carries a number of research projects, including gamma-ray burst detector:

The project's based at UCD (University College Dublin) and was launched as part of the ESA (European Space Agency) ‘Fly Your Satellite’ educational programme.

Glyn Moody
2 days ago

America’s Far Right Is Calling for Civil War in #Ireland -

Zap Productions
3 days ago

Glimpse of St. Kieran’s Street • Limerick, Ireland

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #BW #Limerick #Ireland #Hasselblad #500CM #Monochrome #Art #Glimpse #StKierans #Street #People #Umbrellas #Outdoors #October_25_2023

50+ Music
3 days ago

"Land of Confusion" is a song by the English rock band #Genesis from their 1986 album #InvisibleTouch. The music was written by the band, while the lyrics were written by guitarist #MikeRutherford. The song was the third track on the album and was the third track released as a single, reaching No. 14 in the UK in December 1986 and No. 4 in the U.S. in January 1987. It also reached the top 10 in several other countries including #Canada, #Ireland, #WestGermany.

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3 days ago Gardaí await Dublin-stabbing suspect interview as five-year-old girl still critical #ireland

Gardaí await Dublin-stabbing suspect interview as five-year-old girl still critical
3 days ago

@historyofpunkrock Here's an interview I did with Shane MacGowan in 1994 for the *Irish Post*.

I first met Shane at a *wild* Cramps gig in London in 1980 (Bryan Gregory on guitar), way before he started the Pogues. He really was an incredibly intelligent and gifted person, very well read, quite sensitive and not at all like the image the music business machinery forced upon him.

And over the years he helped and inspired me in many, many ways.

I am sad at his passing but glad that he is at his rest now. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

#ShaneMacGowan #pogues #PogueMahone #RIP #dearlydeparted #punk #legend #ireland #irish

Bernard McKeever
3 days ago

I was so desperate for more Pogues music that I didn't just buy doubles, I bought TRIPLES of some of their records... Probably would have done to have actually gotten a copy of every record and not missed a few instead, but oh well.

Tonight's listening party of 1!

#ripshane #ripshanemacgowan #ripshanemcgowan #ireland #mastodaoine

A load of Pogues 12 and 7 inch records with a pint of Guinness sitting in front of them.
3 days ago

#France said that the European Union should consider imposing sanctions on Israeli settlers who attacked Palestinians in the West Bank. One of the options raised in the past in consultations between EU member states in Brussels are to declare a black list of extremist settlers who will be denied entry to Europe.

[...] U.N. figures show that daily settler attacks have more than doubled since Hamas' surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and the ensuing assault on the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. More than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the violence this year, including in attacks by settlers.

This is the first time that #France is raising the possibility of imposing sanctions against violent settlers. Previously it was countries like #Ireland, #Luxembourg and #Spain who expressed their concern.



Settler Violence = State Violence
screengrab of B'tselem's settler violence tracker
it's kat! 🍉
3 days ago

a proud legacy, the likes to which others can merely aspire.
#shaneMacgowan #antifascist #ireland #dublin

a response tweet from the pogues to laurence fox says, 'fuck off you little herrenvolk shite'.
i'm not writing out fux's tweet. it's his usual, shit-stirring balderdash.
Alexander Hay
4 days ago

I suspect "Fairy Tale of New York" is about to be #1 in the charts again, just in time for #Christmas

RIP, you crazy, magnificent bastard.

"Singer-songwriter and #ThePogues frontman #ShaneMacGowan has died aged 65, following ill-health and a recent hospital stay after being diagnosed with #Encephalitis..."

#News #RIP #Pogues #Ireland #UK #Music

Bernard McKeever
4 days ago

This swag just arrived from Three Castles Burning.

Can't recommend this #Irish #history #podcast (heavy emphasis on #Dublin, but we'll not get too offended) enough.

#mastodaoine #ireland

This week I've been mainly reading, no. 112.

Paul Lynch's #BookerPrize winning Prophet Song (2023) warns us about the precariousness of liberal society. The mother's relentless interior monologue explores how we might react as a society breaks down from authoritarian rule to civil war & eventual #migration of victims. While one might argue that this is a developing country story reset in #Ireland merely to enhance Anglo-saxon empathy, this resetting is what emphasises its warning

Yaroslav Khnygin
4 days ago

A heads-up for those who aren't following or the profile:

Tomorrow at 18:30 will be this month's meetup of #Lisp #Ireland at at 1 O'Connell Street Lower, #Dublin. Rafael Sadykov will present the talk "Exploring the Lisp: From Code Examples to Formal Proofs for CPU Blocks."

If you want to watch the talk but can't attend in person, it will be live-streamed here:

#LispIreland #CommonLisp #Mastodaoine #Meetup

Sam at BLAG
4 days ago

Now reading 'Typ.ologies: Reframing Ireland’s vernacular letterform through the lens of heritage'.

"The study seeks to construct a case for preserving, promoting, and advocating for vernacular letterforms and the traditional craft of signwriting."

#signwriting #signpainting #Ireland #lettering #heritage #letterform

5 days ago

This is a very interesting take by Fintan O'Toole on the historical context of the recent riot in Dublin. I am not knowledgeable on the subject so I'd be interested on what others, better informed than me, make of his analysis.

#Dublin #DublinRiots #FintanOToole #Ireland #IrishHistory

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

@clickhere @dublininquirer @SimonB The Housing Act doesn’t need a “habitual residence condition”, government needs a humanity condition where if you lack it, you can’t serve.

What the absolute fuck? How bloody heartless can you be? Are they trying to outdo the Tories in the UK?

#ireland #homelessness #inhumanity

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

“To have one’s moral compass questioned by a country currently displacing a million and a half of its neighbours and demolishing their homes while continuing to build illegal settlements on their territory smacks of parody.”

Gift link (the Irish Times doesn’t do gift links but I’m a subscriber and I do):

Update: fixed link.

#israel #palestine #gaza #ireland

Europe Says
5 days ago Domestic abuser Martin Hayes jailed for 12½ years for manslaughter of partner Amadea McDermott #ireland

Domestic abuser Martin Hayes jailed for 12½ years for manslaughter of partner Amadea McDermott
European News 🇪🇺
5 days ago

The emboldened racists who ravaged downtown Dublin will end up assaulting racial minorities and politicians if the government doesn’t shut down their extremist organizations and social media groups, Ireland’s justice minister was warned Tuesday

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #Ireland #FarRight #Migrants #Migration

Donncha Ó Caoimh
5 days ago

Stop crows walking on people.

It’s a serious problem all over the world. Crows are walking on people. In Cork, they put up signs hoping to discourage the crows, but instead the crows just walk on the signs.

#photo #photography #Cork #StreetPhotography #Ireland #crows #OliverPlunkettStreet

A crow, a "people walking" sign and a STOP sign pictured against a blue cloudy sky next to the GPO in Cork.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
6 days ago

Michael Collins and his hat

Michael Collins on the Grand Parade isn't the only one wearing a nice hat. :)

#Cork #Ireland #MichaelCollins #Statue #GrandParade #StreetPhotography

The Michael Collins statue with someone walking past him wearing a similar hat.
Art Zemon ✅ 🟦
1 week ago

Irish PM panned for saying freed hostage child Emily Hand ‘found’ after she was ‘lost’

FM Eli Cohen summons ambassador and accuses Leo Varadkar of ‘losing his moral compass’; Minister Gantz: ‘Emily was never “lost” – she was brutally kidnapped and held hostage’

#israel #hostages #gaza #ireland #antisemitism

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Ah, would you look at that, after a few days of respite following Halloween, the bellends with fireworks are back to scare the living shit out of pets like our puppy, folks with PTSD, etc.

PS. Wanna hear a joke? Fireworks are illegal in Ireland.

#ireland #fireworks #bellends #pets #ptsd

Ericka Simone
1 week ago

Good to see #Ireland not falling for the propaganda. I really want to go and visit again, before the world disappears.

Sam Litzinger
1 week ago

#SamCast for 11/25/23

1. #Gaza Israel/Hamas prisoner/hostage swap continues

2. #Chauvin Ex-officer stabbed in prison

3. #Ukraine Russia launches biggest drone attack since start of invasion

4. #Ireland Immigration's role in Ireland's far right


Aral Balkan
1 week ago

“Ireland has long laboured under the misapprehension that because we do not have a consolidated far-right party in the Dáil, there is no need to worry about their rise here in the same way other European countries do. A night like this, indeed no night more than this, should shatter that illusion forever.“

#Ireland #DublinRiots #fascism #farRight

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

When we move to Bray, I’m thinking of starting up Small Web¹ meetups given Kitten² is maturing nicely and Domain³ should be operational within a couple of months.

So, to get a quick feel…


#SmallWeb #Kitten #Domain #Ireland

1 week ago

An absolute disgrace, does nothing but undermine the integrity of the Irish legal system. A travesty.
Diabetic accused of fatal car crash on M50 acquitted of dangerous driving causing death
#Ireland #roadDeaths #safety #justice

Pirate Badshah
1 week ago

Ireland Region BAEM Committee Statement on the Events in Dublin on Thursday 23 November

#Ireland #Dublin #DublinRiots

> November 24th: Unite’s Ireland Region Black and Asian Ethnic Minorities (BAEM) Committee has issued the following statement on events in Dublin last yesterday:

Image of Unite the Union logo with "working for Race Equality" in circular writing around it.
BBC News
1 week ago

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Friday, 24th November. The headlines: A ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict has begun, with a truce starting at 7am local time. During this period, #Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners, while #Hamas is set to free 50 hostages. In #Ireland, riots have led to 34 arrests in #Dublin and condemnation from the Prime Minister who said the rioters acted out of hate. Oscar Pistorius has been granted parole. #BBC #News

BBC News
Pablo M.U. :vericol:
1 week ago

Has anyone seen a study/analysis of the #disinformation going around yesterday in/about #Dublin, #Ireland?

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
1 week ago

Monday in Dublin. Be there!

With Workers.
Against Racism.

#DublinRiots #Dublin #Ireland #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #AntiRacism #Antifascism

With workers.
Against racism.
Solidarity protest called by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions after last night's riots in Dublin.
Monday - 27 November - 1pm - The GPO
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
1 week ago

An immigrant was the hero yesterday stopping the horrific attack in Dublin.

Not to mention the many immigrants working in our hospitals saving the lives of those attacked.

Don't let the far-right turn a tragedy into hateful racist scaremongering of immigrants.

#DublinRiots #Dublin #Ireland #FarRight

European News 🇪🇺
1 week ago

Arson and violence as far-right mob riots in Dublin after stabbing incident blamed on immigration

Ireland's police commissioner Drew Harris told journalists that a "hooligan faction driven by far-right ideology" was behind the violence.

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #Ireland #FarRight #Migrants #Migration