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Quiz: How much do you know about the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The origin tale of Willy Wonka, a film titled ‘Wonka’, was released in #Irish cinemas yesterday. #press #irishpress

SnowyMittensGirlPeach 🎄
11 hours ago

Boosting this again because it’s the most life and art affirming thing I’ve seen in a long time. Happy Christmas! #ShaneMacGowan #irish

Éasca Péasca
20 hours ago

Volume up 🆙. Each week we will have a simple phrase of the week. Try using this phrase throughout the week and become comfortable using Irish in your day to day life ☘️ 
#onlinecourse #onlinecourses#irishschool #backtoschool #phraseoftheweek #Gaeilge #irish #learnirish #memes #irishclasses #leavingcert #juniorcert #irishgrinds #irishoral #irishorals #scruducainte

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Drying conditions will be fairly poor through the period. #Irish #Weather

The Global Voice
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🕒Z In 20 minutes on The Global Voice it's the repeat of another Sounds #Irish, presented by Joe Bollard. A mix of songs and stories from Ireland. #audio #TGVRadio #Celtic ☘️🇮🇪📖✨🎶🔁

Joe Breathnach
1 day ago

Shane ár laoch, ár ghile mear Nuacht i rith an lae i nGaeilge shimplí ar Bain triail as! #Nuacht #Gaeilge #Irish








Scott 🏴
2 days ago
link card that says: "recipe: sourdough Irish soda bread" over a picture of a loaf of what appears to indeed be soda bread.

a small watermark logo in the bottom right of the image reads "cultures for health"
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Drying conditions will be poor through the period. #Irish #Weather

Dennis Wilkinson
2 days ago

Day 7 of #whiskyadvent/#SSAC2023 offered up the 15-year-old expression of Redbreast single pot still Irish whiskey, and a short story by Thomas King set against the backdrop of the horrors of the Residential Schools in Canada.

#whiskyadvent #whiskyadvent2023 #drinksbythedram #day7 #whisky #irish #weedram #ShortStoryAdventCalendar #HingstonAndOlsen

A photo of back the Day 7 Hingston and Olsen short story Advent calendar story, showing the 7 diamonds that indicate this was day 7's story, alongside a Glencairn glass containing today's Drinks by the Dram whisky Advent calendar selection, on a rough wooden table. The whisky bottle, labeled for Redbreast 15-year-old single pot still Irish whiskey, is lying down partially overlapping the corner of the short story.
2 days ago

Remembering Shane MacGowan: here's another interview I did with Shane for The Irish Post, this one from 1997.

#shanemagowan #ripshanemacgowan #ireland #irish #pogues

2 days ago

Shane MacGowan funeral procession to pass through the streets of Dublin so people can pay their respects. The procession will apparently end just off Fenian Street - which seems appropriate.

#ShaneMacGowan #ShaneMacGowanRIP #Pogues #ireland #irish #Dublin

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Drying conditions will be poor through the period due to low temperatures this time of year in conjunction with spells of rain or showers. #Irish #Weather

The Global Voice
3 days ago

🕛Z In 20 minutes on The Global Voice it's the repeat of Sounds #Irish, presented by Joe Bollard. A mix of songs and stories from Ireland. #audio #TGVRadio #Celtic ☘️🇮🇪📖✨🎶🔁

4 days ago

There is this far-right/conspiracy #Irish account on Instagram that posts all kinds of conspiracy/racist and antivax posts.

Today, they posted a fake Orwell quote, which was promptly marked as #misinformation by Instagram algorithms.

Funny that all the other fake crap about microchipping the Irish population, great replacement and antivax takes etc they post every day never got this mark.

The famous high standards of #factchecking and anti-misinformation by #Facebook!


Drying Weather
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Drying conditions will be poor through the period due to cold conditions followed by spells of rain from Wednesday. #Irish #Weather

The Global Voice
5 days ago

🕚Z In 20 minutes on The Global Voice it's a brand new Sounds #Irish, presented by Joe Bollard. A mix of songs and stories from Ireland. #audio #TGVRadio #Celtic ☘️🇮🇪📖✨🎶🔁

Drying Weather
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Drying conditions will be poor through the period due to cold conditions followed by spells of rain later next week. #Irish #Weather

Joe Breathnach
5 days ago

Nuacht i rith an lae i nGaeilge shimplí ar Bain triail as! #Nuacht #Gaeilge #Irish @NuachtTG4 @NuachtRTE @GaillimhGaeilge @baclegaeilge @TusAite @Adhmhaidin @tuairiscnuacht @Barrscealta1

5 days ago

Did you know that Cornelius Heeney was an early #brooklyn philanthropist? An #irish #Catholic immigrant, he was an associate of John J. Astor. A wealthy bachelor, Heeney created the Brooklyn Benevolent Society to provide for the poor and orphans. The Society still exists, and provides #scholarships to needy students attending #college in the #nyc area. #newyorkcity #history #histodons #philanthropy

5 days ago

What would be the standard wire guage for a string of GU10 downlights? 230v #Irish / #Ireland standard.

I wanna confirm that 18 AWG is still the recommended guage.

6 days ago

Good trouble. “Is lú ná fríd máthair an oilc.” “It takes very little to cause trouble.” Pictured is an orange tabby sitting innocently. #Seanfhocal #Druidry #Gaielge #Irish

An orange tabby sitting innocently. “Is lú ná fríd máthair an oilc.” “It takes very little to cause trouble.”
6 days ago

Becky Lynch - Irish Wrestling Superstar | | #BeckyLynch #Irish #Wrestler

6 days ago

It took Irishwoman Mary Robinson - of the Council of Elders (!) - to call out the hypocrisy of #COP28

Good on you, Mary. More power to your elbow!

#irish #irishwomen #climatechange #ireland #climateemergency

6 days ago

#Irish #film HEADSPACE takes us on a journey with a young man, Tony, who has #DownsSyndrome and struggles to find paid work, causing him a moral dilemma while staying at a community home. This authentically cast, heartwarming short has qualified to be considered for a 2024 #AcademyAward. On foot of #InternationalDay of #DisabledPeople 2023, Jennifer McShane speaks to director and writer Aisling Byrne and star of the short Mark Smith.

Killian Mangan🇮🇪
1 week ago

I've been staying around Dublin 1 near where the riots happened recently.

Walking around the streets, you can feel the tension and see the lack of investment in the community and public space.

Hearing Irish politicians refuse to acknowledge the systemic failures, and instead dismiss working people as "scumbags" and "thugs", I wanted to write and share some thoughts:

#IrelandForAll #Ireland #Irish #farright #irelandriots #IrishMastodon #IrelandIsNotFull #Dublin #DublinRiots #inequality

Solidarity with all people here intimated and scared by the recent riots. Ireland is not full; the Irish Government is full of incompetent eijits who fail to provide good quality housing, healthcare, transport, and education for everyone.

The tiny far-right can only manipulate 'left behind' working class people into xenophobia and riots because the Irish Government has failed to provide opportunity and stability in underinvested communities.

If someone has a good quality of life and are happy, they can't be convinced to become angry and anti-immigrant.

If they are already justifiably angry because Government has failed to provide enough quality public services in a cost of living crisis, and because many in society look down on them because of their accent or working class background, then it is easy for the lying far-right to redirect their valid anger from the people who actually have power and control all these things (politicians and the wealthy) to the vulnerable and less powerful who are also harmed by lack of access to basic essentials (such as immigrants and other minorities).
Jeremy Jupiter Jones
1 week ago

I really respect the #Irish people and govt for standing up for #Humanity and #Justice with regards to #Palestine #Gaza

HT to Tadhg Hickey for his wonderful and honest satire.
Check him out.

Israel - Palestine, but it's a house share in Cork

The Global Voice
1 week ago

🕒Z In 20 minutes on The Global Voice it's the repeat of another Sounds #Irish, presented by Joe Bollard. A mix of songs and stories from Ireland. #audio #TGVRadio #Celtic ☘️🇮🇪📖✨🎶🔁

Jeff Forcier
1 week ago

#Irish #Whiskey #WhiskeyAdvent day 1: Yellow Spot! Kinda famous, I enjoy-but-don't-loooove its younger NAS cousin Green Spot, but this is real good. Much spicier, sweeter, kinda buttery/creamy. Preliminary rating: 8/10.

(Not doing daily photos this year, tho I may post some basic shots of the calendar/bottle design sometime.)

Limnetic Villains
1 week ago

It's Bandcamp Friday today and it's the last time you'll ever have a chance at getting my entire Discography at such a low price. 12 releases for 12 euro. As soon as I bring my next album out, the price goes up and doesn't come back down! Please share!

Very soon I'll have a faircamp page, but until then this is the best way you can get loads of music and help support a small Irish indie artist. #BandcampFriday #bandcamp #indiemusic #irish #underground #dancerock

Graceless Hippo
1 week ago

Another wonderful definition from té which I MUST share with you immediately:

maróg, f. (gs. -óige, npl. ~a, gpl. ~).1. Pudding. ~ bhainne, ríse, milk, rice, pudding. ~ rísíní, plum pudding. ~ Nollag, Christmas, plum, pudding. 2. Paunch. Tá ~ air, he has a paunch. Dul, titim, chun maróige, to get paunchy. Ag tógáil maróige, developing a paunch. 3. Paunchy person.

With thanks to @Sliotar and freagra 675 for bringing this word to my attention 🙏

Love learning #Irish #Gaeilge

1 week ago

@historyofpunkrock Here's an interview I did with Shane MacGowan in 1994 for the *Irish Post*.

I first met Shane at a *wild* Cramps gig in London in 1980 (Bryan Gregory on guitar), way before he started the Pogues. He really was an incredibly intelligent and gifted person, very well read, quite sensitive and not at all like the image the music business machinery forced upon him.

And over the years he helped and inspired me in many, many ways.

I am sad at his passing but glad that he is at his rest now. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

#ShaneMacGowan #pogues #PogueMahone #RIP #dearlydeparted #punk #legend #ireland #irish

Bernard McKeever
1 week ago

This swag just arrived from Three Castles Burning.

Can't recommend this #Irish #history #podcast (heavy emphasis on #Dublin, but we'll not get too offended) enough.

#mastodaoine #ireland

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

11) Excellent piece from Fintan O’Toole on the #DublinRiots.

FOT rightly insists on complexity, reminds us #Irish of some other ugly #FarRight #DublinRiot history and does not mince words in calling those who stoked the violence what they truly are: #Fascist

#Fascists are “malignant narcissists” who will exploit any opportunity to further their cancerous goals. Marxists or migrants are simply grist for their mill, a quest for recognition and relevance



2 weeks ago

#Sellafield future to be discussed

25 November, 2023

"#Irish and #British councillors are set to meet to discuss the future of the Sellafield #nuclear reprocessing plant in #Cumbria.

"Politicians from both sides of the #IrishSea will debate the prospects of closing the plant amid #environmental and #health-related concerns.

"It has been claimed the plant constituted an 'environmental time-bomb'.

"The meeting between representatives of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown council and their Cumbrian counterparts is planned to take place during the next few months.

"'If we are to succeed in our battle to close what is an environmental time-bomb on our doorstep it is important that we properly explain our arguments to our closest neighbour,' said Dun Laoghaire councillor Barry Andrews.

"'I believe the meeting between councillors from Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and their counterparts in Cumbria offers a valuable opportunity for such an exchange.'

"A spokesman for Irish Government party Fianna Fail said Irish councillors had sent a letter to representatives in Cumbria in a bid to set a date for the meeting.

"He said they had not yet decided whether to meet in #England or #Ireland.

"''For our part we must listen to the concerns of the people of Cumbria,' Mr Andrews said.

"The economic reality is that Sellafield is one of the main sources of employment in the area. Any realistic discussion about the future of the reprocessing plant must take account of the economic impact closure would have on the local community."


2 weeks ago
A digital vintage remix in the art nouveau style of a red Irish wolfhound dog with sparkling green eyes and a lucky shamrock in his mouth on a dark black background.
2 weeks ago

I would like to spend a minute to commend the outstanding work of the #Irish Government to prevent the spread of right wing ideology in Ireland. Sadly I can't, given the absolute mess they created by doing absolutely nothing about that over the last few years.

#Ireland #racism #riots #dublin

Question to #scottish and northern #Irish fedinauts: you guys have your own bank notes, don't you? How does this actually work if you bring that stuff to England? I remember when some friends tried to pay with NI pounds in London people got a bit pissy about it.

(I mostly encountered it when I lived in the Republic of Ireland and passed over into the North a few times)

(It kind of feels weird because money issued by private banks isn't a thing in the rest of Europe afaik)

Stuart D Neilson
2 weeks ago

"We know from history that it is crucial to warn of the potential for #genocide before it occurs, rather than belatedly condemn it after it has taken place."

#Irish, #British and #European #NewsMedia have increasingly platformed #HateSpeech, expressed #bigotry, #eugenic & #genocidal "questions" to "provoke debate", revised violent #FarRight protest as #BothSides and printed statements that would have been uprintable 10 years ago.

#Genocide doesn't arise in a vacuum.

Éasca Péasca
3 weeks ago

An té nach bhfuil láidir ní foláir dó bheith glic: He who is not strong has to be clever


#meme #memeasgaeilge #Gaeilge #irish #learnirish #irishclasses #onlinecourses #onlineshop

#FairyTaleTuesday: The #Irish heroine Ailna surrounded #FinnMacCool and his musician pal Dáire with a druid`s fog so that they could not find their way home. When the Fianna were finally able to locate Fionn, the wily Conan slipped a magical drinking horn that would restore health and strength to Fionn so that, strengthened, he was able to break his bonds and escape.
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

STEPHEN REID, 13 Dermot took the horn and would have filled it, public domain

#FairyTaleTuesday: The #TuathaDéDanann `refined the art of brewing until the ale of their smith and brewer #Goibniu was strong enough to endow the drinker with immortality. #Irish epics connect ale with the festival of #Samhain, when the boundaries between this world and the #Otherworld were blurred.`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

Preparations for brewing beer, photocredit 1. NeuKelte
3 weeks ago

#Israel and #Israeli settlers aren't the way they are because of Judaism. That's how settler #colonialism and settlers are. Even #people who are #political radicals, who have experienced #oppression as an ethnicity themselves, etc. can become twisted into believing and doing horrible things as Settlers. Look at the #Irish in #Ireland vs Irish #American settlers #politically. #Australia ended up with a disproportionate amount of human rights and #workers rights #activists in its initial groups of settlers (as #convicts), it lead to nothing in the face of joining settler colonialism. Colonialism routinely makes monsters of the #colonizers.

Scapegoating Judaism just lets other settler colonies off the hook for similar brutalities.

3 weeks ago

2) In the same lesson it sets out “táimid inár gcodladh”, “tá sibh in bhur gcodladh” and tá siad ina gcodladh”. Why do the plurals here take an urú? I’ve searched grammar resources to find an explanation but I can’t find anything. What’s going on here or am I being very stupid? Go raibh maith agaibh! 2/2

#Irish #Gaeilge #Gaeilgeoirí #Mastodoine

3 weeks ago

Gaeilgeoirí, I need some help. I am working through Progress in Irish by Máiréad Ní Ghráda and I have two questions. 1) In lesson 18 it sets out “tá sé ina sheasamh” and “tá sí ina seasamh” and “tá sé ina chodladh” “tá si ina codladh”. Why does the sentence with a female subject not take a séimhiú but the sentence with a male subject does? 1/2

#Irish #Gaeilge #Gaeilgeoirí #Mastodoine

Anna Anthro
3 weeks ago

Debate in #Irish parliament about #Israeli ambassador’s expulsion

“A debate has been held in Ireland's parliament over whether or not the Israeli ambassador to #Ireland should be expelled.

The motion did not pass a vote, but it's an example of the growing number of countries that are trying to apply pressure on Israel to agree to an extended ceasefire.”

Sharon Murphy
3 weeks ago

What a gorgeous thread! Thank you for creating this communal moment!

I'm an #Irish songwriter, musician & arts & health practitioner writing & recording music with my family. That sounds more wholesome than it is! Teenagers! 😁
I'm adding my #BandCamp link, but my LinkTree's in my bio with more info about me & ways to listen to my music.
I'm folky - jazzy - indie - minimalist. I go where the wind takes me!

Some comments from fellow musicians attached.

Cover art for Sharon Murphy's EP Not the Sea. A dark night time image of a swan looking at its own reflection in a canal is set on a cream background with the title and artist name above and below the picture in a stylised font.
Sharon Murphy
1 month ago

My mind is being absolutely blown here listening to Big Dreams, a newly released album by #Irish artist #RachaelLavelle.

Think Laurie Anderson, London Grammar, Anúna and Ligeti rolled into one and you are maybe halfway there!
It's mind-blowing stuff!

Fun fact: the spoken word on some of the tracks is delivered by the woman who makes the announcements on #Dublin's tram system, the #Luas.

#NP #NowPlaying #Mastodaoine #NewMusicAlert #IrishMusic #WomenInMusic

The Global Voice
1 month ago

🕒Z In 20 minutes on The Global Voice it's the repeat of another Sounds #Irish, presented by Joe Bollard. A mix of songs and stories from Ireland. #audio #TGVRadio #Celtic ☘️🇮🇪📖✨🎶🔁

Astrobach :breadified:
1 month ago

Folklore read live!

Snow White's twelve goose brothers are waiting for her to knit them cozy shirts from bog plants.

That was in the movie, right?

Hear the oddity of old Folklore LIVE right NOW:

#FairyTaleTuesday #WritingCommunity #storyteller #FairyTale #AmReading #reading #indieWriter #fairy #folklore #folk #tales #stories #GrimmBrothers #dnd #dnd5e #pathfinder #pf2e #ttrpg #fantasy #lotr #irish #ireland #princess #SnowWhite #Yeats #Disney

An archival painting of a Black Brent goose by the water among bullrushes. Overlaid text: Snow White and her Goose Brothers?
Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
1 month ago

‘Before the war was a different time, that life is over’: the #painter turned soldier fighting for #Ukraine Vadym Ovcharenko left behind his family and ‘the #Irish dream’ to fight the russian invasion

“You can see how real the war is now. On TV it seems so different, but now that you’re here, you can see how it really is. It’s hell, that is the only way I can describe it. People talk about going to heaven or hell, well I’m already here.

Read more here🔗


Stuart D Neilson
1 month ago

"- ‘Do I know any trans people? How are they coping with being the subject of debate?,’

- ‘How would I feel if my existence was being used as a talking point?’

All empathy is lost when the media ignores our voices.”

How #Irish #media is failing the #trans community, #GCN

Apparently Baile Átha Cliath is sometimes Bhaile Átha Cliath but I'm not smart enough to understand the rules #Irish

2 months ago

@Npars01 Philanthropy my arse. Which reminds me...

A heir to the Guinness (brewery) fortune was chatting to the Irish writer Brendan Behan, discussing some of the charitable work the family had been involved with. "You know, Brendan, we've given a great deal to the people of Ireland over the years."
"Though not as much as the people of Ireland have given to you," replied Behan, pointedly.

#Philanthropy #Ireland #Irish #Writers #BrendanBehan

Monochrome head and shoulders photo of the Irish writer Brendan Behan. Behan is holding a pint beer glass, which presumably he has been drinking Guinness from.
FediFollows ☃️
2 months ago

#Ireland & #Irish 🇮🇪 picks of the day:

➡️ @UL - University of Limerick

➡️ @dublininquirer - Independent local newspaper for Dublin

➡️ @TheComfortableSpotPodcast - Podcast interview series by award-winning Irish producer

➡️ @cmatherofficial - Journalist on Leinster Leader newspaper

➡️ @anam_sona & @Anja - Owner of B&B on rural coastline, lots of pics of countryside

➡️ @gardeningwell - Irish family creating eco-friendly sustainable garden


2 months ago

Brian O’Donovan, the longtime host of GBH’s radio show A Celtic Sojourn and the creative force and host of “A Christmas Celtic Sojourn,” which has been a holiday tradition for New Englanders for over 20 years, died on Friday at his home after a long battle with cancer.

He was 66 years old.

He was a really remarkable person. You can read about his life and work here.

#music #celtic #irish

Martin Nutty
2 months ago

Anybody got some recs on what accounts to follow for good #IrishPhotography?

Don’t be shy about recommending yourself

#Ireland #Photography #Irish #Mastodaoine

Alistair Davidson
2 months ago

Meryl Streek - Death to the Landlord. An #irish #punk excoriation of the state of everything

TikTok discovered a "covert influence operation" network with 95,000 followers that "targeted #Irish audiences" with “divisive” content to “intensify social conflict”
The network of 72 accounts was shut down earlier this year... #propaganda #disinformation #tiktok #ireland @potemkinvillage

Drying Weather
2 months ago

Drying conditions will be poor in the coming days. There may be a slight improvement to drying conditions between showers today on Tuesday, particularly in the east, but any moderate drying conditions will be short-lived. Drying conditions will likely improve towards the end of this week. #Irish #Weather

2 months ago

Hier läuft gerade nebenbei #Alestorm vom diesjährigen #woa
Was für ne geile Band 🤘😁

#metal #irish #FolkMetal

Drying Weather
2 months ago

Drying conditions will be poor in the coming days. There may be a slight improvement to drying conditions between showers on Monday, particularly in the east, but any moderate drying conditions will be short-lived. Drying conditions will likely improve towards the end of this week. #Irish #Weather

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

Can a unified #Irish #FarRight movement arise and take power. Not 'right' now, #FintanOToole argues, but it is possible, and could happen sooner than one might think.

"A far-right rabble won’t overthrow Ireland’s democracy – but we shouldn’t be complacent

"The assortment of conspiracists who blockaded parliament was laughably incoherent. Yet change is coming that could awaken dark forces..."

#News #Politics #Ireland #Fascism

Drying Weather
3 months ago

There will be limited drying conditions over the coming days with a lot of rain forecasted. However, there will be moderate to good drying conditions for the northern half of the country on Thursday for much of the morning and afternoon before rain pushes up from the south. There may be further opportunities for drying during Saturday outside of showers. #Irish #Weather

`The #Scots cat-sìth or #Irish cat sí is a #fairy creature from #Celtic #mythology, said to resemble a black cat with a white spot on its chest. It is described as being as large as a dog and chooses to display itself with its back arched and bristles erect.
Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. The legends surrounding this creature are more common in #Scottish #folklore, but a few occur in Irish. Some common folklore suggested that the cat-sìth was not a fairy, but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times.`
Source: Cat-sìth - Wikipedia

John D. Batten, creator QS-P170,Q13385323, Page 158 illustration in More English Fairy Tales, public domain
Sharon Murphy
3 months ago

I'm delighted to have the weekend off. I'm enjoying a nice coffee in my favourite birdy mug, in some unseasonably warm #Irish weather.
Have a nice day all!

A pale blue mug sits on a garden table. The mug has colourful flowers with owls perched on branches.